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Full text of "Catalog of Copyright Entries 1975 Books and Pamphlets Jan-June 3D Ser Vol 29 Pt 1 Sec 2"

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These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records tliat may exist. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyrighi Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

ISSN 0041-7815 

Catalog of Copyright Entries: Third Series 
Volume 29, Part i, Number i, Section 2 

Books and Pamphlets 

Including Serials and 
Contributions to Periodicals 

Current and Renewal Registrations 
January— June 


Y * 


These entries alone may not reflect the conipiete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

These esilries alone may not reflect the compiete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

ISSN 0041-7815 

Catalog of Copyright Entries: Third Series 
Volume 29, Part i, Number i, Section 2 

Books and Pamphlets 

Including Serials and 
Contributions to Periodicals 

Current and Renewal Registrations 
January— June 



These entries alone may not reflect the conipiete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copvright Office record pertainhig to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyriglil Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

5568267 - S59398 




Ihe Sun-Dor line. 1 v. NM: revisions, 
upd?tinq s additions, C Sun-Dor-Co; 
30Sep7U: A56e267. 


Bell SvEtem prac-ticeE, AT and T Company 
standard. Section 365-600-502, issue 1. 
1 V. C American Telephone and Telegraph 
company; 23Jul7it: A585170. 


Brake parts replacement procedures; 
instructor's macual. 1 v. Appl. au: 
Xerox learninq Systems. © Xerox 
corporation; 1SSep73; A591519. 


3168 VS environment training. Vol.3. 1 
V. (IBM field engineering educatior 
supplementary course material) NM ; 
revisions £ additions. C International 
Business t^achines Corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines corporation): 15Kov7a; 


Physiological pharmacology: a com- 
prehensive treatise. Vol. 5: blood. 
Edited by Baiter Stanton Foot 6 Nathaniel 
I, Berlin. 588 p. 6 Academic Press, 
inc.: 17cct7H: A593909. 


International review of research ^'n 
mental retardation. Vol.7. Edited ty 
Norman E. Illis. 265 p. 6 Academic 
Press, Inc.: 20Nov7U: A593950. 


Advances in qeophysics. Vol. 17. Edited 
by H. E. landsterq S J. Van Bieghem. 326 
p. e Academic Press, Inc.; 21Nov7U; 


Wale accessory sex organs: structure and 
function in mamitals. Edited by David 
Brandes. 527 p. e Academic Press, Inc.; 
15KOV7U: J593952. 

mctivation: advances in research and 
theory. Vol.8. Edited by Gordon H, 
Eouer. 305 p. e Academic Press, Inc. ; 
lenovlH; A593959. 


Tracking skill and manual ccntrol. By 

E. C. Poulton. U27 p. € Academic Press, 
Inc. ; U0ct711; A5939e0. 


TopicE in operator theory. Edited ly c. 
Pearcy. 235 p. (Mathematical surveys, 
no. 13) e American Kathematical Socie+y; 
5tec7ll; A593961. 


personal iriury annual — 197ii. Edited by 
Louis E, Frumer 6 narilyn Binzer. 86U p. 
Appl. au: Matthew Bender and Company, Inc. 
Appl. states copyright not claimed in any 
portion of this work prepared by a D. s. 
Govt, employee as a part of his official 
duties. € Matthew Bender and Company, 
Inc.; 121JOV7I4; A593962. 


Louisiana evidence law; selected 
commentary from the Louisiana law review 
and pertinent legislation. By George H. 
Pugh. 797 p. NM ; compilation, abridgment 

6 additional text. 6 The Bobbs-Merriil 
Company, Inc.; 230ct7U; A593963. 


Indiana decisions. Vol.38: Aug. 1973 to 
Cct. 1973. 807 p. e on additional text, 
prelim, pages 6 index; The Bobbs-Merrill 
Company, Inc.; 23Sep7il; A59396U. 


Economic regulation of domestic air 
transport: theory and policy. By George 
H. Douglas 6 James Clifford Miller, 3rd. 
211 p. (Studies in the regulation of 
economic activity) Appl. au: Brookings, 
employer for hire, e The Brookings 
Institution; UNov7U; A593965. 


King George's head was made of lead. By 

F. N. Bon-jo, illustrated by Margot Tomes. 

07 p. e on text; F. N. Monio; ieNov7it; 


The New air took. By Melvin Eeroex, 
illustrated by Ginlic Bsestrc. 129 p. 
e c text; Melvin Beraer; 27SeF7ii; 


The New air bock. By Belvln fiercer, 
illustrated by Giulio KaeE*rc, 129 p. 
e on illus. ; Giulio Baestre; 27Ser7ii; 


Fundamentals of family practice. Ev 
Hilfred Snodgrass. 63U p. e F. A. Davis 
Company; 19Dec7u (in rctice: 1975); 


Insect diseases. Vol, 2, Fdited by 
George E. Cantwell. 595 p. e Barcel 
Dekker, Inc. ; 2eNov7U; A593976. 


Applied spectrcsccpy reviews. Vol, 8, 
pt.E. Edited by Edward G. Erame, Jr. ' 293 
p, Prev. pub, abroad 19714. NB: front 
matter, table cf ccnte^tE e index. 
e Marcel Dekker, Inc.; 2Cct70; A593977. 


Polymer-plastics technolcgy and 
engineering. Vol.3. Edited by Icuis 
NatuTian. 252 p. NM: front matter, table 
cf contents E index, t Barcel tekker. 
Inc.; 21N0V711; A593978. 


Lags in the effects cf monetary pcl5cy; 
a norparametric snalysiE. By Gene c. 
Dseltcn. 1714 p. (Bus)ness economics and 
finance, vol.2) ^ Marcel Dekker, Inc.; 
21NOV714; A593979. 


The Screwing of the average man, Ey 
David Hapgood. 323 p. C on all new 
writings; The nashingtor Bcnthly Coupa-'y 
E David Hapgood; 250c*7ll: 8593980. 


The Ninth tentacle. By Marion Pippcn 
183 p. e Barion Rippcn; 13Dec7i4; 


Systematic materials analysis. Vcl.3. 
Edited by James H, Richardson 6 Eonald V. 
Peterson. 385 p. e Academic Press, Inc.; 
28NOV714: A593953. 


The organization of phonology. By 

Stephen B. Anderson. 317 p. e Academic 

Press, Inc. ; 6Sep7i4; A5939514. 


Analysis of turbulent boundary layers. 
By Tuncer Cebei E Apcllc Milton Olin 
Smith, 0014 p. e Academic Press, Inc. ; 
19NOV714; A593955. 


BechanicE of composite materials. 
Edited by G. P. Sendeckyi. 503 p, 
e Academic Press, Inc. ; 210ct7i4; 


International review of cytology. 
Vol.39. Edited by G. H. Bourne, J, F. 
Danielli, assistant editor; K. s. Jeon. 
1495 p. € Academic Press, Inc. ; 2eKov7i4; 


The Eye. Edited by Pugh Davson E L. T. 
Graham, Jr. 528 p. (Comparative 
physiology, vol.5) 6 Academic press, 
inc.: 27Nov7«; A593958. 


The Psychology of learning and 


King George's head was made of lead. By 
E. N, Monjo, illustrated by Margot Tomes. 
147 p. e on illus.; Bargot Tomes; 
18NOV7U; A593967. 


Why don't you get a horse, Sam Adams? 
By Jean Fritz, Illustrated by Trina Schart 
Hyman. i"7 p. e on text; Jean Fritz; 
12Nov7«; A593968. 


Hhy don't you get a horse, Sam Adams? 
By Jean Fritz, illustrated by Trina Schart 
Hyman. 17 p, C on illus.; Trina Schart 
Hyman; 12Nov7il; A593969. 


Over the river and through the wood. By 
Lylia Maria child, pictures by Brinton 
Turkle. 1 V. NM: illus. a Brinton 
Turkle; 230ct7U; J593°70. 


Good bugs and bad bugs in your garden; 
back-yard ecology. By Dorothy Childs 
Hcgner, illustrated by Grambs Miller. 86 
p. e or text; Dorothy Childs Hogner; 
30Sep7l4; A593971. 


Good bugs and bad bugs in your garden; 
back-yard ecology. By Dorothy Childs 
Hcgner, illustrated by Grambs Miller. 86 
p. e on illus.: Grambs Miller; 30Sep7U; 


Clock and bell. By Susan Claudia, 
pseud, of Billiam Johnstcn, 18U p, 
e Billiam Johnston; 6Dec7U; A5939e2. 


Bememter the days; a short histcrv of 
the Jewish American. By Bilton Beltzer, 
illuEtrated by Harvey tinner Etein, liu p. 
C Milton Beltzer; 13Dec7li; A593983. 


Nassau, suburbia, O.S.A.; the first 
severty-five years of Nassau County, New 
York, 1899 to 19711. By Edward J. Smits, 
foreword by Palph G. Case. 3P3 p, 
€ FriendE of the Nassau County Museum; 
13Dec-I4; S5939811. 


Guns of darkness. By Carter Travis 
young. 186 p. e Doubleday and company, 
inc.; 13Dec7a; A593985. 


The Valley where time stood still. Ey 
Lin Carter. 179 p. e Lin carter; 
13Dec7U; A5939e6. 


Sorg of corpus juris. By Joe I, 
Bensley. 180 p. e Joe L. Fensley; 
13tec7U; A593987. 


Wellington's surgeon general: Sir James 
BcGrigor, By Pichard lidio Blanco. 235 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


A593988 (ccn.) 

p. e Duke University Pless; ISNovTii; 



Id defense of Homo sapiens, Ey Jean 
Harble Ccok, introd. by Jacob Gruber. 222 
p. Sppl. au: Joan Barbie Cook, euplover 
for hire of Jacob Gruber. Nfl: new iext 6 
inttcd. e Joan Harble Cook; 9Dec70 (in 
notice: 197?): A593989. 


Countries of the world. 950 p. C on 
compilation: Gale Besearch Company: 
30JU17U: A593990. 


Book review index; 1971 cumulation. 
Vol.7. Editor: Gary C. Tarbert 6 other 
editors. 551 p. Appl. au: Gale Research 
Company. C Gale Besearch Company; 
286ua7U; A593991. 


Explorina world cultures; annotated 
edition. By Esko E. Newhill 6 Dmbelto 
LaPaalia. 1 v. NH: rationale (p. 1 - 16) 
6 annotations, e Ginn and company (Xerox 
Ccrporation) ; 3Jan7U; A593992. 


Diabetic retinopathy. Edited by John E. 
lynn, Hilliam E. Snyder s Albert Vaiser, 
291 p. e Grune and stratton. Inc.: 
13NOV7U: A593993. 


Baltimore orioles. By Barbara Brenner, 
pictures by Jeffrey Hinslow Hlqqinbcttcm. 
62 p. C on text; Barbara Brenner; 
30Oct7I|; B59399U. 


Baltimore orioles. By Barbara Brenner, 
pictures by Jeffrey Hinslow Higqinbcttcm. 
62 p. C on illus.; Jeffrey Hinslow 
Biaainbottoif : 30Oct7U; A593995. 


Hoodchuck. By Faith HcNulty, pictures 
bv Joan Sandin. 61 p. C on text: Faith 
BcBulty; 20NOV7U; B593996. 


Hoodchuck. By Faith ncNulty, pictures 
by Joan Sandin. 6^ p. C on illus.; Joan 
Sandin; 20tiov7U: A593997. 


Baking cordials and liqueurs at here. 
Ey Jchn Patrick Farrell. It" p. e John 
P. Farrell; 20Sov7U; A593998. 


Kisses and fishes. By Elizabeth foa k 
Skorpen, pictures by Steven Kelloqc. 32 
p. C on text; liesel Boak Skorpen; 
300ct7U; A593999. 


Kisses and fishes. By Elizabeth Boak 

Skorpen, pictures by Steven Kellogo. 32 

p. e on illus.; Steven Kelloqq; 

30Cct71i: 8591)000. 


The Summer nlqht. By Charlotte Zolotow, 
pictures by Ben Shecter. 1 v. This book 
was oriqinally pub. under the title The 
Niqht mother was away. NB: additicral 
text 6 revisions. 6 charlotte Zolotow; 
230ct7«; A59lt001. 


The Summer niqht. By Charlotte Zclotow, 
pictures by Ben shecter. 1 v. This book 
was oriqinally pub. under the title The 
Niqht mother was away. C on illos. ; Ben 
Shecter; 230ct7«; A59HC02. 


Donald and the fish that walked. Ey 

Edward Raphael Eicciuti, pictures by Syd 
Hoff. 62 p. C on text; Edward Raphael 
Ricciuti; 23Cct7«; A590003. 


Donald and the fish that walked. By 
Edward Raphael Eicciuti, pictures by Syd 
Hoff. 62 p. C on illus. ; syd Hoff; 
230ct7C; A59I400I4. 


Letter to the Soviet leaders. By 
sleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, translated from 
the Russian by Hilary Sternberg, editor's 
note by Bichael Scammell. 59 p. Appl. 
au: HriterE and Scholars International, 
ltd. Translation of Pismo vozhydyam 
scvietskoqo soyuga. NB : Enqlish 
translation f- editor's note. C Hriters 
and Scholars International, Ltd.; 
22Bay7ii; A5914005. 


Francisco Goya: painter of kings and 
demons. By Sylvia I. Horwitz, pref. by 
Elizabeth Borton De Trevino. 1914 p. 
Appl. states claim relates to other than 
preface. C Sylvia 1. Horwitz: 300ct7U; 


Francisco Goya: painter of kings and 
demons. By Sylvia L. Horw5tz, pref. by 
Elizabeth Borton De Trevino. 19U p. C on 
pref.; Elizabeth Borton De Trevino; 
300ct7U: A59UC07. 


They chose honor: the problem of 
conscience in custody. By Lewis Berklin, 
Jr. 325 p. C Lewis Merklin, Jr.; 
2C(iov7t4; A59U008. 


I am of Ireland, By Richard Howard 
Brown. 167 p. e Richard Howard Brown; 
2CNOV7U; A59I4009. 


Against the law: the Nixon court ard 
criminal justice. By Leonard Hilliams 
Levy. 506 p. e Clio Enterprises Company; 
27Nov7«; A59U010. 


Voices and visions. By Sam Keen. 218 
p. NK: compilation & introd. C Sam Keen; 
13NOV714: A5911011. 


No loaves, no parables: liberal politics 
and the American language. Ey Clifford 
Adelman. 291 p. 6 Clifford Bdelman; 
18Dec7l4; A5944012. 


Hhere the sidewalJt ends. The poems 6 
drawings of Shel Silverstein, 166 p. 
e Shel silverstein; 20Nov7U; AE9U013. 


A Billion for Boris. By Bary Bodgers 
(Bary Rodgers Guettel) 211 p. C Barj 
Rodgers; 30Oct7<4; A59U0114. 


The Professional commodity trader (look 
over my shoulder) By Stanley Kroll. 178 
p. e Stanley Kroll; esovTU; A59U015. 


The Hhistling whirligig. By Ben 
Shecter. lus p. C Ben Shecter: 30Oct7i4; 


Henry James letters. Vcl.1: 18«3 - 
1875. Edited by Leon Fdel. M93 p. C on 
compilation, selection, introd., 
chronology, Introd, to each chapter G 
notes; Leon Edel; 8Nov7U; A5914017. 


Henry James letters. Vol.l: ieu3 - 
1875. Edited by Leon Idel. "93 p. nb: 
many prev. unoub. letters. ^ Alexander b 
James; 8Nov7i4; A5914018. 


PopT:latlon dynamics ar^d international 
violence: propositions, ins:ghts and 
evidence. By Nazli chcucri, 281 p. NB: 
text except pt.1; revisions to pt.1. 
e Bassachusetts Institute cf Technclcgy; 
10Sep714; A5914019. 


The Secrets of Badam Benee. By Ida 
Chittum, illus. by Robert Brackenbury, 
15<4 p. e Ida Chittum; 12Dec7U (In 
notice: 1975); A59ii02i". 

A59UC21 . 

lock the lock. Ey Thcmas Trantlno. 170 
p. e Thomas Trartiro; 29Nov73; A59UC21, 


An Everyday history cf somewhere; being 
the true story of Indians, deer, 
homesteaders, potatoes, loggers, trees, 
fishermen, salmon, and other living things 
in the backwoods of northern California, 
Hrlt + en down by Ray Raphael E- pictured 
from original sources ty Bark Livingston, 
192 p. e on all new text E- illus,; Ray 
Raphael; 2USep7«; A5?14022. 


Hake straight the way cf the Lord. An 
anthology of the philosophical writings of 
Joseph Jean Lanza Eel vaEto, translated 
from the French by Jean sidgwick. 25a p. 
Appl. au: Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., employer 
for hire. Selections appearing in this 
took prev. pub. in Return tc the source S 
others. NB: publisher's note, tran- 
slations, compilation 6 editing, e Alfred 
A. Knopf, Inc.; 2USepT4; AE914023. 


Hestern Europe in the Biddle Ages, 300 - 
14475. Ey Brian Tierney 6 Sidney Painter, 
2nd ed. 562 p. Formerly entitled A 
History of the Middle Ages, 28U - 1500. 
« Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.; 10Sep7i4; 


The New complete walker; the joys and 
techniques of hiking and backpacking. Ey 
Colin Fletcher, illus. by Vanna Franks, 
2nd ed. , rev., enl. 6 updated. 4470 p. 
e Colin Fletcher; 17Sep7il; A59'4025. 


Experimental meson spectroscopy, 15714 

(Boston) Editor: David A. Garelick. 052 
p. (AIP conference proceedings, no. 21. 
Particles and fields subserles, ro.8) 
Proceedings of the fourth International 
Conference on Experimental Bescn 
Spectroscopy held at Ncrtheastern 
Dniversity In Ecston, April 26 B 27, iS7q. 
C American Institute of Physics, Inc. ; 

1NOV714; A5914026. 


Federal taxation. 1975 ed. 693 p. 
(American jurisprudence, second edition, 
vol. 33) Appl. au: Bancroft-thitney 
Company £ The Lawyers co-operative 
Publishing Company. C Jurisprudence 
Publishers, Inc. E The Besearch Institu+e 
of America, Inc.; 12Nov7l4; A59U027. 


Bodel trials, 831 p. (American 
jurisprudence: trials, vol, 21) Sppl. au: 
Bancroft-Hhitney company 6 The Lawyers 
Co-operative Putlishlna CoTrpany. 
e Juriprudence Publifhers, Inc.; SDecTU; 


Decisions of the Dn< ted States Supreme 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyrighl Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


JAB. - JUN. 11; 

A5SH029 (COIJ.I 

Court, 1973 - 714 tern. By the editcrial 
staff, nuited states Supreme Court 
reports, lawyers' ed, 606 p. Appl, au: 
The lawyers co-operatiye Publishinq 
company. Appl. states copyright is 
claiuea on entire work except on material 
taken from qovernnient sources. € The 
Lawyers Co-operative Publishinq Company; 
"IDec7U; A59'l029. 


Hichlqan reports: cases decided in the 
Supreme Court of Michiqan, from January 7, 
197"t to June 25, 197U. Vol.391. By 
Howard 1. Ellis. 957 p. e Richard H. 
Austin, secretary of state, for the State 
of Hichiqan: 30Koy7U: A59')030. 


Annotated laws of Massachusetts: with 
pocket upkeep service. Chap. 23U - 219, 
rev. Pevised ty the editorial staff of 
the lawyers Co-operative Publishinq 
Company. 513 p. C on additions & 
revisions: The lawyers Co-operative 
Publishinq Company; <4Dec7it: A59«031, 


neetinq challenges in food service; a 
quide for sclvinq present and future 
problems. By William 1. Kahrl, 162 p. 
Appl. au: Chain Store Publishinq 
Ccrpcration © Chain Store Publishirq 
Corporation: 27Nov7i(; A59K032. 


She come brinqinq me that little teby 
qirl. By Eloise Greenfield, illustiated 
by Jolin Steptoe. 1 v. ©on text; Eloise 
Greenfield: 11Sep7it: A59<t033. 


She come brinqinq me that little taby 
qirl. By Eloise Greenfield, illustrated 
by John Steptoe. 1 v. ^ on illus. : John 
Steptoe; 11Sep7H; A59il03i». 


The Gray-flannel piqskln: movers and 
shakers of pro football. By Billlair Henry 
Paul. 276 p. e Billiam Henry Paul: 
17Sep7l4: A59t035. 


Enioylnq the Southwest, By Catryra Ten 
Eyck Seymour. 252 p. 6 Catryna Te" Eyck 
Seymour; 9Jul73: A590036. 


The Secret strength of depression. By 
Frederic E. Elach. 288 p. C Frederic F. 
Flach: 19Jun7ll: A59t037. 


An cld-fashioned Ihanksqivinq. P7 
Louisa nay Alcctt, illustrated by Hclly 
Johnson. 73 p. e on illus.; Holly 
Johnson: 1Jul7«: A59it'i38. 


My friend Flicka. By Hary O'Hara, 
pseud., illus. by Dave Elossom. 266 p. 
& on illus.: J. B, Lippincott Company; 
27Auq73: A59U039. 


The Land and people of Bolivia, Ey 
Leslie F. Barren. 156 p. C Leslie 
Barren: 3Sep7": A59U0U0. 


Histcloqy. Ey Arthur Borth Ham. 7th 
ed. lOCe p. e J. S. lippincott company; 
28Jun7U; A59U0II1. 

A59U014 2. 

The nine of lost days. By Bare Etandel, 
illus. by John Verlinq. 187 p. © fare 
Erandel: 13Auq7H; A5900H2. 


Operation Peeq, By Jonathan Gathcrne- 

Hardy, illustrated by Glo Coalson. 192 p. 
Original ti, : Jane's adventures on the 
Island of Peeq. g on illus.; J. B. 
lippincott company; 22Aug7it; A59iiOit3. 


Sports illustrated table teanis. By 
Dick Biles, photos, by nichael Louridas. 
95 p. e Time, Inc.; 22Jul71| ; A59U0111I. 


The Glory and the dream; a narrative 
history of America, 1932 - 1972. By 
Billiam Raymond Banchester. 1397 p. 
Fcrticns prey. pub. in slightly altered 
form in New York times magazine £ New 
York. NB: 881! new matter, e Billiam 
Banchester; 70ct7q; A59it0il5. 


Handbook of drug and chemical sti- 
mulation of the brain; behavioral, 
pharmacological and physiological aspects. 
Ey Fobert D, Byers. 759 p. t Litton 
Educational Publishing, Inc.; i|Nov71 ; 


Handbook of applied mathematics: 
selected results and methods. Edited by 
CaTl E. Pearson. 1265 p. 6 Litton 
Educational Publishinq, Inc.; 30Oct7U; 


Electron microscopy of enzymes: 
principles and methods. Vol. 3. Edited by 
M. A. Hayat, 175 p. e Litton Edu- 
cational Publishing, Inc.; 18Nov7«; 


Handbook of concrete engineering. 
Edited by Bark Fintel. 801 p. © Litton 
Educational Publishing, Inc.; 280ct7a; 



The Type specimen book: Sin different 
typefaces with over 3000 sizes shewn in 
complete alphabets, 622 p. 6 V and K 
Typographical, Inc.: 22Nov7U; A59U050, 


Spinning and dyeing the natural way. By 
Futh A. Castino, photos, by Marjorie 
Pickens. lOU p. fi Litton Educational 
publishing. Inc.; 15Nov71l; A5914051. 


Band weaving: the techniques, looms, and 
uses for woven bands. By Harcld E Sylvia 
Tacker. lOU p. S Litton Educational 
publishing. Inc.; 15Nov70; A59it052. 


The Commodity futures game; who wins? 
who loses? why? By Richard Jack Teweles, 
Charles Vendale Harlow E Herbert L. Stone. 
638 p. Prev. pub, as The Commodity 
fu*-ures trading guide. NB; revisions c 
additions, C BcGraw-Hill, Inc.; li4tiov7«: 

A59.U0 5I!. 

Dictionary of 20th century art. Edited 
by Bernard Samuel Byers 6 Shirley D, 
Myers. UUO p, Bost of the articles have 
been derived from the BcGraw-Bill 
dictionary of art, NB: compilation, 
editing, updating 6 additions, 
e BcGraw-Hill, Inc.; imov7U; A59"n5U. 


Dynasty in the Pacific, By Frederick 
Simpich, Jr. 270 p. NB: text 6 
compilation of illus, e Frederick 
simpich, Jr, : 11Nov7U; A5911055. 


Electrical world directory cf electric 
utilities, 197« - 1975. 83rd ed. 980 p. 
C BcGraw-Hill, Inc.; 18Nov7lt: A59ll056. 



Higher education and earnings: college 
as an investment and a screening device 
By Paul Taubman 6 Terence Bales, a report 
prepared for the Carnegie commission c^ 
Higher Education S the National Bureau of 
Economic Research, Inc. 302 p. C The 
Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement cf 
Teaching S the National Bureau of Fconcmic 
Besearch, Inc.; 2tec7U: A5514057. 


Feast or famine: food, farming and f^rir 
poli+ics in America. Ey Ed Edwin, 365 p. 
e Ed Edwin: 310ct71l; S59U058. 


The Canal war: four-pcwer conflict In 
the Biddle East. By Lawrence 1, Bhetten. 
520 p. (Studies In communism, revi- 
sionism, and revolution, nc.20) e The 
Bassachusetts Institute of Technclcgy; 
5Dec711: A59U059. 


Ci+y sun. Poems £ pictures by Eleanor 
Schick (Eleanor Schick Katzl UO p. 
c Eleanor Schick (pseud, of Eleanor Schick 
Katz) ; 210ct7ll; A5911C60. 


The Population ac«-iyist's handbook. ne 
p, NB; text except for scattered 
quotations E compilation of illus, S The 
Population Institute; UnovtU; B59iinei. 


House of ideas; creative interior 
designs. By Bill Baker. 279 p. e E, 
Baker's Features, Ltd.; 2iNcv70: 


S^icw sculpture and ice carving. By 
James S. Haskics. 91 p. Appl. state? all 
new except for scattered textual 
quotations C approx. 20 photos, e James 
E, Haskins; 210ct7ii; S59U063. 


The Complete terrace book; how to 
desio", build, furnish, plan* and enioy 
your terrace, patio, larei, deck, porch, 
atrium or engawa. By Stanley schuler, 
2114 p. Appl. states all new cxcep* for 
portions of Chap, 18, scat*ered quotations 
8 approx. 30 illus. g Stanley Schuler: 
7NOV711; A59ll06lt, 


Billiam Pern: apostle of dissen*. By 
Hans Fantel, 296 p. ? Hans Fantel; 
110ct7l*: A591106E. 


Peaches. Britten 6 illustrated by 
Dindqa BcCannon. 126 p. € en text 8 
illus.; Dindga rcCanncn; 26Sep7ii; 


Bedlcine, By Herher* Spencer zim, 
illustrated by Judith Boffman Corwin. 62 
p. e Berber* S. Zim; 110ct7U; A59U067, 


The Bitter years: the invasion and 
occupation of Denmark and Nrrway, April 
19110 - Bay 1915. By Eichard Petrow, maps 
ty Eichard D, Kelly, Jr. 1103 p, C e" 
entire text 6 maps; Richard Petrcw; 
11Cc<-71l: A591t06e. 


A Fistful cf sun. By Tunie Bunson, 
illustrated by Richard cuffari. 127 p. 
e Tunie Bunson; 26Sep7ll; A5511069. 


DeFunis versus Odegaard and the 
University of Bashing*-o^, the university 
admissions case: the record. Vol. 1-3. 
Edited by Ann Fagan Ginger, for the 

These entries alone may not refiect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office tor information about any additional records that may exist. 

A59U071 - S59U10E 


JDH. 19'''^ 

A59U070 (cor.) 

Council on leqal Education Opportunity 
(CLIO) DM: compilation, aaaitions 6 
Gditina of briefs. C Oceana Publications, 
Inc.: 2CS€d7B; A59li070. 


Official Illinois Appellate Court 
rercrts: third series. Vol.20. Iliu p. 
Appl. au: Edwin H. Ccoke 6 iustices of the 
Supreme and Appellate courts. NM; 
additional text, index E compilatior.. 
e Supreme Court, state cf Illinois, Edvin 
H. Ccoke, Peporter of Decisions, Supreme 
and Appellate Courts: 11Dec7it: A5S1071. 


Cases arqued and determined in the 
Supreme court of Illinois, second series. 
Vol.56. 633 p. Add, ti: Illinois 
reports. Appl. au; Justices of the 
Supreme Court. NM: additional text, index 
5 ccmpilaticn. Supreme Court, State of 
Illinois, Edwin H. Cccke, Reporter cf 
Decisions, Supreme and Appellate Courts: 
10Dec7U: A59H072. 


Juvenile iustice advocacy: practice in a 
unique court. By Douqlas J. Besharcv. 
558 p. (Criminal and urban law practice 
handbook series, nc. ii) € Practisina Law 
Institute; 20Ncv7i: A59«073. 


fifth annual Institute on Securities 
Requlation. Editors: Bcbert H. Pundheim, 
Arthur Fleischer, Jr. E John P. Sch upper, 
59U p. (Securities requlation transcript 
series, no. 5) Appl. au: Practisinq Law 
Institute. Appl. states copyriaht ret 
claimed en materials prepared by officers 
of 0, So Govt, in perfcrmance of duty, 
e Practisinq Law Institute; 250ct7ii; 


Partnership inccme taxes. By Alan J. B. 
Arcnsohn. 197ii ed. 305 p. (Tax law and 
practice hardbcok series, no. 6) 
e Practisirq Law Institute; 20S6p7U; 


The Banks of Canada in the Commonwealth 
Caribbean: economic nationalism and 
multinational enterprises of a medium 
cower. By Daniel Jay Eaum. 158 p, 
e Fraeoer Publishers, Inc. : 29Mar7U; 


The Decline of fertility in Germarv, 
1871 - 1939. By John E. Knodel, 3C6 p. 
C Princeton nniversity Press: 20c^7ii: 


Eetina Conqress; 25tb anniversary 
meetinq of the Eetina Service, Massac- 
husetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. Edited by 
Eonald c. Pruett S Charles D. J. Eecan, 
foreword by Henry F, Allen. 730 p, NM: 
coiipilaticn. € Appleton-Century-crcf ts, a 
division cf Prentice-Hall, lac; 31Cct7U: 


Mole and Troll trim the tree. By Tony 
Jchnstcn, pictures by Wallace Tripp, 1 v. 
e on text: Tory Jchnston: 2mov7« ; 
B5 9U079, 


Mole and Troll trim the tree. By Tony 
Jchnstcn, pictures by Wallace Tripp. 1 v. 
S on illus, : Wallace Tripp; 21Hov7U; 


The American Navies of the Revolu'rionary 
War. Paintirqs by Nowland Van Powell, 
with descriptive notes by the artist. 

introduction by Eichard B. Morris. 121 
P. e Nowland Van Powell; 300ct7U; 


The Eacinq bugs: Formula Vee and Super 
Vee. By [loss P. olney S Eon Grable. 127 
p. e Boss E, Olney 6 Eon Grable; 
25NOV7U; A59U082. 


On: verse 5. Edited by Terry Carr. 209 
p, C on 12 original short stories 8 
compilation; Terry Carr; 2USep7it; 


Drcle Eddie's moustache: twelve poems 
for children. By Bertolt Erecht, English 
by Muriel Eukeyser, pictures by Ursula 
Kirchberg. 1 v. Appl. au: Stefan s. 
Erecht, employer for hire cf translator, 
Muriel Eukeyser. Originally pub. as onkel 
Ede hat einen Schnurrbart. © on English 
translation: Stefan s. Brecht; 17Sep70; 

A59«0 85. 

Foil, Jordan, roll; the world the slaves 
made. By Eugene D. Genovese. 823 p. 
e on 80» new material; Eugene D. 
Genovese; 17Sep7i4; A59U0e5. 

A59u0 8f , 

Chinese vegetarian cooking. By Kenneth 
H, c. Lo, illus. by Tom Funk. 185 p. 
Appl. au; Random Rouse, Inc., employer for 
hire of illus. © Kenneth H. c. Lo; 
5Jut7'); A5911086. 


You're never too old to die. By Arthur 
D, Goldstei". 177 p, 6 Arthur D, 
Gcldstein; 2Cct74; A59U087. 


The Last days of Louisiana Eed, By 
Ishmael Reed, 179 p. Portions prev. pub, 
in Ramparts magazine, © on all new text; 
Ishmael Reed; 10Sep7U; A59H088. 


How to invest successfully in all forms 
cf precious metals; the investor's 
encyclopedia of gold, silver and ether 
precious metals. By Robert H, Persons, 
Jr. 316 p. e M.T.S. publishing 
Corporation: 70ct7U; A59«089, 


Revelations: diaries of women. Edited 
by Mary Jane Moffat E Charlotte Painte-r. 
mi p. © on foreword, afterword £ new 
text; Mary Jane Moffat 8 Charlotte 
Painter; 10Sep7«; A591090. 

A59li091 . 

Freakiro in; nine first-person accounts 
about becoming an athlete. Compiled 8 
edited by Lawrence T, lorimer. 198 p. 
^ on introd. , compilation, editorial 
revision 8 about the author; Random 
House, Inc.; 17Sep7lt; A5914091. 


Cr else^ poem/poems, 1968 - 19711. Ey 
Robert Fern Warren. 102 p. Poems prev, 
pub. in The Atlantic monthly 6 others. 
C on new text, compilation 8 editorial 
revision: Robert Penn warren; 10Sep7U; 
B59a0 92. 


Bread. By Ed McBain, pseud, of Evan 

Hunter, 213 p, 6 Evan Hunter (pseud,: Ed 
McBain): 2Cct7H; A59ii093. 

S59«0 9U. 

The Semantic egoists. Edited by Ma+thew 
J. Bruccoli, Frances Scott Fitzgerald 
Smith 8 Joan P, Kerr, art editor: 
Hargareta F. Lyons. 2ue p. Portions 
prev. pub. in F, Scott Fitzgerald: the 

15 9U 

crack up 8 others. NM : compilation, 
introd. 8 new material, € Frances Scott 
Fitzgerald Smi»-h; 5!loy7U; A591109U. 


Dolls' houses in America; historic 
preservation in miniature, Ey Flora Gill 
Jacobs. 395 p. e Flora Gill Jacobs: 
26>)ov7ll; A59i4095. 


Shasta and Boque, a coyote story. By 
Robert Lee Behme. 126 p, t Robert L, 
Eehme; 27Kot7U; A59flC96. 


The Indoor gardener's how-*o-build-it 
book. By Jack Kramer, drSwinqs by Adrian 
rartJnez 8 James Carew. 123 c. C Jack 
Kramer: 29Nov7U; A59I1097. 


Morton Da Costa's Book of needlepci^t. 
Designs developed in collabcrat? on with 
Brne Eesser. 127 p. t Morton Da Costa; 
29HOV7U; A59ll09e, 


Children of the sun: the Pueblcs, 
Navajcs and Apaches of Dew Mexicc, Ey 
Maudie Rcbinson. 1071 ed. 96 p. 
e Maudie Eobinson; 2Dec7U; a59U0<>9. 


The Permanent war economy: American 
capitalism in decline, Ey Seymour Melman. 
38U p. C Seymour felman; 25Ncv''H; 


Twentieth-century Russian literature. 
By Hatry Thornton Moore 8 Albert Parry, 
wi+-h a pref, by Farry Thornton Moore, 190 
p. (Crosscurrents/modern cri^-iques) 
e Southern Illinois Dniversi+y Press; 
16Eec7«; A59it101, 


Predestined: a novel cf New York life. 
Ey Stephen French Whitman, with an 
afterword by Alden whitman, textual note 
by Matthew J. Eruccoli. u79 p. 5 on 
afterword 8 textual note; Southern 
Illinois Dniver-'ity Press; 25Nov7U; 


Not I, but the wind, Ey Frieda Von 
P* ch*-hof en Lawrence, afterword by Harry T, 
Moore. 306 p. NH: note for readers 6 
afterword. C southern Illincis Oniversity 
Press; 18NOV70; A59Hin3. 


Flannery O'Connor. Ey Preston M. 
Browning, Jr., with a pref, by Barry T, 
Boore. 113 p. e southern Illincis 
nniversity Press; 310ct7i; A59mn«. 


John Barth: f-he comic sublimity of 
paradox. By J?c Tharpe, with a pref. by 
Harry T. Moore. 133 p. C Southern 
Illinois nniversity Press; 1P>'ov71; 


The Bank director. Edited by Eichard 
Euhmann Johnson. 205 p. e Southern 
Methodist nniversity Press; 3Cec7U; 


A Field of diamonds. Compiled by Joseph 
S. Johnson, drawings by Phyllis Jolly. 
191 p. NM: coipilaticn, P Broadman 
Press; 190ct7i; A5911C7. 


Living sacrifices: a missionary cdyssey 
By Jesse c. Fletcher. 157 p. e Broadma" 
Press; 100ct71; fi59i1C8. 

These entries alone may not reHect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 



Between You and me, God; meditaticns fcr 
arouirq oirlSo B7 Patricia A. simmers. 
6U p. e Broadman Press: 2asep7ii; 


Ben and women in John's Gospel. Ey 
Jerrv B. Self. 126 p. e Broadman Press; 
1500*711; A59mi0. 


God is my record. Ey James L. Sullivan. 
1K5 p. f Broadman Press; 3Dec7U; 


The Cascades. By Pichard L. Hilliams £ 
the editors of Time-Life Books. ISC p. 
(The American wilderness) Appl. au: Time, 
Inc., employer for hire. P Time, Inc.; 
1Ilov7tt; A591112. 


Teach your child to manaqe money; a 
duide for tots thrcuqh teens. By 
Catherine Crook De Camp 6 the editors of 
O.S. News and Borld Seport Books. 285 p. 
Appl. au: U.S. News and aorld Deport, Inc. 
e D.S. News and World Feport, Inc.; 
2Dec7n: A59mi3. 


The Story of the cranstons. By Pdna 
Lucille Barnes, et p. C Idna Lucille 
Barnes; 1Jan75 (in notice: 197(»); 


San Francisco 49ers. Prepared by 
Creative Services Division, National 
Foottall leaque prcperties. Inc., editor: 
John Biebusch, manaqinq editor: Tom 
Bennett, associate editors: Patricia cross 
6 Douq Kelly. 192 p. Appl. au: Setional 
Football leaque Properties, Inc. 
e National Football Leaque Properties, 
Inc.; 13«ay7U: A59«115. 


WESCOK technical papers, 197U; papers 
presented at the Western Electronic show 
and Convention in Los Anqeles, California, 
September 10 - 13, 197U, Vol. 18. 1 v, 
Appl. au: Fred J, Belbell, Erich A, 
Pfeiffer £ Ralph G. Tuchman. e Western 
Electronic show and Convention (WESCON) ; 
15Cct7lt; A59lt116. 


The Bitsubishi calendar of Bona Lisa: 
essays, articles, and poems about Japan. 
Ey Kent B. Keith. 68 p. Erev. pub, 
abroad 1 9Jul7« £ ethers. NB: additions E 
revisions, e Kent B. Keith; 30tec7U; 


An Adiuster looks at claims psychclcqy. 
By B. David Hinkle. uo p. e Crawford 
Company: MiecTi; A59ai18. 


Resume packaqe. Felder (3 p.) Appl. 
au: William B. Huebl. e William H. Huebl: 
20Jun7l|; B59U119. 


Beauty is in. 1 p. Appl. au: Sebastian 

Bartinez Palomo. C Sebastian K. Palomo; 
31Cec7U; A59m20. 


We honor those. 1 p. Appl. au: 
Sebastian Bartinez Palomo. C Sebastian B. 
Palomo: 31tec7it; i59U121. 


Your eternal flame! 1 p. Appl. au: 
Sebastian Bartinez Palomo 6 Sebastian B, 
Palomo; 31Dec7«; A59«122. 


From Iwo Jima, "I'm the same old flag." 
1 p. Appl. au: Sebastian Bartinez Palomo 
e Sebastian B. Palomo; 31Eec7lt; A59U123. 


The Berkle segmented time system (for 
computation or estimation of work/cost 
measurementl 3 p. Appl. au: Frederick w. 
nerkle, Jr. C Frederick w. Berkle, Jr.; 
9rec7«; A59m2'J. 


How to keep from backsliding. By Bruce 
P. Lackey, 16 p. C Bruce p. Lackey; 
ieAuq7lt; A5911125. 


Toyota Celica, Chastain Shadow" 2 p. 
Appl. au: John Boger Chastain. 6 Eoger 
chastain Associates; 14Jan7ii; 4591126. 


ratsur, B-210, chastain Shadow! 2 p. 
Appl. au: John Roger Chastain. € Eoger 
Chastain Associates; 16Apr7U; A59al27. 


2H0-Z, 260-Z, Chastain Shadow! 2 p. 
Appl. au: John Poger Chastain. 6 Boger 
Chastain Associates; 15Apr7U; A59ui28. 


Bustang 2, chastain shadow! 2 p. Appl. 
au: John Roger chastain. C Roger chastain 
Associates; 6Jur7it; A59ai29. 


Once upon my life. By Barbara Gregory. 
32 p. Barbara Gregory; 9Dec7ti; 


wind-iammer door gap seal, model 
WJ-0000; supplement to catalog D.S. 65. 1 
p. e Frommelt Industries, Inc.; 23Dec74; 


Advance on carpet maintenance. 1 v. 
€ Advance Floor Bachine Company; 19Jul7H; 


Competitive specifications. 1 v. 
e Advance Floor Bachine Company; 25Jul7U; 


Industrial floor maintenance equipment 
selector guide. 6 p. 6 Advance Floor 
Bachine Company; 10ct7i); A59U13ii. 


Bechanized maintenance: an equipment 
seminar for maintenance executives; 
distributor's planning guide. 13 p. 
e Advance Floor Bachine Company; 210ct7U; 


Warranty time allowance tables. 25 p. 
€ Advance Floor Machine Company; 271icv7U; 


Lore sahib in the Himalaya. By Charles 
E. Basters. 35 p. C Charles B. Basters; 
27Dec74; 4591137. 


Daylight TV, No.l. Editors: Paul tenis 
E Patricia Kearney. 7ii p. e Sterling's 
Magazines, Inc, ; 21Dec71; 4591138. 


Plantax documents portfolio for estate 
planning. 1 v. C Plantax Publishers, 
Inc.; 280ct71; 4591139. 


Coed text: college orientation, 
educational planning, career development. 

Ey Emery H. Fillmore E Deal fogers, 72 p. 
C Leslie E, Abramson d.b.a. Occupational 
Awareness; 13D=c71; ASgillP. 


Coloring bcok of skiing. Artist: t&v 
Shook. 1 V. Bppl. au; Jeanne Byers. 
C Jeanne Byers ; 17Dec'1; A591111. 


Code of ethics. Folder. fl National 
Association of Realtors; 9Dec7i ; 


Memory system for cards. 1 v. Appl. 
au: 4nthcny T. Telep, Bemory Expert 
Associates, e Memory Expert 4sscciates; 
ISEecTI; 4591113. 


William Hendricks' History of billiards: 
a coirpleat historie of billiard evoluticr, 
with numerous illustrations. By William 
Hendricks. 51 p. e William Hendricks; 
28Dec71; A591111. 


Guidelines for the newly divorced. By 
Peter A. Holman. Folder. 6 Peter A, 
Eolman; 25Nov71; A591115. 


CATS; a computer-assisted testing system 
fcr schools, colleges, ccT»*l nulng- 
education facilities, clinics and 
hospitals, business offices and ether 
agencies. 1 v, Appl. au: Rcbert M. 
Worth. Prev, req. Aug, 1971. NB: 
revisions. C Eobert B, Worth; 27epc71 
(in notice: 1975); 4591116. 


The Law of bedlam. 225 p. Appl. au: 
ronald A, Perl. ? Donald A. Perl; 
30Dec71; A591117. 


How to help children learn; perception 
and phonics. By Genevieve Ncvicky, 
illustrated by Karen Sabcl, phctos. by 
John Darnell, Jr. 19 p. e Genevieve 
Nov<cky; 3r)Aug71; A591118. 


Le+tershop hour rates: composition and 
pressvork. 12 p. (Franklin lettershop 
and bindery catalog, section D, Jan, 1975) 

NB: revisions, e Porte Publishing 
Company; 3nDec7i (in nctice: 1975) ; 


Broadsides, circulars, programs, et 
cetera, printed en bcok or offset paper. 
88 p. (Franklin p'-inting catalog, secticn 
13, Nov. 1971) KB: revisions. C Porte 
Publishing Company; 30Dec7ii; A591150. 


Hour rates, slag composition: compcstlcn 
and presswork. 35 p. (Franklin printing 
catalog, section D, Jan. 1975) NB : 
revisions. C Porte Publishing Company; 
30Dec7U (in nctice: 1975); 4591151. 


This business cf living. Text E 
photooraphy by D. 41yce Davidge. 1 v. 
e B, 41yce Davidge; 260ct71; 4591152, 


Come spend tbe day with me. By Bable I, 
McGlaun. 15 p. e Bable BcGlaun; 
11Dec71; 4591153. 


Verlcheck. Warning bulletin 71-52, Dec, 
26, 1971. 1 V. C Verlcheck Systems, 
Inc.; 26Dec71; 4591151. 


An Orchard and a garden. Poems by 

These entries a!one may not reflect the complete Copyright Office recordl)ertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


JSK. - JDH, igTS 

1591155 (cor.l 

Dudl€v Laufnan, 79 f« Some poeics hav€ 

appeared in American weave S others. NM : 

n€» material, C Dudley Laufuan: 27Dec7i4; 



Or -the Ccntoccook, and other poems. Py 
Eleanor Vinton. 73 p. Appl. states all 
ne^i matter except for 2"^ poems which have 
appeared in newspapers s magazines. 
e Eleanor vintcr: 27cec7U; AEgui^e. 


Bell Supply Company catalog. U6C p. 
C Bell Supply Company: 25Nov7it: S59U157. 


One hundred and fifty years (a 
sesquicentennial history of Montqoirery 's 
First Presbyterian Church) By William 
James Mahoney, Jr., Introd, by Harry N. 
diller, Jr. 1M6 p. e First Presby':erian 
Church of Bcntqcmery, Alabama; 1Noy7«; 


Historic sites and place names of 
Minnesota's North Shore. By Johr Frit26n. 
35 p. Add. ti: Historical sites and place 
naces cf Minnesota's North Shore, Appl, 
au: Saint Lcuis County Historical Society. 
DM: additional text 6 pictorial matter. 
C Saint Louis county Historical society; 
20Aua7tl; A59ai59. 


Microform publications catalog, 1 ?75, 
16 p. e Northern Micrographics, Inc. ; 
2eDec7U; 1591160. 


AFBMA standard tapered roller beaiings- 
-radial inch design. SPBMA standard 19, 
19711. 85 p. e The Anti- Friction Bearing 
Manufacturers Association, Inc.; 3Eec70; 


Chants of a 

1 V. e 


By Verna Helen 
ferna Helen 


Courageous and timid. Why are you 
encouraged? Padio messages by Ben Fader. 
21 p. (Changed lives) e Ben Haden ; 
26Dec71: A591163. 


The Virgin birth. Confidence for now! 
Radio messages by Ben Haden. 21 p. 
(Changed lives) NB: p. 15 - 23. e Fen 
Haden; 30Cec71; A591161. 


Coach Booden'E Basketball, Folder 6 
insert. Appl. au: Thomas A. stead E John 
P. Wooden (Coach Wooden) e Thomas A. 
Stead E John B, Wooden (in notice: 
Wooden-stead): 30Aug71: 1591165. 



2 p. 

Appl. au: 

: Paul D. 

C Paul D, 





Eenchwarmer Bob: the story of Bob 
Lurtsema. By Thomas Gifford. 115 p. 
e Eiper Publishing, Inc.; 15Nov71: 


Quality education ma)ceE a difference; 
selected papers from the 1973 New Enqland 
Kirderqarten Conference, Boston. 2? p. 
e Lesley College; 6Dec71: 1591168. 


Havli sound blender; handbook for 
teachers. 21 p. Ippl. au: John A. 
Hawkins B David L, Hawkins, e The Hawk 
COBpany; 5Feb71: 1591169. 


Gouging the Greeks, and other pastimes. 
Ey Earl Eeimer. 102 p. NM: additional 
text. e Farl Eeimer; 10Nov71 (in 
notice: 1973) ; 1591170. 


Through the Bible in a year. Folder. 
Appl. au: Kenneth E. Lee. e Kenneth E. 
Lee; 1Feb7l; A591171. 

A5911 72. 

Is religious neutralism Biblical? By 
Kenneth E. Lee. 16 p. 6 Kenneth F. Lee; 
1Feb71; A591172. 


The Biblical doctrine of separation. By 
Kenneth E. Lee, 28 p. e Kenneth E. Lee; 
10Oct71; 1591173. 


Imerican 1975 Mah-Jongg rules and hands. 
Folder. Add. ti: 1975 American Mah-Jongg 
rules and hands. Appl. au: Barbara Caplin 
(Inita Bothstein) e Barbara Caplin, whose 
pseud, is Anita Bothstein; 70ct71; 


1 student guide to accompany Precalculus 
mathematics: a functional approach, by 
Earl w. swokowski. Prepared by Ida 
Peluso. 181 p. e Prindle, Weber and 
Schmidt, inc.; 16Dec71; A591175. 


Dniversity Year for Iction, a guide for 
students, faculty and agencies. Issued by 
University of Massachusetts. 3rd ed. 60 
p. Ippl. au; Futh Wilson Burgin, € Buth 
Wilson Burgin; 10ct71; A591176. 


The Handbook of sled drills. Ey 1. 
James Krayeske, Jr. S Eichard E. Bader. 
91 p. e 1. James "Jim" Krayeske, Jr. 6 
Fichard E. Bader; 18Dec71: 1591177. 


Twenty-first century meditations. 
Vol.2. A compilation of aphorisms by H. 
Martin Sawyer. 8 p. f H. Martin Sawyer; 
31Dec71; 1591178. 


Paint me a lady bug; patterns for 
paintin' foil?. No. 1. Originals by Lou 
Irn, pseud, of Lou Ann P. Stenberg, 
calligraphy hy Joyce Grafe. 1 v. C Lou 
Ann P. Stenberg: llpr7i; 1591179. 


Star child. By Fred Bustard Stewart. 
221 p. e Fred Mustard Stewart; 280ct71: 

15911 81. 

How to live with another person. By 
David viscott. 156 p. 6 David viscott; 
21Cct71; 1591181. 


Zoo: animals, people, places. Ey 
Bernard Livingston. 290 p. e Bernard 
Livingston: 25Nov71: 1591182. 


Dynasty of air. By Jack Ansell. 1 v. 
e Jack Ansell; 1Nov71; A591183. 


Hyde Place. By Virginia Coffman. 211 
p. C Virginia Coffman; 30Sep71; 


I should care: the Sammy Cahn story. By 
Sammy Cahn. 318 p. C Sammy Cahn; 
15NOV71; 1591185. 

A 591 186. 

Proceedings of the Rome Office Life 

Underwriters Association March 1971 
meeting. Vol.55. Editor: Charles 1. 
Stuck. 161 p. Idd. ti: The Minutes. 
? Home Office Life tind'rwrit ers Isso- 
ciaticn; 27Dec71; 1591186. 


Money and your church; how to rafse 
more, how to manage it better. Ey Manfred 
Hoick, Jr. 189 p. C Manfred Hoick, Jr.; 
30Oct71; 1590187, 


Yankee denim dandies. Written by 
Barbara Fehr, designed by Jane Eschweilar, 
96 p. C Piper publishing. Inc.; liCctTi; 


Down memories lane. 26' p. Ippl, au: 
Ethel H. German E Sober* Klueter. t Ethel 
M. German; 22Dec7i; 1551189. 


Modern American talismans and rituals. 
By John DuMaurier, pseud, of John 
Dae-Check. 103 p. e Joh? DuMaurie'-; 
20rec71; A591190. 


No me+aphysics. By Bary Innc Pryor. 51 
p. NM: 3/1 new. c Mary Anne Pryci; 
21Dec71; A591191. 


The Ladies birthday almanac, 1975. m 
p. Appl. au: Eobert M, Eurkhart. 
e Chattem Drug and Cheiical Company d.b.a. 
The Chattem Publl5hirg Company (in 
notice; The Chattem I^ublisUng Company, 
division of Chattem Druo and Chemical 
Company); 17Jun71: A591192. 


The Cardui calendar a'^d weather chart, 
1975. Calendar. Appl. au: Pobert r„ 
Eurkhart. C Chattem Drug and Chem:cal 
Company d.l.a. The Chattem Publishing 
company; 25Eeb7i; 1591193. 


Ja27-rock fusion. Vol.1. By Lester W. 
DeMerle. 17 p. NB: compilation, e Try 
Publishing Company; 23Aug7i; A591191. 


Latin sounds from the drum set. By 
Frank Guerrero. 312 p. DM: compilation, 
text E pictorial matter. e Try Publishing 
company; 8Aug71; 1591195. 


Curriculum 2: Clinical optometry. 
Sheets in folder. (Optcmetric extension 
program, continuing education courses) 
C cptcmetric Extension Program Foundation, 
Inc.; 20Dec71; 1591156. 


Everything you always wanted to knew 
about pool care tut didn't know where to 
ask. By Charles H. Taylor. 61 p. 
C Charles H. Taylor; 280ct7i; 1591197. 


12 search-a-woTd shapes. Ey Dawn 
Gerger. 96 p. 6 Dawn Gerger; 170ct71; 


11 search-a-word shapes. By Dawn 
Gerger. 96 p. « Dawn Gerger; 17cct71; 


Hi. By Bex Lardner. 1 v. e Bex 
Lardner; 9Aug71; A5912C0. 


In the steps of the taster. By Barion 
Zimmer Bradley. 155 p. (The Sixth sense, 
no. 2) e Dniversal city studios. Inc.; 
12Noy73; A591201. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

S59U202 - S59'42UU 


A59U20 2. 

The IlluEtrated book cf world reccrdE. 
By Bill ftaler. 123 c. C Bill Sdler; 
3Sep7ll; S5914202. 


0. J, By Bill Gutman, 95 p. C Bill 
Gutman; 70ct7U: S590203. 


The Secrets of the seed: yeqetables, 
fruits and Buts. By Barbara Friedlander, 
desiqn 5 drawinqs by Ira Friedlander. 287 
p. C Ira Friedlander 6 Barbara Fried- 
lander; 10Sep7ll; S59lt20«. 


The Den illustrated library of life, 
Icve and sex; a modern quide for the 
American fanily. Vol, U^. From the 
oriqinal work of Jean Cchen, Jacqueline 
Kahn-Nathan, Suzanne Masse, Gilbert 
Tordlman 6 christiane Verdoux, adapted by 
J. Scott Brattcr, Franccise Shein E Helene 
K. nandelbaum. 95 p. Appl. au: Grosset 
and Dunlap, Inc. , employer for hire, 
Criqinally pub. under the title Enc- 
yclopedie de la yie sexuelle de la 
phvsioloqie a la psycholoqie, C or 
Enqlish translation; Grosset and Dtnlap, 
Inc.; 29AUQ7H: A59U2r}5. 


Shorthand, typeuritina, and secretarial 
training. By Abraham Epstein B Borris 
White, 108 p. (GroEset's Library cf 
practical bandbocks) Afpl. au: j. G. 
Ferquscn publishinq Company, employer for 
hire, NM: new coyer 6 revisions, € J. G^ 
Ferquson Publishinq Company; 19Sep7it; 


Bow it works. Vol, 2, By Martin 1. 
Keen, illustrated by Dick Kramer. 221 p, 
Appl. au: Grosset and Dunlap, Inc., 
employer for hire, € on illus, ; Grosset 
and Dunlap. Inc.; 19Sec7a: A59H207. 


The New illustrated library cf life, 
love and sex; a modern quide for the 
American family. Vol.3. Froff the 
oriqinal work of Jean Cohen, JacqueMne 
Kahn-uathan, Gilbert Tordlman 6 Christiane 
Verdoux, adapted by J. Scott Brattor, 
Francoise shein 6 Helene K, Kandelbaum, 
111 p. Appl. au: Grosset and Dunlaf, 
Inc., employer for hire. Oriqinally pub. 
under the title Encyclopedie de la yie 
sexuelle de la physiclcqie a la psy- 
choloqie. e on Enqlish translation; 
Grosset aid Dunlap, Inc.; 29Auq7ii; 


The Cultural drama: modern ideTitities 
ana social ferment. Edited by Hilton s. 
Dillon, foreword by s. Dillon Eipley. 328 
P. Appl. states all new except for 
Everyday life and social identity prev. 
pub, in Pathos cf power, C Smithsonian 
Institution: 250ct7li; A59H209. 


Descendants of James Drauqhon cf 
Edqecombe County, North Carolina. By Bells 
Bobert Drauqhon. 333 p, e Wallace B, 
Crauqhon; 2Dec7«; A59U210, 


Introductory statistics. By Peter w. 

Zehna. 070 p, 6 Prindle, Weber ar d 

SchBiid*. Inc.; 30Ma77<t; A591I211. 


Cactaceous plants: their history and 
culture. By Lewis Castle. 93 p. Appl. 
au: Harry B, Skallerup. lE) Harry E. 
Skallerup; 26Dec7U; A59t212. 


Divers and cameras. By Joseph G. 

strykowski, illus. by Ernie Duerksen. 212 
F, e Joe strykowski; 2006071; *S9ii213, 


The Isolation of Lupe, By Daisy E. 
Binkley. 129 p. © Daisy F. Binkley; 
20D6C7U; A59U21U. 


An Introduction to axiomatic systems. 
By Burnett Meyer, 190 p, e Frindle, 
Weber and Schmidt, Inc, ; 12Jun7U; 


Trial in Thailand, By George K, Tacham, 
175 p. C Crane, Russak and Company, Inc.; 
7Cct7a: A59U216. 


The Soviet presence ir Latin America. 
Strategy paper no. 23, By James D. 
Theberge, 107 p. e National Strategy 

Informaticn Center, Inc.; 70ct7it; 


Tour personal introduction to the 
orthodontic practice of, 1 v, Appl, au: 
Jaires M. Eeyr.olds. NM: editorial 
revision. e Zulauf Associates; 12Noy7i); 


Now about your toothbrushing. Folder, 
Appl. au: James M. Reynolds. C Zulauf 
Associates; 15Nov7U; A59U219, 


Surgical disorders of the pancreas; a 
programmed instruction text. By Stephen N. 
Hcrwitz, Theodore Drapanas, James Bowling 
5 Eobert F. Ryan. 131 p. e Robert F, 
Ryan; 310ct7U; A591t220. 

A59U221 . 

Fluids and electrolytes; a programmed 
instruction text. By Peter R, Kastl, 
William p. Coleman, Theodore Drapanas & 
Eobert F, Pyai. 1 v. e Robert E, Ryan; 
23Dec74: A5914221, 


Abdominal hernias: a programmed 
instruction text^ By Hugh Dennis, James 
Dowlinq 6 Robert F. Ryan. 1 v. C Robert 
F. Byan; 23D€c7ll; A59U222, 


An Introduction to transplantation; a 
programmed instruction text. By William 
P. Coleman, 3rd, John c. McDonald B Robert 
I, Ryan, 1 v, C Robert F, Ryan; 
12N0V7U; A59U223. 


Diagnosis and surgical management of 
arthritis; a programmed instruction text. 
By Allen E, Saxon, Henry la Rocca 6 Robert 
F, Pyan. 1 v, © Robert F, Ryan; 
21|Oct7ll: A59U22lt. 


Surgery .of the thorax; a programmed 
instruction text. By W, p, Coleman, 3rd, 
E. S, Lirdsey E Eobert E. Byan. 1 v. 
e Eobert E. Ryan; 30Jan7U; 65914225. 


Differential diagnosis of "black eyes"; 
a programmed instruction text. By Robert 
S. Baxter E Robert F. Ryan. 1 v. 
e Bobert F. Fyan; 2«oct7H; A59it226, 


Tumors of bone; a programmed instruction 
text. By J. Locicero, 3rd, H. La Rocca, 
D. Carter B Robert F. Ryan, 1 v, 
e Robert E. Fyan; 210ct7lt; A59n227. 


Beading homonyms, EU, By Richard A, 


Elementary Chinese ccirpanicn, Vol,1, 
By Jchn C, Jamieson 6 Ll-lin shih. 118 p. 
e The Regents of the Oniversity of 
Califcrnia; ieoct7ii; A59U229. 


Seeds of love and light. By Shirley 
Anne Gaffney, 150 p, € Shirley Ga^fney; 
1PDec7l|; A59123C, 

A59U231 , 

New architecture in New England. By Fva 
Jacob, 112 p. € De Cordova and Dana 
Puseni and Park; 9Nov71; 6590231. 


Wipe out debts. Folder (1 p. 1 Appl. 
au: Sylvia Donna Friedman 6 Sanford J. 
Friedman. €. Loradon Enterprises; 
29Noy71; A590232, 


God gave us *he world. By Ida May Bend, 
25 p. e Ida May Bend; ieD6e70; A590233. 


Israel. By Robert Hooley. 00 p. 
e Lilerty Publications; 22Dec71; 


These signs. By Robert Hocley. 20 p. 
e liberty Publications; 13Cct70; 


Pride of life. Ey Eetert Booley. 20 p. 
e Liberty Publications; 7Dec70; 6590236. 


Victory over despair. By Robert Boolej. 
23 p. e Liberty Publications; 27rec71; 


The ABC's of plan A; an administrative 
and instructional guide. By Michael Duke 
Madiscn E Peggy Foster Tyler, 307 p. 
e Mike Madison 6 Peggy Tylor; 15Jul70; 


I may never pass this way again. By 
Mary Ee Eenando, 1 v, C Mary De BeoaDdo; 
23KOV70; 6591239. 


Goya and the question mark. By Frank P. 
Pondclfino a,k,a, Knarf, 1 v, 6 Fra?k F 
Pcrdclfino; 20Dec''O; A590200. 

A591211 . 

The Punctuation mini-lesecr. 12 p, 
Appl. au: Edward F. larkln. NW : 
orgarization B format. t Edward F. 
larkin; 1Aug71; A591211. 


An Introduction to computing. Vol.l, 
By Thomas A. Egan, editorial board: Thomas 
A, Egan, c, Palph Verne 6 Bark wiener. 73 
p. KB: editorial revision, 6 Thomas A, 
Egan, c. Ralph verno B Hark Wiener; 
12NOV70; 6591202. 


An Introduction to statistics. Vol. 1, 
Ey Thomas A. Egan, editorial panel: Thomas 
6. Egan, c. Ralph Verno 6 Bark Wiener. 73 
p. (Path pacs) NM: editorial revision, 
e Thcmas 6, Iga" , C. Ralph Verro E nark 
wiener; 12Nev71; 659021?. 


Dodo's Petite jewelette orange tree. 
Folder, e Dodo Sales, Inc. ; 27Dee"'0; 

These entries alone may not refiect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

A59U2U5 - S59lt291 BOOKS 6 PAKPHLETS JSN. ' JON. ^9^^i 

A59lt2«5. A!9lt259. B59a2''5. 

Spirits qcia or sold: the human Ecul. Cheipi cal seminar: fertilizer — a close up Alucst a million: a gu^de to eiglit map? 

with prefatcrv, supplementary comme!>tarY lock. Panelists: James Beck 6 James of phode Island's populatlcr. Ey Foteit 

ty Collier 0. Berlenbach, pseud, of Arnold Galyin, moderator: Abraham Karp. 12 p. J. Sullivan. 2U p. e Pobert J. Sulliyas; 

Niday Gates. 1 p. © Arnold Niday Gates e Abraham Karp; lODecTU; A59H259. 30DccTi (in nctice: 1975): B59I12T5. 

(in nctice: Collier 0, Berlenbach) : 

3ClDec7«: A59112II5. R591;260. A59U276. 

An Introduction to meditative prayer and New Perma-slik, apply it yourself, 

A59II2U6. its applications. By 1. Sobert Keck. 39 bonded dry lubricant! 1 p. e F/« 

Be called him Flintlcck: a picture story p. 6 L. Robert Keck; 70ct7ii; A59ii2e0. Lubricants, Inc.; 9Dec7ii; J?9U27e. 

of Archibald Eutledqe, poet laureate of 

Scuth Carolina, compiled by Irvine H. S59U2ei. A59U277. 

Futledqe, 68 p. 6 The E. 1. Bryan An Invitation to join the Aerial Strolling. By Donald rosley. Card. 

Company: 16Dec7U: R59«246. Phenomena Pesearch organization. Inc. € DoTiald Mosley; 50ct7«; A^9H277o 

(A. P. P.O.) Yolder (U p.) Appl. au: Coral 

A59U2'i7. F. Lorenzen. C Aerial Phenomena Research A59U278. 

Master Dracula. Vol.1, no. 1. Editor: Crqanization, Inc.; 15Jun7«; A59it261, climbing Hontmartre. Ey ^lelvin Dixon, 

Daniel 1. Gheno, written 6 illustrated by Card, e Nelvin rixcn; 5Aug7ii: AE9027S. 

Bob, pseud, of Pobert E, Fusfield f. Dan, A59«262. 

pseud, of Daniel 1. Gheno. 1 v. © Bob Proceedings of the 5th APPC DFO A591219. 

Fusfield 5 Dan Gheno; 28Dec7i4 ; A59«2«7. Symposium, June 15, 197U, Pottstow , Counterpoem for Dudley Pandall. By 

Pennsylvania. 22 p. Appl. an: Coral I. Eileen Tann. Card, e Eileen Tann; 

A59124e. Lorenzen. ^ Aerial Phenomena Research 15!1ay74; A59'4279. 

chemical Seminar: feedstocks and Organization; 15Jun7q; A59'I262. 
petrochemicals — what's the outlock here? 

an edited transcript, December 10, 1S714. A591263. 

!tB p. Appl. au: John Hall £ Theodore The Transition. By Troah Campbell. 1 

Eurtis. e Abraham Karp; 2«Dec7it: p. 6 Troah Campbell; 10ct7U; A59ii263. 

A594219. Love, Mike: the story of Michael 

The Bill of God. 1 p. Appl. au: «. D. Sullivan, buried on Kilimanjaro. By Jam 

Childers. C w. D. childers; ISOct'H; E. p, Sullivan 6 Charles Senour Stough, 

A59it2«9. 3ra. 93 p. g James E. P. Sullivan; 

27tec7«: A59I426U. 

The Hendocino outlaws. Ey John E. AE9i(265. 
Keller. 29 p. Add. ti: Reward: $300 for never a dull moment. By Curt Gerliig. 

the arrest and conviction of the Mendocino 322 p. C Curt Gerling; 10Dec7ii; 

outlaws, t Mendocino county Historical A59U265. 
Society, Inc. (CA) ; 2Dec74; A59ii2E0. 

A59U251. Girls' basketball. By Mildred J. 

February pre-school guide, 7E-18. 1 v. Barnes, editor: Sean Sullivan. Ill p. 

Appl. au: Nina Howard. 6 Ivywood School, Mfi: additions. 6 The Athletic Institute 

Inc.: 21Dec7il (in notice: 1975); 10D€c7it; A59H2ee. 

A59U252, Applique and reverse applique. By Jo B59«2e5. 

Caravat-s. Kit. Appl. au: Judi*h Ippolito christensen 6 Sonie Shapiro Thoughts for parents cf music students. 

Foster, e Judith Foster; 20Nov7it; Ashner. <t8 p. 6 sterling Publishing By Robert H. Bhitford. 1 p. ? Robert H. 

A59it252. Company, Inc.; 23Dec7«; A59a267. Bhitfcrd; 18Dec7U; AE9il2eE. 

A59U253. A5911268. A5914266. 

Borship resources for special occasions. Creating with sheet plastic. By Gregg cross connect: ons and backflow 

By Edward E. chipman. Ill p. 6 Edvard E. leFevre with photos, by the author. US p. prevention. Bv Gustave J. Ancele, Sr, 

Chipman: 280ct7ii; A59fl253. t Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.; 2n d ed. 5H p. Appl. au: American Sa'er 

20Dec7ii; A59U2e8. Works Association. ? Airericar Hater Borks 

A591I25U. Association; 12Jun7i4; A59ii28P. 

statistics: a common sense approach. Ey A59it2e9. 
Eliot N. Silverman 6 Linda A. Brody, 227 tJet-makinq and knotting. By Warren M. A59ii287. 

p. Prev. pub. 1973. NM: about 10», new Hartzell £ Lura LaBarge. 56 p. ABBA seminar on Dpgradinq Existing 

material. S Prindle, Beber and Schiidt, e sterling Publishing Company, Inc.; Bater-Treatment Plants; proceedings. 

Inc.- 23SSP74; A59H25II. 18Dec7«; A59it269. Boston, June 15 - 16, 197«. Presen*ed by 

Education Committee of American Water 

A591I255. 6591270, Borks Association. 277 p. Appl, au: H, 

Shapes and perceptions: an intuitive Indonesia in pictures. Prepared by Tom E, Hudson, Jr. 6 Paul c. No-'ari . 

approach tc geometry. By Gail s. Kcnkle. Gerst, editor: Edward B. Egan. eu p. NM: t American Water Borks Association; 

2it8 0. e Prindle, Weber and Schmidt, updating. e sterling Publishing Company, 13Dec7U; A5911287. 

Inc.; 26Aug71t: A5911255. Inc.; 9Dec7U; A59I4270. 


A59i425£. A59it271. Processing water-trentneat-pl ant sludge. 

Metric measure simplified. Ey Ann Our town. By Thornton wilder, with an 152 p. Appl. au: Paul Nctari 6 American 

Mcpherson Bilderman, Harold S. Pesnick s introd. by Brooks Atkinson 8 illus. by Satei Borks Association. S American Wa'-eT 

David E, Kapel. 120 d. 6 Prindle, Beber Pobert J. Lee. 118 p. C on illus. E Borks Association; 15Cct7U; A59a2ee. 

and Schmidt, Inc.; 25Jun7i4: A59''256. introd.; The cardavon Press, Inc.; 

2eDec71|; A5911271. A59I:2e9. 



1 mama, B' 

y Mohezin 

Te jani. 


Appl. au; 


e Press. 

e Broads 


Press; 21lov7U; A 


A59U261 . 


words at 

ity mother 

's grave. 


Charles H. Howell. 

Card. 1 

t Charles 







By Eugeni 

a Collier 

. Card, 

e Eugenia collier; 


; A59U2e 



Watermelon poems 

By Deo 

nne B. Br 


card, e 

Deonne E. 






Lng a begi 

nning, B 

V nlvin 

Rushfeldt Kubat. 

Sheets (U 

9 p.) e 



Handbook of occupational and hf 

... ,_.. _ __ money, the best money-savers A59H272. standards for water utilities. 1 v, 

are in the Dental Film catalog." low, low The Challenge of intensive evangelism! Appl. au: American Hater works »ssocla*^o 

prices — shop ard compare! your satis- Folder. Appl, au: Edward R. leion. S Paul C, Notari. C American Batei Borks 

faction is guaranteed! 23 p. 6 Dental C Edward R. leion; 19Apr7U; A5914272. Association, Inc.; 20ct7ii; A5°U2e9. 

Film Company (in notice: Dental Film 
company of New York, Inc.); 30Dec7U; 


Arcc, Ashton, Challls, ID, and others, 
telephone directory, December 1974. 
e Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph 
Company; 11Nov7il; A59U258. 



Track and field dynamics. By Tom Ecker. 

Day by day w i^ h Jesu=, 1975; a Christ' 

2nd ed. 112 p. e Tom Ecker; 1Aug7«; 

devotional calendar. Ev EugeT-e R. 


Eertermann. sheets In box. Appl. au: 

conccrdia Publishing House, e Concordii 


publishing House; 22Nov70; A59ii290. 

Mail order starter's guide. 18 p. 

Appl. au: Kenneth 1. Adams (Adams House) 


e Adams House; 30Dec7U; A59B27U. 

The Twc Christmases, Br'*ten by Aledi 

Penken, art by Michael Norman. 96 p. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


jnn. ^9^s 

A59«291 (ccn.) 

Appl. au: Concordia Publlshinq House. 

e Concorflia Publlshinq House; 25Juii7«; 



Rouqh rapids ahead. Britten by Aleda 
Benken, art by Michael Norman. 96 p. 
Sppl, au: Concordia Publishing House. 
e Concordia Publlshinq House: 25Ju"7ii: 


Now the qood wine. By Richard Arderser. 
32 p. Appl. au: Concordia Publishing 
House. € Concordia Publishing House; 
lUunTU; A59U293. 


To the kid in the pew; 60 chapel talks. 

By Eldon Vedsheit. 128 p. Appl. ao: 

Concordia Publishing House, e conccrdia 

publishirq House: 5Auq7«; S59U29U. 


The Love foriFula: living in forgiveness. 
By Bichard Andersen, 163 p, Appl, au: 
Concordia Putlishinq House, e Ccnccrdia 
Publishing House; 22Bar74; A59U295. 


How different are people who attended 
Lutheran schools? By nllo Brekke. 15 1 p. 
Appl. au; Concordia Publishing House, 
e Concordia Publishirq House; 11Jut!7ii; 


"I" opener: 80 parables. By Herbert 
Brokering, 80 p. Add, ti: I openers, 
Appl, au: Concordia Publishing House. 
e Concordia Publishing Rouse; 9l!ay7it: 


Last things. By Werner Elert, 
translated by Bartin Bertram, edited by 
Rudolph F. Norden. 56 p. Appl. au: 
Concordia Publishing Rouse, Translation 
of Der christliche Glaube. NH: exerpts E 
translation. ?. Concordia Publishing 
House; 1Jul7«; A59t298, 


Sing a song of gladness; selected psalms 
for children. Written by Candace Clayton, 
illustrated by Don Kueker, 1 v, Appl, 
au: Concordia Publishing House. 
e Concordia Publishing House; 20Aug7H; 


A Story for obed. Written by Anne 
Jennings, illustrated by Vaccaro 
Associates, 1 v. Add. ti: The Story of 
obed, Appl, au: Concordia Publishirq 
House. C Concordia Publishing Rouse; 
5Jun7ll: A591I300, 


Hy stories about Jesus, Written ty 
Sarah Fletcher, art by Don Kueker, 31 p, 
Appl. au: Concordia Publishing House. 
e Concordia Publishing House; 9Bay7it: 


With eyes wide open; Biblical studies in 
Romans for young people. By Peter I. 
Steinke, 78 p, Appl, au: Concordia 
Publishing House. © Concordia Publishing 
House: 2iinay7t; A59a302. 


Prayers for little people. Written by 
Sarah Fletcher, art by Don Kueker. 1 v. 
Appl, au: Concordia Publishing House, 
e Concordia Publishing House; 7 Jur 7« ; 


God, I'v-3 gotta talk to you! prayers for 
children. Written by Anne Jennings E 

Walter wanqerin, Jr, , illustrated by Jim 
Roberts. 1 v. Add. ti: God, I've got to 
talk to you, Appl. au: Concordia 
Publishing House, 6 Concordia Publishing 
House; 20Aug7tt; A59it30". 


Hy stories about God's people. Written 
by Sarah Fletcher, art by Don Kueker, 31 
p. Appl. au: Concordia Publishing House, 
e Concordia Publishing House; 9Bay7ii; 


The Prisoner who freed others. Written 
by Bervin Harguardt, illustrated by obata 
Designs, Alice Hausner, 1 v, Appl, au: 
Ccncordia Publishing House, e Concordia 
Publishing House; 5Jun7il; A5914306, 


The Glory story. Written by Walter 
wangerin, Jr. , illustrated by Don Kueker. 
1 V, Appl, au; Ccncordia Publishing 
House. ^ Concordia Publishing House; 
5Jun7l|; A59I1307. 


What's the matter with Job? Written by 
Louise Dlmer, illustrated by Jim Roberts, 
1 V. Appl. au: Concordia Publishing 
Hcuse, © Concordia Publishing Hcuse; 
5Jun7U; A59a308, 


A Penny is everything. Written by 
Baiter Wangerin, Jr., illustrated by Jack 
Glover. 1 V. Appl. au: Concordia 
Publishing Hcuse, e Concordia Publishing 
House; 5Jun7U; A59«3P9, 


Clem, the clumsy camel. Written by 
Virginia Mueller, illustrated by Betty 
wind. 1 V. Appl. au: Concordia 
Publishing House, e Concordia Publishing 
House; 5Jun7'4; A59t310. 

A59l(311 . 

Sifted gold. By Yvonne B, Wilson, 126 
p. Appl. au: Concordia Publishing House. 
C Concordia Publishing House; 28Jun7<t; 


Divorced and christian. By Alice 
Stolper Peppier, 93 p, Appl, au: 
Ccncordia Publishing House. 6 Concordia 
Publishing House; 5Aug7U; A59«312. 


A Bit of Christmas whimsy. By David 
Edman, illustrated by richael Carpenter, 
m2 p. Appl. au: Concordia publishing 
House. © Concordia Publishing House; 
2ejun74; A59U313, 


First lectures on the Psalms, 1, 
Editor: H:lton C. Oswald. U8U p. 
(Luther's works, vol.10) Appl. au; 
Concordia Publishing House. NB: excerpted 
E translated from D. Martin Luthers serke. 
e Concordia Publishing House; 1011ay7U; 


Journeys to Bethlehem: the story of the 
first Christmas. Retold by Dorothy Van 
soerkom, art by Dhimitri Zonia. 1 v. 
Appl, au: Concordia Publishing House, 
€ Concordia Publishing House; 19Jun7it; 


The Porcupine book of verse. Art by Don 
Robinson. fi8 p. Appl. au; Concordia 
Publishing House, e Concordia Publishing 
House; 13Jun7U; A59U316. 


The Porcupine storybook. Art by Art 
Klrchhoff. U7 p. Appl. au: Concordia 

Publishing House, C ccncordia Publishing 
Rouse; 13Jun7«; A59U317. 


The Bysterious star. Written ly Jeanne 
Barxhausen, art by Susan Stcehr Morri?. 1 
V, Afpl, au: Concordia Publishing Hcuse, 
e Concordia Publishing House: igjunT"; 


A Turtle for Bary Eeth. story hy Peter 
S, Welcker, prints by Suan Welcker, 1 v, 
e pettr s. Welcker; 2nDec7U; A590319. 


Day*on Progress Ready stamping system; 
manual of standards and procedures. 1 v. 
€ Dayton Progress Corpcratlm; 15Jan7H; 


Using the strength Design hardbcck; 
workbcok. 21 p. Add. ti: ACI in 
education 6 American Concrete Institute; 
30ctTll; A59U321. 


Language acquisition program for the 
severely retarded. By Louise P, Kent, 
185 p. C Research Press Company; 
SOOctTlt; A591I322. 


Screech. 1 v. Appl. au; Pary Lee 
Steffensen, k. a. Bare Etacttcn. C Bare 
Stactton, whose legal name is Mary Lee 
Steffensen; 30Dec7U; AE9U323. 


College algebra. By John r, Peterson S 
Floyd E. Haupt. 3U6 p. t Prindle, Beter 
and Schmidt, Inc.; 16Apr7U; A591t32U. 


Synchronizing Hebrew originals from 
available records, 729 - 720 B,C. By 
Bervin Stiles, un p. e Bervin Stiles; 
30Dec7lt; A59a325, 


Two-year horoscope: libra, 1 575 and 
1976, Sep+ember 23 - Octcber 22, Special 
message E astrological perspectives by 
Bichael Lutin, 376 p. Add. ti: Libra 
two-year horoscope, 1975 and 1976. Appl. 
au: Grosset and Cunlap, Inc., emplcye^- for 
hire, € Grosset and Dunlap, Inc; 
18Nov7«; A5911326. 


Two-year horoscope: Aquarius, 1975 and 
1976, January 20 - February 18. Special 
message £ astrological perspectives ty 
Bichael Lutin. 373 p. Add. ti: Aquarius 
two-year horoscope, 1975 and 1076. Appl. 
au: Grosset and Dunlap, Inc, employer fcr 
hire. C Grosset and Dunlap, Inc.; 
ISNovTU; A591I327, 


Two-year horoscope: Virgo, 1975 and 
19T6, August 22 - September 22. Special 
message E astrological perspectives by 
Bichael Lutin. 37a p. Add, ti: Virgo 
two-year horoscope, 1975 and 1976. Appl. 
au : Grosset and Dunlap, Inc., employer fcr 
hire, © Grosset and Dunlap, Tnc, ; 
18NOV71I; A59I1328, 


Two-year horoscope: Scorpio, 1975 and 
1976, October 23 - November 22, Special 
messace E astrclogical perspec*5. ves hy 
Bichael Lutin. 37lt p. Add. ti; Scorpic 
two-year horoscope, 1975 and 1976. Appl, 
au: Grosset and Cunlap, Inc., employer for 
hire, © Grosset and Dunlap, Inc, ; 
ISNovTl; A59I1329. 


Two-year horoscope: Sagittarius, 1975 
and 1976, November 23 - Eecemter 20, 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


JON. 19T5 

45911330 (ccn.l 

Special messaqe S astrcloqical pers- 
pectives by Michael lutin. 371 p. Add. 
ti: Saqittarius twc-vear horoscope, 1975 
and 1976. Appl, au: Grosset and Dunlap, 
Inc., employer for hire. C Grcsset ar d 
DUElac, luc, : ISNovTU; 159U330. 


Two-year horoscope: Capricorn, 1975 and 
1976, December 21 - January 19. Special 
messaqe s astroloqical perspectives ty 
Michael Lutina 375 Po Adds ti: Capricorn 
two-year horoscope, 1975 and 1976. Appl. 
an: Grosset and Dunlap, Inc, , employer for 
hire, e Grosset and Dunlap, InCo ; 
18NOV7U; A59I1331. 


Two-year horoscope: Aries, 1975 a^d 
1976, March 21 - April 20. Special 
messaqe & astroloqical perspectives by 
Michael Lutin. 375 p. Add. ti: Aries 
two-year horoscope, 1975 and 1976. Appl, 
au: Grosset and Dunlap, Inc., emplcyer for 
hire. C Grosset and Dunlap, Inc. ; 
181loy7U: S591t332. 


Two-year horoscope: Taurus, 1975 ard 
1976, April 21 - May 20. Special messaqe 
6 astroloqical perspectives by Michael 
Lutin. 375 p. Add. ti: Taurus two-year 
horoscope, 1975 and 1976. Appl. au; 
Grosset and Dunlap, Inc., employer for 
hire. Grosset and Dunlap, Inc. ; 
18Nov7lt: A59«333. 


Gemini. Special messaqe f. astroloqical 
perspectives by Michael Lutin. 372 p. 
(Two-year horoscope, 1975 and 1976) Appl. 
au: Grosset and Dunlap, Inc. , employer for 
hire, C Grosset and Dunlap, Inc.; 
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Cancer. Special messaqe C astroloqical 
perspectives by Michael Lutin. 372 p. 
(Two-year horoscope, 1975 and 1976) Appl. 
au: Grosset and Dunlap, Inc., employer for 
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Leo. Special messaqe 6 astroloqical 
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(Two-year horoscope, 1975 and 1976) Appl. 
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Fisces, Special messaqe & astroloqical 
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(Two-year horoscope, 1975 and 1976) Appl. 
au: Grosset and Dunlap, Inc., employer for 
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18Noy7U: A59U337. 


The Conquest of New France; a chrcricle 
cf the Colonial wars. By Georqe M. Wrcnq. 
2«e p. (The Yale chronicles of America 
series) Appl. au: Dnited States 
Publishers Association, Inc. NM: 
editorial revision, new biblioqraph^ 6 
front matter, e Yale Oniverslty Press; 
13May711; A594338. 


Contract cohabitation: an alternative to 
marriaqe. By Edmund L. Van Deusen. 1U9 
p. e Edmund L. Van Deusen: 110ct7ii: 


Emmanuelle 2. By Emmanuelle Arsan, 
translated from the French by Anselm 
Hollc. 321 p. Prev. pub. as Emmanuelle', 
I'antl-vierqe. C on translation; Grove 
Press, Inc.; 25Sep7ii; A59U3U0. 


Manouche. By Eoqer Peyrefitte, 
translated by Sam Flores. 262 p. Prev. 
pub. abroad 1972. C on translation; 
Grove Press, Inc.; 170ct7B; A59'13')1. 


Eden: qolden aqe or qoad to action? By 
Carlos Mesters, translated by Patricit J. 
Leonard. 126 p, originally pub. as 
Paraiso terrestre: saudade ou esperanca, 
1971. MM: translation 6 revision. 
t Orbis Books; 7Nov7U; A59'I3U2. 


If the shoe fits. By Ray Elwell Farr, 
illus. by Joseph Edward Muldrow, Jr. 07 
P. C Eay Elwell Earr; 1Dec7i4; S59U303. 


Metropolitan school organization. 
Vol.1: basic problems and patterns. 
Edited by Troy V. McKelvey. 2U8 p. 
€ McCutchan Publishing Corporation: 
2eoct73 (in notice: 1972) ; A59U3MII. 


Charles Harper's Birds and words. 151 
p. NM: condensed version of prev. pub, 
worls. e Frame House Gallery, Inc.; 
28NOV7H: A591t3U5. 


Commentary on the Torah: Leviticus. By 
Eamban (Nachmanides) , translated 6 
annotated with index by Charles B. chavel. 
50U p. NM: English translation 6 
annotation with index. 6 Ehilo Publishing 
House, Inc.; 18Nov7«: A5943Ue. 


Recipe for survival: your daily food. 
By Doris Grant. 22it p. Appl. au: 
Beatrice Trum Hunter. Prev. pub. abroad 
1973. NK: revision, additional text e 
in'-rod. t Beatrice Trum Hunter; 26Auo7it; 


Siddur — seder tefilos mllcol hashono. 
Index p. 651 - 71« by Eliyahu Chain 
Carlbach, compilation p. 622 - 650 6 no+es, 
reference p. 715 - 7U9 by Leib Groner, 1 
V. Hebrew; title romanized on appl, 
Appl. au: Schneur Zalman (Ben Earuch) NM: 
additions. 6 Kehot Publication society; 
9Feb65: A59«3«a. 


Toras chaim (breishis) Notations on 
last paqe by Leib Groner. 1 v. Hebrew; 
title romanized on appl. Appl. au: Dobver 
Ben Schneur Zalman. NM : notations on 
p. 221 - 222. e Kehot Publication Society; 
23Dec73 (in notice: 19711) ; ASgiSug. 


Torah or. 1 v, Hebrew; title 
romanized on appl. Appl. an: Schneur 
Zalman Ben Baruch 6 Menachem Mendel 
Schneerscn. NM: indexes, glossary, 
various notes s supplemen+s by Menachem 
Mendel Schneerson. © Kehot Publication 
Society; 10Feb72: A5911350. 

A59U351 . 

Toras chain) (shemois) 1 v, Hebrew; 
title romanized on appl. Appl. au: Dctver 
Ben Schneur Zalman. 6 Kehot Publication 
Society: lJun7u; A59ii351. 


Cumulative subject index to, the Monthly 
cataloq of United States Government 
publications, 1900 - 1971, Vcl.U: 
compatibility - drugs. Compiled by 
Billiaip H. Buchanan 6 Fdna A. Kanely. 857 
p. C Carroll ton Press, Inc.; 15Auq7ii 
(in notice: 1973); A59U352. 


Cumulative subject index to the Monthly 
catalog of Dnlted States Government 

publications, 1900 - 1971. vol. 5: 
druidism - fiscus. compiled by William B. 
Buchanan 8 Edna B. Kanely. SUU p. 
e Carrollton Press, Inc.; 2CBuq7u (in 
notice: 1973) ; B59«353. 


The Gocd times song boolc. By James E. 
Leisy, illustrated by David tawson. 132 
p. VV.Z compilation intc beck form. 
C Abingdon Press; 8Bpr7ii; B59U35U. 


Computerized project control system. 
Issued by Yeargin Construction company. 
71 p. Appl. au: Brevet International, 
Inc. e Brevet International ^ Inc. ; 
230ct7U: A5911355. 


Savitar, 197«, Vol. 80. 132 p. Bppl. 
au: Teri Bae Wheeldon S Kernan Bradley 
Shitworth, 3rd (Brad Bhitworth) e Teri 
Hheeldon, Brad Hhitworth 6 the Curators cf 
the Dniversity of Missouri; 18Sep70; 


)?hen the steam railroads electrified. 
By Hilliam D. Middietor. 139 p. 
e William D. Middleton': 13Eec7i: 


Directory of Medical Specialists. Vol.l 
- 2. 16 ed., 1971 - 1575. c Marquis 
Bho's Bhc, Inc.; 2flFet7i; A59135e, 


Nineteen painters and sculptors. 
Photos, by Francis Haar,. 5rterviewE ty 
Prithvish Neogy, with ar introd. by Jean 
Chariot. 117 f. (Artists of Hawaii, 
vol.1) Appl. states all new except tex* 
on Isami Doi. The Dniversity Press cf 
Hawaii; 210ct71; 6591359. 


Indian and free: a ccrtempcrary portrait 
of life on a Chlfpewa FeEerva*ion. Text 6 
photos, ty Charles Brill. 113 p. Appl, 
states all new except some photos, which 
were prev. pub. e University of 
Minnesota; 12Sep7i; B591360. 


Minnesota in focus. Text ty George 
noses, photos, by The Minneapolis star E 
the Minneapolis tribune. 159 p. NM: 
compilation 6 text added, e Dniversi+y of 
Minnesota; 70ct71; B591361. 


A Taos mosaic: portrait of a New Mexico 
village. Ey Claire Morrill. 176 p. NM: 
revisions 6 additions. C Claire Morrill; 
10Dec73; 4591362. 


Sixteenth-centary Mexicc: the work of 
Sahagun. Edited by Munro S. Edmcnson, 
292 p. e School of American Research; 
20NCV71; 4591363. 


Iceland summer: adventures of a bird 
painter. By George Hiltsch Sutton, 
illustrated by the authcr. 253 p. NM: 
additions. C Dniversity of Cltlahoma 
Press, publishing division of the 
Dniversity; 1Nov7i; 6591361. 


Gertilz: artist of the old Southwest. 
Tex* ty Dorothy steinbcmer Kendall, 
drawings e paintings by Theodore Gentilz, 
archival research by Carmen Ferry. 127 p. 
C Dorothy Steinbomer Kendall e Carmen 
Perry; 7nov71; B591365. 


British owned railways in Argentina: 
their effect on economic naticnalism , 1851 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyrighl Office for information about any additional records tliat may exist. 

S5SU367 - A591399 


a;91|36.6 (cor.) 

- 1918. Bv Binthrop B, Wriqht. 3P; p. 

C WiEthrop R. Hriqht: 180ct7U; A55U366. 


Texas public tuildinqs of the nineteenth 
century. photcs. by Todd Hebb, text by 
Billard BethureB Bcbinscn, foreuord by 
Drory Blakeley Alexandei:. 290 p. ( Amon 
carter Museuu of Western Art; 300ct7a; 


struqqle in the Andes; peasant political 
mobilization in Peru. By Honard 
Handelman, 303 p. 6 Howard Handelian; 
12Noy7U (in nctice: 1975): A594366. 


Eroto-Indo-Eurcpean syntax. By (Jinfred 
philipp Lehmann. 278 p. C Hinfred P. 
Lehmann: 200ct7U; A59U369. 


Walt Bhitman. Selected 6 with notes by 
Har)c Van Doren, reviesd by Malcolm Cowley 
with a chrcnoloqy 6 a bibliographical 
chec)t list ty Gay Wilson Allen. 6H£ p. 
(The vi)!inq portable library) Add. ti: 
The Portable Walt whitian. Appl. at: The 
vi)tinq Frees, Inc. NM: note on new 
edition 6 revisions. C The Viking Press, 
Inc.: 30D6C73; A591370, 


Hollywood: stars and starlets, tycoons 
and flesh-peddlers, moviemalcers ard 
moneymakers, frauds and geniuses, hopefuls 
and has-beens, qreat Icyers and sex 
symbols. By Garson Kanin. 393 p. Appl. 
states all new except short excerpt prev. 
put. in People weekly E New York tiies, 6 
sonq lyric, e T.F.T. Corporation; 
23Sep7a; A59«371. 


Worlds in a small room. By Irvine penn. 
95 p. NK: text 6 additicnal photos, 
e Irvinq Eenn: mov7i4; A59B372. 


The Portable Saul Bellow. Compiled 
under the supervision of the author by 
Edith Tarcoy, with a critical introd. by 
Gabriel Josipovici. 651 p. Appl. ^u: The 
vikina Press, Inc. Portions prev. pub. in 
Atlantic monthly 6 others. NM: additions 

5 revisions. C The vikinq Press, Inc. ; 
300ct71l; S59II373. 


Prisoner number 7; pudolf Hess; the 
thirty years in iail of Hitler's deputy 
Fuehrer. By Euqene K. Bird. 270 p. 
Prev, pub, in England under the title of 
The loneliest man in the world, 29AFr7it, 
AI-1U266. e Euqene K. Bird 6 Desmoid 
Zwar: 5Sep7"t; A59"437U. 


How to start ycur own craft business. 
By Herb Genfan 6 lyn Taetzsch. 203 p. 
e Herb Genfan £ lyn Taetzsch; 1Cct7«; 


Anatomical correlates of clinical 
electromyography. By Joseph Gcodqcld, 
153 p. C The Williams and wilkins 
Company; 2eNov7U; A59«37e. 


The Public health and welfare. 3 v. 
(United states code annctated, title 12) 
NM: compilation, revisions & additions, 
« Best Publishinq company; 25Noy7U; 


Southern reporter, second series. 
Vol. 296. 1 y. NM: compilation, additions 

6 revisions, e West Publishing Company; 
25NOV7U; A59U378. 


New York supplement, second series. 
Vol.355. 1 V, mi: compilation, additions 
£ revisions, e West Publishing Company; 
27NOV7H; A59lt379. 


Beports Of selected cases decided in 
courts of the State of New York; ether 
thar the Court of Appeals and the 
Appellate Division of the Supreme Court. 
Vol.75, 2nd series: miscellaneous reports. 
State reporter: James M. Flavin. 11U7 p. 
Add. ti: Miscellaneous reports. New York. 
Appl. au: John T. Fitzpatrick. NB: 
additions £ revisions, e John J. Ghezzi, 
Secretary of state, state of New York: 
1Jul71t; A5911380. 


Be have with us today — B. A. Krueger 
Company, 193U - 197ii. By Fobert B. Bells 
E Eobert A, Klaus. 219 p. 6 B. A. 
Krueger Company; 3Dec7ii; A59U381. 


Representative American speeches; 1973 - 
19711. Edited by Waldo B, Braden. 2C« p. 
(The Reference shelf, vol.u6, no, 3) Appl. 
au: The H. w. Bilson Company. NM: pref. , 
introductions to speeches, biographical 
notes £ index. C The H. W. Wilson 
Company; UDec7«; A59U382. 


cumulative book index, 1973; a world 
15st of books in the English language. 
Edited by Nina E. Thompson fi Gary 1. Ink, 
assistant editor: Leslie Dunmore-le5 ber. 
1916 p. © The H. w. Wilson Ccmpany; 
3Eec7il; A59')383. 


Source book in failure analysis; a 
discriminative selection of outstanding 
articles and c?se histories from the 
periodical literature. Compiled by the 
Periodical Publication Department, 
American Society for Metals. UOe p. 
e American society for Metals; 1U0ct7U; 
A59U3eu . 


Fractography and atlas of fractographs. 
Prepared under the direction of the 
American Society for Metals Handbook 
Ccmmittee. Principal techrical editor: 
John A. Fellows £ other editors. U99 p. 
(Metals handbook, eighth edition, vol. 9) 
e American Society for Metals; 29Aug7U; 



What money buys: inequality and the 
social meaninqs of income. By lee 
Fainwater. 212 p. C Basic Books, Inc.; 
110ct7U; A59a3 86. 


Neiqhborhood and ghetto: the local area 
in large-scale society. Edited by Scott 
Greer £ Ann lennarson Greer. 336 p. NM: 
additions E compilation. © Basic Books, 
Inc.^ 110ct7U; A59U387. 


Dndercover: memoirs of an American 

secret aoent. By E. Howard Hunt. 338 p. 
e F. Howard Bunt; 11Nov7H; A59a388. 

A £91389. 

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the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, Vol.63, 
2r.d ser., Apr. 2, 1 97U - June n . 19714. 
Supreme court reporter: Arnold leBell. 
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Wisconsin reports, cases determined in 
the Supreme Court of Wisconsin. Vol.62, 
2nd series, Jan. 21 - Apr. 2, 197U. 
Supreme court reporter: Arnold LeBell. 


827 p. e The State of B^sconsin; 1Cct7il; 


Transpcrtation and the disadvantaged; 
the poor, the young, the elderly, the 
handicapped. By John C. Falcocchic B 
Edmund J. Cantilli. 189 p. e D. C, Hea*h 
and Ccmpany; 5Ncv7U; A59i!391. 


The land and people cf Bcrccco. By 
Billiam Spencer. 160 p. NH: editorial 
revision, additional text E pictorial 
matter. C Bill'.am Spencer: 2UJun3; 


The Mystery of the vikings in America. 
By Morton J, Golding. 159 p. 6 Morton J- 
Golding; 2Jul73; A59U393. 


Top5.cs in energy and resources. 
Editors: stephan L. Mirtz B Susan M. 
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not claimed on any portion written ty D, S. 
Govt, employee as part of his official 
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Immcbilized enzymes 5n focd and 
microbial processes. Edited by Alfred c. 
clson 6 Charles 1. cconey. 268 p. 
Proceedings of a Symposium on Tmmobil?-zed 
Enzymes held at the 166th national meeting 
of the American chemical society in 
Chicago, 1973, Appl. states ccpyriqht no*- 
claimed on any portion written by U.S. 
Govt, employee as a part of h?E official 
duties. © Plenum Press, a division cf 
Plenum Publishing Corporation; 20Aug7a; 


Defects and transport in oxides. Edited 
by Martin S. Seltzer B Eobert Isaac Jaffe. 
611 p. Proceedings of the eighth Pa*tell? 
Collcguium in the Materials Sciences, held 
in Columbus B Salt Fc-li, nn, Sept. 17 - 
22, 1973. Appl. Ftates copyright not 
claimed en any portion written by D.S. 
Govt, employee as part of his offical 
duties, e Plenum Press, a division cf 
Plenum Publishing Ccrpcraticn; 29Cct7«; 


Spectroscopic tricks. Vol.3. Edited ty 
leopold Hay. 100 p. Material in this 
volume originally appeared it Applied 
spectroscopy from 1970 through 1973. Nl": 
editorial rearrangement B indexing, 
e Plenum Press, a division of Plenum 
Publishing Corporation; 290ct7U; 


The Peripheral nervous system. Edited 
by John I. Hubbard. 53'" p. Appl. states 
copyright not claimed en any portion 
written by O.S. Govt, employee as part of 
his official duties. NM: new illus, B 
text. © Plenum Press, a division of 
Plenum Publishing Corporation; 10Sep71; 


Nutrition and train utrition: Identi- 
fication and measurement. Edited ly 
Alexander E, Roche 6 Frank Tardrew 
Falkrer. 367 p. (Advances in expe- 
rimental medicine aird biology, vol.i49) 
Proceedings of the Euro wartenstein 
Conference on Physical Anthropology and 
Nutritional status held in Aostrisi, August 
6 - ^', 1973. e Plenum Press, a division 
of Plenum Publishing Cerporatlcn; 
13Sep7"t; A5914399. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

A59Ult00 - A59lia33 BOOKS 6 PAMPHIITS JAt., - JCtJ. 1915 

R59II1100. S59U«1C. p. C W. A. Benjamin, IBc. ; iUcVH; 

The Nearlnq case: the limitation of Moessbauer effect methoaology. Vol, 9. B59uii20. 

academic freeaom at the Bniversity cf Edited by Irvin J. Gruverivan, Carl w. 

Fennsvlvania by act cf the Board of Seidel S David K. Dieterly. 3«n p. A59i:U21. 

Trustees, June In, 1915, A brief of facts Proceedings of the ninth Symposium on Theory of nonneutral plasmas. By Eonald 

6 opinions prepared by liqhtner «itier, Bcessbauer Effect Bethodolcgy held in c. Davidson. 19; p. e v, s, Eeniamin, 

ne« foreword by Stephen Hhitfield, 123 p. Chicago, Feb, 3, 197i(. Appl. states Inc.: 12Nov7a; B5Sim21. 

Unabridged republication of first ed, copyright is not claimed in any por*"icn of 

prev. pub. in 1915. § on new foreword; this work written by a D. S, Govt, employee A59'iU22. 

Da Capo Press, Inc., a subsidiary of as part cf his official dvuties. e New In*Egral equations via imbeddirg 

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B59IH100. A59I1U10. Kalata. 382 p, € Sddisoo.-Sesley 

Publishing Company, Inc.; 1 50ct7ii ; 

A59')UC1. A;9iiU11, A59UU22. 

John Marshall. By James Bradley Thayer, The Use of marihuana: a psychological 

new introd . by Wallace !1endelE0hn. 157 p. and physiological inquiry. Edited by Jack A59«U23. 

Unabridged republication of first ed. Harold Bendelson, A. Kichael B05si 6 Poger The Biology of cancer. By Brmin C. 

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AE9tltC2. AE9Ul4l2. A59011JU. 

Music for Shelley's poetry; an annotated Laser spectroscopy. Edited by Bichard laser physics. By Murray sargen*, 3rd, 

bibliography of musical settings of G. Brewer S Aram Hooradian. 671 p. Parian o. Scully 5 Hillis iugere Lamb, Jr. 

Shelley's poetry. By Burton Balph Follin. Proceedings of an International conference 032 p. C Adaisor-Besley Publishing 

175 p. e Burton B. Pollin; 160ct7il; on laser Spectroscopy held in Vail, CO, Company, Inc.; 17Dec7i|; A5SUM211, 

A59«U02. June 25 - 29, 1973. Appl. states 

copyright is not claimed in any pcrtic" A59"125. 

A591IU03. written by a O.S. Govt, employee as part The General point process: applications 

Dissertation on musical taste; or, of his official duties. C plenum Press, a to structural fatigue, bioscience, and 

General principles of taste applied to the division of Plenum Publishing Corporation; medical research. By V, K, nurthy. 6nu 

art of music. By Thomas Hastrngs, new UCct7«; A59U1112. p. e Addi son-Seslev Publish'tia Company, 

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subsidiary of Plenum Publishing Cor- Ceramic engineering and science: A59ttU26. 

poration : 210ct7U; A59yu03. emerging priorities. Edited by Van Perck Crystal physics: 

Frechette, L, David Pye S James Stalfcrd anisotropic solids 

A59UU0U. Heed. 279 p. Proceedings of a Juretschke. 220 p. en. s. Eeniaiin, 

Enzyme engineering. Vol.2. Edited by Conference on Emerging Priorities in Inc.; 12Ncv7U; A59UU2e. 

E. Kendall Pve £ Lemuel E. wingard, Jr. Ceramic Engineering and Science held at 

"470 p. Papers 6 research reports Alfred University, Alfred, VI, Nov. 0-6, A59ii027. 

presented at the Second Engineering 1S70. Appl. states copyright is not Investigating school mathematics. By 

Foundation Conference or Enzyme Engi- claimed on any portion of work written by Charles F. Fleencr, Robert E, Eicholz E 

neering held at Renaiker, NH, Aug. 5-10, a O.S. Govt, employee as part of his Phares G. O'Daffer. 1 v. C Addison- 

1973, Appl. states copyright not claimed official duties. C Plenum Press, a sesley Publishing Company, Inc.: 2Aug7u; 

in any portion of this work written by a division of Plenum Publishing Ccrporation; A590U27. 

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division of Plenum Publishing corporation; A590010. Complex stochastic processes: an 

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A59OO05. Macdorald. 000 p. prev. pub. as Elements Besley Publishing Company, inc.; 12(!ov70; 

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Peter M. Bamuell. 350 p. © Plenum Press, 3Dec70; A590010. 

a division of Plenum Publishing Cor- A59oo29. 

poration: 250ct70; A590005, A590015, The Change agent. By lee Grossman, Iff 

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Biley Hitchcock. 180 p. (Earlier 

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Proceedings of the American Chemical individual procedures. By Borris Isaac Proceedings of the Tarski Sympcsluii; an 

Society Svmpcsium on Prctein-Be'-al stein. 308 p. © Academic press. Inc.; international symposium held to honor 

Interactions held in Chicago, Aug, 27 - 3Dec7fl; A590017. Alfred Tarski on the occasion of his 

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contributicns. t Plenum press, a division A590018. Henkin, John Addison, Bllliam Craig, c. c. 

of Plenum Publishing Corporation; Turbulent diffusion in environmental Chang, Eana Scott 8 Pobert Vaught. 098 p. 

25Sep70; A590007. pollution; proceedings of a symposium held (Proceedings of symposia in pure 

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A59OO08. 10, 1973. Vol. ISA. Edited By F. N. the Oniversity of California, Berkclev, 

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A59O019, Anpl, states all new except 8 photos, 

a;9000S. Spouted beds. By Kishan B. Bathur E C Otto J. Scott; 15Nov70; f590032. 

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223-503 O - 76 - 2 (Sec. 2) 

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A5914H76 - JE91520 


JON. 19''5 


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"Radio-clue", a mass audience radio 
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Appl, au: Charles Faraone. H«: new illus. 

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Kroeze. 32 p. e Kroeze Brothers 


You count with God. By William Lee 
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A59UU91 . 


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Today: your outlets. Folder. C Dray 
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Today: plug in — at home and at work. 

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Concept no. 2. By Thomas Spencer Hutson. 
1 v. NB: revisions 6 format. 6 Tom 
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Keep 'em rolling: Betdix. Form A- 268. 
15 p. (Heavy duty brake maintenance 
clinics from Euclid Industries, Inc., 
no. 2) C Euclid Industries, Inc.; ilDec73; 


This clinic is brought to you by Euclid 
Industries, Inc. in the interest of good 
maintenance and safety: operatid 
maintenance and balance. F,orm A- 263. 20 
p. e Euclid Industries, Inc. ; 12Sep73; 

A591t506 . 

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(Heavy duty brake maintenance clinics from 
Euclid Industries, Inc., no. U) 9 Euclid 
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Quick 'n' easy consumer's guide to 

credit cards. 10 p. Appl. au: Consumers 
Protective Information S Louis G. Ranis, 
€ Consumers Protective Information, solely 
owned by Louis G, Fanls; 9Iec7a; 


The Bagic paints. By Betty Jare 
Billiken (Betty Jane Bllliken Honeycutt) 
214 p. e Betty Jane Billiker Hcneycutt; 
31Dec7ll; A5914508. 


Digital-to-analog and anal cg-tc-digital 
cciverter panel, model H062; student 
laboratory exercises. Develcped by the 
staff of Terra Systems Corporation under 
the direction of Monroe s. Edwards. 1 v, 
e Terra Systems corpora+ion; 16Sep7ii; 


Basic linear integrated circuits and 
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Terra Systems Corporation. 1 v. € Terra 
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The Living of our lives, 1 v. Appl, 
au: Tom Lavln 5 Id Bay. e Tom Lavin s Ed 
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Boore; 16Eec7U; A590512. 


The Stcry cf Boore County; two centuries 
of a North Carolina region. By Banly H?de 
Wellman. 190 p. e Boore County 
Historical Association; 23Dec7U; 


The virtue? of Hell. By Pierre Eoulle, 
translation by Patricia Wolf. 218 p. 
Appl. au : Vanguard Press, Inc. Criglnally 
put. as Les Vertus de I'enfer. C on 
translation; Vanguard press. Inc.; 
3Dec7U; A591t51ll. 


Precalculus mathematics with appli- 
cations. Ey John B. Peterson E Floyd E. 
Haupt. 536 p. € Prindle, Weber and 
Schmlet, inc.; 31May7a; A5911515. 


Elciida pioneers and their Alabama, 
Georgia, Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia 
ancestors, Ey David A, Avant, Jr. , 
foreword ty Georae Ely Russell. 500 p. 
e David A. Avant, Jr.; 27Dec7U: A5914516, 


Rail fiction classics. Edited with 
introd. E biographical sketches ty William 
C. Jones, coeditor; Charles fllhi. 252 p. 
NB; ccmpilation, introd. E biographical 
sketches with photos. C The Intermonntain 
Chapter, National Railway Historical 
Society, Inc.; 2Nov70; A59U517. 


She dares to he different; an auto- 
biography. Ey Elizabeth Brown Gamble. 
116 p. e Elizabeth Brown Gamble; 
19Dec7«; B59«5ie, 


Newtery Medal hooks learning center. Ey 
Gertrude K. Eigelcw E Bary R. Waters. 1 
V. e Gertrude K, Eigelcw E Bary B, 
Waters; 50ct7U; B59U519. 


Laura Ingalls wilder learning center. 
By Gertrude K. Eigelow E Mary M. Haters. 
Sheets, e Gertrude f.. Eigelcw E Mary B. 
Haters; 10Oct7U; A591l520. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records tliat may exist. 

JE9U521 - !l59U56a 



caldecott Anard books learnirq cetter. 
Ev Gertrude K. Biqelou 6 Mary n. Wafers, 
sheets, e Gertrude K. Biqelow 6 Mary M. 
Waters: 5t)ov71: J59U521. 


Hvtholoqy learnirq center. Desiqred by 
Gertrude K. Biqelow 6 Bary H. Saters. 
Sheets, e Gertrude K, Biqelow 6 Hary M. 
Maters: 1«Ilov71t; A59U522. 


Bultirle sclerosis: rehabilitation 
throuqh response point therapy. By Jrthur 
Louis Kaslow, edited by Robert Saffcld. 1 
y, e Srthur Louis Kaslow: 120ct7U ; 


88 cent sale! 15 p. C N.Y. Notion 
Company of chicaqo : 13Dec7i: 4591521. 


S Short folio of poems. By Joanr € K. 
Bailey. 5 p. € Joanne K. Bailey: 
15Sep71; A591525. 


Features: Comfort-Plus contact lers 
system. 1 p. Appl. au: Francis H. 
BcClernon. KB: editorial reyision S 
compilation, e crcwn Optical Conpany, 
Inc.; 30Dec71: A591526. 


Beat the trifectas, exactas and daily 
doubles. 5 p. Appl. au: B. c. corbir. 
e B. c. Corbin: 22Noy7l: A59U527. 


Baseball card checklist. By Lawrence c. 
Fritsch S Dan Dischley. 78 p. e I^rry 
Fritsch: 30Dec71: A59152e. 


Arranqinq. Lessons 1-8, 1 y. Appl. 
au: Holland L. Delr. e Applied Huslc 
School; 1Apr71; A591529. 


Theory, 2. Lessons 1-6. 1 y, Appl. 
au: Rolland L. Delp. 6 Applied Busic 
School; 1Apr71: A591530. 


Theory, 1. Lessons 1-8. 1 y. Appl. 
au: Bolland L. Delp. C Applied Busic 
School: 1Apr71: 8591531. 


Andoyer's individualized readinq system 
(AIFS) 1 v. Add. ti: Andover indi- 
vidualized readinq system (AIRS) KB: 
additions & revisions. © Andover Public 
Schools: 20Dec71; A591532. 


The Theory and science of basketball. 
By John Biller Cooper S Darvl Siedentop. 
2nd ed. 253 p. e Lea and Febiqer; 
2Jan75: A591533. 


A Manual of electrotherapy. By Billiam 
J. Shriber. 1th ed. 271 p. e Lea and 
Febiqer; 2Jan75: A591531. 


PEP; Probability expectation profile. 

Hall chart. Appl. au: Carl J. Moer^.ch- 
-C.J. n. Satisfaction Services. C Carl 0. 
Boenich (C.J.B. Satisfaction Services) 6 

C.J. B. Satisfaction Services: 27Dec71; 


A Layman's hoirily and other poems. By 
James I. Bolin. 1 v. fl James I. Bclin 
a.k.a. Jim Bclin; 3CDec71; A59«53e. 

Dean Swanson. 28 p. © Leonard Swanson; 
1Sep71; A591537. 


Divinq for fun. By Joseph G. Str- 
ykowski, lllus. by Ernie Duerksen. ii*h 
rev. ed. 135 p. © Joseph G. strykowski; 
20Dec71; A59153e. 


A Journey to greatness: a bicentennial 
history of the United States of America. 
71 p. Appl. au; Howard B. Greaney S 
Joseph G. BcCarthy. C Howard- B. Greaney B 
Joseph G, BcCarthy; 23Dec71; A591539. 


Public relations primer. Written by 
Beth Blossom, produced by the Population 
Institute in cooperation with Zero 
population Growth S the Planned Parenthood 
Federation of America. 18 p. 6 The 
Population Institute; 10ct71; A591510. 


Putnam, Darielson, Plainfield, CT, the 
book of names, 1975 - 1976. C The 
Southern New England Telephone Company; 
27Eec71 (in notice; 1975); A591511. 


Introduce yourself to Trilog. Pt. 1 : 
structure. By Arthur Bissman, otto 
Altorfer 6 Robert H. Bendlinger. 18 p. 
e Arthur Pissman, otto Altorfer S Bcbert 
B. Hendlinger; 11Auq71; A591512. 


Daily Bible readings and writer's gu5de 
for 1975. By Roger C. Reeds 6 Robert E. 
Picirilli. 1 v. C Randall House 
Publications; 31Dec71; A591513. 


How to do your very own family tree. 21 
p. Appl. au; Arnold B. Reggelund 
e Arnold Belvin Reggelund; 2211oy71: 


Haiku. Editor: Ann Killer Saling. 18 
p. e Ann Biller Saling; 10Dec71; 


Richard Birsky's Bookbinding and 
repairing kit; instruction bock. Pho*os 
by Bill weinstein 6 Richard Binsky. 1 v. 
e Richard Binsky; 31Eec71: A591516. 


COPA 1975 membership directory and 
handbook. If 9 p. e The College and 
Uriversity Personnel Association; 1Jan75; 


Ballroom dancing yearbook, D. S. A. , 1971. 
Compiled by James Ronald Cane, designed £ 
edited by Kathy Bare (Kathleen B. Jones) 
with a foreword 6 introd. by Richard 
Stewart Basor. 35 p. C lelemark Dance 
Records; 11Dec71; A591518. 


The Bridge. Creator, coordinator e 
editor; Dorothy Knox. nC p. Appl. au: 
Pioneer Girls, Inc. e Pioneer Girls, 
Inc.; 13Dec71; A591519. 


Sweet's Lioht construction catalog file, 
1975. 1 V. e Sweet's Division, 
HcGraw-Hill informatior systems company; 
19Dec71; A591550. 

A591551 . 

Sweet's Plan* engineering extension 
industrial construction and renovation 
file, 1975. 2 v. Add. ti; Plant 
engineering extension; Sweet's industrial 
ccnstruction and renovation catalog file, 
1975. J Sweet's Division, BcGraw-Hill 


The Nationality and domicile of 
multinational corporations. By Georg" 
Billiam Davenport. 119 p. € Georqe 
William Davenport; 9Apr71; A591552. 


Suggested procedure for ccnstructirg a 
prototype barge with ferro cement secticrs 
(method number 1) By D. w. Bird 6 B. J, 
sturgeon for catalina National, Inc. S 
Bird and Associates, 11 p. Appl. an; 
Catalina National, Inc. e Catalina 
National, Inc.; 20Dec7i; A591553. 


New York — New Jersey metrcpclitar area 
motor freight directory. 83rd revision, 
Jan. 1975. 1 V. Add. ti; Leonard's Guide 
New York — New Jersey motor freight 
directory. Appl. au: Albert E. Ercolatii, 
NB: additional text E compilation, e G. 
E. Leonard and company; 30Eec71 (In 
notice: 1975); A591551, 


Teleglance: baseball score book. Ev 
Charles Barion Tate, 1 v. NB: additions. 
e Charles Tate; 10Dec71 (5n notice: 
1975): A591555. 


Electing the Pr-ssidert: a resource kit 
for teaching how we nominate and elect ou^- 
President and vice President. P*. 1 6 2, 
Add. ti; Resource kit for teaching 
Electing the President. Prev. reg. as 
A113e36 E A32010C, 1972. NB: additions, 
e Changing Times Education Service, a 
division of Editors Press, Inc.; 12Dec70; 


Positive protection for electric meters 
and boxes. 2 p. Appl. au: V, Hammer. 
J Inner-Tite Division, Yara Ei^g^neerlno 
Corporation; 27cec7i: A591557. 


The Effectiveness of origin-pawn 
training and attribution therapy In 
changing helpless attitudes. By Joseph 
Billiam Avellar, Jr, 111 p. « Joseph 
William Avellar, Jr.; 13Dec71: A591558, 


New ideas for therapy, education and 
recreation. 1975 catalog. 112 p, Adda 
ti; s and s Arts and Crafts ca'alcg 1975. 
Appl. au; S and s Arts and crafts d.b.a. s 
and £ Leather Coicany, { S And S Ar*s and 
crafts; 2Jan7;; A5S155S. 


Profitable guide to mailing cur 
circulars. 51 p. Appl, au: Yolanda E. 
Wriaht. e Yolaida E. Bright; 31Dec71; 

A5°15f 1. 

Urban Incorporated genera"! educaticnal 
development program, 1 v. C Urban, Tnc; 
1Dec71: A591561. 


Evolutionary theory; an international 
journal of fact and interpretation. 
Vol.1, no. 2, Dec. 1971. Edl»or; Isidore 
Nabi, managing editor: Leigh Van Valen. 
80 p. C Department of Biolooy, the 
University of Chicago; 19Dec7i; A59if62. 


Animal potti trainer. 1 p. Appl. au: 
Clara E, Nuernberger. 6 Clara F, 
Nuernberger; 22tec7i; SE91563, 


Edward's piano. By Heidi James. 57 p. 


These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


JUK. 19"5 

A59U5611 (ccr.) 

(J New approach to teaching piano, nol , 1 ) 

e Heial Jaires: 31Dec7U: A59H56U. 


nanaqement performance self analysis, 
Bv Laurence Stevens. € p. C Laurerce 
Stevens International, Inc.; SCDeclu; 


Studies from Saint John; a Bible study 
manual for the deaf. Prepared ty rldon n. 
Post 6 Edgar D. Laureice. 61 p. (Cndated 
deaf series) C Gospel publishirg House; 
ITDeclK: 6591566. 


Fundamentals for Sunday school vorkers; 
instructor's guide supplements By Samuel 
H. Henning. sheets (92 p.) Add. ti: 
FFSSW instructor's guide supplement. 
e Gospel Publishing House; 27Dec7U ; 

A5 911 56 8, 

Kanzen Gduryu Karatedo kumite theory. 
By Harry Bosenstein, Daniel Sullivar E 
Joseph Plaroravito. iu p. Appl. au: 
Kanzen Gciuryu Karatedo, ltd. C Katizen 
Gduryu Karatedc, Ltd.: 22Nov7it; 


CLAPB uniform national examinationo 5 
V. 6 It black line prints. C Council of 
Landscape Architectural Fegistration 
Boards; 12Dec7li: A591i5e9. 


The Great Detroit clock. Print no. 108. 
Envelope. VK: text 6 compilation of 
illus. e The Saul Ash Company: iiD€c7i): 

45911571 . 

The Anatomy of Professor Albinus. 
Poster. NH: text £ compilation of ^.llus. 
S The Saul Ash Company; 16Dec7it; 


The Saul Ash Company mail order catalog. 
No. 3: rare prints. US p. MH: text 6 
compilation of illus. fi The Saul Ash 
Company: 6rec7ii; A59i(572. 


Scandinavian Adventure: travel dental 
seminar for all members and families of 
Indiana Cental Association. Folder. 
^ Intrav a.a.d.o. International Trayel 
Advisors, Ire. ; ieDec7ii (in notice: 
1975) : A59U573. 


Y, Wright and Company, 2 p. Appl. au: 
Yolenda Bright, f Yolanda Wright: 
30rec7ll; A59lt57ll. 


Test of strength: soil stewardship week. 
Bay 11 - 11, 1975. 1 v. « National 
Association of Conservation Districts; 
2Jan75: A59U575. 


Fuel conservation with heat recovery 
eguipmen*, economizers and Cleaver- Erooks 
packaged watertube boilers, fired wi^h 
natural gas. 11 p. e Aqna-Chem, l^'c. ; 
30Dec7U: AE91t57e. 


American Trustee Life Corporation 
non-participating whole life policy, 
premiums payable for life, annual interest 
distribution. 8 p. Appl, au: Thom?s H. 
McComb, e Thomas n. McComb: 17Sep7ii: 


Tlmelapse digital clock camera, 2ii00. 1 
p. e- Timelapse, Inc.; 2Jan75; A59ii578. 


Supelco, Inc. chromatography/lipids 
column selection guide. Bulletin 723S. 
Folder (U p.) e Supelco, Inc.; 2iiDec7U; 


Increased disclosures reguired ir annual 
reports. SIC release no. 3ii- 1 1079. 25 p. 
(Ernst and Ernst financial reporting 
developments, Dec. 197U, retrieval 
no. 382511) e Ernst and Ernst; 27Dec7U; 

A5911581 . 

SEC rules on capitalizing interest. 
Accounting series, release no, 163, 10 p. 
(Ernst and Ernst financial reporting 
developments, Dec, 197U, retrieval 
no. 38252) e Ernst and Ernst; 2UDec7ii: 
A59U5 81. 


Accounting for research and development 
costs. FASB statement no. 2. 13 p. 
(Ernst and Ernst financial reporting 
developments, Dec. 197ii, retrieval 
no, 38253) C Ernst and Ernst; 20Dec7U: 


Fire and casualty insurance, 197ii. 157 
p. (Ernst and Ernst financial reporting 
trends) Add. ti: Fire and casualty, 197ii. 
e Ernst and Ernst; 20Dec7U; A5gii583. 


Banking, 197U. 215 p. (Ernst and Ernst 
financial reporting trends) g Ernst and 
Ernst; 27Dec7U; ASSUSSU. 


Shore Festaurant Equipment Company, Inc. 
1 V. Add. ti: Summit Catalog Company food 
service equipment and supply dealer's 
catalog: Shore Festaurant Eq-ulpment 
Company, Inc. Summit Catalcg Company: 
23Eec7ll; A59lt585. 

A59«5 86. 

Coastal Airlines dining services quality 
assurance (DSCA) program. Prepared by 
Richard L, Paslsy S William «. Taggart, 
Jr. 25 p. e William «. Taggart, Jr. 6 
Bichard L. Pasley; 2U0ct7U; fi59U586, 


Drama for healfh: principles, sources, 
and moderr use of the "wu-p'c" tradition. 
Ey Eugenia Macer Story. 3 p. € Eugenia 
Story; 3Jan75; A59it587. 


Ecological communities in the Ocala 
national Forest; slide program. Prepared 
by Jane C. Sards. 2 v, 8 i p. 6 Jane C. 
Sands; 13Nov71l: A59ll588. 


Burpee 1975 blue list: commercial 
growers wholesale prices. 76 p. Add. ti: 
Burpee's Blue list, 1975: commercial 
growers wholesale prices, e w. Atlee 
Burpee Company; 2Jan75; A59ii589. 


SEOWshoes. 5 p. Appl, au: Scott 
Sylvester. © Scott Sylvester; 10Apr7ii; 

A5911591 . 

Art Bisch Jr.'s 197ii Onited States Auto 
club Midget Division coloring book. 1 y. 
Appl. au: Arthur Charles Bisch (Art Bisch, 
Jr.) C Art Bisch; 3Jan75; A59ii591. 


Hospital policies fcr the outside 

contractor. 8 p. e Li**le Company cf 
fary Hospital; 1Nov7U; A59U592. 


BPGII version 10, modiflca*ion level Or, 
November 19, 19711; system/3 model 10 disk. 
Printout. Appl, au: E. 1, Pachar. « I,- 
A. B. S., Inc.: 10ct7U; B5911593. 


Fuel conservation with heat recovery 
equipment, economizers and cleaver-BrooVs 
packaged water*uls boilers, fired with 
number 2 fuel oil. 11 p. e Agua-chem, 
Inc. ; 30Dec7a; A59U59U, 


Fuel conservation with heat recovery 
equipment, economizers and Cleaver-Erocks 
packaged watertule toilers, fired with 
number 6 fuel oil, 11 p. € Agua-chem, 
Inc, ; 30Dec7tt; A591I595. 


The Encyclopedia of haircutting, Ey 
Charles Boss, pseud, of Charles Ross 
Eawson, ins p. S Charles Pcss Dawscn 
d.b.a. Beauty Career Publishing Companv; 
30JU1-U; A59I1596. 


Directory of producers and drilling 
contractors: Oklahoma, 1975. 1 v, Appl, 
au: Foes g. Sloan. C Bidwest oil 
Pegister; 23Dec7ii: A5911597. 


The Somen's Auxiliary to the Bedical 
Association of Atlanta presents Georgia 
recipes for family fun and feed, Desigried 
by Carolyn Becknell Bann f- Sandra Davis 
Haistsn. 256 p. Appl, au: Brs, John K, 
Eavidson. Women's Auxiliary tc the 
Medical Association of Atlanta; 6Dec7U; 


Project Star police officer role 
training program. 1 v. g California 
Commission on Peace Officer Standards a^^d 
Training; 28Ncv7i!; S59«599. 


Reading guide, 2: primary levels EF 
correlated to reading mastery record card 
2. 200 p. (Curriculum guide in reading 
for ♦he elementary school) « Board of 
Education of the City cf Chicago; 
26Junil; A59Uf.00. 


How tc buy an airplane 25^ cheaper. 39 
p. Appl. au: Irwin R. Euraess. 6 I. 
Robert Burgess; 1Aug7n; ASgufOI. 


Operation and mainterance manual fcr 
model GISC-200 governor ♦est stand part 
numbers 698680 through 698680H. Eulletl-i 
283. Issued by Su^^dstrand Aviation, 
division of Sundstrand Ccrpcraticn, 52 p 
NB: additions. € Sundstrand Ccrpora*icr: 
31Dec7U; A591I602, 


Plan action: social planning and 
implementation through service networks, 
Ey Gerard I. Sillman. 1 v. NB: revisions 
6 additions. 6 Pefererce Se'-vice, Inc.: 
22Bay7U; A59it6n3. 


Botorcycle parts general ca*a? co, 1°75, 
231 p. With Pose cycle distribu<iing , 1975 
price list. Pose Companv Enterprises; 
26Dec'U; ASgufOU. 


Pobinair automotive service ♦ools and 
equipment. Form nc.'"^-1, Ja". 1975. 35 
p. P Robinair Manufac*-urira Ccrpcraticn; 
2Jan75; A5^'li6C5. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertahiing to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Code of ordinaices, tcm of Cla7*cn, 
Slabama: adopted November 19, 1570, 
effective Janaarv 1, 19''5. 1 v. 
e Bunicipal Code Ccrpoiation: 16Dec7K; 



code of ordinances, city of Kaufman, 
Texas; adopted November 21, 197it, 
effective November 22, 197U. 1 v. 
e Municipal Code Corporation: 2r)Dec7a; 


City code, city of Dunkirk, Indiana; 
adopted October 28, 197i(, effective 
November 30, 19711. 1 v. 6 Municipal Code 
corporation: 19Dec7U: A59U60e. 


Madison-FamaE drill feed unit sales 
bulletin. Folder. © Madison lnauE*rieE, 
a division of Amtel, Inc.; 30Dec7li; 


Madison sinqle point toolinq sales 
bulletin. 19 p. C Madison Industries, a 
division of Amtel, Inc.; 27Dec7il; 


lives in transition manual. By Elvin T, 
Eberhart. 1 v. e E. T. Eberhart; 
23Dec7U: A591611, 


Open caqes. By Joseph sequoia 
Millenium, pseud, cf Joseph P. McMurry. 1 
V. e Joseph P. McBurry (pseud,: Joseph 
Sequoia Millenium); 21Dec7it;. A59uei2. 


The Common sense approach to wlnnirq at 
the dice table. 8 p. Appl. au: Harold S. 
■rwiss. C Harold S. Twiss d.b.a. Brook 
Associates: 31Dec70; A59U613. 


Vadan qayan nirtan. By Inayat Khan. 
285 p. Appl. au: The Bainbow Bridge. 
Prev. pub. abroad 1920. NM: introd., 
halftone illus. 6 compilation. 6 The 
Eainbov Bridqe; 27Dec7it: A59161U. 


Official World Series records: coiplete 
box scores of all qames, 1903 - 1971. 
Compiled ty Leonard Gettelson, 172 p. 
e The Sportinq Dens publishinq Ccmpany; 
19Dec71; A591615. 


The Strip printer. By Edwin Taylor 
Boyer. 13 p. C Edwin T. Boyer; 1Jar75; 


Teller fundamentals: instructions. 13 
p. e Educational Methods, Inc.; i;Aoq71; 


Teller f undameatals: review quiz. 7 p, 
e Educational Methods; 15Suq71; AE91618. 


Teller fundamentals: handlinq deposits 
and cash. 11 p. C Educational Methods; 
15Auq71; A591619. 


Everythinq for the lily pool, 27 p. 
Appl. au: Perry D. Slocum. NM: 3 new 
color illus. on back cover. 6 Slocum 
Hater Gardens; 1Jan755 A591620. 


Horn of the sun. Vol.2. By Hamilton 
Pitt. 1 V. C Hamilton Pitt: 3Jan75: 


The Little littlest Christmas tree. By 
Inetta G. Berner, illus. by Eruce preheim. 
lip. e luet+a G. «erner; 6Dec71: 


Days past. Compiled £ edited by C, 
Bichard Carroll. 219 p. t Yankton Sioux 
Tribe; 21Sep7l; A59ie23. 


Adult probation in the Dnited State?, as 
of October 1971. By William A. Goldberg. 
121 p. e William A. Goldberg; 30Dec7i; 


Commercial Lighting Products, Inc. 
sealed beam, miniature and photo lamp 
price schedule, effective December 15, 
1971. 21 p. e Commercial lighting 
Products, Inc.; 15Dec71; A591625. 


Behavior modification training program 
in self-ccntrol; workbook. Issued by New 
Jersey Neuro-Psychiatric Institute. 168 
p. Appl. au: Frances E. Cheek Whipple 
(Frances E. Cheek) C Frances E. Cheek; 
31Dec71; A59ie2e. 


Security. Vol.1, ro. 1. By Lois Gordon. 

1 V. Appl. au: J. Byrons. t J. Eyrons; 
12Eec71; A59ie27. 


Safety. Vol, 1, no. 1. By Lois Gordon. 
1 V. Appl. au: J. Byrons. S J. Byrons; 
6Dec71; A591628. 


Sales. Vol.1, no.1. By Lois Gordon. 

V. Appl. an: J. Byrons. 6 J. Byrors; 

30Dec71; A591629. 


Federal review of voting changes: how to 
use Section 5 of the Voting rights act. 
By David H. Hunter, issued by Joint Center 
for Pclitical studies. Voter Education 
Froiect 6 Lawyers' Committee for Civil 
Bights Under Law. 101 p. e Joint Center 
for Political Studies; nMay71; A591630. 


Dover IVO-15. 2 p. Appl. au: J. Frank 
Shawhan. S Dover Corporation/Elevator 
Division (in notice: Dover Corporation) ; 
30Sep71: A591631. 


Dover pre- engineered traction elevators. 
Folder. Appl. au: J. Frank Shawhan. 
e Dover Corporation/Elevator Division (in 
notice: Dover Corporation); 13Mar71; 


Dover freight elevators, cildraulic and 
traction. 7 p. Appl. au: J. Frank 
shawhan. €" Dover Ccrporation/Elevato'- 
Division (in rotice: Dover Corporation) ; 
31D6C73; A59ie33. 


Dover lust made it easier for ycu to buy 
elevators. Folder. Appl. au: J. Frank 
Shawhan. e Dover Corporation, Elevator 
Division (in notice: Dover corporation) ; 
31«ar71; A591631. 


Dover stage lifts. Catalog BE-208-C. 
Folder, Appl. au: J. Frank Shawhan. NB : 
revisions. C Dover Corporation, Elevator 
Division (in notice: Dover corporation) ; 
6Cct71 (in notice: 1973); A591635. 

13 p. s sheets, Appl. au: J. PI, sillemin. 
e J. M, Willemin; 31Aug71; AS91636. 


SCABAE. Vol.12, no. 9, Mar. 1, 1571, 10 

p. Appl. au: J. M. Hillemin. e j. M, 

willemin; 31Aug7i; A59ie37. 


Poyalty in stone handbook; for new stcr° 
deale'-s and beginning salesmen. By E. H. 
Griffin. 61 p. 6 Georgia Marble Compa'-y; 
290c*71; AS9163e. 


cfficial tariff directory. Eastern 
lines index number 17, issued Januarj 1, 
1975. 215 p. Appl. au: Howard Haynes. 
e C, 1. Guthrie Tariff Bureau, Inc.; 
1Jan75; A591639. 


Western highways trailer guide, from 
Canada to Mexico, 1975. 96 p. Appl. au: 
Daniel K. Ohrt. e Daniel K, chrt (in 
notice: Dan Ohrt); 1Jan75; A59161C. 


The Pass catchers. Fy Lou Sahadi, 107 
p. NB: text 6 compilation of fhc'-cs, 
e Lou Sahadi; 2nNov7i; A590611. 


FHA home loans. publication no. 969. 60 
p. e Financial publishing Ccmpanj: 
10Dec71: A591612. 


Psychology for interroqat? en. By Gec-ge 
J. Swidler 6 Kenneth C. EasiHo. 22i p. 
NM: revisions 6 additional tex*. t George 
J. Swidler S Kenneth C. Basilio; 30Dec71; 


Jet jems. Vol.15, no. 3, 1=71. 12 p. 
e Jet Spray Corporation; 1iDec7i; 


The Zoo. By Heidi James. 13 p, (A New 
approach to teaching piano, vol. 2) 
e Heidi James; 31D6C71; A551615. 


Guide to American mi''iature craf-sien, 
dealers and sources: the complete 
directory for the miniature enthusiast, 1 
V. Add. ti: Guide to American minia- 
turists. Appl. au: Jane W. Paskell (Pis. 
William I.) e Jane w. Haskell (Mrs, 
William L. ) ; 1Jan75; A591616, 

A591f 17, 

Instructional objec*<ves fo»- motorcycle 
safety education, November 1971. Prepared 
for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation by 
the National Public Services Besearch 
Institute. 16 p. 6 Motorcycle Safety 
Foundation; 31Dec71; A591617. 


Get into gear, get i* on! 1 v. 
C Hotcrcycle Safety Foundation; 27Dec7i: 


The History and preservation cf the 

Levis Anderson homestead. Pleasant Eidge, 

Wasco County, Oregon. Ey Dale 1. 

Anderson. 22 p. e Dale L. Anderson 

d.b.a. Silesia Printing; 18rec7i; 


Urban Incorporated rcvino general 
educational development program, 1 v, 
e Urban, Inc.; IDecTI; 8591650. 


The Unknown planets, with efhemerides. 
By Charles A. Jayne. 29 p. C Charles 8. 
Jayne; 1Nov71; A5S1651. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office tor information about any additional records that may exist. 



Aspects to horoscope anqleSo By Vivia 
JavTie. 53 p. C vivia Javce: IBovlit; 


The Domestic market for frozen food, 
November 1 """i : retail, qrocerv and 
foodservice market consumption. 35 p. 
€ National Frozen Food Association, Inco ; 
21IDec7U: A59«653. 


The Complete quide tc New England 
markets and media. Editors: Charles E. 
Jacksca, nilliam T. HadleY, radio editor: 
Beverly A. Bailey, television editor: 
Thomas A. (1. Dekker. 1975 ed. 60 p. 
e New Enqland Marketing Publication s; 
10Eec7t( (in notice: 1975) ; A59U65U. 


Growing up God's way. Written by Alice 
Benson, Carol Snarey S Jan Spence. Qii p. 
Appl. au: Pioneer Girls, Inc. C Pioneer 
Girls, Inc.: 13Dec7a: A59U655. 


God's way card„ Pioneer Girls 
questionnaire. 2 p. (In Growing up 
God's way) © Pioneer Girls, Inc. ; 
13Eec7U: A59U656. 


Coloring proiect for early arrivers and 
late leavers. Sheet. (In Growing up 
God's way) g Pioneer Girls, Inc.; 
13rec7Ii; A59Ite57. 


What could the reason be? 2 p. (In 
Growing up God's way) e Pioneer Girls, 
Inc.: 13Dec7t: A59H658. 


Selected short cases in price and 
product policy. By Richard N. Cardczo, 
Dean Adams, Bruce clouser, Harley F?ldman, 
Gregory Thcmas 6 Aunqkana Ottarapat- 
riyakul. 1 v. e Eichaid N. Cardozc; 
2Dec7«; A59«e59. 


The Icrdstown Plant of General Motors. 
By Hak-Chong Lee. 1 1 p. Schocl cf 
Business, State Oniversity of New York at 
Allaav: Hicv7H: A59»66C. 


The Gravitational motor. 13 p. (Energy 
proposition no. 008) Appl. au: Allah Eros 
Mahdi. e Allah Eros Mahdi; 30an75: 


Popcorn and ether ways of enioying the 
movie. By Richard w. Jennings. 1 v. 
C Richard w, Jennings; 6Jan75: A5;u662. 


Teit of four tape-recordings on quality 
living: date: December 28, 197U. By 
Bansur Abdul-Jalil, pseud, of H, V. Zorn. 
16 p. e Mansur Abdul-Jalil: 30Dec'U; 


Cbersyl modular languages correspcndance 
(sic) monitor. Dnit 1, Prepared by 
Al-Brabiih Planning service. 5 p. Appl, 
au: H. V. Zcrn (Marsur Abdul-Jalil) 
e Mansur Abdul-Jalil; 30Dec7U; A59U66it. 


Survey and analysis of business car 
policies and costs, sheets, e Runzheimer 
and Company, Inc.; 2Jan75; AE9U665. 


Dyeing with natural plants. Folder. 
(Bicentennial celetratlct, no. 1) Appl. 
au: Pauline Meyer, e Pauline Meyer; 
1l4Dec7U: A59lt666. 


write your own arrangements. 31 p. 
Appl. au: Allen C. Fox, e Al]en C. Fox; 
2Jar75: A59uee7. 


Harlan, TA, city directory and map, 
1975. e R. C. Booth Enterprises; 
13Dec7U; A59ue68. 


Mathematics curricalun guide, grades 1 - 
8. 1 v, e Salem School listrict (NP) ; 
3Sep7It; A591i6e9. 


National Book Company courtesy wall 
chart: executive lecture series. Appl, 
au: Marvin E. Hen.fel. e National Book 
Ccmpany, a division of Educational 
Research Associates, Ire; 2Jan75; 


Business of social engineering. Author: 
James N, Walton. 9 p. (Briefs for social 
engineering) f James N. Walton; 12Dec7ii; 


Thoughts from within. By Carol Jo Ann 
Foley. e p. NM: 1 revised 6 3 new poems, 
e Carol Jo Ann Foley; 3Jan75; A59«672. 


Culligan Aqua-Cleer level control 
installation instructions (for use with up 
to 2 h.p. motors) 6 p. Appl. au; Gregory 
A. Montgomery. 6 Culligan International 
Company; 1Nov7it: A59U673. 


Ir 19m Georgians marched fcr suffrage, 
in 197U we march for the Egual rights 
amendment. 1 v. Add. ti: What is this 
bccklet all about? Appl. au: Vicki 
Gabriner. € Vicki Gabriner; 9Nov7U; 


The Hornburg story. By Edna Homburg 
Elkins, Annie Kae Turner Hornburg 6 Fu*h 
Smith Brady. 1)68 p. C Edna Hornburg 
Elkins, Annie Mae Turner Hornburg 6 Ruth 
Smith Brady; 19Dec7«; A5911675. 


Health and physical fitness program. By 
David Bodes. 1 v. Add. ti: The Dave 
Rodes health and physical fitness program. 
e David Rodes; 2Jan75; A59i(676, 


Implementing quality early childhood 
education programs in the church. 
Authors: Victor E Edith lombardo. 36 p, 
(Lexington University for Independent- 
study, Inc., Columbia, Missouri, course 
syllabus) t Lexington Oniversity Press; 
1Jan75; A59ee77. 


The Oak tree and the pine. By Thelma 
Harper. 10 p, e Thelma Harper (in 
notice: Thelma Harper (Carla Sultana) ) ; 
31D€C7«; A5911678. 


Reading homonyms, E8. By Richard A. 
Boning. 1 v. (D and H supFoitive reading 
skills) C Dexter and Hestbrook, Ltd.; 
3Jan75; A59U679. 


Boston ILL directory. compiled by 
Marianne E. Pfaff. 21U p. Add. ti: 
Boston inter library loan directory. 
e Marianne E. pfaff; 3Jan75 (in notice: 
197«) : A59U680. 


Ain't I funny, just a bit? By John S, 
Lorr. 25 p. Portions prev. pub. In 

Teaching tools magazine S others, e John 
S. Lorr; 20Dec7B; A59Ue81. 


New phonetic consonantal stroke usage 
and principles cf outline formation. 16 
p. Appl, au: Frra e Maurice Hcf marn . 
C Frra E Maurice Hofmann; 3JaT!75; 


Louvers, stationary and adjustable, 
extruded aluminum and formed me*al. Form 
no.erco. 27 p. e Lear Siegler, 
Inc./Krueger Division; 16Pec7U; A59U683, 


Guidelines for art education, K - 12, 
95 p. Appl. au: Sister Mary Andre Chlpko, 
C. S. 0. NM: revisions 8 additions, 
e Diocesan Office of Education, Diocese cf 
Cleveland; eNcvTU (In notice: 1975); 


Communication arts guidelines, part 2, F 
- 12, reading manual. 93 p. Appl. au: 
Sister Marian Leonard, O.S.O. f. sister 
Mary Laura Bouhall, CS.D, C Eiocesan 
office of Education, Diocese of Cleveland; 
12rec7U; A5911685. 


Dimensions in christian morality. 1 v. 
Appl. au: James Finley S Michael Pennock . 
e Board of Catholic Education, Diocese cf 
Cleveland; UDec7it; )i59U6e6. 


Manual for self-study cf Catholic 
elementary schools in the Diocese of 
Cleveland. PU f. Appl. au: Sister Mary 
Owen Klelnherz, S.N.D. e Board of 
Catholic Education, Diocese of Cleveland; 
15Junil; A59U687. 


Guidelines fcr communication arts, F - 
12. 10U p. Add. ti: Commuricaticn ar*E 
guidelines, K - 12, Appl, au: Sister Mary 
Cwen Flelnherz, S.N.D. Prev. pub. as par* 
of Curricular program for the schcols 6 
reg. A31916it. NM: ahr ldoemen*s , revisions 
6 additions. C Diocesan Office of 
Education, Diocese of Cleveland; 16Apr7ii: 


Telecheck alert bulletin, 1, TAE nc.7, 
Jan. 3, 1975. 18 p. e Telecheck Arizona, 
Inc. ; 3Jan75; A5Sll6fl?. 


A Stillness at the Pentagon: the 
dramatic saga of four foreign wars in one 
generation. 15 p. Appl. au: Frank J, 
Backey. C National Precinc* workers. 
Inc. ; 3Jan75; A5"iie9C. 

A59UeS1 . 

Investigate before investing: guidance 
for prospective franchisees. Ey Jercme I, 
Eels E Lewis G. Pudnick. 32 p. Appl. au: 
Allen J. Ginsburg. NM; additions. 
e International Franchise Association; 
16Dec71l; A59U691. 


Remembering mother with love. 1 v. 
Appl. au: Mollie Calder, Gladys Harp E 
Shirley Sallay. NM: compilation, 
additional text E pictorial matter. 
e Ideals Publishing Corporation; 2Jan75; 


The Write Batch Test. Pock 1. i v. 
Appl, au: Abraham E, Kaminsky, e Abraham 
E. Kaminsky; 27tec7U; A590693. 


Greyhound handicapping, Ey Pichard 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


JC8, 19T5 

S59169II (con.) 

Heiss, 85 F. e Bichard Beiss; 3JaE75; 



The Beadcvs of Bencry and ether pcems. 
BY Stepher K, Jessup. 192 p. C Stephen 
B. Jessup; 15Juci7«; A591696. 


Israel, tnv peoplea By Irere Harleva 
189 p. e Vineyard Putlishers of Atlanta ; 
mfovTU: A59U697, 


Peadina hcironyiDS, F1„ By Bichard A, 
Bonina. 1 v. C Dexter and Westbrock, 
l':d. : 3Jan75; B59H698. 


Readlnq hdronyms, E2. By Bichard A. 
Boninq. 1 V, e Dexter and Westbrock, 
Ltd.: 3Jar75: A59'i69a. 


Beadinq homonyms, E3. By Bichard A. 
Bonirq. 1 y. t Dexter and Hesthrock, 
Ltd. : 3Jan75: A59U700, 


Beadinq homonyms, E7o By Bichard A, 
Ecnirq. 1 y. C Dexter and Westbrock, 
Ltd.: 3Jan75: A59u7ni. 


Eeadinq hcmocyms, F5. By Richard A. 
Bonina, 1 v. C Dexter and Hestbrock, 
Ltd. ; 3Jar75: A59U702. 


Beadinq homonyms, E6. By Richard A. 
Eciinq. 1 y. t Dexter and Westbrock, 
Ltd.: 3Jal!75: A59«703. 


To Dad. 1 y. Appl. au: Garnett Ann 
Schultz, Boqer L. Kerr S Kim Horthirqton. 
NK: compilation, additional text 6 
pictorial matter. C Ideals PutliEhlrq 
corporatior: 2JaE75: B59U70U. 


The Brethren story: a narrative history 
of the Church cf the Brethren for young 
people. By Virginia s. Fisher. 109 p. 
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AE90721 . 

Life's road end other pcem-s. By Nolie 
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A59lt721 . 


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The Founders: 1766 - 1775. By Manly 
Bade Bellman, photos, by Frank Jones. ii7 
p. (Binston-Salem in history, vol.1) 
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ThTcugh the years. Ey Virginia 
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e Kra*ville Futlications; 1'=Eec7U; 


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Currents: course and speed correction 
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Appl. states all new except for actual 
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Chic coaching directory, 197^1 - 1975; 
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ti; Earnes coaching directory: Ohio 
boys/girls coaches, directory of high 
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Indiana coaching directory, 1970 - 1975: 
complete direc*ory of high schcol and 
college athletics (boys and girls) 
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Earnes coaching directory: Indiana 
boys/girls coaching directory of h^gh 
school and college athletics, 1970 - I?"?. 
e Advertising Ideas, Inc.; 25Sep"'U: 


California coaching directory, 1 97n - 
1975: complete direc+ory of high schcol 
and college athletics (boys a'-d giro's) 
Editor: Norman P. l srnes. 128 p. Add. 
ti: Earnes coaching direc+cry: Califc-nia 
bovs/girls coaches, directory of hioh 
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e Advertising Ideas, Inc.: i6Cc»7U; 


Texas coaching directory, 1971 - 1975; 
complete directory of high schcol and 
college athletics (boys and girls) 
Editor: Norman B. Barnes. 136 p. Add, 
ti: Texas coaching directory; boys/qirls 
coaches, directory cf hiqh schcol and 
college athletics, 197U - -i975. 
C Advertising Ideas, Inc.; 1Aug7«; 


Michigan coachinq directory, 197li - 
1975: complete direcf-ory of high schcol 
and college athletics (boys and girls) 
Editor; Norman E. Earnes. 96 p. Add, * 1 : 
Earres coaching directory; Michigan 
boys/girls coaches, directory of high 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

S59«739 - JE9f782 BOrKS 6 PSMPBIITS Jhf. - JON. 1oT5 

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Time, man, and the 


Ey Edgi 

A. Ostrander. 10 p. 

e Edgar J 


Cstra-'der; 31Eec7l; 



A Ccnsur 


's guide to 


rg and sell^ 

gold. 1 v. 

e Encelharc 

1 Bin 

erals and 




c71: 659178' 



"love stories" 

' rec 

i<-ations, lo 

lyrics, meditations, Ey 

' Ear 

1 Fisks, 2nd 

pseud, of 


lliard 1. Er 


. 67 p. 

1? Karl Fisks, 

, 2nd; 27te 




How to J 

lake money mail 




71 p. Appl 

: Yo^anda E. 

These entries alone may not reOect the complete Copyright Cffice record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


S590782 (COT.) 

uriqht. e Yolaoda E, Sriqht; 30Dsc7i4; 



Bevised paqes of the Stationery ana 
office EuppiT price list ccmpilation , 
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Ju*c Boria, 1975 moflel cars. 27th ed. 
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1 p. Sppl. au: Dorothy Yvetta Burt2 
Enqle. e Dorothy Yvetta Burtz Erqle; 
26Dec7U: B59«785. 


Let Die help you with your lovinq 
toniqht. 1 p. Applo au: Dorothy Yvetta 
Burtz Enqle. C Dorothy Yvetta Burtz 
Enqle: 27Dec7l4; 6591786. 


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2, Ju:y 16 - 18,, 197U. Edited ty George 
H. Dalen E Clyde B. Tipton, Jr. 86 p. 
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e Battelle Bemorial Institute: 3Ja!!75 
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Academy for Contemporary Problems, January 
2, 1975. Ey John N. Harfield. 1 v. 
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A 591 7 8 9. 

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1971. Folder. e The J. M. Ney Company; 
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1971. By Helmer Francis Hanson. 112 p. 
g Helmer Francis Hanson (in notice: Bud 
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freioht carriers, January 1975. 61 p. 
(Leonard's Guide) Appl. au: Albert E. 
Ercolani 6 G. E. Leonard and Company; 
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Salnut creek learns the alphabet; from 
settlement to suburbia, a hlstcry cf 
Salnut creek throuqh the Great Depression. 
By Jeane Elder. 113 p. C Jeane Elder; 
17Dec71; R591791. 


An Dp-to-date copy of Citations tc the 
rules for the Baryland rules of procedure, 
January 1, 1975. Editor: «. B. Spaalding, 
Jr. sheets. Add. ti: Citation service: 
Maryland rules of procedure. C Fui es 
Service Company; 2Jan75; &591795. 


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158 p. e K. A. Eenjamir, Inc.; 250ct71; 


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seminar-in-depth. Developments in 
Electronic Imaqinq Techniques, October 16 
- 17, 1972, sar. Mateo, California. 
Vcl.32. Editors: Ralph zirkind, Sol E. 
Nudelmar 6 Alvln Schnitzler. 159 p. 
Bppl. au: Society of photo-optical 
Instrumentatlor Engineers. Appl. states 
copyright is not claimed in any portion of 
this work written by a 0. s. Govt, 
employee as a part of his official duties. 
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Engineers (in notice: S.P.I. E.); 
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The painful necessity of choice: an 
analysis of priorities, plans and policies 
in the United Hay movement. 26 p. 
e Dnited Bay of America; 7May71; 


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Inc. Property Training School for the 
State of Texas, Tyler, Texas. 1 v. Appl. 
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Newsom Insurance Adjusters, Inc.; 
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B591801 . 

The Needs of the academically gifted and 
talented students. 11 p. BEPl« ^u: Joan 
chodorkoff. e Joan Chodorkoff; 10ct7i; 


Imagination actlon-pak. 1 p. Bppl. 
au: James R. Green, e James R. Green; 
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1 Biblioqraphy of materials for the 
creative church worker. Sheets. Bppl. 
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Pearl Harbor attack; an abbreviated 
history. By Arnold s. Lott 6 Robert T. 
Sumrall. 31 p. NM: text, graphic design 
s art. e leeward publications; 7Nov71; 


Guia del prcfesor para El Cuerpo en 
accion. Escrito y ilustrado por Bngel 
Chacon. 17 p. NM: Spanish translation. 
e Bngel Chacon; 11Nov71; B591805. 


El Cuerpo en accion. Escrito 5 
ilustrado por Bngel Chacon. 25 p. NM: 
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12 p. Appl. au: K. C. Beyer. e City 
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Ben Franklin parade of values; circular. 

8 p. Bppl. an: K. c. Meyer. C City 
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Payroll record for employer's guarterly 

tax return for household employees. Fori 
101. 1 p. 6ppl. au; Fred Meigs Adams 
(Adams Enterprises) S Tred r. Adams 
a.h.a. Adams Enterprises; 220ct71: 


Instructions: p^y'^'^l- record for 
employer's guarterly tax return for 
household employees. Form 101. 1 p. 
Appl. au: Fred Meigs Adams (6dams 
Enterprises) e Fred «. Bdairs d.h.a. flaams 
Enterprises; 220ct71; A591E11. 


Technical manual for NEC EAEX's TPI 7l"B 

mus1c-on-hoia unit. 1 v. t Tele-Path 

industries. Inc.; eNov71; A591812. 


Programmed learning aid fcr Principles 
of management. Ey George F. Terry, 
coordinating editor: Rcger P. Bermanson. 
161 p. NM: uDdati-ig. e Learning Systems 
company; 18Apr71; A591813. 


Study guide and review manual tc 
accompany Accounting 1, a pTcarammcd text, 
third edition, Ey James Don Edwards, 
Roger H. Hermanson 6 E. F. Salicnscn. 155 
p. NM: revisions t updatina. C Fichard 
D. Irwin, Inc.; iaAFr71; A591811. 


Frcm NCK to OK: basic concepts of 
therapy. Monooraph 9. By Martha M. 
Hollcway. 5 p.' e William H. Hollcway; 
18Juni; 6591815. 


The Harp of the Holy Ghost. By Anne c. 
cronin. 51 p. 6 Rnre C. Crcnin; 
15NOV71; 6591816. 


Residential dwelling inspection policy. 
1 V. 6ppl. au: Ponald J. Mielhrecht (fcr 
Sussex Ccunty Borne Inspectors, Inc.) 
e Sussex County Home Inspectors, Inc.; 
ISJuni; 6591817, 


The Plum. Vol. 3, spring 1973. Edited 
ty ETvin Neighbors. 22 p. e Fllswoith 

Community College; 31«ay73: A5S1818, 


Pre-grart proposal: internatical 
cultural center for unity. 8 p. Ada, t ', : 
proposal for an international cultural 
center for unity. Appl, au: Shirley E, 
EouEscs. e Shirley I. Rcussos; 15Jan70; 


Hydro-Extractors, Inc. specialized 
equipment chemical plants and refineries, 
engineers, designers a'd fabricators. 1 
V. ' Appl. au: Eotby J. Travis E Charles E, 
pierce. S Eydro-Fxtractc-s, Inc.; 
29Bay73; A591820, 


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- 6, Sept. - Dec. 1973. 1 v. 6 Ehee*s. 
Bppl. au: The Military Law Reporter. 
« The Public law Education Institute; 
17Jun«; B591821. 


The Military law reporter. Vol.1, nc.u, 
July - Bug. 1973. 1 v. S sheets. Bppl. 
au: The Military law Reporter. C The 
public Law Education Institute; 3nApr70; 


Baking it count; twenty introductory 
lessens on computers and computer 
applications, student manual. Vol.1. 91 
p. C Boeing computer Services, Inc.; 
206uq71; 6591823, 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 



Journal of glass studies. Vol.15, 1973. 
Editor: Jane shadel Spillroan e others^ 
219 D, ^ The Ccrninq MuEeum of Glass; 
210ct7U; B59482U. 


Analvzinq and forecasting tiire seiies. 
pfral: methodoloqvo Working paper nc.91. 
Bv «. Allen Spivev 6 Hilliam J. Srolleski, 
issued bv Bureau of Business Research, 
Graduate School of Business Adminis- 
tration, University of Michiqan. 71 p. 
e The University of nichiqan: 23Aug7H; 


New Orleans area electronic conporents 
tnanufacturinq advantages. By Virginia D. 
Simons, 1 8 p, g Eccncmic Developnent 
couscil of the New Orleans Area; 19Jul7ii; 


Christmas proiects for kidso No.26o 
Editor-in-chief: Frank Ecwers, E other 
editorso 79 Pa Appl, au: Fawcett 
Publications, Inc. e Fawcett Publi - 
caticns. Inc.; 2USep7tt; A59t827. 


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Palynologists; proceedings of the fifth 
annual meeting, October 1972. Editor for 
the Association: Elchard W. Hedlund, 83 
p. (Geoscience and man, vol.9. Edited ty 
Bob F. Perkins) 6 The School cf 
Gecscience, Louisiana State University; 
1Sep711: A59H828. 


Han and cultural heritage; papers in 
honor of Fred B. Kniffen. Editors for the 

volume: H. J. Halker 8 H. G. Haag. 235 p. 

(Geoscience and man, vol.5. Edited ty Bob 

F. Perkins) e The School of Geoscience, 

Louisiana State University; 10Jun7U; 


Business conditions, December 1971. 
Prepared for Bell System management use, 
Eccnomic Analysis Section, American 
Telephone and Telegraph company. Fclder. 
C American Telephone and Telegraph 
Company; 11Dec7i4; A59ue30. 


Junior Achievement company manual; 
adviser edition. 100 p. NH: revisions. 
e Junior Achievement, Inc.; 30Jul71; 


Nutri-Key. Appl. au: Lois Kapp. C Lois 
Kapp d.b.a. Nutri-Key Enterprises; 
16Sep7U; A59«832. 


A. F. Tait: artist in the Adirondacks; 
an exhibition of paintings and other works 
by the sporting and animal artist Arthur 
Fitzwilliam Tait (1819 - 1905) 73 p. 
Appl. au: Craiq Gilbcrn, Harder B. cedtury 
6 Patricia c. F. Handel, e The Adirondack 
Museum of the Adirondack Bistorical 
Association: 27Hay7it; A59U833. 


Zoo guide training manual. By Sophie 
Jakowska. 1 v. e Sophie Jakowska; 
10Sep7U; A591831I. 


Above the energy clamor. 1 p. Appl. 
au: Jakober Enqelhardt, whose pseud, is 
David Vauahner, e Jakober Engelharct, 
whose pseud, is David Vauqhner; 13Cct7«; 


The Eainbcw book of sonq. No. 3. By 
Beverly Geil. 1(2 p. NH: new text £ 


He are not HcGovernable! Text: S*eve 
Ccnliff, artwork: Snzan Bird, photos.: 
Suzan Bird 6 Jeff Coleman. 18 p. Frev. 
pub. in The Columbus free press. NH; 
additions. C Steve Conliff; 7Aug72; 


Inner Space Cavern. By James Jasek, 
Gary Parsons, Billiam Eussell S Earnst 
LundeliuE, photography; James Jasek. 16 
p. C The Georgetown Corporation d.b.a. 
Inner Space Cavern; 29Jun«; A59a83P. 


Sex ard affection. 1 v. Appl. au: 
James Alan Himes (Jim Kimes) e Jim Rimes; 
18Apr7U; A59U839. 


The Eleventh iourney. By Peter Happi, 
pseud, of Peter Y. S. Hiller. 68 p. NH: 
revisions S additional text. C Peter 
Happi; 3Dec7« (in notice: 1973); 


Handbook of job proficiency criteria: a 
GLAC research report; special report. 
Prepared by Jack Smith, Edward Niedjwiedz, 
Melissa Davis C Cheryl Kniesner, project 
director: Thaddeus Adamaszek. 71 p. 
€ Ohio Department of State Personnel; 
110ct7«; A59118U1. 


police sergeant, L:59C-2; test. 1 v. 
€ International Personnel Management 
Association; 1Nov7it; A59U8U2. 


Basic hand tools. 90 p. NK: revisions 
S additions, e Development Systems 
Corporation; 30Sep7U; A5918U3, 


Measnrements. 136 p. NH: revisions & 
additions, f Development Systems 
Corporation; 30Sep7«; A59a8im. 


Work planning and setup. 138 p. NH: 
revisions & additions, t Development 
Systems Corporation; 30Sep71; A59U8U5. 


A Psychiatric guide and handbook for 
iodine trichloride therapy. 3rd ed. 1 v. 
Appl. au: Hillyer Senning E Doris s. 
Brown. *? Business Psychology Inter- 
national; 2CMay74; A59U8I16. 


The History of the Pobert Lyons, 1st 
family (born 1809) and his wife, Louisa 
Farnsworth (born 181«) and their 
descendants to the year 1971. By Lelia 
Grace Hinds. 16U p. 6 Lelia Grace Hinds; 
3Aug7«: A59'18U7. 


Studies in sensory integrative 
dysfunction. By Hartha K. Balling 6 
others. 127 p. e Center for the Study of 
Sensory Integrative Dysfunction; 15Jun7«; 


Main provisions of the Employee 
retirement income security act of 1971 
(ERISA) and their impact on qualified 
employee pension, profit-sharing, and 
stock bonus plans; summary 67 p. 
e The zischke Organization, Inc.; 
290ct7U; A5908H9. 


Teacher's guide to a preventive dental 
health program in North Carolina schools. 

62 p. NH: minor editorial revisions. 
e Dental Health Section, Division of 
Health Services, North Carolina tepartmen* 
of Huian Resources; 5Sep7U; B5?ii85C, 


And kill migs; air to air combat in the 
Vietnam Bar. Ey Lou Dre'del. 63 p. 
Appl. states copyrigh* net claimed on any 
material taken from D. s. Govt, sources, 
C Squadron/Signal publications. Inc. ; 
170ct7«; A59'I851. 


All strangers, check protector service, 
2 p. Appl. au: James lee (James Lee, Jr.) 
C James Lee d.b.a. Check Ptotectcr Service 
(in notice: James Lee) ; 17Auo7ii; 


The Student syllabus fcr The Master 15 
stock market indica+or course. Ey Pcna?d 
lex Stout. 11 p. e Ronald lex Stout; 
22NOV714; A59U853. 


The Celebrity cartoo" book. By Faymond 
Tarbcx. 53 p. ? Raymond Tarbox; 
13Dec7U; A59U8SU. 


Ohio Amish directory; Geauga County n-nQ 
vicinity. By Frvln Gingerich. 1973 ed. 
177 p. Appl. au: David R. Belling. 
e Ci vision of Bedical Genetics (in 
no*ice: Eivision of Bedical Genetics, 
Johns Hopkins Onivetsity Schcel cf 
Medicine); 2Dec7U ; A59U855. 


Superior twist-lift system. Bulletin 
Tl-U. Folder. Appl, au: Robert Truitt. 
NM: additions 6 revlsicns. t Superior 
Concrete Accessories, Inc.; 15Hav7ti; 


Superior twist-lift system. Bulletin 
TL-5. Fclder. Sppl. au: Rotert Truitt. 
NM: revisions E additions. e Superior 
Concrete Accessories, Inc.; 1fiug7y; 


Supericr precast concrete handbook. 
No.PB-u. 35 p. Bppl. au: Frskine Klyce, 
NM: revisions 6 additions, e Supericr 
Concrete Accessories, Inc.; IFebTU; 


Prcfessional manager's wcrktook. 
Sheets, e Kohler Company; UBec7U; 


Hayes model quick and easy bulletin 
boards; with supplementary duplicating 
lessons. Author: Irma B. Hudgins, artist; 
Fred Erantlinger. 1 v. e Payes School 
Publishing Company, Inc.: 13Dec7ii; 

A59Ueei . 

Joliet government — hew dees it work? 20 
p. e League of Homen Voters of the Joliet 
Region; 25Nov7Il; A590861. 


The Energy crisis: 1970; the proceedings 
of a symposium. Edited ty David L, 
Larson. UU p. a New Hampshire council 
on World Affairs; 2CSep7U; B59ii862. 


California criminal procedure outline. 
By Rcnald B. Couillard. 93 p. C Ronald 
K. Couillard; USep7U; B5911863. 


Negatives, flats, plates, presswcrk. 20 
p. (Franklin offset catalog, section c. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

S5S1865 - i59K907 


S59U860 (ccr.) 

Jan. 1975) NM: revisions. C Porte 

publishinq ccmtanv; 1JaB75; A59«8e'J. 


Broaasides, circulars, programs, Et 
cetera, offset en bcok, offset or litho 
label paper. 56 p. (Franklin offset 
cataloc, section OU, Nov. 197«) NB: 
revisions, i? Porte Puhlishinq Company; 
12Dec7l4; B59U865. 


Binit-naxi with matchinq slip. By 
Lilibelle, pseud, cf Lillian Hclf Irench. 
2 p. e Lillian H. French; 70ct7ii; 


A National study of treatment facilities 
for non-opiate abusers; final report. 
Vol.1 - 3. Appl. au: Eonald D. Hycre 6 
Suzan Wynne. C Bynne Associates; 
18Cct7ll; J594 867. 


Preliminary cost quide: a complete 
system for total pro-ject development. 
Editor: David Kyun Hyun. 1 v. 6 David 
Kyun Hyun; mov7a; A59ii8e8. 


The Educator. Kit. (Classic Games 
collectors" Series chess set, editicn 5) 
e Classic Games Company, Inc.; 29Sep72; 


1776. Kit. (Collectors' Series chess 
set, editicn 6) 6 classic Games Company, 
inc.; 12SeF73 (in notice: 1972); 


Auburn colorinq took. Illus.: Bob 
Zimmernan, Jr. 1 v, Appl. au: Killiam P. 
Capps, employer for hire. C Cappsi^e 
Creations; 2eoct7ii: A59U871. 


Alabama colorinq book. Illus.: Bcb 
Zimmerman, Jr. 1 v. Appl. au: Hilliam P. 
Capps, employer for hire. e cappsije 
Creations; 2eoct7U; A59H872. 


Bap index: city and town index for Best 
Virginia, Post office zip codes. By James 
Appleman. Up.? James Appleman; 
6Sep7U; A59U873. 


Pueblc Latino volume 1: The Chicaros; a 
quide to publicaticns on Latinos at 
Indiana University library. Editors: 
Arturo Resales E Iris G. Gonzalez. 108 p. 
Appl. au: Horacio D. Lewis. 6 The office 
of latino Affairs, Dnlversity Division, 
Indiana University; itNov7it; A59U87K. 


Electrical contractor course c-10. Pt. 2 
of the examination: Trade informaticn and 
auesticns. 197tt ed. 56 p. Appl. au: 
Philip Heiner. © Philip Beiner; 1PDec7U: 


A National Council of La Eaza report on 
impact of limited Federal statistical 
data/information pclicies on Hispanic 
Americans. Prepared by Eoiertc Clivas 6 
Klaus W. May. 108 p. 6 National Council 
of La Baza; 31Bay7H; A591I876. 


The Saaa calendar, 1975. Designer: Hall 
Kelley, photographer: Don Shapero. 1 v. 
e Saqa Corporation; 300ct7H: A59IIE77. 


A Biography of a speed freak. A look ly 
Jack Francis, pseud, of Jack la Paglia. 

UE p. e Jack la paglia, whose pseud, is 
Jack Francis; 10llov7U; A591t878. 


There's a place for you in CYO. Editor: 
Jean Benson KacDonnell, graphics: Eose 
flary Hahoney. 25 p. Appl. au: National 
CYO Federation. C CYC Fede- 
ration; 1Aug7lt; A59U879. 


The Third star: the story of New Jersey. 
Ey Georganne Farrell Sohmer, editor: Eth 
Clifford. 192 p. KB: additional text 6 
some Illus. C Georganne Farrell sohmer; 
120ct7U; A59I1880. 

A5911881 . 

The Rosary: Opusculnm Dei; the ultimate 
liturgy. By solange Strong Hertz. 8 p. 
e Solange strong Hertz; INovTK; A59ii881. 


Product pool. 3 p. Appl. au; John P. 

Ashley, e on text of game; John P. 

Ashley; 29Auo7l*; A59U882. 


Dielectric materials selector chart. 
Folder. Appl. au: Norman G. Harrington E 
Henry K. Oldham. © Formulated Beslns, 
Inc.; 18N0V7U; A59U883. 


Starting salary offers to graduates of 
two-year colleaes, 1973 - 7U . 2 p. «PPl. 
au: Douglas A. DeVoll f- John E. Billard. 
e Biddle Atlantic Career Counselors 
Association; 5Nov7U; A59ii88il. 


Three hundred years from now it won't 
matter (to be read while taking out the 
garbage) By Alaine Roos Holtkamp. 1 v. 
e Alaine Roos Holtkamp; 10ct7il; A59a885. 


Educational projections: creativity and 
ccmmunlcation. Vol.1, no. 2, autumn 197U. 
Editor: Barbara M, Grant, associate 
editor: Ruth Kane Fern. 19 p. ? Beta Chi 
chapter of Pi lambda Theta, Inc.; 8I)ov7il: 
A59«8ee . 


ERISA and the ether part of the forest. 
1 V. Appl. au: Edward E. Burrows, e The 
Ccnnell Company; 6Nov7ii; A59"t887. 


The Lost sheep. 5 p. Appl. au: Thomas 
J. Miranda. C Thomas J. Miranda; 
31Har7lt; A59«88e. 


A Statistical compilation and analysis 
cf actual 1973 Income and expenses^ 
experienced In apartment, condominium, and 
cooperative building operation. Prepared 
by the Experience Exchenge committee cf 
the Institute of Real Fstate Management. 
160 p. Add. ti: Income/expense analysis: 
apartmerts, condominiums and cooperatives, 
19714 edition. Appl. au: Institute of Real 
Estate Management. 6 Institute of Peal 
Estate Banagement of the National 
Association of Realtors; 2itoct7ii; 


Experiments with universal energy. By 
Can A. Davidson. 1 v. Appendix A prev. 
pub. C Dan A, Davidson 8 Jeanine 1. 
Davidson d.b.a. Golden Age Research; 
170ct7U; A59t890. 


Hamilton furniture space and labor 
saving multi-purpose fold away furniture. 
20 p. C Hamilton Manufacturing Company; 
20Dec71 (In notice: 1972); A5911891. 


Hamilton laboratory equipment for 
intermediate and secondary schccls. lOtt 
p. C Hamilton Banuf acturinq Ccmpany; 
28nec72; A59U892. 


B5rcr, Scales, cottrell, and Gray 
families of Virginia, North Carcllna, and 
Mississippi. Compiled E edited by Martha 
Neville Lumpkin. 133 j. C Eer Gray 
Lumpkin; 15Jun7u; A59ue93. 


Eruno — living legend. Editor: James c. 
Melby. U8 p. Appl. au: Normar H. 
Kietzer, 6 The Brestling News Division of 
Pro Brestling Enterprises; 20Jun7ii: 


Yearbook cf 0. S. ludc, 197U - 1975, 
Edf-cr: Philip S. Porter. 72 p. e Philip 
S. Pcrter; 25Jul71i; B591iB95. 


Judo from the beginning. Ey Philip S, 
Porter. 128 p. (National coaching 
standards for judo, vol.1) e Philip s. 
Porter; ISJulTU; A59a606. 


Rolling bearings handbook. 38 p. NB: 
editorial revisions E updating cf 
pictcilal matter, e SKF Industries, lie,; 
llCct't; A59«897. 


The Cancer elves. 2 p. Appl. au: 
Frances Belnstock. e Frances Belnstcck; 
UNOV7U; A59U898. 


Golc power winch, catalog no. 10, 
Folder. NM: pictorial matter, additional 
tex* 6 compilation. 6 Ccrdei corporation; 
25SeF7U; A591899. 


The Greek directory, 197U - 75: 
Southwest Missouri Sta*e Dnlversity, 
Springfield, Missouri. 21 p. C Dnl- 
versity publications; ISOct'U; A59USCC, 


Basic engineering graphics. By Hairlsc 
Goodall, Jr. 1 v. f Parrlscn -Goodall, 
Jr. a.k.a. Harrison Gocdall; 15May7ii; 


PanzerschiffeF tactical rules for naval 
combat. Developed by Eavid J. Doughe-ty 
1 V. E 1 p. e David J. Dougherty; 
27Sep7U; S59«902. 


Automated stati=tics laboratory (SSLl , 
By Martin D. 'raser. Eevlsicn 1. 
Printout E magnetic tape, f Georgia ?ta*e 
Dniversity (Mathematics Department) ; 
eDec7ii; A59U9C3. 


osmesis; rule look. Folder E u she=ts. 
Appl. au: Riley R. Geary E Dennis G. 
Mehaffey. e slmultron; 170ct7U; 


Employment record. 2 p. Appl. au: John 
rccreary. e C/M Personnel Consultants, 
Inc. a. h.a. Callos, BcCreary and 
Associates; 31Dec73; A59U905. 


Product or service experience. Folder, 
Appl. au: John BcCreai-y. e C/B Personnel 
consultants. Inc. d.b.a. Callcs, BcCreary 
and Associates; 31Dec73; A55U906. 

These entries a!one may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Cf Irish 

tales, fairies, and such 

matters of 

•this and that. By Thomas A. 


1 V. e Thomas A. Kennedy; 




I an) a K 

ether. 1 p. Appl. au: Jennie 


e Jennie Talarico: 10Jun7«; 



A59«9n8 - AE91i9U6 BOOKS S PABPHIETS JAf. - JDS. ^°■^5 

A59it9C7 (con.) niaaiekauff Bernard (in notice: Dana Cour-ty Association for Betarded Citize!^?. 

Enalish lanquaqe scunds and the assc- Middlekauff) ; 1ucct7«: A59it920. 27 p. C narylaT-d Association for retarded 

ciative oral and literary properties of citizens. Inc.; 3fAuo7U; A59U935. 

these. 2 P. Appl. au: Nancy 1. Tucker S591921 . 

cickerson (NITD) Parts prev. pub. in Sorkbook for the Inrcute Ion altitude A59U93e. 

Eicticnar" of new dimension S req. charts. By Dana Biddlekauff (Dana Plants, seeds, flover T'ovelties: rare, 

A575801. KB: additions. C Nancy I. T. Biddlekauff Bernard) 38 p. C Dana ei!ct5c, hard to find. Folder. Appl, an: 

Dickenson, NITD; 21Auq7«: A59U907, Biddlekauff Bernard (in notice: Dana Stanley r. Glasser. e Val-D-Bart:" 

liddlekauff) ; 1«0ct7a; A59a921. 15Sep7lt; A59US36, 


Student involyement quide to accoippary A59it922. f591S37, 

Barketinq principles. By Ben B. Eris £ Professional managers position Revenue sharing; a second look, 39 r, 

Francis H. Eritton. 168 p. © Goodyear description. 1 p. ^ Kohler Company: f^Fpl- au; Baudine Fice Ccoper. ? Baudine 

publishing Company, Inc.; 18Nov7U: 11Dec7it; A59«922. lice Cooper: 26Jul7U; A59H937. 


A59I1923. A5911938. 

S59U909. Bell and Hovell Schools assembly manual The nse of elect-rical meters tc solve 

Pee Wee The Fink Fine Tree. By John 9560-2: 5-inch triggered-sweep oscil- oil burner service problem's, prepared by 

Bachman with illus. by Susan Bronstein. Icscope. 15 p. 6 Heath Company; 5reb7a; oil Feat Traininc Associates, Inc. 2 v. 

20 p. Appl. au: Christmas Character A59U923. in 1. © oil Heat Training Asscclates, 

Frcductions. Frev. reo, DU88001. NB: Inc.; 22Jul70; A59C938. 

Illus, c Christmas Character Frcductions; A59«92«. 

15Nov7it; A59U909. Bell and Howell Schools assembly manual A59U939. 

9E50-1: digital multimeter. 22 p. Customer information control system 

A59U91C. S Heath Company; 3njan7U; A59it92U. (CICS) logic manual; program number 

A Self-instructicnal program on child 5736-XX6 (DOS-FNTPY) feature number 603?, 

abuse and neqlect. By Ray E. Heifer. 1 A59U925. 3rd ed. 2U8 p. (Program prcduct) 

V. e Fay E. Heifer; 1Sep7it; A59U910. Switch; or, Fov to change the TV set € International Eusiness Bachines 

from often cr to on 'n' off. 2 folders, 1 Corporation a. a. d. : IBB Corpcratic" (3n 

p. 6 cutouts. i9 fiction for Chil-dren's notice: International Business Bachines 

Television; 8Nov7'(; A59U925. Corpcration) ; 31Bay73; 9591939. 

A59U92e. A59119U0. 

A Practical approach tc the diagnosis 0S/VS1 job management logic, Felease 

and treatment of oral disease. By Eonald 3.1. 1th ed. Sheets (799 p.) (Systems) 

A. Baughman. 150 p. C Donald A. C International Business Machines 

Eauqhman; 5Dec7ii (in notice: 1975); Corporation a.a.d.: IBB Crrpcra*-ion (in 

A59U92e. notice: International Business Bachines 

Corporation); 25Nov7i4; A59ii9uo. 

Philatelic investments' report, 1970; A5909m, 

The Preferred citizen. "^ p. supplement. 27 p. Appl. au: Garrett Fetail batch communications subsystem: 

€ Cornhusker Casualty Ccmpany; 27sep70; Leefe Helms C- Allan Charles Heisbecker, program description/operations manual; 
A59II913. Jr. e Garrett leefe Helms 6 Allan Charles program number 5798-EDJ. 155 p. (Field 

Heisbecker, Jr.; esep7it; A59U927. developed program) e International 

A59H91U. Business Bachines Corporation a.a.d.: IBB 

The General aviation industry: review 8591928. Corporation (in nc'-ice: International 

and outlcok, Auqust 19, 1971. By Alan Texas history illustrated. 55 p. NB: Business Bachines Corporation); 22Ncv71; 

Benasuli 6 Roger Tulcin, 31 p. Appl. au: revisions. C Texas State Historical A591911. 
Drexel Burnham and Company, Inc. S Drexel Association; 1Sep71; A591928. 

Burnham and Company, Inc.; 21Auq7i ; A591912. 

A59U91i>. A591929. IBS log tape analysis: systems guide; 

e pictorial ideas. By Leland Beaman. 1 program number 5798-cAQ, feature number 

A591915. v. e Lee Beaman; 310ct71; A591929. 8168. 25 p. (Field developed program) 

General Electric and Bestinqhouse: e International Business Bachines 

ccnsumer products outlook, Auqust 22, A591930. corporation a.a.d.: IBB Corpora*!^ (in 

1971. By Alan Benasuli 6 Roger Tulcin. 9 B. H. Pichardson and his office: a notice: International Business Bachines 

p. Appl. au: Drexel Burnham and Company, centennial of his move to Boston, 187"; Corpcration); iDec7i; A591912. 
Ire. e Drexel Burnham and Company, Inc.; selected drawings, Introd, 5 catalogue by 
28Auq71; A591915. James F. O'Gorman. 220 p. Add. ti: Eenry A591903. 

Hobson Pichardson, and his office, DBCBP interface for FPG 2 — system/37C 

A59tt9ie. selected drawings. Appl. au: Harvard DCS/vs: program descrip'-icn/operation = 

Solar heated buildinos: a brief survey. College Library, Department of Printing manual; program number 5798-FEZ. 121 p. 

By William Asahel shurcliff. 5th ed. 18 and Graphic Arts. C The President and (Field developed program) c Internaticral 

p. e Billiam Asahel Shurcliff; 178uq71: Fellows of Harvard College; 220ct71; Business Bachines Ccrpcraticn a.a.d.: lEf 

A591916. A591930. Corpcration (in notice: Interna'icnal 

Business Bachines Corporation); 23Sep7i; 

A591917. A591931. A591':i3. 

Decent exposures. Britten 8 photoo- Preliminary course in handwriting 

Taphed by Peter Simon with an introd. by analysis. By George p. Willy Enterprises. A5°1911. 

Asa Elliot, pseud, of Elliot Blinder. 121 67 p. Appl. au: George B. Hilly. API financial planning system: system 

p. Appl. states all new except introd. S George E, Willy; 11Sep7i; A591931. ouide; program number 5798-EtE, feature 

e Peter Simon; 150ct71; A591917. number 8111. 91 p. (Field developed 

A591932. program) C International Business 

A591918. RE section 86216, option 100, option Bachines Corporation a.a.d.: IBB 

Decent exposures. written 6 photog- 010, option OOi, option 33C: manual Corporation (in notice; International 

raphcd by Peter Simon with an introd. by supplement. 1 v. t Hewlett-Packard Business Bachines Corporation); 22Ncv71; 

Asa Elliot, pseud, of Elliot Blinder. 121 Company; 18Jul71; AS91932. A59i9ni. 
p. C en introd,; Asa Elliot; 15Cct71; 

A591S18. A591933. A591915. 

Power splitter 1iee7A: operating and Accounts payable for system/370 DCS/VS: 

A591919. service manual. 10 p. e Hewlett-Packard systems guide; prooram number 5798-CAC, 

HP-15 programs. 2 p. Appl. au: Fred Company; 23Sep7i; A591933. feature number 8161. 165 p. (Field 

Oliver Simons, Jr. E Richard C. Harden. developed proqram) C International 

e FOE-FCH, solely owned by Fred Oliver A591931. Business Bachines Corporation a.a.d.: IBP 

Simons, Jr. 6 Pichard c. Harden; 26Apr7i; Diverse poems. By Savannah D. Cureton. ccrpoiation (in notice: International 

A591919. 11 p. Portions prev. reg. 196i. NB: Business Bachines Corpcration); 2esep7i ; 

ccmpilation £ additions. e Savannah D. A591915. 
A591920. Cureton: 120ct71; A591931. 

Workbook for the Instrument approach S591916. 

procedure charts. By Dana Biddlekauff A591935. IBB 3600 finance comiunicaticn system; 

(Dana Biddlekauff Bernard) 16 p. e Dana Legal protection for the mentally system summary. 3ra ed. 62 p. (Systems) 

handicapped. Prepared by Bontgomery f International Business Bachines 

These entries alone may not reflect the conipJete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

J59«9U7 - S59U976 


S59U9U6 (COB.) 

corporation a. a. a.: IBM Corporatior. _ (in 
no*ice: InternatioTial Business Machines 
corporation): 13Dec73; A5909B6. 


Accounts payatle for Evstein/370 rcs/VS: 
proqrair aescription/operations manual; 
program number 579e-CBC. 81 p. (Field 
developed program) 6 International 
Business Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation); 2USep7ii; 


•rso/vs2 proqramminq control facility: 
program descriptior/opeTations manual; 
program number 5798-EEJ. 35 p. (Field 
developed program) NM: editorial revision 
6 additional text. 6 International 
Business Machines ccrporation a.a.d.: IBB 
corporation (in notice: international 
Business Machines Corporation); 25Sep7n; 


Retail credit management system/370; 
program number: 5798-BXl(. Sheets (311 p.) 
(Field developed program program 
description/operations manual) 
e International Business Machines 
Ccrporation a.a.d.: IBM corporatior (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
Corporatior): 210ct7U: J59«9U9. 


Proqramminq guide for IBM system/7 
teleprocessing multiplexer module/feature 

RPO D08010 (TPMF) and EPQ E08011 (TFMM) 

program numher: 5798-viFG. 1 v, (Systems) 
e International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d.: IBB corporation (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
Corporation); 22Hov7ii; A59K950. 


GIS/DDT translation of iHS/DBDs; program 
number: 5798-BBN, feature number: 8ai7. 
18 p. (Field developed program systems 
guide) C International Business Machines 
corporation a.a.d.: IBM corporatior (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
corporation); 251Iov7il; &59«951. 


Advanced function for communications 
system summary. 1 v. (Systems) 
e International Business Machines 
corporation a.a.d.: IBB Corporatior (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
Corporation); 21Sep7ii; A59ii952. 


Operator's library: 0S/VS1 TCAM. 2U p. 
(Systems) S International Business 
Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
corporation (in notice: Internaticral 
Business Machines Corporation); 20ct7ii; 


IBM 3660 supermar)iet system intro- 
duction. 3ra ed. 1 V. (Systems) 
e International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d,: IBM Corporatior (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
Corporation); 230ct7U; A59U95U. 


3660 exception log processinq subsystem, 
proqram number: 5798-CDN. 125 p. (Field 
developed program progran descripticn- 
/operations manual) C International 
Business Bachines corporation a.a.d, IBM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines corporation); 1liov7U; 


3663 supermar)iet terminal parts catalog. 
50 p. (IBM maintenance library) 
e International Business Bachines 

ccrporation a.a.d.: lEfi corporation (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
Corporation); 1tCct7it; A59it956. 


IBM 3650 retail store system sales 
operations guide, IBM 3653 point of sale 
terminal. 1 v, (Systems) 6 Inter- 
national Business Machines Corporation 
a.a.d.: IBM Ccrporation (in notice: 
International Business Machines Cor- 
poration) ; 26Jun7U; A59II957. 


Transmission loop line tester theory- 
-maintenance, 3ra ed. 1 v. (IBM 
maintenance library) C Ir.ternational 
Business Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation); 11Bar7«; 


IBB 3650 retail store system intro- 
duction. 2na ed. 1 V. (Systems) 
€ International Business Machines 
Ccrporation a.a.d.: IBM corporation (in 
notice; International Business Bachines 
corporation); 28Jun7U; A590959. 


OS/VS TCAB programmer's guide. 1 v. 
(IBB technical newsletter, no.GN30-555S) 
JIM: editorial revision S additional text. 
e International Business Bachines 
ccrporation a.a.d,: IBB Corporation; 
27Mar7U: A59U960. 

A591i961 . 

IBM 3650 retail store system instal- 
lation manual — physical planning. 2nd ed. 
1 V. (Systems) C International Business 
Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
Ccrporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation) ; 'ISep7i(; 

A590 962. 

Certificates of deposit accounting for 
system/370; program number: 5798-CDP, 
feature number: 8525. 66 p. (Field 
developed program systems guide) 
e International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d,: IBM Corporation (in 
notice: International Business Bachines 
Ccrporation); 22Bov7it; A59«?62. 


IBM 37nu and 3705 communications 
controllers emulation program generation 
and utilities guide and reference manual. 
5th ed. 1 V, (Systems) C International 
Business Bachines Corporation a.a.d,: IBB 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation); 1Apr7i4; 


IBM 3650 subsystem program preparation 
support — application programmer's guide. 
1 V. (Systems) S International Business 
Machines corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines corporation); 27Jun7K; 
B59'<96U . 


IBM 370U and 3705 communications 
controller principles of operation. 1 v. 
(IBM technical newsletter, no.GN30-30 21) 
DM: updating 6 additions. « International 
Business Bachines Corporation a.a.d.: IBB 
corporation; 8Jul7it; A59U965. 


OS/VS TCAB logic. Sheets. (Systems) 
KM: editorial revision S additions. 
€ International Business Bachines 
corporation a.a.d.: IBB Corporation (in 
notice: International Business Bachines 
corporation); 13Feb7a (in notice: 1973); 


lEB 3650 retail s^cre system subsystem 
definition and programmer's guide. 1 v, 
(Systems) S irternaticnal Btslness 
Bachines Co'-poration a. a. a.: IBB 
Corpcration (in notice: International 
Business Bachines Corporation); injur""; 


IBM 3701 and 3705 coirmunica*ion s 
controllers emulation program, program 
logic manual. 2na ea. Sheets. 
(Systems) 6 Internat icnal Eusiness 
Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
Corporation (in notice: In'-ernat lonal 
Business Bachines Ccrporation); 29Mar7U; 


IBM 3660 supermarJiet systeu installaticn 
manual, physical planning. 2nd ed . 1 v, 
(Systems) e Internat icnal Business 
Bachines Corporation a.a.d.: IBB 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines corporation); 5Spr71; 


API financial planning system; program 
number: 5798-BDE. 22i p. (Field 
developed program, program descriptlcn- 
/operations manual) 6 International 
Business Machines Corporation a,a,d,: TEM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines corporation); 22Ncv7i; 


Generalized information system/virtual 
storage (GIS/VS) general infcrmaticn 
manual; program number 5710-y}!7, 68 p, 
(Prooram product) e International 
Business Machines Corpcration a.a.d.: IBM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines corpcration); IIFetTI 
(in notice: 1973); 8591971. 


Introduction to the lEM 37C1 and 3705 
communications controllers. 1 v. (IBM 
technical newsletter, no.G!i27-3127) SB: 
revisions S adaitlons. e International 
Business Machines corpcration a.a.d,: IBM 
Corporation; 18Er7i (in notice: 1973); 


7175 models 1 and 2 display con'-rol 
system introduction, main'-enance, parts 
catalcg. 1 v. (IBM maintenance library) 
e International Business Bachines 
Corpcration a.a.d.: IBC corpcration (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
Corporation); 1 3Feb71 (in notice: 1°73) ; 


365C retail store system service guide; 
IBM 3651 model 50 store controller, lEt 
3653 point of sale terminal, IBM 3659 
remote communications unit. 1 v. (IBM 
maintenance library) e International 
Business Bachines corporation a.a.d.: IB!" 
Corpciation (in notice: International 
Business Bachines corporation); 2iJun"i; 


CS/VS message library: rooting and 
descriptor codes; VS1 release 3.1, VS2 
release 2. 5th ed. 31 p. (Systems) 
C In*-ernational Business Bachines 
Corporation a.a.d.: IBM Corpcration (i" 
notice: International Business Bachines 
CorpcrationV ; 25Ncv71; A591975. 


0S/VS1 RES system programmer's guide; 
release 3,1, 3rd ed, 169 p. (Systems) 
e international Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d.: IBM Corporation (In 

These entries alone may not refiect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office tor information about any additional records that may exist. 

ft59tt977 - A59500S 


JSK. - JON. 1<:T5 

4591976 (con.) 

notice: International Easiness Machines 

Cotporation) ; 25Nov7a; A59it976. 


IBM 3705 emulation proqram qeneration 
and Icqic manual for proqram support for 
hardware PFO H2e099, saeee line control: 
pioqram number 5799-WEG. 2rd ed. 13 p. 
(Systeirs) C International Business 
Machines ccrporation a. 3, d. : IBM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines corporation): 1Ncv7U; 

A5911 978. 

0S/VS1 storaqe estimates: release 3.1. 
nth ed. 229 p. (Svstems) © Inter- 
national Business Machines Corporation 
a.a.d.: IBM Corporation (in notice: 
International Business Machines Cor- 
poratior): 25Nov7U: A59il97e. 


IMS DC monitor summary and system 
analysis proqram, proqram number 5798-CCT; 
proqram description/operations manual. 72 
p. (Field developed prcqram) C In- 
ternational Business Machines Corporation 
a.a.d.: IBM Corporation (in notice: 
International Business Machines Cor- 
poration) : 21NOV711: A5914979. 


IBM 37CU and 3705 communications 
controllers emulation proqram storace and 
performance reference manual: versicn 1 
modification 2. nth ed. 36 p. (Systems) 
e International Business Machines 
Ccrporation a.a.d.; IB« Corporation (in 
notice: International Business Hachlnes 
Corporation): 25nar7U; J59U9eO. 


IBM 3872 modem problem determination. 
Folder. NM: complete rewrite. 
e International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d.: IBM Corporation (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
Corporation): 5Auq7H: 6591981. 


3701 reference summary. 2 p. 
S International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d.: IBM Corporation (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
Corporation) : 8May71; A590982. 


0S/VS1 release 3.1 quide; release 3.1. 
15 p. (Systems) International Business 
Machines ccrporation a.a.d.; IBM 
Corporation (in notice; International 
Business Machines corporation) ; 25Nov71 ; 


CE/VS messaqe library: VS1 RES ETAM and 
account messaqes: release 3.1. 3rd ed. 1 
V. (Systems) C International Busi-ness 
Machines ccrporation a.a.d.: IBM 
Corporation (in nctice: International 
Business Machines Corporation) ; 25Nov71; 


Batch query facility for DOS/VS, proqram 
number; 5798-CBY: proqram descripticn- 
/operations manual. 37 p. (Field 
developed proqram) € International 
Business Machines corporation a.a.d,: IBM 
Ccrporation (in notice; International 
Business Machines corporation); 21hov71: 


377C data communication system 
maintenance information. Vol. 3; 
inteqrated disjjette devices. 1 v. (IBM 
maintenance library) International 
Business Machines corporation a. it. a. 
International Business Machines, Ire. 
a.a.d.: IBM Corporation (In notice; 

International Business Machines Cor- 
poration) : 11N0V71; 6591986. 


OS/VS message library: vsi system codes; 
release 3.1. 5th ed. 73 p. (Systems) 
^ Ictern^tional Business Machines 
ccrporation a.a.d.; IBM corporation (in 
no*ice; International Business Machines 
Corporation) ; 25Nov71; B591987. 


M.T.C. S./CICS 327C screen format 
utility, proqram number: 5798-CBH; program 
description/operations manual. 268 p. 
(Field developed program) C International 
Business Machines Corporation a.a.d.; IBM 
Corporation (in notice; International 
Business Machines Corporation); 22Nov71; 


Certificates of deposit accounting for 
system/370, program number; 5798-CDP; 
program description/operations manual. 
119 p. (Field developed program) 
e International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d.; IBB Ccrporation (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
corporation); 6Dec7i; 6591969. 


Fleet database reporting system for 
system/3870 DOS/VS, program number: 
5798-CES, feature number; 8191; systems 
guide. 209 p. (Field developed program) 
e International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d.: IBM Corporation (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
ccrporation): 22Nov71: B591990. 


System/370 PPG 2 analysis and docu- 
mentation aid, program number; 5798-cri, 
feature number; 8523; systems guide, 6 p. 
(Field developed program) © International 
BusiresE Machines Ccrporation a.a.d.; IBM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation); 110ct71; 


System/370 EPG 2 analysis and docu- 
mentation aid, program number; 5798-CDl; 
proqram description/operations manual. 11 
p. (Field developed program) © In- 
ternational Business Machines Corporation 
a.a.d.; IBM Corporation (in notice; 
International Business Machines cor- 
poration) ; 170ct71; 6591992. 


Fixed asset accounting and control 
system for system/370 DCS/VS, program 
number; 5798-AYD, feature number: 8363; 
systems guide. 1 5 p. (Field developed 
program) © International Business 
Machines Corporation a.a.d.; IBM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Ccrporation): 21Sep71: 


Retail batch communications subsystem, 
proqram number: 5798-BDJ, feature number; 
8118; systems guide. 52 p. (Field 
developed program) © International 
Business Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
Ccrporation (in notice; International 
Business Machines corporation); 21Nov71; 


3770 data communication system 
maintenance information. Vol.5: 
integrated line printers. 1 v. (IBM 
maintenance library) C Internaticnal 
Business Machines Corporation a.)!. a. 
International Business Machines, Inc. 
a.a.d.: IBM Corporation (In notice; 
International Business Machines, Inc.); 
12HOV71; 6591995. 


IBM 3767 models 1 and 2 communication 
terminal component description. 1 v. 
(Systems) C International Business 
Machines ccrporation a.a.d.; IBM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corpcratl en) ; 12Sep"1; 


365 1 store controller-model 060 parts 
catalog. 19 p. (IBM maintenance lit^ary) 
C International Business Machines 
Corporation a.e.d.: IBM Corporation (in 
notice; International Business Machines 
Corporation) ; 5Bug"'1; 6591997. 


IBM 3770 data communication system, 
system components. 1 v. (Systems) 
C International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d.; IBM Corporation (in 
notice; International Business Machines 
corporation); 9Sep71; 6591998. 


366C supermarlce* system service guide; 
IBM 3651 model 60 store controller, IBB 
3663 lodels 1 and 2 Eufermar)(et terminal, 
IBM 3669 store communications unit. 2nd 
ed. Sheets. (IBM mairtenance library) 
C International Business Machines 
corporation Internaticnal Business 
Machines, Inc. a.a.d.; IBM Ccrporation 
(in nctice; International Business 
Machines, Inc.); 80ct71; 6551999, 


0S/VS1 supervisor loalc, release 3.1. 
uth ed. sheets (376 p.) (Systems) 
e International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d.; IBM Corporation (In 
notice; International Business Machines 
Corporation) ; 25Nov7«; 6595000. 


os/VS messaqe library: 7S1 system 
messaces, release 3.1. 1th ed. 1 v. 
(Systems) e International Business 
Machines Corporation a.a.d,: IBM 
corporation (in nctice; International 
Business Machines corporation); 25tiov71; 


conversion aid; IBM DOS/VS 6IIS Cobcl 
from Burroughs E5500 Ccbol; program number 
5798-CBP. 36 p. (Field developed 
program, program description/operations 
manual) © International Business PacHnes 
corporation a.a.d.; IBM Corporation (in 
notice; International Business Machines 
Corporation); 22Nov71; 6595002. 


3653 point of sale terminal parts 
catalog. 33 p. (IBM maintenance library) 
© International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d.; IBM Corporation (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
Corporation) ; eMay7i; 6595003. 


IBM 3650 retail s*-ore system, admi- 
nistrative operations guide. 1 v. 
(Systems) © International Eusiness 
Machines Corporation a.a.d,: IBM 
Corporation (in notice; In+ernational 
Business Machines Corpcraticf) ; 21Ji;n71; 


lEM 3705 emulation program generation 
and logic manual for program support for 
hardware RPQ 858663, plotter adapter; 
program number 5799-SF6, PSHPPC P850C8. 
13 p. (Systems) € International Business 
Machines corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
Corporation (in notice; Internaticnal 
Eusiness Machines Ccrpcratl on)-; 196pr71; 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


OSK. - JUN. 19T5 


IBH Evnchroncus data link control, 
qeneral information. 1 v.. (Systeus) 
e mternaticnal BusiceEs Machines 
Corporation a.a.d,: IBM Corporation <in 
notice: International Business Machines 
Corporation); ISMayTD; A595006. 


IBM 3705 erulaticn prcgram generation 
and logic manual for proqrainiDiEq PPC 
peEOIS, virtual 50 line support; prcqrau 
number 5799-SKC. 8 p. (Systems) 
€ Internaticnal BusineEs Machines 
Corporation a.a.d,: IBM Corporation (in 
notice; International Business Machines 
corporation); 20Jun7U; A5950C7. 


Fixed asset accountinq and control 
system for Eystem/370 EOS/VS; proqram 
number 5798-iyD. 1 v. (Field developed 
prcqram, program description/operations 
manual) C International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d,: IBt* Corporation (in 
notice; International Business Machines 
Corporation): 23Sep7u; A595008, 


EOS and DCS/VS to 0S/VS1 implementation 
quide; VS1, release 3. 3rd ed. 3C1 p, 
(SvsteirtE) International Business 
Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
corporaticTj (in notice: International 
BuEii^esE Machines corporation): 25Nov7U; 


CS/VS1 supervisor services and macro 
instructions; release 3,1. 2nd ed, 235 
p. (Systems) e International Business 
Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBH 
corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation); 25Nov7a; 


1980-2U selectric I/O printer, models A, 
B, and C; parts catalcq, 7 p, (IBM 
maintenance litirary) 6 International 
Business Machines Corporation a.a.d.; IBB 
Corporation (in nctice: International 
Business Machines Corporation); 1 1 Bar7U ; 


CS/VS1 I/O supervisor loqic; release 
3.1. nth ed. 217 p, (Systems) 
e International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d,: IBM Corporation (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
Corporation); 251Iov7U ; A595012. 


IBM 37C7 remote data acquisition and 
ccntrcl station functional characte- 
ristics. 2na ed. 1 V. (Systems) 
€ International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d,: IBM Corporation (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
Corporation): 3Dec7U: A595013. 


Computer-assisted pharmacy system ; 
executive overview. 1 8 p. C Inter- 
national Business Machines Corporation 
a.a.d.: IBM Corporation (in notice; 
International Business Machines Cor- 
poration) ; l4Bec7U; A59501«. 


Job control lanquaqe editor, Frocram 
no. 579e-PDC. 13 p. (installed user 
proqram) C International Business 
Machines corporation a.a.d,: IBM 
Corporation (in nctice; International 
Business Machines corporation) ; 12Eec7U; 


Hater and waste water treatment. 3U p. 
e International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d.: IBM corporation (in 

nctice: International Business Machines 
corporation); 13Dec7U; A595016. 


NCP/TCAM network user's guide. 1 v. 
(Systems) © International Business 
Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBB 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation) ; 1Mar7ii; 


San Diego Gas and Electric, cost 
general; an accountinq system for public 
utilities; program description/operations 
manual. Proqram no. 5796 AFQ. 1 v. 
(Installed user program) 6 Internaticnal 
Business Machines corporation a.a.d.: IBB 
Corporaticn (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation) ; UDec7y; 


IBM 7U60-U stub card reader, EPQ EP7595: 
installation manual — physical planning. 
Folder. (Systems) International 
Business Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
Corporation (in notice; International 
Business Machines Corporation); IIDecTt; 


Generalized information system/virtual 
storage (GIS/VS) ; user's guide. Program 
no, 57'40-xx7. 73 p. (Program product) 
§ International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d,: IBM Corporation (in 
notice; International Business Machines 
corporation); 180ct7U: A595020. 


3735 programmable buffered terminal 
theorv--maintenance, 5th ed. tO p. (IBM 
maintenance library) C International 
Business Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation); 12Fet7ii; 


3735 programmable buffered terminal 
theory — maintenance, nth ed. 39 p. (IBH 
maintenance library) C International 
Business Machines Corporation a.a.d,: IBM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation); 13Jul73: 


Interactive training system; operations 
quide. Proqram no,573U-xxc. 3rd ed. 65 
p. (Program product) C International 
Business Hachines Corporation a.a.d,: IBM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation); 13Nov7a; 


IBM system/370 model 135 — terminal 
adapter type 1, model 2 (for ICA) : special 
feature description. 13 p. (IBM 
technical newsletter, GN2it-0708) DM: 
additions. C International Business 
Machines Corporation a.a.d,; IBM 
corporation: 2Dec7it; A59502a. 

5 595025. 

IBM syEteip/370 subsystem support 
services; user's quide. 2rd ed, 1 v. 
(Systems) € International Business 
Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation); 23Sep7a; 


Systems network architecture data flow 
and concepts; student materials. 12 p. 
e International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d,; IBM Corporation (in 
nctice: International Business Hachines 
Corporation); 3Dec7(i; A595026. 

A5950 27. 

3659 remote control unit parts catalog 
13 p. (IBM maintenance library) 
C International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d,: IBf corpcration (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
ccrpciation) ; 6Hay7U; J595027, 


3U2C-3, 5, 7/3803- 1 product training; 
preliminary edition, octcber 197H. 52 p, 
(IBH field engineering educaticn 
supplementary course material) 
e International Business Machines 
Corpcration a.a.d.: IBf Corporation (in 
notice: International BusineES Machines 
Corpcration): lloct7a; P595028. 


IMS/VS data hase listings; preliminary 
edition, October 19711. Eoo)c 1. 117 p. 
(IBM field engineering education 
supplementary cour-je material) DM: 
modifications, € International Business 
Hachines Corporation a.a.d.; IBB 
Corpcration (in notice; International 
Business Machines Corporation); 1Cc*7U: 


SyEtem/3, model 15, CCP Internals; 
preliminary edition, Sep+ember 1S70. 175 
p, (IBM field enginee-ring education 
supplementary course material) KM: 
modifications. e International Business 
Machines Corporation a,a,d,: IBB 
Corpcration (in notice: Internaticnal 
Business Machines Corporation); ncc»7U; 


5090-N01, N02 maritiie system, 
Intrcduction; preliminary edition, 
Sep*eiber 1971. 98 p. (IBM field 
engineering 6ducatioT^ student self-study 
course) © International Busi^esE Machines 
corporation a,a,d,: IBM Corporation (In 
notice: International Business Machines 
Corpcration); 2;oct7it: 6595031. 


Telephone services applic?tion for 
syEteiD/7. Program nc.5798-Etl. 7" p. 
(Field developed prograir, systems guide) 
e International Business Machines 
Corpcration a.a.d,: IBH Corpcration (in 
notice: International Business Bachlnes 
Corpcration); 23Aug7ii: A595032, 


Belt printer concepts, 2nd ed, 31 p, 
(IBH field engineerliig education studen* 
self-study course) e International 
Business Machines Corporation a.a.d,: IBM 
Corporation (in notice; International 
Business Machines Corporation) ; 20Sep7U; 


Eutsystem support services; preliminary 
edition, August 197u. 1U5 p. (IBM f^'eld 
engineering education student self-study 
course) e International Business Baohires 
Corporation a.a.d.; IBM Corpcration (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
Corporation); 3rsep7a; A595')3it, 


System/7, MSE/7 preschool, 2nd ed, 190 
p, (IBM field engineering education 
student self-study course) C Inter- 
national Business Machines Ccrporatic" 
a.a.d,; IBM Corporation (in notice: 
International Business Machines Cor- 
poration); 3Sep7U; A595"35, 


General ledger and financial accounting 
for the system 3, model io disk. Program 
no.5798-AZI, feature nc, 8383. 97 p. 
(Field developed program, systems guide) 
NM: updating. C International Business 
Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBM 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

4595037 - A5950e7 



AES5036 (COB.) 

Corporation (ii nctice: laterEatioral 

BuEinesE Machines Corporation); 19Suq7U; 



Disk file prcqram qenerator for 
SVSteji/3, model 6 (BBG) , sv£teiii/3, irodel 
10 (BEH) Proaram no.5798-EEG 6 579e-BEH. 
120 p. (Field developed program, p-ogram 
descrip^ion/operatiore manual) 
e International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d, : IBM Corporation (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
corporation) ; 23Auq7i4: A595037. 


ATMS operations quick reference quide. 
30 p. C International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d,: IBM Corporation (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
Corporation); 20Ncv7U ; A595038. 


Information manaqement system/virtual 
storaqe (IMS/VS) application proqrairming 
reference manual. 1 v. (Proqram product) 
e mternaticnal Busines? Machines 
Corporation a.a.d.: IBM corporation (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
corporation): 11Mar7ii; A595039. 


IBM 3eiu consumer transaction facility 
operator's quide. 1 v. (Systems) 
e International Business Machines 
Corporation, a.a.d.: IBM corporatioT' (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
Corporation): 27Nov7it; A5950U0. 


Introduction to the IBM 3701 and 3705 
communications controllers. 3rd ed, 75 
p. (Systems) C International Business 
Machines Ccrpcration a.a.d.: IBM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation): 22Cct7tt; 


NetHorli control proqram/TCAM network 
user's quide. 2nd ed. 1 v. (Systems) 
e International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d.: IBM Corporation (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
Corporation); 23Sep7i4; A5950'i2. 


IBM 3701 and 3705 communications 
controllers oriqinal eouipment manu- 
facturers' information. Ith ed. 6 9 p. 
(Systems) C International Business 
Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation); UJun71; 


IBM 3650 retail store system: host 
croqram loqic. 1 v. (Systems) 
e International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d.; IBM corporation (in 
notice; International Business Machines 
Corporation); 17Jul7«; A5950iiii. 


IBM 3650 retail store system loop 
interface oriqinal equipment manufac- 
turers' information. 1 v. (System^) 
e International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d.: IBM Corporation (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
Corporation); 1Jul7U: A5950it5. 

AS 95 0" 6. 

IBM 3650 supermarket system subsystem 
definition and proorammer' s quide. 1 v. 
(Systems) t International Business 
Machines Corporation, a.a.d.: IBM 
Corporation (in notice; International 
Business Machines Corporation); 15Suq7i: 


IBM 3701 and 3705 communicatiocs 
controllers, networjt control program/VS 
generation and utilities, guide and 
reference manual (for OS/YS and DOS/VS 
VTBf users) Version 3. 1 v. (Systems) 
e International Business Machines 
Corporation, a.a.d.: IBM Corporation (in 
notice; International Business Machines 
Corporation): 6Aug7it: A5950U7. 


Generalized information system/virtual 
storaqe (GIS/VS) general information 
manual; program number 57nc-X)!7. 2nd ed. 
81 p. (Proqram product) C International 
Business Machines Corporation, a.a.d.: IBM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation); 22Apr7i>; 


Advanced text management system (ATMS) 
IIAFN ATMS workbook. 2nd ed. 32 p. 
(Proqram product) © International 
Business Machines Corporation, a.a.d.: IBM 
Corporation (in notice; International 
Business Machines CorporatloTi) ; 13Nov7ii; 


System 370/360 system concepts and 
programming part 3, proqram descrip- 
tion/operations manual. 22 p. (Installed 
user program) e International Business 
Machines Corporation, a.a.d.: IBM 
corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation); 131lov7il; 


0S/VS2 VIO logic. Release 2. 2na ed. 
116 p. (Systems) 6 International 
Business Machines Corporation, a.a.d,: IBM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation) ; 10ct7ii; 


DL/I data base techniques for manu- 
facturing applications. 1 v. e In- 
ternational Business Machines Corporation, 
a.a.d.; IBM Corporation (in notice: 
International Business Machines Cor- 
poration) ; 12Dec7«; A595052. 


Customer information control system- 
/virtual storage (CICS/VS) conversion 
planning guide. 13 p. (Program product) 
f International Business Machines 
Corporation, a.a.d.; IBM Corporation (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
Corporation); 15Nov73; A?95053. 


A Programmer's introduction to the 
Application Control Language. 23U p. 
(Systems) C International Business 
Machines Corporation, a.a.d.: IBM 
corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation); 191lov7it; 


3651 store controller parts catalog. 18 
p. (IBM maintenance library) e In- 
ternational Business Machines corporation, 
a.a.d.; IBM Corporation (in notice: 
International Business Machines Cor- 
poration) ; 19Apr7U; A595055. 


Teleprocessing preinstallation guide for 
IBM 3701 and 3705 communications 
controllers. 1 v. (Systems) e In- 
te^-national Business Machines Corporation, 
a.a.d.: IBM Corporation (in notice: 
International Business Machines Cor- 
poration) : 1Jun71; A595056. 


3270 operator training course using 

interactive training system. 20 p, 
(Field developed program, student 
materials) C International Business 
Machines Corporation, a.a.d,: IBB 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machine; Corporation); 5cec71; 

IBM 3501 card reader/IEM 3E05 card 
reader and IBM 3525 card punch subsystem, 
6th ed. 127 p. (Systems) « Inter- 
national Business Machines Corporation, 
a.a.d.: IBM Corporation (in notice: 
International Easiness Machines Cor- 
poration); 22t)ov71; A59505E. 


Information management system/virttal 
storage (IHS/VS) planning for the IBM 36fO 
finance communication system, 1 v. 
(Program product) e International 
Business Machine; corporation, a.a.d.; IBM 
Corporation (in no*5ce: International 
Business Machines Corporation); 180c*7U; 


3666 checkout scanner service guide. 1 
V. (IBM maintenance library) e In- 
ternational Business Machines Ccrfcratio" 
a.l^.a. International Business Machines, 
Inc. a.a.d.: IBM Corporation (in notice: 
International Business Machines, Inc.); 
150ct71; A5950e''. 


IBM 3660 supermarket system: host 
program logic. 1 v. (Systems) 
e International Business Machines 
Corporation, a.a.d.: IBB Corpora»icn (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
Corporation); 16Aug71; 4595^61. 


366? store communication unit parts 
catalog. 10 p. (IBM maintenance library) 
e International Business Machines 
Corporation, a.a.d,: IBM co-nporation (in 
notice; International Business Machines 
Corporation) ; 5Aug71; A59;062, 


IBM 3701 and 3705 program reference 
handbook. 3rd ed. , July 1971. 1 v. 
e in*ernational Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d. lEM Ccrporaticn (in 
notice; International Business Machines 
Corporation); 30Jul71; A595063. 


IBM data station operator's quide 3711. 
3ra ed. , Aug. 1971. 232 sheets, 
e International {■usiT-esE Machines 
Corporation a.a.d.; IBM corporation (in 
notice; Intern a*ional Business Machines 
corporation) ; mov71; S595061. 


2710-1/2711 communication terminal; 
preliminary edition, September 1971. 3rd 
ed., Aug. 1971. 18 p. (IBM field 
engineering education administrator guide) 
e In*ernational Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d.: IBM Corporation (in. 
notice; International Business Machines 
Corporation); 210ct71; J595065, 


5ystem/3 model or configuration 
conversion aid; program number: 5799-ECZ, 
program description operations manual. 3P 
p. (Field developed program) f In- 
ternational Business Machines Corporation 
a.a.d.: IBB Corporation (in notice: 
International Business Machines cor- 
poration): 110ct71; B595"6f. 


Planning guide for 0S/VS2 support of the 
IBB 3510. 29 p. (Systems) C Inter- 
national Business Machines Ccrporaticn 
a.a.d.: IBM Corporation (in notice: 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyrighl Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

A5950e8 - S595095 


JfN. - JDK. i<;t= 

A595067 (cor.) 

International Business Machines Cor- 
poration); 70ct7l4 (in notice: 1973); 


operator's library: VTAR netuork 
operating proceaures virtual telecoi- 
Bunica^ions access niethcd (VTAK) DOS/VS, 
0S/VE1, CS/VS2. 2na ea., Oct. 197U. 7U 
p, (Systems) 6 International Business 
Machines corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation); 25Cct7ii; 


Information manaqement system/virtual 
storaae (IKS/VS) system proqramminq 
reference manual; program number 57U0-XX2, 
2na ea., Aug. 197H. Sheets. (Program 
product) e International Business 
Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation): 23Sep7U; 


Source library maintenance for cardless 
syEtem/3; program number: 5796-NAH, 
program description operators manual. 39 
p. (Installed user program) C In- 
ternational Business Machines corporation 
a.a.d.: IBM Corporation (in notice: 
Internaticnal Business Machines Cor- 
poration) ; 27Sep7U: A595070. 


3270 inquiry routine for Eystem/3 model 
10; proqrat number: 5798-NAN, program 
description operations manual. 16 p. 
(Field aevelopea proqrai) f International 
Business Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
ccrpcration (in notice; International 
Business Machines Corporation); 15^ov7U; 


3270 inquiry routine for system/3 model 
10; proqrai number: 5798-NAN, systems 
guide. 10 Po (Field developed program) 
e International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d.: IBM Corporation (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
Corporation); 15Nov7i|; A595072. 


Eemote power manaqement system/7; 
program number 5796-NAE, program 
dGscription/operations manual. 4U p. 
(Installed user program) e International 
Business Machines corporation a.a.d,: IBM 
Corporation (in notice; International 
Business Machines Corporation); 25Sep7U; 


Documentation aid for BPG 2 programs and 
dis)< pac)(E for the systeni/3 model 10; 
program number: 579e-BCH, program 
description operations manual. 19 p. 
(Field developed program) © International 
Business Machines Corporation a. a. a,: IBM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation) ; 30fuq7U; 


IBM syFtem/7 modular system programs 
(MSP/7) logic manual; program numbers: 
1130-SV-CC1, 1800-SV-001, 3eOA-TX- It, 
360A-TX-02a. 5th ed., Nov. 19711. Sheets. 
(Systems) C International Business 
Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation); 3Dec7(4; 


Simulated 3270 terminal facility for the 
svstem/3 model 10 using CCP; program 
number: 5798-AZT, feature number: 8394, 
systems guide. 21 p. (Field developed 

program) © International Business 
Machines Corporation a.a.d,: IBM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation); 31Hay7iJ; 
A 5950 76. 

AS950 77. 

System/support for audio response; 
program number: 5798-AZY, feature number: 
8397, system guide. "7 p. (Field 
developed program) © International 
Business Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation); 12Jul7il; 


Simulated 3270 terminal facility for the 
Eystem/3 model 10 using CCP; prograr 
number: 5798-AZT, program description- 
/operatlors manual, 100 p. (Field 
developed program) ? International 
Business Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation); 31May7a; 


Remote power management Eystem/7; 
proqram number: 5796-NAE, feature number: 
8312, systems quiae. 10 p. (Installed 
user proqram) © Internaticnal Business 
Machines Corporation a. a. a.: IBM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines corporation); 25Sep7it; 

A5950 80. 

Inforrration management system/virtual 
storage (IMS/VS) application programming 
reference manual; program number 57U0-XX2. 
2na ea. , Aug. 197U. 1 v. (Program 
product) © International Business 
Machines Corporation a.a.a.: IBM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation); 23Sep7ij; 


Customer information control system 
(CICSI terminal operator's guiae; program 
numbers 5736-XX6 (DOS-entry) 536- 
XX7 (DOS-standard) 573')-xx7 (os-stanaara V2) 
5th ed., NOV. 1973, 1 v, (Program 
product) © International Business 
Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation); 11Nov7H; 


Generalized information system, version 
2 (GIS/2) operations manual; program 
number 573U-XX1. 2nd 

. 1973. 


p. (Program product) y mxecna-cionei 
Business Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBn 
Corporation (in notice; International 
Business Machines Corporation); 1Jul73; 


3270 ingulry routine for system/3 model 
10; program number: 5798-NAN, feature 
number: 8532, systems guide. 10 p. 
(-Field developed program) 6 International 
Business Machines corporation a.a.d,: IBM 
corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation); 15Nov7i|; 
A5950 83. 

A59508U . 

Information management system/360, 
version 2 application programming 
reference manual; program number 573ii-xxe. 
5th ed. , Nov. 1973. 1 v, (Program 
product) © International Business 
Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation); 30Nov73; 

(Cic?) logic manual; program numter 
5736-XX7 (DOS standard) feature number 
8031. 3ra ed. , Bay 1973. 1 v, (Program 
product) C International Business 
Machines Corporation a.a.d,: IBM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation); 31Bav7?; 


The Venao Company final level parts 
management system program aescripticn- 
/operaticns manual; prccram number 
579e-AGF. 5U p. (Irstallea user prcgram) 
e The Venao Company; 3Dec7U ; A595"ef. 


Securities order matching cperatlcrs 
qulae; program numher 573U-F Brd ed. , 
Nov. 197U. 113 p. (Program proauct) 
e International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d.: IBM Corporation (5r 
notice: International Eusiness Machines 
Corporation) ; 3Dec7U; A595C87. 


3890 OS/VS off-line f ^ ne sort, program 
number: 579a-EDy; prcgram descri jtion- 
/operations manual. 53 p. (Field 
developed program) € Tnterneticnal 
Business Machines Corpora'-ion a.a.d,: IBP 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation); UNov7ii; 


IMS log tape analysis, program number: 
5798-CAQ; program descrlption/cperat Ions 
manual. 20 p. (Field aevelcped prcgram) 
€ International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.a,: IBM Ccrpcration (in 
notice: International En=ireES Machines 
Corporation); 5rec7U; A595089. 


IBB 3705 reference summary. Folder, 
e International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d.: IBB corporation ('n 
notice: International Business Bachines 
Corporation); 29AprTi; A595090, 


IBB 3701 and 3705 commnnications 
controllers, netnortt control prcgram/vs, 
program logic manual. Version 3. Sheets. 
(Systems) C Internaticnal Business 
Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
Corporation (in notice: Internaticnal 
Business Machines Corporation); 2UJ\;nu; 


IBP introducticn to da*a communica*ions 
network design; student text. 56 p. 
e International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d.: IBM Ccrpcration (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
Corporation): 29Nov7U; A595092. 


System/3 employee credit union system, 
program number: 5798-ADS; program 
description operations manual. 1 v. 
(Field developea program) KM: revisions f- 
additions. C International Business 
Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines corporation) ; 310ct7U 
(ir notice: 1971); B595093. 


IBM field engineering eaucation 
auaic-traininq tape script: 3653 poln* of 
sale terminal, sv31-n933-0. 12 p, 
e International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d.: IBM Corporation (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
Corporation) ; 1oct7q; A5?5P9U. 


IBP 3735 programmer's guide (OS, DCS and 
VS systems) 5th ed. 221 p. (Systems) 
e International Business Machines 

These esilries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Jm. - JON. 1°T5 

S595095 (CCT.) 

Ccrpctation a.a.d. : IBM Corporatior (in 

notice; Internaticnal Business Ifach5r.eE 

Ccrporation) : 11nar7ii (in notice: 1973); 



Operator's litrarv: 0S/VS1 ref€rsr\ce, 
VS1, release 3. Uth ed. 132 p. 
(SvEtems) e International Business 
Machines ccrporaticn a, a, a,: IBM 
Ccrporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation) ; 25Kov7u 
(in notice: 1973); A595C96. 


IBK svsteir/370 icdel 135 configurator. 
1 V. (IBB technical neusletter, 
no.GK2U-C7Cf , Nov. 197U) e International 
Business (Machines Corporation a. a. a.: IBB 
Corporation: 1Dec7U; A595097. 


27iiO-1/27m comBunication terminal; 
prelimlnarv edition. 170 p, (IBH field 
enqireerina education, student self-study 
course) e International Business Machines 
Corporation a.a.d,: IBB Corporation (in 
notice: International Business Machines 
Corporation): 210ct7U; A595098. 


5m5-preschocl; preliminary edition, 74 
p. (IBB field enqineerinq education, 
student self-study coarse) e Inter- 
national Business Bachines Corporation 
a.a.d.: IBB Corporation (in notice: 
International Business Bachines Cor- 
poration) ; 27Sep7U: A595099. 


Enhancenierts to mini-plan for the 
systein/3 model 10 dlsli, proqram numlrer: 
5798-AZF, feature number: 838U; systems 
quide. 99 p. (Field developed proqram) 
e International Business Bachines 
Ccrporation a.a.d.: IBH Corporation (in 
notice: Internaticnal Business Bachines 
Corporation); 17nay7«: A595100. 


5798-CDP. Printout. C Internaticnal 
Business Bachines Corporation a.a.d.: IBB 
ccrporation: 1Dec7U; A595101. 


5798-CAO. Printout. C International 
Business Bachines Ccrporation a.a.d.; IBH 
Corporation; 20Dec7«; A595102. 


370tt communications ccntrcller 
theory — maintenance. 2na ed. sheets, 
(IBH maintenance library) e International 
Business Bachines Corporation a.a.d.: IBH 
Corporation (in notice: International 
Business Machines Corporation) : eNoy73; 


System/7. BSE/7 preschool; preliminary 
edition. 2" p. (IBB field enqineerinq 
education, supplementary course material) 
e International Business Bachines 
Ccrporation a.a.d.: IBM Corporatior (in 
notice: Internaticnal Business Bachines 
Corporation); 1Sep7it; A59510i|. 


5798-NAD. Printout. C Internaticnal 
Business Bachines Corporation a.a.d.: IBH 
Corporation; 20Dec7it; A595105. 


Hilmlnqton, south New Castle County, DE, 
editicn, October 1971. C The Diamond 
State Telephone Company; 7oct7U; 


Dallas, PA, and nearby coonunitles, 
telephone directory, November 197a. C The 


Government Camp, OR, 1975. e Pacific 
Northwest Bell Telephone Company: 2Dec7«; 


Tacoma, Ashford, Elbe, telephone 
directory, 197U. e Pacific Northwest Bell 
Telephone Company; 19Aug7U; A595109. 


Bansfleld, LA, Converse, Grade Cane, 
loqansport, telephone directory, January 
1975. e South Central Bell Telephone 
Company; 26Dec7«; A595no. 


Grenada, KS , Charleston, Oaldand, 
telephone directory, November 197U. 
e South Central Bell Telephone Company; 
210ct7U; A595ni. 


Columbia, MS, telephone airectory, 
October 197U. 6 South Central Bell 
Telephone company; 27Sep7U; A595112. 


Blnchester, KY, Ford, Pilot view, 
Stanton, telephone directory, December 
197U. e South Central Bell Telephone 
Company; 9Dec7H; A595113. 


Stanford, KY, Crab Orchard, also 
listings of Eubank, Hustonville, telephone 
directory, December 1 97U . e South Central 
Eell Telephone Company; 12Dec7«; 


Greater Meridian area, MS, telephone 
directory, October 197U. e Scuth Central 
Eell Telephone Company; ieseF7H; 


Boqersville, TN, Bulls Gap, Surgoin- 
sville, and others, telephone directory, 
Cecember 197U. C South Central Bell 
Telephone Company; 25Nov7U; A5951ie. 


Greater Columbia, Including Eastover, 
following the yellow pages — listings of 
Lexington, sc, telephone directory, 
December 197i(. C Southern Bell Telephone 
and Telegraph Company; HDec7i|; A595117. 


Semiconductor demand analysis and 
competitor evaluaticn. By S. F. Accardo. 
32 p. Add, ti: Western European market, 
197U / 1977. Appl. au: William D. witter, 
inc. e William D, Witter, Inc.; 5Aug7i4; 


An Update report on Sears, Boebuck and 
Company (S55) , August 23, 1971!. 11 p. 
e William D. witter. Inc.; 23Auo7U; 


Bell System practices, AT and T Company 
standard. Section mi-50e-501. Issue 5, 
Apr. 1974. 37 p. e American Telephone 
and Telegraph Company; 20May7"4; A595120. 


Bell System practices, AT and T Company 
standard. section 41 1-504-503, issue 2, 
Apr. 1974, 7 p. C American Telephone and 
Telegraph Company; 20May74; A595121. 


Eell System practices, AT and T Company 
stanaard. Section 637-050-300, issue 2, 
July 1974. 14 p. c American Telephone 
ana Telegraph Company; 9Sep74; S595122. 



Pell system practices, ST and T Compary 
s*andard. Section 400-520-1fi1 , issue's, 
Aug, 1974, 50 p. C American Telephone 
and Telegraph Company; 12Sep74; S5S5123, 


Fundamentals of indentation hardness 
testing. 2 v. Appl, au: c, E, Devis S 
James L. Bourke, Jr. f American Society 
for Petals (in notice: Education 
Department, American Sccietv for Be*als) ; 
3Dec74; A595124. 


Bell System practices, AT and 1 Company 
standard. Section 409-502-501, issue 1, 
Apr. 1973. 4 p. e American Telephone and 
Telegraph Company; 11Jun73; A595125. 


Bell System practices, AT and T Company 
standard. Adaendum 356-"15-502, issue 1, 
Apr, 1973, 3 p, e American Telephone ana 
Telegraph Company; 11Jun73; A595126. 


Bell System practices, AT and T Company 
stanaard. Section 356-262-501, issue 3, 
Apr. 1973. 3 p, e American Telephone ana 
Telegraph Company; '11Jun73; A595127. 


Surgery of congenital lesions of the 
heart and great vessels. By Frank Gertode 
6 Ian Carr. 141 p. (Practice of surge'-y, 
Cardicvascular surgery, chap. 21) KB: 
revisions, e Harper and Bow, Publishers, 
Inc, , Medical Department: 22Nov74; 


To catch the high winds; teacher's 
edition. Ey Bernard J. Weiss, Lyman c. 
Hurt 6 Loreli Olson steuer, p,740 - 896, 
(Time to wonder, unit 6) Portions prey, 
pub. under the title Time to wonder, 
e Holt, Einehart and Winston, Inc.; 
16Apr"3; A595129. 


Trial handbook for New York lawyers. 
1974 suppl, , for use in 1974 - 1975, Ey 
Aaron J. Broder. 42 p. c The Lawyers 
Co-operative Publishlno Company; 5Dec7a ; 


Systematic settlements. 1974 suppl. , 
for use in 1974 - 1575, Ey Sanford 5, 
Hornwood. 98 p. f The Lawyers Co- 
operative Publishing Ccmpany; 18Wov74; 


The Gardener's catalogue. Written by 
Tom Piker 6 Harvey Eottenberg. 320 p. 
Add, ti: The Gardener's catalog. c The 
Gardener's Catalogue, Inc.; 230ct74; 


National aerospace standara, October 31, 
1974. sheets, e Aerospace Inaustrles 
Association of America, Inc.: 310ct74; 


Simulations in dermatology: selected 
problems in patient management. By tav^d 
1. Eamsay 6 Lawrence M. Solomon. 203 p. 
e ftpfleton-Century -Croats, a publishing 
aivision of Prentice-Hall, Inc.; 24Dec74: 


Atlas ael nundo de hoy. 64 p. nb ; 
revision 8 translation. C Eana BcNally 
ana Company; 7Hay74; A595135, 


Gahan Wilson Sunday comics. Vol.1, 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

A595137 - S595175 


A595136 (con.) 

no. 3. 1 V. NM: coirpilaticn. e Gahan 

Hilson: 7Jul7K; A;9513e. 


Instructor's manual for How to study; a 
handbook for itDrrovinq readinq and study 
skills in the secondary school and 
colleqe. By Ealph c. Preston £ Morton 
Botel. 7 p. NW: new material added to 
P.I, 2 6 5, p. 7 all new. e Science 
Research ftssociates, Iroo ; 10ct7U; 


CelebramcE la Eucaristia. By Christians 
Brusselmans £ Brian A. Haqqerty, 
traductor: sister Eloise Therese BeEcall. 
73 Vo Apclo au: General Learning 
Corporation, employer for hire. 
Translaticn of We celebrate the Eucharist. 
NB: adaptation E Spanish translaticr. 
e General learninq Corporation; 15Noy7K; 


Sponsored Prelects Information Center 
faculty research and scholarship table, 
19711 - 75. 33 p. e The Board of Trustees 
of the Lelard Stanford Junior Uniyersity; 
17Sep7ll; A595139. 


a. S. tax treatment of foreiqn losses. 
By Hilliam c. Gifford, Jr. 1 y. (Tax 
Manaqement foreiqn income portfolios, 
no, 3C6) Appl. au: Tax Banaqement, Inc. 
Appl. states no copyriqht is claimed on 
materials from U.S. Gey*, sources. C Tax 
Manaaement Inc., a diyision of the Bureau 
of National Affairs, Inc.: 30Noy7ii; 


Option commentary: "enterinq spread 
orders," Noyember 15, 197U. By Arthur 
Kaufman. 2 p. Appl. au: Hhite, Weld and 
Company, Inc. € white. Weld and Ccirpany, 
Inc.; 15Noy7it: A595im. 


ConsUTier durables update, Noyember 22, 
19711. By Milton Schlackman. 32 p. Appl. 
au; Hhite, Weld and Company, Inc. 
C White, Weld and Company, Inc. : 22Noy7U; 


Sunbeam Corporation (SMB) , Noyember 25, 
19711. By John A. Jensen, Jr. 12 p, 
Appl. au: White, Held and Company, Inc. 
e White, Held and company. Inc.; 25Noy7ii; 


Institutional research cotes, Noyember 

11 - 27, 19711. 25 p. e Hhite, Weld and 

company. Inc.; 27Noy7B ; A5951I11. 


Lowe's Companies, Inc.; updatinq report, 
Noyember 22, 19711. By Silliam P. cm, 
Jr. 5 p. Appl. au: Shite, Weld and 
Company, Inc. C Hhite, Weld and company. 
Inc.: 22Noy7ll; A5951U5. 


The Structure of earnirqs and iryes- 
tments in human resources: a comparison 
be*-ween the United States and Japan. By 
Haruo Shimada. Microfilm. 6 Haruo 
Shimada; 15Noy7il; A5951116. 


The Pennsylyania economy, 17ii8 - 1762: 
an analysis of short-run fluctuations in 
the context of lono-run chanqes in the 
Atlantic tradinq community. By Marc 
Matthew Eqnal. Microfilm. 6 Marc ratthew 
Eqral: 15Noy7il; A595m7. 


The Selection and settinq of poetry in 

the solo scnqs of Johannes Brahms. Ey 
Sister Mary Baptist Stohrer, 0. P. 
Microfilm, Appl. states all new except 
direct quotes from yarlous prey, pub. 
works G poetry & music by Johannes Brahms, 
e sister Mary Baptist Stohrer, O.P.; 
15Noy7li: A5951118. 


An Inquiry into the attitudes of local 
church members toward ordained wome*i 
ministers servinq local congreqations. By 
Fenneth Lemar Enqelman. Microfilm, 
e Kenneth Lemar Engelman; 15Noy7U; 


Traininq agricultural research and 
extension workers from less deyelcped 
countries: an examination of traininq 
approaches used by the International Bice 
Research Institute and the International 
Maize and Wheat Improyement Center. Ey 
Burton Eugene Swanscn. Microfilm, 
(i Burton Eugene Swanson: 15Ncy7ii; 


Politics and goyernment in the Borough 
of Colchester, 1660 - 1693. By Timothy 
Clair Glines. Microfilm. C limothy Clair 
Glines; 15Noy7q; A595151. 


E. H. Gombrich and beyond: a study of 
Ernst Hans Gombrich 's yiews on pictorial 
imaqery and of their implications for 
identification of the distinctive features 
of pictorial works of art. By Judith 
Diane Hilson. Microfilm. 6 Judith Diane 
Wilson; 15Noy7il: AS95152. 


Cybernetic analysis of Chinese cultural 
evolution. By Shien-min Jen. Microfilm, 
t Shien-min Jen; 15Nov7il: A595153. 


Simon Newcomb and nineteenth-century 
positional astronomy, Ey Arthur Lawrence 
Norberq. Microfilm. C Arthur Lawrence 
Ncrberg; 15Nov7ii; A5951511. 


Spontaneous and ethyl methanesulf onate 
induced polygenic mutations controlling 
viability of Drosophila melanogaster. By 
Ohmi ohnishi. Microfilm, t ohmi chnishi; 
15NOV7I!: A595155. 


Toward further understanding of human 
movement as an expressive act and its 
implications for schooling. Ey Philip 
Francis Pabich. Microfilm. C Philip 
Francis Pabich; 15Nov7il; A595156. 


The Satiric comedies of Thomas 
Middleton. By Gregg Wiley Parks. 
Microfilm. P Greqg Wiley Parks; 15Nov7il; 


E-ffects of correlation on Cusum tests 
and the sequential detection of time 
series model changes. By Michael Lee 
Baqshaw. Microfilm. P Michael Lee 
Bagshaw; 15Noy7ll; A595158. 


Recent changes in population and 
business activ^^ty in rural villages in the 
United States. By Barley Ervin Jchansen. 
Microfilm. C Barley Ervin Johansen; 
15NOV711; A595159. 


Olfactory imprinting and memory in 
salmonids. By Jon Charles Cooper. 
Microfilm. P Jon Charles Cooper; 
15NOV711; A595160. 


Ezra Pound and Guido Cavalcanti: the 
poetics of translation. By David Michael 
Keller. Microfilm. P David Michael 
Keller; 15Nov711; AE95161. 


The Formation and economic effects of 
price expectations. By Douglas Fenne*!; 
Pearce. Microfilm. P Ecuglas Kenneth 
Pearc": 15Nov7ii; A595ie2. 


"Left at libertie": the effects of the 
English Civil War and Interregnum en the 
American colonies, 16UC - ^6e''. By S^ev^-'. 
touqlas Crow. Microfilm. P Steven 
Douglas Crow; 15Nov7li; 6595163. 


Social classes, international trade and 
fore?gn capital in Colombia: an attempt a* 
historical interpreta* ?cn of the formation 
of tbe state, 1819 - 1935. Ey Francisco 
Leal-Eultrago. Microfilm. P Francisco 
Leal-Buitrago; 15Noy7ii; A595ieii. 


El Fermano asno y Los Hcmbres del 
hombre: paralelismo de estructura y 
contenidc. Ey Alberto Martinez Ralago. 
Microfilm. P Alberto Martinez Patago; 
15NOV7U; A595-'65. 


Teacher zones of acceptance end 
rejection. By Wayne Ivan Demaster, 
Microfilm. P Wayne Ivan Demaster; 
15NOV711; A59516f. 


Social and economic change in twentieth- 
century Accra: Ga women. Ey Claire Cone 
Robertson. Microfilm. P Claire Ccne 
Robertson; 15Ncv7U; A59516''. 


A History of the Chicago Auditorium. By 
Wilbur Thurman Denson. Micrcfilm. 
P Wilbur Thurman Denson; 15Noy7U; 


Behavior and ecology of feral asses 
(EguuE asinus) Ey Patricia res Poses 
Moehlman. Microfilm. P Patricia tes 
Roses Moehlman; 15Nov7ii; A595ie9. 


The Effects of student and instructcr 
characteristics en learning in an 
?itroauctory economics course. Py David 
Theodore Nelson. Micrcfilm. P David 
Theodore Nelson; 15Nov7ii; A595170. 


The Surrey Theatre under +he management 
of Thomas Dibdin: 1816 - 1822. Ey Thomas 
Richard Ryan, Jr. Microfilm, P Thomas 
Richard Ryan, Jr.; 15Ncy7ii; A595171. 


"You smart sheriffs and such": the 
function of local peace officers in 
William Faulkner's Light in August and 
Intruder in the dust. Ey Shelby Dear 
Stephenson. Microfilm, P Shelby Dean 
Stephenson; 15Nov7ii; A595n2. 


Nightsong {1971 - 72): commentary and 
analysis. Vol.1 - 2. By John Thomas 
crane. Microfilm. P John Thomas Crane; 
15Nov71(; A595173. 


Fitzgerald and the Ruba'iyat of 'Umar 
Khayyam. By Parlchehr Kasra. Microfilm. 
e parlchehr Kasra; 15Nov7ii; S59517ii. 


Two means of coping w5th childbirth: *Ve 
work of worry and reversal of voice. By 

These entries alone may not reflect the compietc Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

A595176 - A595215 


JAN. - jnn, iq"/5 

A595175 (cor.) 

Barbara Puth Cchn. Microfilm. © Barbara 

Buth cohn: 15Nov7a: a;95175. 


BulGF of acceptarce and the body cf 
scieatific kDowledqe. Bv John Crsor 
Gurrev, Jr. Hicrofilni. © John Orscn 
Gurney, Jr.: 15Noy71t; 1595176. 


Youthful suicide: a study in search of 
cues for therapeutic interventioTio By 
Patricia J. O'Keilly. Hiciofilm. 
e Patricia J. O'Peilly; 15Noy7it: 


The Eelationship of orqanizaticnal 
structure to teacher motivatioD in 
multiunit and non-iultiunit elementary 
schools. Ey Houard Scctt Herrick. 
Microfilr, e Howard Scott Herrick; 
15Nov7«: A595178. 


Robust filtering fcr linear syetpirs. By 
Hamit Oener Yurtseyen. Bicrofilm. 
C Hamit oener Yurtseyen; 15Noy7t: 


The Interpersonal yalues and role 
perceptions of beginning vocational 
education teachers in Missouri. By Kolan 
Karl Bisbee. Hicrcfilm. C Kolan Karl 
Bisbee; 15Noy7U; A595ie0. 


Pelation and neaninq in the Oueste del 
Saint Graal and Malory's Tale of ths 
SaEkqreal, By Mary E. Hynes-Berry. 
Microfilm. C Mary E, Hynes-Berry; 
15Noy7it: AE95181. 


Structure, behavior aTid cohesiveness of 
ipter-natio!! alliances: isomorphism with 
socioloqical small-qrcup model. By Thomas 
Preston Kridler. ricrofilm. € Thomas 
Preston Kridler; 15Nov7U; A595ie2. 


The Effect of qroup ccunseling on the 
persistence rate of entering community 
college freshmen. By Jerome L. Ommer. 
Microfilm. e Jerome 1, Ommen; 15(lcv7it: 


Formal unity in the novels of Igracio 
Aldecoa, By John Bernerd Jelinski. 
Microfilm. © Jack (John) Bernerd 
Jelins)ii: 15Noy7ii; A5951811. 


Elements cf an ecoloqical theory cf 
education. By Lewis Joel Perelman, 
Microfilm. e Lewis Joel Perelman; 
15f)ov7lt: A595185. 


The Construction, validation and use of 
an instrument fcr measuring attitudes of 
secondary school science methods students 
tcward aspects of science and science 
education. By Gordon Theodore lindstrom. 
Microfilm, 6 Gordon Theodore Lindstrom; 
15Nov7l»; A595186, 


The PcliticE of testing and research: an 
analysis of elite pclitical behavior; the 
case of Fronect Sanguine. By Susan 
Eleanor Johnson, Microfilm. e Susan 
Eleanor Johnson: 15Nov7U; A595187. 


The Anatomy cf citizen participation: a 
study of the participation activities and 
ideology of citizen decision-makers in 
communitv-ccntrolled day care centers. By 

Barbara A. Schram. Microfilm, e Barbara 
A. Schram; 15N0V7U; A595188. 


The Design, implementation and 
evaluation of a workshop in self- 
identification as taught in psychos- 
ynthesis, Ey Donald Joseph Mastriano. 
Microfilm, e Donald Joseph Mastriano; 
15Nov7lt: fl595189. 


The Execution scene i.n German barogue 
drama, Ey Robert John Alexander. 
Microfilm. C Robert John Alexander: 
15Hov71t; A595190. 


Merimee, dramaturge, devant la critique 
(1825 - 1970) By Barbara T. Cooper. 
Microfilm. C Barbara T. Cooper; 15Ilcv7«: 


The Concept of function in twentieth- 
century architectural criticism. By Larry 
Leroy ligo. Microfilm. e Larry Leroy 
Liqo; 15NOV711; A595192. 


Study of Wisconsin secondary school 
personnel attitudes toward the open 
admission policy within the University of 
Wisconsin system. By Edward Flcyd McDunn. 
Microfilm, e Edward Floyd McDunn; 
15NOV714; A595193, 


The Formation of a nationalist Bulgarian 
intelligentsia, 1835 - 1878. By Thomas 
Albert Heininger, Microfilm. e Thomas 
Albert Meininger; 15Nov7U; A595191!. 


Hamlin Garland's image of woman: an 
allegiance to ideality. By Gary Allen 
Culbert. Microfilm, e Gary Allen 
Culbert: 15Nov74; A595195. 


Music education in the Valley of Mexico 
during the sixteenth century. By George 
Norman Heller. Microfilm. 6 George 
Herman Heller; 15Nov7U; A595196. 


The Still life of a transition: 
cheiTiistry in the Encyclopedie. By 
Jear-Claude Daniel Roger Guedon, 
Microfilm. C Jean-Claude Daniel Roger 
Guedon: 15Noy7lt; A595197. 


The Fcrt Leavenworth schools: pos- 
tgraduate military education and 
professionalization in the U.S. Army, 1880 
- 1920, By Timothy K, Nenninger. 
Microfilm, e Timothy K. Nenninger; 
15Nov7tt; A595198. 


Asymptotic efficiency of the likelihood 
ratio conditional test for multinomial 
distributions. By Clevis De Araujo Peres. 
Microfilm. e Clovis De Araujo Peres; 
15Nov7«; A595199. 


The Etiological role of carbon monoxide 
in fibrinolytic activities. By Ekrem 
Vahap Kalmaz. Microfilm. © Ekrem Vahap 
Kalmaz; 15Nov''i*; A595200, 


A Comparison of the educational plans, 
reading interests, and instructional needs 
of high schcol seniors in college-bound 
Enqlish classes. By Pauline E. Drake. 
Microfilm, e Pauline E. Drake; 15Nov7U; 


The Effect of free readinq en the 

reading achievement and attitude of third 
and fourth grade remedial readers. By 
Partha I. Bruce McSwain. Microfilm, 
e Martha I. Bruce McSwaln; 15Nov7U: 


Gectge Hjndham at the Trish Office, 19CC 
- 1905. By Hilliam Botert Terrell, S-d, 
Microfilm. C Hilliam Pctert Ferrell, 3rd: 
15NOV-U; A595203. 


La Cuentistica de Julie Cortazar: te^-ia 
y practica. By lorna Valerie Williams. 
Microfilm, € lorna Valerie Williams; 
ISNovTU; A5952011. 


Major theories of direct private 
investment and the experience of German 
multinational manufacturing enterprises. 
By Dlrich Wesche. Microfilm, e Dlrich 
Wesche; 15Nov7U; AS95205. 


Helanesians as Methodists; economy and 
marr^'age on a Papua and New Guinea island. 
By Stuart James Eerde. Microfilm. 
e Stuart James Berde; i;nov"«; A5952C6, 


The Soprano and piccolo trumpets: their 
history, literature, and a tutor. By Jack 
Herman Hyatt. Microfilm. Appl. states 
all new except musical examples. t Jack 
Herman Hyatt; 15Ncv7U: A595207. 


Eudoetary reform — Bureau of the Budge* 
and FPBS, By John Dcnald Young, 
Microfilm. C John Donald Young; ISBovtu; 


An Experimental approach to the 
assessment of the informational aspects cf 
energy transfer. Ey Howard P. Rubin. 
Microfilm, g Howard A, Rubin; ISNov^U; 


Glycolate excretion by the blue-green 
alga Anacystis nidulans. By Tong-Whi Fan. 
Microfilm. S Tono-whi Han; 15Noy"U: 

A595211 . 

Reservoir optimization for water quality 
con*rol. By Edward Kaplan, Microfilm, 
e Edward Kaplan; 15Nov7il; a;95211, 


A Study of the interrelati.cnship of the 
constructs of administration be^-ween the 
"real" and "ideal" administrative 
situation as perceived by administrators 
of selected two-year junior and community 
colleces. Ey Card Edward Hildman. 
Micrcfilm, 6 Carol Edward wildman; 
15NOV7U; A595212, 


A Model for predicting academic 
achievement of technical college students. 
By Richard Thomas B'Hearn, Microfilm, 
t Richard Thomas A'Hear"; 15Ncv7U: 


The Comic art of Ben Jonson and Moliere. 
By Bruce Louis Jay, Microfilm. C Bruce 
Louis Jay; 15Nov7U; A5952m. 


An Analysis of accountability ooal 
statements of the public schcol districts 
in the State of Colorado using Downey's 
classification of the "task cf public 
education." By Cur*is A. Eaham. 
Microfilm. e Curtis A. Baham; 15Nov71; 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyrigliv Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


JDN. 1?T5 


Infant vocal cotriruDica-tion; a comparison 
of normal ard monqoloid humans, other 
privates and carnivores. By Carolyn 
Amelia Pistau. Microfilm. €i Carolyn 
Amelia Eistau ; ISNovTli; S5952ie. 


Los Encuentros v desencuen*rcs en la 
narrativa de Juan Garcfa Ponce. Ey John 
David Eruce-Novoa. Microfilm, e Jchn 
David Bruce-Hovca: 15Nov7U; A595217. 


Growinq old: stiqma, identity, and 
sutculture. By Russell Avery Ward. 
Microfilm. 8 Russell Avery Bard; 
15Nov7ll: A595218. 


A Comparative evaluation of three 
counselor supervision fcrmatSo By Joe Pay 
undervood. Microfilm. C Joe Pay 
Underucod; 15Ncv7U; A595219. 


Modification of catecholamine modulation 
of qanqlionlc transmission by doxepin and 
ether psychcactive aqents. Ey Jamshid 
Eakhsh Tehrani. Microfilm, e Jamshid 
Bakhsh Tehrani: 15Nov70: A595220. 


Jean Helicn: the abstTract years, 1929 - 
1939. Ey Merle Solway Schipper, 
Microfilm, e Merle Soluay Schipper ; 
15Kov7a: A595221. 


An Economfc analysis of the Federal 
funds market. Ey Pex Lee Cottlea 
Microfilm. e Rex lee Cottle; 15Kov7ii; 


The Impact of paid instructional aides 
on time allocations for teachinq 
activities in the multi-unit elementary 
school. By Steven Joel White. Microfilm, 
e Steven Joel Hhite: 15Nov7"t: A59?223, 


Factors Influencinq n. s, international 
firms in locatinq export-oriented 
manuf acturinq facilities in Sinqapore, 
Taiwan and Honq Konoo By Kenq lenq Goh. 
Microfilm. e Kenq lenq Goh; 15Nov7«; 


An Investiqation into in-service 
education in readinq in the public 
elementary schools of West virqinia. By 
Michael AloysiuE Grella, nicrofilm, 
e Michael Alovsius Grella; 15Jiov7i4; 


Dimensions and states of polypeptide 
molecules adsorbed at sclid-liquid 
interfaces. By Huno-ya chao. Microfilm. 
e Hunq-ya Chao: 15Nov7ii; A595226. 


Mental health proqram evaluation: 
attitudes, culture, and performance. By 
Cedric Frank Garaqliano. Micrcfilm. 
e Cedric Frank Garaqliano; 15Nov7U; 


A Study cf the father-role concept as 
found in a selected aroup of Catholic 
fathers and mothers. By Irvinq Alphonse 
DeBlanc. Microfilm. C Irvino Alphonse 
DeBlanc: 1ENov7U; A595228. 


Ecoloqical and behavioral relationships 
of the skunks cf Trans Fecos Texas. By 
Robert Farmer Patton. Microfilm, 
C Robert Farmer Patten: 15Nov74; 


Faulkner's black characters: a 
comparative study. By Roslyn Siegsl. 
Microfilm, e Poslyn siegel; 15JIov7U; 


In this wild water: the biography of 
some unpublished manuscripts by Robinson 
Jeffers, 1887 - 1962. by James Michael 
Shebl. Microfilm. ffl James Michael Shebl; 
i;ilov7il: A595231. 


Transactional analysis and some 
reliqious applications. Ey David Peid 
tamon. Microfilm, 6 David Beid Damon; 
15NOV70: A595232. 


Natural non- renewable resource 
development in national economic planning: 
a linear programming approach. By Gordon 
Fitzqerald Eagot. Microfilm. e Gordon 
Fitzgerald Bagot; ISNovyU; A595233. 


Two teachinq- learning models effects on 
dependence need, achievement and classroom 
dependency behavior. By Parry Louis 
Moore. Microfilm. © Harry louis Moore; 
15HOV7U; A5°523U. 


A Temporal perspective on late 
prehistoric societies in the eastern 
Cibola area: factor analytic approaches to 
short-term chronological investigation. 
Ey Hilliam Harrison Marguardt. Microfilm. 
€ nilliam Harrison Marguardt: 15Nov7U; 


Filiation and brotherhood: compadrazgo 
in Fsquipulas, Guatemala. By Carl 
Kendall, Microfilm, e Carl Kendall; 
15NOV711; A595236. 


A Pastoral ministry to the parents of 
the mentally retarded. By Robert Thurman 
Ireland. Microfilm, e Robert Thurman 
Ireland: 15Nov7«; A595237, 


A Study of the relationship between 
teacher implementation of program 
specifics and pupil achievement in an 
inner-city elementary school, Ey Paula 
Emily plourde. nicrofilm. e Paula Emily 
Flourde; 15Nov7H; A595238. 


Air pollution control in California from 
1970 to 197U: some comments on the 
implementation planning process. By 
Eugene Yee Leong. Microfilm, © Euoene 
Yee Leonq; 15Nov71t; A595239. 


Biochemical induction of homckaryotic 
fruitinq in Schizophyllum commune, Ey 
Simon Pusmin, Microfilm, © Simon Pusmin; 
15Nov7l|; A5952(l0. 


An Analysis of atrial and ventricular 
beats in conditions of pathological and 
experimental disruption of normal control; 
together with an historical introduction 
and translation from the original Greek of 
the only extant reference to enumeration 
of the pulse. By John Ernest Christ. 
Microfilm. P John Ernest Christ: 
15NOV7II; A5952«l. 


Light scattering studies in ferroe- 
lectric crystals. By Peter otto Cervenka. 
Microfilm. C Peter otto Cervenka; 
15NOV7U; A595242, 


Pastors and power, Ey William Victor 
Maloy. Microfilm. 6 William Victor 
Maloy: 15NOV70: B5952U3. 


The State nriversity of New York and 
community colleges from 19ue - 1973. Ey 
Pauline Julia Fitzgerald. Microfilm. 
C Pauline Julia Fitzqerald; 15tlov7U; 


A Critical evaluation cf the role a" d 
functions of the general counsel of the 
National Labor Relations Board in the 
investigation and prosecution cf unfair 
labcr practice charges, August 22, 1917 to 
June 25, 1971. Ey Rcald lee Gabriel. 
Microfilm, e Ponald Lee Gabriel; 
15Noy70; A5952U5. 


The Soul of Mbira: an ethnography cf the 
Mbira among the Shona people of Phcdesia. 
By Paul Franklin Berliner. Microfilm, 
e Paul Franklin Eerliner; 15Nov7U; 


The Function and replication of sindtis 
virus-specific RNB's in infected cells. 
By Daniel Tawil Simmons, Microfilm, 
e raniel Tawil Simmons; 15Ncv7ii; 


■The Logic of depiction and the logic of 
description: an analysis of "the picture 
theory" of the Tractatus and its 
cri+icisBs in the Philosophical inves- 
tigations. Ey Joseph Edmund Martire. 
Microfilm, e Joseph Edmund Martire; 
15NOV7U: B5952a8. 


Enhancing the self concept through the 
use cf photography as affective curricular 
experiences. Ey Mary Fllen Wandel, 
Microfilm. © Mary Ellen Bandel; i5Ilov7U: 


An Investigation of elementary school 
staff relationships as predictors of sixth 
grade reading, English and arithmetic 
achievement, Ey Lewis Homer Herring, 
Microfilm. C Lewis Homer Herring; 
15Nov71t: A595250. 


The Effects of behavior mcdif icati en 
inservice training on teacher behavior, 
teacher attitudes, and knowledge o*" 
behavior modification, Ey Bernard Lapp, 
Microfilm. ? Bernard Lapp; 15Nov7U; 


East Asia and the ecological perspective- 
on the roots of power cf H, and M, Sprout: 
an incuiry into the nature of power and 
the power of nature in East Asian 
political culture, Ey Edward Allan clsen. 
Microfilm. © Edward Allan olsen; 
15NOV7U; B595252. 


Donald Francis Tovey and his cont- 
ributions to the study of harmony and 
counterpoint. Ey George Larry Bhatley, 
Microfilm. Appl. sta+es all new except 
musical examples, e George Larry Fhatiey; 
15N0V7U; A595253, 


A Theoretical and empirical inves- 
tiga*ion into publication of forecasts. 
Ey Han Ki Min . Microfilm, f Han Ki Min; 
15HOV7H; A59525I4. 


Materials for the s*udy of Italian folk 

These esitries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office recordpertainingloalparticular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for Information about any additional records that may exist. 


A59525E (ecu.) 

music. Ey Palf Euqene Carriuolo, 
Bicrofllu, C Ealf luaene Carrinolo; 
15NOV7U; SE95255. 


American hospital formulary service. 
6th ^°^^1 Euppl. , Nov. 197U. sheets, 
C AmericaL Society of Hospital phar- 
macists. Ire: 29NOV7U; A59525e. 


The "Hiah" way dcwn: a different 
approach to the narcotic and drug problem. 
Onder the editcrship of Carnell Green, 30 
P. e Maverick Press; 260ct74; A595257. 


Saved by His qrace. By Odea D. Sigh, 
Sr. 1 v» Applo au; 0, Do Sigh, sr,, 
C.S.D.A. Academy. C 0. D. Sigh — C.S.D.A. ; 
5Jun73: A595258. 


How to master the metric systeiTo Ey 
Betty Van Arkel. 2nd ed. 60 p. C Betty 
Van Arkel: 23Sep7ii: A595259. 


An Eagle-feather: the short life cf 
Albert Moser, ».D. , a footnote to the life 
of Walter B. cannon. Ey Horace W, 
Eavenport. U1 p. C The Francis A, 
Countway Litrary of Medicine; 1JanT»; 


Grandfather's big ChristmaSo By Floyd 
Cruse. Card. C Floyd cruse; 12Iiov7U; 


Before 1776: the Massachusetts Bay 
Colony from founding to Eevolution. By 
Thelma Gruenbaum, illustrated by Peter 
Gruenbaum, 38 p. ? on text; Thelira 
Gruenbaum: 50ct74: 4595262. 


Before 1776: the Massachusetts Bay 
Colony from founding to Eevoluticn. By 
Thelma Gruenbaum. 38 p, Appl, au: Peter 
Groenbaum. 6 on illus. ; Peter Gruenbaum ; 
50ct7it; A595263. 


Historic Fallsinqton: the story cf an 
early Bucks County villaqeo 19 p. Appl, 
au: Helen H. Gemmlll. e Historic 
Fallsinqton, Inc.; 10Jul7<i: A59526U. 


Tee to green ; video-audio-manual game, 
5 p. Appl. au: Joe M. fcCcnnell. ■? Jce 
n. BcConnell; 30Aug7it; A5952e5. 


I was lust thinking. By Ita Johrette 
Hill McCrain £ Eletha Taus. 1 v. 
C Bccraln Publishing Company; 10ct7ii; 


Financial agreement. Form no. 105, 1 p. 
NM: revisions 6 additions. © Prof ossional 
Budget Plan; 25Nov7it; 4595267. 


Campout: a guide to group camping with a 
theme. By Mary J. Johnson. 03 p. 
e Mary J, Johnson: 12Aag7U; A595268. 


Peace plus. Edited by David James 
Eandolph. 68 p. C Tidings; 30Sep7ii; 


Hew to build a house and save several 
thousand dollars. Ey John c. Jankus, Jr., 
illuE. by Judith Hickman. 106 p. t John 
c. Jankus, Jr. : 8Sep7a; A595270. 


Paisano: the historian of the University 
cf Texas. Vol. 11, 1972 - 1973. Editor: 
Michael Alan Mccormick, assistant editor: 
Stephen Daniel Mings. 82 p. e Beta-Alpha 
Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta; 254ug73: 


Proceedings of the National Conference 
on Fluid Power, November 12, 13, 1U, 197U. 
Vol. 28: 30th annual meeting. 660 p. Held 
in Philadelphia. 6 Natioral Conference on 
Fluid Power; 300ct7«; A595272. 


Baby sitter's totes, 2 p. Appl. au: J. — Fiddie Rare Kreations. o Kiddie 
Rare Kreations, solely owned by J. 
Casner. ; 1Nov73; A595273. 


Caution: your eyes are *hG best 
respiration and apnea monitor. 1 p. 
€ Emergency Care Eesearch Institute; 
14Dec7U; 4595270. 


The Wharton cookbook: a guide to fine 
food for the aspiring executive. Sheets 
(85 p.l Appl, au: Cheryl Silverman E 
Catherine Kopley. e Cheryl Silverman; 
1Dec70; A595275. 


Eealignmento Poems E an essay by 
Clayton Eshleman, drawings by Nora Jaffe. 
1 V. Portions prev. pub. in 6 pack S 
others. € on poems; Clayton Eshleman; 
110ct7«; 4595276. 


Eealignment. Poems E an essay by 
Clayton Eshleman, drawings by Nora Jaffe. 
1 V. Portions prev. pub. in 6 pack 6 
ethers. C on drawings; Nora Jaffe; 
110ct7ll; 4595277. 


Cases and materials on environmental 
law, second edition. 197i! suppl. By 
Oscar S. Gray. 267 p. e The Bureau of 
National Affairs, Inc.; 22Aug7U; 


Metallic macrame snow-flake. Kit no. 1. 
Designed by linda Eeid. Folder. Appl, 
au: Ideal Eraid Corporation. C Ideal 
Eraid Corporation; 6Sep7ii; 4595279. 


The 4crobatic Alpha-Batic Mother Goose 
ABC book. Drawings by Star Bellei. 1 y. 
e Hubbard Press 6 star Bellel; 1Jun7it; 
A 5952 80. 

A595281 . 

Play: children's business; and a guide 
to play materials. By Patricia Maloney 
Harkun, 60 p. Appl. au: Association for 
childhood Education International. NM: 
additional text S revisions, e Asso- 
ciation for Childhood Education Inter- 
national; 100ct70; A595281. 


Bead and cook! By laura E. B. Deeny. 1 
V. e Laura E. B. Deeny; 15Nov70; 

A 5952 83. 

Instant behavior performance poetry. By 
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0NOV70; A595283, 


Pennsylvania crimes code and criminal 
law, 1970 special suppl,- By Kingsley A. 
Jarvis, oo p. e George T. Bisel Company; 
20NOV70; 4595280. 


Description cf the Eroggie program. o 
p. Appl, au; Stephen Fctert Herbst/e*eve 
Herbst. C Steve Herbst/Stephen Ecbert 
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News. Vol.10, no.o, Nov. 1Q70. Folder. 
P National Council fcr Hcmemsker-Rcme 
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The Homemaker's budget and recorfis book. 
1 V, Appl. au: Ma-ry i. McNatara. e M . 1. 
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20 p, Appl, au: Jacob Barchcskv. 6 Jacob 
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Awake, to wonder. By LaVe*a Maxine 
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SSepTO; 4595290, 

4555251 . 

Bribery, and other high crimes and 
misdemeanors, the offenses of Fichard M, 
Nixor: a guide for the people of the 
Dnited states. By William A, Dobrcvir, 
Joseph D. Gebhardt, Samue: J. Euffcne S 
Andra N, Cakes, with a fcrowcrd ly Baoul 
Eergei. 170 p. NM: revisfois, addlticnal 
tex* E compilation. C William A. 
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They called him "Mister Pisslons," Ey 
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4. Dcnnelson (Effie 4.); 25Jug7U; 


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Stuarts Draft, V4, telephone directory, 
August 1970. e The Chesapeake and Potomac 
Telephone Company of Virginia; 26Jul70; 


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V, e Commemorative Cock Bocks; 1Nov''0; 
A595 290. 


Chenical dependence, psychological 
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letter to a pin puller. By A. Spcnso^, 
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The Employee assistance program. By 
James T. Wrich. 96 p. NM: additions 6 
editorial revisions, f Hazelden 
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Strike preparation manual. 21 p. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
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A595301 - 8595303 


JDN. 1975 

A5S530n (con.) 

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Model rules; search warrant execu*ion. 
Issued by Pronect on La« Enforcemen-*- 
Policy and Puleirakinq, Colleqe of law, 
Arizona State Uriyersity, director: John 
A. LaSota, Jr., deputy director: Gecrqe w. 
Bromley. UU p. Add. ti: Model rules for 
law enforcement: search warrant execution. 
Appl. au: Colleqe of Law, Arizona state 
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Good news for smokers^ By Jaye Sherrer, 
illus. by Balph McKean. 3U p. e Jaye 
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Oranae carrots and other things. By 
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Don't qivG plaque a qhost of a chance, 
brush and floss daily. 2 p. Appl. au: 
Alfred Baryey. C Haryey Famous Cartoons; 
1Sep7ll: 8595305. 

85 95 3 06. 

Don't qive plaque a qhost of a chance, 
brush and floss daily; reproductior copy. 
1 p. Apple au; Alfred Harvey. C Harvey 
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Save the seconds that may save your 
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in French in Paroisse et liturqie in Jan. 

1971. NB: translation. 8 Potomac 
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The Sailor circus. By Mary Clark 56 
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The Official National colleqiate 
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Produced by the NC88 Publishinq Service. 
1 V. add. ti: official colleqiate 
baseball quide, 1975. t National 
Colleqiate Athletic Asscciation; 1tec7H; 


La Guerrilla per que fracaso ccmo 
estrateqia (un analisis marxista 
revolucionario) Per Pedro Miquel Cemejo, 
traducido por Alfonso Ramirez. M6 r. 
Appl. au: Pathfinder Pr=ss, Inc., employer 
for hire cf translator. Prev. pub. in 
International socialist review, November 

1972. e en proloque 6 translation; 
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The Transitional prcqiam for socialist 
revolution. By Leon Trotsky, with 
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Georqe Novack. 2na ed. 252 p. Appl. au: 

Pathfinder Press, Inc. e Pathfinder 
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A Chronological Christmas tree. By H. 
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Hedge word, word power T.V. game show. 
By Israel Beskrone, 8 p. e Israel 
Beskrone; 13Sep70; 8595323, 


God's naughtiest angels. By Janice 
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My home town. By Doris Costellc. 26 p. 
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This trail of splendor and glory — one 
hundred fifty years of ministry, 1820 - 
1970; to the glory of God. Britten S 
compiled by Paul Holmes Paschal. 139 p. 
e Paul Holmes Paschal, author S The Charge 
Conference of the First United Methodist 
Church; 6Dec70; A595326. 


Tax guide for teachers and other school 
personnel, 1975, 166 p. € academic 
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The Cosmic ring. By James Carter, 100 
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Ballistics and the muzzle leading rifle. 
By William c. Herring. Ill p. Appl. au: 
National Muzzle Loading Pifle Asscciation, 
C National Muzzle Loading Eifle Asso- 
ciation; 1NOV70: A595329. 


Phyies for my grandchildre''. By Grace 
Ba<-es Steele. 32 p. ? Grace Bates 
Steele; 7Nov70; 8595330. 

A5S5331 . 

Part time publicly. Vol.?, no.o, fall 
1970. 20 p. Bppl, au: Martin Wassetman, 
e Martin Wasserman; 23Nov7o; 8595331, 


Fed leaves at ^uriset. By Futh Bryan*, 
with illus. by the author. 1 v„ NM: 
poems 6 illus. g Euth Bryant; 2B0ct70; 


Yuletide '70. By James H. Duncan. 58 
p. appl, au: Yule»ide, '70. e James H. 
"Jim" Duncan; 1Cec70; 8595333. 


a few fourth step guide. Developed by 
Hazelden Foundation, Inc. 31 p, Bppl, 
au: Gerald J. LeNoble t Terrence silli^me. 
e. Hazelden Foundation, Inc.; 28Cct70; 


Moments when God was near. By William 
Warren Baker. 89 p. e W. w. Baker; 
11NOV70; S595335. 


Correspondence course for oth and 5th 
graders. Lesson 1 - 10, 10 folders. 
Appl. au: Virginia Burwell s Del»-on Haun, 
e Virginia Burwell; 15Jnn7U; A595336. 


Healing for the believinq. By Mamie 
Koski. 87 p. e Marnie Koski; 2Ncv70; 


Flowers grow in coal dust. By Shirley 
Young Campbell, f llustnatcr : Mar*ha Ecse 
Campbell. 1 v. e Shirley Young Campbell; 
260ct70; A505338. 


xi*: Entrance, Fecord jacket, 
€ Eaymond A. Boley E Mary E. Foley d.b.a. 
Canycn Record";; 8Nov70; A595339. 


Multi-Track fabulous las Vegas roule**?, 
record game. Design by William Beach. 
Pecord jacket, e Multi-T-ack Sound 
Enterprises; 10Nov70; 8595300, 




seconflary school; duplicator masters. Py 
Fobert E. Eicholz, Charles P. Fleenor, 
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Bittinger. Sheets (108 p.) <n box. 
€ addison-Hesley Publishing Company, Tnc, ; 
30aug70; 8595301. 


Chapter pre-te=*s +o accompany 
Investigating school mathematics: 
teacher's criterion-referenced guide and 
key, book 6. By Robert F. Eicholz, Phares 
G. O'taffer 6 Charles E. Fleenor. 2 v, 
e addison-Wesley Publlfhi'-o Companv, inc.; 
28Jur70; A595302. 


Chapter pre-tests to accompany 
Investigating school mathematics; 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

S59;3«ll - S595379 BOOKS E PAMPHLETS JAN. - JDN. la^S 

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mjun7«: AE95313. fKov7ll; A595355. 


SE95314U, A595356. Collagen -vascular diseassE; Eysteiric 

Bodule pre-teEts to accompany Inves- 197U cumulative supplement to Couch lupus erythematosus, acute derma*cii- 

tiqatinq school mathematics: teacher's cyclopedia of insurance law, second yositis-polymyositis , progressive systemic 

critericr-referenced quide and key, hock edition. Vol.1 - 21, for use 197ii - 1975. sclercsls, pclyar*erit?s nodosa. Ey John 

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pt. 1-7." e The Board of Trustees of the 

A5953iie. AE953ei. University of Ill-'nois; iiirec7"; 

Independent study program: biologv for The Mullendcre murder case. By Jonathan A595371. 

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in genre. By Frederick Bobert Karl. 360 

A5953U9. p. e Frederick E, Karl; 12Dec7U; A595373. 

Develop number skills; teacher's quide. A5953e2. Stephen Heller: h-! .=: life and works. Ey 

Prepared by the Institute for Contemporary Hippclyte Barbedette, trarsla*ea by Foteit 

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Inqllsh S Spanish. Appl. au: The 

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Issued by Credit clearinq House, a of Spanish translation. t The Christian Claire S. Beis, wi*h new intrcd. by the' 

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A595351. Victorian novel; studies in the ordeal of 

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New York Telephone Company) ; 27Dec-it (in 293 p. e Lenox Hill Publishing and English orqan acccmpaniirents ard the 

notice: 1975); A595351. Distribution Corporation; 2i4Jun7U; transposing organ. Ey J. Bunker Clark, 

A595361. artwork ty Vincent Kibildis. 230 p, 

A595352. (Detrcit monographs in musicolcgy, no, i4) 

Advance legislative service to Deering's A595365. 6 J. Eunker Clark; ISCctT"; B595375. 

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967 p. e Eancrof<--Bhitney Company; editions, translations, and critical First snow. By Helen ccutant, pictures 

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p. P Lenox Hill Publishing and Dis- Coutant; 3Sep7U; A59537fi, 

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20NOV7U; A595353, 2. By Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn , 

translated from the Russian by Thomas P. A5953"a, 

A59535I1. Whitney. 660 p. Appl. au: Harper and When the whale came *c mv town. By Jim 

Advance legislative service to Deering's Bow, publishers. Inc. Portions of this Young, photos, ty Dan Eerns+ein. 36 p. 

California codes, annotated. Laws cf wcrk prev. appeared in somewhat different t on text; Jim Young; nsep^u; 9595378 

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p. e Bancroft-Whitney Company; 1Ncv7«; trarslaticn; Harper and Bow, Publishers, A595379. 

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These entries alone may not reHect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


JBK. - JCN. 19T5 

i5S5379 (cor.) 

^ on photos.: Dan Bernstein; 17Sep7ii: 



Ihe ThankEqivinq treasure, Ev Gail 
Keck, illustrated tv Charles c. Gehn. 90 
p, t en text; Gail Eock; 10Sep7U: 

A5953ei . 

The Thanksqivinq treasure. By Gail 
Rock, illustrated ty Charles c. Gehi. 9P 
P. Sppl. au: Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. , 
eirplcyer fcr hire of Charles C. Gehn. 
C on illus.: Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.; 
10Sep7I4: A5953ei. 


Imaqes cf mac; a history of anthrc- 
poloqical thouqht. By Annemarie De Waal 
Halefiit. 383 p. © on S5X of text; A. 
De Haal Balefiit; 27Auq7U; A595382. 


lady; a ncyel. By Thomas Tryon. 3'i^ p. 
A portion first appeared in Ladies home 
iournal. e on neu text; Thomas Tryon; 
70ct7U; A595383. 


Warriors of peace; writinqs on the 
technique cf nonviolence. By Joseph Jean 
Lanza Eel Vasto , edited by Michel Eandom 6 
translated froc the French by Jean 
Sidqvick. 226 p. Appl. au: Alfred A. 
Kncpf , Inc. , employer for hire. 
Translation of Technique de la nonvio- 
lence, e on Enolish translation; Alfred 
A. Knopf, Inc.; 2USep7U: A5953Elt. 


The Odd woman. By Gail Godwin. «19 p. 
e Gail Godwin: 10Sep7«: A595385. 


The Alexander technique. By wilf-ed 
Barlow, photos, by the author. 221 p. 
Prev. pub. 1973 in Great Britain in a 
sliqhtly different form under the title 
The Alexander principle, € on all new 
text s 90% of the editcrial revisions; 
Wilfred Barlow; 29Nov73; A59E3e6. 


Japan: the story of a nation. By Edwin 
01dfa*her Reischauer, 387 p. Formerly 
entitled Japan: past and present. « on 
pref., all new text, editorial revisions, 
compilation e chronoloqy; Alfred A. 
Knopf, Inc. : 2Cct7it: A595387. 


Somethinq happened. By Joseph Heller. 
569 p. A portion of this book first 
appeared in Esquire. 6 on all new 
material: Scapeqoat Productions, Inc.: 
10Sep7ll; A595388. 


A Small personal voice; essays, reviews 
and interviews. By Doris t^ay lessinq, 
edited 8 introduced by Paul Schlueter. 
171 p. e on introd. , compilation 6 
editorial revision: Doris Lessinq: 
3Sep7U: AE95389. 


My petition fcr more space. By John 
Eichard Hersey. 182 p. chap. 1 first 
appeared in The Atlantic monthly. e on 
all new text; John Hersey; 19Sep7U; 


The Book cf owls. By Lewis Wayne 
Walker. 255 p. C on all new test 6 
photos.: Belanie Walker Hankin; 2iiSep7": 


Annotated laws of Massachusetts; 
containinq all the laws of Massachusetts 

of a general and permanent nature 
completely annotated. chap. 231 - 233. 
Eevised by the editcrial staff of the 
Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company. 
5ii3 p. ^ on additions 6 revisions; The 
lawyers Co-operative Publishing Cotipany; 
«Dec7U: A595392. 

A 5953 93, 

Twenty-sixth annual Institute on Federal 
Taxation: University of Southern 
California Law Center, February 11, 12, 
13, 19711. 1268 p. Add, ti: Major tax 
planning for 1974; Twenty-sixth Tax 
Institute. Appl, states copyright not 
claimed in any portion of work prepared by 
a D.S. Govt, employee as part of his 
official duties, e Matthew Bender and 
Company, Inc.; 2«Oct7it: A595393. 

AE9E3 9lt. 

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of the State of New York, annotated. 
Vol.7, 7A. Sept. 197U, revision no, 17. 
Managing editor: Ruth c. Tachna, assistant 
editor-in-chief: Eric Martin Adams. Add. 
ti: Bender's Forms for the consolidated 
laws of New York. Appl. au: Matthew 
Bender and company. Inc., employer for 
hire. €^ Matthew Bender and Company, Inc. ; 
90ct7U; A59539lt. 

A5953 95, 

My orphans of the wild: rescue and home 
care of native wildlife. By Rosemary K. 
Collett with Charlie Briggs. 288 p. 
e Eosemary K. Collett 6 Charlie Briggs; 
5Jun7U; A595395. 


Sprowls* American pharmacy; an 
introduction to pharmaceutical techniques 
and dosage forms. Edited by Lewis W. 
Bittert. 7th ed. 511 p. C J. B. 
lippincott Company; 30(lay7U; A595396. 


Disorders of the knee. Ey Arthur J, 
Belfet. 335 p. NM: additional text f. 
pictorial matter, e Arthur J. Helfet; 
3Jun7it; A595397. 


Physical anthropology. By Alec John 
Kelso. 2nd ed. 357 p. e J. B. 
Lippincott company; 19«ar7«; A595398. 


Handbook of forensic pathology. By 
Abdullah Fatteh. 3U9 p. HM: additional 
text 6 pictorial matter. C J. B. 
lippincott Company; 13Nov73; A595399. 


The Most dangerous man in America: 
scenes from the life of Benjamin Franklin. 
By Catherine Drinker Bowen. 274 p. 
C Alan Crawford, Jr., executor of the 
Estate of Catherine Drinker Bowen; 
26Sep7U: A595U00. 

A5951)01 . 

Louisiana birds. By George H. lowery, 
Jr., illustrated by Robert I. Tucker, John 
P.. O'Neill s H. Douglas Pratt. 3rd ed . 
651 p. e George H. Lowery, Jr.: 2aNov7U: 


Remembering James Agee. Edited by David 
Madden. 172 p. NM; p. 1 - 13, 95 - 1C2 6 
153 - 162. e Louisiana state Dniversity 
Press; 30Nov7U; A595U02. 


The Pole of judicial decisions and 
doctrine in civil law and .in mixed 
jurisdictions. Edited by Joseph Dai^iow. 
350 p. Appl. states all new except chap. 3 
6 8 6 chap. 5 6 7 are herein pub. for the 
first time in English, e Louisiana state 
Dniversity Press; 230ct7it; A595't03. 


The Other hand. Poeirs by Eabney Stuar*, 
72 p. NM: p. 9, 31, If, 56 6 65. C Eabney 
Stuart; SIAugTU; A595Uf«. 


The Democratrc Party and the politics of 
sectionalism, 1°i:1 - 19Ue. Ey Eobert A. 
Garscr. 353 p. C Louisiana State 
University Press; 27Auq7U; A595itP5. 


Admiral of the new eirpire: the life and 
career of George Dewey, By Ponald 
Specter. 220 p. e Louisiana state 
University Press; 2<mev7a; AE95ii06. 


Troy H. Middleton: a biography. By 
Frank James Price. 116 p. C Louisiana 
Sta»e Dniversity Press; 25Auq7tt; 


The Human mirror; material and spatia: 
images of man. Edited by m5 les Ric- 
hardson. 366 p. e Louisiana State 
University Press; 17sep7it: A595U08. 


Breckinridqe: statesman, soldier, 
symbol. By William c. Davis. 687 p. 
e Louisiana State University Press: 
8Aug7ll; A59EUC9. 


William Faulkner: the abstract and the 
actual. By Panthea Eeld .Brought en , 222 
p. e Louisiana state University Press; 
17N0V7U; S595U10. 


God helps me grow. Writer: Mary A, 
Earbcur, artist: Don Elml. 15 p. Appl. 
au: Scripture Press Publications, Inc. 
e Scripture Press Publlcaticns, Inc. : 
11Jun7U; A595U11. 


God is always with me. Writer: Mary A. 
Earbcur, artist: Ecn Elmi. IE p. Appl, 
au; Scripture Press Publications, Inc. 
e Scripture Press Publlcaticns, Inc.; 
lUunTl; A595m2. 


God gives me helpers. Writer: Mary A, 
Earbcur, artist: Don Elmi. 15 p. Appl. 
au: Scripture Press Publications, Inc, 
C Scripture Press Publications, Inc.; 
11Jun7H: A595U13. 


God gives me friends. Writer; Mary A, 
Barbour, artist: Don Elmi, 15 p. Appl, 
au: Scripture Press Fubllcatlons, Inc. 
C Scripture Press Publications, Inc.; 
IIJunTt; A595aiq. 


God hears me when T pray. Writer: M=(ry 
A. Barbour, artist: Don Elmi. 15 p. 
Appl. au; Scripture Press Publications, 
Inc. e Scripture Press publications. 
Inc.; 11Jun7U; A59EU1E. 


God helps me be a helper. Writer: t'ary 
A, Barbour, artist: Don Elmi, 15 p, 
Appl, au: Scripture Press Publications, 
Inc. e Scripture Press Publlcaticns, 
Inc. ; 11Jun7U: A595U16. 


Born to grow. By Larry Richards. m3 
p. e SP Publications, Inc.; 1Jul7u; 


Jesus teaches me to pray. 1U p. Sppl, 
au: Scripture Press Publications, Inc. 
e SP Publications, Inc, (in nctlce: 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
>vork. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office tor information about any additional records that may exist. 


JBl'. - JDN. 1975 

S595H18 (cor.) 

Scripture Fress Publications, Itic») ; 

llJur7a: A595m8. 


You car win over "innccent sin," By 
Eoqer Elwood. 30 p, C SP Publication E, 
Ire. : 11JuE7a; A595it19. 


The CoDiina Kira. Bv nilliam B. err. 32 
p. e SP Publicaticns, Inc.; 31MaY7": 


Leader's quide for group study of 
Disciples are made — not born, by Halter A. 
Henrichsen. Leader's quide prepared by 
Terry Powell e Larry Bichards. UO p, 
Apcl, au: Halter A. Henrichsen. e SP 
publicaticns. Inc.; 1Jul7ii; A595U21. 


Leader's quide for qroup study of 
Hinninq ways; the adventure of sharing 
Christ. Text 6 quide by Leroy lims 10 
p. f SP Publications, Ire; ljul7«; 


214 ways tc improve your teaching. By 
Kenneth 0. Ganqel, 131 p. Prev. pub. in 
The Sunday schcol times and qospel herald, 
e SP publicaticns. Inc. ; 19Jun7U: 


Hhere in the world are the Jews "-cday? 
By James E Harti Hefley, 175 p 6 SP 
Publications, Ire; 2iiBay7ii: A595ii2it. 


How to succeed in business without beinq 
a pagan. By Glen Hale Bump, foreword by 
w. Maxey Jarman. 132 p. C SP Publi- 
cations, Inc.; 27Jun7U; S5951125, 


Leader's guide for an adult study course 
on Ecclesiastes based on the text The Art 
of staying off dead-end streets, by 
Richard H. DeHaan. Leader's quide 
prepared by Jan Eadelman. 10 p. e SP 
Publications, Inc. ; 12Jul7U: B595126. 


You can be the wife of a happy husband 
ty discovering the key to marital success, 
Ev Darien E. Cooper, foreword by Tin 
LaHaye. 156 p. C sp Publications, Inc.; 
13Jun7U; AE95U27. 


Psychology and the Bible. By Larry 
Bichards. 32 p. C SP Publications, Inc.; 
11Jun7l4; A5951128. 


Disciples are made — not born. By Halter 
A. Henrichsen, foreword by Howard G. 
Hendricks. 160 p. e SP Publications, 
Inc.; 27JuE7lt; A595U29. 


You make the difference for Us ard Ss: 
usinq time in the church for spiritual 
qrowth. By (lary E. leBar. HI p. ( sp 
Publications, Inc.; 13Jun7a; A595H30. 


The Art of stayinq off dead-end streets. 
By Richard H. DeHaan 5 Herbert Vander 
Luqt, 156 p. e SP Publications, Ire; 
17JU1714: A595a31. 


Leader's quide for an adult study course 
on Genesis, The Beqinning, based on the 
text by Les Woodson. Leader's quide 
prepared by Knute Larson. UO p. e SP 
Publications, Inc.; 12Jul7U: A595U32. 


Leader's guide for group study of Be 
joyful, by Barren H. Hierste. Leader's 
quide prepared by David E. Douglass. HO 
p. C SP Publications, Inc.; 3Jun7U; 


Leader's guide for group study of Hew tc 
succeed in business without being a pagan, 
by Glen Hale Bump. Leader's quide 
prepared by Terry Powell. KO p. C SP 
Publications, Inc.; 1Jul7U; A595«31l. 

A 5951135. 

Leader's guide for group study of Born 
tc grow. Text S guide by Larry Bichards. 
<iO p. e SP Publications, Inc.; 29l1ay7i); 


Get going for God. Ey Jack Byrtzen. 32 
p. C SP publications. Inc.; 6Jun7U; 


The Beqinning: a study of Genesis. By 
Les Hoodson. 15« p. e SP Publications, 
inc.; 12JU17U; A595H37. 


Hho is the Lord? Folder. (Junior 
review-a-pak) NM; revisions. S Scripture 
Press Publicatiors, Inc.; 27Jun7U; 


Bhat can I expect of God? what's the 
world cominq to? Folder. (Young teen 
review-a-pak) © Scripture Press 
Publications, Inc.; 27Jun7U; A595it39. 


The Bible is God's word. Folder. 
(Junior review-a-pak) NB: revisions, 
e Scripture Press Publications, Inc.; 
10ct7ll; A5951IU0. 


Happiness is the lord. Folder, (Junior 
review-a-pak) NM: revisions. 6 Scripture 
Press Publicatiors, Inc.; 20Sep7U; 


The Lord's prayer: suede-graph. 
Hriters: Scripture Press staff, artist: 
Dick nlodock. 1 v. nb: artwork 
revisions, e Scripture Press Publi- 
cations, Inc.; 26Jun71l; A595UII2. 


Cal 3ur: coroners to counterclaitr and 
setoff. Vol.15. 3rd ed. 1 v. (Hith 
Special supplement, 90 p.) S Bancroft- 
Hhitney Company; 2eoct7ii; A595itit3. 


Abstracts of congressional publications 
and legislative histories. 811 p. 
(CIS/annual 1973, pt.1) ( Congressional 
Information Service; 1Apr7U; A595«uit. 


Index to congressional publications and 
public laws. UBH p. (CIS/annual 1973, 
pt.2) © Congressional Information 
Service; 1Apr7«; A595mi5. 


Growing up human. By Anthony L, Pose 6 
Andre Suw. im p. C Anthony L. Bose 6 
Andre Suw; 27Nov7U; A595UIi6. 


Hho was who in American politics. By 
Dan 6 Inez Morris. 637 p. € Dan Borris 
6 Inez Morris; 20Sep7U; S595««7. 


Treasure hunting. Ey Arnold Badlson. 
115 p. e Arnold Madison; 27Sep7it; 



Parables for the present. Ey Christine 

Fleming Heffner. 129 f» € Christine 

Fleming Heffner; 110ct7it; A595Ua9. 


The Soviet impact on world poi itics. 
Idi+ed ty Kurt London. 312 p. e PawthorT 
Books, Inc.; 27Sep7U; S59EU50, 


The Fair garden and the swarm of beasts; 
the library and the young pecple. By 
Bargaiet A. Edwards. 19" p. BM: 
revisions, additions 6 updating, 
e Hawthorn Books, Inc.; 15Jul7ii; 


American law reports, ALE3t: cases and 
annotations. Vol. 60. 1337 p. Afpl. 
states copyright is claimed on entire work 
except on material taken from Governme"* 
sources, e The Lawyers Co-operative 
Publishing Company 6 Bancroft-Rhitney 
Company; 19Dec7U; A595U52. 


American seashells: the marine Bcllusca 
of the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of 
North America. By Bobert Tucker Abbc*t. 
2nd ed. 663 p. e Litton Educational 
Publishing, Inc, ; IBovTU; A595I153. 


Linear integrated networks: funda- 
mentals. By George S. Boschytz. 583 p. 
e Litton Educational Publishing, Inc.; 
1NOV7I1; B595U5lt. 


The Techniques of basketry. Ey Virginia 
I. Harvey. 131 p. e Virginia I. Harvey: 
12Dec71t; A595H55. 


Super sculpture: using science, 
technclcgy, and natural phenomena in 
sculpture. Ey Diane B. Chichura S Thelma 
K. Stevens. 79 p. 6 littc Educational 
Publishing, Inc.; 22Nov7U; AE95U56. 


The Challenge of business. Editcr: 
Keith Davis. 566 p. Appl. states all new 
except for some lllus, frcm ether sources, 
e McGraw-Hill, Inc.; 2Jan75; AE951157. 


Beasurement systems: application and 
design. By Ernest 0. Doebelin. 772 p. 
NB: revisions E addlticns. C BcGraw-fllll, 
Inc.- 2Jan75; A595ii5e. 


It's your body; an explanatory text in 
basic regional anatomy with functional and 
clinical coasideraticns. By Lawrence B. 
Elson. etS p. e BcGraw-Hill, Inc.; 
2Jan'5; A595«59. 


Fspanol: sigamos; teacher's edition- 
/annotated. Ey Conrad J. Schmitt. 2nd 
ed. 2U3 p. e McGraw-Hill, Inc.; 2Jan75; 


Coitputers in tusiness: an Introduction. 
By Donald H. Sanders. 3rd ed. 657 p. 
e BcGraw-Rill, Inc.; 2Jar75; A595U61. 


Espanol: comencemos; teacher's 
edition/annotated. By Conrad J. Schiitt. 
2nd ed. 201 p. C McGraw-Hill, Inc.; 
2Jan75; A595it62. 


Spanish language Hispanic culture. By 
Prctase F. Hoodford, illus. : Tony 
Giamas/Graphic Arts lnterna*ional. uu? p. 
NM: text, some new illus. E compilation of 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


JAN. - JDN. 

J595U63 (cor.) 

illus. e McGrav-Hill, Inc.; 2Jan7?; 



Ihe Tools of Enqlish. General editor E 
senior author: Hans Paul Guth, con^ - 
ributinq author; Edqar Howard Schuster. 
2r.d edo 168 p. (imerican Enqlish today) 
« ncGraw-Pill, Inc.; 2Jan75; A595iieit. 


Fieiabook of natural history. Ey 
Ephraim Laurence Paltrer, revised by 
Horatio seyiour Fcwler. 2nd ed, 779 p. 
e McGraw-Hill, Inc.; 2Jan75; J595165. 


Onderstanding electricity and elec- 
tronics. Ey Peter Buban S Marshall 
lanqdon Schuitt. 3rd ed. U67 p. 
C McGraw-Hill, Inc.: 2Jan75: S595066, 


The Electromagnetic field. Ey ftllert 
Shadowitz. 711 p. e McGraw-Hill, Inc.; 
2Jan75: S595167. 


Law for business and manaqement. By 
Gail BcKniqht Beckitan, Baiter F. Berdal 5 
David G. Brainard. 502 p. ippl. states 
all new except for some illus. from ether 
sources. 6 McGraw-Hill, Inc.; 2JaTi75; 


Introduction to computer science. By 

ThcmaE Baitee. UOi p. C BcGrau-HJll, 

Inc. : 2Jan75: A595169. 


Probability with applications. Bj 
Michael Hoodroofe. 372 p. C McGraw-Hill, 
Inc.: 2Jan75; A595170. 


Auditinq concepts and methods. By John 
J. Billinqham 6 Douglas E. Carmichael. 
2nd ed. 166 p. C McGraw-Hill, Inc.; 
2Jan75: A595171. 


Father power. By Henry Biller s tennis 
Meredith. 376 p. S Henry Biller 6 Dennis 
Meredith; 20Dec71: A595172. 


Famous firsts in aviation. By Jesse 
Davidson. 71 p. Appl. states no claim is 
made to D. s. Govt, photos. »M: tert E 
compilation of illus. e Jesse Davidson; 
201IOV71: S595173. 


Modern Industrial plastics. By Terry A. 
Eichardson. 381 p. e Howard «. Sams and 
Company, Inc.; 27Dec71; A59517U. 


Finite mathematics with alqebra. Ey 
Daniel D. Eenice. 356 p. 6 w. B. 
Saunders ccmpany; 2Jan75; J59S175. 


The Primates. By Sarel Eimerl E Irver 
DeVore E the editors of Time-life Ecoks. 
9th ed. 200 p. (life nature library) 
Apcl. au: Time, Inc., employer for hire, 
e Time, Inc.: 18Ncv71; A595176. 


Mature/science annual. Editor: Jane D. 
Alexander. 1975 ed. 152 p. Appl. au: 
Time, Inc., employer for hire. 6 Time, 
Inc.; 13Dec71: A595177. 


The Expressmen. By the editors of 
Time-Life Books with text by David Kevin. 
210 p. (The Old Best) Appl. au: Time, 
Inc., emplcyer for hire. C Time, Inc.; 
20Eec71; A595178. 


Eanch schoolteacher. By Eulalia Bourne. 
312 p. e Arizona Beard of Eeqents; 
23NOV71; A595179. 


Pleistocene mammals of Florida. Edited 
by Sawney David Kebb. 270 p. e The State 
of Florida Board of Trustees of the 
Internal Improvement Trust Fund; 11rec71; 
65950 80. 


The Alienated "loyal" opposition; 
Mexico's Fartido Accion Nacional. Ey 
Franz A. Von Sauer . 197 p. e University 
of New Mexico Press; 17Dec70; 6595181. 


Energy and the future. By Bllen L. 
Hammond, William D. Metz E Thomas H. 
Mauqh, 2nd. 180 p. 6ppl. au: 6merican 
6ssociation for the 6dvaTicement of 
Science. Portions prev. pub. 1971 - 1973 
in Science. NM; additions S revisions. 
e American Association for the Advancement 
of Science; 2njul73; AE95182. 


Cyclopedia of Federal procedure, third 
edition. Vol.11. 1971 revised volume, by 
Callaghan and Company editorial staff. 
907 p. e Callaghan and Company; 21Dec71; 


Michiqan statutes annotated, 1970 
revision of vol.26 - 26A. Compiled 6 
edited by Callaghan and Company editorial 
staff. 759 p. e Callaghan and Company; 
26Dec71: A595180. 

6 5950 85. 

Develop number skills. Prepared by the 
Institute for Contemporary Curriculum 
Development. 218 p. e Cambridge Book 
Company, a division of the New York Times 
Media company. Inc.; 1Jan75; 6595085. 


Hilkes-Barre and Hazleton Pailway. By 
Edwin Jay Quinby. 85 p. Appi. au: Model 
Craftsman Publishing Corporation. 6 Model 
craftsman Publishing Corporation; 15Apr73 
(in notice: 1972) ; A59508f. 


Chilton's 196 1/71 truck repair manual. 
Editor-in-chief: John D. Kelly B other 
editors, prepared by the Automotive 
Editorial Department, Chilton Book 
Company. 1195 p. C Chilton Book company; 
26rec71; 6595187. 


Chilton's Repair and tune-up guide: BBH 
2. Prepared by the Automotive Editorial 
Department, Chilton Book Company, 
editor-in-chief: John D. Kelly F, other 
editors. 216 p. 6dd. ti: Chilton's BMW 
2, repair and tune-up guide, 1969 - 71. 
e Chilton Book Company; 2€Dec70; 

65950 89. 

The life of Emily Dickinson. By Richard 
Benson Sewall. Vol.1 - 2. 6 sichard E. 
Sewall: 30Dec71: A595189. 

65950 90. 

Schuell's Aphasia in adults: diagnosis, 
prognosis, and treatment. By James J, 
Jenkins, Edward Jimenez-Pabon , Robert E, 
Shaw, Joyce Williams Sefer S Bildred 
Schuell. 2nd ed. 398 p, 6 Harper and 
Row, Publishers, Inc. ; 20D6c71 4ir 
notice: 1975) ; A595190. 


Arithmetic for college students. Ey D. 
Franklin Bright. 2nd ed. 307 p. e D. c. 
Heath and Company; 25Nov70 (in notice: 
1975) ; 6595191. 



Smashed potatoes: a kid's eye view of 
the kitchen. Edited by Jane G. Cartel. 
51 p. Appl. states all new except 11 
recipes. Portion prev. pub. in June I97u 
issue of nccall's. C Jane G. Martel; 
220ct71; 6595092. 


Introduction tc law and the legal 
system. By Harold J. Grillict. 506 p- 
NM ; additional text E compilation cf leoal 
cases E discussion, e Eouohton Mifflin' 
Company; 2Jan75; A595193. 


Perceptions i^. literatu-^e. Ey Philip 
BcFarland, Allen Kirschner, Billjam f, 
Jam?scn E Morse Peckham. 783 p. DM: 
editorial revision, g Houghton Mifflin 
Company; 2Jan75; A595190, 


Modern school mathematics: structure and 
method; teacher's edition. Course 1. Ey 
Mary E. Dolciani, William Wocton, Edwin F. 
Eeckenbach 6 William G. chinr. 532 j. 
Sppl, au: Walter Markert. NM: p,517 - 
519. e Houghton Mifflin company; 2Jan75; 


Moments in lite-ature. Ey Philip 
McFarland, Melinda Kavanagh, William 
Jamison E Morse Peckham. 606 p. Appl. 
au: Houghton Mifflin Ccmpany, employer for 
hire. NM: editorial revision. 6 Houoh»o-< 
Mifflin Company: 2Jan75: A595096. 


ExploratioTis in literature. By Fhilip 
BcFarland, Linda Konlchek, Jeanne Kino, 
William Jamison E Morse Peckham. 62l'p, 
CM: editorial revision, e Houghton 
Mifflin Company; 2Jan"5; 6595197. 


The Dimensions of British radicalism: 
the case of Ireland, 1870 - 95. By Thomas 
Billiam Heyck. 297 p. f The Board cf 
Trustees of the Oniversity cf Illinois; 
30Dec70; A595098. 


Centrally planned change; a reexa- 
mination of theory and experience, Ey 
Bobert E. Mayer, Robert Moroney E Rober* 
Morris. 230 p. e The Ecard cf Trustees 
of the Oniversity of Tlllnols; 30Dec70; 


The American Eve in fact and fiction, 
1775 - 1911. By Ernest Penrv Earnest. 
280 p. e The Board of Trustees of the 
nniverslty of Illinois; 30Dec71 ; 


Indians and bureaucrats; administering 
the reservation pclicy during the Civil' 
Bar. By Edmund Jefferson Danziger, J^. 
210 p. t The Bc=ird cf Trustees of the 
Oniversity of Illinois; 30Dec7i; 


Patient care systems. By Janet H. 
Kraegel, Virginia Schmidt Mcusseau, 
Charles Goldsmith E Eajeev Arcra. 219 p. 
e J. E. Llppincott company; 11Jun7i; 


Practical endodontics. Ey Samuel luks. 
175 p. J J. B. llpplncott company; 
1&Mar70; A595503. 


Lard of the fox. By Jane Stuart, 151 
p, r Jane Stuart; 2Jan75; A595500. 

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work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office tor information about any additional records that may exist. 

A595505 - A5955UH BCCKS 6 fSMPHlITS Jfili. - JOB. 19Tf 

4555505. B595520, Manuel I 669. Prepared ly Pex Callaiaj. 

Behavior In orqanizations. By Lyiran w. Physics and engineering of high power 21 p, Rppl» ^u: Management and Traini^ig 

porter, Edvard E. lawler, 3rd 6 J. Bichard switching devices. By Thomas H. Lee. 5U2 Systems for Industry, Inc. e Management 

Hackman, 561 p. C McGraw-Hill, Inc.; p. The Massachusetts Institute of and Training Systems fc" Irdustry, Inc.; 

2Jar.75: S595505. Technology; 2Jan75; S595520. 5Sep711; SS95533. 

A595506. A595521. S595531). 

General office procedures. By Fred Collected papers of Hans Bademacher. Taylor 1302T, 1303T CP transmitter. 

Coleman Archer, Eaymond Franklin Brecker E Vol.1. Edited by Emil Grosswald, 692 p. Manual I 733. Prepared ty Rex Callaway, 

Jeffrey Botert Stewart, Jr. "th ed . 536 (Mathematicians of cur time) C The 1 v. Appl. au: Management and Training 

p. C McGraw-Hill, Inc. ; 2Jan75; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Systems for Industry, Inc. e Management 

A595506. 23Jan7U: A595521. and Training Systems for Industry, Inc.; 

2Cct7U; 4595530. 

A5955P7. A595522. 

Math for business careers. By Harry Planning for an urban world; the design A595535. 

Huffman, Euth M. Twiss 5 Harold H. of resource-conserving cities. By Pichard BIX model 2E2BG gas compressor. Manual 

Williams, tth ed. 500 p. © McGraw-Hill, 1. Meier. 515 p. e The Massachusetts f 221=7. Prepared by ten Pbcdes. 1 v. 

Inc.; 2Jan75; A595507. Institute of Technology; 2€D6c7it; Appl. au: Manacement and Training Systems 

A 595522. for Irdustry, inc. e Managemert and 

A59550e. Training Systems fci Industry, Inc.; 

Technical mathematics with calculus. By A595523. 25Sep7lt; A59553E. 

Harold s. Rice 6 Raymond B. Knight. 3rd Bicycling science; ergonomics and 

ed. 951) p. e McGraw-Hill, Inc.; :jan75; mechanics. By Frank Powland Shitt E David A595E3e. 

A595508. Gcrdon Wilson. 2il7 p. € The Massac- Haskel air pump. Manual H 221sf. 

husetts Institute of Technology; 1 9Dec7" ; Prepared by Don Rhodes. 21 p. Appl. au: 

A595509. A595523. Management and Training Systems for 

Health and safety for you, fcurth Industry, Inc. 8 Manaoemen* and Training 

edition; teacher's edition. By John M. S59552U. Systems for Industry, inc.; 27Sef7U; 

Lampe, Charles D. Oviatt 6 Franklin c. PDE physicians' desk reference for A595536. 

Vaughn. 1 i. Appl. au: Harold S. riehl. ophthalmology, 197U - 75. 105 p. Add, 

NM: updated ed . with revisions S ne* ti: PDE for ophthalmology. KB: revisions A595537. 

materials. 6 McGraw-Hill, Inc.; 2Jan75 ; 6 additions. ? Medical Economics Company; Moore series 68 mul*'.-f unc*ion relays. 

A555509. 30Nov7it; A59552U. Manual I 275. Prepared by P. Gregson, "B 

p. Appl. au: Managemen* and Training 

A595S10. A595525. Systems for Industry, Inc. e Management 

Party politics in the Continental Color atlas of anterior segment eye and Training Systems fcr Industry, Inc.; 

Congress. By Herbert James Henderson. diseases. By Ira A. Abrahamson. 15U p. P0ct7i); A595537. 

075 p. e H. James Henderson; 23Dec7«; DM: revisions 8 additions, e Medical 

A59551C. Economics Company; 17Dec7U; B595525. A595538. 

Irgerscll-Pand reciurocatina ccmpresscn 

A595511. A59552e. HHE. Manual H221S3. "prepared by T. H. 

Applied psychology: adiustments in A Grea* day for up. By Dr.'Seuss, Thomas. 1 v. Appl. au: Managemen* and 

living and work. By Beverly Vcn Haller pseud, of Theodor Seuss Geisel, plctur'^s Training Systems fcr Industry, Inc. 

Gilmer. Uit7 p. e McGraw-Hill, Inc; by Quentin Blake. 1 v. Appl. au: Audrey € Management and Training Systems for 

2Jan75: A595511. s. Geisel. © on text; Dr. Seuss 6 A. S. Industry, Inc.; 26Sep7U; A59553e. 

Geisel; 27Aug74; A595526. 

A595512. A595539. 

The Urban world. Bv J. John Palec. 080 A595527. Norwalk reciprocating compressor type 

p. NM: all new text 6 compilation of A Great day for up. By Dr. Seuss, TR-S3T. Manual M221S5. Prepared by Den 

illus. e McGraw-Hill, Inc.; 2Jan75; pseud, of Theodor Seuss Geisel, pic*ures Rhodes. 1 v. Bppl. au: Management and 

A595512. by ouentin Blake. IV. ? on i^lus. ; Training Systems fcr Industry, Inc. 

Random Bouse, Inc.; 27Auq70; A595527. { Management and Training Systems fcr 

A595513. Industry, Inc.; 26SeD70; A555539. 

Man in prehistory. By Chester S. Chard. A595528. 

2nd ed, 006 p. C McGraw-Hill, Inc; There's a wocket in my pocket. By tr. A5955(l0. 

2Jan75: A595513. Seuss, pseud, of Theodor Seuss Geisel. 1 Taylor 1000TA, 100 1TB and 1002TB 

V. Appl. au: Audrey w. Geisel. S Dr. transmitters. Hanua] 1700, Prepared ty 

B595510. Seuss 6 A. S. Geisel; 12Bug70; A59552B. Rex Callaway. 1 v. Appl. au: Management 

Air pollution: physical and chemical and Training Systems fcr Industry, Inc. 

fundamentals. By John H. Seinfeld. 523 A595529. C Management and Training Systems foi 

p. N«: all new text, new illus. 6 Contingency Bpproaches to Leadership; a Industry, Inc.; 10Cc*7U; B595500. 

compilaticn of illus, e McGraw-Hill, symposium held at Southern Illinois 

Inc.; 2Jan75; A595510. University, Carbondale, May 17 - 18, 1973. A595501. 

Edited by James G. Hunt 6 Lars L. Larson. The CO boiler. FCC unit training manual 

A59S515. 227 p. e Southern Illinois University no.o. prepared ty Management and Training 

Paths of faith. By John Alexander Press; 30Pec7O; A595529. Systems for Industry, Inc. , issued ty Sun 

Hutchison. 2nd ed. 667 p. C McGraw- oil Company, Tulsa Refinery. 1 v. Appl. 

Hill, inc.; 2Jan75: fi595515. A595530. au: Son Oil Company. 6 Management and 

Motorola 55 series alarm units. Module Training Systems for Industry, Inc.; 

S595516. I 666. Prepared by Rex Callaway. 20 p. 17Oct70; A595501. 

Contemporary German life. By Jon E. Appl. au: Management and Training Systems 

zinmermann, Wolfgang lochner 6 Helen A. fcr Industry, inc. e Management and A595502. 

Scherer. 328 p. NM: all new text Training Systems for Irdustry, Inc.; Air blowers. FCC unit training manual 

material 6 compilation of illus. i;sep7«; A595530. no. 3. Prepared by Management and Training 

f McGraw-Hill, Inc.; 2Jan75: A595516, Systems for Industry, Inc., issued by Sun 

A595531. Oil company, Tulsa Refinery. 1 v. Appl. 

B595517. Welded pipe systems. Manual P012. au: Sun Oil company. e Manacement and 

Hydrology for engineers. By Bay K. Prepared by E. c. Bartmann. 20 p. Appl. Training Systems for Indus^ny, mc, ; 

linsley, Jr., Max Adam Kohler 6 Joseph L. au: Management and Training Systems fcr 150ct70; A595502. 

H. Paulhus. 2nd ed. 082 p. g McGraw- Industry, Inc, C Management and Training 

Hill, Inc.: 2Jan75; A595517. Systems for Industry, Inc.; 15Aug70; A595503, 

A595531. Fractionation. FCC unit training manual 

A595518. no. 5, Prepared by Kanaoement and Training 

Principles of police patrol. Ey Nathan B595532. Systems for Industry, Inc., issued by Sun 

F. lannone, 306 p. € McGraw-Hill, Inc.; Module M223 hydraulic pump (vane and oil company, Tulsa Refinery. 1 v. Appl. 

2Jan75: A595518. gear) Prepared by Barry Thomas. 32 p. au: Sen Oil Company. e Management and 

Appl. au: Management and Training Systems Training Systems for Industry, Inc.; 

A595519. for Industry, Inc. e Management and 5Oct70; A595503. 

March to massacre: a history of the Training Systems for Industry, Inc.; 

first seven years of the United states 5Sep70 (in notice: 1972); A595532. A595500. 

Army, 1780 - 1791. By William H. Guthman. FCC unit overview. Prepared by 

275 p. NM: some new material. S silliam A595533. Management and Training Systems for 

H. Gu»-hman; 2Jan75; A595519. Motorola 55TR8 resistance amplifier. Industry, Inc. 18 p. Bppl. au: Sun oil 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertahihig^to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyrighl Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

A5955t5 - B59557U 


JON, 1°T5 

S5955UU (con.) 

Company, Tulsa Befinerv* € Manaaeipent and 
Traininq Systeis for maustrv. Inc. ; 
^20ct^ll■, B5955««. 


Polyethvlene finishinq. Traininq manual 
no,PF-1, overviewo Prepared by G. I. 
Nelson 6 Banaqment and Traininq SystemE 
for Industry, Inc. 1 y. Appl. au: 
Northern Petrochemical Company^ 
C Manaqement and Traininq Systems fcr 
Industry, Inc.; 120ct7B; A5955U5. 


Taylor maqnetic flow meter transmitter, 
1100T, 1101T. Manual I 7it5. Prepared by 
Ken Goldriiq. 1 y. Appl. au: Mara cement 
and Traininq Systems, Inc. C Hanaqement 
and Traininq Systems fcr Industry, Ire, ; 
1«0ct7«: A5955U6. 


DuPont Puerto Pico sampling procedure: 
operatlnq procedure 25A. Prepared ty Luis 
Martinez S Management and Traininq Systems 
for Industry, Inc. , issued by DuPon* 
Puerto Pico, Inc. , Banati Plant, 1 y. 
Appl. au: DuPont Puerto Rico, Inc, 
S Hanaoement and Traininq Systems for 
Industry, Inc.; 150ct71; A5955«7. 


Rotary qear pumps (external qear, 
internal qear and qerotor type) Ma'^ual 
M2U2. Prepared by T. strachan. 33 p. 
Appl, au; Management and Traininq Systems, 
Inc, e Hanaqement and Traininq Systems 
for Industry, Inc.; 15Cct7ii; A5955B8. 


Mateer drum powder packer. Manual M35e. 
Prepared by H, Thomas, 1 v, Appl, au; 
Management and Training Systems, Ire. 
e Management and Training Systems fcr 
Industry, Inc, ; 220c'-.7»: A5955U9. 


Polymer synthesis traininq manual PS-7 
primary extrusion. Prepared by T, 
Tratewsek S Management and Traininq 
Systems fcr Industry, Inc, 1 y, Appl, 
au; Northern Petrochemical company, 
e Management and Training Systems fcr 
Industry, Inc.; 2UOct7U; A595550. 


Eeformer unit. Manual no.1, overview. 
Written by Vince Estrada, prepared by 
Management and Training Systems for 
Industry, Inc. , issued ty Atlantic 
Richfield Company, Products Division, East 
Chicago Refinery. 1 v, Appl. au: 
Atlantic Richfield Company, © Mana cement 
and Training Systems fcr Industry, Inc. ; 
2l|0ct7((; A595551, 


Lav density polyethylene finishing area 
pellet storage, transfer, and final 
blending. Manual PFI. Prepared by G, E, 
Nelson. 1 V. Appl. au: Northern 
Petrochemical Company, C Management and 
Traininq Systems fcr Industry, Inc. ; 
U0ct7U; AE95552, 


Low density polyethylene finishinq area, 
Trainino manual no.PF-e: Natural resin 
hopper car loading. Written by G. E. 
Nelson, 1 V, Appl, au; Northern 
petrochemical Company, e Management and 
Training Systems for Industry, Inc, ; 
1Cct7ll; A595553. 


Mantes liguid drum filler. Manual M357. 
Prepared by B. Thomas, 1 v. Appl, au; 
Management and Training Systems. 
e Management and Training Systems fcr 
Industry. Inc. ; 230ct714; A59555K. 


low density polyethylene finishing area. 
Training manual no.PF-7: Hire and cable 
resir feedstock storage and transfer. 
Written by G. F, Nelson, 1 v. Appl. au; 
Northern Petrochemical Company, 
e Management and Training Systems for 
Industry, Inc.; 1UAug7U; A595555. 


Auto cat plant BSM 06 substrate drying. 
Written by Vince Estrada, prepared by 
Management and Training Systems for 
Industry, Inc., Issued by w. B, Grace and 
Ccmpany, Davison Chemical ClviEion, Curtis 
Pay Works. 1 v. Appl. au; W. R. Grace 
and Company, Davison Chemical Division^ 
€ Management and Training Systems for 
Industry, Inc.; 8Aug7Ii; A59;55e. 


Low density polyethylene finishing ai;ea . 
Training manual no, PF-5: sire and cable 
hopper car loading. Britten by G. E. 
Nelson. 1 V. Appl. au: Northern 
Petrochemical Company. © Management and 
Training Systems for Irdustry, Inc.; 
11Aug7ll: A595557, 


SOP 36 steam jet operaticn; a standard 
operating procedure. Prepared by vince 
Estrada. sheets, Appl, au: Management 
and Training Systems for Industry, Inc. 
^ Management and Training Systems for 
Industry, Inc, ; 280ct7ll; A595558. 


Auto cat plant BSM 12 D. I. water 
generation. Prepared by R. w. Lansinger G 
Management and Training Systems for 
Industry, Inc. , issued by w. r, Grace and 
Ccmpany, Davison Chemical Division, Curtis 
Bay Works. 28 p. Appl. au; S. R. Grace 
and Company, Davison chemical Division. 
C Management and Training Systems fcr 
Industry, Inc.; 20Aug7U; A595559. 


The Western States centrifuge. Manual 
MSUOSI. Prepared by H. J. Reese 6 F. C. 
Eartmann. 1 v, Appl. au; Management and 
Training Systems for Industry, Inc. 
e Management and Training Systems for 
Industry, Inc.; 110ct7«; A595560. 


Ohmart densi*y gauge. Module A 801. 
Prepared by P. L. Callaway. 1 v. Appl. 
au: Management and Training Systems for 
Industry, Inc. P Management and Training 
Systems for Industry, Inc.; 15Sep7i4; 


Low density polyethylene finishing area. 
Training manual no, PF-13: Miscellaneous 
equipment. Britten by G. E, Nelson, 
prepared ty Management and Training 
Systems for Industry, Inc. 1 v, Appl. 
au; Northern Petrochemical company, 
e Management and Training Systems for 
Industry, Inc.; 21Aug7U; A595562. 


Auto cat plant MSM 15 dust collection. 
Prepared by Bill Ritzel & Management and 
Training Systems for Industry, Inc., 
issued by w. R. Grace and Company, Davison 
chemical Division, Curtis Bay Works. 37 
p. Appl. au: W. Ra Grace and Company, 
Davison Chemical Division. C Management 
and Training Systems for Industry, Inc.; 
15Aug7l4; A595563. 


Auto cat plant MSM C8 platinum 
impregnation and drying. Prepared by B. 
G. pucker 6 Management and Training 
Systems for Industry, Inc., issued by B. 
p. Grace and Company, Davison Chemical 
Division, Curtis Bay Works. 1 v. Appl. 
au; W. R. Grace and Company, Davison 


ChemJcal Division, e Management and 
Training Systems for Industry, Inc.; 
17Aug7U; A59EE6U, 


Autc cat plant MSM 09 palladium 
impregnation and drying. Prepared by 
fiayne Coppel 6 Management and Training 
Systems for Industry, Inc,, issued by B, 

E. Grace and Company, Davison Chemical 
Division, Curtis Bay Berks. 1 v. Aftl. 
au; B, R, Grace and Company, Davison 
Chemical Division. e fanageirent and 
Training Svstems for Indus*ry, Inc.; 
18AUC74; A595565. 


Auto cat plan* MEM 13 air ccmpressio", 
Br1t*en ty James J, G^avatt, prepared ty 
Management and Training Systems fcr 
Industry, Inc., issued by B, P, Grace and 
Company, Davison Chemical Division, Curtis 
Bay Berks. 1 v. Appl. au; B. B. Grace 
and Ccmpany, Davison chemical Division, 
e Management and Training Systems for 
Industry, Inc.; 15Aug7U; A595566. 


Autc cat plant HSM 11 cooling tower. 
Prepared by William J. Ganz, Jr. S 
Management and Training Systems for 
Industry, Inc., issued by w. p. Grace and 
Company, Davison Chemical Divisicn, Curtis 
Bay Berks. 26 p. Appl. au; w. p. Grace 
and Ccmpany, Daviscn chemical Divisicn. 
C Management and Training Systems for 
Industry, Inc.; 15Aug7U; A595567. 


Auto cat plant MSM 11, finished product 
handling. Written by B. A. Morrow, 
prepared by Management and Training 
Systems for Industry, Inc., issued ty B. 

F. Grace and Company, Davison chemical 
Division, Curtis Bay Berks. 1 v. Appl. 
au: B, R. Grace and company, Davison 
Chemical Division. P Management and 
Training Systems for Industry, Inc.; 
19Sug7lt; A59556e. 


Auto cat plant MSM 07 substrate 
calcination, Britten by vince Estrada, 
prepared by Management and Training 
Systems for Industry, Inc., issued by «, 
R. Grace and Company, lavison Chemical 
Division, Curtis Bay Berks. 1 v. Appl, 
au; B. R. Grace and company, Daviscn 
chemleal Division, e Management and 
Training Systems for Industry, Inc; 
15BU571t: B595569. 


Conferences on Improving Schccl 
Ff fec^iveness. 119 p. Proceedings cf 
conferences held in San Francesco s 
Bashington, D,c, in 1973, t Fducaticnal 
Testing Service; 1Aug73; A595570, 


Directory of retired members, as of 
September 197a. 32 p. f American Foreign 
Service Association; 5Dec70; A595571. 


The Devil, demons, and exorcism. By 
Billy Graham. 13 p. e Billy Graham 
Evangelistic Asscciaticn; 2=^Jun7ii; 


The Official Associated Press almanac, 
1975. Editorial coordinator: Pan Perkes, 
edi tot-in-chief : Laurence Drdang, managing 
editor: Robert L. Brady. 10U0 p. 
Successor to The New Tcrk times enc- 
yclopedic almanac, e Bammond Almanac, 
Inc.; 2211OV70; A595573. 


On social ideas and idealooies. By 
Ferdinand Tonnles, edited, translated 6 
annotated by E. G. Jaccby. 2''5 p. SM: 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office tor information about any additional records that may exist. 


JSH. - JON, 191 

A5955T1 (cor.) 

translation, editorial reiisioiiE 6 
additicral text. P E. G. Jacoby: 
25Sep7fl: A59557I1. 


Furdamcntals of television. By Salter 
H. BuchEbaum. Rev. 2v.i ed . 280 p. 
S Hayden Bock CciDFany, Inc.; 5Dec7H; 


Toward humaniEtic teaching in high 
school. By Weems A. Saucier, Robert L. 
Uendel 6 Richard J. Mueller. 372 p. 6 D. 
C. Heath and Company; 22Nov7a (in 
notice: 1 S75) ; A59557e. 


Instructor's manual, by Brett J. 
Dickinson, Jude A, Hoody, William C 
naclnres and Juhlin H. Reukirk, to 
accomcary Hatheson, Eruce, and EeauchaEp; 
Introduction to experimental psychology, 
second edition. 77 p. NH: some nev text 
S editorial revision of prev, pubo 
material, e Holt, Rinehart and dinston. 
Inc.: 20Jun7U; a;95577. 


Aimay manual. Revision no. 58, Ncv. 22, 
197U. sheets. C Jeppesen and Company; 
22!loy7a: A595578. 


Airway manual. Revision no, 59 £ 60, 

Ncv. 29, 197q. Sheets. Jeppeser and 
Company: 29Nov7U: A595579. 


Airway manual. Revision no. 5« £ 55, 
Nov. 1, 197U. sheets. 6 Jeppesen and 
Company; 1Nov7«: A595580. 


Airway manual. Revision no. 57, Ncv. 15, 
1 97U . sheets. C Jeppesen and Company: 
15NOV7U; AS95581. 


Airway manual. Revision no, 56, Ncv, 8, 
1970. sheets. 6 Jeppesen and Company; 
8N0V7U: A595582. 


Seances and spiritualists. By Christine 
Andreae. 157 p. 6 Christine Andreae; 
6Aug7U; A5955a3, 


Essentials of pediatric cardiology. By 
Eennls J. Vince. 210 p. t J. B. 
Lippincott Company; 8Aug7a; A5955fu. 


Fielding's Guide to the Caribbean plus 
the Bahamas, Ey Jeanne £ Harry E, Barman, 
3rd, foreword by Temple Fielding. 1975 
ed. 801 p. e Rilliam norrow and Ccmpany, 
Inc. ; 110ct7a: A595585. 


Alliance, OH, and independent dial tribs 
"inf crmation" directory, December 1C, 
197a. e The Ohio Bell Telephone Company; 
10Eec7U: 4595586. 


Columbus, OH, A - 1 aid vicinity 
"information" directory, December 13, 
1971*. C The Ohio Bell Telephone Company: 
13Cec7i): A595587. 


Cleveland and vicinity PI - Z section 
"information" directory, December 1970, 
C The Ohio Bell Telephone Company: 
19Cec70; A595588. 


Columbus, OH, B - Z and vicinity 
"information" directory, December 27, 

1570. f The Ohio Bell Telephone Company; 
27Dec70; A595589. 


Akron, OH, and vicinity "information" 
directory, December 12, 1970, e The Ohio 
Eell Telephone Ccmpany; 12Dec70; 


Dayton M - Z ar d vicinity "information" 
directory, December 5, 1970. e The Ohio 
Eell Telephone Ccmpany; 5Iec70; A595591. 


Clermont County, OH, monthly reprint, 
December 20, 1970. 6 Cincinnati Bell, 
Inc.: 20Dec70; A595592. 


Painesville, willcughby and Cleveland 
independent company tribs "information" 
directory, December 26, 1970. e The Ohio 
Bell Telephone Ccmpany; 26Dec70; 


Toledo and vicinity "information" 
directory, December 16, 1970. e The Ohio 
Bell Telephone Company; 16Dec70: 


Canton, OH, and vicinity "information" 
directory, December 10, 1970. C The Ohio 
Eell Telephone Company: 10Dec70; 


Cincinnati bi-weekly N - Z and northern 
Kentucky directory assistance reprint, 
December 16, 1970. 6 Cincinnati Bell, 
Inc.; 16Dec70: A595596. 

S5955 97. 

Cincinnati bi-weekly N - Z and northern 
Kentucky directory assistance reprint, 
December 27, 1970. © Cincinnati Eell, 
Inc.: 27Dec70: A595597. 


Dayton A - 1 and vicinity "information" 
directory, December 5, 1970. e The Ohio 
Eell Telephone Company; 5Dec70; A595598, 


Cincinnati bi-weekly A - n directory 
assistance reprint, December 10, 1970. 
e Cincinnati Bell, Inc.; 20Dec70: 


Cincinnati bi-weekly A - M directory 
assistance reprint, December 20, 1970. 
C Cincinnati Bell, Inc, ; 10Dec70: 


5798-BDE APL financial planning system, 
field developed program (source listing) 
1 V, e International Business Machines 
Corporation e.a, d, : IBM Corporation; 
6Dec70; S595601, 


5798-CBB. Printout, C International 
Business Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
Corporation; 17Nov70; A595602. 


5798-CAZ. Printout, g International 
Business Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
Corporation: 6Dec70: A595€03. 


5796-AGF. Printout. 6 The Vendo 
Company: 6Dec70; 4595600. 


5798-BDK (sorts for Vn/370-CBS) 
Printout, f International Business 
Machines Corporation a.a.d,: IBB 
Corporation; 9Jun70; A595605. 



5''9E-EEN. Printout. C International 
Business Machines Ccrpcration a, a, a,: IBM 
Corporation; 6Dec70; 45956C6. 


57C2-K11, Printout, NM: revisions, 
C International Business Machines 
Corporation a, a, d, : IBM Corporation; 
8Dec70 (in notice: 19721; 4595607. 


5799-AGN (version 1, modification 0) 
Printout. C International tusiness 
Machines Corporation a.a.d.: IBM 
Corporation; 8Dec70; A595608. 


California real estate law and practice, 
Vol.8: zoning and land u=e ccntrcl. 
Practice ccnsultants; Donald G. Hagman £ 
Richard s. Volpert, 1 v. Appl, au: 
Mat*hew Eender and Company, I^c, employer 
for hire. C Matthew Eender and company. 
Inc.; 2CDec7a; A595605. 


Products liability. Vol, 1 , Oct. 1970 
revision, release ro.1''. Products 
liability table of cases by products, 
1970 revision. Ey Louis E, Frumer £ 
Melvin I. Friedman. sheets £ 12 p. 4ppl. 
au: Matthew Eender and Company, Inc., 
employer for hire, e ratthew Bender and 
Company, Inc, ; 0Dec70: A595610, 


Cahill-Parsons New york civil practice. 
Nov, 1970 suppl., release no.1. By tarti" 
Kaufman £ Frank F, Leonard, 1 v, Appl , 
au: Matthew Bender and Company, Inc. , 
employer for hire. C Matthew Bender and 
Company, Inc.; 5Dec7«; 4595611. 


ohic forms of pleading and practice, 
Vol.5 - 5A. Dec. 1970 revision, release 
no. 6. By Billiam H. Milligan, senior 
managing editor: Ann B, Miele, supervising 
editor: Max Harley, Appl. eu: Matthew 
Bender and Company, Inc., employer ^cr 
hire, e Matthew Bender and ccmpany, Inc; 
20Dec7O; 4595612. 


steinman's Bergerman and Roth New York 
real property forms. Vcl, 1 - 2. lov, 
1970 cumulative suppl., release ro.8. Ey 
Roy Fischer E Sanford H. Grohman, Arpl, 
au: Matthew Bender ard Company, Tnc, , 
emplcyer for hire. C Matthew Eender and 
Company, Inc.: 5Dec70; A595613, 


Foreign tax and trade triefs. Ncv. 1^70 
replacement service, release no, 193. 
Foreign tax and trade winds, sheets £ 
folder (0 p.) Appl. au: Eender ((ratthew) 
and Ccmpany, Inc. C! Matthew Eender and 
Company, Inc.; 5Dec70; 4595610, 


Rabkin and Johnson Federal income, g^f* 
and estate taxation: desk edition, Dec, 
1970 revision, release no, 2, Ey 41an 
Prigal, sheets. Appl, au: Matthew Bender 
and Ccmpany, Inc., emplcyer for hire. 
C Matthew Bender and Ccmpany, Inc.; 
21Dec70: A595615, 


Federal income, gift and estate 
taxation. Vol.8 - 11. Release no. 13, 
Dec, 1970. Ey Jacob Babkin E Mark H. 
Johrscn, revision editors: Alan Prigal, 
Richard E. Nadler, Irwin s. Epstein, 
Marcia K. Marshall E Frederick 1. Nakarai. 
sheets. Appl. au: Matthew Eender and 
Company, Inc., employer for hire. 
e Matthew Bender and Company, Inc. : 
26Eec70; 4595616. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


JBH. - JDS. 


BeDcier's Forms of pleading, by Oscar 
LeRov Warren, Gloria c. Markuscn ard Eric 
Martin AdamE. Vol.1 - 3B, 5 - 10 6 index 
vol. Nov. 19711 cumulative Euppl, , release 
no. 15 tv Ruth C. Tachna. Multiple 
volumes. flppl. au; Matthew Bender and 
Company, Inc., employer for hire. 
^ Matthew Bender and Company, Inc. ; 
6Dec7U-, S595617. 


New York transaction quide with forms. 
Vol.7: performance of services. Assistant 
editcr-in-chief : Eric Martin Adams. 1 v. 
Appl. au; Matthew Bender and company. 
Inc., employer for hire, e Matthew Bender 
and Company, Inc.: 28Dec71; A595618. 


Chest, heart and lungs. By Jules F. 
Kalisch E Harold Williams. 1 v. 
(Courtroom medicine, vol. 11) Appl. au: 
Matthew Pender and Company, Inc. , employer 
for hire, e Matthew Bender and Company, 
Inc.; 11D6C7H (in notice: 1975); 


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(Business orqanizations , vol. 18E) Also 
pub. as Kheel, labor law. Appl, au: 
Matthew Bender and Company, Inc. , enployer 
for hire, e Matthew Bender and Company, 
Inc. : 3CDec71t; 1595620. 


A Probe into values: searchbooks ir the 
social sciences. By John G. church. 
Folders (6 r.) 6 card in box. Appl. au: 
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc., employer 
for hire. € Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 
Inc.; 6110V73; A595621. 


Ways to poetry. By Stanley A. cls^yes 6 
John Gerrietts. 378 p. NM: pref. , front 
matter, tack matter, index 6 all 
explanations 6 questions. C Harcourt 
Brace Jovanovich, Inc.; 2Jan75; 1595622. 


Conqressional power: Conqress and social 
change. By Gary Orfield, qeneral editor: 
James David Barber. 339 p. C Harccurt 
Brace Jovanovich, Inc.; 2Jan75: 1595623. 


Deccuverte de I'essai. By Sarah lawall, 
christian Garaud 6 Mireille Azibert. 219 
p. Introdo in Enqlish. NM: additions. 
e Harccurt Brace Jovanovich, Inc. ; 
2Jan75: 159562«. 


Pas a pas. By Jean Sareil £ Jacqueline 
Sareil. 175 p. NB: introd. 8 additions, 
e Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc. ; 
2Jan75; 1595625. 


Individualizinq lanquaqe instruction: 
strategies and methods. By Penee S, 
Disick. 2U2 p. © Harcourt Brace 
Jovanovich, Inc.; 2Jan75; A59562e. 


Harcourt Brace Jovanovich correlation erf 
The Bookmark reading program with the 
Sequential listing of readinq skills. 
Developed by the ci<-y cf Baltimore. 1 v. 
Portions based on The Bookmark reading 
program. Appl. au: Harcourt Brace 
Jovanovich, Inc. , employer for hire NM: 
editorial matter. 6 Harcourt Brace 
Joyanovich, Inc.; 12Dec7i|; 1595627. 


Prescriptive analysis design for the 
primary readers; A World of surprises of 
the Bookmark reading program. Prepared by 
the Eastern Begion consultant staff, 1 v. 
Appl. au: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc., 

employer for hire. Ippl. states all new 
except the reference pages. C Harcourt 
Brace Jovanovich, Inc.; 8Sep73; 1595628. 


Prescriptive analysis design for the 
primary readers: widening circl3s of the 
Bookmark readirg program. Prepared by the 
Eastern Hegion consultant staff. 1 v. 
Ippl. au: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc., 
employer for hire. Ippl. states all new 
except reference pages, e Harccurt Brace 
Jovanovich, Inc.; 8Sep73; A595629. 


Key ideas in mathematics 1 and 2: 
management sys*em for individualtzea 
instruction; teacher's guide. By Bonnie 
Gorfin, in ccnsultatior with William J, 
Gerardi, wilmsr L. Jones s Thomas E. 
Fester. 57 p. Appl. au: Harcourt Brace 
Jovanovich, Inc., employer for hire of 
Ecnnie Gorfin. e Harcourt Brace 
Jovanovich, Inc.; 1Aug70; 1595630. 


Sad face, glad face. By Terry Eorton, 
illustrated by Lynn Borton. 30 p. 
e Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc.; 
120ct73; A595631. 


Everybody 5s somebody. By Terry Borton, 
illustrated by Lynn Borton, 30 p. 
e Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc.; 
120ct73; A595632. 


How many years old are you? By Terry 
Borton. 30 p. © Harcourt Brace 
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let like your dog. By Terry Borton, 
illustrated by Kevin Callahan. 30 p. 
e Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc. ; 
120ct73: 159563U. 


Prescriptive analysis design for the 
primary readers: Going places, seeing 
people of the world of the Bookmark 
re?ding program. Prepared by the Eastern 
Eegion consultant staff. 1 v. Appl. au: 
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc., employer 
for hire. Appl, states all new except 
reference pages. © Harcourt Brace 
Jovanovich, Inc.; 8Sep73; A595635. 


Prescriptive analysis design for the 
primary readers: King around the world of 
the Booknrark reading program. Prepared by 
the Eastern Region consultant staff. 1 v. 
Ippl. au: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc., 
employer for hire. Ippl. states all new 
except reference pages. € Harcourt Brace 
Jovanovich, Inc.; 8Sep73; 1595636. 


Key ideas in mathematics 2: management 
system for individualized instruction. 
Prepared by Bonnie Gorfin, in consultation 
with William J. Gerardi, wilmer L. Jones 8 
Thomas E. Foster. Sheets (157 p.) in box. 
Ippl. au: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc., 
employer for hire of Bonnie Gorfin. 
e Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc. ; 
131ug7U; A595637. 


Key ideas in mathematics 1: management 
system for individualized instruction. 
Prepared by Bonnie Gorfin, in consultation 
with William J. Gerardi, wilmer L. Jones 8 
Thomas R. Foster. Sheets (160 p.) in box. 
Appl. au; Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc. , 
employer for hire of Bonnie Gorfin. 
e Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc. ; 
11ng7U; A595638. 

Florida forms: pleadings; 

November 197U suppl. vcl. 1 - 12 8 
supplemental index. By Richard H. w. 
Baloy 8 Wilbur s. rcEuff. 13 v. Appi . 
au: Catthew Pender and Company, Inc. , 
employer for hire. e Batthew Pender =ird 
Company, Inc.; 9Cec7U; A595639. 


Beredict en adniralty, seveT<th edition 
(revised) By Arnold wfitman Knauth 8 
Christopher E. Krau*h. 197U revnsion by 
manag7ng editor: Irwin Fall, senior 
editor: llexander Sann 6 contr-ibuting 
editor: Evelyn Cohn. Vcl. 5 - 5D. Nov. 
197U suppl. to vol.lA 8 5, by Alexaider 
Sann. h v. 8 sheets. Appl, au: l"a*-thew 
Bender and company. Inc., employer for 
hire. 6 Batthew Bender and Corpeny, Inc.; 
23Dec7U; A5956110. 


New York civil practice EPTI-SCPf, desk 
edition. Vol. 9-9r. Ey Patrick J. Rohan. 
Nov. 197U suppl. S revision, release no. 
a. Abridged by Patrick J. Rohan 8 Ccx, 
Arensen and Bedina. Sheets. Appl. au: 
Batthew Bender and Compary, Inc., employer 
for hire, e Batthew Bender and Company, 
Inc.; 13Dec7«; A595eii1. 


New York civil practice SCPA, by Jcseph 
1, Cox, Joseph T. ArensoB 8 Standish F. 
Bedina. Vol.10 - 10E. Dec. 197U suppl. 8 
revision, release no. 5 by Lois Arnold. 6 
V. B sheets. Appl, au: Batthew Bender and 
Company, Inc., employer for hire, 
C Matthew Pender and Company, Inc.; 
21D6c7lt; A59;61I2. 


Bender's Forms for the civil practice, 
Oct. 19711 suppl. and revision, vol.1 - lOr 
8 index (release no. 17) i; v. 6 shee'-s, 
e Ma*thew Pender and Company, Inc.; 
3Dec71|; 15956113. 


New York civil practice. Ilcv, 19711 
suppl. Vol.12 - 12B. Release no. 2. By 
Marisa Buttrey 8 Jean P. Goldman. 3 v. 
Ippl. au; Matthew Pender and Company, 
Inc., employer for hire. C Batthew Eende-^ 
and Company, J'\c,; 6Dec7ii; A5956iiii. 


Pabkin and Johnson Federal income, gif* 
and estate taxation report. Report 
no. 389, Dec, 19711. Tax calendars for 
19''5, prepared by Irw<n S. Epstein 8 
victoria E. Wagner, p. 12,011 - 12,13'' 6 
sheets. Appl. au: Matthew Pender and 
Compary, Inc. , employer for hire, 
? Batthew Pender and Company, Inc.; 
13Dec7ll; 15956115. 


Patent law perspectives: current 
service. Vol.1 - 1. Dec. 19711 deve- 
lopments, release no. IP. By Donald F. 
Cunner, James P. Gambrell, Stuart 1. White 
8 Irving Kayton. Shee*s, folder (U p.) 8 
6 p. Ippl. au: Matthew Bender and 
Company, Inc., employer for hire. 
^ Matthew Bender and Company, T^c; 
19Dec7U; A5956U6. 


Patent law perspectives: current 
service, Vol.1 - H. Nov. 197ii deve- 
lopments, release no. 9. By Donald R. 
Dunner, James B, Gambrell, Stuart 1. Bhi*e 
6 Irving Kayton. Shee*s 6 6 p, Ippl, au: 
Matthew Bender and company. Inc., employer 
for hire. 6 Matthew Bender and Company, 
Inc. : llDec71l; A5956I17. 


Standard California codes: ccmmercial 
code, 197q suppl., release no. 7, 99 p, 
€ Matthew Bender and Company, Inc. ; 
17Dec71|; 15956118. 

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work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 



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illasch a 



AE95eB9 - SE95eee books S PAKPHIETS JBN. - JDN. iq"75 

A5956«9. Company, Inc., employer for hire. Eilerstine. Bier 

Neu York Federal cour-t rules, anrctafr.ed. C Matthev Fender and company. Inc.; Eilenstine; 15Nc 

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Batthew Bender and Company, Inc, , employer By phircze Jamsheed Nagarvala. Microfilm. A Programmed problem solving approach t 

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18D6C7U: A595650. A595e61. Picrcfili. B Thcmas N^ ck Fenger; 

A595651. B595662. 

Bender's Tax guide. Felease no. 26, pt. 1 Microwave-optical double resonance 

- 2. Folder s sheets. DM: additional (BODF) spectroscopy of the lowest triplet A Bultivariate analysis of situ 

pilaticr, revisions S text. © Batthew states of halogenated benzenes. By Hong 

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Tax techniques for foundations and other Bethodoloqical considerations in A595e77. 

exempt organizations. Dec. 19714 new modeling and optimizing instruction. By literal and accommodated use cf the 

developments suppl. 6 revision (release Barna Cupp Uhittington. Bicrofilm. Gospel of John by the Second Vatican 

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ieoct74: A595655. Edward Hiram Theil. Bicrofilm. e Edward Julian Hux3ey's conception of evo- 

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and Company, Inc.; 6Dec74; A595656. motivation of black and whi*e managers. 

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Bender's Tax guide. Release nc.25, Eauhinia subgeruus Bauhinia in Middle 

1974, pt.1 - 2, Dec. 6, 1974. Sheets 6 America and the Antilles. By Richard Paul 8595684. 

folder (4 p. ) C Hatthew Bender and Hunderlin, Microfilm. 6 Richard Paul Generalized seouences. Ey Richard Icuis 

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A595658. A595671. 

Massachusetts pleading and practice. Opening the door: an analysis of some A595685. 

forms and commentary. Vol.2. By Edward effects of different approaches to Human relations: the problem of Enseada 

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Bender and Company, Inc., employer for 72. By Thomas James Farrell. Microfilm, 

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2eDec74; A595658. 8595671. The Homen of Chile and education for a 

con*-emporary society: a study cf Chilean 

A59565S. 8595672. women, their history and present status 

Ohio forms of pleading and practice. The Disabled reader: a study of an and the new demands of a society in 

Vol.11: criminal rules. By Gerald A. auditory mode of learning procedure on transition. By Sandra Carol Thcmas. 

Besserman, supervising editor: Max Parley, social studies achievemen*. By Edwin L. Microfilm, e Sandra Carol Thomas; 

1 V. Appl. au: Matthew Bender and 15Nov74; A595656. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyrigln Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


JON. 1975 


Self -disclosure as a function of sex 
roles, experimenter-Eubiect distance, sex 
of experimenter and intimacy of topics, 
Ev Linda Buth Switkin. Bicrofili. 
« Linda Euth Stiitkin; 15Nov7U: 1555687. 


A Transfcrmational analysis of Stephen 
crane's novels. By Eleanor c, Stoppe. 
nicrofilir. e Eleanor c. stoppe; 1ENoy7a; 


Assitrilation of Irish immigrants in 
Britain. Bv Hilliam Eyan. Kicrof? Im. 
e nilliam Byan : 15Noy7i): A595689. 


The Philosophy cf Doctor Oswald C, 
Hoffmann and its comparison to the 
philosophy cf Lutheran elementary 
education in the Lutheran church: Missouri 
Synod (1956 - 1972) By Bark Arnold 
Baschhoff. Bicrofilm. 6 Mark Arnold 
Maschhoff; 15Nov7«; A595690. 


The Betatclism of cholesterol and 
related steroids by rat brain, in vitro. 
By Charles William Bartin. Microfilm, 
e Charles William Martin: 15Nov7U; 


Love, salvation and order in the Libro 
de buen atrcr and The Ca:iterbury tales. By 
Carol Ann Marshall. Bicrofilm, 6 Carol 
Ann Marshall; 15Nov7ii: A595e92. 


The Casus of the ondt and the qra- 
cehcper. By Gerald Albert Michaud. 
flicrcfilm. e Gerald Albert Kichaud ; 
15HOV7U: A595693. 


A Study Of the relationship between 
behavior disorders in four and five year 
old children and the temperament of their 
mothers. By Thomas Beid Baloney. 
Microfilm, C Thomas Peid Maloney: 
15N0V7H; A595e91l. 


A Comparative study of post-school 
economic success of educable mentally 
retarded boys from hiqh and low socioe- 
conomic families. By Carlton Bomer Green. 
Hicrcfilm, C Carlton Bomer Green: 
15BOV7U: A595695. 


Nauvoo, Illinois, since the exodus of 
the Mormons, 1816 - 1973, By Kenneth otto 
Luke. Bicrofilm. 6 Kenneth Otto Luke; 
15Nov7it: A595696, 


A Study of the Catholic "charismatic 
renewal," By Sister Mary Ellen Greeley, 
B.S,B, Microfilm, e sister Bary Ellen 
Greeley, R.S.B.; 15Noy7«: A595697. 


The Commentary of Gerardus Listrius on 
Elasmus' Praise of folly: a critical 
edition- and translation with introduction 
and commentary. By Joseph Austin Gavin. 
Microfilm. DM: introd., translation 6 
commentary. 6 Joseph Austin Gavin; 
15Nov7l(: S595698, 


Thomas Underdowne's translation of 
Heliodorus' An Aethicpian history: a 
critical edition. By Edward Albert 
Herscher. Microfilm. HM: introd., notes, 
qlcssary s biblioqraphy. e Edward Albert 
Herscher; 15Nov7il: A595699. 


The Effect of the learninq thru 

discussion model cf instruction on student 
achievement and self concept. By Bichael 
Alfred Pooney. Bicrofilm. a Bichael 
Alfred Booney; 15Ncv7lt; A59E700. 

J595701 . 

Maternal childrearino attitudes as a 
correlate of academic achievement of 
elementary school students. By Fenton 
Neil Eice. Microfilm. 6 Fenton Neil 
Pice; 15NOV7U; A595701. 


Eealiqnments of pulpit and altar in 
German Christianity (19U5 - 1972) By 
Edgar Oliver Basch. Bicrofilm. C Edgar 
Oliver Fasch; 15Nov71|; A595702. 


Saint Louis women cf achievement and 
community. By Mariorie Louise Purvis. 
Bicrofilm. e Barjorie Louise Purvis; 
15Nov7a: A595703. 

A59570lt . 

Superintendent turnover in Missouri hiqh 
school districts. By Clinton Harlan Pope, 
Microfilm, e Clinton Harlan Pope; 
15Nov7l(; A59570U, 


A Disaqreement of the need of a sensible 
species in the writings of some medical 
doctors in the late Middle Ages. By 
Edward Griffin Smith. Microfilm. 
e Edward Griffin Smith; 15Nov7il; 


Civilization in seventh century Gaul as 
reflected in saints' Vitae composed in the 
period. By Lawrence Salter Mcntford. 
Microfilm, f Lawrence Salter Montford; 
15NOV7U: A595706. 


The Comparative effect cf open space 
versus self-contained classroom on pupil 
self concept development. By Joseph 
Budawski. Bicrofilm, 6 Joseph Rudawski; 
15NOV7U: A595707. 


College environment: students' 
perceptions of institutional functioning. 
By Amanda D. Luckett. Microfilm, 
e Amanda D, Luckett; 1 5Nov7it ; A5957"s. 


fin Analysis of the treatment of 
religion, the black-American, and women in 
the American history textbooks used by the 
public, private, and parochial high 
schools of the city and county cf Saint 
Louis, Missouri, 1972 - 73. By Jimmie 
Linsin. Bicrofilm. e Jimmie Llnsin; 
15Nov7"4; A595709. 


The Philosophy of education of Robert B. 
Hutchins; its development and change. By 
Joseph George Kromenaker, Bicrofilm. 
e Joseph George Kromenaker; 15Noy7U; 

A595711 . 

Modules over Banach algebras. By Pita 
Martina Kottmeyer, Bicrofilm. 6 Rita 
Martina Kottmeyer; 15Nov7n; A595711. 


Construction of a value scale measuring 
superordinate, altruistic and self 
orientations. By Sister Baureen Patricia 
Hester, S.N,J,B, Bicrofilm, C sister 
Baureen Patricia Hester, s, N. J. M, ; 
15Nov71t; A595712. 


A Coordinatization of a straight line 
space. By Salter James Pavlicek. 
Microfilm, e Salter James Pavlicek; 
15NOV7U; A595713, 


The New review: mirrcr of a literary 
culture, 1889 - 1897. Py Sister Anne 
Hygina Murtaqh, S.C.S.L. Bicrofilm. 
e Sister Anne Byoina Muj-taoh, 3,C,S,1, ; 
15Nov7It; A59571I1. 


The Territorial acquisition policy of 
the British East India Company: ITEtt - 
1821. By Lawrence silHam Borr^son, Jr. 
Bicrofilm. e Lawrence Silliam Bcrii son , 
Jr.; 15NOV7U; A595715. 


s + alking silence in the pos*lapsa-:ian 
poem: Blmbaud, Georg Iraki, Bart Crane. 
By Patricia Lynn Griffin. Microfilm, 
e Patricia Lynn Griffin ; 15Nov7U; 


A study of the effectiveness of the 
comparative guidance and placement test a= 
a predictor of success in a community 
college introductory programiring course. 
By Harold Edwin Fuller, Jr. Microfilm, 
e Harold Edwin Fuller, Jr.; 15Ncv7«: 


D. s. imperialism in Bexico and Cen'-ral 
America: a test cf a structural theory of 
imperialism. By Maria Dolores Diaz Le 
Krofcheck. Microfilm. 8 Maria Dolores 
Diaz De Krofcheck; 15Ncv7H; A595718. 


Bodelllng semantic memory: effect^ of 
presenting semantic infcrmaticn in 
different modalities, Py Steven Teddy 
Eoserberg. Microfilm, e Steven Teddy 
Eosenterg: 15Nov7it; B5S5719, 


The Development and evaluation of a 
systems approach curriculum for a 
hetercgeneous beginning string class. By 
Frank Adam Biringer, Jr. Microfilm, 
e Frank Adam Biringer, Jr.; 15Nov7a; 


The Belationship between perceived 
participation in school management and 
morale of selected black and nonblack 
teachers and students in Volusia Coun^-y, 
Florida senior high schools. By Harry 
Hillard Morall. Microfilm. 6 Harry 
Billard Morall; ISNcvTU; A595721. 


Alcohol, public health and highway 
safe+y; the effectiveness of a community 
based educational safe driving school fc- 
alcohcl abusing drivers. By Pascal 
Scoles, Jr. Microfilm, e Pascal Secies, 
Jr.; 15NOV7U; A595722, 


A Comparison of attitudes of faculty 
members toward collective negotiation' at 
selected public and private Institutions 
of higher education i" the Sashington, 
C.C. , metropolitan area. By Tony Minus, 
Blcrcfilm. e Tony Minus; 15Nov7U; 


A Consultant/client application cf the 
action research model. By Hllllam 
Frederick Bathgeber, 3rd. Bicrofilm. 
C Silliam Frederick Eathgeber, 3rd; 
ISNOvIH; A59572U. 


The Development of basic relational 
concepts in educable mentally retarded 
children. By Jean Lau chin. Blcrcfilm, 
C Jean Lau chin; 15Nov7U: B595725. 

223-503 O - 76 - 4 (Sec. 2) 


These entries alone may not refiect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


JAB. - JDtl. 1 = 

S595726 (cor.) 

ana role In the develcpment of Talmudic 
lavio Ev Sviqaor litzcliak Eittmann. 
Microfilm. C sviqdor yitzchak Eit*irann; 
15MOV7U: S595726, 


Thirty retired career women: an 
exploratory study of perceived needs. By 
Bcsalvn P. Kartun Benitez. Microfilm. 
e Eosalyn P. Kartun Benitez; ISNovT": 


Applications of qrcup theory to pattern 
recoqniticc. By Hudai Dirilten. 
Microfilm, e Hudai Dirilten; ISNoyVH; 


A Study of the effect of usicq fiction, 
selected case studies and autobiographies 
on the cognitive and affective respcnses 
of teachers of mentally retarded children. 
By Mary Anne Harding Bell. Picrofilm. 
t Mary srne Harding Bell; 151Jov7U; 


Identification of early learning 
problems — adiustment of kindergarten 
curricula. By Estelle P. Bradley, 
Microfilm. C Estelle F. Bradley; 
15NOV7U; J595730. 


a comparison of two approaches to 
one-exposure inservice workshops based on 
questioning in classrooms. By Sydell 
Weiss. Microfilm, e Sydell Weiss; 
15Hov7«; A595731. 


Black intelligence: familiarity as a 
factor in intelligence test performance. 
By Marcia Sue Ellwood, Microfilm. 
e Marcia Sue Ellwood; 1SNov7U; A555732. 


The Organization and promotion of 
Sacramento Junior College, 1916 - 19i"0. 
Ey James Mowery Evans, Microfilm, 
e James Mowery Evans; 15Nov7U; 6595733. 


Constructions for inequivalent rocm 
designs. Ey Kenneth Bitterman Gross. 
Microfilm, e Kenneth Bitterman Gross; 
15N0V7U: A59573U. 


The Postwar reforms and educatiorgl 
development in Japan, 19U5 -1970. Ey 
Kenneth Bok Lee. Microfilm. © Kenneth 
Bok lee; 15(Iov7«: A595735. 


City from frontier: symbcls of urtan 
development in nineteenth-century San 
Pranciscco By Francis Joseph Mazzi, 
Microfilm, e Francis Joseph Mazzi ; 
15NOV7U; A595736. 


An Evaluation of the use of the high 
frequency band in the electromaqnetic 
spectrum by the amateur radio service. By 
Robert Joseph McMahcn. Microfilm. 
e Fobert Joseph McMahor; 1511ov7ii; 


An Evaluation of telephone help lines as 
an instrument for crisis intervention. Ey 
Eoscoe Yost Miller. Microfilm. C Poscoe 
Yost Miller: 15Nov7it: A595738. 


A Comparison of employment perfornance 
in the manufacturinq sector of less 
developed countries: empirical tests of 
alternative hypotheses. By lal Naraindas 

By Edgar Willia 
e Edgar William 

1 Conrad, ricr 
Conrad; 1E!Jcv 


A Theoretical integration of ethology 
and organization theory. By Dennis John 
Moberg. Microfilm. 6 Dennis John Moberg; 
15Nov71t; A5957U0. 


Badiotracer methods in coating systems. 
Pt.1: Fadiotracer penetration study of 
linseed antispalling compound in concrete. 
Ft. 2: Glycerolysis of linseed oil; 
quantitative analysis of reaction products 
utilizing radiotracer methodology. By 
olexander Hnojewyj, Kicrofiln. 
e Olexander Hnojewyj; 15Iiov7«; S5957ii1. 


Current practices in computerized 
attendance accounting for California 
secondary schools. By Eugene James 
Muscat. Microfilm. e Eugene James 
Muscat; 15Nov7lt; A5957I42. 


A Comparison of prevalent kindergarten 
programs and Distar kindergarten programs 
as effectors of language development among 
kindergarten children. By Robert Thomas 
Cassidy. Microfilm, 6 Robert Thomas 
Cassidy ; 15Nov7U; i5957«3. 


An Appraisal of the program leading to 
the doctor of education degree in 
educational administration and supervision 
at the University of Virginia. Ey Claude 
Euford Nolen, Jr. Microfilm. 6 Clande 
Buford Nolen, Jr.; 15Nov7U; A5957U0. 


Altopascio, 1587 - 1781: a study in 
Tuscan rural society. By Francis Brian 
McArdle. Microfilm. C Francis Brian 
McArdle; 15Nov7«; A5957115. 


Horizon and the life-world: a study in 
the structures of human experience based 
on the writings of Alfred Schutz. By 
Daniel Allen Putman. Microfilm. C Daniel 
Allen Putman: 15Nov7U; A5957ue. 


Differences between innovative and 
traditional elementary school teachers in 
their perceptions of semantic differential 
concepts reflecting receptivity to change. 
By Andrew Frear Washington. Microfilm, 
e Andrew Frear Washington; 15Nov7«; 


Financial need and other characteristics 
of the part-time undergraduate student in 
selected colleges and universities in 
Illinois. By Robert John English. 
Hlcrofllm. e Fobert John English; 
151)ov71t: A5957U8. 


The Narrator of Sir Gawaln and the green 
knight. By Kristina Anne Valaitls. 
Microfilm, e Kristina Anne Valaitls; 
15NOV7U; A59571t9. 


The Formal organization of the 
Democratic Party at the stat? level in 
California. By Faith Gloria Windsor. 
Microfilm, e Faith Gloria Windsor; 
15NOV7U; S595750. 


Paul's understanding of the death of 
Christ according to Romans 1-8. By Paul 
lowell Bremer. Microfilm. C Paul Lowell 
Bremer; 15Nov7H; S595751. 


The Pulpit ministry to alienation: a 
dialectical study of alle-naticn and the 
preaching ministries o-f Gerald Kennedy and 
GeoroG Arthur Buttrick, using sociclcgical 
criteria from Fobert A. Nisbet and 
theological criteria froir ... discourse. 
Ey Peter Craven Fritley. Microfilm. 
C peter Craven Fribley; 15Nov7ii; 


The Act of personal commi+Eent: an 
interdisciplinary, heuristic inquiry 
formulating a psychological theory and 
theological interpretaticn of personal 
committing acts, based principally on 
psychoanalytic theory and the theology cf 
Wolfhart Pannenberg. Ey Rodney John 
Hunter. Microfilm, e Fodrey John Hunter; 
15NOV-U; A59S75U. 


The Effects of a course in basic science 
processes on attitudes- and creative 
behavior of teachers. By Ellen Joan 
Gruber. Microfilm, e Ellen Jean Grobe-r; 
15NOV7C; A595755. 


An Evaluation cf data processing 
training in Georgia pablic and private 
schools and the derivation cf behavioral 
cbjec*lves for entry-level computer 
programmer and operator curricula based 
upon responses of data processing 
managers. By Marguerite Castles Tcyre, 
Microfilm, c Marguerite Cas+les Tcyne; 
151)ov7H; A595756. 


Transfiguration and discipleshlp in 
Matthew. By Thomas F, Eest. Microfilm. 
e Thomas F. Best; ISScvTU; A595757. 


Gratia creata and acceptatlo divina in 
the theology of Robert Holcot, O.P.: a 
study of two unedited guodlibetal 
questions. By Richard Ellsworth 
Gillespie. Microfilm. e Richard 
Ellsworth Gillespie; 151lov711; A5957EE. 


Crestes A. Erownson (1803 - 1876) 
theological perspectives on his search for 
the meaning of God, Christolcgy, and the 
development of doctrine. By R^chard 
Maurice lellaert. Microfilm, 6 Pichard 
Maurice lellaert; 15Nov7U; A595759. 


A Study of price and wage behavior in 
O.s. manufacturing industries, 196U - 
1971. By Sang-Kyung Kwak. Microfilm. 
e Sarg-Kyung Kwak; 151icv7U; A595760, 

A595761 . 

An Experimental test of alternative 
explanations of dissatisfaction in 
stratified systems: balance versus equity 
theory. By Gary Steven Kart. Microfilm. 
e Gary Steven Kart; IEkovTU; AS95761. 


Plato's theory of forms: a critical 
analysis. By Ann McCoy wnes. Microfilm, 
C Ann McCoy wiles; 15Nov7U; 6595762. 


The Effects of two methods of ins- 
truction on the self -concept and 
English/language arts achievement cf 
middle school students. By William 
Cleveland Bosher, Jr. Microfilm, 
e William Cleveland Bosher, Jr.; 15Hcv7U; 

These entries alone may not reflect the coniplele Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
woi-k. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

S5957e« - 6595801) 


JOB. 1=T5 


Thunder ard trumpets: the millerite 
movement and apocalytic thought in rpstate 
sev York, 1800 -1815. By David Leslie 
Eoue. Hicrofili. C David Leslie Ecwe; 
15110V7H; J5957eil. 


Modification of relict coversacds of the 
Florida aulf coast. By Edqar Member 
Hopkins. M5crcfilir. e Edqar Kemter 
Bopkins; 15Nov7tl: A595765. 


The Governorship of Hilliam K. Tuck, 
1916 - 1950: Virqinia politics in the 
"QOlden aqe" of the Byrd orqanizat icn^ By 
William Bryan Crawley, Jr. Microfilm, 
e Billiam Bryan Crawley, Jr.; 15Jicv7ii; 


The Growth of industrial production in 
Ukraine, 19U5 - 71. By Soman Senkiw. 
Microfilm. 6 Soman Senkiw; 15Nov7U; 


Ose of characteristic numbers to detect 
the cells ir a manifold. By Mou-lianq 
Kunq. Microfilm, e Mou-lianq Kunq; 
15Nov7ll: A595768. 


A Study to explore the effect iveress of 
a teachinq procedure in remediatirq 
receptive and expressive lanquaqe 
disorders of first qrade children with 
learninq disabilities. By Futh I. Illmer, 
Microfilm. C Euth 1. Illmer; 15Nov7it; 


The Femininity-achievement conflict: an 
expanded formulaticn of the "motive to 
avoid success" in females. By YvonT'e F. 
Poriesz. Microfilm. C Yvonne F. Pcriesz; 
15NOV711; A595770. 


Effects of two parameters of visual 
reinforcement on the free-operant behavior 
of normal and autistic children, Ey Jonas 
Waizer. Microfilm. © Jonas Waizer; 
151iov7U; A595771. 


Transformational technique in Gabriel 
Fieldinq's Ir the time of qreecbloom. By 
May Grant Bobbie. Microfilm. © May Grant 
Bobbie; 151loy7U: A595772. 


Bioloqy and control of the itch mite, 
Sarcoptes scabiei, on swine, Ey Janes 
Clark Maqee. Microfilm, e James Clark 
Maqee; 15Noy7l|; A595773. 


The Behavior and analysis of two-vay 
simply supported concrete composite floor 
slabs constructed with cold-formed steel 
decking. By Max Lee Porter, Microfilm, 
e Max Lee Porter: 15Nov7a; A595771!. 


Short-term memory for temporal and 
spatial order information. By Alice 
Fenvessy Healy. Microfilm, a Alice 
Fenvessy Healy; 15Nov7U; A595775. 


Leopold Mozart's Partita in I; an 
edition. By Michael Ellsworth Berqer, 
Microfilm. UK: introd. 6 chap. 1 - :. 
e Michael Ellsworth Berqer; 15Noy70; 


Penance in Ambrose, Leo and in the 
sermons of reconciliation of the Fcman 
Archdeacon, By Peter John Eiqa. 


Composition problems encountered by 
upward bound graduates in freshman 
composition. By Laurel Beedon Rule. 
Microfilm, e Laurel Beedon Fule; 
15Nov7tt: A595778. 


The Value of time and the demand for 
outdoor recreation. By Eobert A. 
Anderson. Microfilm, e Robert A. 
Anderson; 15Nov74; A595779. 


Mrdangam manual: a guidebook to South 
Indian rhythm for Restern musicians. By 
John Fussell Harten berqer . Microfilm. 
C John Pussell Hartenberger; 15(loy7U; 

AE95781 . 

A Sociological analysis of the church 
renewal movement: a movement for charge in 
American Christianity, 1950 - 1969. Ey 
Conald Andre Baxam. Microfilm, e Donald 
Andre Maxam ; 15Nov7«; A595781. 


A Historical commentary on the 
missionary success stories in Acts 19:11 - 
UO, By Richard E. Oster, Jr. Microfilm. 
e Richard E, Oster, Jr.; 15Nov7U; 


A Comparison of theme grades written by 
students possessing varying amounts of 
cumulative written guidance: checklist, 
instruction, and questions and feedback. 
By Brian Eugene Stanton. Microfilm, 
■? Brian Eugene Stanton; 15Hov7U; 


Existential themes in Confucianism, By 
Stephen Shyong chao. Microfilm. 
6 Stephen Shyong chao; 15Noy7«: A59578U. 


The Effects of training in self- 
disclosinq behaviors on students preparing 
to become teachers. By Malcolm Eugene 
Llnville, Jr. Microfilm. e Malcolm 
Eugene Linville, Jr.; 15Nov7i4; B595785. 


Instruments and voices in contemporary 
christian worship. By Phillip Carl Posey. 
Microfilm, 6 Phillip Carl Posey; 
15NOV7U: A595786. 


Cultural and intellectual factors 
related to ego strength, locus of control, 
and resistance. By Iris L, Wall sturgis. 
Microfilm, e Iris 1. Mall Sturgis; 
151!ov71t: A595787. 


Functional analysis of behavioral 
development in human fetuses. By Betty 
LcU Hebb Walls. Microfilm. ? Betty Lou 
Webb Walls; 15»ov7U; A595788. 


A Study for limiting conditions in 
structural inference from lanthanide 
paramagnetic induced nuclear resonance 
shifts. By David Merle Yourtee, 
Microfilm. David Merle Yourtee; 
15JIOV7U; A595789. 


Nonfiction and adolescent reading 
interests. By Joy Edith Colbert, 
Microfilm, e Joy Edith Colbert; 15Noy7ii; 

analysis of thick laminated compcsiteE- 
-including interlaminar and boundary 
effects near circular holes. By Jen Ramon 
Eana, Microfilm, e Jcr Paircn Dana; 
15HoyTt; A59579 1. 


The Development of a model to demon- 
stra*e the effect of changing enrollment 
on the cost per student enrolled in 
selected courses and colleges in the 
Virginia Community College System. Ey 
Harry Carlton Face. Microfilm, e Harry 
Carlton Face; 15Nov7it; R505792. 


A Eescriptive study cf the histor5cal 
development of u-1-1 calendar orcanizatic" 
and <ts related administrative and 
curricular-instructional inncvation. By 
Ponald Paul chadwick. Microfilm, 
e Ronald Paul chadwick; 15Ncv7it; 


Confederation adaptability to external 
change pressures. By Stanley Wenocur, 
Microfilm, e Stanley Wenocur; ISHov^'tt; 


A Study of the relationships between 
criteria utilized for "eacher selection 
and training and teachina effectiveness. 
By Dale Harned. Microfilm, e Dale 
named; 15Nov7U; A5957S5. 


A Study cf the parliamentary speeches c^ 
Lord Byron. Ey Walter Evans Scheid. 
Microfilm, e Walter Evans Scheid; 
15Noy7«; S595796, 


A Comparison of television channel use 
between cable subscribers and broadcast 
viewers in selected market?. Ey Donald 
Edward Agostinc, Microfilm, e Donald 
Edward Agostinc; 15Noy7U; A595797. 


A Critical study of Een Jcnsor's last 
plays. By Ted Roland ledford. Microfilm. 
e Ted Roland ledford; 15Nov7il; A595798, 


An Algorithm for N-player differential 
games with examples in tiolcoical process 
control, transportation, and eccrcmic 
research. By Don L, Luttermcser, 
Microfilm, e Eon L. Luttermcser; 
15Noy7l|; A59579?. 


The "Well-set song": the ncnerological 
tradition in George Herber*'s The Temple, 
By Beverly Grace Eeem. Microfilm. 
e Beverly Grace Beem; 1fNcv7ii; A5958P0. 


The Prohemia poetarum cf Thomas of 
Walsingham and the accessus ad auc*cTes 
tradition. By Frank Thomas Cabral, 
Microfilm. e Frank Thomas Cabral; 
15NOV7U; A595801. 


Ethical elements in the philosophy of 
Paul Ficoeur. By Anthony P. Cipollcne, 
Microfilm, e Anthony P. cipollone; 
15NOV7U; A595802, 


Technology and dehumanizat ion. By 
George David Hinchcliff. Micrcfilm. 
e George David Hinchcliff; i5Nov7a; 


Teaching children to cooperate: an 
experimental study using non-zero sum 
games. By Robert John Martin, Micrcfilm, 
« Robert John Martin: 15Nov7U; B595ecu, 

These esilries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


JDN, 1<?'75 


Medullary and hvpothalatnic ioterre- 
latiomshipE in the uediation of the 
carotid sirus reflex, Ey James Pandle 
Adair. Bicrofilm. e James Eacdle fdair; 
15KOV7U: B595805. 


Pletho's philcscfhy of ethics. By 
Lecnidas c. Barqelio<:es . nicrofilir. 
e leoridas C. Earqeliotes: 15Nov7U; 


The Crisis and Opportunity maqazices: 
reflections cf a black culture, 192C - 
1930, By Poseann Pope Bell, Microfilm, 
e Bosearn Pcpe Bell: 15Noy7«; 4595807. 


Ihe Baximui likelihood estimation of 
linear path regression models. Ey Erent 
Alan Elumerstein. Microfilm, e Erent 
Alan Blumensteir: 15Noy7it: A59580E. 


Seme approximaticns to probability 
distributicns using moments. Ey ectert 
Harding Eyers, Jr. Microfilm. C Ecbert 
Harding Eyers, Jr.; 15Nov7«: 5595809. 


Ercm letter to spirit: a fourfold 
hermeneutic and its application to 
selected Bterican poems. By Stephs" Lewis 
Daniel, Microfilm, € Stephen Lewis 
Caniel; 15Noy7U: 5595810. 

5595811 . 

"The Ruins of Rome" by John Dyer: an 
edition with critical introduction and 
commentary. Ey James Middleton Fit- 
zsimons, Jr. Microfilm. NM: critical, 
tex*ual £ bibliographical intrcd, S 
textual notes. e James Middleton 
Fitzsimons, Jr.: 15Fov7a: A595811. 


Racial similarity as a factor ir adult 
modeling of non-cooperative behayicr. Ey 
Robert Harrison Clark. Microfilm. 
S Robert Harrison Clark; 15Noy7ii; 


Seme of their best friends were 
Victorians; the nineteenth-century 
Anqlo-Jewish novel. Ey Linda Gertrer 
Zatlin. Microfilm, e Linda Gertner 
Zatlin; 151Iov7«; 5595813. 


5 comparison cf the effects of 5-E 
therapist styles upon process schi2cp- 
hrenic behavior. By Po^ald Evan Hismar. 
nicrcfilm. e Ronald Evan uismar: 
15SOV7U: 6595811. 


Toward ar ethic of black liberation 
based on the philosophy of Martin Luther 
King, Junior, and Stokely Carmichael's 
concept of black power. Ey Otis Turner, 
nicrcfilm, C Otis Turner; 15Nov7i4; 


Thoma? De Witt Talmace in perspective. 
Ey Reid starkey Thomas. Microfilm, 
e Reia starkey Thomas: 15Nov7a: 5595816, 


Religion and the American Revolution in 
the South: 1760 - 1781. By Hilliam 
Everett Pauley, Jr. Microfilm. 6 Hilliam 
Everett Pauley, Jr.; 15Nov7«; 5595817. 


The Use of Scripture in the ethics of H. 
Richard Niebuhr. Ey Beniamin Thomas 
Jordan, Jr. Microfilm. 6 Beniamin Thomas 
Jordan, Jr.; 15Nov7ll; 5595818. 


Bashingtor sllston's theory of the 
imagination. By Sara Elizabeth Bennett 
Johns, Microfilm. C Sara Elizabeth 
Bennett Johns; 15Nov7it; A595B19. 


The Puppet in the modern theater, Ey 
Margaret Geraldine Gonzalez. Microfilm, 
e Margaret Geraldine Gonzalez; 15Nov7it; 


The Relative effects of the family, the 
school, peer groups, and the mass media on 
the political socialization of high school 
seniors in the United states. Ey Diane 
Lowe Fowlkes. Microfilm, 6 Ciane Lowe 
Fovlkes; 15NOV714; 5595821, 


5naly£is of image projection and 
community perceptions of a comprehensive 
community college; Florissant Valley 
Community College. By Frank Henry 
Canavit. Microfilm. C Frank Henry 
Canavit; 1 5Nov7ll ; 5595822. 


The Moral implication, according to 
Eewey, ir the relationship of experience 
and value by way of habits acquired from 
the educational process. Ey Francis 
Adrian claseman. Microfilm, t Francis 
Adrian claseman; 15Nov7ii; 5595823. 


Thematic word-play in Chaucer's 
Canterbury tales. By Douglas Henry Hcyt. 
Microfilm. ? Douglas Henry Hcyt; 
15Nov7a; 55958214. 


Racial conceptions of college students 
about members of the black and white 
races. By Clare Del Heyne. Microfilm. 
e Clare Del Heyne; 15Nov7U; 5595825. 


A Comparative study of the ophidian 
digestive trac*. By Arthur Robert Diani. 
Microfilm. € Arthur Robert Diani; 
15yiov7H; 5595826. 


Francisco Javier Alegre: literary 
critic. By Allen Francis Deck, 
Microfilm. 6 Bllen Francis Deck; 
15BOV7U; A595827, 


Congruence of central therapeutic 
dimensions with psychological needs and 
self-ideal congruence. By Robert Michael 
Condon. Microfilm, e Robert Michael 
Condon; 15Nov7H; A595828, 


Attitudes of undergraduate black 
students at Saint Louis Dniversity. By 
Killiam Collins, Jr. Microfilm, 
e Billiam Collins, Jr.; 15Nov7U; 


A Semiempirical molecular orbital method 
for molecular energies. By Patrick Joseph 
Coffey. Microfilm. C Patrick Joseph 
Coffey; 15Nov7U; A595830. 


6n 5nalysis of military and civil 
service employee experience with and 
attitudes toward the administrative 
grievance and appeals process at selected 
5ir Force bases. By James Hilliam 
Clinton. Microfilm. C James Killiam 
Clinton; 15Nov7l|; 5595831, 


Topics in Mojave syntax. By Pamela 
Elizabeth Lang Munro, Microfilm. 


Some physiological and zcogecgraphic 
parameters in th"; vocal acoustics cf V^v 
Sorld quail (Phasianidae: Aves) Ey 
Raymond Bernard Goldstein. Microfilm, 
e Raymond Bernard Goldstei'^; 15HOV7U; 


Baseball as the material cf fiction. By 
Charles Dewey Hill-JS Reynolds. Microfilm. 
t Charles Dewey Hilles Reyrclds; 15dcv7n; 


Sarah siddons and natural acting in the 
eight'ienth century. Ey Evelyn Jeanette 
Huehn rcLellan. Microfilm, e Evelyn 
Jeanetts Huehn McLellan; 15Nov7U; 


The Effects of contingent reinforcement 
on group performance in a management 
simulation. By Robert John Kreitner , 3Td, 
Microfilm. © Botert John Kreitner, STd: 
15Iloy7i(; 5595836. 


Palauan phonology and morphology. Ey 
Marie Jo-5nn Flora. Microfilm. C Marie 
Jo-6nn Flora: 15Nov7U; 5595837. 


Differences in personality charac- 
teristics among students preparing to 
teach on the elementary and secondary 
levels. By David Thomson Ccrverse. 
M'crofilm. e David Thomson' Converse; 
15r)ov11: 5595838. 


The structure, conduct, and performance 
of the recording industry in the United 
Sta*eE. By Daniel Hilliam Collins. 
MicT-ofilm, e Daniel Billiam Collins; 
15Ilov7lt: 6595839, 


Client-therapist congruence in 
prognostic and role expectations as 
related to client's improvement in 
short-term psychctherapv. Ev Ivan Gulas, 
Microfilm, 'e Ivan Golae; 15Nov70; 


6 Design for improved communications in 
the local church, Ey John Rllliam 
Buswell. Microfilm. e Jchn Billiam 
Euswell; 15NOV71: 5595611, 


Pepcrting as satire: Mandeville' s 
satiric technique in The Fable of bee?:, 
part 1, By Robert 511en Burns. 
Microfilm. € Robert 611en Burns; 
15NOV71; 5595812. 


Hume's attitude towards religion. By 
Harry Robert, Burns. MlcTofilm. € Harry 
Robert Burns; 15Vov71: 5595813. 


Ethos and ecumenism: the history cf Eden 
Theological Seminary, 1925 - 157n'. Ey 
Walter Albert Erueggemann. Microfilm, 
C Halter Slbert Brueqgeman" ; 15Nov7i; 


Figure-ground perception and word 
recognition. Ev Clarence Rae Brooks. 
Microfilm. C clarence Bae Ercoks; 
15Noy71; 6595815, 


Ellen Semple: oon*ritutionE to the 
history of 5mer?can geography. Ey Judith 

These entries alone may not reHect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

S595e«7 - B;9588e 


S5S5846 Icon.) 

ftnn Conoyer Bronsono Microfiln, C Judith 

Ann Conover BroBson: 15Nov7U; A59Ee4e. 


A History of the infant-industry 
araument for temporary protection. By 
Rcbert Louis Brittinqham. Hicrofiln. 
^ Robert Louis Erittinqham ; 15Nov70; 


The Effects of a lanquaqe experience 
approach or. the readinq acbieyement of the 
disabled reader in a clinical settinqo By 
John Carl Borsa, Jr. BicrofiliD. t John 
Carl Borsa, Jr.; 15Noy7«; ASSSSKB. 


An Academically structured proqratr in 
readinq and lanquaqe for disadvantaged 
children. By Mary Evelyn Eerrows. 
Microfilu. e Hary Evelyn Barrows; 
15Nov7«: A5958I19. 


A Comparison study of the curriculum 
needs for library science and information 
media personnel with special emphasis on 
nonprint curriculum. Ey Eonald Frarcis 
Johnson. microfilm. e Konald Erar.cis 
Johnson: 15Noy7ii; A595850. 


The Development cf the idea of history 
in artiqui+y. By Gerald Alan Press. 
Bicrofilm. t Gerald Alan Press; 15Nov7u; 


Effects of simulated acid rain on 
veqetation. By Eoqer Willis Ferenbeugh. 
Microfilm. C Eoqer Willis Ferenbauoh; 
1EN0V7U; S595852. 


Dickens's sentimental plot: a formal 
analysis of three novels. By Joan rorothy 
Salo Hinslcw. Microfilm. © Joan Dorothy 
Salo Winslow; 15Nov7H; A5958;3. 


Social markers cf urban speech: a study 
of elites in Chicago. Ey Frances Land 
Oskup. Microfilm, e Frances land Dskup; 
151IOV7U: A59585U. 


Parents cf preschool children: the work 
status of the mother as it relates to 
marriage adiustment, anxiety, and 
eoalitarianisB. By Elaine Helen 
Cotsirilos Thomopoulos, Microfilm, 
e Elaine Helen Cotsirilos Thomoponlcs; 
ISNovTU; A595855. 

A595 856. 

In search of the uncertainty and 
complexity that impact strategic 
organizational plans (a modeling approach) 
Ey Peter Paul Pekar, Jr. Microfilm, 
e Peter Paul Pekat, Jr.; 15Nov7U; 


An Information-theoretic approach to 
estimation in discrete time systems. By 
Paul Eoy Kalata. Microfilm. C Paul Boy 
Kalata: 15Nov7it; A5958S7. 


Internal versus external contrcl and 
vccaticnal behavior in a rural econc- 
mically-disadvantaged group. By Ivan 
Noriian Anbuchot, Jr, Microfilm, e Ivan 
Norman Aubuchon, Jr.; 15Nov7«: A595858. 


Chaucer's native heritage. By Alexander 
Weiss. Microfilm. 6 Alexander Beiss; 
ISBovVK: A595859. 


An Analysis of the urban county 
extension agent chairman's position under 
different management styles as perceived 
by selected extension personnel. By 
Ncrman Elmer Tooker. Microfilm. e Norman 
Elmer Tooker; 15Nov7it; A595e6Q. 


The Behavioral correlates of mothers of 
low and high self esteem. By Stephen Alan 
Timm. Microfilm. © Stephen Alan Timm; 
l£Nov7«; A595861. 


Continuity in the work of Hilla Gather. 
Ey Bernita Lonette Arnold Thompson. 
Bicrofilm, C Bernita Lonette Arnold 
Thompson: 15Nov7t; A595862. 


A National survey of degree-granting 
black studies programs. By Luther lee 
Ford. Microfilm. C Luther Lee Ford; 
15Nov7tt; A5958e3. 


Attitude analysis of medical students 
matriculating through three years of 
medical school. By Dcnald Lavern Cordes. 
Microfilm, © Donald Lavern Cordes; 
15NOV711; A59586«. 


A Causal-correlational investigation of 
the performance, satisfaction, and 
performance-contingent reward relation- 
ship. By Jerry Allen Hallin. Microfilm, 
e Jerry Allen Ballin; 15nov7ii; A5958e5. 

A59586e . 

The IGF facilitator as perceived by IGE 
principals, unit leaders and facilitators. 
By Joseph Vincent Strunka. Bicrofilm. 
e Joseph Vincent Strunka: 15Nov7U; 


Le Cycle de Thebes dans la litterature 
dramatigue francaise, des origines a la 
Eevolutior. By Nicole Marie Fouletler 
Smith. Bicrofilm. 6 Nicole Marie 
Fouletier Smith; 15Noy70; A595867, 


Trial and error learning by Busca 
dcmestica Linnaeus and Oncopeltus 
fasciatus (Dallas) in a Y-maze. By Jasper 
Dale Skinner, 2nd. Microfilm. 6 Jasper 
Dale Skinner, 2nd; 15Nov7«; A59586e. 


Russian foreign pclicy under Prince 
Alexander M, Gorchakov: the diplomatic 
game plan versus Austria, 1856 - 1873. By 
Kathrine Marie Schach, Microfilm, 
e Kathrine Marie Schach; 15Ncv7ii; 


Reality construction and rejection of 
six "variant" qroups. By Janet Katherine 
Rles, Bicrofilm, C Janet Katherine Pies; 
15NOV7K; A595870. 


A Comparative analysis of male and 
female leadership styles in similar work 
environments. By Jchn Bradford Chapman. 
Microfilm, e John Bradford chapman; 
15NOV7U; A595871. 


A Proposed post-high school curriculum 
for medical record transcriptionists. By 
Mary Barilyn Brown. Microfilm. C Mary 
Marilyn Brown; 15Nov7U; A595872. 


Political hope: the quest for political 
identity and strategy in the social 
movements of north India's Dntouchables, 
190C - 1970, By Mark Karl Juergensmeyer, 


Microfilm, t Mark Karl Juergensmeyer; 
15NOV7U; A595S73. 


The My<-h of Cain in *he early English 
drama. Ey Lorraine Margare+ Keilstrup. 
Micrcfilm. C lorrains Margaret Kellstrup; 
15Nov7it; A595670, 


Specular reflectioT> spectroscopic 
stud^ €s: 1. exciton interactions in 
chloranil molecular crystal, 2, charge- 
transfer interacticns in a family of 
intra- and inter-molecular complex 
crystals. By I-fu Huna, Bicrofilm, 
e I-fu Hung; 15Noy7U; A595875. 


Vernon's Kansas forms annotated: cede cf 
civil procedure with practice commen- 
taries. Vol.1 - 3. 1575 pocke* parts. 
Ey Earl fi. Hatcher, e West Publishing 
Company; 9Dec7U; A595876. 


Michigan statutes annotated. Anno- 
tations release 2. 320 p. NM: additions 
bringing the set to date, C Callaghan and 
company; 2iiDec7U; A595e77. 


Municipal law and practice, second 
edition. 1975 pocket part. Ey rouglas A. 
Randall. 2 v, (Massachusetts practice, 
vol.18 - 18A) e Hest Publishing Company; 
9Dec7U; A595878. 


Host's Florida statutes annotated, 
official classification. Dec, 197U 
cumulative pamphlet. 502 p. e West 
Publishing Company: 12Dec7U; A595879, 


Best's Missouri digest. Ceo, 197U 
famphle*. 233 p. e Best Publishing 
company; 10Dec7U; A595880. 


Best's Louisiana legislative service, 
197U. Vol.1 - 2. e Best Publishing 
company; 20Dec7U; 8595881, 


New Jersey statutes annotated, Dec, 
197U cumulative fampMet. 288 p. C Best 
Publishing company; 1 8tec7a ; A5958e2. 


Best's Arkansas digest. Dec, 197U 
pamphlet. 80 p. C Best Publishing 
Company; lODecTU; A595883. 


Best's Tennessee digest. Dec, 197U 
pamphlet. 93 f. C Best Publishing 
Company; 11Dec7U; A5?566ii. 


The Ihinking man's graffiti, Ey Timothy 
Tian-yee Yu 8 Jonathan Jang. 180 p. 
Appl, au: Timothy Tian-yee Yu, employer 
for hire, e Timothy T?an-Yee Yu; 2Jan75; 


The *, Credit, Values, and other ideas, 
Ey James Evans Mangum. 35 p. Portions 
prey. reg. 1966 6 ethers. NM: revisions 8 
additional new text. « Isabel Bangui; 
IINov-ll; A595886. 


Praise be to Thee, Lcrd. Card, Appl, 
au: Harry N. D. Fisher, e Barrv Fisher; 
11Fet7H; A595687. 


Practically transcendental. Card, 
appl. au: Barry N. D» Fisher, C Harry 
Fisher; 11Feb7tt; A595888. 

These entries alone may not reflect the compiete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


JSR. - JDD. 1?T5 


Ravens. Card. Sppl. au: Harry U. D. 
Fisher, e Rarry Fisher: 25nar7U; 


CeloE and Kikonos. 1 p. Appl. ac: 
Harry N. D. Fisher, e Harry Fisher: 
20fay7U: B595890. 


From Yahueh to Jesus. By S. Hilliam 
Goetz. 1 V. C ft. Billiam Goetz; 
SSNovIlt; S595891. 


Love letters tc Christ. By Mae Baber, 
edited 6 illustrated by Henriette Palmer. 
1 V. C Mae Baber: 18Dec7a: A595892. 


Resource book for coTistruction and use 
cf Borley'E Elementary school sun tracking 

device. By Franklin P. norley. 8 c. 

ftppl. au: School District of the ci*y of 

ladue. C School District of the City of 
Ladue: 27S6p7il; 1595893. 


The Days of our years. By Eobert Lake 
ariaht, 158 p. e Robert lake Wright: 
19Dec7U: A595e91. 


Training programs for new opportunities 
in applied anthropology. Edited by 
Eleanor Leacock, Nancie L. Gonzalez e 
Gilbert Kushner. 5U p. Papers presented 
at Ne» Training Programs in Applied 
Anthropology, a symposium, held in Boston, 
Barch 114, 1S7U. Appl. au: American 
Anthropological Association 6 the Society 
for Applied Anthropology. 6 American 
Anthropological Association 6 The Society 
for Applied Anthropology: 210ct7«: 


MhisperinoE of the prairie winds. By 
Vernon A. Spain, art by Agnes Nye. 1 v. 
e on text: Vernon A. Spain: 26Jun7«: 


whisperings of the prairie winds. By 
Verncn A. Spain, art by Agnes Nye. 1 v. 
e on art: Agnes Nye; 2ejun7ii; A595897. 


The star on Kentucky. Folder. Appl. 
au: Hartha Henry, e Bartha Henry; 
21Nov7a; S595898. 


The Star on Missouri. Folder. Appl. 
au: Martha Henry. 6 Martha Henry; 
21NOV7U; A595899. 


Be a happy aguarist. 6 p. Appl. au: 
Thais A. Davis (Queers) a Oueens, pseud. 
of Thais A. Davis: 17Nov7«: A5959C0, 


The Mighty angel and the consumption. 
By Benlamin David Olsen. 59 p. C The 
Trump of God Publishing company: 30oct7U: 


The Meeks are coming. losing what you 
don't use. Radio messages by Een Hsden. 
20 p. (Changing lives) C Ben Haden; 
22Nov7«: A595902. 


Handcrafted Indian style jewelry. 12 p. 
NM: editorial revision, additional text 6 
pictorial matter. C Fleischman-DohEe 
Industries, Inc.: 7Nov7«: A595903. 

parts: catalog & reference chart. 20 p. 
Add. ti: catalog and reference chart for 
belts of wire, rubber, fabric, and 
plastic. Appl. au: Billiam G. Dwlnell, 
2nd. NB: the PRE system for identifying 
belts & increased compilation of reference 
material. 6 Projector-Recorder Belt 
Company: 29Nov7U: A59590U. 


A Short collection of poetrj. Ey 
Florence Eonanno. 26 p. C Florence 
Eonanno: 8Nov7a: A595905. 


"C" package enclosure, 197«. 8 p. 
e Miles Kimball company; ttSov7U; 


Atonement, (In Reflect: ens, p. 12) 
Appl. au: E. Craig McCartney. 6 R. Craig 
McCartney; 15Jul7i4; A595907, 


S, Gemini, (Ir Reflections, p. 13) 
Appl. au: R. Craig McCartney. C R. Craig 
McCartney: 15Jul7U: A595908. 


Metodc de ovulacion. Add. ti: 
Fresentacion baslca y circunstancias 
especiales. Appl. au: Sister Angline 
Halczyk. NM: additions, e Catholic 
Community Services of Southern Arizona, 
Inc. de la Diocesis de Tucson; 7Dec7ti: 


Hew you can save money on your cost of 
energy. Written by Barry Meadow, m p. 
NC; compilation, abridgment, revisions S 
additions. C Barry Meadow; 6Nov7U; 


Knitting needle case instruction. 1 p. 
Appl. au: Lawrence A. Kaiser. 6 larry 
Kaiser: 12NovT(: A595911. 


Gettysburg — where the Dn5cn came 
together. By Joseph E. Bay. 1 p. 
e Joseph E. Ray; 5Nov7U; A595912. 


A Constitution for the Federation of 
Earth: preliminary draft. Edited by 
Philip Isely, major contributors: Philip 
Isely 6 Syed Muhammad Husain. 60 p. 
C Borld Constitution and Parliament 
Association, Inc. ; 25Nov7it; A595913. 


I'm not above you. 1 p. Appl. an: 
Esther Baarstad. 6 Esther Baarstad; 
220ct7U; A595911. 


The Characteristics of love and agony. 
By James Pete Gumming. 18 p. C James 
Pete Comming: 1Jun7it; S595915. 


IME DP experience summary. Card. 
e Institute for Manpower Resources, Inc.; 
19NOV7U: A5959le. 


ssp Industries Tropic Breeze wind 
machines: citrus. 23 p. C SSP Agri- 
cultural Equipment, Inc.; 21Jun7U: 


SSP Industries Tropic Breeze wind 
machines; deciduous. 1 9 p. « SSP 
Agricultural Eguipment, Inc. ; 17Apr7U; 


Prose and poems. By Hinona chamberlain. 

1 V. "Awakening" prev. pub. ir 1972. 

e Bincna Chamberlain: lEOctTU; A595919. 


Coirputerized Music Typesetting 
ccrpciatlon (CMTC) musical symbols and the 
"musician" system specifications. 38 p. 
Appl. au: Stephen Hong sc-. e Stephen 
Hong Eon; 11Nov70; 1595920. 


Sundstrand 10 series transmission. 
Folder, e Sundstrand corporation; 
9Sep7U; A595921. 


Vitamins and minerals in_ycnr body. 

Ball chart, f vitamin Information Bureau, 

Inc. ; 10ct7U; A595922. 


The Hebrew letters colouring book. Ey 
David Nateman 6 Edith Allouche. 1 v. 
e David Nateman 6 Edith Allouche; 
3nNov7U: A595923. 


The Spoken letter. 1 v. « The 
Travelers Insurance Companies: 30Nov7U: 


Tribute to the mad Russian. A book of 
song lyrics by Sheldon Bergen. 3€ p. 
C Sheldon Bergen: 220ct7a; AE95925. 


Die casting catalog supplemer*, 197u, 
p. 9 - 10. e L and IBMC a.a.d.o. 1 and 1 
Bhite Metal Casting Corporation; 18Cct7a; 


Catalog supplement, 1?7ii. p. 169 - 180. 

e L and LBMC a.a.d.o. I and I Bhlte Petal 

Casting Corporation: 180ct7U; A595927, 


Poems cf love. 1 v. Appl, au: Pea-^l 
Wallace (Pearl-lea) C Pearl Wallace whose 
pseud, is Pearl-lea: 18Junil: B595928. 


Be can help you out of the squeeze. 
Folder. Appl. au: Milan A. Earto. 
e Milan 8. Barto; 30Dec7U; 8595929. 


The crandall geometric system of big 
game head mounting. Bj Fred Crandall. 80 
p, e Fred crandall; 18Dec7U; B59593C. 


Developing children's language.. By 
Maris T. Mulkern. 20 p. e lexlngton 
Public Schools; 250ct7U; A595931. 


Feeding and learning styles. By Jean 
Mooney S John Savage. .21' p. C lexingtcn 
Public Schools: lloctTU; A595932. 


Billle and the witch dcc*or. conceived 
6 written for televisicn 6 the screen by 
Andrew T. Tate, Jr. 1 v. Add. ti: 
Freative Xpressions presents Andy Tate's 
Billie and the witch dcctoi. C Andrew T, 
Tate, Jr. (in notice: Andy Tate) ; 
eDec7a; 8595933, 


Fina, 1975 executive gift collection. 
336 p. C B. B. and Company a.a.d. for B. 
Bell and Company, Inc.: 23S6p7U: 


EB-25 electronic balance model 767-100 
and EE-26 767-200; instruction manual. 1 
V. Bppl. au: William Nlgg E leRoy E. 
Bliki. RB: revisions 6 additlonE. ^ leco 
corporation; 20Nov7U; 8595935. 

These entries alone may not reflect the compJete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyriglil Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

1595936 - J595978 


JAt. - JCN. 1975 


Patents. By Charles B, Cannon. "3 p. 
Rppl. states copyriaht not claimed en any 
material taken from 0. s. Govt, sonices. 
g Charles E. Cannon: 11Dec7M: S595936. 


Trademarks and unfair competition. Ey 
charl-^s E> Cannon. 31 p. ftppl. states 
copyright not claimed en any material 
taken from u. s. Govt, sources, e Charles 
B. cannon: 11Dec7U; S595937. 


Halpractice warning signs. Prepared by 
the professional staff of Healthco, Inc. 
10 p. e Healthco, Inc.: 21Jan7U (in 
notice: 1973) ; J595938. 


filler's Christmas, 197"t. Cover illus. 
by Norman Thelwell. 23 p. Sppl. at: 
Miller Harness Company, Inc. e on front 
cover illus.: Norman Thelwell: 27Eep7U: 


Miller's Christmas, 197U. Text: Miller 
Harness company. Inc. , cover illus. by 
Norman Thelvell. 23 p. © on text; 
Miller Harness Company, Inc.: 27S€p7U; 


Sonqs, Compiled £ edited by Anrie 
Bishop, Mort Jonas & Chuck Nathan, 
aravicqs by Christi Peine. 109 p. Add. 
ti: Guru Puia '7it sonqbook. Appl. au: 
Eivine light Mission, Inc. NM: additional 
music £ lyrics; new arr. of prev. put. 
material, e Divine Light Mission, Inc. ; 
5JU17H; A59591I1. 


Ihe Monetary stabilization fund; a 
proposal to fight inflation. 28 p. Appl. 
au: Ralph L. Kuss (B. L. Kuss) C Ralph 1. 
KUES: 27S6p7«: A59591t2. 


Creative approach to sight singing. By 
Hervin Britton 6 Ronald J,o Presti. 28 p. 
e Mervin Britten £ Ronald Lo Presti : 
21Aug7U: A5959t|3. 


Single station radio. By Paul D. 
Kranzberg. 1 p. C Paul D. Kranzberq; 
13NOV7I1; A5959Utt. 


Mac well tester. Folder. Appl. au: 
James F. McDonald. 6 McDonald Engineering 
Services; 15Nov7U; J5959U5. 


South American Drosiqalphus (Hyire- 
noptera: Eraconidae) By lester P. Gibscn. 
p. 203 - 226. (Miscellaneous publications 
of the Fntomological Society of America, 
vol.9, no.«, Dec. 1974) 6 The Ento- 
mological Society of America; 17Dec7a; 


Personnel performance rating. « p. 
Appl. au: R. I. Bard. 5 Forward Horizcns; 
15Jan7H; A5959U7. 


The Au-vi-t-ICK physical phonics 
program: an auditcry-visual-tactile- 
kinesthetic approach to teaching letter 
sounds. By Martha Freeman Eck, drawings 
by Carole lewis. 88 p. e Martha Freeman 
Eck: 31Cct7«; A5959ue. 


Suit authorization. 1 p. Appl. au: 
Maurice c. Fosenqartner. C Maurice C. 
Bosenqartner d.b.a. credit Master; 
25NOV71I; A5959II9. 


Ancestry and stories of an Elliott 
family; its genealogy traced from earliest 
settlements of America. Compiled by 
Saretta Elliott Warren. 152 p. Add. ti: 
Genealogy and stories of an Slliott 
family: Atlantic to Pacific. NM: 
compilation 6 additions. € Saretta E. 
Barren: 310ct7it; A595950. 


Report on salary and benefits of legal 
assistants. Ey the Committee on 
Standards, the Chicago Association of 
Paralegal Assistants, 80 p, Suppl. to 
The Legal assistant: a self-statement. 
Appl. au: Chicago Association of Paralegal 
Assistants. C Chicago Association of 
Paralegal Assistants; 280ct7U; 1595951. 


Brasch stock heaters. Folder (1 p.) 
NM: updating, 6 Brasch Manufacturing 
Company, Inc, ; 12Dec7«: A595952. 


Brasch electric steam boilers. 8 p. 
€ Brasch Manufacturing Company, Inc. ; 
12Dec7U; A595953. 


Ihe Christmas letter. By James E. 
Green, u p. e James E. Green: 2CDec7ii: 


15 poems. By James E. Green. 1 v. 
e James E. Green; 20Dec7U; B595955. 


L. Eon Hubbard, Hubbard communications 
office hoard technical bulletins of 1 97it , 
January to June. By L. Ron Hubbard. 1 v. 
NM: compilation. 6 L, For Huttard; 
16May7It: A59595e. 


Carb-Miser. 7 p. Appl, au: Ludwig B. 
Kellerman. C The "Carb-Miser" Company; 
1Dec7ll: A595957. 


How to write gags. By Robert Makirson. 
15 p. e Robert Makinson; 12Cec7«; 


la Bellezza d'ltalia. Ey Elissa 
Capuzzo, Marguerite Capuzzo, Guide Farina, 
Elaine Magurno G Pasquale Puleo, 
illustrated by Joseph Antcnellis. 46 p. 
Add. ti: The Beauty of Italy. English 6 
Italian. C Marguerite Capuzzo: 8May74; 


II Nostro viaggio in Italia. By Elissa 
Capuzzo, Marguerite Capuzzc, Guido Farina, 
Elaine Magurnc £ Pasquale Puleo, 
illustrated by Joseph Antcnellis. 50 p. 
Add. ti: Our trip to Italy. English £ 
Italian. 6 Marguerite Capuzzo; 8May74; 

A595961 . 

Short interval operation step planning 
system manual. Developed for Climate 
Control, Inc, by Domgaard Associates. 1 
V. Appl. au: Don S. Domgaard. © Domgaard 
Associates; 19Nov7ll: A595961. 


CADRE: Cambridge assessment, deve- 
lopmental rating and evaluation. Kit. 
Appl. au: Richard J. Belch, Jack J. 
O'Brien £ Floyd w. Ayers. e Bichard J. 
Belch, Jack J. O'Brien £ Floyd B. Ayers; 
UuiyH; 1595962. 


African art as philosophy. Edited by 
Dcuglas Fraser. 140 p. C Interbook, 
Inc.; 20ct74; 1595963. 



President profile: bank and bank hcldiTia 
company. Conducted by Heidrick and 
Struggles, Inc. 11 p. C Heidrick and 
Struggles, Inc.; 19Dec74; J595964. 


Get rich digest. By Millard FillmoT-e, 
pseud, of Herman I. Freid. 2 p. « Get 
Rich tigest; 15Nov74; A59596S. 


Introducing the new look at the "Annual 
cost cf doing business report" for ASIA 
warehouse distributors. 1974 ed, 64 p. 
Add, ti; Cost of doing business analysis 
for ASIA automotive warehouse distri- 
butors. Appl. au: ASIA Marketing Fesearch 
Department £ Management Foresight, Inc, 
e Automotive Service Industry isscciation; 
191ug74: 1595966, 


Introducing the new look fcr the 
automotive wholesalers fitiancial opera'ic- 
an d performance analysis. 1974 ed. 60 p. 
Add, ti: lutomo<-'.ve wholesaling financial 
operation and performance analyses. Appl. 
an: BSI Barketino Research repartmen* t 
Baragement Foresight, inc. « Automotive 
Service Industry Association; iesep74: 


Kenwood, CA, September 1974. C Bestern 
California Telephone Ccipany; 11Sep74; 


Memphis consumer panel study: grocery 
and drug report number 59, first 6 mcnths 
of 1974. 92 p. Appl, au: Jchn N. 
Anderson. © Memphis Publishing Company; 
140ct74: A595969. 


Midwest Environmental Systems, Inc, 5 
p. Add. ti: A lessen in snow science. 
e Midwest Environmental Systems, Ire; 
15Jur74; 1595970. 


Seward, 1974. By Harold Davisson, 134 
p. e Harold Davisson; 20Jul74; 15S5971. 


Do you remember' By Thomas I. Harriscn, 
Jr, 12 p. e Do You Remember Enterprises; 
13Iec74; 1595972. 


Harry Sneed. By Richard Allan Hunt. 1° 
p. e Richard Ulan Eun*, whose pseud, is 
Chip lllan Hunt; 110ct74; 1595973. 


General Electric Beathertrcn heat pump 
operating cost comparator, C General 
Electric Company; 10Jul74; 1595974. 


Hewitt-Donlon catalog cf Dnited sta*"? 
small size paper money. Text ty Billiam 
P. Donlon, James Grebinger, lee F, Hew!** 
£ Nathan Goldstein, 2na. 11th annual ed., 
1975. 176 p. Idd, ti: Hewitt-Donlon 
catalog. United States small size paper 
money. C Hewitt Brothers: 11Nov74; 


Monterey Bay area: natural history and 
cultural imprints. Ey Burton L, Gordon, 
202 p. e Boxwood Press; 25Cct74; 


About Revelations, Ey Edna Ramsey. 46 
p. Eased on a study of the King James 
Eitle. e Edna Ramsey: 19Ncv74; A595977. 


Manual de la responsahilidad en la 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

S595979 - A596018 


JBH. - JOH. 1915 

6595978 (cor,.) 

educacior. Por Robert M. slivka y r. 
Havne potetson. 26 p. Sdd. ti: 
Sccountabilitv trainina maEual. NB: 
translation. S rducaticnal Inrovatcrs 
Press: 11ll!cv7a; S595978. 


Process for brass tlatinq of plastic. 
Folder (3 p.) ippl. au: Williau B. 
Swenson (BS Enterprises) e Hilliau 
Michael Suenson d.t.a. «s Enterprises; 
91Iov7«: S595979. 


Giant man tracks. By Fredrick P. 
Beierle. 35 p. 8 Fredrick P. Beierle; 
15NOV71I: S595980. 


East-West kaleidoscope, 1877 - 19H6: as 
autobioqraphv. By K. H. Yen. 302 p. 
C Saint John's University: 6Nov7ii; 


Lost scrolls of the Essene Brotherhood. 
The orlqinal Hebrew 6 Aramaic texts 
translatea S edited by Ednond Bordeaux 
Szekely. 1 v. (The Essene gospel cf 
peace, bock 3) C Edmond Bordeaux S2ekely, 
whose pseud, is: Edmcnd S. Bordeaux; 
20NOV7U: A595982. 


Enerqy reference handbook. Edited by 
Nancy c. ncNerney S Thomas F. P. Sullivan. 
280 p. e Government Institutes, Ire: 
151JOV7U; A595983. 


Proqram-curriculum plans, September 1975 
- Buqust 1976. Editor: «. Franklin Dotts, 
296 p. These descriptions are a suppl. tc 
the Beport cf the Proqram- Curriculuii 
Committee. 6 Beard cf Ci sci pleship , the 
United Bethodist Church; 250ct7ll; 


NSID membership directory, 197« - 75: 
who's who in interior desiqn. 178 p. 
e National Society of Interior Designers, 
inc.: 27Sep7U: A595985. 


Dialectical aspects in Buddhist thought; 
studies in Sino-Japanese Mahayana 
ideali!=ni. By Alfonso Verdu. 273 p. 
(International studies. East Asian series 
research publication, no. 8) C Center for 
East Asian Studies, the University cf 
Kansas: 13Dec7il: A595986 . 


Mathematical logic prooves (sic) that 
ghost is mass--inf inity is, mathema- 
tically, produced not created. By tonald 
BcMahcn. 8 p. 6 Donald BcBahon; 
2eilov7l4: A595987. 


Proceedings of The Horkshop Series on 
the Black Aqing and Bqed and The 
Conference on the Black Aqed and Aging: 
meetinq the needs cf the aqing and gqed 
blacks, "planning, int'^qration , dif- 
ferences and commonalities." Edited by 
Jean Dorsett-Eobinson, 6 other editors. 
192 p. sad. ti: The Black elders. 8 Jean 
Dorsett-Kobinscn: 280ct7ii: A59598e. 


The First three years; programmino for 
atypical infants and their families. 
Et.1. 1 V. e United Cerebral Palsy 
Associations, Inc.; 3Nov7«; S5959e9. 


The First three years; programming for 
atypical infants and their families. 
Pt.2, 1 V. e United Cerebral Pals-s 
Associations, Inc.; 3Nov7i!: B595990. 


Functional anatomy: an instructional 
syllabus. Authored by Cynthia C. Norkin 8 
Pamela K, Levangie, Sheets. e Cynthia C. 
Norkin B Pamela K. levangie; 3Sep70; 


Supplement to Lower Bucks County 
directory, record of real estate transfers 
and mortgages, November 197U. 9 p. 
e Philadelphia Real Estate Directory, 
Inc. ; 13Eec7U; A595992. 


Supplement to Suburban real estate 
directory, record of real estate transfers 
and mortgages, December 197H. 10 p. 
C Philadelphia Real Estate Directory, 
Inc.; 13Dec7U: A595993. 


Essex County real estate directory, 
record of real estate transfers and 
mortgages. Suppl. no. 6, Dec. 197H, 
section no. 1 - 2. 1 v. e Seal Estate 
Directory, Inc.; 11Dec7«; A59599U. 


Supplement to East Montgomery County 
real estate directory, record of real 
estate transfers and mortgages, December 
197B. 3 p. e Philadelphia Real Estate 
Directory, Inc.; 13Dec7U; A595995. 


Brooklyn real estate register, record of 
real estate transfers and mortgages. 
Suppl. no. 6, Dec. 197«. 10 p. C Real 
Estate Register, Inc.; 13Dec7U; B595996. 


Philadelphia real estate directory, 
record of real estate transfers and 
mortgages. Suppl. 11, Nov. 197U. 16 p. 
e Philadelphia Real Estate Directory, 
Inc.; 19Dec7U; A595997. 


Somen's one-piece swimsuit, size 1U - 
20, Pattern 701. 1 p. in envelope. 
Appl, au: Gladys Gortner. 6 Kandel 
Knitting Mills, Inc.; 21Jul7il: A595998. 


One-piece swimsuit, size 6 - 12. 
Pattern 700. 1 p. in envelope. Appl. au: 
Gladys Gortner. C Kandel Knitting Bills, 
Inc.; 21JU1714: S595999. 


Tie-on halter top, size 32 - U2. 
Pattern 98. 8 p. 6 1 p. in envelope. 
Appl. au: Gladys Gortner, 6 Kandel 
Knitting Mills, Inc. ; 21Jul7U; B596000. 


Men's ski pants, waist size 28 inches - 
3U inches. Pattern 590. 28 p. 6 1 p. in 
envelope. Appl. au: Gladys Gortner. 
e Kandel Knitting Mills, Inc.; 21Jul7ii; 


Women's action skirt, size 6 - 20. 
Pattern 610. Designed, written, 
illustrated by Gladys 1. Gortner. 12 p. 5 
2 p. in envelope. C Kandel Knitting 
Mills, Inc.; 21Jul7«; A596002. 


Boys' ski pants, waist size 22 inches - 
28 inches. Pattern 591. 28 p. 6 1 p. in 
Envelope. Appl. au: Gladys Gortner. 
e Kandel Knitting Bills, Inc.; 21Jul7it; 


Bens' shirt, size 36 - 38 - UO - 12 - Hit 
- 16. Pattern 505. Designed, written 6 
illustrated by Gladys L. Gortner. 16 p. 6 
1 p. in envelope. C Kandel Knitting 
Mills, inc.; 21Jul71; A5960C1. 



Bob Brenner's Modular Bemcry Music 
Method. Book 1. resigned 6 illustrated 
by Robert Hilliam Brenner. 13 p. Prev. 
put. 1Bar66, NM: revlsicns with 
additional text, new text 6 pictorial 
matter. 6 Robert Rilliam Brenner: 
17Eec73; A596005. 


Microcomputer design. By rcriaid p. 
Martin, edited by Kerry s. Eerland. i v. 
e Martin Research, ltd.; 21tec71; 


An Introduction to consumer credit in 
New York State ccmiercial banks. 81 p. 
e New York State Bankers Asscciaticn; 
20Dec"1; A596007. 


Christmas soap bubbles; a Christmas 
fantasy for children. By Neita Oviatt 
Friend, with illus. by Thomas Kurath. 1 
y. NM: pictorial work, e Neita Cvia*t 
Friend; 290ct71; A59600B. 


San Francisco at your feet; the great 
walks in a walker's town. By Margct 
Patterson Eoss, maps by Jan Fillccurt, 
photos, by John flhinham Doss. 200 p. 
Prey. reg. 1961, NK: revis-'cns, updating 

5 enlarged edition. C Maroot Patterso- 
Eoss; 26Sep71; A5S60''9. 


Sources of free teaching aids. Compiled 
by Emanuel Heiner. 96 p. e. Teachers 
Service crganizaticn; INovTi; B59601C. 


champions cf freedom: the ludwig Vcn 
Mises lecture series. Hith presentations 
by Henry Razli*t, Benjamin A. Rogqe, 
leonard E. Read, Israel «. Kirzner, 
Sylvester Petro 6 Pobert M. Eleiberg. 131 
p. t Hillsdale College (in notice: 
Hillsdale College Press); ISJull"; 


The Crossing. Poems by Albert Stain*cn 

6 Rita Tomasallo Stainton, 77 p. Poems 
prey. pub. in Marshroots G others. 

C Albert Stainton 6 Rita stalnton; 
1Noy71; A596012, 


Gellert series SS-900 season selector 
potato storage ventilation systems; 
operating manual. 27 p. e' Nathan E. 
Gellert d.b.a. The Gellert company; 
1Nov7q; A596013. 


A Child's view of lrfla*ion. By Phil'p 
Edward Gompertz. 39 p. € Bclf Gcmpertz 
d.b.a. The sord Doctor Publications; 
15IJOV71; A596ni1. 

B5960 15. 

Tropical hardwood trade in the 
Asia-Pacific region. By Kenji Takeuchl. 
90 p. e International Bank for Recon- 
struction and Development; 12Jun7i; 

A5960 16. 

The Whiteside Island story, emerald isle 
of saint Louis Bay, By Claire s. 
Schumacher. 61 p. C Claire s. Schu- 
macher: 8Dec71; A596016. 


Earthkeeping: readings in human ecology. 
Edi*ed by Charles Juzek E Susan Mehrtens 
278 p. NM: compilation with commentary, 
g Boxwood Press; 70ct71; 6556017, 


selected poetry. By Marie Elizabeth 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records tliat may exist. 

6596019 - ft59e0e0 BOCKS £ FAHPHLITS OAB. - JDS. 1?T5 

4596018 (coE.) Pible study manual. Written by Praslt B5960ii5. 

DeHavllle. 99 f. 6 Marie Elizabeth Haurick, 116 p. 6 Positive Action for Core content review, 197« - T5. offered 

CeHaville: 25Nov7it; A59e018. Christ, Inc.; 1Aug73; A59e031. hy the Connecticut Academy of Family 

Physicians e Ohio Academy cf Family 

A59601O. A596032. Physicians. 8 p. prev. pub. 1972 6 

Jerusalem: a study in urban geography. Michigan educational assesanent program; others, e Connecticut Academy of Family 

By I. H. J. Hopkins. 160 p. e Eaker Book experimental edition, tryout took 10, Physicians 6 Ohio Academy of Fairily 

House Company: 15Dec7u (in notice: grade 1, 1971 - 75, year 6. 7 p. physicians; 280ct7ii; A5960U5. 

1970) ; A596019. f Michigan Department of Education; 

21Aug7H: A59e032. B5960Iie. 

A596020. Bird and windspinners; a "nu*s avi 

The Philistines and the Old Testament. A596033. bolts" approach to wind/electric systems. 

By Edward E. Hindscn. 18i| p. 6 Baker Michigan educational assessment program; Ey Michael A, Hackleman, 115 p. 

Book House Company; 30Dec70 (in rctice: experimental edition, tryout book 11, e Michael A. Hackleman; 11Apr7ii; 

1971): A596020, grade 4, 1970 - 75, year 6. 7 p, A59e01l6. 

e Michigan Department of Education; 

A596021. 21AUC7I4; 4596033. A59eCU7. 

Ten years in paradise. Compiled 6 Quilting down south. 52 p. Appl. au: 

edited by Paul A. Scaramazza, with an A59603U. Futh Ann Bond, Janet Nave, Berrice Garner 

introd. by Anthony slide. 289 p. KB: Michigan educational assessment program; 5 Jewell Ellen Smith, e Enterprise 

introd., pref., index, abridgment E assessment administration manual, grade 1, Branch, American Association of Oniyers5*y 

arrangement. 6 Paul A. Scaramazza; 1S7a - 75, year 6. 2U p. 6 Michigan Bomen; 12Iec7il: A596007. 

18Dec7lt; A59e021. Department of Education; 21Aug7a; 

A59603H. A5960UB. 

A596022. Genetic 

The Badge of innocence. By Jchn Paul A596035. Coleman. 

Bible. 98 p. C Jchn Paul Bible; Michigan educational assessment program; 29Nov7U; 4596018. 

17NOV711: A596022. student assessment booklet, grade u , 197« 

- 75, year 6. 45 p. Appl. au: Harry A5960U9. 

A596023. Barba. 6 Michigan Department of Soldiers of Fincastle County, Virginia, 

language and public policy. Editor: Education; 21Auq7'4; A596035. 177U, Compiled by Mary E. Kegley, 89 p. 

Hugh Bank. 2U8 p. NM: 8 original C Mary B. Kegley; 26Aug7U; A5960it9. 

articles, introd., concluding essay 8 A596036. 

bibliography, e National Council of Michigan educational assessment program; A596C50, 

Teachers of English: 1Nov7U; A596023. assessment administration manual, grade 7, world militarv and social expenditures, 

19711 - 75, year 6. 19 p. S Michigan 197ii. By Futh ieger Sivard. 30 p. 

A59602«. Department of Education; 21Aug7U: 6 Futh Ieger Sivard; 2Dec7il; A596050, 

Tales of Black Hawk, the Fed Head and A596036. 

Missouri Bangers, By Eobert E, Parkin. 1 A5°60;i. 

v. e Fohert E. Parkin: 2CNov7i"; J596037. law enforcement ready reference. Ey 

A59602(|. Michigan educational assessment program; Billard Sherman Card. 15 p. e villard S 

student assessment booklet, grade 7, 197U Card; 31Dec7'); 45960 51, 

A596025. - 75, year 6. 49 p. C Michigan 

A Pilgrim's guide to planet Earth; Department of Education; 21Aug7U: A596C52. 
traveler's handbcck and spiritual A596037. Instructions. 2 p. Add. 'i: Con- 
directory. Editors: William Simons 6 struc<-ion and assembly instructions for 
other editors. 2 87 p. Appl. au: 4596038. radar reflector. Appl. au: Joe Edward 
Spiritual Community. Portions prev, pub. Directions for playing Compose-A-Tune Bryant (Joe Bryant) a Jce I. Bryant; 
in Mystics and Zen masters 6 others. game. Card. Add, ti: Compose-A-Tune: 12Jul7it; A596052. 
■5 Spiritual Community Publications a.k.a. directions for playing Conipose-A-Tune. 
Spiritual Community; 150ct7U; A59e025. »Epl. au: Elbert B. Head (Bill) 6 Shirley A59€053. 

H. Head, e B. 8 So Head; 2Hov7U; Poeis in verse form (»-o be used i" 

A59602e. 4596038. cards) By G. Futh Parrish. "» p. (S G. 

Tidings. Poems by lucy K. Argeleri, Futh Earrish; 22Nov7tt; A596C53. 

calligraphy: Ncrman Henry Pritctard, 2nd, A596039. 

photo montages, line drawings 8 designs by Individualized instruction of foil A596054. 

Lucy M. Angeleri. 131 p. ^ Lucy M. fencing, Ey Eewayne J. Johnson, 45 p, Focd in signs. By Frank Caccamise 8 

Angeleri: 25Sep74; 4596026. C Dewayne J. Johnson; 2Dec74; A596039. Carolyn Norris. 15 p. g Frank Caccamlse 

8 Carclyn Norris d.b.a. Alinda Press; 

A596027. A596040, 5Nov74; A596054. 

Witnesses, Ey Clark S. Sturges, 139 p. low cost new Lewus solid state motor 

e Clark s. Sturges: 2Jan7U; 4596027. starting switches--relays, for single 459€r55. 

phase capacitor start and split phase Community in signs. By Frank Cassamise 

4596028. motors. Circular no. 29. 1 p. Appl. au: 6 Carolyn Norris, 45 p. C Frank 

Charles Ives Centennial Festival; an Alexander Jay Lewus. Prev. reg. 1973. Cassamise 8 Carolyn Norris d.b.a. Alinda 

exhibition cf original manuscripts and NM: revision, © Lewus Electric Company; Press; 250ct74; 4596'^55, 

song recital, October 17, 1974 in the 14Nov74: A596C40. 

museum and library Audubon Terrace, 4596056. 

between 155th and 156th Streets, New York A596041. Jlcctito, Cuentc por Corina Lozanc, 

city. 15 p. Add. ti: Charles Ives Beat around the bush. All songs written ilustradc por Thomas shugrue. 21 p. 

Centennial, 1874 - 1974. e National by Sarah Kernochan. Envelope. ftppl. au: Corlna Lczanc, employer for 

Institute cf Arts and letters; 17Cct74; c Kernochan Enterprises, Inc.; 7sep74; hire. 6 Corina lozano; 1iIec7U; 

4596028. B596041. A596C56. 

A5S6C29. A596042. 

Islam and politics in Kumasi; an "Sex-stereotyped attitudes towards 

analysis of disputes over the Kumasi careers among nunior and senior high 

Central Mosque. By Enid Schildkrout. p, school students. By Ann C. Beaudet £ 

113 - 137. (Anthrcpclcgical papers of the Earbara June Fussell. 51 p. C Barbara 

American Museum of Natural History, June Russell 8 Ann C, Eeaudet; 15Jan74; 

vol.52, pt,2) Appl. au: The American A59e0«2. 
Museum of Natural Pistory, € The American 

Museum cf Natural History: 20ct74; A59eo«3. 
A596029, Comparative construction technigues. 

Virginia Stolpe Lewis. 379 p. NM: 

A596030. revisions, additions £ new chap. 5, 6, 8 

Meat: a growth booklet for growinc 16. e Virginia Stolpe Lewis; 6Dec74; 

christians. Ey Jerry Dean 8 Frank A5960U3. 

Hamrick. 48 p. 6 Positive Action for au: Bertram Zusman. 6 Leisure Hemes, 

Christ, Inc.: 25May73: A59e030. A59e04e. Inc.; 15Aug73; A556059. 

Competency based student teaching. By 

A596031. Carol Beasley. 2nd ed. 57 p. e Carol A596CeO. 

Positive Action for Christ pro-teens Beasley; 1Sep74; A596044. An Exciting portfolio of award winning 


A 59 60 57. 


y Delia se 
Libre de 
1 V. e C( 


:cen pero no son 
xicios por Corina 
1 Lozano; IIEecTu 

The Ag 

€ Leisv 



4Fpl. au: 
IS, inc. ; 


4n Fxo 

iting portfolio 
Homes. Sheets 

: cf award- 
in folder 


. Appl. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaini^igtoa^articular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


6596060 (CCT^.l 

Leisure HomeSo Sheets <« Po ) in folder, 
Appl. au; Bertram zusman, & Leisure 
Homes, I-^c, -, 1SDec70; S596060. 


Outline for the book "Joseph Binder, ar 
artist aisd a lifestyle, " By Carla Binder, 
1 p. e Carla Binder; 21Auq7it; ASS6061, 


Optometric extension program, optciretric 
assistants' course, vol.16, Jan. 1?75. 
sheets in folder, e Optometric Extension 
Program Foundation, Inc,; 20Dec7a; 


Twc books. Compiled by Pete, pseud, of 
Norman Jordan C Harcia , pseud, of nercia 
Gaqe. 10P p. g Norman Jordan C Harcia 
Gace; 31Dec7il: A596063, 


Spanish simplified, Ey Pasco L, 

Schiavc. 69 p. 6 Pasco L. Schiavo; 

22Nov71l: A59606tt. 


The Kid's qarden book. By Patricia 
Petrich 6 Ecseuary Dalton, spot illus, by 
Patricia Petrich. 178 p. 6 Nitty Gritty 
Productions; 15Dec7ii: A596065. 

S596 066. 

The Dentsply cuspidoi service ins- 
tructions. Folder, e Dentsply Inter- 
national, Inc.; 17Dec7a; A596066. 

6596 067. 

Dentsply operaticq and maintenance 
instructions fcr Ecrden Airotor by 
Dentsply. 11 p. N«: ne» matter or 
lubrication 6 new fcrmat. e Dentsply 
International, Inc.; 17Dec7U; 6596067. 


The Other side cf Eilly Graham and 
Uaterqate, By F, Paul Peterson, 1 CU p. 
e F, Paul Peterson: 2iiDec7ii; A596C68. 

6596 069. 

Smilinq insulation. Poetry ty Stephen 
K. Shatter. 1 v. e Stephen n. Shatter; 
1Dec7«: A596069. 


Crossroads. Creation, writinq E 
editinq: Hilma Garrett 6 others. 176 p. 
Appl. au: Pioneer Girls, Inc. e Pioneer 
Girls, Inc.: 30Dec7U: 6596070. 


Our God is beautiful! By nauree 
Johnson. 182 p. C Mauree Johnson; 
2Dec7U: A596071. 


Across the Rio to freedom: D.s, Neqroes 
in Mexico. By Rosalie Sch«art2. eii p. 
(Southwestern studies, monograph no.lU) 
e Texas Bestern Press, the University of 
Texas at El Paso; 3Jan75: 6596072, 


Points of view. By Ann Elwood 6 John n. 
Eaht. 229 p. C Globe Book Company, Inc. 
(in notice: Learninq Trends, a division of 
Glebe Book Company, Inc.); 2Jan75: 


Picneer tales of Jasper county. Britten 
6 illustrated by Jean Gleaves Poage, 56 
p. e Jean Gleaves Poage; 18Dec7U; 


Smith encyclopedia of individual 
computerized track workouts. By Conan 
Noral Smith. 99 p. e Conan Noral Smith 
(Connie Smith) ; 17Nov7«; A596075. 

65960 76. 

America's Bicentennial color and learn, 
15 p. Appl. au: Cavid J. Ross (Nupac 
Industries) t Nupac Industries, Inc. 
(Nupaco) ; 10Dec7l(; A596076. 


Timken rodarpientos de rodillos 
conicos — 197U Venezuela datos de 
aplicacion, carros de pasajeros, camicnes 
y autobus. Folder. e The Timken Company; 
27Dec7U; 6596077. 


Neuroanatomical section of neural 
science course CBMS; laboratory guide, 
197U. By Jerry William Brown, 53 p. 
e Jerry William Brown; 22Nov7H; A596078. 


Neuroanatomical section of neural 
science course CBHS; lecture guide, 157a. 
By Jerry Billiam Brown. 31 p. e Jerry 
William Brown: 22Nov7U; 6596079. 


Pattern making and cabinet malting. By 
Salter R, Schaw, issued by Hammord 
Technical Vocational High School. 1 v, 
e Halter E, Schaw; 2Jan75: A596080, 



iy ' 

•0 re= 




1 - 


e Langui 





A 5960 81. 

A5960 82. 

Nuclear proliferation, phase 2. Edited 
by Fobert M, Lawrence 6 Joel larus. 256 
p. © National Security Education Program 
cf New York Dniversity; 13Sep71; 
65960 82. 


Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe's Roman 
elegies and Venetian epigrams; a bilingual 
text. Translated, with introd. , notes 6 
commentaries by Levi Robert Lind. 228 p. 
English 6 German. N«: translation, 
introd., notes 6 commentaries. 8 L. R. 
Lind; 27Nov7«; A596C83. 


Consumer behavior: a managerial 
approach, By Chester E. Hasson. 132 p. 
C Chester E, Basson; 2Jan75; A596081. 


The Politics of Torch; the allied 
landings and the Algiers Putsch, 1912. By 
Arthur Layton Funk. 322 p. e The 
Dniversity Press of Kansas; 110ct7il; 

A5960 86. 

Responses to religion; studies in the 
social psychology of religious belief. By 
Gary Michael Karanell. 313 p. e The 
Dniversity Press of Kansas; 19Aug71; 
6596086 . 


leaders of reform: progressive 
Republicans in Kansas, 1900 - 1916. By 
Robert Sherman la Forte. 320 p, 6 The 
Dniversity Press of Kansas; 9Aug71; 

6 5960 88. 

Erickmasonry lesson plans. Vol.2. 
Author: Jack David Cutler, 1 v. 6 Jack 
David Cutler; 1Jan75 (in notice: 1971) ; 


The Exile's pilgrimage at Christmastide. 
6 poem by Harald Byndham. 20 p. e Ra-t-ald 
Byndham; 1Dec71; 6596089. 


General biology laboratory manual: 
Biology 112. By Helen Davis Erown, Miriam 
Patricia Perry, Oscar Clyde Lam, 3rd S 


Rebecca Ann Ealyard, illus, prepared by 
clav*cn Junior college Media Department, 
18 p. e Helen D, Prcwi, H. Patricia 
Perry, 0. c. Lam, 3rd 6 Rebecca A. 
Halyard; 2Jan"5; 6596190. 

A596C51 . 

Anscn County, North Carolina, deed 
abstracts. Vol.1: 1719 - 1757, 57 p. 
Appl. au: Brent Holccmt. 6 Brent Eolccmt; 
15Noy71; A59e091. 


Eraham, Day, Grasston, BN, and others 
regional telephone directory, November 
1971. t Northwestern Bell Telephone 
company; 19Nov71; A5<'6092,_ 


Minneapolis street address telephone 
directory, December 1971, e Northwesterii 
EeTl Telephone Company; 2Dec71; A596093, 


The Family plot. A thesis presented by 
Monte David Lorenzet. 111 p. e Mon*e 
David Lorenzet; 2Jan75; 6596091. 


The North American alligator. Ey Jitr 
Prui+t 6 Nancy McGowan, ^illustrated by 
Nancy McGowan. 30 p. C Steck-Vaughn 
Company; 20ct7i; A596"95. 


The Joys of Easter. 80 p. 6ppl, au: 
Margaret sturgeon, Maxine McCray Miller E 
Brian F, King, NM: coirpila+icn, 
additional tex* E pictorial matter, 
t Ideals publishing Coipcrat?on; 2Ja''75; 


Trailing the longherns a century later. 
Text E photos, by Sue Flanagan, foreword 
by Wayne Gard, 209 p. C Sue Flanagan; 
1Nov71; A596097. 


Open education: for me? Ey John Pflum 6 
Anita Hanks waterman, photos, by Ron 
Bowman. 120 p. 6 Anita Hanks Bat-erinan; 
15Aug71; A596098. 


Housing component coe*s: hard cost cf 
major conpcnents of si'^gle family housing 
for selected states and large me+rcpolitan 
areas; changes between 1973 and 1971, 
September 1971, By Michael Sumichrast E 
Fobert G. Enzel. 1 v. e National 
SBSoclation of Home Builders of the D.s. 6. 
(in notice: National Association of Home 
Builders of the Dnited States): 20SeD7i; 


Religion, reascn and man. By Fritz 
Mart?. 127 p. e Fritz Marti; 15Dec71; 


Commentary on 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus. 
By Ronald 6. Hard. 28i p. t Bond, Inc.; 
23Dec71; A596101, 

6596 102. 

A Boundless privilege. By Oren Arnold, 
introd. by Alan D, LeBaion, illustrated by 
Rosemary Detwiler. 159 p. C Oren Arnold: 
1Sep71; A596102. 

A596 103. 

Secretariat, By Pamela Barclay, 
illustrated by Harcld Eenriksen, 31 p, 
e Creative Education: 1Ncv71; A596103. 


Oral myofunctional disorders. By 
Richard Howard Barrett E Marvin Laverne 
Hanson. 308 p. C The C. V. Mosby 
Company; 27Dec71; A596101. 

These entries alone may not reflect the conipSete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 



ftn mtrodncticn to aeioEpece. B-y 
vlncen* D. Buirheaa. 3rd ed. 173 p. 
e Vincen* 0. Muirhead; eAuq7«; 6556105. 


Manual of chetnicals and dyes. Prepared 
for Possville Spinninq Corporation tv A. 
0. Whi<:=, Jr. 1 v. e B. 0. white, Jr.; 
23DecTl: S596106. 


Classic Greek cooking. By Daplire 
Betaxas, illustrated by Kike Nelson. 179 
p. e Nitty Gritty Productions: 15r€c7U; 


Arafat at the U. N. 1 p, Appl, au: 
Bichael Kerpchar. e Michael Kerpchar; 
2Jan75: A596108. 


Four-dimensional tic-tac-toe. A game 
for two players by Elliot J, Chikofsky. 5 
p. C Elliot J. Chikofsky: 6Jan75; 


flap of Bontgomerv County, ohic, 1851, 
Editor: K. Thomas Bayhill. 1 v. Appl. 
au: B, Thomas Mayhill, cwier 6 d.h.a. the 
Bookmark, € on revisions £ ne« artkork; 
The Bockmaik; 15Jun7i4: A59ei10. 


Fabricating retainers. 12 p. 
(Orthodontics, program no. 21: auxiliary 
personnel) with filmstrip S sound 
recording. € The American Association of 
orthodontists : 30Sep7«; A596111. 


The Mysterious life of Franz Krammer. 
Ey Franz Krammer. 6 p. © Franz Krammer: 
19Dec7«; A596112. 


Jackson and Perkins seedtook. 31 p. £ 2 
sheets. NM: text, pictcrial matter, 
compilation, editing, ahridgmert, 
additions 6 revisions, € Jackson and 
Perkins Company (in notice: Jackson and 
Perkins): 11Nov7fl: A596113. 


Jackson and Perkins roses '75. 10 p. E 

6 sheets, e Jackson and Perkins Conpany; 

13NOV711: A596111t. 


A Ecck is a treasure. By Carolyn F. 
Glickman. 1 p. e Carclyn F. Glickman; 
15NOV7U: A59ei15. 


Gate valve assembly detail. No. 232. 
sticker. J Eainbird Sprinkler Marn- 
facturing Corporation; i(Sep7U; A59ei16. 


The Future of the Scuth. Eeport of the 
Commission on the Future of the Sou*-h to 
the Southern Growth Policies Board. 112 
p. e Southern Growth Policies Board; 
13Nov71t: A59ei17. 


Information on cards, single pages and 
letters fret Fiber clean Internaticral 
Corporation. Kit. e Fiber clean 
International Corporation: 8Feb7«; 


Mathematics diagnostic test. 11 p. 
Appl. au: E. M. Summerville, John E, 
Hansen, Joe c. Sheffield 6 James L, 
Semmes. e Eichard B. Summerville, John E. 
Hansen, James L, Semmes 6 Joe C. 
Sheffield: ieDec7U; A596119. 


National Speleological Society 197U 
convention, luther College, Cecorah, Iowa, 
10 - 18 August, 197«: field trip 
guidebook. Compiled by editor: James 
Bedqes. 139 p. Add. ti: NSS 197U 
convention. 6 National Speleological 
Society, Inc. & The Iowa Grotto; 9Auo74; 


Cennison BC-28 plain paper copier 
operator's manual. 15 p. Appl. an: 
Dennison Banufacturing Company, Copier 
Division. NB: additicns 6 revisions. 
e Cennison Manufacturing Company; UDec7y: 


one, for all! one machine to mark 
virtually every department in your store: 
the Dennison Kapid-Set 590 label and tag 
imprinter. Folder, Appl. au: Dennison 
Manufacturing Company, Marking and 
Attaching Systems Division. NB: revisions 
S updating, e Dennison Banufacturing 
Company; 7Bay73; A59ei22. 


ACC basketball handbook, 7a - 75. 
Manaqinq editor: Jim Holcombe E other 
editors. 96, p. Appl. au: Dfll Publi- 
cations, Inc. 6 DM1 Publications, Inc.; 
2eoct7il; A59ei23. 


westvaco DPC profile grid. 1 v. NH: 
editorial revisions e additions, 
e Westvaco Corporation; 1Nov7«; A59612U. 


Bozart: the boy musician. Ey Linda C. 6 
Edward D. Pruett. 1 v. e Linda C, pruett 
S Fdward D. Pruett: 280ct7i|; A596125. 


Musical inspiration; the scientific 
musical notation. 1 v. Appl. au: Dmytro 
n. Kryzarowsky. e Dmytro B. Kryzanowsky; 
19NOV7U; A596126. 


Problerp oriented medical records 
self- instruction handbook. Developed by 
Illinois Committee for Problem Oriented 
Hedical Eecords, by Leslie J. Sandlow B 
Philip G. Bashook. 82 p. NM: editorial 
revisiors 6 additional text. C Michael 
Feese Hospital and Medical Center: 
1Jun7a; A596127. 

A596 128. 

Decorative painting. By June Pruner, 1 
V. e June Bruner; 20Dec7U; A59ei2e. 


Aiiieeeee! an anthology of Asian- 
American writers. Edited by Frank C. 
Chin, Jeffery Paul Chan, Lawson Fusao 
Inada & Shawn Hsu Wong. 200 p. NB: 
pref . , introd. to Chinese-American 
literature E compilation of stories, 
e Frank C. chin, Lawson F. Inada, Jeffery 
Pau] Chan E Shawn H, Wong; 15Jul7U; 
i596129. (See also Aiiieeeee! an 
anthology of Asian- American writers; 
15Jul7«; A553579) 


The Chinese in Haifa. By Jeffery Paul 
char. (In Aiiieeeee! an anthology of 
Asian-American writers, p. 11 - 29) 
e Jeffery Paul Chan; 15Jul7U; A596130. 


Rough notes for Mantos. Ey Wallace Lin. 
(In Aiiieeeee! an anthology of Asian- 
American writers, p, 115 - 122) 6 Wallace 
Lin; 15JU17U; A596131. 


Dark fiesta. By Cscar Penaranda. 
Introduction to Filiplno-Anierican 

literature. By Oscar Fenaranda, serafii 
Sygula E Sam Tagatac. Claim in introd, 
limited to that pcr*icn no* co-authored by 
Sam Tsgatac E Serafin Syquia. (In 
Aiiieeeee! an anthology of Asian-American 
writers, p. Ill, etc.) ? Oscar Penaranda; 
15JunH; A596132. 


Introduction to Fillplnc-Rmerican 
literature, Ey Serafi" Syguia, Sam 
Tagatac E Cscar Penaranda. claim in 
introd. limited to tha* porticn no* 
co-authored ty Oscar Penaranda E Sam 
Tagatac. (In Aiiieeeee! an anthology of 
Asian-American writers, p.xlix, etc.) 
e Luis Syguia; 15Jul7ll; B596133. 


The New Anak, By Sam Tagatac, 
intrcduction tc Filiplnc-American 
literature. By Oscar Penaranda, Serafin 
Syguia E Sam Tagatac, Claim in introd, 
limited to that portion no* co-authored by 
Oscar Penaranda E Seraflr Syguia. (in 
Aiiieeeee! an anthology of Asian-American 
wri*ers, p. 150, etc.) e Earn Tagatec: 
ISJulTU; A59613U. 

A59f 135. 

Each year grain. Ey Shawn Hsu Wong, 
(In Aiiieeeee! an an*hclogy of Asian- 
American writers, p. 169 - 175) e shawn 
Hsu Wcng; 15Jul7U; A596135. 


Let economy start with a bank auto loan, 
with your '75 car. Fclder, Appl. au: 
Donald G. Cronan. e Castle and Cronan, 
Inc.; 1llAug7U; A596136, 

A 59 6 137. 

Post-operative instructions. Fclder, 

Appl. au: Herman G. Holler. € Jason 
House; 25Junu; B596137. 


New birth brings freedom, I Peter 1:3 - 
5 (NIE) Folder. Appl. au: Kenneth E. 
Guindcn. t K, B. Guindon; iiNcv73 (in 
notice: 197U) ; B596138, 


Identifying handicapped children for 
child development progens. Written ty 
Malinda 1. Hennon, edi*ed by Katharine B, 
Hooper, lllus. f- ccver ty Diare Smirncw. 
96 p. e Humanlcs Bssociates d.b.a, 
Humanics Press; lUFebTti (on copies: 
1973): B59ei39. 


Annual of Carole's Score sheet, 197a, 
15 p, C James J. Carole; 2UAug7U; 

A596mi . 

The Natural birth con*rcl book. By 
Arthur Baer Posenblum E Leah Jackson. 13C 
p, Erev. pub. as Natu'-al birth con*ro'', 
1973. NM: chap. 3. 6 Aquarian Research 
Foundation; 23Sep7ll; A5961111. 


To make it, you gotta! Authors: Elinor 
B. Bridges E Rrsamond Ruess lee, ar*ist: 
Filancr Lamb leach. 1 v. e B-E-L Books; 
180c*7U; A5961U2. 


Sap with a sprou*in' hoe. Ey Paul 
Salyers. 28 p. 6 Paul Salyers; 7Dec72; 


Pacific Pahs, Ey Eean s. Eollman. 88 
p. e Dean S. Bollman; 2iiPec7U: A59eiliu. 


Whiz wheels and a ca* called quick. By 
Dan w. Crowe. 18 p. e ran V. Crowe; 
20Sep7«; A596m5, 

These entries a!one may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for Information about any additional records that may exist. 

S5S6la6 - B596186 BOOKS 6 EABPHIFTS JSN, - JON. 1«"; 

SE9eiue. 1596160. starfora. 2'm p. {Vsris*icvs: a 

Th€ Kerrimaae collection, 1971 - 1975; Yarb cookery. By Phylli= J, Phipps. 39 con* eirporary literature program) VV: 

reference cataloq. 22 p. Appl. au: David p. NB: additions, e Phyllis J. Phipps 6 eai*crial matter, P ta* paqes 6 adaptatlT- 

M. Thcupscn. e flerrimade. Inc.; 9Cct7U: The Yart Patch; 18Dec7« (in notice: cf Ihc Lead tox that couldn'* he ofeT>ea. 

H5961U6. 197C) ; A596160. K Harcourt Erace Jcvancvich, iT^c; 

2Jan75; A596nu. 
6596117. 9596161. 

Whv do «e live? and Eelectionf for The Exploration of the Sefirah ets. B596175. 

thinkicq finds. 107 p. Appl. au: Judith Fclder. Hebrev, romanized Hebrew s In question. 2U2 p. (Variations: a 

loomis, NM: additions 5 compilatior. English, Appl. au: Soy E. Thompson, Jr. contemporary literature prcoram) HH: 

e Judi'h Lccmis; 1Sep7U; A5961il7. KM: some nev matter E revisions. © Boy E. editorial matter, original artwork 6 

Thompson, Jr.; 7May7L; A596161. vocabulary adaptations, e Harcourt Erace 

A596m8. Jovarcvich, Inc.; 2JaT75; B596175. 

Paris, includinq Blcssom and Deport, TX, A59eie2. 

telephone directory, November 197u. Vhat executives should know about the A596 176. 

S Southwestern Eell Telephone Compary; 197" pension reform act. 15 p. e Haskirs Find your own lav: experierces in 

aioctyu; A5961«8. and Sells; 19AQq7H; A596162. lanquage; teacher's eai'ioi!. By Terry 

Borton. 28 f 6 flarcour* Pface 

A5561U9. 8596163. Jovanovich, Inc.; 120ct73; P5961"'6. 

GEM self-assessroent inventory, form 6 - A Summary of the 197U Pension reform 

12. Folder. « Cooperative Educational act. "7 p. C Haskins and Sells; 5Sep7«; A59£1"7. 

Service Aqency Number 19, title 3, ESFA, A596163. Instructor's manual for The Ideas cf 

Proiect GEW; 2esec7U; A5961U9. physics. By Douglas C, Giancoli. 122 p, 

A59616U. e Harcourt Brace Jcvancvich, Inc.; 

A596150. Your name in the news: how to get free 5Nov7ii; A596m. 

San Juan Islands, WA, September 1?7it. publicity. By Hindi Diamond. 92 p. 

Issued by Lopez Telephone Company, S Hindi Diamond; 1 Dec7U ; 1596161. A596178. 

compiled by General Telephone Directory Flight plan. By Barbara Ecdd? S*anfcrd 

company, t Inter-Island Telephone A596165. 8 Gene Stanford, 2U2 p. (Variations: a 

Company, Inc.; 15Eep7tt; A59ei5C. Straw houses in the wind. Ey Carole C. contemporary literature program) Appl. 

Carlson, 141 p. © vision House au; Hercourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc., 

A596151. Publishers; 21Jul7«; A596165. employer for hire. NM: editorial matter. 

Apparent consumption of distilled original artwork E vocabulary adaptations, 

spirits by class and type, January - Jure A596166, € Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Ice; 

1971;. Folder. { Distilled Spirits Guilt and freedom. By Bruce Narramcre 6 2Jan75; S596178. 
Council of the United States, Inc. villiam Counts. 159 p. ff Vision House 

(DISCOS); 7NOV7U; A596151. Publishers; 15Mar7U; A596166. A596n9. 

In touch. 238 p. (Variations: a 

A596152. A596167. contemporary literature program) NB : 

A Yuleti de feast from Sweden. 15 p. The Swiss Colony: gifts of perfect editorial matter, original artwork E 

Appl. au: Peter Billiam Holbrook, taste. 91 p. S The Swiss Colony; vocabulary adaptations. ^ Harcourt Frace 

e Charter Press (Peter Eolbrook, owner) ; 30Sep7U; A596167, Jovarcvich, Inc. ; 2Jan75; 1596179. 
30C+7U; A596152. 

A596168. S596ie0. 

A596153, Small planet. By Barbara Dodds Stanford In common. 212 p, (Variations: a 

The Tragedy of Kinq Richard: Shakes- 6 Gene Stanford. 210 p. (Variations: a contemporary literature program) NM: 

pearean Waterqate. By Dana Glenn ccntemporary literature program) Appl. editorial matter, original artwork F- 

Bramwell, producer editor: Barbara E, au: Harcourt Grace Jovanovich, Inc., vocabulary adaptations, e Harcourt Erace 

olsen. 93 p. 6 Survey Publishers, Ltd.; employer for hire. NM: original editorial Jovanovich, Inc.; 2Jan75; A=9618i. 
10Dec7U; A596153. matter, original artwork f- vocabulary 

adaptations, f Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 5596181. 

9596151. Inc.; 2Jan75; A59ei6e. Solutions manual for Cost eccoun'ing: 

ACC recipes in review, Vol.2, 16 p. accounting data for management's 

Appl. au: Linda Mayer. Appetite Control A596169. decisions, second edition. By Nicholas 

Centers; 10ct71; A596151. Currents. 2i6 p. (Variations: a Dopuch, Jacob G. Birnberg E Joel DemsV. 

contemporary literature program) NM; 168 p. NM: approximately 25 percen* of 

A596155. additional editorial matter E 11 new the material is either new or revised, 

Tres novelas EspanolaE: la Gitarilla, El pages, e Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc.; C Harcourt Erace Jovanovich, Inc.; 

Alcalde de Zalamea, El ';apitan Vene'-o, 2Jan75; A596169. 11Nov71; A596181. 
Condensed and adapted b ■/ William T. Tardy. 

12 p. Spanish E Enqlis ■ Appl, au: A596170. 1596182. 

National Textbook Company, NM : new prsf. Together. 212 p, (Variations: a Changes. By Barbara Ccdds Stanford Z 

£ editorial revisions. C National contemporary literature program) NH: Gene Stanford. 216 p. (Variations: a 

Textbook Company; 150ct7i; A596155. additional editorial matter E 8 new pages. contemporary literature program) Appl. 

€ Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc.; au; Harcourt Brace Jova'^ovich, Inc.,- 

AE96156. 2Jar75; A59ei70. employer for hire, N«: editorial matter F 

It's whale time at Hhalers village. By 7 new pages. e Harcourt Brac^ Jcvancvich, 

Cymbre A. Ferguson, illustrated by Fathryn a;96171. Inc, ; 2Jan75; A596182, 
shoemaker. 1 v. € Cymbre 1. Ferguson; Shadowbox. 212 p. (Variations: a 

15NOV71; A596156. contemporary literature program) NB: A596183. 

original editorial matter, original creative home economics instruction, Ey 

1596157. artwork 6 vocabulary adaptations. Valerie B. chamberlain e Joa'- Kelly. 2fi 

Lyonhilized control materials: factors C Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc.; p. t BcGraw-Hill, Inc.; 2Jan75; 

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original editorial matter, original 

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Mix, By Barbara Dodds Stanford E Gene 


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porary conEumer series) NM: text, 
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fiutcmo*ive collision appraisal, ly 
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Solid-state Thecry and Ouantvjm Statist-cs, 
held at Sanibel Island, Florida, January 
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au: Management and Training Systems fcr 
Industry, Inc. f Management and Training 
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Benzene fractionation, reformer area, 
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Preparea by Management and Training 
Systems for Industry, Inc. 25 p. Appl. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for Information about any additional records that may exist. 


SCAM antiunciators, series 

AE96227 - S59e260 BOOKS 6 PJflPHlETS JB«- " J""- 1"' = 

A5°6226 (ccr.) A596238. iHu^. C Nirlam Gvjrko; IPHoviU; 

au- Sunoco, Tulsa Eefinerv. f nana cement The Freebody heiress. Ey Ethel Edison A59S2UB. 

and Traininq SVEtems for Industry, Inc„ ; Gcrdon, 279 p. C Ethel Edison Gordon; 

nDec7«: AE96226, 27Uov7U: A59P238. B5962li9. v„.<„„, „f *vp 

Verture nanagenent: the tusicess of rh<? 

,„,,,, A596239. inventor, entrepreneur, venture capi- 

sestein aear reducer, «000 ser:es. Exploring contradictions: Political talist, and established company Ey 

manual B263S2, November 197U. Prepared by economy in the corporate state. Edi+ed by filliam B. shames. 289 F- f Jhe Free 

H Thcira= u« p Appl. au- Baraqeuert Philip Erenter, Fobert Eorosage t Bethany Press, a division of (iacmflla'\ Publishing 

and Training Systems for Industry, Inc. Beidner. 268 p. Appl. states all nev Company, Inc.; i-Bov7U; A59e2ug. 

e Banaqement and Training Systems for except p. 27 - 51, 75 - 115 6 233 - 257. ,,,,^„ 

Industry. Inc.; 12Dec7ii: A59e227. « David BcKay company. Inc.; 13Jun^i!: A5Se2.0. „ „ „ 

inau-try, iin,. . ■ ^u^ A59623°. Ik ^ Secret of Crete. Ey Hans Geo-g 

Sunderlich, translated from "-he German by 

A5962H0. Diehard Sinston. 367 p. Appl. au: 

12 November 1971. Prepared by James Global corporations: their quest for nacmillan Publishi'-g CcirEa''y. nc, 

Mackett 22 p. Arpl. au: Management and legitimacy. Ey pichard J. Barnet, Eonald employer for hire of translator. 

??ainin; Systems for Industry, Inc. E. Bueller. vith Joseph Collins. (In Criglnally pub. in German up-3er the title 

e Banagement and Training Systems fcr Explorirq contradictions: political T'^'-^^" ^"'^^ . ?^^r?;M?^Mp<, 

industry. Inc.: 15Dec7U: A59e228. economy in the corporate state, p. 55 - 7tt) translation. C facmillan Publishing 

e Sichard Barnet s Eonald Bueller; Company, Inc.; 2111ov7U; A59625r. 

4595229. 13Jun7«; A59624C. ,^oa-,<;i 

Taylor 1320N series, signal selec- ssytjiisi. ,,„,-=„,-= d ■fo-.-,,,„i 

tor/limiter, manual I 7«8. Prepared by A5962U1. Fescue squad. Ey lavrence P. re':a2ani. 

Banagement and Training Systems for Federal chartering and corporate 24U p. C la«rence P. Ferazani S Dorian 

industry. Inc., staff. 10 p. C Ba- accountability. By Ealph Nader B Bark Fliegel; eNov7ii; A596251. 

nagement and Training Systems for Green. (In Exploring contradictions: 

industry. Inc.; 12Dec7H; A596229. political economy in the corporate state, A59e2-2. „,v,„,<. 

p. 169 - 182) e Ealph Nader 6 Bark Green; library operations research. By Pcbert 

, ,n 13jnn7<i: A596241. James Daiute 6 Kenneth A. Gorman, 368 p, 

«ater"vashing, stripping, solvent « Oceana Publications, Inc.; 30Sep7U: 

regeneration and storage, reformer area A5962U2. B5962-2. 

udex unit; training manual. No. 3. Character and work in America. By ,„,,„ 

Prepared by Banagement and Training Bichael Baccoby 6 Katherine A. Terzi. (In A5962_3. 

Systems for Industry, Inc. 38 p. Appl. Exploring contradictions: political Effective library exhibits: hov to 

Sunoco, Tulsa Refinery. 6 Management economy in the corporate state, p. 116 - prepare and promote good displays. Ey 

T,-=-i„inn sv=t<=ms for Industry. Inc.: 163) C Bichael Baccoby E Katherine A. Kate Coplan, mtrod. by Gerald B. Johnson. 

and Training Systems for Industry, Inc.; 163) C Bichael Baccoby 
13Dec7U; A596230 

i- 13Jun7U; A5962H2. 2nd ed. 176 p. 6 Oceana publications, 

11Nov71t; B596253. 

A596231. A5962«3. 

Foxbcrc E12 DB D/P transmitter, manual I Paper: folded, cut, sculpted. By A59625U. 

63U December 1971 Prepared by Florence Temko, illustrated by Virginia A Guide to subjects and conc6p<-E m 

Banagement and Training Systems for Davidson. 192 p. Appl. au: Bacmillan picture book format. 166 p. Appl. au: 

Industry Inc., staff. 27 p. C Ma- Publishing company. Inc., employer for Tonkers Public library Children s 

nagement and Training Systems for hire of contributors. Appl. states all Services. 6 Ycnkers (N.?.) Public 

industry. Inc. ; 1«Dec7it; A596231. new except approximately 50 illus. Library— contributions; 8Nov7U: A59625". 

e Florence Temko; 11Nov7U; A5962H3. 

'Tiber' dewatering and drying, wet starch A5962««. ''Aerial hijacking as an international 

division: training manual. NO.0611-C1, All-of-a-sudden Susan. By Elizabeth crime. By Nancy Douglas J^yi'^r. 3"" P- 

June 19711. Prepared by F. Johansen, 62 Jane Coatsworth (Elizabeth Coatsworth e Nancy Douglas Joyncr; 18Nov7U; 

p. Appl, au: CPC International, Inc., Beston) , illustrated by Fichard Cuffari. A596^55. 

Industrial Division Argo. e Banagement 7U p. e on text; Elizabeth Coatsworth 

and Trainina systems for Industry, Inc.; Beston: 11Nov7q; A5962UU. A59e2-6. 

15Dec7U; A596232 


Pecent codification of the la 
responsibility for injuries to 

Training Systems fcr Industry 
8Jun7U; A59623 


,„^^^ All-of-a-sudden Susan. By Elizabeth F, V. Garcia-Amador , Icuis 

Cat debutanizer gasoline stripper, C3/CU Jane Coatsworth (Elizabeth coatsworth Baxter. «02 p. NM: foreword, intro- 

splitter: training module. No. 12-B, June Beston), illustrated by Bichard Cuffari. ductory notes 6 compilation. « T- '• 

20, 1973. Prepared by E. Novotry. 30 p. It p. fppl. au: Bacmillan Publishing Garcia-Amador, Louis B.Sohn 6 P. E, 

Appl. au: Barathon cn Company, Bicbigan Company, Inc., employer for hire of Baxter; 30Sep7i4; Ab9fii,6. 

Refining Division, e Banagement anc illustrator. C on illus. ; Bacmillan 

Training Systems for Industry, Inc.; Publishing company. Inc.; 11Nov7U: A5962 7. v4.*-,„ 

ci„„-7ii. t«;os9iT A5962U5. .Horld chronology of ituslc history. 

5Jun7'.; A596233. Ab962Ub. ^^^^^_ ^^^^ __ ^^^^_ Compiled £ edited by 

J55g23q AE962U6. Faul I, Eisler, foreword by Fritz Kramer, 

Crude fractionator column bottoms and Electoral behavior: a comparative 195 p. C Paul E. Eisler; 7cct U; 

final heating system; training module. handbook. Edited by Pichard Pose, 753 p. A59e2-7. 

No. 5-1. Prepared by 0. G. Roberts. 20 p. Appl. au: The Free Press, a division of 

Appl. au: farathon Oil Company, Bichigan Bacmillan Publishing Company, Inc., A.962_e. „, -,„ „„»,-., *^ 7^r^ 

Refining Division. 6 Banagement and employer for hire of contributors. NB: The letters of Caroline Norton to lord 

. revisions 6 additions to chapter 10. Belbccrne. By Caroline Sher5dan Norton, 

e The Free Press, a division of Bacmillan edited by James 0. Hoge 6 Clarke Clney. 

Publishing Company, Inc.; 1Apr7U; 182 p. NM: compilation, revisions S 

j^g5235. A5962U6. additions. «> chio State Bnlversity Press; 

'ihe new open highways: test for Speeding 25Nov7U; A596258, 

away. By Ira E. Aaron, Marion Monroe 6 A59e2«7. 

Helen M. Bobinson. 15 p., folder (U p.) 6 The Occult and the Third Reich; the A59e2.9. v ..v, ., ...^ ^„.,=,o „„</i = 

3 p. Appl. au: Scott Foresman and mystical origins of nazism and the search Pit and Quarry handbook and buyers guid. 

company. NM: additions. C Scott, tor the Holy Grail. By Jean-Michel for the nonmetallic minerals industries, 

Poresman and Company: 17Dec7U; AE56235. Angebert, translated by Lewis A, M. 197a - 1975. Editor-in-chief: Salter E. 

Sumberg. 306 p. Appl. au: Macmillan Trauffer, editor: Eur— '" ""'•i 

A596236. Publishing Company, Inc., employer for 

The Bankers. By Martin Mayer. 566 p. hire of translator. Translation of Hitler 

C Martin Mayer; 20Nov7«; A59e236. et la tradition cathare. NM: translation 

6 translator's pref. C Bacmillan 
A596237. Publishing company. Inc.; 18Sov7i4; 

The Surgeons. By Shirley Hartman S A5962147. 

Baiter P. Ellerbeck. 377 p. e Shirley 
Hartman E Baiter P. Ellerbeck; UDec7« ; A5962ue. 

A596237. Tbe Ladies of Seneca Falls; the birth of 

the woman's riohts movement. By Miriam 

Gurko. 328 p. NM: text 6 compilation of 

ed. 1 V. 
Inc.; 19D 

e Pit 

: Lester L. German 
and Ouarry Public 

n. 67th 


Legal me 
editor: Cy 
e Appleton 
division o 

aicine annual, 197U. Series 
ril H. Becht. nee p. 
-century-Crofts, a publishing 
f Prentice-Hall, Inc.; iiDec7u ; 

These entries alone may not reHect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 



AdiDinlstiator's quide to a practical 

career educaticn proaram. By Muriel 

Schosnbrun Karlin. 267 p. 6 Parker 

Publishirq Companv. Inc.; eDec7U; 


Du Pent: hehind the nylon curtair By 
Gerard Colby zilq. 623 p. Gerard Colby 
Zilq: ncctTH; A596262. 


Best of Teacher's arts and crafts 
workEhop. By Ruth L. Peck. 255 p. NM: 
compilaticn 6 additional text, 6 Parker 
Publishirq Ccmcany, Inc.; 11Sep7U: 


Tested electronics trcubleshcctinq 
nethods. By Walter H. Buchsbauip. 229 p. 
e Prentice-Hall, Inc.; 21Nov7«; A£962e«. 


The Count: the life and films of Eela 
"Dracnla" luqosi. By Arthur Lenniq, 317 
p. N(l: revisions £ additional text. 
e Arthur Lenniq: 1i40c':7ii; A596265. 


Horror tales: spirits, spells, ar d the 
unknown. Edited by Poqer Elwood, introd. 
by Gecrqe Zebroviski, illustrated by Bobert 
Eauniqartner. 123 p. e Band McKally and 
Conpany; 19SeF7H: A596266. 


Album of prehistoric animals. By Tojj 
BcGowen, illustrated by Pod Euth. fO p. 
C Band HcNally and Company; 3Sep7ii; 


The Princess book. By Ida chifui 6 
others. 6C p. ? Band McNally and 
Company; 9Sep7il; J596268. 


Famous American Pevoluticnary Har 
heroes. By s. Carl Hirsch, line drawings 
by Lorence Biorklond. 93 p. e Bard 
BcHally and Coipany; 9Sep7U: A596269. 


Give me liberty; America's colonial 
heritage. By Franklin Folsom. 230 p. 
t Fraiklin Fclsom; 1U0ct7U; A596270. 


Bore science fiction tales; crystal 
creatures, bird-thinqs and other weirdies. 
Edited by Boqer Elwood, introd. by Barry 
H. Malzberq, illustrated by Eod Euth, 123 
p. e Band flcNally and Company; 19Sep7U; 


Pro basketball's little men. By Fay 
Hill. 152 p. C on text; Eandom Reuse, 
Inc.; 10Sep7a; A596272. 


Hacky Wednesday. By Theo. Lesieq, 
pseud, of Theodor Seuss Geisel & Audrey s, 
Geisel, illustrated by Georqe Booth. 1 v. 
e on text; Audrey S, Geisel; 10Sep7«; 


Backy Bed'^esday. By Theo. LeSieq, 
pseud, of Theodor Seuss Geisel £ Audrey S. 
Geisel, illustrated by George Booth, 1 v, 
C en illus. ; Eandom House, Inc.; 
10Sep7U; A59627t. 


Children and television; lessons from 
Sesame Street. By Gerald S. Lesser, 
foreword by Joan Ganz Coonev, introd, by 
llcyd Borrisett. 290 p. C on all new 
text s illustrative material, excluding 

introd. 6 foreword; Gerald s. lesser; 
15Bay7"; A596275. 

A5962 76. 

Children and television: lessons from 
Sesame Street, By Gerald s, lesser, 
foreword by Jean Ganz Cooney, introd, by 
Lloyd Borrisett. 290 p. Appl. au: Random 
House, Inc, C on introd, 6 foreword; 
Eandom House, Inc.; 15Bay7U; A59e27e. 


The Man from Greek and Eoman. By James 
Goldman, 251 p. 6 James Goldman; 
70ct714; A596277. 


The Great Noank Quilt Factory. By 
Sharon HcKain, photography by Howard Park, 
illus. by Eichard B. Brown. 136 p. e The 
Pequot Press; 21Aug7U; A596278. 


Killers of the mind. A collection of 
stories by the Mystery Briters cf America, 
IPC, edited by Lucy Freeman. 37ti p. 
e on pref,, compilation 5 editorial 
revision; Bystery Briters of America, 
Inc: 3Sep7U; A596279. 


The Game, By Thomasina Beber. (In 
Killers of the mind, p. 7 - 19) 
e Thomasina Beber; 3Sep7U; A596280. 


I'll be judge, I'll be jury. By Edith 
I. Taylor. (In Killers of the mind, p. 20 

- 37) e Edith L, Taylor; 3Sep7U; 
9596281 . 


The lynx. By Charles Norman. (In 
Killers of the mind, p, 115 - 118) 
e Charles Norman: 3Sep7U: A596282. 


A Sweet silly little problem. By David 
Bontross. (In Killers of the mind, p. 119 

- 126) e David Bcntross; 3Sep7a; 

A5962 8lt. 

The Bed. By Dana Lvon. (In Killers of 
the mind, p. 16U - 17U) C Dana Lyon; 
3S6P7U; A59628'), 

B5962 85, 

Ccrnerback, By James Holding, Jr, (In 

Killers of the mind, p, 188 - 197) « James 

Holding, Jr.; 3Sep7«; A5962e5. 


A Queer sad story. By Miriam Allen 
DeFord, Add, ti: A Queer sad tale, (In 
Killers of the mind, p. 275 - 287) 
e Biriam Allen DeFord; 3s=p7q: A5962fl6. 


The Helping hard. By James cress, 
pseud, of Hugh J. Parry. (In Killers of 
the mind, p. 305 - 321) 6 Janes Cross; 
3Sep7l4; S596287. 

A 59.62 88, 

Kept woman. By Pauline Elccm, (In 
Killers of the mind, p. 322 - 328) 
e Pauline Bloom; 3Sep7«; A596288, 


Jessamy Court. By Anne Baybury, pseud, 
of Anne Buxton, 309 p. 6 Anne Buxton; 
3Sep7U: A596289. 


Look what they done to my song. By John 
BcCluskey. 251 p. e John BcCluskey; 
2USep71t; A596290. 

A59e291 . 

Bithout parallel: the American-Korean 
relatiorship since 19U5, Edited by Frank 
Baldwin. 376 p, 6 on 80' new text, 


including illus,, translations, com- 
pilation & revisions; Random Bouse, I"c. ; 
70ct7U; A596291. 


Goodbye, hello. By Fcbert Belber, 
illus, by Cyndy Szekeres (Cyrdy Szekeres 
Prczzc) 1 V. ? on text; Folert Belber; 
17S6p7ll; S596292. 


Goodbye, helle. Ey Pobert Welter, 
illus. by Cyndy Szekeres (Cyndy Szekeres 
Prozze) 1 V. e or. illus. ; Cyndy 
Szekeres Prozze; 17Sep7il; A596293. 


The Bedicine show. Ey the editors of 
Consumer reports. 197U rev. ed. 38ii p, 
e Consumers Dnion of the DT!i*ed states. 
Inc.; 2USep7U; A5S629U. 


The Bang Bang Family, Written E 
illustrated by Gahan Bilscn, 1 v, 
e Gahan Pilson ; 9Dec7ii; A59f295. 


Pumping iron: the art and sport of 
bodybuilding. Britte-^ by Charles Gaines, 
photcs. by George Butler. 221 p. KB: 
approximately 95' new material, C Charles 
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In celebration of food. By virgiria 
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By Donald H, Dowliig. 7nu p. nb: 
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The life and work cf Thomas Eakins. Ey 
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Gordon Hendricks 6 complla+icn of Hack £ 
whi*e phctos. 6 Gordon Hendricks; 
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After the goat man. By Betsy Cromer 
Eyars, illustrated by Fonald Himler, 126 
p. e on text; Eetsv Bvars; UNov7U; 


After the goat man. Ey Betsy Cromei- 
Eyars, illustrated by Ronald Himler. 126 
p. Appl. au: The Viking Press, Inc. ? en 
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1596305 - A5963U2 


JRH. - JON. 1? 


The Ana^ CITY cf antiques; a collector's 
quide. Ev Austin P. Kellev 6 the staff of 
Sothebv Parke Eernet, 189 p. S or. text 6 
black a^id white photos,; Austia P. Kellev 
6 Sothebv Parke Bernet ; 19Nov7n; 


California, the qolden coast. Text bv 
Philip 1. Fradkin, phctcs. bv Denn? s 
stock. 110 P. © on text; Philip 
Fradkir; UNovllt; S596306. 


J'aime Paris; photographs since the 
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All aboard »ith E. M,, world's 
greatest railroad buff. By Eoqers I. «. 
Whitaker £ Anthony Hiss, with additional 
works of enqineerinq by Barbara Vrocm S 
Brendan Gill, illus. by Hark LivinqEton. 
235 p. 16 ?rticles prev. put. in the New 
Yorker s part of chap. 2 prev. pub. in 
somewhat different form in July 1966 issue 
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45 96 3 32. 

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additional tex* f. illus, e Hallmark 
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45=6 333. 

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Christie and other wise and witty women. 
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Neighbors E illustra*ed by Kate o'sann, 
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4ndy characters; The Eobbs-Herrlll 
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The New fiction; interviews with 
Innovative American writers. Ey Joe David 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


JAK, - JON. 

S59e3«2 (cor.) 

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intervievE. © The Boara of Trustees of 

the Dniversity of Illinois: 31Dec7n; 



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Edited by F. Thomas Juster, prepared for 
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A596 377. 

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Children's Society and the Hawaiian 
Historical Society, ex+ended tc March 
186". By Bernice Judd, enlarged 5 edited 
by Helen Yonge Linde. 129 p. Prev. pub, 
1929. NM: additions 8 revisions. 6 The 

23-503 O - 76 - 5 (Sec. 2) 

These entries alone may not reflect the conipiete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office lor Information about any additional records that may exist. 


JBB. - JUB. 1?"S 

A596385 (cor.) 

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Appla states all new except 5 stories. 
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Doctor i'' tts 2C0a By Bruce Euchenholz, 

ictrod. by Cleveland Amory. 190 p. ^ on 

all except introd, ; Bruce Buchenholz; 
300ct7l); A596387. 


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copyright is not claimed in any portlcn cf 
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260 p. NB: editing, cerpiiaticn, 
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S59f u; 




leirent to 

the Oc*o 

ter, 1969 

, eai*l< 



Workman's compens 

aticr la» 




State of 


, »5,th aK 




ast, 19711. 

. 12 p. 

e imerici 




Tice Assoc- 




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e National Board of the Young Women's for modern managers. Take 1+ , it's tine, 

US p. (Executive action series, no.17f) 



■n's compe 


law cf 

th = 



cf Tenn€ 

■ssee, wit 

h diges* and s 




laws: rev 

ised to 




p. e An 

lerican Insurance 





A59f (161. 


lise linear ccnccrda'-ces 



!E. By Ke 

nneth C. 





i of the A 






no. 153) 

€ Ameri 

lean Ba' 






: A5°6ii61. 


In the 


of the sun. 92 p. 

Appl. au: 

; Tom Lea. 

© King Ranch, Inc. 



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„,^„ ,^„,.., B596U81. B596U98. 

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C Kia«est Oil Feaister: 21!icv7U; 

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These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
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S5965C9 - S5965116 


JUN. 1?T5 


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uorksheets, for use uith level 3, 
teacher* s annotated edition. Grade 3o 
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Heath elementary mathematics; basic 
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459651 8. 

Drive components; application of 
ccuplinqs, clutches, qears, and other 
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Developed by TPC Trainlnq Systems, 
division of Technical Publishinq company, 
editor: Clifford E. Sayre. 160 p. 
(Bechanical maintenance, unit 3) 4ppl. 
au: TPC Training Systems (Plant Enqi- 
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Developing troubleshooting skills; 
logical ways to identify and correct 
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Developed by TPC Training Systems, 
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Tom and Jerry dct book. No. 1265. 1 v. 
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1 V. (Mister Sogers' neighborhood) Appl. 
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Happy birthday Barbie. By Betty 

Eiesterveld. 1 v, (Barbie) Appl. au: 
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Hanna-Barhera's Sccoly-Dco and the 
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illustrated by Hilliam lorencz E Michael 
Arens. 1 v. 4ppl, au: Panra-Earbera 
Productions, Inc., employer for hire. 
t Hanna-Earbera Productio'<E, Inc.; 
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Ey Jean Bowden , illustrated by Christine 
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Let's race: a book to trace and color. 

No. 11155. 1 V. C Western Publishiro 

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Trace and color: simple objects, 
e Hestern Publishing Company, Inc.; 
5NOV71I; A596538. 


Pippi Longstocking, with Bnnika and 
Tommy; paper dells, Nc,1977. i v. Eased 
on the motion picture Pippi longstocking 
suggested by the original stcry Pippi 
Longstocking. € G. G. Communications, 
Inc. ; 19Nov7U; 4596539. 


The Freelancer's Bible. Pv Kenne+h 
Kroll. 259 p. 4dd. *i: The New 
freelancer's Bible. C Kroll Enterprises, 
Inc. ; 1Jan75; 4596500. 


411metal air spacers, for the insulating 
glass manufacturing industry. Folder. 
4ppl. au: Richard E. 4ndresen. g 411metal 
Company; 30Dec70; A5965U1. 


Great things; film strip manual and 
guide. 11 p. Appl. an: 0p With People, 
employer for hire of Sunshine Producticns. 
Segments of song lyrics, spoken parts of 
storyteller. Little Person B Tall Man 
prev. pub, NM: introductory section (f,3) 
B compilation. 6 Dp with People; 
31Dec70; 4596502. 


Format for the establishment of an 
association for protec+ion against the 
misuse of credit cards and other accounts. 
2 p. 4ppl. au: Dominic 4. Zarlengc, 
e rominic 4. Zarlengo; 15Nov70; B596503. 

4 596 500. 

Granville T. Hoods: memorial; col- 
lectci's edition, 1970. Author: Middlemen 
4, Harris, art: S. E. Blount, photcgraphy: 
L. Douglas. 16 p. e Biddleton A. Harris; 
2Jan75; 4596500. 


Custom made text books: a guide to 
publishing. 1 v. e College'and 
Dniversity Press, Inc.; 15Nov70; 


Hamilton casters, wheels, trucks and 
trailers. 12 p. NM: front cover 6 
revisions in specifications en p, 5 - 7, 

These esUries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

S5S65147 - J596586 


Jf.N. - JDN. 1ST5 

A596506 <con.) 

e The Hamilton Caster and Hanufactvitlnq 

CcBcanv: 2Jar.75: ASgeste. 


Our human resources: *.he wealth cf the 
nation. Ev Everett S. lee B Jong He Fhee, 
8 p. {Populaticn rrcfiles, no„11) Appl. 
au: Center for Information on America. 
€ The Center for Information on America; 
27Dec7U: A5965U7. 


Two, too, to; a lanquaqe arts learning 
activity package, Bv Susan Petersor. 
Folder 6 sheets (51 p.) in folder. 
(Homonyms) C Dnited Graphics, InCo ; 
12Dec7it; AE9e;tt8. 


Prepositicns; a learning activity 
package. By Helen M, Johnson. Folder 5 
sheets (15 p.) in folder, (Language arts) 
C Dnited Graphics, Inc.; 12Dec7U; 


Adiectives; a learning activity package. 
By Linda Dcwden. Folder 6 sheets (21 p.) 
in folder, (Lanquaqe arts) Dnited 
Graphics, inc. : 12Dec7«; A596550. 


You're and your; a language arts 
learning activity package. By Susan 
Peterson, Folder 6 sheets (25 p.) in 
folder, (Hcirocyms) € United Graphics, 
Inc.; 12Dec7«; A596551. 


Financinq a car: learninq activity 
package, by Dianne Macdcnnald. Insuring a 
car: learnirg activity package, by Joanne 
Primavera. In p. 6 sheets (31 p.) in 
folder. Add, ti: Financing and insuring a 
car: learning activity package; teacher's 
guide. C Dnited Graphics, Inc., Dnigraph 
Products Pivisicn (Unigraph Products, a 
division of Dnited Graphics, Inc.) ; 
1Jul7lt; A59e552. 


They're, their, there; a language arts 
learnirg activity package. By Susan 
Peterson. Folder 6 sheets (29 p.) ;n 
folder. (Homonyms) ^ Dnited Graphics, 
Inc.; 12Pec7«; A596553. 


flipe out debts, Fclder, Appl, au: 
Sylvia Donna Friediran S Sanford J. 
Friedman. Prev. cub. 29Iiov7u. v«: 
additional text 6 pictorial matter. 
C loradon Enterprises; 3Jar75; AEgtSSt. 


Hew England furniture at Hilliamsturg; 
abridged edition. By Barry A. Greenlaw. 
1 V, Appl, au: The Colonial Killiatrsburg 
Foundation. NM: captlcns to illus. , 
introd. E abridgment. € The Colonial 
Killiamsburg Foundation; 20Dec7U; 


Recommended grinder pump installation 
details. IS p. Appl. au: E. Paul 
Farrell, Jr., Dennis A, Sarpen, Hilliam J, 
Doyle 6 Kenneth H. Ecchew. e Fnviron- 
ment/Cne Corporation; 10Jun7U; A5 96556. 


Legislative approaches to campaign 
finance, open meetings and conflict of 
interest, 82 p. Appl. au: Committee on 
the office of Attorney General, National 
Association of Attorneys General. 
e committee on the Office of Attorney 
General of the National Association of 
Attorneys General Foundation (in nctice; 
National Association of Attorneys General, 
Committee on the Office of Attorney 
General) ; 31Dec7U; A5Se557, 


Under the chef's hat. Written B 
ccmpiled by Patricia Hood Heath & Kent 
Stevenson, illus. by Darci Covington E 
Howie King. 1 v. e Patricia Wood Heath; 
10Dec71!: AE9e558. 


Hake and play. 2 p. Appl. 
E. Selby (H. F, Selby) 6 «. 
2Jan75; A59e559. 

au: Morris 
. Selby; 


An Adjuster looks at products liability. 

By B. David Hinkle. 23 p, 6 Crawford and 

Company; 10Dec7U; A596560, 


To Vermont: songs of faith, love and 
ccuntry. Vol.1, By Gertrude H, Bell. 22 
p. e Gertrude W. Bell; 31Dec7U; 


Wanted. 1 p. Appl. au: Jon Alan 
stearman (A, Jon Alan, J. A, stearman) 
€ Jon Alan Stearman; 2Jan75; A596562. 


A. Jon Alan, photographer, Fullertcn, 
California, Folder. Appl. au: Jon Alan 
Stearman (A, Jon Alan, J, A, Stearman) 
C Jon Alan Stearman; 15Dec73; A596563. 


For your immediate attention. Folder. 
Add, ti: Some specific "care" facts: for 
your immediate attention. 6 Bellwether 
Development Ccrporation; 19Dec7ii; 


Playing rules for "Golf at its best." 1 
p, Applo au; Robert P. Scurti, € Bobert 
P. Scurti: 23Dec7U; A59eE65. 


Teachers annual report. 12 p. Appl. 
au: Truxton B. Kouth. C Pioneer 
Publishing company; 6Jan75; A59656e. 


legal issues ir Indian jurisdiction. 52 
p. Appl, au: Committee on the office of 
Attorney General, National Association of 
Attorneys General. C Committee on the 
office o*" Attorney General of the National 
Association of Attorneys General 
Foundation (in notice; committee on the 
Office cf Attorney General, National 
Association of Attorneys General) ; 
23Dec7a; A596Ee7. 


PEC home bookkeeping system. 1 v. 
Appl. au: Gerald 0. Foote. e Pensacola 
Engraving Company, Inc.; 6Jan75; 


The Undergraduate syrdrote. Ey Anne 
Pcole Sorthington. 1UU p. S Anne P. 
Scrthington; 6Jan75; A596569. 


Coming-home poems: stops and pauses on 
the scraptook express. By Sal Saint John 
Euttaci, pseud, of Salvatore Euttaci. 57 
P. Some poems prev, appeared in Held: the 
sensibility review 6 ethers. C Sal Saint 
John Euttaci; 26Dec7U; A596570. 


Protecting our environment: the 
pcllution problem. By J. Keogh Rash, 
edited by Adelaide Garvin Dngerland, art 
by Mel Erikson 6 photo, editor: Adelaide 
Garvin Dngerland, assisted by Suzanne 
volkman. 86 p. (Pathways to health) 
e Globe Book Company, Inc.; 2Jan75; 


Facing the facts: drugs, alcohol and 
tobacco. By J. Keogh Sash, edited by 
Adelaide Garvin Dngerland, art by Mel 
Erikscn E photc editor: Adelaide Garvin 
Dngerland. 87 p. (Pathways to health) 
e Globe Book Company, Inc.; 2Jar75; 


Battling disease: protecting your 
health. Ey J. Keogh Hash, edited by 
Adelaide Garvin Dngerland, art by Bel 
Frikscn E photo, editor; Adelaide Garvin 
Dngerland, 10U p. (Pathways to health) 
C Globe Eock Company, Inc.; 2Jan75 ; 


ETD versus Wyoming official prcgram, 12 
October 197a. Editor: C. Nina Cutrubus, 
associate editor: Terry Faugh E pho- 
tography: Nicholas J. Nass E Terry Baugh. 
38 p. Appl. au: Dniversity Services, 
e Dniversity Services; 120c'-7U; A59657U. 


Heber State versus Dtah State, official 

program, September 15, 1973. 58 p. 
e Dniversity Services; 15SeF73; A596575. 


Dtah versus DTEP, official prcgram, 

Septeiber 22, 1973. 58 p. e Dniversity 

Services; 22Sep73; A596576. 


Dtah State versus San Eiegc State, 
Septeuber 22, 1973; off?ciai prcgram. 58 
p. e Dniversity Services; 22Sep73; 


The IFT world, 1575 directory and guide. 
Editor: John B. Klis 6 other editors. 32U 
p. Appl. au; Institute of Food Tec- 
hnologists. C Institute of Food 
Technclogists; 5Jan75; A59e578. 


Our gallant men. By Ellis Travers. 1 
V. € F. Travers; 2€Dec7U; A5S6579. 


Pegee costumes of Williamsburg. Ladies 
pattern no. 1823. u p. E sheets in 
envelope. Appl. au: Peggy A. fliller. 
e Peggy A. (liller; 1itCct7U; A5965ec. 


The Era of animosity: the tragedy cf 
negative thinking. Lecture 189. By Manly 
P. Hall. 11 p, R The Philcscphical 
Research Society, Inc, ; 20Ncv7a: 


Return of the sorcerers: black magic in 
the modern world. Ey Manly P. Hall. iu 
p. e The Philosophical Research Society, 
Inc.; 220ct7«; A596582. 


The Revised pyrairid profit plan. 5 c, 
Appl. au: Sherman w. Hunter. C Sherman B. 
Hunter; 6Jan75; A596583. 


Parenting education: listening to your 
youngster grow. Ey George Peynolds. 101 
p, e George Reynolds; 27rec7q; A5965811. 


God, gold and guns. Ey Boy E, Traband, 
1 p. e Roy E. Traband; 70ec7U; A59e585. 


Moni-Trol I chemistry control, lot 
no.LTi:-129 A,B. Folder, e Eade Division, 
American Hospital Supply Ccrporation (in 
notice: Cade); lOctTi;' A59e58e. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


JON, 19T5 


Hba^ aood are ccntrols that tell ^ou 
•hat you want to hear? 1 p. e Dade 
Division, Smerican Hospital supply 
corporatioa: 1Nov7ii; S596587. 


HappenlnoE. 1 v. 6 Lee Billiams 
Znterprises, Inc.; 27Auq7U; 4596588. 


4Etro Pleasure Guide: today's quide to 
leisure living at yesterday's prices; 
qourmet quide, Middlesex, Somerset and 
vicinity. 1975 ed. 1 v. 4dd . ti ; 4stro 
Pleasure Guide for Middlesex, Somerset 
Counties and vicinity. C) 4stro Put- 
licatioES, inc.; 13Dec7U; 4596589. 


4stro Pleasure Guide: today's guide to 
leisure living at yesterday's prices; 
gourmet guide, Mercer, Pucks, Eurlington 
and vicinity. 1975 ed. 1 v. Add, ti: 
4Etro Pleasure Guide for Mercer, Bucks, 
Eurlington Counties and vicinity C Astro 
Publications, Inc.; 13Dec71|; 4596590. 


Get all excited, Jesus is coining soon! 
Ey Charles E. Taylor. 108 p. C Today in 
Bible Prophecy, Inc.; 20Hov71; A596591. 


yesterday's evangelist from India; the 
life and ministry cf A. K. Hozumdar, 1 v. 
4ppl. au: David H. Hcward. C Crown of 
life Fellowship; 20Dec7«; 4596592. 


Shells. Ey James H. Eves, Jr. 1 v. 
C J. H. Eves, Jr.; 5Dec7U; A596593. 


Ecbbers with tails. Ey Dwight H. 
Emrick, illustrated by Ronald B. Emrick. 
155 p. e Dwight B. Emrick; lDec7U: 


The Future of the church: the theology 
of renewal of willem 4dclf visser't Booft. 
Ey Francois c. Gerard. 239 p. e The 
Pickwick Press; 1Dec7U; 4596595. 


The Innate turning. Ey Eric Dibner. 1 
V. e Eric Dibrer; 1Dec71t; 4596596. 


Some historical homes of Yankton, Dakota 
Territory. By Dorothy Jencks, a 
bicentennial proiect in cooperation with 
the Yankton Boman's club. 96 p. 
e Dorothy Jencks; 2i(Dec7it; A596597. 


Ouerv. By John Updike. 5 p. © John 
Updike: ieDec7«; 4596598. 


4 Pageant of birds. Ey Fudora Belty. 1 
V. Prey, pub, in The New republic, Oct. 
25, 1913. NM: revisions 6 additions. 
e Fudora Belty; 31Dec7ii; A596599. 


The Impossible necessary word. Ey James 
F. Clark. 60 p. e James F. Clark; 
15Dec7a: A596600. 


The Law of divine iustice: a basic 
concept of universal importance to which 
mankind gives far too little atten+icn. 
Compiler: John L. Davenport. U5 p. NM: 
pref. E appendix, e The Kindle Press; 
ajar.75: A596601. 


Frofessicral timber falling: a 
procedural approach. Ey D. Douglas Dent. 


Dent; 5Dec7it; 

D productivity: study report, 
© Hughes 4ircraft comEany; 


Punxsutawey, Mahaffey, P4, and nea^-by 
communities, December 197U. e Bell 
Telephone Company of Pennsylvania; 
20Dec7a; 459660U. 


Special hazards technical manual. 116 
p. (Special media protection systems, 
vol.2) Appl. au: Ezio Angelini. 
e "4utomatic" Sprinkler Corporation of 
America, a division of American LaFrance, 
Inc.; 15Nov71t; 4596605. 


Fl Lobo and Spanish gold; a Texas 
maverick in Mexico. By Carl E. Eicket*E, 
foreword by 4ris 4. Mallas 6 drawings by 
Cave Manuel. 20 8 p. C Carl E. Ricketts; 
IJuiyit; A5966n6. 


History of little Nine Partners of North 
East Precinct and Pine Plains, New York, 
Euchess County. Vol.1. By Isaac Huntting 
S indexed by Arthur c. H, Kelly. UU7 p. 
Add. ti: Little Nine Partners, Isaac 
Huntting history of Pine Plains, New York. 
NM: index, C Arthur c. M. Kelly; 
150ct7U; 4596607. 


Families and communities; a new view of 
American history. By David J. Russo. 322 
p. © 4merican 4ssociation for State and 
local History; 31Dec7<(; A596608. 

A5966 09. 

More of today. By Ceci] 

L Walker Mil 

1 er. 

171 p. NM: compilation 6 


revision. C c. B, Miller; 

; 31Dec71; 



Untie the ribbons, Britten 6 illus- 
trated by Katherine Roberts Bescott. 60 
p. e Katherine Joberts Bescott; 21Dec7ii; 
45966 10. 


Lyon red took: the nationally recognized 
credit reference book of the furniture and 
heme furnishings trade, January 1975. 
HUH p. 4dd. ti: Credit reference book of 
the Lyon Furniture Mercantile 4gency, 
January 1975. e Lyon Furniture Mercantile 
4gsncy; 1Jan75; 4596611. 


Panzer Leader: game of tactical warfare 
on the Western Frcnt, 1911 - 15. Kit. 
e The 4valon Hill Company; 22Nov7i; 

45966 13. 

Bitchcraft; ritual kit. © The 4valcn 
Hill Company; 1Nov71; 4596613. 


Fconomic indicators of printing 
activity; statistical report. Prepared 
fcr members cf Graphic Arts Marketing 
Information Service of the Printing 
Industries of America, Inc. by Dynamics 
4EscciateE, Inc. 1 v, Appl, au: Printing 
Industries cf America, Inc. C Printing 
industries of America, Inc.; 20Nov7l; 


The Impact of word processing on- the 
graphic arts markets; awareness report. 
Prepared for members of Graphic 4rts 
Marketing Information Service of the 
Printing Industries of America, Inc. by 


Quantum Science Corporstlon, 1 v, Appl, 
au: Printing Industries of Bnerica, Inc. 
e. Printing Industries of America, Inc.; 
aOct71; A50P615, 


GAlfIS marketing region patterns by 
county; statistical report from 1^72 
coun*y business patter-s. Prepared for 
members of Graphic Arts Marketing 
Information service of the Printing 
Industries of 4m6Tica, Inc. 290 p. 4pcl. 
au: Printing Industries of Ame:^ica, Inc. 
4ppl. states copyright not claimed in any 
material from U.S. Gcv*. sources or in a^v 
material prepared by Gcvernment employees 
as pait of their official duties. 
e Printing Industries cf America, Inc.; 
25NOV71; 4596616, 

45966 17. 

4rccnd the world coloring story bock, 
No.BUCI. 1 V. e Ealan Industries, Inc.; 
30Sep71; 4596617. 


Camping vacation coloring story tock. 

No.BUCI, 1 V. t Palan Industries, Inc.; 

30Sep71; 4596616, 


Circus coloring story book. No,Ei03, 1 
V. e Balan Industries, Inc.; 30sep7i; 


Color and learn about the world we live 
in. I.O.E105. 1 V. t Ealan InduEtrieE, 
Inc.: 30Sep71; AE9f62l. 


Mitch and Mike's moon adventure colcrlrg 
story bock. Nc. EU06. 1 v. € Ealan 
Industries, Inc.; SCSepyi; A596621. 

45966 52. 

Fandi and her friends coloring story 

book. NO.B102. 1 V. t Balan Industries, 

Inc.; 30Sep71; A596622. 


Fawhuska, OK, telephone directory, 
January 1975. e Southweste'-n Bell 
Telephone Company; 2Jan75; 4596623. 


Betumka, Belestka, OK, telephone 

directory, January 1975. C Southwestern 

Bell Telephone Company; 2Jan75; 4596621. 


Navasota, 4nderEcn, PlanteTEville, TH , 
and ethers telephone directory, January 
1975. C Gulf states United Telephone 
Company; 2Jan75; 4596625. 


luverne, Marshall, Pipestone, l«N, and 
ethers regional telephone directory, 
December 1971. e Northwestern Bell 
Telephone company; 17Dec71; A59662f, 


Eistarck, Mandan, 41mont, ND, and ethers 
telephone directory, Decembei- 1571. 
C Northwestern Bell Telephone company; 
13Dec71; 4596627. 


Victoria, TX , telephc^e directory, 
January 1975. e Southwestern Bell 
Telephone Ccmpany; 3Jan75; 4596628. 


Stay a notion ahead! 4-7i , a master plan 
for free enterprise: supplement to part 3: 
possible governmental budgets, "indexes" 
and pay scales. Ey Frithlof E, 4nderscn, 
28 p. e Frithiof B. 4''derson; 31tec"'U; 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

A596631 - (1596675 BOOKS 6 PAMPHLETS JSl.-, - JDN, 1975 

i59ee30 (con.) S59eeu5. S596e;9. 

OD System Sciences; proceedinqs, childbir-frh: f amily-cer tered nursing. By Star of beauty. (Ir Vesele viarcce, 

conference ^€ld January 7, 8, 9, 1975, Josephine lorio. 3rd ed. a6e p. Prev. ic,27-A) Appl. au: Jolin olenik, 6 Jchn 

Uriversitv of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hauaii. pub. as Principles of obstetrics and clerlk; 15Bug7ii; A596659. 

266 c. Appl. au: Hauaii International gynecology for nurses. 6 The C. V. Mc=by 

Conference on System Sciences. e Bestern Company; 2Jan75; A596eii5. J596f60. 

Periodicals Company; 27Dec7U (in notice: Pis? now brothers. (In Vesele vianoce, 

1975): B5See30. A59e6H6. no.31-A) Appl. au: Joh" Olenlk. C Jchn 

Current concepts in cataract surgery; Olenik; 15Aug7U; A596f6P, 

A596631. selected proceedings of the third biennial 

Seventeenth Midxest Symposium on Cataract surgical Congress. Editors: A596fei. 

circuits and Systems, September 16 and 17, Jared Baurice i^mery E David paton. UU2 p. what is this? (In Vesele viaroce, 

197«, the Dniversity of Kansas, laurence. Held in niami, Feb. 1973. e The c. V. no.32-A) Appl. au: John olenik. e John 

Kansas. 218 p. Appl, au: Seventeenth Bcsby Company; 27Dec7i|; A5966U6. Olenik; 15Aug7U; A596661. 
Midwest Symposium en circuits and Systems. 

e Hestern Periodical company; 27Dec7"t: A5966U7. A596662. 

A596€31. Binocular vision and ocular motility: what beauty. (In Vesele vianoce, 

theory and oaragement of strabismus. By ncSU-A) Appl. au: John Oienik. C Jchn 

A596632, Hermann Martin Burian 6 Gunter Konstantin Olenik; 15Aug7U; A59eee2. 

Instructions for the Heathkit 10 KV Von Noorden. 091 p. C The c. T. Hosty 

probe meter, model IB-5210. Folder (6 p.) Company; 27Dec7«; A59e6it7. A596e63. 

C Heath Company; 2Jan75: A596632. Happy holiday. (In Vesele viancce, 

A59eeu8. no.35-A) Appl. au: John Olenik. e John 

A596633. Mouth rehabilitation: clinical and olenik; 15Aug7U: A59e663. 

Assembly and operation of the Heathki*. laboratory procedures. Vol. 1 - 2, By Bait 

central processor, model GEA-1158-1. 92 Kornfeld. 2nd ed . e The c. V. Mosby A59f66ii. 

p. C Heath Company; 2Jan75 (in notice: Company; 30Dec7U; A5966I18. 0, little infant divine. (In Vesele 

19711: A596633. vianoce, no, 39-Al Appl. au: John Clenik, 

B596eU9. e John Olenik; 15Aug7U; A5966eu. 

A59663H. Terrarium, Poems by Pat Veith, photos. 

Assembly and operation of the Heathkit by Stuart Ferguson. 39 p. © Pat Vei*h; A596665. 

AM/FM 8-treck stereo receiver, model 2UDec7il; A596eit9. The Tending shepherds. (In Vesele 

AC-1120. 156 p. e Heath Company; vianoce, no.29-A) Appl. au: John Olenik, 

30Dec7«; A59ee3«. A59e650. 6 John Olenik; 15Aug7U; A596ee5. 

When the boa^. or camper rocks, drinks 

A596635. and ash trays won't spill. Folder. NH: A596e66. 

Purchasing power of the OE nurse. 1 v. abridgment, editorial revision, additional lo, the infant Jesus. (In vesele 

Appl. au: silson, Sechsler and Associates. text 6 pictorial matter. C Aladdfn viancce, no.uO-A) Appl. au: Jchn Clenik, 

e The Association of Operating Boom laboratories. Inc.; 1Sug7U; A59665P. e John olenik; 15Aug7U; A596666. 
nurses. Inc.; mov7U; A596635. 

A596651. A59e6e7. 

A596636. When the boat or camper rocks, drinks Smokey and the Fouke monster. By J. F. 

The Joker stops the game! 1 p. and ash trays won't spill with a Bar Buoy. Crabtree. 1U2 p. B J. 1. "Smokey" 

(Scloguadra games, no. 31 Appl. au: Paula Folder. NM: abridgment, editorial Crattree; 19Dec7U; A596667. 

B. Fendely (Pauline Eendely) C Paula B. revision, additional text f. pictorial 

Eendely (Pauline) ; 8Buq7it (in notice: matter, t Aladdin laboratories. Inc. ; A596668. 

1975): A59e63e. 1Aug7i4; S59e651. Credit and collection. 69 p. (GM 

financial management series) Appl. au: 

A596637. A596652. General Motors Corporation. 6 Marketing 

In-line hydraulic installation tools; Jobber's net prices Bar Buoy. Folder. staff. General Motors Corpora*? on (in 

instruction manual (inch seriesl 1" p. NM: abridgment, editorial revision, notice; General Motors Corporation); 

e Buck Manufacturing Company: 11Nov7ii: additional text E pictorial matter. 6Nov7U; A596668. 

A596637. e Aladdin Laboratories, Inc.; 1Aug7ii; 

A596652. A596669, 

A596638. A Icng story about my great sumimer. 1 

In-line hydraulic installation tools; A596653. v. Appl. au: Jeanne A. Pollard, Nahoma f. 

instructs on manual (metric seriesl 17 p. The Liberated woman's appointment Moss e Nancy C. Eaigler, € Jeanne A. 

e Buck Manufacturing Company: 27Nov7i(: calendar, 1975. By Lynn Sherr 6 Jurate Pollard, Nahoma E. Boss 6 Nancy C. Eaigie'- 

4596638. Kazickas. 1 v. 6 Jurate Kazickas 6 lynn d.b.a. Sum Fun Activities; 21Jum«; 

Sherr; 1Sep7li; A596653. A5966e9. 

PBP 1975 dental forms and supplies 8596651. A596670. 

catalog, 6U p. © Professional Budget The Indoor garden appointment calendar. School; happiness 5s — being ready to 

Elan: 2Jan75; A596639. By Lois Sherr, designed by Gerry Olin. 1 start school. 1 v. Appl. au; Jeanne 

V. NM: compilation B additional pictorial Pollard, Nahoma Moss 6 Kanoy Daioler, 

ASgeeiO. material. (9 Lois Sherr; 1SeE7U; C Jeanne Pollard, Nancy Dangler E nahoma 

Memories of Carpenter High School: A59665«. Moss d, l.a. Sum Fun Ac*-dvities; 21Jcn7ii; 

graduates 1917 - 1971. Editor: loretta A596670. 

Jewell. 172 p. e loretta Jewell; A596655. 

23Dec7i(: A5966a0. The Birthday and horoscope engagement A59ee''2. 

calendar, 1975; with your daily forecast. "5 years of stamp experience: "surprise 

A596eiH. Compiled by Frdka E Billiam Glcver, text E letter." Form 2. By Feuel Fichard 

To life. By Joseph Fngelberg, 363 p. forecasts by J. Suain. 1 v. 6 Balance Baric*. 1 p. C Eichard Barlow; esepTU; 

€ Joseph Fnaelberg; 16Dec7a: A5966ii1. House; 1Sep7«: A596e55. A59£e72. 

A5966U2. A596e56. R596673. 

The Year book of urology, 1971. Edited The Sports fan's calendar; a Universe Here is a selection of stamps to exaitine 

by John T. Grayhack. 3';2 p. e Year Book calendar for 1975. Appl. au: Harold p. for your pleasure. Form 1. By Eeuel 

Medical Publishers, Inc.: 5Nov7ii; Eurbage, Jr, B Martin E. Miller. 6 Harold Eichard Barlow. 1 p. e Eichard Barlo*; 

A59eei2. P. Eurbaoe, Jr, E Martin E. Miller; 6Sep7a; A596673. 

1Sep7U; 4596656. 

A5966U3. 4596671. 

The Year book of ophthalmology, 1971. 4596657. Contacting collectors interested in my 

Edited by William F. Hughes. 121 p. A Literary calendar, 1975. By Susan E "pick and save" pictorial assortments is 

e Year Book Medical Publishers, Inc, ; Thomas Cahill. e Susan Cahill S Thomas expensive. Form 3. By Feuel Eichard 

17Dec71; A596613. Cahill; 1SeF71; 4596657. Barlow. 1 p. «? Eichard Barlow; fSepTl; 


A596611. 4596658. 

Congenital diseases of the heart. By Some poems for the Christian year. By 4596675, 

Abraham M. Rudolph. 616 p. 6 Year Book Fay W. Schaumburg. 28 p. C Bay H. Barlow's Guide to stamp collecting. 

Medical Publishers, Inc.; 300ct71; Schaumburg: lONovTI; A596658. marketing and extra income. By Peuel 

A596f1i, Eichard Earlow. 1971 - 75 ed. Sheets 

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work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for Information about any additional records that may exist. 

sEseeie - 9595723 


S596675 (CCD. ) 

(119 p.) e Eichard Barlow; esepTU; 



Atmospheric vacuum breaker detail. 
NO, 8 11. sticker. C Fain Bird Sprinkler 
Hanufacturiuq ccrporation; 1Sep7u ; 


Tvpical wire coniecticn detail. No. HOI. 
sticker, C Pain Bird sprinkler Mari:- 
facturinq Ccrporation; KSep7U: A556677. 


Controller detail. No. 101. s*icker. 
e Eain Bird Sprinkler Manufacturing 
Corporation: '4Sep7«; A596678. 


Tvpical wire connection detail. No. UOO. 

Sticker. e Eain Bird Sprinkler Hanu- 

facturino Ccrporation: iisep7U; A5See79. 


Typical backflow preventer aEEembly 
detail. No. 701. Sticker. 6 Bain Bird 
Sprinkler Manufacturinq Corporation; 

usep7it; Asseeec. 


Typical backflcw preventer aESecntly 
detail. No. 700. Sticker. 6 Pain Bird 
Sprinkler Manufacturinq Corporation : 

DSepTU; A596e81. 


Controller detail. No. 103. Sticker. 

Q Pain Bird Sprinkler Manufacturing 

Ccrporation: iiSep7U: S596682. 


Controller detail. No. 100. sticker. 
e Rain Bird Sprinkler Manufacturing 
Corporation; I|Sep7li; A596683. 


Swing ioint riser asseirbly detail. 
No, 301. sticker, e Bain Bird Sprinkler 
Manufacturing Ccrpcraticn; '4Sep7ii: 


Swing ioint riser assembly detail 
No. 300. Sticker, e Rain Bird Sprinkler 
Manufacturinq Corporation: «Sep7U: 

A 5 see 86. 

Typical impact head detail. No. 610. 
Sticker. C Rain Bird Sprinkler Manu- 
facturing Corporation: nsep70: 45 966 86. 


Valve-in-head electric detail, Nc.311. 
Sticker. C Bain Bird Sprinkler Manu- 
facturinq Ccrporation: USep7«; A5Se687. 


Tvpical spray head or shrub head detail. 
No. 601. sticker, e Rain Bird Sprinkler 
Manufacturinq Corporation: HSep7U; 


Valve-in-head electric detail. No. 310. 
sticker, e Eain Bird Sprinkler Manu- 
facturing ccrporation: KSep7a; A5?6689. 


Manual angle valve assembly detail. 
No. 222. Sticker, e Rain Bird Sprinkler 
Manufacturinq corporation: USep7«: 


Manual drain valve assembly detail. 
No, 223. Sticker, e Bain Bird Sprinkler 
Manufacturinq Ccrpcraticn; HSep7U; 

A5966 92. 

Main to lateral detail with gate valve. 
No. 231. Sticker. e Pain Bird Sprinkler 
Manufacturir.q Corporation: USep7U; 


Ouick coupler valve detail. No. 220, 
Sticker, C Pain Bird Sprinkler Manu- 
facturing Corporation; usep7U; A596e93. 


Solenoid valve detail. No. 205. 
Sticker, e Pain Bird Sprinkler Manu- 
facturing Corporation: i!Sep7i|; A59669U. 


Swing Ioint riser assembly detail. 
No. 302. sticker. 6 Eain Bird Sprinkler 
Manufacturinq Corporation: USep7U; 


Solenoid valve detail. No. 202. 
sticker, e Pain Bird sprinkler Manu- 
facturing Corporation; USep7a; 4596696. 


Solenoid valve detail. No. 201, 
Sticker. C Bain Bird Sprinkler Manu- 
facturinq Corporation: USep7a; 4596697. 

45966 98. 

Solenoid valve detail. No. 200. 
Sticker. © Pain Bird Sprinkler Manu- 
facturing Corporation: 0S6p7fl; 4596698. 


Typical thrust block details for bell 
and ring pipe (AC or PVC) No. 501. 
Sticker, e Eain Bird Sprinkler Manu- 
facturing Corporation; itSep7ii; 4596699. 


Typical trenching detail. No. 500. 
sticker, 6 Eain Bird Sprinkler Manu- 
facturing Corporation; HSep7q; A596700. 


Controller detail. No. 102. sticker. 

e Fain Bird Sprinkler Manufacturing 
Corporation; itsep7a; 4596701, 


Typical spray head or shrub head detail. 
NO. 600 Sticker, e Rain Bird Sprinkler 
Manufacturing Corporation; Usep74; 


Solenoid valve detail, Ko.20u. 
sticker. 6 Bain Bird Sprinkler Manu- 
facturing Corporation; USep7y; 4596703. 


T.H. valve detail. No. 212. Sticker. 
e Sain Bird Sprinkler Manufacturing 
Corporation; itsep7«: 4596701*. 


T.H. valve detail. No. 213. Sticker, 

e Rain Bird Sprinkler Manufacturing 

Ccrporation: iisep7«; A596705. 


.T.H, valve detail. No, 211. Sticker. 

e Bain Bird sprinkler Manufacturing 
Corporation: USep7U; 4596706. 


Quick coupler valve detail. No. 221. 
sticker, e Pain Bird Sprinkler Manu- 
facturing Corporation; 0Sep7i|; 4596707. 


T.H. valve detail. No, 210. Sticker. 

€ Rain Bird Sprinkler Manufacturing 
corporation; iiSep7«; 4596708. 


Polk art and the street of shops; Henry 
Ford HuseuD, Dearborn. Hichigan. U7 p. 


Mechanical arts at the Henty Tcrd 
Museum. 128 D. C The Edison Institute; 
20Ju»'7U; 4596710. 


Selected treasures cf Greenfield Villag 
and Henry 'ord Museum, 70 p. e The 
Edison institute; 150c*69: 4596711. 

45967 12, 

Edward Sands Erost's Hooked rug 
pat*erns. Issued Vy Greenfield villaoe 6 
Henry Ford Museum. 59 p. Add. ti: 
Descriptive catalogue of E. S. Frost a^d 
Company's hooked rug patterns, C The 
Edison Institute: 1UMay7n; A596712, 


Make your window intc cne-way glase: 
Darwin's one-way transparency glass 
formula. Poster. 4ppl. au; Edward J. 
Me?o. e Edward J, Mezc; 15Jul7U: 


Child management; a self-lnstructic^al 
approach. Author: James Terry Johnson. 
V. e Northeast Community Mental Hcal*h 
Center; 1Jun7u; 459671ii. 

45967 15. 

New product release for 19*5; mat- 
chmaster (a programmable electronic 
matching device! 1 p. 4ppl. au: Armand 
J. Filer, e Armand J. Filer; ecec7C; 


Cable, inside and cut. By Frank H. 
Horn» 80 p. (ABC of the Telephone, 
vol.5.) e Joseph J. Aiken d.b.a, lee's 
4BC cf the Telephone; 110ct7U; A596716, 


Ancther look at Ken Ere 
hand. By Kenneth w. Brew 
revisions 8 additions. 6 Kenneth «, Ercwi 
d.b.a. Ken Brown studic cf Calligraphic 
4rt (in notice: Ken Erown) ; 26Nov70: 


Jet standard model 360-S; home aerator 
installation instructions, Fclder. Appl, 
au: tavid S. Maclaren, NM: additions S 
revisions, e Jet Aera+ion company: 
280ct7ll: A596718, 


How to put on a jet dinner meeting. 
Folder. (Jet home and commerciall 4ppl, 
au: David S. Maclaren. e jet Aeraticr 
company; 264\ig7i4; 9596719. 


Dinner meeting checklists. 1 p. (Jet 
home and coramercial) Appl. au: David S. 
Maclaren. c Jet Aeration company; 
26Aug7U; 4596720. 

4596721 . 

Jet floodproof model U60-FP; home 
aerator installation instruct^ ens. 
Folder. 4ppl. au: David S. faclaren . Nf: 
revisions 6 additions. € Jet Aeration 
Company; 28Cct''U; A596721. 


Jet home plant upflow filter inst- 
ructions. 2 p. 4ppl. au: tavid S. 
Maclaren. ^ Jet 4eration ccmpany; 
6«ay7U; 4596722. 


Jet home plant upflow filter, 2 p, 
Appl. au: David S, Maclarer. 6 Jet 
Aeration Company; 6May74; A596723, 


These emries alone may not reflect the eompiete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
\vork. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


JSli. - JDK. 19T5 


Jet home plant outer's manual. Fclder. 
Add. ti: Jet oncer's manual, heme plant. 
fippl. au: David S. MacLaren. NB: 
jcevisicpE & additions. 6 Jet Perat^.cn 
comper.v: 3Cct7U: a59e72U. 


Jet home plant chlorinator; cost and 
profit estiiratcr. 1 p. Rppl. au; Cavid 
S. MacLarer.. C Jet Aeration Compare; 
18JU17U; 8596725. 

A5Se72e . 

Jet upflow filter: cost and profit 
estimator. 1 p. Jppl. au: David S. 
Baclaren. e Jet Aeration Comparv; 
ieJul7U: S596726. 


Jet heme plant: mold use and tank 
assembly. 2 p. Appl. au: David S. 
Baclaren. NM: revisions E additions, 
e Jet Aeration Company; 23Bay7U; 


Jet home plant and filter NSF test 
results. 1 p. Appl. au: David S. 
BacLaren . ^ jet Aeratl en Company: 
6Aua71t; AS9e72e. 


Jet individual home sewage treatment 
plant: specifications. 2 p. Add. ti: Jet 
specifications, individual home sevaqe 
treatment plant, no.9-5n home, Appl. au: 
David s, BacLaren. NM: revisions E 
additions. 6 Jet Aeration Company; 
6Sua70: A596729. 


The Creature album. By Linda L. 
Chamberlain. 63 p. C Linda L. cham- 
berlain: 1Auq7u (in notice: 1973); 


sharinq my world; a course in human- 
/personal development for elementary 
children, student edition E. By Anra M, 
Waqner. 88 p. 6 Anna B. Baqner; 
25Fet7a: A596731. 


Sharinq my world: a course in human- 
/perscnal development for elementary 
children, student edition A, By Anna B. 
Saqner. 88 p. C Anna f. Waqner: 
25Feb7U; 8596732. 

A5 56733. 

Feadinqs in marriaqe and the family, '75 
/ 76. 2Ce p. (Annual editions) P The 
Dushkin Publishlnq Group, Inc.; 25Uov7ii; 


Beadinqs in anthropoloqy, 75 / 76 . 238 
p. (Annual editions) C The Dushkin 
publishlnq Group, Inc.: 25Nov7U; 


Enqlish as a second lanquaqe: tutor 
traininq workshop script and workshop 
leaders' instructions. By Ruth J. Colvin. 
1 V. C Literacy Volunteers of America, 
inc.; 1«Sep74: AS9e735. 


Tutor: techniques used in the teaching 
of readinq: a handbook for teaching basic 
readinq to adults and teenaqers. By Puth 
J. Colvin B Jane H. Foot. 88 p. DP: 
revisions. C Literacy Volunteers of 
America, Inc.; 301fov7il: A596736. 


Educators diagnostic quidebook and 
reference manual fcr problems in reading, 
"helping Johnny to become a better 

reader." By Mary Hinstead Bonner. Ill p. 
e nary H, Bonner; 16Sep7U; A596737, 


Guide for The Lord Jesus. By sister 
Anne Marie Monqoven, 0. P. 31 p. For use 
with the text The Lord Jesus, by John F. 
Barry. C William H. Sadlier, Inc.; 
15KOV7I1: A596738. 


Create; or, 
religion. B^ 
C William B. 
A5967 39. 

The Art of 
Fita Foley. 
Sadlier, Inc 


Sadlier ventures in science, an 
action-thought laboratory. Level; purple. 
Authors: Herbert Pless, Nicholas Ignatuk 6 
Nicholas Spennato, artist: David Fleazar 
Mills, created by Specialized Education 
Systems, Inc. for William B. Sadlier, Inc. 
128 p. © wilHam H. Sadlier, Inc.; 
180ct7lt; A5967ltO. 


Economics for young adults. By Bertram 
L. Linder E Edwin Selzer. 208 p. 
e William H, Sadlier, Inc. ; 12Nov7it; 


Sadlier ventures in science, an 
action-thought laboratory; teacher's 
annotated edition. Level: purple. 
Authors: Herbert Pless, Nicholas Igna*uk E 
Nicholas Spennato, artist; David Eleazar 
Mills, created by Specialized Education 
Systems, Inc. for William H. Sadlier, Inc. 
1 V. 6 William H. Sadlier, Inc.; 
27Nov7U; A596712. 


Automatic metric and English converter. 
Card. Appl. au: Bernard M. Haines. 
Material condensed from Conversions 
English-metric, pub. 15Oct70. NB: 
condensation E system of arrows used in 
place of directional movement system. 
^ Bernard M. Haines, sole owner of Haines; 
10Dec7«; A5967lt3. 


Azitiz, By Paw Paw, pseud, of George 
Victor. 101 p. C George Victor; 
25JU173; A596711. 


Monthly charted fishing and hunting 
times for the year, 1975. By Balvin 
taniel Barrett, sr. 21 p. Add, tl: Can 
Earnett's Charted times for fishing and 
hunting, e B. Dan Barnett: 8Cct71 (in 
notice; 1975); 8596715. 


Industry standards manual and quality 
standards for home owners warranty program 
in greater Bilwaukee, Wisconsin. Compiled 
by the Industry Standards Committee, 
Metropolitan Builders 8ssociatlcn of 
Greater Milwpukee in cooperation with 
Allied Construction Employers Association, 
Industry Advancement Program. 68 p. 
Appl. au: Metropolitan Builders Asso- 
ciation of Greater Bilwaukee. NB: 
revisions B additions. 6 Metropolitan 
Builders Association of Milwaukee; 
11Dec71; A596716. 


Exxon Travel Club: your official 
membership handbook. 16 p. g Exxon 
Travel Club, Inc. ; 1Jan75; A596717. 


The Perfect pool from Farwell. Folder. 
8ppl. au: The Farwell Corporation B Lowe, 
Both and First Advertising, Inc. 
e Farwell Corporation; 9Cct71; A596718. 


Binston-Salem, North Csrclina — your 
complete convention package. Folder. 
Appl. au: Richard M. Barentine. B Greeter 
wirstcn-fSalem Chamber of Ccmirerce, 
CCDvertien and visitors Bureau; IINcvTI; 


Pesticides keep beastles out of your 
lawn and garden. Fclder. Appl. au: 8my 
Bailey. B Amy Bailey; 25Ang7l; 8596750. 


Cider equipment values ouide revision. 
Jan. 1973 revision. sheets (28 p.) Add, 
ti: elder equipment value guide. 8ppl . 
au: Equipment-Guide Eock Ccmpany. 
C National Research and appraisal Company: 
15Jar73; 8596751. 


Wayside memories. By Edith B. Nielsen, 
21 p'. e Edith H. Nielsen; 13N0V1: 


Zane's trace. By Pollin 8. alien, 
illus. by Kathryn I. Sheppard. 11 p. 
C Follin a. alien; 21Jun7U; A596753. 


The Legend of Stumpy Hollow. Ey Rcllin 
A. Allen, illus. by Kathryn L. sheppard. 
6 p. e pollin A. Allen; 21Jnn71; 


Sexercises: a guide to the new you. 51 
p, Appl. au: Charles C. Baker (Brad lee) 
C Brad Lee, pseud, of Charles 0. Baker; 
12NOV71: A596755. 


Kimes Fish-Dial: predicts test daily 
hours for fishing. Appl. au: George Boots 
Kimes. NM: additions, t Geeroe E. Kimes; 
19Juni: A596756. 


Autc accident "instant" information pacit 
and mini health report form. 1 v, Appl, 
au: Earl D. Sncdderly. Frev. reg, 
A31C553. NB: compilation, editorial 
revision E additional text. C Bcdernday 
Products Company (in nc*ice: Bcdpco) : 
18Dec71; A596757. 


A Manual tor secretaries. 53 p. Appl. 
au: Jerry Lamar. t Perry Lamar: 15Noy71; 


Remembrance; ycur name, address, phoie 
and message printed here free. 1 v, 
Appl. au: Joseph V. Gallo, e Bright 
Futures Publishing Corporation; 26Ncv7i; 


Travel cards; cr, Dawsonia. 2 v. Appl, 
au: John A. Dawson (Dawsonia) C Eawsonia 
Enterprises; 15Nov71; A596760. 


10CC calorie diet. From the Department 
of Internal Bedicine, Mayo Clinic. 18 p. 
Appl. au: Mayo Foundation. C Mayo 
Foundation; 1Nov71; A596761. 


Cholesterol controlled, sugar restricted 
diet. From the Eepar*ment of Internal 
Medicine, Payo Clinic. IS p, Appl. ao: 
Mayo loundation, 5 Mayo Foundaticn; 
INov-1; 8596762. 


Cholesterol restricted diet. From the 
Department of Internal Bedicine, Mayo 
Clinic. 15 p. appl, au; Mayo Fcundation- 
C Bayo Foundation; 1Ncv7i; 8596763. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Poeirs for ^h» leaders 

cf Scvie-t Pu? 

Ey Bctert villeaes, Jr. 

1 V. e HcT> 

In^errrises; 30Dec7i4; 

S596T9f . 

S5967611 - S596806 BOOKS 6 FAPPHLETS 

15967611. phrases. By Paul Simons. 7th ed. 93 i 

Saint Louis visitors Center restaurant e Paul simone; 3Jan75; B596779. 

quide, 01 r. NM: additions 6 revisions. 

C Saint Louis visiters Center: mov7a ; AS96780. S5g6753. 

;i59676i4. ^;ortg^ges. 102 p. (Co-cp East la« The Alcohol use inveTtcry-BDl. Anthers: 

outlines) 6 Driversity Stores, Ire; John L. Horn, Kenaeth «. Banlerg S F, K=i'-k 

A596765. 27Sep7U; 1596780. Foster. 7 p. E sheets (U p.) Eased on 

Transcendence and meaning in socic- Alcohol Dse Cuesticnnaire (ADQ) . KM; 

logical theory; Emile Durkheim's 1596781. items, format 6 ansver sheet, e John L, 

Conscience collective, the Social reality HSST/CDfi trainee handboolt. project Born; 23Dec7U; A596793. 
cf Berger and Luckman and Karl Deutsch's director: Nancy L. Cuisenberry, program 

Group mind. By David P. Armentrout. 135 manager: nelvin Noe, project assistants: B59679it. 

p. e David P. Srmentrout; 26Aug73 <in Geraldine Bowie S Beverly J. Pilam. 1 v. Aristotlean happiress: a cc.versat Icn 

notice: 197q); A596765. e Board of Trustees, southern Illinois «ith Aristotle. By Eotert villegas, Jt, 

Dniversity — Carbondale; 9DecTi; A5967ei . 10 p. c lion Enterprises; 30Dec7ii; 

S596766. 8596790. 

Social security, et cetera. 16 p. 1596782. 

Spanish. Bcpl, au: Jose Galera. C Jose study guide for geometry. Ey nary 1596795. 

Galsra; 10tiov7U: 1596766. McKeovn 6 llan Cyril Bates. 227 p. Based Poems of love. Ey Fotert villegas, Jr. 

en the textbook. Modern school mathe- 1 v. & Lion Enterprises; 30Dec7ti; 

1596767. maticE, by Bay C. Jurgensen, Alfred J. 1596795. 
God made a beautiful wcrld and Love Dcnnelly 6 Mary P. Dolciani. Appl. au; 

leads to heaven. By August D. Dlricho 7 American School. © Imerican School; 

p. e August D. nlrich; ieoct7U; 27Dec7« (in notice: 1975); 1596782. 


15967 83. 

1596768. Proceedings of the Pioneer Imerica 
Freedom through humanity. 2 p. ippl. Society. Vol.2, 1973. Editor; Eugene J, 1596797. 

au: Patricia Brown S Patricia Taylor. Hilhelm, Jr. 137 p, e Pioneer America Follow the dots, play songs in miT^utes! 

e Hulit: 1Jul7it: 1596768. Society, Inc.; 1Sep7U; A596783. piano. 1 v. Bppl. au: Albert B. levy. 

e B.T.M. Publishers; 5Jan75; A596797. 
A5S6769. 5596781. 

Monument memcrial sayings. Ey Caroline Applications of hydraulic tools; A596798. 

s. Kotcwicz. 1 V. NM: compilation. cest-saviEg Sdeas, 1-1000 catalog. 23 p. The dorkbook of living prayer. By Max^e 

e Caroline S, Kctowicz; 120ctTi; Ippl. au: Enerpac, division of Applied Durnem. 135 p. e The Dppet Eoom; 

1596769. Power, Inc. f Ipplied Power, Inc., parent 31Bec7U; 1596798. 

company of Enerpac (in notice; Applied 

A596770. Power, Inc.); 11Sep7U; A59678U. 1596799. 

Prose and verse. By Frnest Bay Thomas. Ben Franklin shower of values; circular, 

30 p. e Ernest Ray Thomas; 2CNOv7U; A59e785. 16 p. Appl. au; K. C, Meyer. C C^tJ 

A5S6770. Euilding with fieldstone. Ey Conway Products Corporation; 2Dec7ii; A59e799. 

Slaughter, Jr. 3U p. C slaughter Masonry 

1596771. Company; 13Sep7U; 1596785. 1596800. 

Help me to help myself. 1 v. Ippl. au: Imerican National Standard for manually 

Carol Niemi Green. NM; additional text 6 1596786. ope-ated gas valves, ANSI Z21 . 1 5- 1 ?7il , 

new translations, e Carol Niemi Green; The Ehythm book. By Richard M. Stover. Ipproved lug. 12, 1970, Secretariat: 

lCct70; 1596771. 28 p. C Richard M. Stover; 1Jan75 (in American Gas Association. 8th ed. 20 p. 

notice: 1970); A596786, e American Gas Association; IIDecTO; 

A596772. A59eeC0. 

OnlesE it's love. By Myrtle Mercer. 22 A596787. 

p. e Myrtle Mercer: 12Nov70; 1596772. Testing, balancing and adjusting of 1596801. 

environmental systems. By William G. American National standard for hotel and 

A59e773. Fads. 1 v. Appl. au: Sheet Metal and Air restaurant gas deep fat fryers. ANSI 

Getting the goods in San Diego. Ey Ccnditionina Contractors National Z21. 27-1970. Approved Aug. 12, •'970. 

Billiam D, «agstaff, Jr., Kaeren L, Association, Inc. (SHACNA) g Sheet Metal Sec-etariat: American Gas Association, 

Hagstaff s Barbara Stafford, illus. by Don and Air conditioning Contractors National 8th ed. 06 p. e American Gas Isso- 

Hughes. 132 p. e Normal Books; 1?Jul70; Association, Inc.; 2Jan75 (in notice; ciaticn; IIDecTU; 1596801. 
1596773. 1970) ; 15967B7. 


1596770. A596788. American National standard for 
Tensclite Carlisle product and technical Drban affairs bibliography; an annotated commercial gas taking and roasting ovens. 

handbook. 23id ed. 235 p. Idd. ti; guide te the literature in the field. By INSI 721.28-1970. ipproved Aug. 12, 1S7U. 

Tensolite handbook. ^ Tensolite company, Bernard H. Ross 6 A, Lee Fritschler, Secretariat; Imerican Gas Issociation, 

division of Carlisle Corporation; eNov70; issued by School of Government and Public 9th ec. 50 p. ? Imerican Gas Issc- 

A596770. Idministr^tion, College of Public Iffairs, ciaticn; 11Dec7ii; A596eo2. 

the Imerican nniversity. 3rd ed, 85 p. 

A596775. € CPl Publications; 1Dec7C; A596788. 15968C3. 

Puzzlement. Ey Gerald E, Imtinder. 58 American National standard for gas-fired 

p. e Gerald E. Aubinder; 5Sep70; A59e789. construction heaters. ANSI 283.7-1970. 

A5S6775, A Joyful Faster, By Gertrude Kline. 1 Approved Oct. 17, 1970. secretariat; 

V. Appl. au: Roy z. Kemp e Ora Showers, American Gas Associa*'icn, 30 p, 

1596776. NM: compilation, additional text 6 C Imerican Gas Association; IIDecTO; 
Toast of the Yorkshire Dells. 1 p. pictorial matter. 6 Ideals Publishing A5968C3. 

Appl. au: Jeanne Campbell Eapp. NM: print Ccrporaticn; 2Jan75; A596789. 

S art work. © Jeanne Campbell Eapp; - A596eC0. 

27Dec70; A596776, A596790. Foster-Miller Associates Ondergrcund 

The Teacher's taxman; specializing in Techrclooy Bivi=ion estimating manual, 1 

1596777. educational deductions. Ey Earry P. v. e Foster-Mdllei Associates, Inc.; 
Curb maker. Folder. Ippl, au; Jchn steiner, 22 p. 8 Barry E. steiner; llprTO; 1596800. 

vlasic. e vlasic and Company; 10rec70: 19Dec70; A59679C. 

1596777. A596805. 

1596791. Teller fundamentals; processing checks, 

1596778. The Meadows Museum; a visitor's guide to 158 p. { Development Systems Corporation; 
A Bibliography of ouincy Hriaht (1890 - the collection. By Uilliam Bryan Jordan. 151ug71; A596805. 

1970) Compiled by Louise Bright, ""g p. 137 p. C Hilliam Bryan Jordan; - 0Jun70; 

(Biblicgraphia tri potampolitana, no. 9) 1596791. A596806, 

e The Clifford B. Barbour Library, Handbook on reoional occupational 

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary 6 Lcuise A596792. centers and programs in California. 

Wright; 26Jul70; A596778, Assembly instructions; model 300 series. C.A.R.E. special report no, 70-3, Nov, 

16 p. Add. ti: Emperor Clock Company 1970, Prepared by California Agency for 

1596779. model 300 series, assembly instructions. Research in Education. 35 p. J Ca- 

A Stroke in time: principles of machine NB: compilaticn into booklet format. lifornia Agency for Research in Fducation; 

shorthand and one-stroke words and 31Dec70; A59680e. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


JCH. 1915 


In SGarcl- of beauty; how to decorate in 
the spirit of AmGrican desiqn. PreT:ared 
by Consuirer Education Services, Public 
Gelations Department, PPG Industries, Inc. 
19 p. Appl. au: PPG Industries, Ire. 
Some photos, on p. 2 6 5 prey, pub, NM: 
tex*-., compilaticn E additional photcs. 
e PPG Industries, Inc, ; 21Ju5 7a; 


Motor t'ate. 1 f. Sppl. au: Sydney 
Nesbitt. e Sydney Nesbitt : 250ct7ii; 


christias wish, 9 p. NB: editorial 
revisions E additional text, f Drake- 
Chenault Enterprises, Inc.; 9Dec7^ ; 



American National Standard for gas-fired 
kettles, steam cockers and steam 
qenerators. ANSI Z21.U6-197U. Approved 
Auo. 12, 19711. secre^-ariat: American Gas 
Association. ilth ed. 11 p. C Ameiican 
GaE Association: ISPecTU: A596810. 


American National standard for dorestic 
qas conversion turners. ANSI Z21.n-197ii. 
Approved Oct, 16, 1970, Secretariat: 
American Gas Association. 8th ed, UO p. 
e Anerican Gas Association: 18Dec7a; 
A59f 811. 


Creative drama and cral interpretation 
of literature: proposed curriculum quide, 
electives for hiqh school Enqlish: vorkinq 
draft. By James F. Bedmond. 59 p. Appl. 
au: Hoard of Education of the City cf 
Chicaqo. e Board of Education of the City 
of Chicaqo: ilDec7il: 9596812. 


Curriculum quide for practical nursinq: 
basic tursinq--nursinq arts, Ey James F, 
Redmcnd. Sheets (180 p.) Appl. au: Board 
of Fduca*ion of the City of Chicaqo 
« Eoard of Education of the City of 
Chicaqo; 6tec7ll: A596813. 


Ob-iective-based test items for word 
attack, levels A - H cf Chicaqo readinq 
quides: workinq draft. By James E, 
Redmcrd. 1 v, Appl, au: Eoard of 
Education of the City of chicaqo. ? Board 
of Education of the city of chicaqo; 
5Dec7il; A5968m. 


A Comprehensive desiqn for bilinqual- 
bicultural education. Issued by 
Department cf Government Funded proarams. 
Board of Education of the City of Chicaqo, 
57 p. Appl. au: Board of Education of the 
City of Chicaqo. C Board of Education of 
the City of Chicaqc; 5rec7H: 9596815. 


Bookshelf: proposed curriculum quide, an 
elective for hiqh school Enqlish; Kcrkinq 
draft. By James F. Bedmond. 26 p. Appl. 
au: Board of Education cf the City cf 
chicaqo. e Board of Education of the city 
of Chicaqo; UDec7i4: A596816. 


Eioqrephy: proposed curriculum quide, an 
elective fcr hiqh school Enqlish; wcrkinq 
draft, Py James F, Fedmor.d, 18 p, Appl. 
au: Eoard of Education of the city cf 
chicaqo. t Board of Education of the city 
of chicaqo; llDec7ll; A596817. 


Directory of producers and drillinq 
ccntractors, Bichiqan, Indiana, Illinois, 
Kentucky, 1975. 1 v. Appl. au: Boss G. 


Directory of producers and drillinq 
contractors, Icuisiana, Mississippi, 
Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, 1975. 1 y, 
Appl. au: Ross G. Sloan, ? Midwest Oil 
Register; 3Jan75; A596819. 


To my valentine, 1 y. Appl. ao: Thelma 
Evelyn Jones, Shirley DeCarter (Sandy 
Cayman) E Kay Eourg. NH : compilation, 
additional text £ pictorial matter. 
e Ideals Publishing corporation; 2Jan75; 

A596821 . 

Be coming you. poems by Mark Mishory, 
drawings by Pa Heilman, 1 v. e nark 
Mishory S Ra Heilman; 25Dec7U; A596821. 


Conscience versus law. By Bernard 
Feder, edited by Lois Bredhoff E Alexandra 
Lyons, illus, : Ned Glattauer. 89 p. 
(Case studies in the American experience) 
e Globe Book Company, lyc; 2Jan75; 


Please get well! 1 v. Appl, au: Steven 
Bill. NM: compilation, additional text E 
pictorial matter. t Ideals Publishing 
Corporation; 2Jan75; A596823. 


Admission to law school. 20 p. Appl. 
au: Stephen P. Wood. € Stephen B. Wood; 
10Oct7a; A59e821l. 


Ultraviolet-visible absorption 
spectroscopy. By Clifton C. Thompson . 90 
p, e Hillard Grant Press; 3Jan7a: 


Magnus Craft Materials, Inc. catalog, 
1975. 52 p. Appl, au: Adrian I. 
Benjamin. NM: additions. g Magnus Craft 
Materials, Ire; 7Jan75; A596826. 


Merry Christmas seventy-four. By Mazie 
Ee L. Robinson. 9 p. e Mazie De L. 
Bobinsor; 2Jan75; A596827. 


The Approachiahg silver and gold 
revolution in the international monetary 
order. By C. V. Flumiani. 1 v. C c. M. 
Flumiani; 25Nov7ll; A596e28. 


laws and regulations affecting 
newspapers as employers. 8 p. (Federal 
laws affecting newspapers, Jan. 1975, 
pt. 1) NH: additions 6 revisicns. 
e National Newspaper Association; 8Jan75; 


M and H early childhood center folders. 
Sheets in 5 folders. C Marilyn Bramley E 
Margaret Bramley; 10cct7it; 959683". 


Audit criteria for Federal political 
campaigns. 21 p. e Arthur Andersen and 
Company; «Nov7H; A59e831. 


Interpretations of APB opinions number 
16 and 17. 3rd ed. 118 p. € Arthur 
Andersen and Company; 9Dec7a; A596832. 


Client training program; computer 
seminar for internal auditors, systems 
designers and accounting managers. Items 


Peccrd of the American Bureau of 
Shipping, 1975. 2 v. C American Bureau 
of shipping; 16Dec7U (in notice: 1975); 


Francisco Eelicado. By Bruno' B, 
Pamiani. 156 p. € Twayne Publishers, 
Inc.; 1ilDec7il; A596835. 


vic*or Hugo, By John Porter Hcustcn, 
165 p. e Twayne Publishers, Inc; 
13Pec7U; A59ee3e. 


Jacques Perk. Py Rene Breuqelmans, 21*^ 
p. { Twayne Publishers, Inc.: 13Dec7a: 


T. B. Rhite. Ey John K. Crane. 2C2 p. 
e Twayne Publishers, Inc.; ISEec"""; 


Zicn 5n America; the Jewish experience 
from colonial times to the present. Ey 
Henry L. Feingold. 357 p. e Twayne 
Publishers, Inc.; 13Dec7il; 9596839. 


The Wheat album; a picture and story 
scrapbook of whea* harvests 5n years gee 
by, Ey Kirby Brumfield. 1°2 p, Appl. 
states all new except numerous photcs, 
which have been prev. pub', cr copyrighted 
for which claim is made in the ccmpi- 
laticn. e Superior Publishing Ccmpanv; 
15Nov71t; A596811C. 


Pennsy steam and semaphores. Py Fred 
nesting. 187 p. Appl. states all new 
except numerous photos, which have been 
prev. pub. or copyrighted for which cla^m 
is made in the compilat^cn. C Superior 
Publishing Company; 15Dec7l4; 9596811, 


Elack magic ritual kit. 6 The 9vaicn 
Hill Company; 1Nov7ii; 95068112. 


Basketball strategy. Kit. C The Avalcn 
Bill Company; 2100*711; A596813. 


Bicrofilm edition of the Meshech Reare 
papers, 1713 - 1786. Editor: John D, 
Cushing. Bicrofilm. e Bassachusett s 
Historical Society; 31Dec7i; 959681". 


Bicrofilm edition of the Massachusetts 
charitable Fire Society papers, 1793-1973. 
Editor: John D, Cushlng. Micrcfilm. 
e Massachusetts Historical Society; 
31Pec71; 9596815. 


Bhat science of mind is all about. Ey 
Margaret R. Stortz. Fclder (9 p.) (Bhat 
you' ve always wanted to know about science 
of mind but were afraid to ask! no.1) 
C Science of Hind Publicaticns: 2Eec7U; 


Science of mind and God. Ey Margaret R. 
stortz. Fclder (7 p.) (Bhat you've 
always wanted to know abou* science cf 
mind tut were afraid to ask! no. 2) 
e Science of Mind Publications: 2Dec7i; 


Science of mind and love. By Marga~€t 
E. Stcrtz. Folder (7 p.) (Bhat ycu'vi; 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

AS968H9 - R596891 


45968118 (con.) 

aluaVE warted to know about science of 

nind but were afraid *c ask! no. 3) 

e Science cf Hind publications: 2Dec7il: 



Science cf aiind and the law of mind. By 
narqaret E. Stortz. Folder (7 p.) (Hhat 
you've always wanted to know about science 
cf mind but were afraid to ask! no.i^) 
C Science of Bind Publications; 2i:ec7i4; 


Science cf mind meditation and spiritual 
mind treatment. By narqaret E. Stortz. 
Folder (9 p.) (Hhat you've always tanted 
tc knew about science of mind but were 
afraid to ask! nc.5) e Science of rind 
Publications; 2Dec7U: A59fr850, 


Science of mind and the Christ spirit. 
By narqaret E. stortz. Folder (e p.) 
(Bhat you've always wanted to know about 
science of mind but were afraid to ask! 
no. 6) e Science of nind Publications; 
2Dec7II: S596851. 


Science cf mind and your future. By 
narqaret E. Stortz. Folder (7 p.) (Shat 
you've always wanted to know about science 
cf mind but were afraid to ask! no."") 
e Science of nind Publications: 2Dec7U: 


Science of mind and your world, Py 
naraaret E. stortz. Folder (9 p.) (Bhat 
you've always wanted to know about science 
of mind but were afraid to ask! no. 8) 
e Science of Mind Publications; 2Pec7H; 


Aid Vcdder Klinker en Deitsche? liedchi 
fer cbrishdaaq. Vun Bilhelm Hoys Beber. 
8 p. e Billlam Soys Beaver; 23Dec7U: 


Berbel's Variable annuities. Edited by 
Bernard G. Berbel, 3rd ed. 33 p. Appl. 
au: Berbel Publishing Ccmpary, Inc. 
^ Berbel Publishinq company, Tnc, : 
3Jan75: A596855. 


The Communist manifesto. By Karl narx, 
pref, by Frederick Enqels, introd, ty 
Billiau P. Fall. HI p. e on Intrcd. : 
American Opinicn: 23Dec7it; A59e8'=e. 


An Inventory at the cross. By louis G, 
Miller. Folder. Appl. au: liguori 
Publications. C Liquori Publications: 
3Jan75: A596857. 


Sneak preview of death. By Frank Lee. 
Folder, Appl, au: Liquori Publications. 
e Liquori Publications; 3Jan75: S596858. 


Bill you watch one hour with him? By 
Louis G. Miller. Folder. Appl. au: 
Liquori Publications. € Liquori 
Publications; 3Jan75: A59e859. 


The Pesurrection of "evervman. " By 
Frank Lee. Folder. Appl. au: Ligucri 
Publications. C Liquori Publicatiors; 
3Jan75: A59e860. 

A596 8ei. 

Confession and four psalms. By Jchn H, 
Newsome. 10 p. John H. Newsome: 
31Dec71l; A596861. 


Amspec Deraspan brand panels and liners. 
Folder, Appl, au: Kight Cowman Abram, 
Inc. Nn: new copy matter. ^ Amspec, 
Inc.: 3Jan75 (in notice: 197it) ; 


Amspec Styrofoam SH brand plastic foam. 
2 p. Appl. au: Kight Cowman Abram, Inc. 
Nn: new copy matter. P Amspec, Inc.: 
3J?.r75 (in notice: 197U): A596863. 


Amspec Styrofoam IB brand plastic fcam. 
2 p. Appl. au: Kight Cowman Abram, Inc. 
Nil: new copy matter, e Amspec, Inc.; 
3Jan75 (in notice: 197U); A5968eu. 


Sears safety built front end parts; 
application information, NH: compilation 
S revision. 60 p. Appl. au: Hubert 
Calmus Hocg, C noog Automotive, Inc, : 
19Dec7U (in notice: 1975): A596a65, 


Hoog import car chassis parts, revised 
JaTiuary, 1975. 4 p. Appl. au: Hubert 
Calmus Mooq. ^ Hoog Automotive, Inc. : 
19Dec7U (in notice: 1975): A596866. 

A 596 86 7. 

?1oog hot items; fastest moving chassis 
parts. 25 p. Appl. au: Hubert Calmus 
nocg. Nn : compilation E revision. C noog 
Automotive, Inc, ; 19Dec7U (in notice: 
1975) : A5968e7. 


Dear Teacher. By Eugenia C. Clendaniel, 
illustrated by Lee Fernald. 1 v. 
e Eugenia C. clendaniel (Jean Clendaniel) ; 
16JU170; A59e8e8. 


Self defense for gentle people; k'ang jo 
fu. By Eolf Cahn, photography by Herb 
Greene, 183 p, 6 Eolf Cahn; 10ct7U: 


The TISCO bulletin, January 3, 1975. 1 
p. Appl. au: Bay Mortimer Tyson, e TISCO 
(Tyson Investment Service Company); 
njan75; A596870. 

A596871 . 

EQKM 350; an author/title index to 
Ellery Oueen's mystery magazine, fall 19^4 1 
through January 1973. Compiled by John 
Nieminski. 116 p, 6 John Nieminski; 
26Sep7ll; A596871. 


Freemasonry, a way of life. 1 v. Appl. 
au: William E. Parker, Nn: additions. 
e William F, Parker; 15Dec7U: A596872. 


You are magic, you car make it happen. 
By Eobert J. sturner. 77 p. e Eobert J. 
Sturner; 1"Auq73; A596873. 


There's more to us than meets the eye. 
Folder, e CUNA Supply corporation, en 
affiliate of Credit Onion National 
Association, Inc.; 2eDec7U: A59687U. 


Marital property rights; outline of 
course. By Bruce D. Patrick, 62 p. 
(Co-op east law outlines) Appl. au: 
University Stores, Inc. € University 
Stores, Inc.; 110ct7it; 4596875. 


Elizabethan decorum: "the tcng and the 
hart." By Eric Billiam Skjei. Sheets 
(133 p.) e Eric H. Skjei; 2Dec7i|; 

A596 877. 

Eleqy for a friend. By Ancelo DeLuca. 
17 p. e Angelc EeLuca; 6Jan75; A596e77, 


To the graduate, 1 v, Appl. au: Fodger 
coatney, Annette victorin t Fernice C. 
Heisler. NH: compilation, additional tex* 
6 pictorial matter. e Ideals Putlishlng 
Corpcration; 2Jan75; 4596878. 


Grier's Almanac, 1975. 1f9th annual 
issue. 112 p. e Grier's Almanac 
Publishing Ccmpany; 5Jan7':; A556P7S, 


The Lunar gardening guide, 1975. By 
Nopar King, pseud, of Martin 3. Fritz, 20 
f. C Life Science Eesearch; 2Jan75; 

4596 881. 

V zashchitu pray cheloveVa. By Andrei 
Tverdckhlebov, edited by Valery Chalid^e, 
160 p. Add. ti: In defense cf human 
rights, Fussian, NH: compilation, 
editorial matter 6 notes. P Khron'ka 
Press: 3Jan75; 4596881. 


Superb American design plus exciting 
imports from the world over, that's 
Lillian Vernon. Vol.27. 95 p. e Lillian 
VernoT Ccrporaticn; 27rec7u (In notice: 
1975); A596e82. 


Butter and cheese express: AuburT* t^arch 
of the New York and Oswego Midland 
Eailrcad, 1869 - 1891. By Eichard Pore 
Palmer. 57 p, Nn: additions. £ Fichard 
Ford Palmer: 31Eec7S: A596Fe3, 


411 about glass cutting fci t^e 
hoire--this book is written for layman, 
Britten by Eichard K. Ciskcwsky, sr. 1 v, 
e Pichard K. Ciskowsky, St.: 18Eec7"; 


Planned profit through hedoing: a quick 
course in investient strategy. Ey Bchert 
B. Brlckel. 73 p. e Fcbert B. Erickel; 
21Eec7U; A596P85. 


netalwcrk technology and practice, Ey 
Oswald 4. Ludwig, Billard J. McCarthy 6 
Victci E. Eepp. 6+h ed. 658 p. 
e McKnight Publishing Company; 2Jar7;; 


Activities for Succeeding in the world 
of work. Ey Grady Kimbrell E Ben ?. 
vineyard. 2nd ed. 262 p. t McKnight 
Publishing Company: 2Jan75: A596887. 


Exploring careers in industry. By 
Wilbur E. Miller, Maricn F. Maddox 6 Lavo" 
E. Smith. 2nd ed. 1112 p. t McKnigh* 
Publishing Company: 2Jan75; A596888, 


Church and Sunday school parties, 1575 
catalog. 1 v. Appl. au: Mildred Bright 
Anderson, Corrine Jones, J, E, Ceilings, 
Jane Benson 6 George Bezoni. e National 
Supply Company: 2Jan75; 4596889. 


Your 1975 junior-senior banquet and prcm 
catalog. 1 v. Appl. au: Mildred Bright 
Anderson, Corrine Jones, J. E. Ceilings, 
Jane Eenson, George Bezoni G Joyce 
Bergstron. C National Supply Companj; 
2Jan75: A596890. 


Dear motorist: the fcllowirg step by 

These entries alone may not reflect the conipiete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

S596892 - SS969311 


AE96e91 (cor.) 

step iBEtructions, if followed, vill 

result in better qasoline mileage fcr your 

car. By Andrew B. Di Santo. 1 p. 

e Ardrew s. Di San'i:o: lJar75: A59ee91. 


The Hirino of colleqe broadcastiro 
students, women, and racial mincrities: an 
attitudinal study cf commercial radio 
station managers in the united states, 
nritten by Frederick N. Jacobs, 10 2 p, 
C frederick B. Jacobs; 15Dec7U; s;96892, 


The 1975 sophisticated sex maniac's 
diary, 1 v. 6 Genesta, Inc. ; 18Jul7U; 


The 1975 lover's diary. 1 v. 
e Genesta, Inc.; 18Ju17a; A59689'4, 


Eeader's digest condensed books. Vol.1, 
1975. Editor: John T, Eeaudouin E ether 
editors. 57« p. Appl . au: The Reader's 
Digest Association, Inc. C The Header's 
Digest Association, Inc; 30Dec7u (in 
nctice: 1975); A596895. 


Fourscore years: my first twenty-four. 
By Robert winthrop Kean. 26« p. e Robert 
winthroc Kean: 2eDec70; A596896. 


To any God listening. By Don Alexander. 
16 p. e Don Alexander; 1Sep7«; AE96897. 


Howdy; stories about the uncommon West 
Texans, By Jeanne Lively, edited by Linda 
Rcy, illus. by Kenneth Byatt. 70 p. 
e Jeanne Lively; 150ct7U; A596898. 


Those S.O.B. 's at Tarryall; and other 
tales of the Rockies. l!y Ired Bustcn. 
102 p. C Fred Huston: 1«ay7U; A596899. 


Musings of Martha in Mexico. By Martha 
Mae Greenhill Decker. St p. e Martha Mae 
Greenhill Decker; 31Jul7U: A59e90C. 


Texas €-man football. By c. H. 
Underwood. 107 p. 6 C. H. Underwood; 
15Eec7U; S596901. 


The Suttcc-Taylor feud. Ey Robert c, 
Sutton, Jr. 82 p. e Robert c. Sutton, 
Jr.; 1Sep7it: S596902. 


A History of Parmer County, Texas. 
Vol.1, e Parmer County Historical 
Society; 15Nov7U; A59e903. 


German colonists and their descendants 
in Houston; including Osener and allied 
families. By Dorothy Eckel Justman . 352 
p. e Dorothy Eckel Justman; 1Dec7a; 


History of Lee County, Texas. By Lee 
County Historical Survey Committee, 
editor: Mrs. James C. Killen, assistant 
editor: Mrs. E. L. Vance. U58 p. t Lee 
Ccunty Historical Survey Committee; 
INov-II; A59e905. 

A596906. ~' " 

Hearing words. Ey Mae Carden. t2 p. 
(Carden method spelling book, grade 2) 
e Mae Carden, Inc.; 23Dec7U; A596!06. 


Carden manual 2. By Mae Carden. 10 1 p. 

Add. ti: Carden method manual, grade 2. 
e Bae Carden, Inc.; 27Dec7U; A59e907. 


Successful retirement ia Florida; your 
survival guide to the pleasures and 
pitfalls of Florida retirement. By 
Carroll L. Scott, 6U p. e Carroll L. 
Scott: 16Dec71l; A596908. 


The Bergsten genealogy. Vol, 1-3. By 
Lenn Alan Bergsten, with the assistance of 
Gunnar Jakobsson, Nell 6 Hildur Swansom 
e Lenn A. Bergsten; 2Jan75; A5969n9. 


Pennsylvania negligence, 197't snppl. 
Ey Glenn A. Troutman, edited by Ar*hur w. 
Hankin. 3 v. E 1 p. e George T. Bisel 
Company; 3lDec7a: A596910. 


Lawyers handy book for the members cf 
the bar in Rayne, Oakland, Macomb and 
Livingston Counties, state of Michigan, 
1975. 1 V. Appl, au: Robert A. 
Hackathorn, Jr. 6 National Bank of 
Detroit; 17Dec7U; A596911. 


Fell's Guide to winning backgammon. By 
Baiter E. Gibson. 166 p. C Salter B. 
Gibson; 7Jan75 (in notice: 197U) ; 


The Complete guide to acupuncture. By 
Masaru Toguchi. 267 p. e Masarn Toguchi; 
150ct7l4; A59e913. 


Happy mealtimes for baby. 1 v. E 
tilmstrip. C Glass Container Manufac- 
turers Institute; 23Dec7«; A59691U. 


Synthesis, analysis and reactions in 
chemistry. By David w. Brooks B John D. 
Lewis, 2U0 p. e Willard Grant Press; 
19JU17II; A596915, 


Mandrake's book. By Howard Pearlstein. 
161 p. Portions prev. pub. in organ, 
e Howard Pearlstein; 30Sep7i|; A596916, 


Divine dreams; a Christmas service for 
children and adults. By Bernhard H. 
Arkebauer E Mervin A. Harguardt. 16 p. 
Appl. au: Concordia Publishing Rouse. NM: 
new text. 6 Concordia Publishing House; 
30Aug7«: A596917, 


Gifts for the Christ child; a Christmas 
service for congregations. By Ronald J, 
Schleqel. 16 p. Appl. au: Ccncoidia 
publishing House. nm: new text E some 
music, e Concordia Publishing House; 
30Aug7ll; A596918. 


We celebrate a tree; a Christmas worship 
service for the congregation with 
children. By Dorothy Korn. 16 p. Appl. 
au: Concordia Publishing House. NM : new 
text 6 some music. © Concordia Publishing 
House; 30Aug7«; J596919.. 


The Psalms for worship today. By Dwight 
w. Vogel. 176 p. Appl. au: Concordia 
Publishing House, NM: compilation. 
e Concordia Publishing House; 20Nov7U; 


Lectures on the minor prophets, 2: 
Jonah, Habakkuk. Editor: Hilton c. 
Oswald, 252 p. (Luther's works, vol, 19) 
Portions translated from D. Martin 


Luther's Werke. Appl. au: Ccncctdia 

Publishing House. NM: translation. 

C Concordia Publishing House; 10ct7U; 


The Truly remarkable day. Wri*ten by 
Carol Greene, ar* by Gordon Hillman. 1 v. 
Appl. au: Concordia Publishiro Bouse, 
e Concordia Publishing House; 6Eeb7U; 
A5 96 022. 


My friend Jesus dots-tc-dots. 32 p. 
e Concordia Publishing House; 20Sep7ii; 


God's wonderful world ac+ivity book, 31 
p. e Concordia Publishing Bcuse; 
20Sep7«; A5969211. 


The First Christmas activi+y book. 32 
p. e Concordia Fublisbing House; 
20Sep7U: 9596925. 


My newborn kino coloring book. 
No. 65-1206. 32 p. C Concordia Publishing 
House; 20Sep7U; A596S26. 


Elacksburg, Christianlurg (i.e. 
Christiansburg) Radford, Shawsville, VA, 
telephone directory, December 197U. Add. 
ti: Montgomery County, V9, telephone 
directory, 197U. «• Chesapeake and pctcmac 
Telephone Company of Virginia; 12Dec7ii; 


Atlantic Eeach, Inwood, Lawrence, NY, 
and others street address and numerical 
directory yellow book, 1975. 26*h ed. 
t yellow Book corporation; 2Jan75; 


Rockville Centre, Lakeview, Oceanside, 
NT, street address and numerical directory 
yellcv book, 1975. iiu*h ed. e yellcw 
Eook Corporation; 23Dec7U; 9596929. 

9596 9 30. 

California decedent estate adminis- 
tratlcn. Vol.1. Suppl. , July 1970. By 
Charles 0. Stephenson 6 Lawrence Norman. 
193 p. 9ppl. au: The Eegen+s of the 
Dniversity of California. C The Regents 
of the Oniversity of California; 1Bug70; 


California civil appellate practice. 
Suppl., July 197U. Ey Edward L, Lascher, 
165 p. Appl. au: The Regents cf the 
Oniversity of California. C The Regents 
of the Oniversity of California; 5Jnl7a; 


Guide to California subdivision sales 
law. By Robert I, Merritt, Jr, 200 p. 
Appl. au: The Regents cf the Oniversity cf 
California. 6 The Regents cf the 
Oniversity of California; 10Cct70; 


California mechanics' liens and other 
remedies. Suppl., Sept. 1970. By oirir 
I. Finch, Charles E. Goulden E Benjaiin 
Hagan, Jr. 00 p. Appl. au: The Regents 
of the Oniversity of California. e The 
Regents of the Oniversity of California; 
30Sep7U; A596933. 


California search and seizure practice. 
By Marshall w. Krause. 208 p. Appl. au: 
The Regents of the Oniversity cf 
Califcrnla. 6 The Regents of the 

These entries alone may not reflect the compJete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records tliat may exist. 

1596935 - S596975 


JAU. - JON. 

S59693U {con.l 

University cf California: 20Sep7u ; 



Trial attorney's evidence code notebook, 
annotated, 1971. a07 p. e The Peqents of 
the Uniyersity of California; 2UKay7i4: 


Manaqinq an estate planning practice; 
client communication and automatic 
drattina. By Irvinq Kelloqq, 268 p. 
Appl. au: The Eeqents cf the Dniversitv of 
California. C The BeqentE of the 
University of California; 12Auq7U; 


Employment applicaticn form. 2 p. 
€ National Newspaper Association; 8Jan75; 


1776: the qame of the American 
Devolution. Kit. 6 The Avalon Bill 
Company: llHar7ii: A596938. 


Bottle hunt. Kit. Cam Car Family 
Enterprises, Inc.; 110ct71; A596939. 


32 Earth «orlds of the interqalact ic 
confederation speak! Transmitted t^ Ruth 
Eo Norman, Thomas Clifford Killer 6 Vauqhn 
Spaeqel. p. 622 - 983. (Tesla speaks, 
vol.U, pt.2) saa. ti: 32 planets speak to 
Earth throuqh mental transmission, 
e DnariuE Science of Life; 2«Dec7ii ; 


Ehetorlc: a tradition in transition. 
Baited by Walter B. Fisher. 315 p. 
e Kichiqan State University Press; 
30NOV7U; A5969U1. 


Clinical rsycholcqy: issues of the 
seventies. Edited by Albert I. Bablr, 
213 p. (? Hichiqan state University Press; 
30Noy7«; B59e9«2. 


Calcula*irq machines. By Juanita E. 
Carter s Darroch F, Younq, 179 p. 
e Juanita E. Carter 6 Darroch F. Yourq; 
9Sep72: A59e9«3. 


Early childhood education; a quide to 
proqram planninq and prcposal preparation 
for California schools. 70 p. 6 Hcuqhton 
Mifflin compary; 30ct7i(; 6596911. 


Cross-reference booklet for the Hcuqhtcr 
Mifflin readers 1971 and 1971 editions, 
qrades 1-6 Individual pupil monitorinq 
system, readinq. 15 p. C Houqhton 
nifflin Company; 20ct71; A596915. 


Behavioral oblectives for Individual 
pupil monitorinq system and customized 
obiective monitorinq service, readirq, 17 
p. e Hcuqhton (lifflin company; 31['ay7i; 

A5 9e917. 

Cross-reference booklet for the Hclt 
basic readinq system 1973 edition, qrades 
1 - 6 Individual pupil monitorinq system, 
readinq. 51 p. C Houqhton Mifflin 
Company: 6Eec71; A596917. 


Cross-reference booklet for the 
Macmillan readinq proqram 1970 edition, 
qrades 1-6 Individual pupil monitorinq 

system, readinq. 13 p. S Houghton 
Mifflin Company; 6Dec7i; B596918. 


Cross-reference booklet for Reading 360 
1969 - 70 eai*ion, graaes 1 - 6 Individual 
pupil monitoring system, reading. 31 p. 
€ Houqhton MiffliTi CompaTiy; 5Dec71: 


Troubleshooter 1; teacher's edition. 
Books 1 - 3, 6 - 7 by Patricia Ann Benner, 
books 1 - 5 S 8 by Patricia Ann Eennet e 
virqinia 1. Lav. 8 v. NM: revisions 6 
nev text. Houghton Mifflin Company; 
2Jar75; A596950. 


Explorations in literature; teacher's 
resource book. By Philip BcFarland, Linda 
Konichek, Jeanne King s others. 99 p. 
Appl. au: Houghton Mifflin Coirpany, 
employer for hire. NM; revisions G 
updating. Houghton Mifflin Company; 
2Jan75; A596951. 


Forms in English literature; teacher's 
resource book. By Philip McFarlard, 
Samuel Hyres, Larry D. Benson 6 Morse 
Peckham, 175 p. Appl. au: Houghton 
Mifflin Company, employer for hire, NM: 
revisions E updating. ? Houghton Mifflin 
Company; 2JaT!75: A596952, 


Perceptions in literature; teacher's 
resource book. By Philip BcFarland, Allen 
Kirschner, William A. Jamison £ Morse 
Peckham. 103 p. Appl. au: Houghton 
Mifflin Company, employer for h5re. NM: 
revisions s updating. C Houghton Mifflin 
Compary; 2Jan75; S596953. 


Troubleshooter 1 ; class answer book. By 
Patricia Ann Benner 6 Virginia L. Law. 
110 p. NM: revisions S extension. 
6 Houghton Mifflin Company; 2Ja!i75; 


Preserting: acting and directing: 
teaching quide. By Joseph L. Peluso. 10 
p. e Houqhton Mifflin Company: 2Jan75; 


Pelatinq: everyday communicat ioi (2) By 
Jane Work 5 William Work. 158 p. 
e Houqhton Mifflin Company; 2Jan75; 


Participating: public speaking, aebate, 
and discussion. By Ray G. Ewing. 182 p. 
e Houghton Mifflin Compary; 2Jan75; 


Investigating: gathering information. 
By Jane Stine. 118 p. 6 Houghton nifflin 
Company; 2Jan75: A596958. 


Presenting: acting and directing. By 
Joseph L. Peluso 6 Eavid Vosburgh. 158 p. 
e PoughtoT' Mifflin Company; 2Jan75; 


Readings ir French literature. By 
Richard L. Kopp E Theodore Paul Eraser. 
296 p. e Houghton Mifflin Company; 
2Jar75: 1596960. 


Troubleshooter 2; class answer book. By 
Joel Weinberg. 88 p. e Houghton Mifflin 
Company; 2Jan75; 1596961. 


Expressing: everyday communication (1) ; 
teaching guide. By Jane work f. William 
Work. 37 p. e Houghton Mifflin Company; 
2Jan"5; S596962. 


Investigating: gathering information, 
Ey Jane S+ine. in p. ? Houqhton Plffll" 
Company; 2Jan75; 1596963. 


Expressing: everyday comirurf cation , 2. 
By Jane Work E Hilliat Work. i57 p. 
e Houghton BlffliB Companv; 2Jan"5; 


Relating: everyday ccmmui>ica*ion (2) ; 
teaching guide. By Jane Work P William 
Work. 10 p. r. Houghton Mifflin Ccmpauy; 
2Jan75; A596965. 


Participating: public speaking, detate, 
and discussion; teaching guide. By Bay G. 
Ewing. 10 p. e Houghton Mifflin Compary; 
2Jar75; A596966, 


Instructor's guide and key for Amer-'car 
government: continuity and change. Bv 
Allen Schick S Adrienne Pfister, 137' r, 
NM: «-€xt on, 136 - 137. e Houghton 
Nifflin Company; 2Jan"5; 1596967. 


Themes in American literature; teacher's 
resource book. By JohT Harrer. 131 p. 
Ippl. au: Houghton Mifflin Company, 
employer for hire. NM : editorial 
revisions 6 updating, e Rouohton Hlfflir 
Company; 2Jan75 ; 1596968. 


Essay-test module. Bv Mary Lou Conlln. 
131 p. (Concepts of ccmmunica*ion: 
writing) Appl. states all new except 
essays, e Houghton Mifflin company: 
2Jan75; A596969. 


Concepts of communication: writing; 
ins*-Ti:ctor' s guide. By Harv Lou Conl?n. 
Sheets (260 p.) e Houoh*on Mifflin 
Company; 2Jan75; A596970, 


Reflections in literature; teacher's 
resource book. By Barbara Blbret 6 Sharon 
Bauer Breakstone. 136 p, Appl, au: 
Houghton Mi*=flin Ccmpany, employer for 
hire. NM: editorial revlsics 6 updatlT-g. 
e Houghton Mifflin Comrany; 2Jan75: 


Life; activi*ies and explorations. Fy 
Eleanor B. Fabiano 6 Eunice s. Llhersoni 
185 p. e Houghton Mifflin company; 
2Jar.75; A596972. 


writing skills module. Summary module. 
Paragraph module. By Mary Lou Conlln. 
361 p. (Concepts of ccmmunicaticn: 
writing) P Houqhton Mifflin Ccmpany; 
2Jam5; 1596973. 


Troubleshooter 2. Book 1-6; teacher's 
edition. By Joel Weinberg. C Houghton 
Mifflin Company; 2Jan75; A596971. 


Moments in literature; teacher's 
resource book. By Philip McFarland, 
Melirda Kavanaugh, William A. Jamison 6 
Morse Peckham. 101 p. Appl. au: Houghton 
Mifflin Company, employer for hire. NM: 
editorial revision 6 updating. S Hough*o'' 
nifflin company; 2Jan75; 1596975. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office tor information about any additional records that may exist. 




of !ne[ 


srs ar 




197H - 


1 V. 






rial Sect 





Decorative crafts, Inc 

. irportea . 

ana aecorat: 

.ve accessor?. 

€S. 197"= e( 

F. Bppl. ac 

i: !!ichara J. 


e Decorativ? 

! Crafts, iTic 

. ; 203^75: 



For these 

vhc are tire 

a of paying 

price for p] 

.air »ater. 


e Profession 

al cheiris*"s. 

Inc.; 20N( 


J5S6S76 - J597020 BOOKS 6 PAKPHIETS JdN. - JDK. 197 

A596976. S596992. S597CC7. 

Bcntqomerv Sara winter sale, March 17, Hanabook--EesurrectioE Parish Ccu^^cil, Contemporary styling in ontaoor liqh*'in 

1975. 195 c. C McntqoBierv Wara are Bayne, Illinois. 31 p. « Resurrection by silver-top. Sheet, e Silve-^-tcp 

Company, Inc. ; 2Jan75: A596976. Parish Council of Resurrection Catholic Manufacturing Company, Inc.; 9Jan75 (i- 

church; 5Jan75; A59e992. not'ce: 197U): B5S7fn7, 

la«n, garden and farm catalog, ig^S. A596993. f597Cr8. 

151 p. ? Montgomery wara and Compary, Of Blairs of Scotlana, 1200 A.D. - 1890 sllver-tcp storage Iccker, Shee*. 

Inc.: 2Ja!\75; A596977. A.D. By John Insley Bla:r, 3ra, 01 p. e s5 1yer-top Manuf acturina Ccmpany, Inc, ; 

e John Irsley Blair, 3ra ; 17tec7U; 9JanT' (in no'-ice: ig^u) • s'=970'18. 
A596978. S596993. 

Dietary services policies ana proceaures A59TC9. 

manual of flillhaven. Inc. 2na ea. 1 v. A59699t. Potomac Bubbe'- Company, Inc. catalog '^n 

e Hillhaven, Inc.; 1Aug7it; A59e97E. Butlana sells quality shop supplies for 1 v. e Potomac Rubber Company, IncI;" 

less! Catalog no.97U. 136 p. Ada. ti: 6Jan7;; A597O09. 
Eutlana catalog number 97ii, e Rutlana 

Tool ana Supply Company, Inc.; 15Nov7U; B597C10. 

AE9699«. The Viking plan of marketing your hcje-. 

1 v. Appl. au; Cufght 0. Baugen. 

A596995. C Viking Brokers, Inc.; 3rDec7a ; 

Discussion leaaing; program leader's A597010. 
5596980. manual. Issuea by Personnel Eevelopment 
Earl May 75 spring planting guiae, 88 Division, Employee Relations Department, 
p. Appl. au: Hilliam V. overbey, 1. E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company, Inc. 
Elaine Spargur 6 Hikela A. Mikkelse". 1 v. Appl. au: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours 
e May Seed ana Nursery Company; 2Jan75; ana Company, e E. 1. Du Pont De Nemours 
A59698C. ana Company; 22Nov7U; A59e995. 

A596981. A596996. 

Collection of poems. By Beniamin leon Valley Stream, Alden Terrace, Gibson, 

Jones a.k. a, J, Leon Beniamin. 1 v. NY, community telephone directory yellow 

e Eenlamin leon Jones a.k. a. J. LeoT: book, 1975. C Yellow Book corporation; 

Beniairin; 9Dec7U: A596981. 20Eec7lt; A596996. 

A596982. A596997. 

irmco long ternes. 1 v. o Armco steel Rockville Centre, Lakeview, Oceansiae, A597013. 

corporation; 6Jan75; A596982. NY, community telephone airectory yellow Model 59ii05A: BP-IE calcnlator 

book, 1975. e Yellow Book Corporation; interface; programming and service manual 

*596983. 23Dec71t: A596997. 1 v. Appl. au: lester Phillip Gcodall. 

Funaamentals of management accounting; e Hewlett-Packard Company; fDecTU; 

solutions manual. By Robert N. Anthony 8 9596998. A597C13. 

Slenr A. Kelsch. 217 p, C Eichara D. Greater Pichmona telephone airectoTy, 

Irwin, inc.: «Nov7U; A596983. December 197i). e Chesapeake and Potonac B597nH4, 

Telephone Company of Virginia; 6Dec7U; Teaching packet for New dimensions in 

*-5f5eu. A596998. creativity. Britten by Dolcres B. cade 

American Insurance Association special for *v.6 Rome Economics Fducation 

interest bulletins: questions and answers. A596999. Association of the National Fduca*ion 

Vol.1. 192 p. Add. ti: Fire promotion Oahu, HI, December 1, 197n. e Hawaiian Association, illustra*ed by Carol 

questions and answers — special interest Telephone Company; 1Dec7a; A596999. '^ete-rson. shee*s. Add, ti - Toach-ino 

A. I. A. bulletins. Appl. au: Edward p. packets for New dimensions ^ r. creativity. 

BcAriff 8 John J. Cunningham. C McSniff A597000. 6 Dei ores m, oade 6 Home Economic^ 

Associates, Inc.; 250ct7U: A59698H. Cocktail and wine aigest: the barmen's Education Association (in notice: Cclcr? 

bible. By Oscar Haimo. 35th ed. «2 p. •!. Cade 8 REEA/Hcme Eccncmics Education 

A596985. g Oscar Haimo; 3Jan75; A597000. Association): 1Apr7U: A5°7C1ii. 

letter? to the wcria. By Larry Allen, 
73 p. e larry Allen: 6Jan75; A59e985. A597001. 

Harvard Business School 
A59e9e6. 9:2711-1149, and others. 1 

Direct selling. Folder. (Prosperity's Harvard University Gradua 

Special rercrt) Prosperity, Inc. ; Business Administration. 

2£D€c7il: A5969ee. Fellows of Harvard Colleg 


Somen searching for success. 2 p. A597C02. 

(Prosperity's Special report) e Prcs- Harvara Business School cases: program. Prepared tyVerne «al*er 

Ferity, Inc.; 2eDec7U ; A596987. U-27U-109, and others. 15 v. Appl, an: Helvin Wallace. 53 p. e Verne Salter E 

Harvard University Graduate School of Melv-n Wallace; ^ODecTU; P597016. 

A596988. Business Administration. e President and 

Hiker's guide to the Santa Catalina Fellows of Harvard College; iJNcv7it; A597C17. 

Mountains, Arizona. By Edgar B. Heylmun. A597002. orthodontic calonda'- o* wc-id record^ 

32 p. e Edgar E. Heylmun; 6Jan75; ja„, - jnng 1975. jpoi. au: Pet=r c, 

*596988. A597003. Keslirg. 6 TP laboratories. Inc.; 

Harvara Business School cases: 2Jar-7;; A597017, 

1596989. 1-374-296, ana others, 15 v, Appl. au: 

conomatic on the -job training manual. Harvard University Graduate School of A597ri8. 

Manual no. 313. 109 p. e Cone-Blanchara Business Aaministration , € Presiaent ana studio walls. By Maureen G. Marshall. 

Machine Company; 3Jan75 (in notice: Fellows of Harvara College; 7Nov7il; 20 p. S Maureen G. Marshall- 21Nov7U- 

1971): A59e989. A597003. A597018, 

4596990. A597000, ASglCig. 

America's Bicentennial: celebrating the Lectra-wear '75. sheet. 6 Timely Movies from Swank, 1975; film rental 

occult tradition in America. Fy Robert R. proaucts Corporation; 3Jan75; A5970CO. catalog of 16mm movies for cclleg"' sT^e 

Hieronimus. 1 v. 6 Robert E, Hiercnimus; un-SyeTsitios ana gene-rai i-ecreation 2 1 

28Nov7a: A596990, A597005. 6 Swank Hot ion'pictures, iT.c, ; 2oV<jqlU: 

Revisea paces of the Stationery and A597''19. 

^596991. office supply price list ccmp'lation. 1 

Ban's instructions from God for health, v. NM: revisions 6 editina. f stationers A59702P. 

wealth and happiness, American style, 18 Price Service Company; 8Jan75; A5°70(i5. Employer quaT-an*ee of p=n = ion benefit", 

c. AFPl. au: Harry Edward Skillian. DM: By Dan H. McGii:, issued by tha-rton <^choa 

interpretation of articles in King James A59700e . c* Finance and Commerce, uo p. g pen=^r 

Bible, e Harry E. Skillman; 7Jan7';; The Lona vcwels. K6 . By Virginia Resea'-ch Council of the Wharton School" 

A596991. Polish. US p. 6 Modern Curriculum Press, (in notice: Pension Research Council of 

Inc.; 8Jan75; A5a7006. 



The Light of love: the stcrv of the 

Appl. au: 

first Christmas. By Robert S. Feeley, 

School of 

p. e Robert S. Feeiey; inDec7U; 

President and 

A5970 15. 



Facilitator's guide fcr the Self- 

motivated personal career planning 

These entries alone may not reflect the conipJete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyrighl Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

A597021 - J597065 


JAU. - JDH. 191=; 

A597020 (con.) 

the Wharton Schcol, Dniversitv of 

Pennsvlvania) ; «Nov7U ; A597020. 


Fecent advances in economics; a book of 
readinas. Edited by Rendiqs Pels e John 
J. Sieqfried. 3a6 p. NB: editorial 
selection of readinqs s oriqinal 
introductorv material. 6 Bichard D. 
Imin, Inc.; i4Nov7U; J597021. 


Forginq and enerqy manaqemep t. 1 v, 
(Enerqy manaqement uorkbook, vol. nc.o) 
e The East Ohio Gas ComFanv; 251)ov7U; 


Lower space heatina cost through 
maintenance and heat recovery. 1 v. 
(Enerqy manaqement wcrkhook, vol. no. 2) 
C The East Ohio Gas Company; 10Oc»7U; 


Steam systems. 1 v. (Enerqy manaqement 
workbook, vol. no. 3) e The East Ohio Gas 
Coopany; 20Nov7lt; A59702't. 


The FunaaiectalE. 1 v. (Enerqy 
manaqeirent workbook, vol. no.1) C The 
East Ohio Gas Company; 10ct7i4: A5S7025. 


Honey for my company. 8 p. C Korbel 
ccrporation; 3Jan75; A59702e. 


Index to Defense lav iournal. 1974 
pocket supplement. lU^J p. Appl, au: 
Bobert A. Scalf. e The Allen Smith 
Comparv: 31Dec70; A597027. 


A Guide to qroup psychotherapy for 
paraprofessionals. Ey Judith striano. 25 
p. e Judith Striano; FJan75; A597028. 


Circulation '711 - '75. 13th ed. 912 p. 
Add. ti: American Newspaper Markets' 
circulation '7« / '75, Appl. au: (Mrs. 
Thomas A. Sindinq) Harriet P. Sindiig. 
€ American Newspaper Markets, Inc.; 
10Auq7l|; AS97029. 


Nominee list, 1975. 2Uth ed . 229 p. 
Applo au: John s. Black, Jr. C American 
Society of Corporate Secretaries, Inc.; 
3Jan75; A597030. 


Infrared spectroscopy. By Carl D. 
slater, Donald G. Nyberq 6 Joseph Vlkin. 
56 p. Billard Grant Press; 8Mar7«; 


Percy Pencil humor. No.1. 22 p. Appl. 
au: Norman Clair clawser. 6 N. Clair 
Clawser; 7Jan75; A597032. 


The Battle of Biq Bethel, By Earl 
William Roqers, 2na. 11 p. e Earl 
William Poqers, 2nd; 20Jan75; A597033. 


Becyclinq: Alabama style. 52 p. Appl. 
au: Nancy Callahan. C Alabama Envi- 
ronmental Quality Association (AEOA) ; 
ieoct7a; A59703U. 


The Three crashes at Marshall Dnlversity 
(teachlnq in Appalachia) 20 p. Appl. au: 
Harry Earba. 6 Harry Barba; 2UDecTi; 


The Days. By Pussell B. Genrich. 16 p. 
Add. ti: My days. NM: coirpilation E 
additions, e Pussell H. Genrich; 3Jan75; 


Bits 1. Editor: Robert Wallace. 1 v. 
Portions prev. pub. in The New York 
quarterly & others, e Robert Wallace; 
ejan75; A597f^37. 


Bible club tips. Edited by Gerrit J. 
steenwyk. 50 p. Appl. au: christian 
Service club. Inc. e christian Service 
club. Inc.; 1BDec7l4; A597038. 


Speak of love. By Lattice A. Boykin 
McKoy, foreword by Vincent Godfrey Burns, 
cover desiqn and photos, by Dick Laitinen. 
12 p. C Lattice A, Boykin McKoy; 
23Eec7«; A597C39. 


Op your success. By Josh Noily. 169 p. 
e Josh Noily; 5Dec7«; A5970lt0. 

A5970lt1 . 

Lee Genud's Backgamiron beck, 158 p. 
e Lee Genud; 2Dec7U; A5970al. 


Droodles. No. 2. By Roger Price. 1 v. 
t Roger Price; 16Dec7U; A597012, 


Eden 2. By Edd Doerr. 9U p. 6 Edd 
Doerr; 30Dec7i4; A597043. 


The chiquita banana cookbook. Prepared 
by Chiquita Brands, Inc., photos, by Frank 
Foster. lit p. Appl, au: Chiquita 
Brands, Inc. e Chiquita Brands, Inc. ; 
6Eec7q; A5970U14. 


Point Pleasant, Apple Grove, Leon, 
Mason, HV , telephone directory, December 
197K. e Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone 
Company of Best Virginia; ieD6c7U; 


Middlebournc, New Martinsville, Paden 
city, sistersville, wv, telephone 
directory, December 197U. e Chesapeake 
and Potomac Telephone Company of West 
Virqinia; 13Dec7ii: A5970U6. 


Stained glass and fragments. By Therese 
J. Heffernar. 1 v. 6 Therese J. 
Heffernan; 18Dec7«; A5970U7. 


Revised pages for Facts and comparisons. 
Vol. 29, no.1, Jan. 1975. u v. Appl, au: 
Erwin K. Kastrup 6 Gene H. Sctwach. Prey, 
reg. A6U9731. C Facts and Comparisons, 
Inc.; ejan''5: A5970H8. 


Tuning electronic ignition systems, 
tuning the Mazda engine, 32 p. (Auto 
mechanics: diagnostic analysis, lesson no, 
DA-8) e National Technical Schools; 
2Jan75; A5970ll9. 


Regulated ]cw- voltage power supply. 30 
p. (Electronics: solid-state TV kit, 
lesson no. SSK-33) 6 National Technical 
Schools; 2Jan75; A597050. 


Assembling and installing audio-video 
circuit board. 30 p. (Electronics: 
solid-state TV kit, lesson no. SSK-3U) 
e National Technical Schools; 2Jan75; 

A5970 52. 

Three, four and five-speed transiris- 
sions. 30 p. (Autc mechanics a" d dies=l 
truck drive systems, lesson re. TDS-U) 
e National Technical Schcols; 2Ja''7= (i 
notice: 197U) ; A597n52. 


Sorq to the fathers of my Heed: early 
works of Michael D. Simpson. 30 p- 
e Michael E. Simpson; 23Dec7e; A597n53. 


A rictionary of Bostonese and char- 
lestonese. 16 p. Sppl. an: Frank B, 
Gilbreth. NM: cove'-s, fcrewerd S illus. 
€ Charleston county Bicentennial 
Committee, Inc.; 20Dec7U; A59705U. 


First steps. Folder, NM: art design, 
format f. compilation, e Child Evangelism 
Fellowship, Inc.; 23Dec7U; A597055. 


Moot point. By Ernie Furtado. 39 p. 
e Ernie Eurtado; 27Sep7l|; A55705f. 


Selected short poems. By Stanton A, 
Coblentz, 96 p, NM: ccmpilatien 6 
additional text. C Stanton A. Coblentz; 
12Dec7«; A597057. 


The Siskiyou pioneer, in fclklcte, fac* 
and fiction, and yearbook: upper Klamath 
River issue. Vol.u, no, 7, 197U. Editor: 
Darlene G. Anderson. 113 p. Appl. au: 
Siskiyou County historical Society, 
C Siskiyou County Historical Society; 
22Noy7U; A59705e. 


The Futility God: spiritist power, 
occultism, and futility. Ey Jack William 
Banrah. 161 p, e jack w, Ra'>nah; 
6Jan75; A597059. 


Basic shot putting: principles and 
techniques for the beginner, for the 
experienced, for the inexperienced ceach, 
Ey Michael Pendrak, Jr. 36 p. dr.: 
vertical bisecting line illus. & 
additional text, g Michael Pendrak, Jr.; 
6Jan75; A59706O. 


Free plan: hew tc raise-funds. Bow ma" 
cartoon prints do you want? How much 
money can be raised wi+h Famcus Features 
cartoon prints? Folder 6 2 p, Appl, au 
Carl E. Kohlhoff. e Cai-l H. Kohlhoff; 
7JBn75: A597061. 


The Men of company H. Bj Victor H. 
Hogg. 17 p. (williamston Bicentennial 
historical publication series, no. 2) 
e Victor R. Hogg; 31Doc7U; A597062. 


Mob cooks the family favorites. By Jea 
A. Olson. 188 p. e Jean A. Olson; 
23Dec7«; A597063. 


Cfficial compilation codes, rules and 
regulations of the state of New York, 
Suppl, no. 10, Oct. 197U. Sheets. Appl, 
au: Department of state, Sta*e of New 
York, e Secretary of Sta*e, State of New 
York; 3Jan75 (in notice: 197q); 


Baking materials. Pt.7. 19 p. (Siebe 
Institute of Technology course in 
scientific bakino, lessen 21) NM; 
editorial revision. C s^etel Institu*e o 
Technology; 11Mar69; A597065. 

223-503 O - 76 - 6 {Sec. 2) 


These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for Information about any additional records that may exist. 

A597066 - B597109 


JDU. iq-E 


Bakirq technology. Pt. 1. 7 p. (Siebel 
Institute of Technclcqv course Ir 
scientific bakirq, lessen 20) NK: 
editorial revision. 6 siebel Institute of 
Technoloav: 5Nov68: J597e6e. 


Bioloqv. Pt.3 - u. 8 p. (Siebel 
Institute cf Technoloqv course in 
scientific bakinq, lesson 09) NK: 
editorial revision s illus. e Siebel 
Institute cf Technolcqv: 3Dec68; 


Bakinq materials. Pt.u. 9 p. (Siebel 
Institute cf Technology course ii? 
scien'--ific bakinq, lesson 16) NH: 
editorjal revision. 6 Siebel Institute of 
lechnoloqv: 28Jan71: S5970e8. 


Bakinq materials. Pt.3. 7 p. (Siebel 
Institute of Technclcqy course in 
scientific bakinq, lesson 15) KB; 
editorial revision, e siebel Institute of 
Technolooy: 20Jan71: A597Ce9. 


Elementary bakinq mechanics. 12 p. 
(Siebel Institute of Technoloqy course in 
scientific bakinq, lessen 10) NM; 
editorial revision, i siebel Institute of 
Technclcqy; 20Jan71; A597070. 


Bioloqy. 7 p. (Siebel Institute of 
Technoloqy course in scientific bakinq, 
lessen 08) NB: editorial revision E 
illus. e siebel Institute of Technology; 
1N0V72: 4597071. 


Bakinq materials. Pt.2. 11 p. (Siebel 
Institute cf Technoloqy course in 
scientific bakinq, lessen 06) NB: 
editorial revision. siebel Institute ef 
lechnolcoy; ieAuq70: A597072. 


Bakinq technoloqy. Pt.2. 9 p. (Siebel 
Institute of Technclcqy course in 
scientific bakinq, lessen 22) NB: 
editorial revision. € siebel Institute of 
Technoloqy: 10ct69: A597073. 


The Pole of the sales promotion aaency 
in marketinq. 1 v. Bppl. au: Fay 
Harriman. C Council of Sales Promotion 
Aqencles; 12NOV74: S59707U. 


Coacbinq youth leaque baseball. Ey J, 
Stanley Bertman. 107 p. C Skip Beitman; 
7Jan75: A597075. 


A Noise in the closet. By Bichard 
Hefter. 1 v. e One Strawberry, Inc.; 
10Dec71l; A59707e. 


How we can halt inflation and still k-eep 
our 1obs. By Hilliau H, Tonque, 237 p. 
e Eow-Jores-Irwin, Inc.; UNoy7U; 


How to save free enterprise: from 
bureaucrats, autocrats, and technocrats. 
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Comparison of BM and FB modulaticn 
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These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

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B597211 . 

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These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

A5972e2 - B597298 BOCKS £ tSBPHLITS JAB. - JOH. 1^7; 

A5S7262. A597273. B5972e«. 

Advance reports Maryland reports. Cracking plar.t--aiiiire treating section. Nappanee, IN, January 1975o ^ Drited 

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197M. State reporter: James H. Norris, Company, Michigan Refining Division. 

Jr. 1 V. Appl. au: The Kichie compary. e Management and Training Systems for A597285. 

e state of Maryland; eDec7ii: A597262. Industry, Inc.; 10Jur7U; A597273. Ponca, NE, telephone directory, January 

197?. e Nebraska Telephone Company; 

A5972e3. A597271t. ieDec7a (in notice: ig^SI ; A5972S'=.. 

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Vol.272, no. 18, Dec. 20, 1971. Maryland by p. Hubbs. 20 p. (Training module, no. A5972P6. 

appellate reports. Vol, 23, no.", Dec. 20, OS-D) Appl. au: Marathon oil company, Litchfield, Mosherville, includes 

1971. state reporter: James H„ Norris, Michigan Refining Division. S Management separate lists for Allen, MI, January 

Jr. 1 v, Appl. au: The Michie Company. and Training Systems for Industry, Inc.; 1975. € Midvest Telephone Company; 

C State of Maryland: 20Dec7ll: A597263, 8Juc7lt; A59727U. 17Dec7U (in notice: 1975); A597286. 

A5S726U. A597275. A597287. 

Advance reports, Maryland reports. Lite ends — gas recovery section. Liocnier, including listings fct 

Vol.272, no. 17, Dec. 13, 197«. Maryland Prepared by P. Kneisel. 2" p. (Training Cromvell, Millersburg, IN, and C-hers, 

appellate reports. Vol.23, no. 3, Dec. 13, module, no. 12-1) Appl. au: Marathon Oil January 1975. S Ligonler Telephone 

197it. state reporter: James H. Norris, Company, Michigan Refining Division. Company; 19Dec7U (in notice: 1975); 

Jr. 1 V. Bppl. au: The Michie Company. € Management and Training Systems for AE972E7. 

e state of Maryland; 13Dec7it: B59726U. Industry, Inc. ; iajun7il; A597275. 


A597265. A597276. Green Springs, Blccmdale, Cygnet, cr , 

Advance reports, Maryland reports. Cat cracker reactor section. Prepared and others, telephone directory, January 

Vol.272, no. 19, Dec. 27, 197U. Maryland by E. Novctny. 27 p. (Training module, 1975. e United Telephctie Ccmpany of Ohio; 

appellate reports. Vol.23, no. 5, Dec. 27, no.ll-C) Appl. au: Marathon cil Company, 19Dec7« (in notice: 1975); A5572S8. 

197U. state reporter: James H. Norris, Michigan Refining Division, e Management 

Jr. 1 V. Appl. au: The Michie Company. and Training Systems for Industry, Inc.; A5972e9. 

e state of Maryland; 27Dec7«; A597265. 15Jun7«; A59727e. Erin, Tennessee Ridgs, TN, telephone 

directory, January 1975. € Pecjilee 

A597266. A597277. Telephone Company, Inc.; 13Eec7U (in 

Saturates depropanizet. Prepared by E. Crude unit debutanizer. prepared by 0. notice: 1975); A5972B9. 

Novotny. 21 p. (Training module, G. Roberts. 20 p. (Training module, no. 

no.12-A) Appl. au: Marathon oil Company, 05-J) Appl. au: Marathon Oil Company, A597/90. 

Michigan Refining Division. 6 Management Michigan Refining Division, e Management Eelden, Carroll, Meadow Grove, NE, aid 

and Training Systems for Industry, Inc.; and Training Systems for Industry, Inc.; others, January 1975. e Eastern Nebraska 

13Jun7H; A597266. 15Jun7«; S597277. Telephone Company; lerec7U (in notice: 

1975); A597290. 

A597267. A597278. 

Fluid catalytic cracking unit, fresh Fractionator overhead product naphtha A597291. 

feed preparation section. Prepared by p. and recirculating naphtha system. Washington, GA , Crawfordville, 

Kneisel. 22 p. (Training module. Prepared by C. G. Roberts. 25 p. Lincclntcn, and ethers, +elephone 

no.ll-S) Appl. au: Marathon Oil Company, (Training module, no. 05-E) Appl. au: directory, January 1975. e Bilkes 

Michigan Refining Division. ^ Manecement Marathon oil Company, Michigan Refining Telephone and Ilectric Company; 17Dec7U 

and Training Systems for Industry, Inc.; Division. © Management and Training (in notice: 1975); A597291. 

16Jun7a; A597267. Systems for Industry, Inc.; 13Jun7U; 

A597278. B597292. 

A597268. Transylvania County, NC, telephone 

Fluid catalytic cracking unit frac- A597279. directory, January 1975. e citizens 

tionator. Prepared by P. Kneisel. 28 p. Hydrogen (acid) zeolite water softeners. Telephone Company; ieDec7u (Jn notice: 

(Training module, no.ll-D) Appl. au: Prepared by J. Cupita. 20 p. (Training 1975); A597292. 

Marathon oil Company, Michigan Refiring module, no. 28-A) Appl. au: Marathon oil 

Division, e Management and Trainino Company, Michigan Refining Division. B597293. 

Systems for Industry, Inc.; 10Jun7a; C Management and Training Systems for Silcam Springs, AR, telephone directcry, 

A597268. Industry, Inc.; 16Jun7ii; A5S7279. January 1975. 6 Onited Telephone Company 

of Arkansas; 17Dec7u (in notice: 1975); 

A597269. A597280. A5<=T2?3. 

Primary and secondary absorbers. Flare tower. Prepared by 0. G. Roberts. 

Prepared by P. Kneisel. 23 p. (Training 20 p. (Training module, no. 05-26-B) B59729it. 

module, no. 12-3A) Appl. au: Marathon Oil Bppl, au: Marathon Oil Company, Michigan Salem, Campbellsburg , Fredericksburg, 

Company, Michigan Refining Division. Refining Division, e Management and IN, and others, January 1975. 6 India-'a 

S Management and Training Systems for Training Systems for Industry, Inc.; Telephone Corporation; 18Eec7U (in 

Industry, Inc.; 11Jun7i4; A597269. 17Jun74; A597280. notice: 1975); A59729I". 

A597270. B597281. B597295. 

Crude oil storage facilities and H2S recovery step. Prepared by F. Ru* ledge and Tate Springs, TN, including 

undesalted crude preheat system. Prepared Sondregger. 23 p. (Training module, no. Washburn, and others, *elephcne directory, 

by P. Hubbs. 78 p. (Training module, no. 08-fl) Bpp] . au: Marathon oil Company, January 1975. e Powell Telephone Company; 

05-B) Bppl. au: Marathon Oil Company, Michigan Refining Division. 6 Management 19DecTt (in notice: 1975); B597295. 

Michigan Refining Division. 6 Mana cement and Training Systems for Industry, inc.; 

and Training Systems fox Industry, Inc.; 15Jun7ii; A597281. B597256. 

9Jun7U; A597270. Clarendon, Holly Grove, BR, telephone 

A597282. directory, January 1975, t (United 

A5972'^1. Unifiner reaction. Reformer unit manual Telephone Company of Arkansas; 16rec7u 

Cracking plant treaters. Prepared by E. no. 2. Prepared by vince Estrada 6 (in notice: 1975); B597296. 

Novctny. 2U p. (Training module, 30. 21) Management and Training Systems for 

Appl. au: Marathon Oil Company, MicHgan Industry, Inc., issued bj Atlantic A597297. 

Refining Dlvisicn. e Management ar d Richfield Company, Products Division, East Orange city, Alton, Pospers, TA, and 

Training Systems for Industry, Inc. ; Chicago Refinery. «0 p. C Management and others, telephone directory, December 

18Jun7«; A597271. Training Systems for Industry, Inc.; 197U. e central Telephone company; 

11Nov7a; A597282. 11Dec7lt; A597297. 

Kerosene product and recirculat inc A597283. 

kerosene system. Prepared by 0. G. Absorption. Reformer unit manua 

Roberts. 20 p. (Training module, re. Prepared by vince Estrada 5 Manage 

05-F) Bppl. au: Marathon Oil Ccmpaty, Training Systems for Industry, Inc 

Michioan Refining Division. C Management issued by Atlantic Richfield Company 

and Training Systems for Industry, Inc. ; products Division, East Chicago Refinery 

8Jun7it; B597272. 26 p. t Management and Training Systems 

for Industry, Inc.; 15Nov7U; A597283. 



Tredonia, includina extended ar 

ent and 

service (EAS) iis*lngs for Alteon 


Eenedict, KS, and others telephcn 


directory, December 197H, p Pnit 

These entries alone may not reflect the conipiete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office tor information about any additional records that may exist. 

JSP, - JON. • 


Puff ' 

'n juice. Foiaer. 
Lon of The Voice of 

e The Sayoi 


9597 3 30. 

The D( 



;vil made ire do it! 

a aivieion of Ihe 
y; 23llug7<l; S5973 

Foiaer. e 
Voice of 


Sar n< 
197U - 

ircos, TX, telephon 
1975. e San Harco? 
, Inc.; 30Cc*7l|; 

e airectcry. 


A597299 - S5973U2 BOCKS 6 PABPHLTTS 

A597299. A597315. 

Farmvills, Arvonia, Euckinqhau, VA, and Kings and Tulare Counties, CA, telephone 

others, December 197U. c Central directory, December 197U. c The Pacific 

Telephone Company of Virginia; 13Cec7ii; Telephone and Telegraph Company; 20Nov7y ; 

A597299. S597315. 

A597300. A597316. 

Upper Sandusky, OH, telephone directory, Franklin, lA, Baldwir, Centerville, 

1975. C The Ohio Bell Telephone Company; Seeks Islana, telephone directory, January 

10Cec7a: A597300. 1975. P South Central Bell Telephone 

Company; 7Jan75; A597316. 

Aurora, dount Vernon, BO, telephone A597317. 

directory, December 1974. C Central Jennings, lA, Lake Arthur telephone 

Telephone company of Missouri; 12Dec7tt; directory, January 1975. e South Certral 

A5S7301. Bell Telephone Company; 30Dec7it; A597332. 

A597317. You see 1. A. : a guide to los Anoeles, 

A597302. By Eardall C. lOTq. 2?'a ed. 159 p. 

lewistown. Canton, Mo'iticello, «c, and A597318. e Bandall c. long: 310ct7U: A597332. 
others, telephone directory, December Kadisonville , KY, Dawson Springs, 

19714. e Central Telephone Company of Earlington and others telephone airectory, A597333. 

Missouri; 11Dec7tt; A597302. January 1975. South Central Bell Ohio's ghostly greats. Ey David J, 

Telephone Company; 28Dec7U; A59731P. Gerrick. 92 p. e David J, Gerrick d.b.a, 

A597303. Dayton Lah; 1Eec73; A597333. 

Fockv Mount, Boones Mill, Burnt chimney, B597319. 

VA, and others, telephone directory. Saint Tammany parish, LA, telephoie A5973311. 

December 197H. e Central Telephore directory, January 1975. e South Central IFE C.P. little helper. 2 p. Appl. au: 

company of Virginia; 6Eec7U; A597303o Bell Telephone Company; 31Dec7U; Charles Gordon. DM; compilation of 

A597319. additional text added. C Charles Gorflcr 

A59730U. d.b.a. Gordon InduEtries, Inc.; 15Cct7"; 

Grand Fapids, Ml, area, telephone A597320. A59733U. 
directory, 1975 - 76. 6 Michigan Bell Captivatea by Christ. By Hesley B. 

Telephone Company: 3Ja!i75; A597300. Nelson. 126 p. NM: aaditional material. A597335. 

e christian Literature Crusade, Inc.; VFP C, p. little helper. 2 p. Appl. au: 

A597305. 25Apr7it: A59732C. Charles Gordon. NM: coinpilation cf 

Evansville and metropolitan, IN, area additional text added. € Charles Gordon 

telephone directory, January 1975. A597321. d.b.a, Gordon Industries, Inc.; 150ct7U: 

C Indiana Bell Telephone Company, I'lc. ; Prophecy and communism. By Hasson P. A597335. 
18Eec7i) (in notice: 1975); A597305. James 28 p. C Hasson H, James; 

23NOV7U: A597321. 

Chicago's comrercial/ind ustrial yellow A597322. 

panes directory: the red book, 1975. 1836 and 1839 stage coach road with 

€ The Feuben H. Eonnelley Corporation; adjoining public road of Oconee County, 

1UDec7«; A597306. South Carolina. By Margaret Kills 

Seaborn, 1 p. Add. ti: Hap: 1836 and 
S5973C7. 1839 stage coach road with adjoining 

Pasadena, Altadena, San Marino, CA, and public road of Oconee County, South A5°7337. 

others, telephone directory, Januarv 1975. Carolina, © Oconee County Library; Pilot's C, p. chart: world aero chart, 

e The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph 15Nov7U; A597322. 2 p. Add. *i: Pilot C.P. chart (IFF) 

Company; 13Dec7<4; A557307. Appl. au: Charles Gordon. Nf: compilaticr 

A597323, 6 additional tex*. e Charles Gordon 

A59730S. New revised Guide to the recommended d.b.a. Gordon Inaustries, Inc.; 150c*7a; 

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2Dec7ij; A597323. The Catholic Chari'-ies of the Src- 

A5S7309. hdfocese of Chicago Teferral manual for 

Butte, Nevada, Sutter, CA, and others, A59732a. local staff. 1 v. e Ca+hc!ic Charities 

telephone directory, December 197ii. a The The Logic game; the fun way to enter the cf Ch'.cago is an al*ernative designation 

Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company; magical world of thinking. Vol.1. 32 p. for the Catholic Chari*ies of the 

25NOV7U: A597309. Appl. au: Tracy L. Bennett (Bern-Null Archdiocese of Chicaoo; 30Hcv7li; 

Productions), Carole F. Bennett (Eenr-Null A597338. 
A5S7310. Productions) £ Fred n. Null (Eenn-Null 

Alhambra, Arcadia, El Monte, CA, Productions) IP Benn-Null Productions; A597339. 

telephone directory, January 1975, t Ihe 2Aug7it; A597324. English as a second languace blbliog- 

Paoific Telephone and Telegraph company; raphy. Compiled by Anne Podda, edited by 

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Batesville, Newark, Cave city. Concord, Adult Continuing Fducation renter, VtS: 

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Those winged heels, with some ref- no. 1 E B, By Giuseppe Conccne, 1 p. 

A597312, lections on the human comedy. By Kathleen (Progressive series studies, catalog 

Yolo ccunty, CA , telephone dlrectcry, Bohr. 53 p. © Kathleen Bohr; 28Nov7ii; so,63i|) Appl. ?u: Ar* Publication society 

January 1975. £ The Pacific Telephone and A597326. a.a.d.o. American-Transit Corporation, 

Telegraph Company; 19Eec7U; A597312. employer for hiT-e of A. E. Pai-tzen. NP: 

A597327. text matter. 6 Art Publlcafon society 

J597313, Speed drills: flash cards for sight a.a.d.o. American-Transit Corporation, a 

Sacramento, CA, telephone a'rectory, playing, for piano. By Leta Wallace 6 Amy wholly ownea subsidiary of ch^omalloy- 

January 1975. e The Pacific Telephone and sinning. Folder (15 p.) 6 cards in American Corporation; 9Dec7it; A5973U0, 
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NM: new text, graphic material 6 editorial A5973i|1. 

A5973m. revision. © Lyon and Healy, Inc.; Canine arteries. 15 p. Appl, au: Ja^ies 

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serving La Habra, La Mirada, Pico Eivera, (Andy) Shores; 2?0ct7U; Af9"'3m. 
CA, and others telephone directory, A597328. 

December 197a, £ The Pacific Telephone Valu-Lator. O Pan Western Enterprises, A5973«2. 

and Telegraph Company; 2Dec7«; A59731*. Ltd.; 15Nov7B; A597328. Weatherspoon Gallery Association 

bulletin, 1973 / 15714, 15 p. Appl. au: 
I. Fdward Hudgins (P. E.), James E. Tucke'- 



's C. 

P. ch 


: s< 

set ion 

al char*. 



, Add, 







Appl. ai 

i: Ch 



. NM: 

com nil at: 










,b,a, Gordo 

1 Indu, 



, Inc. 

; 15Cc'7i 

A507 3 36, 

These entries alone may not reflect the compJete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyriglsl Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

S5973U3 - S597383 


JSN. - JDK. 19" 

S5973H? (ccn.) 

6 Mrs. *. J. TaEneuhaum (Lea) e Weat- 

herspccr Gallery Rssoclation; 15Apr7ti; 



Crosswcrd puzzle book. By Lawrence 
charrv, assistart editor: Kathleer, 
ThompEon. 52 p. (Eeactiinq out) 
e Scholastic Baqazines, Ice; 15Bua7it; 


Owner's policy. Folder. NM; revision G 

new text, P International Title 
Insurance, Inc.; 25Jur7«; A5973UU. 


Avery's triqonoDietric charts, sheets (2 
p.) C Hay James Avery; 18Jul7it; 


Instructions for kit number 110 mobile 
home and construction trailer. 1 p. 
Appl. au: PI. H. Hasell E J. C, Heal. C B. 

B. Basell 6 J. C. Neal; 3Eec7U; AE973Ue. 


Budld 'Dm scratch kit. Kit no. 110. 1 
p. Appl, au: K. B. Wasell 8 J. C. lieal. 
e B. W. Wasell 6 J. C, Neal; 3Dec7U; 


Instructions for kit number 108 two 
story frame house, 1 p. Appl. au; B. w. 
Basell 8 J. C. Deal. © fl. B. Basell 8 J. 

C. Neal; 3Dec7«; A5973tB. 


a Build 'Dm scratch kit. Kit no, 108. 1 
P. Appl. au: B. W, Basell 8 J. C. Heal, 
e B. B. Basell S J. C. Neal: 3Dec7i!; 


Instructions for kit number 102 utility 
bulldlnq, 1 p. Appl, au: fl. B. Basell S 
J. C. Neal. e B. H. Hasell S J. C. Neal; 
3Dec7«; A597350. 


u Build 'Dm scratch kit. Kit no. 102, 1 
p, Appl, au: B. W, Wasell 6 J. C, Neal. 
e B. B. Basell 8 J. C. Heal; 3Dec7U; 


VD education program, qrades 7 - 10. 
Prepared by Health Curriculum Workshop, 
50 p. e Salem School District; 3D6c7«; 


The Adult self expression scale, 3 p. 
Appl. au: Belvin L. Gay, James G. 
Hollandsworth, Jr. 6 John P, Galassi, 
S Belvin 1. Gay, James G. Hollandsworth, 
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The Films of Binsor BcCay. By John 
Canemaker, pseud, cf Jchn F, Canndz^aro, 
1 v. € John Canemaker, pseud, of Jchn F. 
Cannizzaro; 270ct7U; A59735it. 


Exchanae escrows, 1 v, Appl, au: Janet 
B. Tvler. e Janet E. Tyler; 3Dec7U; 


Trusting my head. By Eleanor Roe 
(Eleanor B. Bunzer) 109 p. Portion prev. 
req, 290ct73. e Eleanor Eoe; 6tec7«; 


Your world — how do you fit in? 
Developed by Greta Van Der Sterre. 
Sheets, ftppl, au: Peniusula Humane 


Primary art; for people who can't draw a 

straiqht line. By Acnetta Bcclure. 58 p. 

e Annetta Bcclure; 5Jun7«; A59735e. 


Just once in my subconscious mind. Poem 

on belt. Appl. au: Leonard E. Frank. 

e Leonard E. Frank; 10Jul7it; A597359. 


Workbook--study course in agency 
manaqement; review questions and projects 
for develcpinq an agency program. Sheets. 
For use with Banaging an agency 8 Agency 
management library, 1-2. NM: additions 
8 editorial revision. © Life Insurance 
Agency Banagement Association; 2UFeb71; 

A597361 . 

Applied biopharmaceutics, 1. By B, A. 
Eitschel. 2nd ed. 3 9U p. 6 B, A, 
Pltschel; 15Nov7H; A5973ei. 


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psychobioloqical investigation. By 
Gctthard Booth, introd, by Nolan D, C. 
Lewis. 107 p. e Gotthard Booth; 
13Bay7l|; A597362. 


Cemetery records of Okmulgee County, 
Oklahoma. Book 1 . Edited by members of 
the Genealogical Society of Okmulgee. 163 
p, e Okmulgee Genealogical Society; 
150ct7tt; A5973e3. 

A5973 6U, 

Marriage records of Okmulgee County, 
Oklahoma, 1907 - 1922, Edited by members 
of the Genealogical Society of Okmulgee, 
1 V. © Okmulgee Genealogical Society; 
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Surgical soft goods and external 
fixation fracture management products. 21 
p. Appl. au: B. H. Alexarder, L. D. Beard 
6 Comfort Care Products, Inc, NH: 
editorial revisions 8 additional new 
photos. © comfort Care Products, Inc.; 
1Jan75; B597365. 


Christian Islard, Vol.1, By Robert D, 
Slchardson, 133 p. NB: foreword 6 
editorial revision, e Robert D. 
Eichardson; 28Jun7it; A597366, 


Bicycle Breakdown: the original bicycle 
repair game. Kit, NM: cover, gameboard, 
playing pieces 8 instructions. Bicycle 
Breakdown, Inc, ; 2Dec7U; A597367. 


Felicia Sanders: A Certain feeling. By 
Gerry Eobinson. Record jacket. Appl. au: 
stanyan Record Company, 6 stanyan Record 
company; 18Nov7U; A59736B. 


Carmen HcRae: Bad about the man. By 
Thomas Wesley. Record jacket, Appl, au; 
Stanyan Record Company. © stanyan Record 
company; 18Nov7«; A597369, 


A Study of newspaper platemaking 
systems; awareness report. Prepared for 
members of Graphic Arts Barketing 
Information Service of the Printing 
Industries of America, Inc. by Technomic 
Research Associates, 1 v, Appl, au: 
Printing Industries of America, Inc. 
e Printing Industries of America, Inc.; 
17Jun7U; A597370. 


Supermarket sanitation procedures; a 
special customized cleaTiing- sani tatior. 
program for the supermarket irdustry. i 
V. t West Chemical Products, Inc.; 
IINOVTU; A597371, 


Banaging for motivation; video 
adr^inistration guide, 105 p. Appl, au: 
Xerox Learning Systems. C Xerox 
Corporation; 15Nov7i!; R597572. 


Banaging time and territory; BTT. "^ v. 
Appl. au: Xerox learnlno System*. € Xerox 
Corporation; 21Jun7ii; A597373. 


Professional selling skills. Session 1 
- 5, 5 Vo Appl, au: Xerox Learning 
Sys*ems. C Xerox Corporation; 12Dec7ll; 


Business analysis strategies fcr 
industrial sales: BASIS. 6 v. 6 folder. 
Appl. au: Xerox Learning Systems, e Xerox 
Corporation; 10ApT7it; 'B597375. 


Cerebrovascular diseases in children. 
Sheets. (Practice of pediatrics, vol, n , 
pt. 1, chap. 05) Appl. an: Gail E. 
Solomon 6 Sadek K, Hilal. NB: revisions, 
e Harper and Bow, Publishers, Inc., 
Bedical Eepartment; 12Dec7ii; A597376. 


Baliqnant diseases of *he lymphore- 
ticular system (malignant lymphomas) . By 
K. K, N. charyulu. Bark I. Nesbit E Giulio 
J, D'tngio. sheets (20 p.) (Fractjc<= cf 
pediatrics, vol.3, pt.l, chap. 20) Nt: 
revisions. © Harper and Row, publishers. 
Inc., Medical Eepartment; 12Dec70; 


The Pharmacologic modification of atopic 
diseases. By c. Warren Bierman 8 William 
E. Pierson, Sheets (21 p.) (Practice of 
pediatrics, vol.2, pt.2, chap. 70) Nf: 
revisions. S" Harper and Row, Publishers, 
Inc., Bedical Department; 12Dec70; 


Neutropenia and neutrophil dysfunction: 
disorders with an ineffective neutrophil 
compartment. By Ronald G, Strauss 8 Rlvin 
B. Bauer. Sheets (20 p.) (Practice of 
pediatrics, vol.3, pt.2, chap.eSB) NB: 
revisions, e Harper and Row, Publisher's, 
Inc., Bedical Eepartment; 12Dec7U; 


Aplastic and hypoplastic anemia in 
children. By N. T. Shahidl. sheets (8 
p.) (Practice of pediatrics, vol.3, pt.2, 
chap. 60) NB: revisions. C Harper and 
ROW, Publishers, Inc., Bedical Departmer»; 
12Dec70; A5973e0. 


Polyarteritis. By Georoe A. Limbeck, 
Donald F. E. Char 6 Vincen* C. Kelley. 
Sheets (0 p.) (Practice of pediatrics, 
vcl.3, pt.2, chap. 50) NB: revisions. 
C Harper and Row, Publishers, inc. , 
Bedical Department; 12Dec70; A597381. 


Scleroderma. By George A. Limbeck, 
Eonald F. B. char 8 Vincent c. Kellej. 
Sheets (E p.) (Practice of pediatrics, 
vol.3, pt.2, chap. 09) NB: revisions. 
e Harper and Rcw, Publishers, Tnc, , 
Bedical Department; 12Eec7U; AE97382. 


Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. By 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

AE9738H - S597H16 


JAN. - JDN. 1? 

AE97383 (COP.) 

Georae S. linbeck, Donald F. B. Char 8 
vincett c. Kellev. Sheets (5 p.) 
(Prartice cf pediatrics, vol.3, pt.;, 
chap. U61 BM: revisionE. C Harper and 
Ron, Publishers, Inc., Bedical Department; 
12Dec7«; A597383. 


Conoenital heart dife^se. ; addendum. By 
James H. Moller 6 Ray C. Anderson. p. 135 
- 138. (Practice of pediatrics, vol.3, 
pt.2, chap, 36) NH: revisions, e Harper 
and Bon, Publishers, Inc., tledical 
Department: 12Dec7U; A59738«. 


Infections of bones and -joints. p. 5 - 
8, (Practice cf pediatrics, vol.u, pt.2, 
chapo 32) Appl. au: C. Georqe Pay 6 Lynn 
T. staheli. N«: revisions, e Harper and 
Bob, Publishers, Inc., r<eaical Department; 
12Dec7U; A597385. 


Brain damaqe in children. By Isatelle 
Rapin 6 Gerald Erenberq. sheets (65 p.) 
(Practice of pediatrics, vol.u, pt. 1, 
chap. 17) NP: revisicns. e Harper and 
Bon, Publishers, Inc., Medical Department; 
12Dec71t; 1597386. 


Autistic behavior in infants and ycunq 
children. Ey Justin D. Call, sheets (9 
p.) (Practice of pediatrics, vol. 1, pt, 
1, chap. OUA) NM: revisions. C Harper 
and Pow, Publishers, Inc., Medical 
Department; 12Dec7U; A597387. 


Gastrointestinal allerqy. By Douglas c. 
Heiner. sheets (16 p.) (Practice cf 
pediatrics, vol.2, pt.2, chap. 70) IK: 
revisiors. 6 Harper and Row, Publishers, 
Inc., Medical Department; 12Dec70; 


Streptococcal infections, sheets (p. 13 
- 15) (Practice of pediatrics, vol, 2, 
Pt. 1, chap. 06) Appl. au: Hugh C. 
Dillon, Jr. 6 Burton A. Dudding. VK: 
revisicns. 6 Harper and Row, Publishers, 
Inc., Medical Depattment; 12Dec7ii: 


Otologic and cphthalmcloqic manifes- 
taticns of atopic diseases. By Harcld I, 
leeks, Lillian P. Kravis 6 David W. Hood. 
Sheets. (Practice of pediatrics, vcl, 2, 
Pt.2, chap. 69) NM: revisions, e Harper 
and Pow, Publishers, Inc., Medical 
Department: 12Dec7U; A597390. 


Defects in phagocytic cells. By Paul G, 

Ouie R A, Todd Davis. sheets (10 p.) 

(Practice of pediatrics, vol.2, pt, 1, 

chap. ID) NK: revisions, e Harper and 
ROW, Publishers, Inc., Medical Department; 

12Dec7l|; A597391. 


Agammaolobuliremias and other immu- 
noloqic defects. By Richard Hong, sheets 
(27 p.) (Practice of pediatrics, vcl. 2, 
pt. 1 , chap, 1C) NM: revisions. e Harper 
and BOW, Publishers, Inc., Medical 
Department: 12Dec7U: A597392. 


Infection in the eticlcqy of atopic 
diseases. Sheets (p,3 - 5) (Practice of 
pediatrics, vol.2, pt, 2, chap. 59) Pppl. 
au: Vincent J. Fontana. NM: revisicns. 
S Harper and Row, Publishers, Inc. , 
Medical Department; 12Dec7U; A597393. 


The Deep mycoses. Sheets. (Practice of 
pediatrics, vol.2, pt.2, chap, 55E) Appl. 

au: Walter T. Hughes. OH: revisions. 
C Harper and Bow, Publishers, Inc., 
Medical Departmer.t; 12Dec7U; A59739U. 


Disorders of sexual differentiation. 
Sheets. (Practice of pediatrics, vol.1, 
pt,2, chap. 55) Appl. au: Pierre E. 
Terrier. NM: revisions, e Harper and 
Row, Publishers, Inc., Medical Department; 
12Dec71t; A597395. 


The Female reproductive system. Sheets. 
(Practice of pediatrics, vol.1, pt.2, 
chap, 51) Appl, au: Pierre C. Sizonenko S 
Pierre E, Ferrier. NM: revisions. 
c Harper and pow. Publishers, Inc., 
Medical Department; 12Dec7ii; A597396. 


Evaluation of the thyroid gland. By 
Eobert P. Igo s C, Patrick Mahoney. 
Sheets (31 p.) (Practice of pediatrics, 
vol.1, pto2, chap. 19) NM: revisicns. 
e Harper and Bow, publishers. Inc., 
Medical Department; 12Dec71; A597397. 


The Superficial mycoses (dermatop- 
hytosis). By Marvin J. Scotvold. sheets 
(17 p.) (Practice of pediatrics, vol.2, 
pt,2, chap.SSA) NM : revisions. 6 Harper 
and Row, publishers. Inc., Medical 
Department; 12Dec71; A59739e. 


Helminthic infections. By James Plorde 
S John Meisel. sheets (51 p.) (Practice 
of pediatrics, vol.2, pt.2, chap. 5U) NM: 
revisions. C Harper and Pow, Publishers, 
Inc., Medical Department; 12Dec71; 


Salmonella infections. By John D. 
Nelson. Sheets (32 p.) (Practice of 
pediatrics, vol.2, pt. 1 , chap. 18A) NM: 
revisions, e Harper and Row, Publishers, 
Inc., Medical Department; 12Dec7U; 


The Battered child syndrome. By Barton 
D. Schmitt S c. Henry Kempe. Sheets (9 
p,) (Practice of pediatrics, vol.1, pt. 1, 
chap. 22) NM: revisions, e Harper and 
Bow, Publishers, Inc., Medical Department: 
12Dec71: A597101. 


Biosynthetic blocks in adrenocortical 
steroidogenesis. By George A, Limbeck C 
Vincent c. KelJey. Sheets. (Practice of 
pediatrics, vcl.l, pt.2, chap.lSB) NM: 
revisions, e Harper and Row, Publishers, 
Inc., Medical Department; 12Dec7«; 


Penal transplantation. By Thomas L. 
Marchioro 6 James A. Tremann. Sheets (26 
p.) (Practice of pediatrics, vol.3, pt.2, 
chap. 31A) NB: revisions, e Harper and 
Ecw, Publishers, Inc., Medical Depar+ment; 
12Dec71; S597103. 

A 5 971 01 . 

Acute renal failure in children. By 
Robert 0. Hickman, B. Tenckhoff E B. B. 
Scribner. Sheets (19 p.) (Practice of 
pediatrics, vcl. 3, pt.2, chap. 31) NM: 
revisions, € Harper and Pow, publishers. 
Inc., Medical Department; 12Dec71; 


The Nephrotic syndrome. By Halter 
Heymann 6 Sudesh P. Makker. Sheets (18 
p.) (Practice of pediatrics, vol.3, pt.2, 
chap. 29) NM: revisions. C Harper and 
Bcw, Publishers, Inc., Medical Department; 
12Dec71; A597U05, 


Poststreptococcal acute glcmerulc- 
nephrltis. By Billy s, Rra'-t, Jr., Shane 
Roy, 3rd, James A. Pitcock 6 James B. 
Etteldorf. Sheets (16 p.) (Practice cf 
pediatrics, vol.3, pt.2, chap. 28) Nt: 
revisions, e Harper and Bow, Publishers, 
Inc, , Medical tepartmen*; 12Dec70; 


Vitamins in nutrition. Ey Lewis s, 

Earness. Sheets (38 p.) (Practice cf 

pediatrics, vol.1, pt. 1, chap. 28) NM: 

revisions, f Harper and Row, publishers. 
Inc., Medical Department; 12Dec71; 


Childhood accidents. Ey Abraham 1!, 
Bergman. Sheets (7 p.) (practice of 
pediatrics, vol.1, pt. 1, chap. 21) NM: 
revisions. C Harper and Pow, Publishers, 
Inc., Medical Eetar*men*; 12Dec7i; 


Disorders of the adrenal medulla, Bj 
George A. Limbeck 6 Vincent c. Kelley. 
sheets (11 p.) (Practice of pediatrics, 
vol.1, pt.2, chap. ISA) NB: revisions, 
e Harper and Row, Publishers, Inc., 
Medical Department; 12Dec7U; A597109. 


Neuroblastoma, Sheets. (Practice cf 
pediatrics, vol.i, pt.1, chap.i2E) Appl. 
au: A, James McAdams 8 Kevin I. Eove. NM: 
revisions, e Harper and Row, Publishers, 
Inc., Medical Department: 12Dec7U; 

A597111 . 

Tn*oxlcatlons cf the nervous system. By 
Alan K. tone. Sheets (57 p.) (Practice 
of pediatrics, vol.i, ^t,^, chap, 11) NM: 
revisions, e Harper and Row, Publishers, 
Inc. Medical Department; 12D€c7i; 


Purulent meningitis. Ey Ralph C, 
Gordon, Theodore F. Thcmpscr 6 Andrew t. 
Hunt, Jr. sheets (23 p.) (Practice of 
pediatrics, vol. i, pt . 1, chap. 08) NM: 
revisiors. 6 Harper and Bow, Publishers, 
Inc, Medical Department; 12rec71; 


Infectious encephalitis. Ey Ralph I. 
Haynes, Henry G. Cramblett, Parvin H. 
Azimi 8 Earl S. Sherard, Jr, Sheets (19 
p.) (Practice of pediatrics, vol. i, pt . 
1, chap. 07) NM: revisions. C Harper and 
Row, Publishers, Inc., Medical Departmer*; 
12Eec7U; A597113. 


Adrenocortical hypof unction. By Gecrge 
A. Limbeck 8 Vincent C, Kelley, Sheets (9 
p.) IPractice of pediatrics, vol.i, pt.2, 
chap,18C) NM: revisions, e Harper and 
Row, Publishers, Inc., Medical Department: 
12Dec71; A597111. 


The Cerebrospinal fluid, Ey Robert S. 

P, Cutler, Sheets (18 p.) (Prac*ic€ cf 

pediatrics, vol. i, pt. 1, chap. 02A) NB: 
revisions. C Harper and Row, Publishers, 

Inc., Medical tepartment; 12Dec71; 


Developmental neurclcgy and disease 
mechanisms. By Jack A. Badsen. Sheets 
(27 p.) (Practice of pediatrics, vol. 1, 
pt. 1, chap. 01) KM: revisicns. e Harper 
and BOW, Publishers, Inc., Bedical 
Department; 12Dec71; A597116. 


These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Cffice record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyrighl Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

A597U17 - S597U57 



ProdromaticE, December 31, 197H. U v. E 
sheets (ill ^o) Portions prev. pubo by 
S'araara and Peer, Inc., 1972 S 1973. VK: 
revisions, additions & compilation. 
S Dillcn, Pead and Company, Inc.; 
31Dec7ll: A597«17. 


Frodromatics, July 31, 197U. 3 v. 6 
sheets (ttl p.) Portions prev. pub. by 
Standard and poor. Inc., 1972 6 1973. Nn; 
revisions, additions 5 compilation. 
C Dillon, Bead and Company, Inc.; 
31JU17II: B597mB. 


Prodromatics, September 30, 1 97it . 3 v. 
5 sheets (U1 p.) Portions prev. put. by 
standard and Pocr, Inc., 1972 6 1973. KB: 
revisions, additions s compilaticn. 
€ Dillon, Eead and Company, Inc.; 
30Sep7a; S597I419. 


Disorders of sexual maturation. Ey 
Pierre E. Perrier. Sheets. (Practice of 
pediatrics, vol.1, pt. 2 , chap. 56) 
S Harper and Bow, Publishers, Inc., 
Medical Department; 12Dec7U; J5971I20. 


Intracranial neoplasms in infants and 
children. By Kanuel R. Gomez E Haruo 
Ckazaki. 2« p. (Practice of pediatrics, 
vol.H, pt.1, chap.12) e Harper and Eow, 
publishers. Inc., Medical Departmer*: 
12Dec74: A597II21. 


DnJversity Hithout Halls, Skidmore 
Colleae. 1 v. Bppl. au: Skidirore 
college. e University Sithout Balls at 
Skidmore Cclleqe; 6Jan75 (in notice: 
19711) ; 65971122. 


The Noble official catalog of Bureau 
precancels. Hanaqina editor; Gilbert w. 
Noble, catalog values by G. C, Mync- 
henberq, listinqs by Horace Q. Trout. 
57th ed, , Jan. 1975. 206 p. Add. ti : The 
Noble official catalog of United States 
Bureau precancels. e Gilbert «. Noble; 
10Jar75; A5971123. 


Calbiochei LDH-P reagents. folder (5 
p.) NB: additions. CJ Calbiochem; 
80ct7It; A5971)2ll. 


Calbiochem triglycerides-glycerol (3 
vial) reagents. Folder (6 p.) NW: 
additions. C Calbiochem: 9Dec7U ; 


Calbiochem BON reagents. Folder (il p.) 
NM: additions, e Calbiochem; lODecyn; 


Calbiochem uric acid reagents. Folder 
(U p.) NK; additions, e Calbiochen; 
1CDec7I.: A5971127. 


Calbiochem 2,3-DPG reagents. Folder (5 
p.) NM: additions. C Calbiochem; 2Jaa75 
(in notice: 197ii): J597it28. 


Chapters from New ways of managing 
conflict. By Fensis Likert 8 Jane Gibson 
Likert. 302 p. e Eensis Likert B Jane 
Gibson Likert: 27Sep7U; A597ii29. 


The Flintstones Pebbles and Eamm-Eamm 

punch-out paper dolls. 1 v. Appl. su: 

ottenheimer Publishers, Inc. NH: original 


The Flintstones Bamm-Bamm punch-out 
paper dolls, 1 v. Appl. au: ottenheimer 
Publishers, Inc. NM: original art work. 
C Hacna-Bartera Productions, Inc.; 
26NOV71; A597U31. 


The Flintstones Betty and Barney 
puT>ch-out paper dolls. 1 v. Appl. au: 
Ottenheimer Publishers, Inc. NB: original 
art work. C Ranna-Earbera productions. 
Inc.; 2eNov711; A597U32. 


The Flintstones Pebbles punch-out paper 
dolls. 1 V. Appl. au: Ottenheimer 
Publishers, Inc. NB: original art work. 
€ Banna-Barbera Productions, Inc.; 
2eNoy71); A5971133. 


The Flintstones Hilma and Fred punch-out 
paper dolls. 1 v. Appl. au: Ottenheimer 
Publishers, Inc. NB: original art work, 
? Hanna-Earbera Productions, Inc.; 
26Nov7lt; A597I134. 


Yogi Bear Yogi and Cindy punch-out paper 
dolls. 1 V. Appl. au: Ottenheimer 
Publishers, Inc. NB: original art work. 
€ Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc.; 
26NOV7I1; A5971135. 

A597tt3e . 

Planning data base maintenance; manual. 
1 v. NB: additions 8 revisions. 
t Management Science, Inc.; EJan75 (in 
notice: 19711); A597ll3e. 


Differential aptitude tests; manual. 
Forms S 8 T, By George K, Bennett, Harold 
G. Seashore E Alexander G. Sesman, 5th 
ed. 165 p. Prev. pub. 1973 as admi- 
nistrator's handbook. C The Psychological 
Corporation; iiDec7ii; A5971137. 


Financial guide. tt5 p. © Fibre Box 
Association; 31Dec7ii; A5971138. 


Kaufman and Broad bores, 62 p, NB: 
revisions. ^ Kaufman and Broad Custom 
Homes, Inc.; 1itDec7U (in notice: 1973); 


sillimantic, Andover, Ashford, MA, and 
others, January 11, 1975; the book of 
names. t The Southern New England 
Telephone Company; 1Jan75; A597ituo. 


Instructions for star Tank and Filter 
Corporation round and square filter 
presses, 2ii p. Add, ti: Instructions for 
round and square filter presses. ^ star 
Tank and Filter Corporation; eNov73 (in 
notice: 197U) ; A597illl1, 


BISCO motivational incentive pay 
systems. 7 p. © Business Incentive 
Systems (EISCO) (in notice: BISCO 
Company); 31Dec7ii; A59''ii»2. 


Monmouth county, NJ, street address 
directory, November 197U. c National 
Telephone Directory Corporation ; 6Jan75 
(in notice: 197ii) ; A597uii3. 


National price Service Quick Quote. 1 
v. Add. ti: NPS Quick Quote. Appl. au: 
John H. Dalton. NH : additions E 
revisions, e Henderson-Hazel corporation, 



Common sense in reducing guide. No. IE. 
By Joe Bonomo. 66 p. (Common sense in ' 
eating) NB: photos. , drawings E updated 
text, e Jce Bonomc; 15Apr7ii; A597iia;. 


Famous little red calorie counter. 
No. 1A, By Joe Bonomo, 66 p. (Common 
sense in eating) NB: photos., drawings E 
updated text, e joe Bcnomo; 15Apr7ii; 


The Amazing new carbchydrate diet guide. 
By Jce Bonomo. 66 p. (Ccmircn sense in 
eating) NB: photos., drawings E updated 
text, e Joe Bonomc; 15Spr7U; A597mn. 


Lifestyles. 23 p. e General Bins, 
Inc. : 10Dec7ii: a597uiip, 


A Shopper's guide to resolving inscr=?nce 
complaints. By Billlam J. Sheppard. 12 
p. (The Shopper's guide series, 26) 
Appl. au: Commonwealth cf Pennsylvania, 
Insurance Department, e Coirnonwealth cf 
Pennsylvania Insurance Department (in 
notice: Pennsylvania Insurance Depar- 
tment); BOOcf"; A59711U9. 


Curses and songs and pcems. By lee 
Pudolph, phonography: Andy D^Sessa, 72 p. 
Some foems prev. appeared ?n Hanging loose 
6 o*hers. NM: compilaticn 6 additional 
poems. e lee Budolph; ISDeclH; A5S71I5C. 


Components of composition. By Thomas B, 
Hhissen. 122 p. € Allyn and Bacon, inc.; 
2Jan75; A5971151. 


Instructor's manual to accompany 
Fundairental mathematics for the social and 
management sciences. Py Lloyd S. Fmersci 
6 Laurence E. Paquette, 173 p, 6 Allyn 
and Bacon, Inc.; 2Jan7;; A597U52, 


Fundamental mathematics for the scc^' al 
and management sciences. Ey Iloyd s. 
Emerson E Laurence E. Paquette, 1120 p, 
Prev. put, as linear algebra, calculus, 
and probability: fundamental mathematics 
for the social and management sciences 8 
as Linear algebra, calculus, and 
probability for business and econcirics. 
NM: pref,, additional text, editorial 
rev.<sion 6 index, e Allyn and Bacon, 
inc.; 2Jan75; A5971153. 


Planning: the client folder, the case 
problem, in p. (Billion dollar method) 
e Home Life Insurance Ccmpany; PJan75; 


The Planned estate portfolio deMve'-;, a 
new beginning, 5 p. (Million dollar 
method) e Heme Life Insurance Company: 
8Jan75; A5971I55. 


The Solution interview. 21 p. (HllHon 
dollar method) e Home Life insurance 
company; 8Jan75; A5971156. 


Heathkit new winter projects. Factory 
ma-1 order catalog 802, Jan. 19''5. 87 p, 
Appl, au: Eichard A, Fdinger 8 Ccy 
clement. 6 Heath Company; 1Jan75 (in 
notice: 197U); AE97U57. 

These entries alone may not refiect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 



The Pequlatory challenqe to social work: 
an historical essay en professional policy 
formulation. By Norris E. class for the 
National Sssociaticn of Social Workers, 
Inc. 66 Po (Ccntinuinq education series, 
1) e National Association of Social 
Workers, Inc.: 7jan75 (in notice: 197H); 


Health maintenance organizations ; an 
analysis. By Neil F. Eracht. 31 p, 
(Ccntinuinq education series, 2) Appl. 
au: National Association of Social 
Workers, Ire. € National Association of 
Social Workers, Inc.; 7jan75 (in notice: 
197U): A5S71159. 


Ethical practices in the computerization 
of client data; implications for social 
work practice and record keepirq. 
Prepared as backqrcund for policy analysis 
for National Association of Social 
Workers, Inc. bv Gareth S. Kill. 2f p. 
(Continuinq education series, 3) Appl. 
au: National Association of Social 
Workers, Inc. € National Association of 
Social Workers, Inc.: 7jan75 (in notice: 
1971) ; fi597U60. 


The Case cf qovernirent benefits: irore 
discrimination aqainst Hcmen; papers 
presented to the National Conference on 
Social Welfare, Cincinnati, May 1970. By 
Shirley n. Euttrick E Valerie S. Lies. 1 
y. (Ccntinuinq education series, K) 
C National Association cf social workers. 
Inc.: 7jan75 (in notice: 197U); 


12th annual proceedinqs. Reliability 
Physics, 197U: las Veqas, NV , April 2 - u, 
197U. 320 p. e The listitute of 
Electrical and Electronics Enqineers, 
Inc.; 27Sep7l(; A597H62. 


IEEE conference record of 1974 ninth 
annual meeting cf the IEEE Industry 
Applications Society: papers presented at 
the ninth annual meeting, William Penn 
Hotel, Pittsburqh, October 7 - October 10, 
19711. Pt.1 - 2. e The Institute cf 
Electrical and Electronic Enqineers, Inc. 
a.a.d.o. the Institute of Electrical and 
ElectrcnicE Enqineers, Inc.; 70ct7ti; 


A. E. Cick wide screen mimeograph 
stencil printer; operating instructions, 
model 560. 7 p. Add. ti: Operating 
instructions, mcdel 550 mimeograph C A. 
B. Dick Company; 26Dec7a: A597U614, 


Selected nonpara metric statistical 
programs (Oniyersity Computer Center) 
Edited by Bill c. F. Snider E Erwin E. 
Brown, issued by the Hniyersity Computer 
Center, the University cf Iowa, 100 p. 
e University of Iowa; 10ct7i4; A59'«65. 


The Harvard scene. By Ronald Tilly. 1 
V, Appl. au: Carl W. Getz, Jr. 
S President and Fellows of Harvard 
College; 30Dec7U; A597l4ee. 


Orqanization , research, presentation, 
accountability: a universal approacV to 
teachinq and learninq; for teachers and 
students in elementary schools, high 
schools, colleqes and universities. By 
John B. Gilbaugh. 107 p. e John W. 
Gilbauqh: 2Jan75: A597U67. 


styrere rubber ducts and duct fittings 
for underground installations. 7 p. 
(NEMA standards publication, no.TC 1 - 
1975) NH: revisions 6 additions. 
€ National Electrical Manufacturers 
Association: 9Jan75; A597it68. 


Power switchoear assemblies. 12 p. 
(NEMA standards publication, no.SG 5 - 
1975) NM: revisions 6 additions. 
C National Electrical Manufacturers 
Association; 9Jan75; A597U69. 


What's in it for you? Minalcy, a unigue 
plastic. Folder. Appl. au: Claudia 1. 
Workman e Jack L. Workman. © Workman 
Cevelopments, Inc.; 25Sep7«; A597U70. 


The Cabbage cookbook. By Ann L. 
Haslinger, illus. by Roland A. Moch. 156 
p. e Ann Haslinger; 2UDec7ii; 1597U71. 

A597H72 . 

The Installation and servicing of 
domestic oil burners. By Frank V. 
Mitchell 6 Robert W. Mitchell. 2nd ed . 
191 p. C Frank V. Mitchell 6 Robert w. 
Mitchell; 2Jan75: A597ll72. 

SE9714 73. 

Detective investigator. By David p. 
Turner. 160 p. e Arco Publishing 
company. Inc.: 2Jan75; A597a73. 


Intensifying screens workbook with quiz. 
Folder. (Du Pont radiographic training 
program) Appl. au: E, F. Cook S P. Erb. 
€ E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company, 
Inc.; 31Dec7U; A597U7it. 


Thru the ages, a genealogy. Compiled 6 
written by Emogere Tindall. 113 p. 
e Emogene Tindall; 1Jan75; A597a75. 


Grantsmanship workplan. Written by the 
Eckman Center. 1 03 p. C The Eckman 
Center; 17Dec7a; A597H76. 


OSHA cemetery occupational safety and 
health manual. Prepared by Harvey I. 
lapin. 1 V. Add. ti: Occupational safety 
and health act cemetery manual. 
e National Catholic Cemetery Conference; 
6Cct7lt; A597U77. 


The Mass marketer: milk calendar. 
Recipes prepared by the American Dairy 
Association. Appl. au: Shaw-Eartcn. 
e Shaw-Earton; 15Nov7U; A597U78. 


It's A Wonderful World. Calendar, 
e Shaw-Barton; 15Nov7U; A597U79. 


Your recipe calendar. Add. ti: 
Standard recipe: your recipe calendar. 
8 Shaw-Earton; 15Nov7H: A597«80. 


5 cents Liberty, a weekly for everybody. 
Calendar. Appl. an: Shaw-Earton, liberty 
library Corporation E liberty Weekly, Inc. 
NM: compilation E additions, ff liberty 
library corporation ; 15Nov7it; AS97U81. 


The Recorder. Calendar. € Shaw- 
Barton; 15Nov7q; A597II82. 


Milady's calendar, e Shaw-Eartcn; 
15NCV7U; A5971ie3. 


Meet Johnny Horizon, '76: let's clean uo 
America for our 200th birthday. Presented 
by Shaw-Earton. Calendar. Add, ti: 
Johnny Horizon home version. C Shaw- 
Eartcn: 15Nov7lt: A597lieil. 


Your family's safety: family safety and 
first aid calendar. C Shaw-Earton; 
15NOV7U; A59711P5. 


The Great American Negro calendar, 1976, 
e Shaw-Barton; 15Nov7U; A;97iiee. 


American's almanac: 1776, the year of 
independence. Calendar, e Shaw-Barton; 
15NOV7U: A597l(e7, 


Your rod and gun calendar ^cr 1976, 
Compiled, edited E written by William I. 
Brown. Appl. au: Shaw-Barton. 
e Shaw-Barton; 15Nov7U; A597U88. 


The Offbeat observer. Vol.11, 1976. 
Calendar, e Shaw-Eartcn: 15iicv7U; 


Dan ce-a-round and have fun: or. 
Everything you have always wanted to know 
about round dancing, bu* were afraid tc 
ask! By Betty J. and Clarence A. Mueller. 
2U p. e Betty Mueller 8 Clancy Pueller; 
28Dec7il; A597090. 

A597UC1 . 

The Black on New Spain's northern 
frontier; San Jose de Parral, 1631 *c 
1611. By Vincent Mayer, Jr. 15 p. 
e Center of Southwest- Studies; 12Dec7U; 


The Bunny who wanted to fly. Ey Mary M. 
McCoy. 1U p. e Eillie McCoy; l6jan75; 


Slow-crock cookery. Ey Karen Plagemar , 
illustrated by lily Hollls. €1 p. 
e Owlswocd Productions; 18Nov7ii; 


Thermodynamics for engineering 
technology. pt.2. Ey Robert K. Will. 
321 p. e Robert K. will; 2-9Dec7ll; 


Perspecti.ves on advertising education; 
proceedings of the 197ii National 
Conference for Oniversi*-y Professors cf 
Advertising at the Dniversi*y of Rhode 
Island. Edited by sherilyn K, Zeigler, 
52" p. e American Academy of Advertising; 
2nEec-fl; A5571t95. 


Medical and dental x-rays: a consuirer's 
guide to avoiding unnecessary radiation 
expoEcre. By Priscilla w. Laws. 71 p. 
e Health Research Group £ Priscilla W. 
laws: 18Dec7lt; A597U96, 


The Practical socialabilitv indicator, 
1 V. Appl. au; lee S. Mo Coiloster E 
Joseph W. Heck, C lee Stephen Mc 
collcEter 6 Joseph w. feck; 12Jul7U; 


Programme de communication et de chef de 
file; programme de Toastmas^ers Inter- 
national. Ce programme a ete prepare par 
Robert T. Oliver, traduction de Use 
larocgue-Di Virgillio. 98 p. Appl. au: 

These entries alone may not reHect the compJete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyriglit Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


- aUN. 19T= 

A597U98 (con.) 

loastmastere Irternational, Inc. French 
iranslaticn c£ the EnqliEh version cf the 
Coimunication and leaderEhip manual, »B; 
French translation. ^ ToastpaEters 
Iniernational, Inc.; 30Dec7l|; J5971I98. 


Central Hardware January sale days. 1 
V. NB: drawinqs, new textual £ pictorial 
material, new layouts 5 revisicns. 
e Central Hardware Company (in notrce: 
Central Hardware) : 5Jai!75; A597ii9?. 


The University piano series: a course cf 
study for the adult student, Ecok ;. By 
Hershal Oliver Pyle. 60 p. This ed. is 
an expansion of the original boolt. NH: 
p. 56 - 60, new pieces, text 6 illus. 
e Hershal Pyle; 3Jan75 (in notice: 
197U); S597500. 


Isle of Skve recipes. 52 p. Appl. au: 
Franli H. BacDonald d.t.a. Isle of Eliye 
Company. 6 BacDonald d. 1:. a. Isle of Sl<ye 
company (in notice: BacDonald); 15Sep7H; 


Central steel and Wire Ccmpaty steel 
plate manual. 27 p. 5 Central steel and 
Hire Company: 30Dec7U; S5975P2. 


Human Interacti ens. By Edward s. Howie, 
1 V. C Fdward S. Howie; 19Dec7U: 


A System for the universal desk. 
Authored by Bruce Humphrey. 31 p. 
e Bruce Humphrey; Ujan75: A5 975 0ii . 


Brendle*s, Inc, Jewelers end Dist- 
ributors cataloq, 1975. 190 p. 
e Berchandisers' Association, Inc, ; 
It0ct7lt; A597505. 


Assembly and operation of the Heethkit 
power inverter, model BF-10E. 31 p. Add. 
ti: Bodel BP-10E power inverter: Heathkit 
assembly manual. 6 Heath Company; 
3Jan75; A597506. 


Endowment at aqe 65. Folder, 
e Colonial Life and Accident InsuraT^ce 
Company: 31Dec70 (in notice: 1975); 


Lee January line, 1975. 51 p. Appl. 
au: The H. V. Lee Company, Inc. (The H. D, 
lee Company) e The H. E. lee Company 
a.a.d.o. The H. D. Lee Company, Ire; 
30Dec7U: A597508. 


LIN-svstems. 7 p. 6 Joseph H, 
lindenlauf d.b.a. Lin Systems Publishing: 
15Auq71t: AS97S09. 


District and county reports, second 
series; containing reports of cases 
decided in all the nudicial districts of 
Pennsylvania. Vol.6«, 1971. 815 p. Add. 
ti: Pennsylvania district and county 
reports. Appl, au: Halter E, Eaufferbart, 
e The Leqal Intelligencer; 7Jan75 (in 
notice: 1971); A597510. 


Tunken tell and other episodes. By 
Barqaret Welch Ham. 80 p. 6 Barqaiet 
Welch Bam: 25Dec71: A597511. 


Electrical engineering license review. 

By Lincoln D, Jones & Donald G. Newman, 
1th ed. 2ie p. e Engineering Press; 
2Jan75; A597512. 


Herstory: a woman's view of American 
history. By June Scchen. 118 p, 
e Alfred Poblishino Company, Inc.; 
1Nov71; A597513. 


The Films of Rita Hayworth; the legend 
and career of a love goddess. By Gene 
Einggold, 256 p. NB: original text, 
compilation of pictorial material & some 
prev. pub. reviews. © Gene Einqgold; 
30Jun71; A597511. 


Classics of the horror film. By William 
K, Iverson, 217 p. NB: text 6 com- 
pilation of pictorial matter. 6 William 
K. Everson; 30Dec71; A597515. 


The Western films of John Fcrd. By 
Janey A, Place. 216 p. NB: entire 
original text 6 compilation of pictorial 
material. e Janey A. Place; 30Eec71; 


Animals or the farm and pets. Text by 
Jacgues Line, illus, by Bertello, 
translated by Charles A. Pemberton, edited 
by E. E. Hirsh. 1 v, Appl. au: 
ottenheimer Publishers, Inc. Prev. pub. 
abroad 1973. NB: Americanized, revised 
text 6 additional text. C Ottenheimer 
Publishers, Inc, : 110ct71; A597517, 


Eeby animals of Asia. Text by Gilles 
Saint-Cerere, illus. by Nemo, translated 
by GudruE C. Heatley, edited by E. P. 
filrsh. 1 V. Appl. au: ottenheimer 
Publishers, Inc. Prev. pub. abroad 1972. 
NB: Americanized, revised text G 
additional text, 6 Ottenheimer Pub- 
lishers, Inc.; 110ct7l; A5975ie. 


Baby animals of the Americas. Text by 
Josiane Tublana, illus. by Nemo, 
translated by Brian Hurphy, edited by E. 
B, Hirsh, 1 V. Appl, au: ottenheimer 
Publishers, Inc. prev. pub. abroad 1972. 
NB: Americanized, revised text 6 
additional text, 6 ottenheimer Pub- 
lishers, Inc.; 110ct74; A597519. 


Baby animals of Africa. Text by 
Henriette Bichonnier, illus, by Nemc, 
translated by Hilda Young, edited by E. P. 
Hirsh. 1 V. Appl. au: Ottenheimer 
Publishers, Inc, Prev. pub, abroad 1972. 
NB: Americanized, revised text E 
additioral text. 6 Ottenheimer Pub- 
lishers, Inc.; 110ct71; A597520. 


The Heme pro brick, concrete and 
stonework guide. Catalog no. 9710, 186 p. 
e_ Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing 
Company; 2Jan75; A597521. 


The Home pro paneling and wallboard 
guide. Catalog nc.975C. 172 p. 
C Minnesota Bining and Manufacturing 
Company; 2Jan75; A597522. 


The Home pro wallpaper and paint guide. 
Catalog no. 9720. 186 p. 6 Minnesota 
Mining and Manufacturing Company; 2Jan75: 


The Home pro electrical installation and 
repair guide. Catalog no. 9760. 172 p. 

t Hirnescta Bininq and Manufacturing 
Company; 2Jan75; A597521. 


The Rome pro plumbing gu?d€. Catalog 
no. 9765. 188 p. t Hiinescta Mining and 
Manufact.uring Company; 2JaT-.'5; A59752'=, 


The Home pro landscape and lawn care 
guide. Catalog no. 9725. 172 p. 
€ Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing 
Company: 2Jan75; AE97526. 


The Home pro ba*hroom and ki*chen 
remodeling guide. Catalog nc.97;5. 1E7 
p. C Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing 
Company; 2Jan75; A597E27. 


The Home pro reupholstering guide. 
Catalog no. 9755. 172 p. g Minnesota 
Mining and Manufacturing Ccmpany: 2Jan"'5; 


The Home pro furniture reflnishing and 
antiquing guide. Catalog nc.9715. nc p. 
e Minnesota Bining and Manufacturing 
company; 2Jan75; 4597529. 


The Home pro floor and carpeting 
installation and repair gu^.de. Catalog 
no. 9730. 186 p. C Minnesota Bining and 
Manufacturing Company; 2Jai!~5; A597530, 


Trigonometry, By Isidore Dressier 5 
Barnett Elch. 365 P' t Amsco School 
Publications, Inc.; 2Jac75; A597531. 


Eeginninc Spanish by easy steps. By 
Emily Boyd'Leal 6 Susan Hamilton. 299 p. 
C Amsco School Publications, Inc.; 
2Jan75; A597532. 


Dental materials: properties and 
manlf elation. By Robert George Craig, 
William Joseph O'Brien 6 John Michael 
Powers. 251 p. (5 The C. V, Mosby 
Company; 3Jan75; A597533. 


Evans Distributors and Jewelers, Inc. 
Christmas supplement catalog. No, 7111. 
17 p. e Merchandiser's Association, Inc.; 
130ct71; A597531. 


Harriet Hygienist. 1 v. Appl. au: 
Joyce I. Levy E Barbara A. Marks. e Joyce 
I. Levy 6 Barbara A. Barks.; 21Cct71: 


Subsurface investigation, 101 p. nm: 
25« new matter including text 6 pictorial 
matter. C Soiltest, inc.; 31Dec7i; 


The Eeadar system. By Ronald Jacobs. 1 
p. NB: additlcns. C Ronald Jacobs: 
11Jar75; A597537. 


The Lottery pool system. By J, A, P, 
and Associates. 1 v. Add. +j: original 
discovery designs, guide: ticket, exchange 
systems and lottery, peel systems, 
designs; L. P. S. news € J. Bizzo t.a. J. 
A. P. and Associates; lONovTI; A597538, 


Three year, 36,000 mile owner protection 
plan protects you against major repair 
bills. 8 p. 6 sheets. Appl. au: Robert 
L. Goldman, 6 Shield System? Corporation 
d.b.a. National Extended Warranty Services 

These entries a!one may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for Information about any additional records that may exist. 

A597539 <ccr, ) 

(Shield SYEtems Corporation); 220c*7U; 



A Unique money savlnq customer service^ 
« p. e Shields Systems, Inc. d.t.a. 
National Extended Warranty Services; 
220ct7U: 9597500. 

A5975n 1. 

Eckler's "Corvette Horld"; 19714 revised. 
36 p. Appl. an: Eckler's, division of 
Eckler Ind>]Etries, Inc. O Eckler 
industries. Inc.; 30D6c71t; A5975U1. 


Form 'n Bake Polyform, 23 p. e Harold 
Manqelsen and sons, I'lc.; 8Jan75; 


Vocational rehabilitation index: 197 K. 
Ey John E. Buthard. 377 p. e John E. 
Buthard; 26l;ec7«; A5975«3. 


Jim's bike, Britten ty Harry E. Huls, 
120 p. e San Dieqo State University 
Press: 5Sep71t; AE9751lll. 


A Riblioaraphy of bibliographies in 
aesthetics. By Allan Shields. 79 f. 
e San Dieqo State University press; 
2eNov7Il: A597EU5. 


Directory of members, 1975. 222 p. 
g Financial Managers Society for Savings 
Institutions, Inc. ; 8Jan75: A5975U6. 


An Invitation to color-slide photcq- 
rachy. By Joseph F. Bahoney. 20 p^ 
e Joseph F. Bahcney; 21Sep7«; A597547. 


lenqth of stay in PAS hospitals, Dnited 
states, eastern reqion, 1973. 237 p. 
C CciTffiission on Professional and Hospital 
Activities; 29Nov7U; B5975U8. 


Lenqth of stay in PAS hospitals, Dnited 
states, southern reqion, 1973 237 p. 
€ commission on Professional and Hospital 
Activities; 29Nov7II: A5975tt9. 


lenqth of stay in PAS hospitals, Dnited 
States, western reqion, 1973. 237 p. 
S commission on Professional and Hospital 
Activities; 29Nov7U; A597550. 


Lenqth of stay in PAS hospitals, Dnited 
States, 1973. 237 p. ? Commission on 
Professional and Hospital Activities; 
2SN0V714; 8597551. 


Lenqth of stay in PAS hospitals, Dnited 
States, central reqion, 1973. 237 p. 
e Commission on Professional and Hospital 
Activities: 29Bov7It; A597552. 


Dentistry. Prepared in cooperaticn with 
the American Dental Association. 1975 ed. 
32 p. Appl. au: Bey Scouts of America, 
e Boy Scouts of America; 2Jan75; 


Ihe Creed of an Olympian. 2 p. fdd. 
ti: Credc d'un olympien. Enqlish E, 
French. Appl. au: Bichard H. Fupfer. 
Prev. req. A3915U1 £ A512815. N«: 
editorial revision & French translation, 
e Kuprel Enterprises, ltd.; 1Cct7ii; 



Teaching philosophy Inductively; methods 
and materials. By Carolyn J. Sweers. 1 
V. C Carolyn J. Sveers; 29Jul7U: 


America. 1 p. Appl. ai 
e Jean B, HymaT', ; 7Jar75; 


All us smart birds are n^ing the rew 
ward Aero "in-flight alternator analyzer." 
2 p. Appl. au: E. I. Bard. 6 Hard Aero, 
Inc.; 15Dec7U; A597557. 


Investors research book of charts. 36th 
ed. 1 V. Appl. au: Edgar T. Bells, Jr. S 
Jean H. Caloudes. Prev. reg. © Investors 
Fesearch Company: 2Jan75; A597558. 


Coal truck driver. By Floyd Tidsworth, 
Jr. 1 p. e Floyd Tidsworth, Jr.; 
15Apr72; A597559. 


Dubuque, including Epworth, la Botte, 
II, and others telephone directory, 
December 197U. g Northwestern Bell 
Telephone Company; 17Dec7U; A597560. 


Eeckley, Sophia, Flat Top, sv , and 
others telephone directory, January 1975. 
? Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Ccmpany 
of West Virginia; 31Dec7u (in notice: 
1975) ; A597561. 


Greater Kansas City, BO and KS, yellow 
pages, January 1975. ^ Southwestern Bell 
Telephone Company; 1Jan75; A597562. 


Huntington Beach, Bidway City, 
Westminster, CA, and others, November 
197U. e General Telephone Company of 
California; 2eoct7U; A597563. 


Coachella, Desert Center, Desert Shores, 
CA, and others, January 1975. 6 General 
Telephone Company of California; 1 6Dec7u ; 


Bradbury, Duarte, Bonrovia, Oft, and 
others, northeastern section telephone 
directory, December 197U. e General 
Telephone Company of California; 29Ncv7it; 


laguna Beach, South Laquna and a portion 
of Laguna Niguel, CA, November 197U. 
e General Telephone Company of California; 
2U0ct7Ii: A5975ee. 


La Habra, La Hirada, Los Nietos, CA, and 
ethers, northeastern section telephone 
directory, December 197a. e General 
Telephone Company of Califcrnia; 2Dec7U ; 


A Banual of organizational kncw-how; 
leadership loqic. 64 p. Appl. au: E. B. 
Hlrsh 6 shoshana s. Cardln. 6 The 
Federation of Jewish Womens organizations 
of Maryland; 16Dec7ii: A597568. 


Ask rain from the Lord, By sister Noemi 
Beygant, O.S.B. , photographer: Sister 
Noemi Weygant, O.S.B. 91 p. C The Order 
of Saint Benedict, Inc.; 19Dec7ii; 


orthodox Church. Vol. 1. By Anthony B. 
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A597E-1 . 

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A Gride to *-he Iowa public emplcyment 
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ti: ClB/1 Iowa. 5 The Dniversity of Icwa; 
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- 270. e The Association of Life 
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Wa-rite, a weight management program. 
108 p. Add. tl : Tl'e Ba-rlte program 
instructor's manual. Appl. au: repartmen*- 
of Health, General conference of 
Seventh-day Adventists (General Conference 
tepartment of Health) e General 
Conference Department cf Health; eKov7U; 

B5975ei . 

Golf is! know what? Ey Eeeta c. 
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Yogi Bear and the teeny weeny mountain. 
Story by Horace J. PI las. i v. 
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from the Sunday gospels in the 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyriglit Office for informatiopi about any additional records that may exist. 

1597586 - J597629 



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A59759e . 

Vake up America, before it's too late. 
By Robert A. Jcnes. 58 p. C Robert A. 
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learninq. By Nancy B. Geyer, edited by 
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and central Hashinqton history. Editor: 
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AS97611 . 

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Easi-Eild 607. By Donald E. Brann. 162 
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- 5. By Robert N. Anthony 8 Glenn 1. 
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Fundamentals of manaaemen*- acccurting; 
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- 9. By Robert N. Anthony E Glenn A. 
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A5976 17. 

Fundamentals of management acccunting; 
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- 9. By Robert u. Anthony 6 Glenn A. 
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Fundamentals of management accounting; 
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- 5. Ey Robert N. Anthony e. Glenn 1. 
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Fundamentals of management accounting; 
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- It. By Eobert N. Anthony B Glenn A, 
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Fundamentals of management accounting; 
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achievement test number 3 (set A) Chap 1 

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Teacher as person. Py Robert R, 
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A Special message from Star Tank and 
Filter Corporation. 1 v. e Star Tank an 
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1974) ; 1597624. 


Star Tank and Filler Corporation rcura 
and Equare filter presses.' 1 v. Idd. ti 
Star filter presses, e star Tank and 
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Bilcci. C Jean Wilcox; 26Ncv74; 


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1975. 60 p. Ippl. au: Alfred 1. 
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Recommended loading and bracing methods 
for packaged chemicals In box cars; 
technical bulletin TC-21. 23 p. 
e Manufacturing Chemists* Association, 
inc. ; 10Dec74; A597628. 


Diet dispatch. 1 v. « Genesee Region 

These esilries a!one may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


JON. 1915 

S597629 (ecu.) 

Fanily Plarninq proqram. Inc.; 2900*71; 



Travellirq easto Ev Mouritz Eysirero 1 
V. e Bouritz Eysman; ejan75; B59"e30. 


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Tom-Wat shov case plan! 2 folders 6 1 
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Handwriting analysis: a tasic course. 
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Our anqle heritaqe. Ev Eoqer Goulet. 
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8597652 . 

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8 597660. 

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8597661 . 

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8597675 . 

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These entries alone may not reHect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


JP-N. - JDN. 


Northeastern section telephone directory 
for sierra nadre ana portions cf srcadia 
and Pasadeia, CS, Decemter 197«. 
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Copperhead; a qiftbox for Kenneth 
Bexroth, Sheets 6 2 folders, Sppl, au: 
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Earl Niqhtinqale direct line 17; a 
continuinq examination of the best ideas 
for self-realizaticn, qrowth and renewal. 
06 p. 6ppl. au: Earl Nlqhtinoale. 
t? Niqhtinqale-Conant corporation; 
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fashions in paper. 16 p. Appl. au: 
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ficroelectronics in the 1970 's, Ev 
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€ Rockwell International Corporate or; 
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e Buildinq Cfflcials and Code 6dmiris- 
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The BOCA tasic fire prevention code, 
1975. 3rd ed. 167 p. e Building 
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Systematic code enforcement; a short 
course for code enforcement officers. 
Editor: Pichard L. Sanderson. 25 p. 
C Buildinq officials and Code Adminis- 
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Record World dialoques; viewpoints of 
the music industry. Edited by Mike 
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Publishing company. Inc. All articles 
prev. appeared in Record world itaqazine, 
MM: pref. 6 sketches. e Record World 
Putlishina Company, Inc.; 2USep7U; 


Rockefeller bivouacs with 1313. Ey 
Josephine 1. Hindman. 1 v. ©Jo Hindman 
(Josephine 1. Hindman! ; 31Dec7ii; 


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au: Gerald Levy. C Bernhard Dlmann, an 
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Tomorrows beauticians. 12 p. Appl. 
au: Paul J. Himler, Sr. C Paul j. Fimler, 
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Comparative attitudes of sublects in 
three diverse drug treatment modalities. 

Ey Dora G. Ruvkun. 60 p. e Dora G. 
Euvkun; 8Jar75; A597690. 

A597691 . 

Frederick County, Maryland, natura- 
lizations, 1799 - 1850. Ey Raymond B. 
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S5976 92. 

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heastern Louisiana Dniversity; 12Apr7U; 


Don't risk your child's life! 7th rev. 
ed. Folder, e Physicians for Automotive 
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A5976 9U. 

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management program: a plan for the 
investment portfolio of moderate size. 8 
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(Johnston loose-leaf election guide 
service, report no. 80) © William G. 
Johnston Compary; 10Jan75; 6597695. 


A Day with Mister Blob. 10 p. Appl. 
au: Betty Ruberistein Abbott (Beatrice 
Fubel, pseud.) 6 Beatrice Rabel, pseud, 
of Betty Bubenstein Abbott; ieDec70; 
A5976 96. 


Meet Bister Mojo. 1 v. Appl. au: Betty 
Fubensteic Abbott (Beatrice Bubel, pseud.) 
e Beatrice Rubel, pseud, of Betty 
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Andrew waugh, illus. by Jon Prosser F- 
Bruno GrasEwdll. 512 p. Appl. au: 
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By Elizabeth E. Elias, consulting editor: 
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A597701 . 

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Shy I fight for a Christian America. By 
Billy James Bargis. 179 p. 6 Billy James 
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Don't mention moon to me. Ey Beatrice 
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2eDec70; A597703. 


Grace in the wilderness. By John w. 
Coffey, Jr. 103 p. 6 John W. Coffey, 
Jr.; 1NOV70; A597700. 

16 83 


6bCTtion: the Trojan horse; a human lock 
a* a new dilemma. By Janet M, Pattersc f 
Robert c. Patterson, Jr. 178 p. e Jan = '> 
M. Patterson F P, c, Patterso, Jr.; 
1NOV7H; A597705. 


Bow to build an evangelistic church 
music program. By Lindsay Terry. 1 SB p, 
e Lindsay Terry; 1Dec7U; 6597706. 


I really want to feel good about myself, 
poems by former drug addicts. Selected by 
Lee Bennett Hopkins E Sunna Fasch. 80 p." 
S Lee Bennett Hopkins E Surna Fasch; 
30Dec70; 6597707. 


I will make you disappear. By Carol 
Beach York. Ill p. e Carol Eeach york; 
26Dec70; A597708, 


Sp5es on the devil's belt. By Betsy 
Haynes. 159 p. e Betsv Bavnes; 26Dec7U; 


Nantucket summer. By Phyllis Green, 
122 p. e Phyllis Green; 2frec7U; 


Worlds near and far: nine stories cf 
science fiction and fantasy. Edited by 
Terry Carr. 176 p. NM: compilation F new 
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Mutants: eleven stories of science 
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Machinist's guide for carbide toolino. 
96 p. Appl, au: Gulf and Western 
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€ Gulf and Western Manufacturing Company 
(Eastern Group), Super Tool Company 
Division (in notice: Super Tool Company, 
a divlsicn of Gulf and Western Manu- 
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Machinist's guide for carbide tooling, 
96 p. Appl. au: Gulf and western 
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Division (in notice: Morse Cuttinc Tools, 
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5Dec70; 6597715. 


The Teachings cf the Lord Jesus Christ. 
By Gertrude Kramer. 61 p. C World-Wide 
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Bless the Lord: a prayerbcck for Advent, 
Christmas, Lent and Eastertide. Edi'ed by 
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Bride of a stranger, Ey Patricia 
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The Word was out--get Buchanan! Ey 
Jonas Ward, pseud, of William Ard, loo p. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
\>ork. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


JDN. 19T5 

J557719 (ccr.) 

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Transforceticus 2: urderEtandirq 
flnterican history through science fiction. 
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Sylvia Porter's Income tax auide, 1975; 
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Like it is, for the parents of the 
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Wall chart. N«: pref. 8 original charting 
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Sports close-ups 3: a supplemerta ry 
readiaq prcqram for intermediate qrades 
frcm EHC, Ey Julian nay, Dennis Saint 
Sauver 6 5ita Leier. 6 v. in box. C EMC 
Corpcration: 31Dec7U: A597725. 


Really me! a suppleme^tary reading 
proqram from EMC, By Linda Jacobs 5 Eita 
leier, illus. by Kathleen Mary Bright. 5 
V. in box. e EBC Corporation: 31D6c7tt; 


Betty Crocker's Breads. Director of 
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Dnccnvectional techniques for collecting 
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Byers; 15llov71i; A5977141. 


Organizational regeneration. By Elliott 
Bittler. Bicrofilm. 6 Elliott Bittler; 
15Nov7«; A5977B2. 


A Decision making and learning system to 
aid operator control of manipulators. By 
stepan Vosgan Merjanian. Microfilm. 
C stepan Vosqan Merjanian: 15Nov7U; 


The Phonology and morphology of 
Dezfuli-Shushtari: a study in west Persian 
dialectology. By Colin Boss BacKlnnon. 
Microfilm, e Colin Boss BacKinnon; 
15Noy7U; A5977ttU. 


A Comparative study of community college 
Mexican American and Anglo American 
graduates and dropouts. By Ernest Lucero 
Garcia. Microfilm, e Ernest Lucero 
Garcia: 15Nov71|; A5977U5. 


The "Vida retirada" of Fray Luis De 
Leon: an alleqorlcal poem. By Robert F. 
Escudero. Bicrofilm, e Robert F. 
Escudero; 15Nov71|; A5977U6. 



Crowding stress: the effects of social 
density on men with "close" cr "far" 
personal space. By Braddie Benson Dcoley. 
Microfilm. C Eraddis EensoTi Dooley; 
15Noy7U; A5977q7. 


The Geologic history of the Valdez 
Group, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska: depositlcn 
and deformation at a late cretaceous 
consumptive plate margiT>. Py Poy Theodore 
Eudn<k. Microfilm, e Boy Thecdore 
Budrik; 15Nov71l; A5977I18. 


An Analysis of the net housing impac* of 
the Federal income tax, housing programs 
and public assistance, 1960 - 1970. Ey 
Hilliam Cooper Baer. Bicrofilm, 
e Hilliam Cooper Eaer; 15Noy7U; A5977U9. 


A Pilot study toward the validation of 
the Sufi personality typology. By Thomas 
Edward zinkle. Bicrofilm. e Thomas 
Edward Zinkle; 15ncvtU; A597750. 


Affective/cognitive measurement of 
preschool children; an exploratory study. 
Ey Thelma Belancon Thompson. Microfilm, 
e Thelma Belancon Thompson; ISNovTU; 


Choice and self-concept. Ey Lawrence 
Stanley Batner. Bicrofilm. e Lawrence 
Stanley Batner; 15.Nov7ii; A597752. 


A Descriptive study of the drcp-cut 
student in a San Diego community ccllege. 
By George Pappas. Bicrofilm, e George 
Pappas; 15NOV7I1; A597753. 


Vows, commitment and soman Catholic 
sisters: a descriptive study of a 
congregation. Ey Fthel Ann Nancy McSuley. 
Bicrofilm. C Fthel Ann Nancy BcAuley; 
15NOV7U; A597751I. 


An Analysis of the relationship between 
at*itude, teacher academic preparation a^^d 
preschool student achievement. By Isaac 
Johnson £ Yvonne Mosley Johnson. 
Bicrofilm. e Isaac Johnson s Yvonne 
Boslej Johnson; 15N0V7U; A597755, 

A597756 . 

A Comparison of the relationship of 
ever* behavior and measured attitude 
chance with an analysis of the effects cf 
age, intelligence and education as factors 
in resistance to attitude change. By 
Joseph Devalson Cunmincs. Bicrofilm. 
e Joseph Devalson Cummings; 15Nov7it; 


An Investigaticn of the relationship 
between methadone maintenance and 
self-concept. By Hiram Hurlburt Beldlna, 
uth. Bicrofilm, C Hiram Hurlburt 
Eelding, ath; 15Nov71|; A597757, 


Altitudes and perceptions of students 
participating in vccaticnal cooperative 
education. By Leland Fhilllfs Baldwin, 
Bicrofilm. e Leland Phillips Ealdwir; 
ISNovTU; A59775e. 


Knowledge and practice of women physical 
education teachers in Indiana regarding 
negligence. By Phyllis Audrey Jaccbscn. 
Microfilm, C Phyllis Audrey Jacobsor; 
15NOV7II; A597759. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyriglit Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

5597760 - 55976 


JDS, 1975 


Paranieter estimaticn in biological 
systems. Ev Joel Barrv Swartz. 
Bicrofili, e Jc°l Barry Swartz; 15Nov7«; 


Identity as change; the protean 
character in nineteenth- and twentieth- 
century fiction.. By Jane Schur Smi*h, 
Microfilm, e Jane Schvit Smith; 15fcy7it: 


Henry James, Henry Adams and American 
travel. By Carl Sheldon Smith. 
nicrofilm. e Carl Sheldon Smith; 
15NOV7I4; AE97762. 


From consciousness tc control: a study 
cf Dominican peasant moyement. By Kenneth 
Evan Sharpe. nicrcfilm. C Kerneth Evan 
Sharpe; 15Nov7ii; A597763. 


An Empirical study of declining 
fertility in the United states: 196C - 
1970. By Daniel Alan Seiver. Bicrcfilm. 
e Daniel 61an Seiver; 15Nov7il: R5S776«. 


Vicinal hydride shift in bicyclo-[2.2. 2 1 
oct-2-yl cations. By Patricia Sullivan 
Schwartz, Microfilm, « Patricia Sullivan 
Schwartz; 15Nov7U; 5597765. 


Social games and social roles: effects 
of a college dating system. By Judith 
Pepper Schwartz. Microfilm, e Judith 
Pepper Sch»artz; 15Nov7«; 5597766. 


Ihe Modification of associative response 
style through tutoring. By Marion Kerner 
Salomon. Microfilm. € Marion Kerr er 
Salomon: 1ENov7l|; A597767. 


The BelatioDship cf family size and 
spacing to the growth of pre-school Mayan 
children in the highlands of Guatemala. 
By Marcia Bussell. Microfilm, 6 Bercia 
Eussell; 15(lov74; 5597768, 


Higher education in the emerging 
American republic, 1750 - 1800. By David 
Hendall Pobson. nicrofilm. O David 
Hendall Rohson: 15Nov7U; A597769. 


A Radical alternative to paternalism: 
voluntary association and popular 
enlightenment in England and France, 1 ROO 
- 18«0. By David Lee Ecbbins. Microfilm, 
e David Lee Fottins; 15Nov71; 6597770, 


Detection cf faking gcod in response to 
instructional variation on the California 
psychological invento-ry. Ey Philip John 
Young, Microfilm. C Philip John Ycung; 
15NOV7I1: A597771. 


6 Rorld cut of a wilderness: Constance 
Eourke and the search for a usable past. 
By Joan Shelley Rubin. Microfilm. e Joan 
Shelley Rubin: 15Nov7tt; 6597772. 


Tibullus: a structural analysis of the 
elegies of the first beck. By Catherine 
Campbell Rhorer. Microfilm, e Catherine 
Campbell Rhorer: 15Nov7i|; 6597773, 


Opward bound alumni: their paths and 
prospects. By Nancy Lynn Silverman 
Netting. nicrofilm. e Nancy Lynn 
Silverman Netting; 15Nov7U; 65977711. 


Publicly disclosed management forecasts: 
an evaluation of the relevancy, imp- 
lications and accuracy of such disclosure. 
Ey Billiam James Taylor. Microfilm, 
e Billiam James Taylor; 15Nov7U; 


The Structure of collective decisions: 
committees, elections and parties. By 
Nicholas Powsell Miller. Microfilm, 
e Nicholas Bowsell Miller; 15Nov7i(; 


6 History of the evolution of health 
education as a specialized a^ea of 
professional education in Indiana colleges 
and universities, 1816 - 1973. Ey Helen 
Lucille scheibner. Microfilm, e Helen 
Lucille Scheibner; 15Nov7U; 6597777. 


A Descriptive study of black American 
adults of achievement from an existential 
framework. By Joyce Brown Washington. 
Microfilm. € Joyce Brown Washington; 
15N0V7U; 6597778. 


Analysis of digital logic training 
systems for industrial education. Ey 
Ronald Henry Tuttle. Microfilm, e Ronald 
Henry Tuttle; 15Nov7«; 6597779. 


Needs of music industry with impli- 
cations for vocational education in the 
ccmprehensive community college. Ey 
Thomas Sylvester Thomas. Microfilm. 
e Thomas Sylvester Thomas: 15Nov7U: 


Revival of reality: a rational 
educational approach to marriage 
preparedness. By George Timothy Theis. 
Microfilm, e George Timothy Theis; 
15NOV7H; A597781. 


Kan, mind and meditation. By Hare Bruce 

Sternberg, Microfilm, e Marc Bruce 

Sternberg; 15Nov7ii; 6597782, 

5597783 . 

6s Assessment of undergraduate 
preparation for the teaching cf reading In 
the elementary school. By Robert Andrew 
Pavlik. Microfilm, C Robert Andrew 
Pavlik; 15Nov7l4; 5597783. 


The Relationship of the perceptual 
crientaticn of effective and ineffective 
teachers and their functioning ego s+ates 
according to transactional analysis. By 
Icuis John Janak, Microfilm, 6 Louis 
Jchr Janak; 15Nov7U; 65977814. 


6 Survey of motor heme owners* 
complaints. By Theodore Laurence 
Fredrickson. Microfilm. © Theodore 
Laurence Fredrickson; 15Nov7U; A597785. 

A59778e . 

5 Comparison of learning disabled 
students with regular class students en 
conformity. By Dennis Eugene Follman. 
Microfilm. C Dennis Eugene Follman; 
15Nov71t; A597786. 


Values of businessmen, business teachers 
and business students. By Patricia A. 
Fitzgerald. Microfilm, e Patricia A. 
Fitzgerald; 15Nov7il; 6597787, 


A Comparison of the effects of 
criterion-referenced measurement versus 

norm-referenced measurement in general 
metals classes at the Onlversity cf 
Northern Cclcradc. Ey James Anthony 
Delaura. Microfilm, e James Anthony 
DeLaura; 15Nov7U; A597768, 


Creative action. By Milfred L, 
christenson. Microfilm, c nilfred 1. 
christenson; 15Nov7q; 6597789, 


A Measurement cf change ^n female 
freshmen residence hall roommate 
compatibility, self-concept and perceptlcn 
of university envircnmen*. By Marvin Paul 
Beamer. Microfilm, e Marvin Paul Eeamer: 
ISNovTU; 6597790. 


6n Investigation of curr5cular needs for 
teacher education in interdisciplinary 
arts. By Roger Lee Augspurger, 
Microfilm, e Roger lee Augscurger; 
15Nov7lt; 6597791. 


6n Analytical comparison of student 
achievement In Pitman shorthand and Pitman 
shorterhand. By sister Lucette Paquet*e, 
S. S.C.J. Microfilm. € sister Lucette 
Paquette, S.S.C.J.; 15Nov7«; 5597792. 


East-West cultural systems, a Chinese 
translation. By Joseph Pan-fun Hsuang, 
Micrcfilm. © Joseph Pan-^fu^ Hsuang; 
15NOV711; 5597703," 


The Relationship of selected personal 
and academic factors tc pred^* ctatil^ *y of 
pereormance on the certified professional 
secre*ary examination. By James Edward 
LaBarre. nicro'ilm. J James Edward 
LaEarre; 15Nov7U; 55S779U. 


The Reliability of inecrma'icn repented 
on *he 6CT comprehensive financial aid 
report by financial aid applicants at the 
Onlversity of Northern Cclcrado. By John 
Edward 5nderson. Micrcfilm. e John 
Edward Anderson; ISNovTU; A597795. 


Consumer satisfaction ir large 
corporations: sensitivity, definition, 
measurement, and implementation. Ej 
Adehayo Akercle. Micrcfilm. e Adebayo 
skerele; 15Nov7U; 5597796. 


Studies on the effects of thermal 
effluent on the pcpulaticn dynamics of 
helminth parasites of the largemouth bass, 
Micropterus salmoides, Ey Herman Edward 
Eure, Microfilm, 6 Herman Edward Fure; 
15N0V71I; A597797, 


Prcton-implanted optical waveguides a'^d 
integrated optical detectors in gallium 
arsenide. By Harold McDowell stcll, 
Micrcfilm. e Harold McDowell stcll; 
15NOV-11; A597798. 


Part 1: Temperature dependence of single 
crystal spinel (Mg6120U) elastic constants 
from 29 3 Kelvin to U23 Kelvin measured by 
light-sound scattering in *he Raman-Nath 
reg-'cn. Part 2: Effect of anelasticlty c 
periods of earth's free cscillatic 
(toroidal modes) By Hsi-pinc Liu, 
Micrcfilm. « Hsi-ping Liu; 'l5Ncv7ii; 


1. Radical reccmbination in solvent 
cages. 2. Quenching of excited states of 
aromatic molecules through exciplex 
formation. 3. Magnetic field effect on 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

A5S78C1 - S5978t1 


JOS. 19'5 

A597800 (ccr. ) 

triplet-triplet enerqv transfer processeso 
By &initava Gupta. Hicrcfilm. f iuitava 
Gupta; 15NOV74; A5g7800, 


fin Investiqation of the photccheirical 
and excited state properties of selected 
second and third rcw transition metal 
complexes. Bv Gregory Lynn Gecffro?. 
Microfilm. C Gregory lynn Geoffrey; 
15Nov7«; S597801. 


Separation of tetrah ydrof uran fron its 
Hater azeotrope by extractiye distil- 
iation^ By I-chunq Chanq. Micrcfilm. 
C I-chuno chanq; ISNoyTU; fi597802, 


Transient hiqh speed adsorption and 
reaction studies of benzene hydrogenation 
en r.ickel catalyst. By Danley Eryar 
Wolfe. Microfilm. 6 Danley Bryar uolfe; 
15Nov7tt; S597803. 


Euripides' treatment of women; an 
andrcqynous answer. By Lynn Shipmar 
Borrow. Microfilm, e lynn shipman 
Plorrow; 1511oy7U: A59780«. 


Dsvelopment of a caster plan for 
postseccndary education; the Indiana 
experience, 1971 - 1973. By Jchn Fichard 
Mohr. Microfilm, e John Richard nchr; 
15Noy7«; fi597805. 


The Effect of oxygen pressure on the 
free vacuum eyaporation rates of zi'-c 
oxide sirqle crystal basal faces. Ey 
Joseph Edgar HcVicker, Microfilm, 
e Joseph Edaar Hcvicker; 15Noy7U; 


The Relaticnshic of women's life-style 
preference and personality during ccllege. 
By Dcnald Joseph Mash. Microfilm, 
e Donald Joseph Mash; 15lloy7a; S557807. 


The Effects of participation and 
information on qrcup prccess and outcotrie. 
By Manuel London, Microfilm. C Manuel 
Icndcn; 15Nov7lt; A597808. 

A5 97809. 

Cleaqe: a rhetorical study of black 
religious nationalism. By Byran Elizabeth 
Lewis. Microfilm. 6 Myran Elizabeth 
Lewis; 15Nov7ll; A597809. 


The Eccncmics of intercommunicaticns in 
the DSSE: the pcstal service and telephone 
and telegraph systems. By John Patrick 
Lewis. Microfilm. e John Patrick lewis; 
15NOV7U: fi597810. 


Louise of Savoy and Marguerite 
D'Anaouleme; Renaissance patronage and 
reliaicus reform. Ev Robert Lee 
Lembriqht. Microfilm, e Robert Lee 
Lembriqht; 15Ncv7«; {597811. 

A5 97812. 

The Athletic Institute: a study of an 
organization and its effect on and 
reflection of the development of spcrt, 
recreation and physical education in the 
United states. By Hayne Maurice Ladd. 
Microfilm. C Bayns Bau-ice Ladd; 
15KOV7U: J597812. 


A Partial analysis of the factors that 
affect member bank reserves. Ey James 
Bruce Kehr. Microfilm, e James Bruce 
Kehr; 15Ncv7H; A597813. 


The Relationship of experience and 
behavior: toward a theory of the 
psychophysiological foundations of social 
education. By James Lee wilder. 
Microfilm, e James lee wilder; 15!iov7ii; 


Ac Exploratory study of selected spoken 
and unspoken behaviors in an inner-city 
mathematics laboratory for underachieving 
students. By Virginia Ruth Stone Kaiser. 
Microfilm, e Virginia Rut* stone Kaiser; 
15NOV7U: A597815. 


Tensions in the poetry of F. I. Tiutcev. 
By Albert James Wehrle. Microfilm. 
e filbert James Kehrle; 151)ov7U; A597816. 


Word accent in Serbocroatian, including 
comparisons with Russian. By Ralph Edward 
Weber. Microfilm. © Ralph Edward Weber; 
15NOV711; fi597S17. 


Julius Streicher: a political biography, 
1885 - 1933. By William Paul Varoa, Sr. 
Microfilm. C William Paul Varga, Sr. ; 
15Nov7lt; A597818. 


Gavottes and bouguets; a comparative 
study of changes in dance style between 
1700 and 1850. By Mary-Jane Evans Warner. 
Microfilm. C Mary-Jane Evans Warner; 
1;ncv71|; fi597819. 


Communicative versus non-communicative 
language practice in the teaching of 
beginning college Erench; a comparison of 
two treatments. By Elizabeth Garner 
Jciner. Microfilm, e Elizaheth Garner 
Joiner; 15Nov7a; A59782C. 

fi597821 . 

Development and prioritization of an 
activity base for the practice of student 
development. By Raymond Duane Hinrichs. 
Microfilm, t Raymond Duane Hinrichs; 
15Nov7It; A597821 . 


Social control, skid Row and the urban 
Rescue Mission: an empirical study. Ey 
Donald William Hinrichs. Microfilm, 
t Donald Pilliam Hinrichs; 15Ncv''U; 


On the asymptotic behavior of certain 
sequences. By Bada Futh Biggins, 
Microfilm, e Fada Ruth Higgins; 15Nov7it; 


An Exploratory study in values 
clarification and its relationship to a 
more unified valuing process. By Harvey 
Edgar Vance, Jr. Microfilm, e Harvey 
Edgar Vance, Jr.; ISUovTU; 8597821;. 


Optimal tariffs and optimal economic 
inteqration. By John Wilhert Suomela. 
Microfilm. € Jchn Wilbert Sucmela; 
15NOV70; 1597825. 


Managing change in a complex orga- 
nization: an empirical study. Ey Daniel 
Evan Strayer. Microfilm. C Daniel Evan 
Strayer; 15Ncv7"; 8597826. 


ft Behavioral model of income tax 
evasion. By Michael William Spicer. 
Microfilm. e Michael WilHam Spicer; 
1;ncv7U; A597827, 


fin Exploratory nationwide mail survey of 
mart: ed adult leisure-time behav:?cr 
patterns and the satisfactions derived 
from leisure-time pursuits, Py Eoualass 
Kenneth Eawes. Microfilm. e Ecuglas^ 
Kenneth Hawes; 15Sov7ii; fi597828. 


fi Comparative study of systems selling 
by industrial distributers. By William 
John Eannaford. Microfilm, e William 
John Eannaford; 15>iov7i4; A'=9"'e29, 


Estodio histcrico li*eraric de la 
Cronica de Don Alvarc Ee tuna. By Antonio 
Gimen=z-Cruz. Microfilm, t Antonio 
Gimenez-Cruz; 15Hov7U; A5S7e30. 


CuaTitity in Icelandic: production and 
perception. Ey Sara Schindler Games. 
Microfilm, e Sara Schindler Games; 
15NOV7U; fi597n31. 


The Effects of continuous high 
temperature incubation en *he development 
and the glycogen stori'^g ability of the 
glycogen body in Gallus domesticus 
(Linnaeus) By Marcia Leigh Erierdich, 
Microfilm, e Marcia Leigh Erierdich: 
15tJov7ll; A597832. 


Isozyme variations in firabidcpsis 
thaliana. By chunq Min Song. Microfilm. 
e Chung Min Scg; ISNovTa; fi597e33. 


Dryden's concept of originality. By 
Carolyn Clifford Ross. Microfilm. 
C Carolyn Clifford Ross; 15Nov7U; 


The Physiological effects of chronic 
heavy physical training on female 
age-grouf swimmers. By Pamela Sue Kubach 
Robinson. Micrcfilm. e Pamela Sue Kubach 
Robinson; 15Nov7U; A597835. 


Modification of the observational system 
for Instructional analysis focusing en 
appraisal behaviors of music teachers in 
small performance classes. Ey Kay 
Reynolds. Microfilm. C Kay Eeynolds; 
ISMovTt; 8597836. 


fin In vitro and in vivo assessment of 
cellular immune functions in lung cancer 
patients. By John Curtis Fees. 
Microfilm, e John Curtis Fees; 15Nov7U; 


A Study of life satisfaction a'd death 
anxiety. By Cecilia Cantrell Nelson. 
Microfilm, C Cecilia Cantrell Selson; 
15Hov7a; fi59783E. 


A Study of the reading behavior of 
sixth-graders: comparison of active and 
ether readers. By Judith Mary sostarlch. 
Micrcfilm. C Judith Mary Sostarich; 
15Ilov7a; A597e39. 


The Pussell-Leibniz definition of 
identity: some problems. Ey Thomas 
Rowland Foster. Mic-'ofilm, ? Thomas 
Rowland Foster; 15(icv7i4: 85978ii0, 


A Study of relationships among selected 
teacher variables an^l expressed pre- 
ferences for student-centered, non-direct 
science education. Pv Edwi'' Lawrence 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


S5978I11 (con.) 

shav- Bicrcfili. e jauin Lawrence shay; 

ISKOvTt: J5978lt1. 


Baterialisit: a critical evaluatior of 
the various attempts tc defend this thesis 
from the problem presented by the 
phencirenal properties of sensations, Ey 
Albert Silliam Flores. Hicrofilm. 
€ Albert Silliau Flores; 15N0T7U; 


The perception of protlem areas ir 
public secondary trade and industrial 
education proqrams in Indiana. By Fdqar 
Fleenor. Bicrcfilni. e Edqar rieenor; 
15Nov7«; A597eu3. 


Female adolescents perceptions of self, 
of their television fictional role lodels, 
and of their real world role models; an 
exploratory study, Ey Karen 1. Filcso. 
Bicrofilm. C Karen I. Filoso; ISNovyc; 


A Bodel for manaqinq career quidarce 
proqrams in secondary schools of Ohio. By 
Bodney Wayne Durqin. Bicrofilm. C Bodney 
Bayne Durqin: 15!iov7U; i5978U5. 


Least squares and its alternatives in 
the estimation of dynamic economic modelSo 
Ey Paul N. Eappoport. I^icrofilm. e Paul 
N. Eappoport; 15Noy7«; A5978lt6. 


A Study of the applicability of task 
analysis methodoloqy and learninq 
hierarchies to second lanquaqe readinq. 
By June Ann Kemmler Phillips. Bicrofilm. 
e June Ann Kemmler Phillips; 15Nov7U; 


The Ehetcric of distance reducticTi in 
international and intercultural com- 
municatior; a methodology for analysis and 
its application. By Eoichi Okabe. 
Bicrofilm. e Eoichi Okabe; 1SHov70: 


A System for the study and the stcdy of 
mammalian cviductal contractile activity. 
By Dean Curtis Jeutter. Bicrofilm. 
C Dean Curtis Jeutter; 15Noy7ii; A5978iia. 


James 1st and European ideoloqical 
controversy. By Lawrence Eobert Greene. 
Bicrofilm, 6 Lawrence Eobert Greene; 
15KOV7K; S!97850. 


A Social history of the secular clergy 
of lima durinq the middle decades of the 
eiqhteenth century. By Paul Bentley 
Ganster. Bicrofilm. C Paul Bentlej 
Ganster; 15Noy7U: A597e51. 


The Art of the self: the quest for 
authenticity in the novels of Jerzy 
Kosinski, Ey James D, Butchinsoc, 
Bicrofilm, C James D, Hutchinson; 
15NOV7U: A597852. 


Identification of pathoqenic micrcr- 
qanisiis in seafood by aas chromatography. 
By William Earnest BcCullouqh. Bicrofilm. 
e William Earnest BcCullouqh; 15Ncv7«; 


Creative sound as the qround of music. 
By David Charles Ahlstrom. Microfilm. 


The Effects of an encounter-group 
intervention on levels of dogmatism. By 
Paul E. Dague. Bicrofilm. S Paul B. 
Dague; 15Nov7it; A597855. 


Winning the lower Scuth to the 
compromise of 1850. Vol,1 - 2, By John 
Cooper Gardner. Bicrofilm, e John Cccper 
Gardner; 15Noy7it; A597856, 


Group privacy and the legislative 
process. By Edith E. Graber. Bicrofilm, 
e Edith E. Graber; 15Nov7i(; A597857. 


Bicrobiological aspects of oil intrusion 
in the estuarine environment. By Sidney 
Alfred Crow, Jr. Bicrofilm. e Sidney 
Alfred crow, Jr.; 15Nov7it; A597858, 


A Study of four science fiction themes 
ana their function in two contemporary 
ncvels. By Peter Steven Alterman, 
Bicrofilm. e Peter Steven Alterman; 
15NOV7U; A597859, 


A History of the Federal Writers' 
Project in Louisiana. Ey Bonnie Wayne 
Clayton, Bicrofilm, C Bonnie Wayne 
Clayton; 15Nov7U; A597860. 


Energies and oscillator strengths for 
absorption due to substitutionally 
deposited impurities in alkali halides 
using KC1:T1* as a model: radial 
environmental influence. By Eichard C. 
lucian. Bicrofilm. e Eichard C, lucian : 
15NOV7U; A597861, 


The Effects of dance therapy on 
menatally retarded children. By Susan Ivy 
Kaualer. Bicrofilm. e Susan Ivy Kaualer; 
15Scv7«; A5978e2. 


An Exploratory study of the social 
responsibility attitudes of small 
businessmen in south Louisiana. By Thomas 
nathan Brandon, 3rd. Bicrofilm, e Thomas 
Nathan Erandon, 3ra; 15Nov7it; A597863, 


Neogene biostretigraphy and paleoen- 
vironments. Lower Bagdalena Basin, 
Colombia. By Burton William Eordine, 
Microfilm. C Burton William Bordine; 
15»oy7lt; A59786«. 


Conformational preferences in some 
bicyclic, tricyclic and related acyclic 
N-nitrosamines. By David Fay Battiste, 
Bicrofilm, t David Bay Battiste; 
15NOV7I1; A5978e5. 


Early temples bearing Ramayana relief 
cycles in the Chola area: a comparative 
study. By David Theron Sanford. 
Bicrofilm, € David Theron Sanford; 
15Noy7i4; A597e66. 


A Study of the savings decisions of 
current workers and their perceptions of 
planning for income adeguacy in reti- 
rement. By Balcolm Harold Borrison. 
Bicrofilm, e Balcolm Harold Borrison; 
15Noy7l*; A597867. 


An Equ 


sed p 



e speci- 


for 1 






development planning; a definition cf 
community emplcyiren* need and a pTact^cal 
method of measurement, the case cf Fall 
Fiver, Bassachusetts, By Hans-Jccher 
Gotzman. Bicrcfilm. C Pars- Jochen 
Go^jman; 15Hov7«; A59786e. 


Coalitions in community planning. By 
Gerald A. Frey. Bicrofilm. 6 Gerald B. 
Frey; 151)ov7U; A597869. 


Toward a model system for the delivery 
of manpower services tc the d- sadvantaged. 
Ey Burray w. Fraifik. Bicrofilm. e Burr=y 
W. Frank; ISNovTtt; A5S787n. 

A597e-1 . 

Fire structure of normal a'-d chemicall} 
treated mammalian cells In culture. Py 
Tossie E. Taylor, Jr. Bicrofilm. 
e Tossie E. Taylcr, Jr.; 15Sov7q; 


Sex-role development in psychiatrically 
disturbed adolescen* males and their 
paren*s. Ey Arnold Charles Small. 
Bicrofilm. e Arnold Charles Small; 

15Nov7«; A597872. 


Acute grief in adnlthoca: toward a 
cognitive model of normal and pathological 
mourning. Ey Allen George Schor. 
Bicrofilm. e Allen Georoe Schor; 
15Nov7«; A597E73. 

A5S7e71i . 

Solution chemistry of pitting corrcsio!> 
in seawater. By Clifford Warin Petersen, 
Jr. Bicrofilm. e Clifford Sarin 
Petersen, Jr.; 15Nov7ii; A59787U. 

AS 97 8 75. 

Frequency domain seismic deconvolu*lcn 
filtering. Ey Bartin Bolert lackoff. 
Bicrofilm, e Har'-in Eobert lackoff; 
15NOV711; 8597875. 


A Bedel of trawler trawUnq gear 
interaction. By Julio G. Gianno*ti, 
Bicrofilm. e Julio G. Giannot'i; 
15NOV7II; A597876. 


The Pursuit of permanence: a study of 
the thematic structure of John Opdike's 
novels. By Larsen Kent Bowker. 
Bicrofilm. C larsen Kent Ecwker; 
15NOV7U; A597877. 


Presupposition: towards an analysis. Ey 
FTirigue Euado relacruz, Jr. Bicrofilm, 
€ Enrique Buado Delacruz, Jr.; 15Vov7M; 


Skullcaps and turbans: domestic 
authority and public leadership among the 
Idaw Tanan of the Wester" High atlas, 
Borocco. By Doyle Gordon Hatt. 
Bicrofilm. C Doyle Gordon Hatt; 15Kov7U; 


California's mission myth. By John 
Cgden Pohlmann. Bicrofilm. e John Cgden 
PohlB-ann; 15Noy7U; 8597880. 


Jorge Guillen: Clamor la radical uniSad 
de un mundo poetlco. Ey Lois Fernando 
Costa. Bicrofilm. e luls Fernando Costa; 
15N0V7U; 8597881. 


The Proposed Great Basin National Park: 
a geographical interpretation of the 
southern Snake Fange, Nevada. By Eobert 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record^)ertaining to a particular^ 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additionai records that may exist. 


JDN. 1575 

1597882 (cor..) 

Starr Baite. Nicrcfilm. C Kober*-. Starr 

Haite: 15Nov7ll: J597882. 


Studies related to the effects of an 
hvperosniotic eLvlrcDmeDt on the con- 
centration of seven amino acids ir the 
isolated toad brain. By Jovcelyn Teletta 
Hhiten. Microfilm, e Joycelvn Teletta 
Bhiten: 15»ov7U; 6597883. 


Boccaccio e Bpuleio: caratteri 
dlf ferenziali nella strnttura narrativa 
del Decameron. By Laura Maria Grazia 
Hhite, Microfilm, e Laura Baria Grezia 
Hhite: 15Mov7U: 6597861. 


Persuasive cartoqraphy: an examination 
of the map as a subiective tool of 
coumonication. By Judith 6nn Tyner. 
Microfilm. 6 Judith 6nn Tyner; 15tiov7U; 


Selected aspects of retirement as 
envisioned bv qroups of adult males 
partitioned according to aqe, ethnic 
backaround, educational achievement, and 
income. By Slvin Ohl Bielefeld. 
Microfilm. C 61vin Uhl Bielefeld: 
15NOV7U; 6597886. 


The Symbol systeni of a North Peruvian 
shaman. By Douqlas Gregory Sharon. 
Microfilm, e Douqlas Gieqory Sharon; 
15I10V7U; 6597887. 


Thermally activated crystal nucleation 
and qrouth characteristics of Columbia 
River tholeiitic basalt. By Ramon larl 
Goforth. Microfilm, e Ramon larl 
Gcforth: 151)ov7«: 6597888. 


Types cf orientalism in eiqhteerth- 
century England. By Charles Christopher 
Knipp. Microfilm. C Charles Christopher 
Knipp; 15Nov7«; 6597889. 


Pay method expansions and numerical 
calculations for atmospheric mountain lee 
waves. By Chai-ho Charles Hanq. 
Microfilm. C chai-ho Charles Mano; 
15llov7I|; 6597890. 

65 97891. 

Computer aided animation utilizing a 
mapping process. By Edwin Joseph 
Talchman. Microfilm. S- Edwin Joseph 
Talchman; 15Nov7«; 6597891. 


6n 6nalysiE of factors affecting the 
future qrcwth of the industrialized 
housing industry. By Daniel 6. Hodes. 
Microfilm. C Daniel 6. Hodes; 15Hcv7u; 

65 97893. 

Early conceptions of iustice as related 
to the developnent of operational 
reasoning. By William Van Buren Daion. 
Microfilm. 6 nilliam Van Buren Damcn; 
15Nov7«; 6597893. 


6n finalvsis of alcohol drinking patterns 
among four ethnic groups. By Ronald Gene 
Lewis. Microfilm. C Ronald Gene lewis; 
15NOV70: 6597890. 


6 comparative study cf the art of 6. F. 
Pisemskii: Tyslaca dus and the ncvels of 
the last period. By Michael Manninc Lane 
Pearson. Microfilm, e Michael Manning 
Lane Pearson; 15tlov70; 6597895. 


Black separatism: an exploratory study 
to determine the significant influences 
underlying the ideology of an independent 
black fund-raising organization. By 61ex 
James Norman. Microfilm. 6 61ex James 
Norman: 15Nov70; B597896. 


Gesticulation as a theoretical construct 
in speech communication. By Norma Lee 
Norman. Microfilm. J Norma Lee Normal; 
15NOV70; 6597897. 


The Numerical solution of a nonlinear, 
control constrained, air-to-air combat 
differential game. By Roger Philip 
Neeland. Microfilm. P Roger Philip 
Neeland; 15Nov70; 6597898. 


The Effect of anticipation of future 
interaction on the perception of 
interpersonal behavior. By Vivian Tong 
Nagy. Microfilm. C Vivian Tong Nagy; 
15NOV70; 6597899. 


International studies: a survey of the 
field. By John Howard Spurgin, 2nd. 
Microfilm, e John Howard Spurgin, 2r.d; 
15NOV70; 6597900. 


The Effect of race, sex, and selected 
appearance variables on the attractiveness 
of counselors to black inner-city Junior 
high school students. By Charles Ernest 
Crwig. Microfilm. C Charles Ernest 
Orwig; 15Sov7U: 6597901. 


Banzai. Kit. 6ppl. au: Gary T. 
Williams (Gary) £ Lee Holmguest (Lee) 
e Gary/Lee Enterprises (in notice: 
Gary-Lee): 1 POct 70 ; 6597902. 


SF1100 Burroughs school financial 
system. Printout 6 2 magnetic tapes. 
e Burroughs corporation; 76ug70; 


Prentice- Hall, Federal taxes, 1975. 
Vol.1 - 0, 6 - 7. 6 V. e Prentice-Hall, 
Inc.; 26NOV70 (in notice: 1975); 


Model cars and trucks; and how to build 
them. By Harvey Weiss. 70 p. e Harvey 
Weiss: 20Sep70: 6597905. 


starfall. By Betty Grissom 6 Henry 
s*ill. 276 p. e Betty Grissom 6 Henry 
S*ill; 7Cct70: 6597906. 


6 Coach's world. By Richard Phelps 6 
Larry Keith. 250 p. portions adapted 
from article prev. pub. in Sports 
illustrated, e Richard Phelps 5 Larry 
Keith; 25Oct70; 6597907. 


Pock on; the illustrated encyclopedia of 
rock n' roll — the solid gold years. By 
Norm N. Nite, special introd. by Dick 
Clark. 676 p. e Norm N, Nite; 25Oct70: 


Symposium. By Nikos Kazantzakis, 
translated by Theodora Vasils 6 Them? 
Vasils. 96 p. C on translation; 
Theodora Vasils, Themi Vasils 8 Helen 
Kazantzakis; 2Dec70; 6597909. 


Slashing! By Stan Fischler. 266 p. 
e Stan Fischler: 12Dec70: 6597910. 


Best wishes, amen; a lev collection of 
autograph verses. Compiled l:y Lillian 
Morrison, illustrated by Loret*a lus*ig. 
1°5 p. NH: compilation 6 illus. 
e Lillian Morrison; 7cc*,70; 6597911. 


Poppy Cannon's 611-time, nc-*ime, 
any-*ime cookbook. 203 p. P Poppy 
Canno"; 5Dec70; 6597912. 


Hello, Aurora. By 6nne-Cath, Vestlj , 
translated from the Norwegian by Jileen 
6mos, Onited States edition adapted by 
Jane Fairfax, illustrated by Leonard 
Kessler. 135 p. Bppl . au: Thomas Y. 
Crowell Company, Inc., employer for hire. 
First pub. in Great Britain as Hallo 
6urora. e on illus.; Thomas y. Crovell 
Company, Inc.; 70ct70: 6597913. 

65979 10. 

The Media in 6merlca. By John William 
Tebbel. 022 p. 6 John Tebbel; 5Nov70: 


The Dun and Eradstreet handbook of 
credits and collections. By Harold T, 
Redding S Guyon H. Knight, 3rd. 352 p. 
6ppl. au: Dun and Eradstreet, Inc., 
employer for hire. C tun and Bradstree* , 
inc.; 22Oct70; 6597915. 


Take it off! 867 tax deductions you may 
have overlooked. By Robert s. Holzman. 
182 p. C Robert s. Rolzmar: 220ct70; 


Susy's scoundrel. By Harold Keith, 
illus. by John Schcenherr. 20° p. 6ppl. 
au; Harold Keith, author of text 6 
employer for hire of illus. 6 Harold 
KeitV; 27Sep70; 6597917. 


Neurons: building blocks of the brain. 
By Leonard 6. Stevens, illustrated bj 
Henry Roth. 87 p. « Leonard J. Stevens; 
17Sep70; 6597916. 


The Nail Hotel. By reyan Sheldon. 3in 
p. e Deyan Sheldon; 27Nov70; 6597919. 


Voices from the Stone 6ge: a search for 
cave and canyon art. written 6 illus- 
trated by Douglas Mazonowicz. 211 p. 
e Douglas Mazonowicz: loOctTO; 659792'', 


The Magic three of Sola*la. By Jane H, 
Yolen, Illustrated by Julia Nconan. 172 
p. 6tpl. au: Jane Yolen (authcr of text E 
employer for hire of illus.) e Jane 
Yolen; 90ct70; 6597921, 


Yankee Doodle's literary sampler of 
prose, poetry and pictures; being an 
anthology of diverse works published for 
♦he edification and/or entertainment cf 
young readers in 6merica before 1900. 
Selected from the rare book ccllecticnE cf 
the library of Congress 8 introduced by 
Virginia Haviland 8 Margaret N. Coughlan, 
066 p. NM: additions E compilation, 
e Virginia Haviland 8 Margaret N. 
Coughlan; 0Dec7O; 6597922. 


E-G: fighter of Goliaths — the stcry of 
David Ben-Gurlon. By Gertrude Samuels, 
photos, by the author. 309 p. NM: 

These entries alone may not reflect the conipiete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copj righl Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


JOH. 1515 

4597923 (CCTl.t 

revision, e Gertrude Samuels; 100ct7H; 



life in a medieval castle, B7 Joseph 6 
Frances Gies. 272 p. sppl. states all 
new except acknowledqed excerpts 6 photos 
scattered throuqhcut. e Joseph Gies S 
Trances Gies: IINcvTU; A59792U. 


Ears ar.d tails and common sense; irore 
stcries from the Caribbean^ By Philip 
Manderson Sherlock S Hllarv Sherlock, 
illustrated by sliki, pseud, of sliki 
Brandenberq. 121 p. C on text; Fl-ilip 
B. Sherlock S Hilary Sherlock: 17Sep7ii; 


Ears and tails and coomon sense; more 
stcries from the Caribbean. By Philip 
Manderson Sherlock E Bilary Sherlock, 
illustrated by sliki, pseud, of Bliki 
Brandenberq. 121 p. e on illus.; Aliki 
Brandenberq; 17Sep7U; A597926. 


New coasts and stranqe harbors; 
discoverinq poems. Selected by fiel en M. 
Hill 6 Sqnes Perkins, illustrated by Clare 
Bomano S JchE Boss. 283 p. Appl. au; 
Thomas Y. crowell Company, Inc., employer 
for hire of illus. NM; foreword, " poems, 
compilation 6 illus. 6 Helen Hill E Agnes 
Perkins: 25Sep7U; A597927. 


Wilderness areas of North America. By 
Ann 6 Byron Sutton, photos, by the 
authors, maps by Don Pitcher. ^06 p. 
C Ann Sutton 6 Byron Sutton: 20Sep7U: 


Funk ana Waqnalls crossword puzzle word 
finder. By Edmund 1. Schwartz 8 Leon F. 
Landovitz. 75<i p. e Edmund I. Schiartz 6 
Leon F. Landovitz; 11Nov7U; A597929. 


117 creative hemes that started as 
tarqain bulldinqs. By Jean Brown Kinney E 
cle Kinney. 228 p g Jean Kinney 6 Cle 
Kinney: 27Sep7a; A597930. 


Feeling fine, lockinq qreat. By Corothy 
Parker. 212 p. g Dorothy Parker; 
7Cct7l4; A597931. 


The Bish at the top. By Clyde Eotert 
Bulla, illustrated by Chris Conover. 2ii 
p. e CO text: Clyde Robert Bulla; 
210ct7H; A597932. 


The Wish at the top. By Clyde Eotert 
Bulla, illustrated by Chris Conover, 2U 
p. e on illlus. ; Chris Conover: 
21Cct7«: A597933. 


A Gaite cf functions. By Robert FTioman, 
illustrated by Fnrico Arno. 33 p. ^ on 
text: Robert Froman: 13Sep7it: A55793a. 


A Game of functions. By Robert Froman, 
illustrated by Enrico Arno. 33 p. C on 
illus,; Enrico Arno; 13Sep7K; A5S7935. 


Addiction, Edited by Peter G, Bourne, 
239 p. Paqes 175 - 135 prey. reg. 1973. 
e Academic Press, Inc.; 280ct71; 


The Harvey lectures; delivered under the 
auspices of the Harvey Society of N=w 

York, 1972 - 1973 under the patronage of 
the New York Academy of Medicine. Ser.68. 
By Leo Sachs E others. 1475 p. Appl. 
states copyriqht not claimed in any 
portion of work written by Government 
employees within the scope of their 
employment. C Academic Press, Inc.; 
5Eec7I|; A597937. 


Engineering applications of composites. 
Edited by Bryar R. Noton, 515 p. 
(Composite materials, vol, 3) Appl. s+ates 
copyright not claimed in any portion cf 
work written by Government employees 
within the scope of their employment. 
e Academic Press, Inc.; 27i)ov7ii; 


The Chemistry of synthetic dyes. Vol.7. 
Edited by Krishnasami Venkataramar. 372 
p. e Academic Press, Inc.: 11Dec7it; 
A 5 9793 9. 


Advances in carbohydrate chemistry and 
biochemistry. Vol. 30. Editors: B. Stuart 
Tlpson E Derek Horton. 529 p. C Academic 
Press, Ire; 5Dec7it; A5979it0. 


Gcnadotropins and gonadal function. 
Edited by N, B, Houdgal , with a foreword 
by C. R. Li. 565 p. Proceedings of an 
internaticnal symposium. Advances in 
Chemistry, Biology and Immunology of 
Gonadotropins, Indian Institute of 
Science, Bangalore, India, 1973, 
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circannual clocks; anrual biological 
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523 p, Appl, states copyright not claimed 
in any portion of work written by 
Gcvernment employees within the scope of 
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12D€C7U; A59791;2. 


Psychopharmacolcgical agents. Vol, 3, 
Edited by Baxwell Gordon. 1I03 p. 
€ Academic Press, Inc. ; 3Jan75 (in 
notice: 1970) ; A5979lt3. 

A59791"i . 

Irterrational Union of Theoretical and 
Applied Mechanics and International Onion 
cf Geodesy and Geophysics Turbulent 
Diffusion in Environmental PollutioTi; 
proceedings of a symposium held at 
Charlottesville, Virginia, April 8 - in, 
1973. Edited by F. N. Frenkiel 6 R. F, 
Bunr. 389 p. (Advances in geophysics, 
VC1.18B) Add. ti; lnterna*icnal Symposium 
on Turbulent Diffusion in Environmental 
Pollution. Proceedings of the lOTAB-IDGG 
Symposium on Turbulent Diffusion in 
Environmental Pollution, 2nd, University 
of Virginia, Charlottesville, 1973. Appl. 
states copyriqht not claimed in any 
portion of work written by Government 
employees within the scope of their 
employment, ^ Academic Press, Inc.; 
3Dec7l4: A59791tlt. 


Rebellion, revolution and armed force; a 
comparative study of fifteen countries 
with special emphasis on Cuba and South 
Africa, By D. E. H. Russell, 210 p. 
C Academic Press, Inc.: IINovTU; 


The Bycetozoans. By Lindsay S. Olive, 
with the technical assistance of Carmen 
Stoianovitch. 293 p. e Academic press, 
Inc; 2Jan75: A5979ll6. 


E-! cmemtranes. Pt.E, Editea by Sidney 
Fleischer E Lester Packer. 956 p. 
(Methods in enzymolcgy, vol, 32) 
C Academic Press, Inc.; fDec7U; A5979in. 


An Introduction to physical oceanog- 
raphy. By «illiam S. Von Arx. ii22 p. 
NB: editorial revisions, e Aadison-neslev 
Publishing Company, Inc.: .10Jan''5 (ii 
notice: 197l|) ; A5979lie. 


The Lice. By R. S. Berwin. 80 p. 
Poems in this collectlcn prev, put. In The 
Atlantic monthly 8 others. NB : com- 
pilation, e s. s. Berwin; 29Sep67; 
A59751I9. (2nd print., July 1968, 


The Ordeal of civility; Freud, Marx, 
Levi-Strauss and the Jewish struggle with 
modernity. By Johr. Murray Cuddihy, 272 
p. e John Hurray cuddihy; 18Cc+7U; 


Nichols cyclopedia of legal forms 
annotated, 197U revision o*' vol.5. By 
Richard D, Hobbet E Katla «, Simon, 1 v, 
in 2. e Callaghan and Ccmpanv; 23rec7ii; 


Perception; essays In honor of James J, 
Gibson. Edited Ey Robert B. Bacleod 8 
Herbert 1. Pick, Jr. 317 p, t Cornell 
Oniveisity; 28Cct7U; A597952, 


Nate the Great goes undercover. By 
Marlorie Beinman Sharmat, illus, by Bare 
Simont. U7 p. 6 on additional ilius.; 
Marc Simcnt; 150ct''ii: A597q53. 


Oceanography and seamanship. Ey William 
G. Van Dorn, drawings by Richard Van Dorn . 
1181 p. C Hllllam G. Van Dorr; 2800^11; 


American medicinal plants: an illus- 
trated and descriptive guide *o plants 
indigenous to and naturalized In the 
Oni*ea States which are used in meaic^ne. 
Ey Charles F, Millspaugh, with a new *able 
of revlsea classiflcatlcn E nomenclature 
by F. S. Harrar. 806 p. Appl. au: tover, 
emplcver for hire. NB; publisher's note 6 
table of revised classification 8 
nomenclature, e Dover Publications, Inc.; 
10Oct7ll; A597955. 


Callot's etchings: 338 prints. Fdited 
by Howard Daniel. 1 y. NB: new text E 
some illus. e Fowara Daniel; 20NCV7I!: 


statistics sources; a subjec* guide to 
data en industrial, business, social, 
educational, financial, and ether topics 
for the Dnlted states and Internationally, 
Banaging editor; Paul Hasseriran, asscclate 
editor: Joanne Paskar, nth ea, 892 p, 
«■ Paul Wasserman; 23Aug-'H; A597957. 


The Tall tale eat. By Edward Cun- 
ningham, illustrated by John Cvermyer, ii5 
p. Appl. au: Hallmark Cards, Inc. 
e Hallmark Cards, Inc.; 1Sep7ii; A597C5e. 


Here's to life! writings and photographs 
that express the -joy and beauty cf being. 
Selected by Aileene Herrhach Neighbors, 
designed by Eva Sue Szela . 55 p. Appl. 
au; Hallmark Cards, Inc. NB: compilation. 

These entries alone may not refiect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

1597960 - J597999 BOOKS S PftBPHlETS JS"- " JON. 1975 

4597959 (con.) AE97973. Geoffrey F. Speacer. 22i> p. This beck 

phctco title pace 6 p. 18 - US. Dickens and the *rlals of liagirat^ on. has t€en adapted from the course Re have 

5 Hallmark Cards, Inc. ; 1Dec7it; s;97959. Ey Garrett Stewart. 260 p. C The these books. NH: additions, e Herald 

President and Fellovs of Harvard College; Publishing House; 17Dec7U (in notice: 

B597950. 19Dec7U; A597973. 1975); B597987. 

Treasured thoughts for today, tomcrrow, 

and always. Illustrated by James P. Hanil J59797U. B5979«8. c ., i * .nv r^<* ^ 

6 SsteT-io Pa^colini. 1 v. Appl. au: My passport says clairvoyant. By B. B. Great plays. Sophocles to Blbee. Edited 
Hallmai^k Cards, Inc. NM: compilati en E Dylishoorn, as told to Russell H. Feltcn. by Morton Hilfred Elooifield t Potert c. 
illus e Hallmark Cards, Inc.: 10ct7H: 229 p. e H. B. Dykshcorn 6 Russell R. Illictt. 3rd ed. 7ni p. Prev., 

felton: 110ct7H; A59797U. under the title Great flavs: Sophocles *c 


Erecht 6 Ten plays: an intrcflucticn to 
A597975. draita. 6 Holt, Pinehart and Binstcn, 

A59796 1o 

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The Grosset world atlas. 08 p. KM: wood carvings: North American folk 

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man, magic man. By 



169 p. e Fredrick 




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Part-'san review 6 ethers. NM: compilation 27Sep7U: A597977. Locking out/locking nn: interpersonal 

6 additional text, € «. D, Snodqrass; communication. By Fon Adler E Neil Tcwne 

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2Jan75: AS97963 

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705 p. Portions prev. pub. in different A597993. , ^, ^. ,. ^ ^ 

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1971) ; A597966. 


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work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

S598000 - 8598 



Geoniefrrvo By Ray c, Jurqensen, Alfred 
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from Kennedy to Nixon to Kennedy. Ey 
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Bobert D. Novak. 320 p. Portions prev. 
pub. in Fortune maqazine. NM; new text, 
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nctebook. Vol.1. By William lec 
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nscs court rules. Federal rules of civil 
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(United Sta*es code service, lawyers 
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A598021 . 

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A5980 3a. 

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€ National League of Cities B United 

These esilries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for Information about any additional records that may exist. 


A5980U1 (COK.) 

Stages CcEference cf Havors; 3CSuq7"; 



Existence and loqic. By Mil-ton K, 
Muni*z. 221 p. e New York Dniversity 
Press; iesep7q; B5g80U2. 


Health care teams: an annotated 
tifcliooraphy. Ey Poniciue K. Tichy. 177 
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S5S80Ut . 

By bread alone. By Lester Russell Brown 
5 Erik P. EckholB. 272 p. C The overseas 
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Computers and creativityo By Cercle 
Spearin HcCauley. 160 p. © Carole 
Spearin KcCauley; 29Noy7it: A5980ii5. 


Collective versas individual purpose: 
tevord freeschoolinq and aeschooling. By 
Miriam Basserman. iJn What school is for, 
p.vii - xxii) C Miriam Hasserman: 
29KOV7U: A5980O6. 


Taxes, expenditures, and the ecorcmic 
base; case study of New York city. By Boy 
9. Bahl, Alan K. Campbell 6 David Greytak. 
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externalities, public outlays, and the 
quality of life. Ey William J. Bauiol 6 
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2nd ed. 378 p. e Band McNally and 
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The Ubiquitous atom. Edited E with an 
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Spruch, diaqrams by Richard Liu, 158 p. 
Eased on material from booklets in *he 
series Understanding the atom. NH: 25' 
new text, compilation, editorial revision 
6 some photos. C Larry Spruch E Grace 
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Suppl.U: 1906 - 1950, with an index guide 
tc the supplements. Editors; John A. 
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contender to number I45ii72. Ey Rubin 
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bibliography by John Elderfield, 
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Die Flucht aos der Zeit. NM: English 
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S bib 


by H 

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elsenbeck except Psychoanalytical 

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ng America for good; The viking 
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My original hook cf pcems fcr some 
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Moore. 1 V. € Geraldine Ercwn foore: 
iijan75 (in notice: 197ii); A598072. 


Is man a projected being? By Allester 
Earl Gray. 10 p. e Allester Earl Gray; 
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How to draw graphs. By Rrlene Chmil 
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Then and now in Washington County, Iowa, 
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and others, community telephcne directory 
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measurements, a programmed presentation. 
By Mary Elizabeth Mclnnes. 2nd ed. 130 
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editor: Frank Andriella. 1975 ed. 96 p. 
Appl, au: Davis Publications, Inc. 
C Davis Publications, Inc.; 2UDec7i4; 


20 wood projects for under $50. 
EditcT-in-chlef: Joe Daffrcn, editor: 
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Catalog with authentica+ion certificate 
containing pictures and information about 
Indian jewelry. 8 p. 6 insert. Appl. au: 
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lOJanTS; A598082. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

S5980S3 - BE98131 BOOKS 8 PJBPHLBTS JUi;. - JON. 1975 

1598083. B598099. S598117. 

28 steps ^o better qolf. By Baiter Bethel: the early years, a collection of Prpyers in the mcTing; '■he life s*oty 

Lasky. 28 F. e Halter lasky: 12Dec7U; photographs with ^eitt. Edited by Irere cf Ira B. HaEmer, 187U - 1972. By naorl 

A599083. Cushina E Irene Stafford. 8U p. e The H. Jackson. 128 p. C Naomi f. JackEon; 

Bethel Historical Society; 30Dec7il; 2ilOc'-7U; A598in. 

A59808U. A598C99. 

HOW to qiye your baby keys to the magic B598118, 

called vision. IP p. Sppl. au: I. A59810C. A Icye 5tory i 

Irvinq vies, sirius Publishinq Company. p. study o-f 1, 2, 3 John and Jude with 28 p. C Jay Doa 

e 1. Irvira vies; 10Jan75 (in notice: supplementary subjects. Py Jaies Beadows. 

19711): AE98081. 55 p. S James Meadows; 2eDec7ll; A59S119. 

A598100. Wild branch on the olive tree. By 

A5S8085. Billiam Ireacy 6 Faphael H. levine, in 

Hy unique and sensual face. By J. Daryl A598101. collatoration with sister Patricia 

Bitchell. 2U p. e J. Daryl Mitchell; Prime period lengths. By Samual Yates. Jacohsen. 137 p. e Hilliam Treacj E 

10Jan75: S598085. 1 v. e Samuel Yates; 9Jan75; A598101. Paphael H. levine; 27Noy7U; B558119, 

A598086. B598102. B59R120. 

New speech therapy method developed — the Early army aviation: the emerging Bir Genealogical supplement to "Cur 

VAST system, video audio speech therapy. rorce. By John F. Hhiteley. 220 p. kinsmen." By Florence Hay Davis Mehri 

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A598131 (con.) 

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JON, 1075 

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Texas community iunior college deans of 
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role implications for cooperating 
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development of affection in young childre 
between the ages of one and five. By Joa 
Brunswick Kissinger. Hicrcfilm. © Joan 
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An Analysis of the formation cf 
accounting student employment preferences 
By Douglas Alan Johnson. Microfilm. 
^ Douglas Alan Johnson; 15Nov7a; 


The Team planning process and influence 
upon its effectiveness in instructional 
plannirq. By William Paul Johnstcn. 
Microfilm. e Hilliam Paul Johnston; 
15NOV74; A598196. 


American policy toward generalized 
tariff preferences for developing 
countries; the punta Del Fste Decision of 
1967, By Randall Jeffries Jones, Jr. 
Microfilm. C Randall Jeffries Jones, Jr. 
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Efficiency in a zapctec Indian 
agricultural village. By Jane Ellen 
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To soy indie; an analysis of a 
contemporary nativistic movement. By 
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e Thomas Aaron Green, Jr.; 15Nov7U; 


American views on South Africa, 19a8 - 
1972. By Patrick Henry Martin. 
Microfilm. C Patrick Henry Martin; 
15N0V711; A598200. 


An Experimental investigation of 
variation in group conformity influence 
across personality types and products. B 
Jarnest Leon Knight, Jr. Microfilm, 
"c Earnest Leon Knight, Jr.; 15Nov7ii; 


A Diplomatic edition of Guillaume de 
Palerne. Vol.1 - 2. By Enth Jean 
Glindmeyer Moorman. Microfilm. NM: 
introd. , literary history, selective 
bibliography, critical notes £ glossary. 
e Ruth Jean Glindmeyer Moorman; 15Nov7ii; 


Case-finding criteria for use in 
identifying deaf-blind children. By 
Catherine Epps Nelson. Microfilm. 
e Catherine Epps Nelson; 15Nov7U; 



The Rhetoric of paradox iv Gulliver's 
travels. By Blakeney Joseph Richard, 
MicrofilB. e Blakeney Joseph Richa'-d; 
15NOV7H; A59820II. 


Thematic use of space in ccntempcrerv 
theatre. By Frank Peyton Glass, Jr, 
MJcrofili. e Frank Peyton Glass, Jr.; 
15NOV7U; A59e205. 


The Hypothesis cf value. By David 
Clifford Jones. !"icrofilm. e tav<d 
Clifford Jones; ISNovTO; A59e206. 


Mcl^ere's concep*- of language: a 
critical interpretation. By Billiard 
Ellis Saunders, Jr. Hicrcfilm. 
f Billiard Ellis Saunders, Jr, ; ISNcvTU; 


circadian mechanisms in the hormcnal 
control cf annual cycles of fat storage 
and reproduction in the lizard, Anolis 
carolinensis. By Terry Ned Trcbec. 
Microfilm, g Terry Ned Trolec; 15Nov7U; 


The Relationship of ethnic?ty to 
util5 zation of community mental health 
centers. By David Bruce Kruger, 
Microfilm, e David Bruce Kruger; 
15NOV7U; A598209. 


an Exploratory analysis of the 
determinant variables influencing 
successful implementation of a fcur-day 
workweek. By Kenneth Mark weaver. 
Microfilm, e Kenaeth Mark Heaver; 
15Nov7lt; A598210. 


North of fifty-three: Army, Treasury 
Department, and Navy adminis+ratlon of 
Alaslta, 1867 - 1681. By Bobby Dave lain. 
Microfilm, e Bobby Dave lain; 15Nov7a; 


Moral reasoning, set salience and 
helping behavior in a matrix game. By 
Rachel H. lazarowitz. Microfilm. 
e Rachel H, lazarowitz; 15Nov7U; 


Medium induced membrane protein changes 
in Icn* and Ion negative strains of 
Escherichia coli K12. By Donald Eric 
Lentzer, MicrofilE, € Donald Eric 
lentzen; 15Nov7ii; A598213. 


American public education as an 
institution of social ccntrcl. By Yale 
lee randel. Microfilm, e Yale lee 
Mandel; 15Nov7U; A59821H, 


An Analysis of teacher attitudes toward 
instructional media in Saint Landry 
Parish. By Charles Salter Ycuno, Sr. 
Microfilm, e Charles Halter Young, Sr.; 
15Nov7a; A598215. 


The Impact of human resource accounting 
on the personnel selection process: an 
empirical study. By Hilary Charles 
Zaunbrecher. Microfilm, e Hf lary Charles 
Zaunbrecher: 15Nov7U; B59P2ie. 


circ bayo y la generacion del 98. By 
Richard Edgar Zwez. Microfilm, e Blcha-d 
Edgar Zwez; 15NOV7U; A59e217. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaininglo^particulaT 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

4598218 - S598257 



The Presentation of space in the 
published German Hoerspiel text. By 
Everett HaYnard ftlleno Microfilmo 
e Everett Bavnard Sllen; 15Nov7ii; 


The Belatloaship of situational and 
personal variables to the administrative 
behavior of urban elementary school 
principals. By Charles Hriqht Hansfield, 
Microfilm, e Charles Wright Mansfield; 
IStfovTU; B598219. 


Scheduled and participatory irstrcc- 
tional treatments aad characteristics of 
emotionally disturbed pupilsa Ey Philip 
Anthony DiMattia. Microfilm. e Philip 
BnthOEV DiMattia; 15Nov7lt; AE9822C. 


six-vear-cld black children's sense of 
social structure involvinq the black-white 
problem. By Helen Elizabeth Miller. 
Microfilm. C Helen Elizabeth tiller; 
15SOV7U: A598221. 


The Develcpment of a strategy for 
assessing the effectiveness of schools in 
certain critical areas of student 
development. Ey Clyde Barren Alexarder. 
Microfilm. C Clyde Barren Alexander; 
15NOV711; A598222. 


A Model to evaluate the effects of 
televised instruction on learning a 
mathematics concept, Ey Charlotte Allen 
Murff. Microfilm. © charlotte Allen 
Burff; 15NCV7H: A598223. 


The Archaeology of Conelo shelter: a 
study of cultural stability at an archaic 
rockshelter site in southwestern Texas. 
Ey Robert Kirk Alexander. Microfiln. 
€ Eobert Kirk Alexander; 15Nov7U; 


A Publishing history cf Christopher 
Morley. Ey Anne Lou Samuelson Ashby. 
Microfilm, e Anna Lou Samuelscn Ashby; 
15Sov71i; SE98225. 


Social psychological variables related 
to family planning among Mexican-American 
females. By Charles Michael Dies. 
Micrcfilm. C Charles Michael Dies; 
15NOV7I1: B59822e. 


Decision behavior cf group members as a 
factor in oroup performance accounta- 
bility. Ey Andrew Todd Nutt. Micrcfilm, 
e Andrew Todd Nutt; 15Nov7U; A598227. 


A Comparative case study of the 
relationship between power and student 
unrest in two selected high schools. Ey 
William John Peppiatt. Microfilm, 
e William John Peppiatt; 15Nov7U; 


A Grammar of Portuguese infinitives. By 
Mario Alberto Perini. Microfilm, e Mario 
Alberto Perini; 15Nov7U; A598229. 


The Histciy of the Chisos Mining 
Company; a social and economic study of 
the Terlinqua Ouicksilver District, By 
Kenneth Baxter Eaqsdale, Micrcfila, 
e Kenneth Baxter Eagsdale; 15liov7i!; 


A Generative study of two Spanish 
dialects. By Rosaura Arteaga Sanchez. 
Microfilm, t Posaura Arteaga Sanchez; 
15NOV711; A598231. 


Infant activity patterns and maternal 
responses in the stages of increasing 
Iccomotor ability. Ey Ellen Cardone 
Banks. Microfilm, e Ellen Cardone Banks; 
lENovTlt; A598232. 


Anglo pcverty in the rural South. Ey 
Lee Spargler Balliet. Microfilm. C lee 
Spangler Balliet; 15Nov7U; A598233. 


The Dtilization of management tec- 
hniques; a comparative analysis of French 
and American apparel companies. By Michel 
Gabriel Bicheron. Microfilm, e Michel 
Gabriel Bicheron: 15Bov7it; 6598231. 


a Proposed model for predicting the 

advent of professional negotiations in 
public school systems. By John Alfred 

Eriggs. Microfilm. € John Alfred Eriggs; 
15Nov7It; B598235. 


A Goal programming approach to land use 
economics, planning and regulation. By 
Michael John Fyan . Microfilm, a Michael 
Jchn Ryan; 15Nov70; A598236. 


Reinrich Heine and the nineteenth- 
century art song. By Fonald Gillespie 
Brown. Microfilm. C Ronald Gillespie 
Brown; 15Nov71i; A598237. 


Classical Greek literature as an aural 
experience. By James Howard Callas. 
Microfilm. C James Howard Callas; 
15NOV711; A59e238. 


The Development and testing of a 
pclicy-capturing model for the selection 
of school administrators in a large urban 
school district. By Allan Gordon Cannon. 
Microfilm, e Allan Gordon Cannon; 
15NOV7U; A598239. 


Parental role perception by the young 
Mexican American child. By Robbie Choate 
Cooksey. Microfilm. C Robbie Choate 
Cooksey; 15Nov7lt; A59e2U0. 


The Design and evaluation of the 
interactive graphic mar-machine interface; 
an information processing approach. By 
Belvin Poy Corley. Microfilm. C Melvin 
Boy Corley; 15Nov7H; 6598211. 


Strategic planning and strategy 
implementation: a study of top management 
in selected organizations. By George Gage 
Eddy, Jr, Microfilm. € George Gage Eddy, 
Jr.; 15Noy7U; A5982lt2. 


Innatism in contemporary psychology. By 
Thomas Grier Fischer, Microfilm. 
C Thomas Grier Fischer; 15Nov7a; 


An Investigation of the effect of 
audiovisual training and guidance on the 
audiovisual utilization patterns of 
teachers in a New Jersey junior high 
school. By Irene Morris Johnson. 
Microfilm. P Irene Morris Johnson; 
151IOV74: A59821IU. 


Systematic desensitizaticn and cognitive 
modif icatioi with high emotionality and 
high worry subjects. Ey Poyce Belch 
Scrlvier. Microfilm. C novce Belch 
Scrivner; 15IJov7U: B5982i;. 


Pesistance to innovations In complex 
organizations: a test cf ♦■wo models of 
resistance in a higher education setting. 
Ey Carole Kazlow. nicrofiim. e Carcle 
Kailcw; 15N0V7U; 6598216. 


The Relationship cf self-6S*eem, 
programmed music, a^d +ime of day to 
preferred conversational di-starce among 
female college students. By Patricia 
Darlene Kissell. Mlcro*'ilm. e Patrici". 
Earlene Kissell; 151iov7i; B598217. 


6cademic achievement and aspects of 
acculturation among Puerto Pican male 
community college students. By Billlam 
Charles Kleiber. Microfilm. C Billlam 
Charles Kleiber; 15tiov71; 6598218. 


A comparison between the standard word 
and the shorthand outline (equi-code) 
dictation speeds in writing Gregg 
shorthand. By Flora E. Lawrence. 
Micrcfilm. 6 Flora E, Lawrence; 15«ov7i; 


The Development of cable antenna 
television systems in the City of New 
York, 1960 - 1970. By Martin Judah lazar, 
Micrcfilm. 6 Martin Judah lazar; 
15NOV71: A598250. 

65982E1 . 

6n 6na lysis cf selected doctoral 
research concerning various aspects cf 
learning by students in college science 
education courses — from 1917 - 1963. Ev 
Annie A. McDonald. Microfilm, e Annie 6. 
McDonald; 15NOV7U; 6598251. 


The Educational philosophy of Igracic 
Manuel Altamiranc and his contribution to 
public primary education in rineteenth- 
century Mexico. By Michael Machlis. 
Micrcfilm. C Michael Machlis; 15Nov71; 


cbjectivity without a cognitive given; 
Peirce's philosophy of science. By Thomas 
Lloyd Short. Microfilm. C Thomas Lloyd 
Short; 15NOV71; A598253. 


The Sectoral transformation of the labor 
force in seven industrialized countries, 
192C - 1960. Ey Joachim Singelmann. 
Micrcfilm. C Joachim Singelmann; 
15NOV7U; A598251. 


Diversification alternatives and 
inducements in the Colcmbian coffee 
industry. By Richard Sidwell Smith, 
Microfilm. C Richard Sidwell Smith; 
15l)ov71; 6598255. 


The Search for national identity in 
Mexico, 1900 - 1931. Ey Henry Conrad 
Schmidt. Microfilm. t Henry'conrad 
Schmidt; 15Nov71; A598256. 


A Historical survey cf leading Texas 
denominational newspapers; 1816 - 1861. 
Ey Billiam Jesse Stone, Jr. Microfilm. 
C Billiam Jesse stone, Jr.; 15Nov71; 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyrighl Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

B598258 - A598296 


JBN. - jnN. 1?"; 


FacuH:v perception of administrative 
behavior and acceptance of individualized 
instruction in Texas community collcqes. 
Bv sheila Carr Tesaro Microfilm, 
le Sheila Carr Tesar: 15Nov7U; S59e258. 


Charles Ives; the relationship between 
aesthetic theories and compositional 
processes. By Charles Bilson Hard. 
MicrcfilB. e Charles Bilson Bard; 
15IIOV7U; S598259. 


The Development and validation of black 
cultural awareness qoals and otiectives 
for preservice and inservice teacher 
training. By Cecil Yvonne Briqhto 
Microfilm. ? Cecil Yvonne Bright; 
15Nov7«: A59826C. 


Theatre for younq audiences in Canada. 
Ev Theresa lucina MacKinnon. Microfilm, 
e Theresa Lucina MacKinnon; 15Nov7U; 


The Effect of a topic of symbolic loqic 
on the readinq comprehension of first year 
coirniunity colleqe students. By Lavience 
A. sher. Microfilm, e Lawrence A. sher ; 
15NOV7H; AE98262. 


An Invest: qation of the relationship 
between mothers* qeneral fearfulness, 
their dauqhters" locus of control ard 
qeneral fearfulness in the daughter. By 
Sally E. Miller. Microfilm. t Sally E. 
Miller; 15Nov7U; A598263. 


The Bole cf quaternions in the history 
of mathematics. Ey Arnold Ross Naiman. 
Microfilm, 6 Arnold Ross Naiman; 
15NOV7U; A59826U. 


Active blood filtration: development and 
validation cf a technique for the ccntrol 
of hazards related to the transfusicn of 
blood. Ey Ira Mitchell Nathan. 
Microfilm. C Ira Mitchell Nathan; 
15Nov71(: 9598265. 


Sequence-specific models for multiple- 
cateqory concept identification. Ey flsha 
Vernekar Paranlpe. Microfilm, e Asha 
vernekar Paranlpe; 15Ncv7it; 9598266. 


Christian humanism as a foundation for 
ecumenical reliqious education; a study of 
values. By Robert Henry Platman. 
Microfilm. 6 Robert Henry Platman; 
15Nov7«; 9598267, 


Entry-level 1ob qualifications and 
employee attitudes in New York City word 
processinq centers and implications for 
secondary school business education 
curricula in the New York metropolitan 
area. By Posanne Eeiff. Microfilm, 
e Bosanne Reiff; 15Ncv70: A598268. 


literary allusions in selected novels of 
Virqinia Boolf: a study in criticism. By 
Beverly Ann Schlack. Microfilm, 
e Beverly Ann Schlack; 15Nov7a; A598269, 


A Study of the affective meaninq of 
selected occupational concepts to 
vocationally committed men in several 
academic fields, Ey Craiq G, Schocn. 
Microfilm, 6 craiq G, Schoon ; 15Ncv7tt: 

A598271 . 

The Effect of the presentation of 
different videotaped peer models on the 
attitudes towards fightinq of economically 
disadvantaged school children. By Robert 
Eliot Sherman. Microfilm, e Robert Eliot 
Sherman; 15Nov7ll; A598271. 


An Investigation of changes in judgment 
cf duration with different patterns of 
auditory information for individuals 
confined to bed. By Mary Jane Smith, 
Microfilm. e Mary Jane Smith; 15Ncv7U; 


A Study of problems in values and the 
means by which they are presented in the 
ncvels of Elizabeth Bowen. By Joan 
cberwager stern. Microfilm, C Jean 
Cberwaqer stern; 15Nov7l4; 9598273, 

95982 7«. 

The Electronic neighbor: a source and 
content analysis of public access channel 
programming on a New York city cable 
television system. By Alan Henry Burtzel. 
Microfilm, e Alan Henry Surtzel; 
15Nov7lt: 959827H. 


Optiora 1-shift discrimination and verbal 
mediation in severely hearing impaired 
children. Ey Annette Ruth Zaner. 
Microfilm, C 9nnette Ruth zaner; 
ISNovyit; 9598275, 


Reccmmended procedures for the 
administration of men's club sports 
programs at selected American colleges and 
universities. By Harold Johnson. 
Microfilm, e Harold Johnson; 15Nov7U; 


Development of an outline fcr a two-year 
college elementary accounting textbook. 
Ey Burton s. Kaliski, Microfilm, 
? Burton S. Kaliski; 15Nov7«; A59B277. 


The Effect of a quality literature 
program conducted by elementary education 
maiors on the reading achievement of 
second grade students. By Sister Francis 
Baftery, s. C, Microfilm, 6 sister 
Francis Raftery, S.C; ISNovTU; 9598278. 


A Study of factors related to the choice 
of organizational membership of teachers 
in the New York metropolitan area. By 
Herbert B, Schorr. Microfilm, e Herbert 
B. Schorr; 15Nov7U; A598279. 


The Design of automatic control systems 
using interactive computer graphics. Ey 
Kenneth Eoyce Young. Microfilm. 
S Kenneth Royce Young; 15Nov7il; 9598280. 

9598281 . 

Health careers summer program; a 
pre- medical/dental educational program for 
minority-group colleqe students. By Larry 
Neil Erowninq. Microfilm, e larry Neil 
Browning; 15Nov7it; 9598281. 


Before Horace Mann: elites and Boston 
public schools, 1800 - 1822. Bv Billiam 
Michael Beber, Microfilm. © William 
Michael Beber; 15Nov7U; 9598282. 

9 5982 83. 

Vitreous body; a scanning electron 
microscope investiqation of the hydrated, 
frozen-fractured mouse vitreous body. By 
Louis T, Germinario. Microfilm, 
(Biological studies, no. 180) 6 Louis T. 
Germinario; 15Nov7U; A5982e3. 


Cardiopulmonary responses to stellate 
ganglion stimulation. Ey John Edward 
Kallal. Microfilm. e John Edward Kallal; 
15Nov7«; 959828U. 


The Juvenile laws of Iowa: ccmpilaticn 
and analysis. Ey Blaine Harold ly*le. 
Microfilm, C Elaine Harold Iv*le; 
15NOV7U; 9598285, 


An Fistorical analysis of the deve- 
lopment of axiomatic probability thecry. 
By Jack Barone, Microfilm, e Jack 
Earore; 15Nov7U; A598:e6. 


An Investigation of the relationships cf 
personality traits and proficiency cf 
alaryngeal speech. By Irwin P, Blake, 
Microfilm. © Irwin H, Blake; 15Ncv7U; 


The Comparative effects of affection and 
hostility in reducing frustreti.on induced 
anger among delinquents and ncndelin- 
quents. By Bernard R, EuoteT-s. 
ricrcfilm. e Bernard R. Euetons; 
15NOV7U; 959828F, 


Diacnostic sex-rcle bias and i»s 
relation to authoritarianisr, sex-role 
attitrdes and sex of the schccl psy- 
chologist. Ey Barbara Chaser. ficrcfili. 
e Barbara Chasen; 151)cv7ii; A59a289, 


The Nineteenth-century presidents cf *h€ 
College of Billiam and Pary. By Harilcu 
Cenbc, Microfilm, e farilcu Denbo; 
15NOV7U; B598290, 


The Relationship between theological 
anthrcpology and international peace in 
the thought of Peinhold Nlebuhr: with 
certain implications fcr con*emporary 
higher education. By Jcseph J. Eahey. 
Microfilm. C Joseph J, Fahey; 15Nov7il; 
9598251 . 


Mass advertising as social forecast; a 
proposed method for futures research, Py 
Robert Briggs Fowles. Microfilm, 
e Pober* Briggs Fowles; 15Ncv7U; 


A Description cf hew professional 
football employed *he medium of televisio". 
to increase the sport's economic orcw*h 
and cultural impact, 1960 - 1970. By 
Harvey Frommer, Microfilm, f Harvey 
Frommer; 15N0V7U; 9598293, 


9n Analysis of the implementation cf *:he 
now social studies curriculum in *"he 
public elementary schools of the Division 
of Altay, Philippines, By Michael Stephen 
Gerber. Micrcfilit. e Michael Stephen 
Gerber; 15Nov7U; 955829U. 


S+udent teachers' attitudes toward black 
children as they relate to ego-defen- 
siveness, open- and closed-mindedness, 
proportion of children perceived as tl??ck, 
and grade level of the children. By 
Sharon Eve Greene. Microfilm, e Sharo" 
Eve Greene; 15Nov7tt; A598295. 


The Innovations of Steele racKaye in 
scenic design and stage practice as 
contributions to the American theatre, Ey 
tavid Gordon Guthrie. Micrcfllm. f Dav-id 
Gordon Guthrie; 15Nov7U; 9598296. 


These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

S59829T - A598338 BOOKS S PABPHIETS JSN. - JDN. 1075 

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sex qroups. By James Jcseph Hennessv. Company; 3Jan75 (in notice: 197U) ; Publishing Compaiiy; 1fDec7i4; B;°e328. 
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These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
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A5g8338 (ccn.) 

p. NM: aaditional text S illus. 

i SmericaD Optical Corporation: 31Cec7i|; 



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equipment; [ranual cf instructions, 8 p. 
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€ Hicrc-Heasurenients, division cf vishay 
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So you think you're crazy? reassurances 
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Official collegiate-scholastic lacrosse 
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edition. 1 v. © Better Sleep, Inc.; 

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Chinook Riv=r. By Roderick 1. Haig-Erown, 
with illus, by Charles DeFeo. 2«8 p. NM: 
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New dimensions in adoption. By Florence 
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e Florence Rondell E Anne-rarie Murray; 
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O'Neale Eaton. By leon Phillips, pseud, 
of Noel E. Gerson. 1BH p. 6 Crown 
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The Fascinating world of the sea; 
circling the globe for the wild seashell. 
By Elva D. Sheets, photos, by Robert lipe, 
et al, foreword by E, Tucker Abbott. 2148 
p. C Elva D. Sheets: 30Dec7U: A598366. 


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Ey Polly Rothenberg. 276 p. 8 Polly 
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casting, carving, sculpturing, painting, 
and antiguing. By B. Kay Eraser. 96 p. 
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A 598371. 

F. Scott Fitzgerald. Ey Howard 

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American art pcttery. Py Ralph e Terry 
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3nCec7lt: A59837S. 


To te alone: the swee* and l:it*ersweet ; 
aiv anthology. Selected E illustrated ty 
Joan Eerg Victor. 83 p. NM: comFilation 
6 il!us. e Joan Berg Victor; 2''Dec7it; 


A Talent for detail: the fhctographs cf 
Miss Trances Benjamin Johnston, 1889 - 
1910. By Pete c, Daniel, pseud, of Janes 
c, raniel E Raymond Smcck, 182 p. NM: 
crigiral compilation, text E index, 
S James C. Eaniel E Raymond Smock; 
3Dec7ll; A59837I4. 


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250 p. e crown Publishers, Ire; 
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How to build ycur cvv living s*ruc*ures, 
Ey Ken Isaacs. 136 p. e Ken Isaacs: 
160ct7il; A598376. 


This good earth: the view from Audubcn 
magazine. Edited by les line. 256 p. 
NM: ccmpilatior of articles F phctos. , 
intrcd. 6 postscript, e National Auduhcn 
Society E Les line; 29Nov7U; B59e377, 


Great cartoons of the world by the 
world's foremost cartoonists. Ser.8. 
Edited by John Eailey. 1 v, NM: 
compilation 6 introd . e crcwn Publishers, 
inc.; 29Ncv7ll; A598378. 


Hex-agony. Kit. Add. tl : A New game 
called "Hex-agony." Appl. au: Garret* J. 
Conner (Garry Donner) e Garrett J, 
Donner; 10Jan75; A59837g. 


Chris-Alice. 2ii p. Appl. au: Richard 
B. Gartee (C. Alice) « lake and Emerald 
Publishing, solely owned by Fichard 
Gartee; IIMayTU;' 1598380. 

1598351 . 

Fitness for fun. By Ccrnelius J, 
Curtin, 3rd. 59 p. 6 C. J. "Bud" Curti" , 
3rd; 30Dec7U; A558381. 


Hew to make Ojos de Dios, By Margaret 
Benson. 30 p. e Margaret Benson; 
18Dec7l4; 1598382. 


Spiegel dollar stretcher sals. 67 p. 
e Spiegel, Inc.; 6Jan75; AE98383. 


The Five string banjc beck. By Helvin 
Nash. 35 p. e Melvin Nash; 7Jan75 (in 
notice: 197it); 15983811. 


Backpacking with babies and small 
children. By Goldie Silverman, cartoons 
by Alan Pratt. imt p. e Goldie 
Silverman; 2Jan75; A5983e5. 


Chuck type with cam operated loader; 
instruction manual service repair parts 
for mcdels 0CF7 series, controlled 
force-electronic feed Internal grinding 
machines. Sheets. e Cincinnati 

223-503 O - 7G - 8 (Sec. 2) 

These entries a!one may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


4 558386 (cot.) 

Bilacron-Heald ccrtoraticn: 2Dec7u ; 



Size-ua'-.ic and qaqe-matic shce ♦ype 
ceo-terless: instruction manual service 
repair parts fcr mcdels ocr9 series, 
controlled force-electronic feed internal 
qrlndinq machines. Sheets, e Cincinnati 
Bilacron-Heald corporation; 19Nov7i!; 


A Teacher's notebook: Enqlish, 5-9. 
77 p. e National Association of 
lndepenaei>t Schools: 9Jan75; A598388. 


Telemac ultrahiqh-speed fire detection. 
2 p. e American District Teleqraph 
Company: 19Nov73; A598389. 


ADT ionization-tvpe fire detection 
systems for commercial premises. 2 p. 
e American District Teleqraph Company; 
17Jan7U (in notice: 73); A59e390. 


ADT watchman's reportinq and security 
services, 2 p. NB: revisions, 
e American tistrict Teleqraph Compary; 
19Noy73: A598391. 


Take my hand and ualk viith me. Card. 
Appl. au: Eoland (i.e. Fclland) Eyrcn 
Eobeits. e Eolland B, Poberts ; ejan75; 


Auerbach computer technoloqy reports, 
custom 600 series. Jan, 1975 suppl, 2 
folders 6 sheets. Add. ti: Auerbach 
reporter computer technoloqy edition, 
January 1975. e Suerbach Publishers, 
inc.: 1CJar75: 5598393. 


Harford County, BD, criss-cross 
airectcry. 1975 ed. 1 v. ippl. au: 
Hyland Price Stewart, 3ra. C Stewart 
Directories, Inc. : 2Jan75; A59839U. 


The Sooden bridqe at Plum Kocntain, By 
Matthew A. lowe. sheets (116 p.) 
e Matthew A. Lowe; 13Jan75: A598395. 


Bore fables cf Aesop. Betold S 
illustrated by Jack Kent, 55 p. e Jack 
Kent; 15Mar7U: A598396. 


There was an old woman. Setold E drawn 
by Steven Kellcqq. 1 v, NB: editorial 
additions £ pictorial matter. C Steven 
Kelloqq; 15nar7ll; A598397. 


Gift for a qift. By Anne F. Eockwell. 
1 V. e Anne Eockwell; 15Feb7U: A598398. 


Just for kids: thinqs to make, do and 
see, easy as 1-2-3. By James Bazzi, 
edited by Bath Craiq. 61 p. C James 
Eazzi : 15Spr7t; A598399. 


The ?urny old baq. By lisl Keil, 1 v. 
C Lisl Hell; 15Bar7ii: A598ii00. 


New patches fcr eld. A Turkish folktale 
retold by Barbara K. Halker 6 Ahmet E. 
Oysal, illustrated by Harold Berson, 1 v. 
C on text: Barbara K. Balker; 15Feb7U: 


New patches for old, A Turkish folktale 
retold by Barbara K. Balker S Ahmet F. 
Dysal, illustrated by Harold Eerson. 1 v. 
e on illus. ; Harold Berson ; ISFebTU; 


Handtalk: an ABC of finger spelling and 
sign language. By Bemy Charlip, Mary 
Be*.h, pseud, of Mary Beth Biller S George 
Ancona. 1 v. e on text; Bemy charlip 6 
Mary Beth Miller; 15Kar7«; 1598un3. 


Handtalk: an ABC of finger spelling and 
sign language. By Eemy charlip, Mary 
Beth, pseud, of Mary Beth Miller S George 
Ancona. 1 v, © on illus,; Bemy Charlip; 
15nar71t: A5981t01l. 


Handtalk: an SBC of finger spelling and 
sign language. By Ferny Charlip, Mary 
Beth, pseud, of Mary Beth Miller 8 George 
Ancona. 1 v. © on photos; George 
Ancona; 15Bar7i(; A598U05. 


Forgetful Fred. By Jay Billiams, with 
pictures by Friso Henstra. 1 v. © or 
text; Jay Hilliams; 15Apr7U; A598U06. 


Forgetful Fred. By Jay Billiams, with 
pictures by Friso Henstra. 1 v, e on 
illus.; Friso Henstra; 15Apr7«: 


Myriad, A collection by Janice Kay 
Boadarmel. 20 p. e Janice K. Boadarmel; 
25Dec7U: A59eU08. 


Competing daily newspapers: a comparison 
of content ard format. ANPA news research 
bulletin no. 8, Dec. 31, 197it. By David H. 
Beaver, L. E, MullinsS Maxwell E. BcCcmbs, 
36 p. Appl. au: American Newspaper 
Publishers Association. ? American 
Newspaper Publishers Association; 
31Dec7U; A598U09. 


Instruction manual service repair parts 
for Reald CF series-size controlled 
force-electronic feed internal grinding 
machines, size-matic and gage-matic. 
Sheets. e Cincinnati Bilacron-Heald 
Corporation; 19Nov7U; A598mo. 

A5981H1 . 

Methods Eesearch presents magnetic 
activity calendar kits. Folder, 
e Methods Eesearch Corporation; 6Dec7it; 


Visual contrcl systems, to suit your 
needs, 16 p. NB: 12 pboto changes along 
with copy changes that apply to each new 
photo, e Methods Eesearch corporation; 
30Aug7U: A598l'12. 


Ben Franklin spectacular sale, 16 p, 
Appl. au: K. C. Beyer, a City Products 
Corporation: 30Dec7U; A598U13. 


Young people's boati-ng course, 
instructor guide and course outline. 8 p. 
Appl. au: Dnited States coast Guard 
Auxiliary, C roast Guard Auxiliary 
National Board, lac; 2esep7H; A598ii1t. 


Interview manual. 1 v. C Library 
Associated Services, Inc.; ItJanyS; 


Bohave County, AZ, 197U - 1975. 
e Citizens Dtllities ccmpany; 221iov7u ; 


Archaeological chemis*-rv. Editor: Curt 
B. Eeck. 251 p. Symposiup at the I65th 
meeting cf the Strerica" Cliemical Society, 
Dallas, Apr, 9 - 1C, 1?73, Appl, states 
copyright is not claimed in any portion o<= 
work written by a D.S. Govt, employee as 
part of his official du+ie?, C Americii 
Chemical society: 26Dec7U; A59eitn. 


A Clear sky. By JohT> Kemmerer, t" p. 
Two pcems prev. pub. in Worfiirg and other 
selected poems. S John Kemmerer; 
27tec7«; A5981118. 


Thailand: its people. Its society, its 
culture. By Frank J. Boore with chafters 
by Clark D. Neher. 607 p. Portions prev, 
pub, 1958 in the book Thailand. C Homan 
Eelations Area Files, Inc.; 17Dec7U; 


The Bock of leElarc. By Ncra lee 
clouatre Pollard. 307 p. C Nora lee 
Clouatre Pollard; 22Dec73; A598ii20. 


The Experience of God: outlines for a 
contemporary spirituality. ly Charles 
Bagsai. 238 p. C Orbis Books; 1Jan75; 


A Digest of digestion, Bv Porace B, 
Davenport. 130 p. e Year Book Medical 
Publishers, Inc, ; 3Jali75; A598U22, 


Corgenital heart disease. By Burton B. 
Fink. 183 p. e Year Book Medical 
publishers. Inc.; 30Dec7U (in notice: 
1975) ; A598U23. 


Advances in pediatrics. Vcl.21. 
Editor: Irving Schulipan t other editcrs. 
337 p. e Year Book Bedical Publishers, 
Inc.; 27Dec71l; A598a2ll. 


Gaston the green-nosed alligator. 
Britten E illustrated by James Bice. 1 v. 
e James Fice; 3C0ct7it; A59eu25. 


The Italian muse, Vclol. By James A, 

■Grazier, 20 p. C James B. Grazier; 
11Jan75 (in notice: 197U); A598ii26. 


Six pillars: introductions tc the majcr 
works of Sri Aurcbindo. Edited by Eoher* 
A, BcDermott. 198 p. e Eobert A, 
McDermott; 3nDec7U; J598U27. 


EPO: estate planners quaT-terly, December 
19711. u V, sheets E 2 fc^deTS. 
€ Farnsworth Publishing Company, Inc.; 
15Eec7u; A598U2e. 


Journal, Rater Pollution Control 
Federation index, volumes U1 - «5, 1969 - 
1973. 115 p. e Bater Fclluticn Control 
Federation; 9Jan75; B508U29. 


Bicycle bibliography, 1971; professional 
supplement. By lavid James luebbers. 79 
p. e David J, Luebbers; 30tec7U; 


The Earth — friend and lover. By 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copvright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyriglit Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


A598a31 (con.) 

Christian ?. Burns. £2 p. e ChriEtian F. 

Eurcs: 26Dec7«; J5?eu31. 


The Secret of la Salette, Little 
Apccalvpse of Our Lady, By Solange strong 
HertZo 11 p. C Solanqe Strong Hertz; 
1Jun7ii (in notice: 1915) ; A59eii32, 


Is the Pageant relevant to the 
contestants, to the couiinittees? Folder. 
Appl. au: Buth McCandliss. e Biss America 
pageant: lrec7«; A598U33. 


Official guide for contestants 
participating in a preliminary Hiss 
Atnerica Paaeanto 12 p, Applo au: George 
J. Cavalier. C Hiss America Pageant, 
Inc. : 1Dec7U: A598ii3it. 


The Avards Committee for the Hiss 
America Pageant preliminaries. Folder. 
Appl. au: Ruth PcCandliss. 6 Miss America 
Pageant, Inc.; 1Dec7il: A598a3S. 


The Budge* and Finance committee for the 
Hiss America Pageant preliminaries. 
Folder. Appl. au: Ruth McCandliss. 
C wiss America Pageant, Inc.; lD€c7u; 


An official guide to the nudges of a 
preliminary pageant. By Ruth McCardliss. 
Folder. € fiiss America Pageant, Inc.: 
1D€c7ll: Af98a37, 


The Ticket Committee for the Hiss 
America Pageant preliminaries. Folder. 
Appl. au: Ruth BcCandliss, 6 Hiss America 
Pageant, Inc.: 1Dec7U: A598U38. 


The Hostess Committee for the Biss 
America Pageant preli.minaries. Folder. 
Appl. au: Ruth BcCandliss. S West 
Publishing Ccmpany (PBF) : 1Dec7«: 


A Business manager's follo»-through in 
preparing your ninner for the state finals 
for the Biss America Pageant prelimi- 
naries, Fclder. Appl, au: Ruth 
BcCardliss. C Biss America Pageant, Inc.; 
1Dec7a: A598m(C. 


The Local pageant is your first step to 
the title of Biss America! By Ruth 
BcCandliss. Folder, e Hiss America 
Pageant: 1Dec7«: A598tH1. 


Khat is the Hiss America Pageant: who 
conducts the Pageant, when did it begin, 
what does it lead to? By Ruth BcCandliss. 
Folder (8 p.) e Biss America Faoeant; 
1Dec7lt; A598tU2. 


Judges Committee manual for official 
Biss America preliminary pageants, 1975. 
By Ruth BcCandliss. 1 v. O Biss Bnerica 
Pageant, Inc.: 1Dec7U; A598«H3. 


official Pageant program hook manual for 
official Miss Acerica preliminary 
pageants, 1975. By Ruth BcCandliss. 1 v. 
e Hiss America Pageant, Inca ; IDec*": 


Entries Committee manual for official 
Biss America preliminary pageants, 1975. 

Ey Ruth BcCandliss, 1 v. 6 Biss America 
Pageant, Inc.; 1Dec7li; A598UU5. 


General chairman's manual for official 
Hiss America preliminary pageants, 1975. 
Ey Euth BcCandliss. 1 v. c Miss America 
Pageant, Inc.; 1Dec7li; A598it«e. 


Field program. 1 v. Appl. au: Ruth 
BcCandliss. e Miss America Pageant; 
1Eec71); A59eiili7. 


Official seal, crown and head composite. 
1 p. C Miss America Pageant; 1Dec7U (in 
notice: 1973) ; A5981ll8, 


Official production guide for Biss 
America Pageant preliminaries. 15 p. 
Appl. au: George J. Cavalier. C Miss 
America Pagean*, Inc.; 1Dec7U; A598UU9. 


America at *he crossroads: Parthenon, 
yes, firing sguad, no. Ey Efraim Cardozo, 
translated from the Spanish by Judith 
Ishmael Pissett, with an introd, by 
Charles J. Kolinsky. 25 p. NM: 
translation, € Arizona Board of Regents; 
3Jan75 (in notice: 197i|); A598U50. 


My stege-coach philosophy. Ey Silliam 
Rarold Seals. 16 p. e William Harold 
Seals; 3Jan75 (in notice: 1970); 


Illinois agents and brokers insurance 
examination study and preparation course. 
Prepared by H. Walter Hanson, issued by 
Insurance License Services. 1 v. Prev. 
reg. 15Apr7i4, A523225, NB: additions 6 
revisions, e H. Baiter Hanson; 10Jan''5 
(in notice: 197ii) ; A598"52. 


How to write your resume. By Fredrick 
1. Newton 5 Donal s. Bclntcsh. 52 p. 
g Communication Processing; 30D9c7(j; 


Core content review, 19''U - 75. Ho. «. 
Offered by the Connecticut 6 Ohio 
Academies of Family Physicians. 7 p. 
Prev. pub. 1973 - 7it 6 others. 
e Connecticu* Academy of Family Physicians 
S Ohio Academy of Family Physicians; 
13Jan75 (in notice: 1971); A598U5U, 


The 57'-h 500 official program. May 28, 
1973, 128 p. © Indianapolis Motor 
Speedway Corporation; 8May73; AS9SU55. 


The 58th 500 official program. Hay 26, 
197it. 112 p. e Indianapolis Motor 
Speedway Corporation; tMay7U; A59aii56. 


Medical school accountability in the 

public hospital: the University of 

Pennsylvania Bedical School and the 

Philadelphia General Hospital. A heal*h 

law project report by Edward V, Sparer. 
1U0 p. e Edward V. Sparer; 25Nov7a; 


Guide to clauses for public sectc- labor 
contracts. Report no. 75-1. Prepared by 
Benjamin Werne. 08 p, € New York 
Conference of Mayors and Municipal 
Officials; 1Jan75: A598I158. 


Newspaper advertising service: Keepsake, 
Starfire, spring/summer 1975. 10 p. 

Appl. au: Corklin, Labs and Pebee, Inc. 
e A. F. Pond Company, Inc.; 2Jam5; 


Rainbow dice. Kit. Appl. au: William 
P. Sheridan (a.k.a. H. Sheridan) 
e William P. Sheridan a.k.a. B. Sheridan; 
7Ja'>75; A598U60. 


Once upon a telephone pole; a guide fc 
use of the film and post-viewing kit. Ey 
Haclcvia Rodricuez. on p. f. eo slides. 
e The Bissiorary Society of Saint Paul the 
Apostle in the sta'e cf New York; 
25Jur7lt; A598uei. 


Resources for celebration. Ey Robert 
Beyer, Jean Hari e H^esberger 6 Eerradette 
Kenny, ar*: Gloria Ortiz. 109 p. S 00 
Elides. (Let us pray, book P) C The 
Missicnary Society of Sain* Paul the 
Apostle in the State of New York; 
18Dec73; A59flOf2. 


Tales cf wonder; a guidebook. 2 
film-strip-record presentaticnF from fairy 
tales by James Carroll. 2U p. in folder^ 
e The Bissionary Society of Sain* Paul the 
Apos*le in the State of New York; OBar70: 


Pilgrim prayers for a searching earth; a 
guidebook. ft f ilmstrip-record program by 
Pa*rick Booney. 63 p, in folder. C The 
Bissionary Society of Saint Paul the 
Apcstle in the state of New York; 
iojan7o; ASgeoeo, 


The Bonder of light ki*. Py Jeanne 
Eeiberg, photography by Biltc Heiberg, 
Nick Pfarr E Jeanne Heitera, art work by 
Jeanne Heiberg. me p. E 80 slides. 
(Education to wonder series) C The 
Bissionary Socie*y of Sain* p^ul the 
Bpostle in the state of New York; 
26Aug70; 9598065. 


The Wonder of ear+h kit. py Jeanne 
Heiberg, photography by Miltcn Heiterg, 
Nick Pfarr E Jeanne Heiberg. 121 p. f. 80 
slides. (Education *o wcnder series) 
e The Missionary Soci e*y of Saint Paul the 
Apostle in the Sta*e of New York; 
2eBuo70; A598oee. 


The Wonder of water kit, Ey Jeanne 
Heiberg, photography by Hil*cn Heiberg, 
Hick Pfarr E Jeanne Heiberg, art wo^kby 
Jeanne Heiberg, 108 p. P 80 slides. 
(Educaticn to wonder series) 6 The 
Missionary Society of Sain* Paul the 
Apostle in the S*ate of New York: 
26Aug7t; A598067. 


The Bonder of air ki* . Ey Jeanne 
Heiberg, photography ty Milton Heiberg, 
Nick pfarr 6 Jeanne Heiberg. 120 p. s 80 
slides. (Educa*ion to wcnder series) 
e The Missionary Society of Saint Paul *he 
Apostle in the stats of New York; 
26Aug70; A59806f. 


wrestling, physical education, secondary 
schools. curriculum bulle*ir, 1973 - 7o 
series, no. 7. 52 p. S Board of Education, 
of the city of New York; 9Dec70; 


The Great cook writes a beck. By James 
H. Ryan E Frances H. Ryan. 1 v. i James 
H. Ryan E Frances H. Ryan (Tcmi Ryan) (i-' 

These eiUries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


- ODH, 19' 

S59eu7C (cor.) 

notice: Jim 6 Tomi Ryan); eDecTO; 



new, *.hrcuqh filexanaer and filcxarcer: 
th€ fauilv ten life irEurance plar. 
Folder, e Alexander and Alexander, Inc.; 
13Dec7«; A598"t71. 


century-spannina significance: the 
Connecticut poet Ednard Rowland Sill. By 
Wallace Binchell. 1 y. Essay reprinted 
from The Literary revieu, winter 19T4. 
NH: 15 poams, questicTis 6 discussicT! 
materials. 6 Wallace winchell: 3PKay7U; 


Eiblioqraphic citations for nonpnnt 
materials: a manual for writers of term 
papers and theses. By Euqene E. 
Fleischer. «2 p. a Eugene B. Fleischer: 
15Jan75: A598073. 


Cupid's capers. By lew Seal, pseud, of 
W. B. Teel. 36 p. g W. B. Teel ; 
20Dec71t: i598U7l4. 


pileits log. By Edward T. cusick, 1 v. 
C Edward T. cusick: 31Dec7U: A5981175. 


Dennison wraps: first choice of fierican 
hospitals fcr superior sterile-wrap 
packaging. 2 p. e Dennison Manufacturing 
Company, Inc.: lOJanT? (in notice: 
197U) : A598lt76. 


Clin-Alert. No. 2«2 - 251, Dec. 19, 
1971. It p. e Science Editors, Ire; 
19Dec7U; A598U77. 


Clin-Alert, No. 252 - 258, Dec. 31, 
1971. Up. C Science Editors, Inc.; 
31l;ec7I|; A5981t78. 


Public utilities regulation and 
research. Sheets. Prey. reg. A58U537. 
NB: reyisicrs. e Abraham and company. 
Inc. ; 10Jan75; A598it79. 


The Finances of the performing arts. 
Vol.1 - 2. g Ford Foundation; 31D6c7U: 


The Great race. Ey James D. Sparks, Sr. 
6 p. e James D. Sparks, Sr. ; 23Dec7t; 


Sea aT-d sail. 1 y. Sppl. au: John 
Holverson 8 William Dayid Barry. 
C Portland Museum cf Art; 2Dec7«; 


Proficiency testing service, American 
Association cf Bioanalysts, test of the 
month. No. 23, Cot. 1971. 2 p. Appl. au: 
Welton I, Taylor, e American Association 
cf Bioanalysts; 130c'>7K; A598ii63. 


Delta Air Lines system timetable. 
Effective Dec. 15, 197U thru Feb. 25, 
1975. 91 p. Appl. au: Peter Bowles. 
e Delta Air Lines, Inc.; 150607"; 


Thoughts and rhymes and reasons; a 
collection of poetry. By Helen Poe. 1 v, 
e Helen Foe: 5Nov7n; A5981I85. 


Check your local stations: a continuing 
audit of broadcast performance; handbook 
for community leaders. By Botert lewis 
shayon. 1 v. e office of Conmunication , 
orited Church of Christ; 9Dec7it; 


Radial truck tire service manual; 
over-the-road and special service unisteel 
tires. 6C p. e The Goodyear Tire and 
Rubber Company; 16Dec7U; A59BU87. 


Technical disclosure bulletin. Vol.12. 
31 p. Add. t.i: Marathon oil Company 
technical disclosure bulletin, vol, 12. 
e Marathon Oil Company: 31Dec7ii; 


Health and family living: taacher|s 
resource guide for secondary education. 
189 p. e Board of Education of the 
Cleveland City School District; 8Jar75; 


Index to the New York state museum 
bulletins, 1888 - 1973, subject index; 
keyword or phrase in title. By Janice 
Truesdail Liebe 6 Debra Ann Ames. 9 p. 
e Janice Liebe e; Debra Ames; 10Jan75; 

A598U91 . 

The Next step: the source Edp annual 
ccmputer salary survey and career planning 
guide, 1975. 12 p. Appl. au: Robert C. 
Trotter. © Source Edp, Inc.; 2Jan75; 


The People challenge: the scurce Fdp 
guide to recruiting and retaining computer 
professiofals. 16 p. Appl. au: Sober* 
Charles Trotter, e Source Edp, Inc.; 
2Jan75; A5981192. 


Laramie, Fock Fiver, WY, telephone 
directory, November 1971. 6 Mountain 
States Telephone and Telegraph Company; 
11Dec71; A598193. 


Estes Park, Allenspark, CO, telephone 
directory, August 1971. € Mountain States 
Telephone and Telegraph Company; 19Aug7<l; 


Gunnison, Crested Butte, Lake City, CO, 
telephone directory, December 1971. 
C Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph 
company; 10Dec71; A59ei95. 


Fraser, Granby, Grand Lake, CO, and 
others telephone directory, August 1971. 
e Mountain states Telephone and Telegraph 
company; 27Aug71; A598196. 


Erie, Lonqmont, Lyons, Mead, CO, 
telephone directory, December 1971. 
e Mountain states Telephone and Telegraph 
Company; 9Dec71: A598U97. 


Castle Fock, Elbert, Elizabeth, CC, and 
others telephone directory, Ncvember 1971. 
€ Mountain states Telephone and Telegraph 
Company; 15Nov71; A598198. 


Fort Collins, Livermore, Fed Feather 
Lakes, CO, telephone directory, December 
1971. e Mountain States Telephone and 
Telegraph Company; 2Dec7i; S598U?°. 


Boulder, Coal Creek Canyon, Lafayette, 
CO, and others telephone directory, 
November 1971. e Mountain Stetes 
Telephone and Telegraph Company; lUovTI; 


Allison, Bayfield, Ccrtez, CO, and 
cth = TE telephone directory, Lecembe'- 19''a, 
e Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph 
Company; 11Nov7l|; A55P501, 


Greeley, Ault, Ea'-on, CO, and ethers 
telephone directcry, November 1971. 
e Mountain States Telephone a'-d Telegraph 
Company; 25Nov71; A5985')2.- 


colc-rado Springs and the Pikes Peak, CC, 
region telephone directory, January 1975. 
e Mountain Spates Telephone and Telegraph 
company; 6Jan75; A59e5'"3. 


Technical question" and answers en the 
Postal Service manual. Py oklee oropellc. 
72 p. e Oklee Oropello; 6Jan75; 


Practice questions o^ number proq- 
ressicns, letter progressions, abstract 
reasoning. By oklee Oropello, abstract 
drawings by Roger lamber*. 20 p, 
8 oklee oropello; 6Jan7E; A59850E. 


The Energy problem: a profile for 
solut-ion with emphasis on alternatives fo'- 
California. Prepared. by the Power and 
Energy committee of the California 
Intersocieties Legislative Advisory 
Commission. 95 p. Appl, au: The 
Ins+'tute of Elect'-ical and Electrcnics 
Engineers, Inc. e Institute of Electrical 
and Electronic Engineers al*ernative 
designation of The Institute cf Electrical 
and Electronics Engineers, Inc.; 23Jumi; 


Colorado's governmen*. By Bobert S. 
lorch. 183 p. e Fobext S. torch; 
10jan75; A59S507. 


The Pianist's resource guide: plane 
music in print and literature on the 
pianis+ic art. Ev Joseph Pezits S Gerald 
leatsiran. 993 p, 6 Pallma rusic 
Corpcratlon; 26rec71; S598508. 


rata book bulletin. No. 253, Jan. ^^ , 
1975. 1 p. C Friction Materials 
Standards Institute, Inc.; 15Jan75; 


Making green revolution: the poli'-ics cf 
agricultural development in China, 271 p. 
(Rural Development mcncqraph, nc.1) e 
Rural Development Committee, Cents'- for 
International studies, Cornell OniveTsi*y; 
10c*71; A598510. 


Social studies seccndary curriculum 
guide on Russia^ history. Bulletin 
no.2=f. 17 p. e Board cf Education of 
Montgomery County; 18Cct72; A599;i1. 


computer-assisted instruction program. 
Ey Catherine E, Morgan, sill^am M. 
Blchardson, James «. Jacobs 6 Homer C. 
Elseroad, edited by Alex Dunn, 208 p, 
Appl, au; Board of Education of Mcntgcm=Ty 
County, ei Board of Education of 
Mcntgemery county; UDec71; A598512. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Cffice record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

9598513 - S598555 



Popular homes and plans. Bock 211. 
57th ea. 61 p. Sppl. au: Carl louis 
Selden. C House Plan Headquarters, Inc.; 
6Jap75; 1598513. 


Culliqan nark 2 ar.d nark 20 installation 
instructions and parts lists. Cat. no, 
8801-29. 16 p. Appl. au: 1. Daniel 
Hueller, C Culliqan International 
CCBPany: 1Nov7U; A5985111. 


Core barrel catalog. 12 p. Prev. pub. 
in 1966. NH: updatinq E additions, 
e Acker Drill Ccnpanv, Inc.: 1Apr7i!; 


Angelica Plantswear apparel: industrial, 
fire retardant and clean room apparel. 27 
p. Appl. au: Boy m. Hohl. © Angelica 
corporation: 11Dec7a: A598516. 


Canadian kill. Ey Joseph Nazel. 22H p. 
(The Iceman, no. 6) 6 Joseph Nazel; 
27Cec7*: A598517. 


Daddv cool. By Donald Goines. 217 p. 
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Nurse anesthetists continuing education 
review. By Alice p. Bakutis. 166 p. 
e Medical Examination Publishing company. 
Inc.: 9Jan75; A598519. 


Internal medicine sRecialty board 
review; medical examination review took. 
Edited ty Nathaniel Hisch. 5th ed. 188 
p. Appl. au: Medical Examination 
Publishing Company, Inc. © Medical 
Examination Publishing Company, Ire; 
6Jan75; A598520. 


Self-assessment of current knowledge in 
medical technology — hematology. By Arthur 
Simmons. lUH p. e Medical Examination 
Publishing Company, Inc.; 31Dec7it: 


Current therapy of allergy. Edited by 
Claude Albee Fi'azler. 302 p. C Medical 
Examination Publishinq Company, Inc.; 
31Eec7lt: A598522. 


Reserve, Garyville, including listings 
for Edgard, lA, and others, telephone 
directory, December 197ii. C Reserve 
Telephone Company, Inc.; 1Dec7(J; 


Flowers of the Southwest mountains. By 
Leslie P. Arnberqer, artist 5 Illustrator: 
Jeanne B. Janish. 112 p. Prev. pub. Jan. 
1953. NM: editorial revisions 6 
additions, e Scuthwest Parks and 
Monuments Association: 7Jan75 (in 
notice: 197U); A598520. 


Grow your own lemon tree indoors. 2 p. 
e Bellwether Develcpment Corporation; 
13Jan75 (in notice: 197l|); A598525. 


The Easy care and feeding of your 
Revelation rlq Tree. Folder, e Frederick 
Asher, Inc. ; 13Jan75 (In notice: 197U) ; 


Coudersport, PA, and nearby communities, 

January 1975. e Bell Telephone Company of 

Pennsylvania; 3Jan75: A598527. 


Memories are mine. Py II a V . Bitter. 

U1 p. e Ila V. Bitter; 27Dec7il; 

A 5 985 29, 

Data Pack 1. 5 cards. e Boating Data 
Systems, Inc.; 9Jan75; A598529. 


Psychoblackology. By Halachi Andrews, 
illus. by Eugene legend 6 Malachi Andrews, 
02 p. Appl. au: Achete Enterprises, Inc. 
6 Achebe Enterprises, Inc. ; 23Dec7U; 


Transactional analysis in brief. By 
Stanley J. Boollams, Michael Brown 6 
Kristyn Bulge. U6 p. e Stanley J. 
Hoollams, Michael Brown f- Kristyn Hulge; 
1Bpr7a: A598531. 


Steel weight tables. US p. Prev. pub. 
1973 6 req. AH98559. NM: revisions 6 
additions, e Earle B. Joroensen Company; 
16Dec7ll; S598532. 


The Joe 82 creation poems. By Bochelle 
Owens (Bochelle Owens Economou) 136 p. 
Portions prev. pub. in The American poetry 
review 8 others. NM: additions. 
e Rochelle Owens Economou (Rochelle 
Owens) ; 16Dec7it; A598533, 


Fredy and friends. By Mina, pseud, of 
Mlna Mary Dunn. 1 v. © on text 6 illus.; 
Mina Mary Dunn (pseud.: Hina) ; 19Dec7U; 


Early architecture in nister County, 
222 p. e The Junior league of Kingston, 
New York, Inc.; 27Noy7H; A598536, 


The Subiect of this booklet is you! 1 
y. Appl. au: Susan S. Abrams £ Charles E, 
lower, e Richmond College of the city 
University of New York, Office of student 
Affairs {in notice: Richmond college) ; 
ISNov?"; A598537. 


Handbook for speech correction, grades K 
- 12. 223 p. e Board of Education of the 
city of New York; 18Dec7U; A598538. 


The little boy and the Hindigo: a 
flannelgraph story. Ey Sistai Mary George 
ortman, illus. by Kathy Berntson. 1 v. 
Adapted from Ojibwa myths and legends. 
NH: adaptation, art work S patterns. 
C Tri-State Community Action Project, 
Inc.; 20Dec7«; A598539, 


Sleepy feet: a flannelgraph story. By 
sister Mary George Ortman, illus, by Kathy 
Berntson, 1 v. Adapted from cjibwa myths 
and legends, NM; adaptation, art work S 
patterns. © Tri-State community Action 
Prelect, Inc.; 20Dec7a; A59e5it0. 


Hanabozho and pine tree: a flannelgraph 
story. By Sister Mary George Crtman, 
illus, by Kathy Berntson. 1 v. Adapted 
from Ojibwa myths and legends, NM; 
adaptation, art work f. patterns, 
g Tri-State Community Action Project, 
Inc.; 20Dec71t: A59e5U1. 


One more time: a flannelgraph story. By 
Nancy Dailey 6 Sister Mary George Ortman, 
illus, by Kathy Berntson, 1 v, 
€ Tri-State community Action Project, 
Inc.; 20Dec71i; J5985U2. 



Hhat's in the pot? a flannelgraph s*c'-y. 
Ey lucy Bug, Starry Sklnaway F, Sister Mary 
George ortman, illus, ty Kathy Eerntscn, 
1 V. e Tri-State Community Action 
Project, Inc; 20Dec7U; A5985U3, 


The Homely one: a flannelgraph stcry, 
Ey Sister Mary George crtman, 511u£tTa*=a 
by Kathy Berntson. 1 y. Adapted from 
Ojibwa myths and legends, NM: adaF':ation, 
art work E patterns, e Tr?-S*ate 
Community Action Project, Inc; 2'iDec7U; 


Music in higher education; a summary of 
information from the annual repcrts of 
member institutions, 1573 - 7il. UE p, 
e National Assccia*ion of Schools cf 
Music; 1SDec71l; B5985U5. 


Industrial Products Division marketing 
manual. Prepared by Sales Development 
Department, Industrial Produces Divi=<cn, 
1 V, Add. ti; IPD marketing manual. 
e The Goodyear Tire and Eubber company; 
5Aug7I|; A5985ue. 


Euphoria Heights decisions making 
exercises; program operator's manual. 
Developed by The Drban Affairs Denartmsn*, 
Oniversity of California Extensicn, San 
Ciegc, Muriel Goldhamer, Robert verncn, 
Beverly Yip, director: Hilliam Siemtieda. 
1 V, € Regents of the Dnlvexslty cf 
California; 5Jan75; A59B5U7, 


Syllabus for metric workshop. Prepared 
by Alfred M. Stern. 8 p. e Alfred r. 
stern; 7Sep73; A5985ue. 


instructions for installing the 188905 
modification kit to provide mcuntlng 
facilities for the 188897, 168900, and 
188O07 modification kit? for model 38 
selec*ive service. Specif ica'-ion 
50795S, issue 1, Jnly 1971. 7 p. 
S Teletype Corporation; 23Eec7U; 


The Auto industry, December 13, 197q. 
Ey David Healy. U3 p. Appl. au: trexel 
Eurnham and Company, Inc. e Drexel 
Burnhan and Company, Inc.; 13rec7U; 


Du Hall Press financial puHicaticns: a 
prospectus, 22 p, C Du va;?i press, a 
CACS-Bmerica Group company; 20Jan75; 


Education for safe boating. By Michael 
«, Davis 6 Marvin N. Reichle. 137 p. 
e Michael H, Davis E Marvin N, Reichle; 
31Dec71i; A59855/. 


Bocdworker. Editor-in-cvief : Joe 
Daffrcn, editor: Marie Digioia, 1975 ed, 
96 p. Appl. au: Davis Publ^ ca*ions. Inc. 
e Davis Publications, Inc.; 2ilDec7U (in 
notice: 1975) ; A598553. 


A Challenge to debate relativity 
theories. 9 p. Appl. au: otto Iu*her. 
C Cttc luther; 10Jan75; A59e55lt, 


God is my psychiatrist. 6 p. Appl. au: 
lenore Mazer — lee Mason. Prev. pub. 
abroad 197a 6 reg. NH: additional text E 
revisions, e lenore Mazer (in notice: 
lee Mason); 13Jan75: 1598555. 

These esUries alone may not refiect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


JON. 19T5 


Shippers telephore and correspondence 
directory of Chicago: December 1 97u 
correction sheet. 1 v. Appl. au; Melvin 
s, Holtiberq. e Melvin B. Holmberq d.b.a. 
Shippers Directory Company; 27Dec'"i; 


Shippers telephone and correspondence 
directory, I*inneapolis--Sairt Paul 
sncplement, December 197it. 1 v. Sppl. 
au: Belyin P. Hclmberq. e Melvin E. 
Holmberq d.t.a. Shippers Directory Company 
(in notice: Melvin R. Holmberq); 2"Dec7it; 


Health education lesson plan quide for 
the hioh school and iunior hiqh schcol 
teacher. By Jeffrey S. Bieder. ue p. 
e Jeffrey So Bieder; 2Jan75: A59e;58. 


Farm chemicals handbook, 1975. Editor: 
Gordon L. Berq 8 other editors. 1 v. 
e Heister Publishing Company; 10Jan75; 


Spray compatibility chart, 1975. sheet, 
e Beister Publishlnq Company: 2Jan"5; 



Motorcycle mechanics electrical training 
board, model number 720, Commercial Trades 
Institute. Sheets (21 p.) (The 
Electrical board and the shop manual, 
lesson 15) 6 M-K Education Corporation: 
31Dec7«: A598561. 


Language through play acting. By Betty 
Mintz. 2 V. e Betty Kintz; iiD6c7ii; 


Social and psychiatric events for 
December 197a: the poetry line. By Sylvia 
Shichman. 2 p. e Sylvia Shichman; 
6Eec7U; A598563. 


ISEA: individualized study and research 
approach. Unit 10 - 1«. By Curt Graf 6 
Carol T. C'Keefe. 10 Vo C Curt Graf 6 
Carol O'Keefe d.b.a. Graffek Publishing 
Company; 1Jun7« (in notice: 1973) ; 


ISBA: individualized study and research 
approach. Dnit 5-9. By Curt Graf E 
Carol T. O'Keefe. 10 v. C Curt Graf £ 
Carol O'Keefe d.b.a. Graffek Publishing 
Company: 1Feb7ii (in notice: 1973) ; 


ISPJ: individualized study and research 
approach, Unit 1 - u. By curt Graf E 
Carol T. O'Keefe. 9 v. e curt Graf 6 
Carol O'Keefe d.b.a. Graffek Publishing 
Company; mov73; A5985€e. 


Automatic tax planner. Edited by Irving 
Schreiber, assisted by Stanley Malaga. 1 
V. NM: updating 6 additions, e Panel 
Publishers; 1irec7U (in notice: 1972, 
1973, 197U, 1975); A59e5e7. 


Stop and go series. Illus. by Ghcsthead 
Studio. 5 filistrips in box. Appl, au: 
Interpretive Education- C> Interpretive 
Education, a division of Illinois Envelope 
company (in notice on filmstrips: 
Interpretive Education); eDec7«; 


Has the mail run yet? 12 years on an 
Oklahoma mail route. By L. A. Corey, 
illustrated by Irene Lockridge Corey. 89 
P. C L. A. Corey; 8Jan75 (in notice: 
19711) ; A598569. 


Instructor's manual to accompany 
Teaching elementary school mathematics, 
third edition. By Klaas Kramer. 80 p. 
NK: additional questions E answers, 
introd. E editorial revision. € Allyn and 
Bacon, Inc.; 2Jan75; A598570. 


Introduction to vector analysis. By 
Barry F. Davis B Arthur David Snider. 3rd 
ed. 328 p. € Allyn and Bacon, Inc.; 
2Jan75; 4598571. 


General psychology. By Ladd Wheeler, 
Pobert A. Goodale S James Earle Deese. 
684 p. Portions of this book first 
appeared in Principles of psychology E in 
General psychology. 6 Allyn and Bacon, 
Inc.; 2Jan75; A598572. 


Mechanisms of virus disease. Edited by 
Billiam s. Eobinson 6 c, Fred Fox. SMU p. 
(ICN-DCLA symposia on molecular and 
cellular biology, vol.1.) C 6. A. 
Eenjamin, Inc.; 11Nov7U; A598573. 


Veterinary hematology. By Oscar William 
Schalm, Nemi chand Jain 6 Eduard James 
Carroll. 3rd ed. 807 p. 6 lea and 
Eebiqer; 13Jan75; A59857it. 


Sefer hamamorim eter. 1 v. Appl. au; 
sholom Dovber Schneersohn. 6 Kehot 
publication Society; 15Dec7i(; A598575. 


The Compleat male chauvinist. By 
Eichard A. Oliver a.k.a. Eichard Alan. 
298 p. e s.p.s. Enterprises, Inc. d.b.a. 
Scientific Besearch Services £ Eichard A. 
Oliver a.k.a. Pichard Alan; 26Dec7U; 


The Forging of an American Jew; the life 
and times of Judge Julian H. Back. By 
Barry Barnard. 3U6 p. e Hcrzl Press; 
31Dec7Il; A598577. 


The Image of the Jew in American 
literature: from early republic to mass 
immigration. By Louis Harap. 586 p. 
Appl. au: The Jewish Publication Society, 
employer for hire, 6 The Jewish 
Publication Society of America; 30Dec7ii; 


Bemorex 3670 FIDS reference card, 
3670.70 - 00. Folder (9 p. ) e Memorex 
corporation; 23Sep7'); A598579. 

A5985 80. 

7300 processing unit; design description 
manual. Vol.1: overview; 19 p. 
(Computer system products) € Memorex 
Corporation; 310ct72; A598560. 


Addendum to 660-1 maintenance manual. 
Publication no.itU28. 6 p. (B Bemorex 
Corporation; eNov71; A598581. 

A5985 82. 

MPX/ao and 50 systems, machine language 
diagnostics; operators manual. Sheets. 
(Computer system products) Q Bemorex 
Corporation: 30Sep72; A598582, 


367f disc storage subsystem; illustrated 
parts catalog. 1 v. (Eisc storage 
products) NM: revision 6 additions, 
e Memcrex corpcratior; ISJanTU; A5585e3. 


3673/70/75 disc storage subsystem; 
installation manual. 1 v. NM: additional 
text E diagrams, e Bemorex ccrpcratlon; 
170ct7U; A5985eii. 


661 stcrage control unit; maintenance 
manual. 1 v, (Disc storage products) 
e Bemcrei Corporation; ieAug71; A5985e5. 


1270 terminal control uni*; maintenance 
manual. Vol.1. 1 v. NM: addition and 
revision to text, e Bemorex Corporation; 
23Eep7U; A59858e, 


Memcrex model 366U disc drive; 
illustrated parts catalog. Publication 
no. 28115. 001. 711 p. e Memorex Corpo- 
ration; 31Cct72; A5985E7. 


Memorex 3673/75/70 disc storage 
subsystem maintenance iranual. Publication 
nc. 3673. 20-00. Cct, 19711 ed. Sheets, 
e Bemorex Corporation; 220cfii; 9598566. 


Dpdate package for 3673/70 disc stcrage 
subsystem fault isolation procedures 
3673.511-00. Publications bulletin 
3673.2U-C002, Oct. 30, 197U. 1 v. 
e Memcrex Corporation; 30Oct7ii; A59H5PS. 


Bemorex 3672 storage control unit 
maintenance manual. Publication 
no. 3672. 20-00, July 1S7U ed. Sheets, 
C Memcrex Corporation: 31Jul7U; A598590. 

9598591 . 

Memcrex 3673/75/70 disc storage 
subsystem theory of operations, 
PuHication no. 3673, 21 -0 1 , Sheets. NK: 
additions. 6 Bemorex Ccrpcra*-ion; 
180ct7U; A59S591. 


Bemcrex 3672 storage control unit 
micrcdiagnostics reference manual. Vcl,1 
of 2. Publication nc. 3672. 50-01. Sheets, 
NB: additions E revisions, e Bemorex 
corporation; 190ct7ii; A598'=92. 


Test item file fcr Psychology, brief 
edition. By Eobert F. Silverman. 2nd ed, 
1118 p, e Prentice-Ball, Inc; 2Jan75; . 


Correctional administration: the 
management of probation, institutions and 
parole; instructor's manual. By Alan E, 
Coffey. 57 p. C Pren*ice-Hall , Inc.; 
2Jan75; A59e591t. 


The shaping of the Anerican past, by 
Pobert Kelley; instructor's manual, by 
Jonathan Levlne E Fredrick Siegal, 1ii7 p. 
e Prentice-Hall, Inc.; 2Jan75; A598595, 


Statistical Inference, basic concepts; 
instructor's manual, answers and solutions 
for all exercises. Ey Eichard B. Bills. 
89 p. C Prentice-fiall, Inc.; 2Jan75; 


Solid state devices and applications; 
solutions manual. Ey Trederioir F, 
Drisccll £ Bobert E. Ccughlln. 28 p. 
e Prentice-Ball, Inc.; 2Jan75; A598597. 

These entries alone may not reflect the conipJete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

A5S859e - S5986U3 


JBH. - JON, 1915 


iDtrcduction to criminal iustice; 
instructor' E nacual. By Neil C. chamelin, 
Vernon E. Fox 6 Paul t1. Whisenand. 62 p. 
e Prentice-Hall, Inc.; 2Jan75: S598598. 


Introduclnq a modularized educational 
system: teacher competency development 
system. 16 p. Rppl. au: H. James Eopham 
S Eva 1. Baker. C Prentice- Hall , Ire. ; 
90ct7«; S598599. 


The Shaping of the Smericac past; study 
quide. By Fobert Kelley. 197 p. 
e Prentice-Pall, Inc.; 2Jan75: AE9e6C0. 


The shapinq of the American past; test 
item file. By Bobert Kelley. 157 p. 
e Prenti:e-Hall, Inc.: 2Jar.75: A598eC1. 


The Theatre of the mind; instructor's 
manual. By Georqe Soule. 80 p. 
e Prentice-Hall, Inc.; 10Dec7i|; AE98602. 


Marketina for nonprofit orqanizations; 
teacher's manual. By Philip Kctler, 11U 
p. e Prentice-Hall, Inc.: 2Jan75; 
A59860 3. 


Teachers' quide, by Carolyn Jones, for 
Break out!, by Homer Hoqac 6 Dorothy 
Hoqan, US p. e Prentice-Hall, Inc.; 
2Jan75: AE986011. 


Essentials of economics; instructor's 
manual. By James F. Tucker. 131 p. 
C Prentice-Hall, Inc.; 2Jan75: S598605. 


Kinderqarten fun, third edition: 
teachers' quide. By Haiy Ambrose, 1 v, 
NB: revisions. 9 Prentice-Hall, Inc.; 
2Jan75: A598606, 


Diqital loqic and switching circuits: 
operation and analysis; solutions manual. 
By Jefferson C. Boyce. 63 p. e Prentice- 
Hall, IDC, ; 2Jan75: A598607, 


Making health decisions, second edition: 
teachers' quide. By Hussell J. Purcey, 
Een c. Gmur, John T, Fodor, L. H. Glass 8 
Joseph J, Lanqan, 148 p. NH: revisions, 
e Prentice-Hall, Inc.; 2Jan75; A598608. 


Controversy and dialogue in marketing. 
By Boss lawrence Gcble 5 Eoy Thomas Shaw, 
132 p. e Prentice-Hall, Inc.; 2Jan75 ; 


Visaqes de Paris au Moyen Age, By Alice 
H. Jouve in collaboration «ith Yette 
Jeandet. 186 p. C Prentice-Hall, Inc.; 
2Jan75; A598610. 


criminal iustice as a system: reafiings. 
Edited by Alan F. Coffey 6 Vernon E. 
Eenner, 377 p, e Prentice-Hall, Ire; 
2Jan75; A598ei1. 


Thinking straight: principles of 
reasoning for readers and writers. By 
Monroe c. Eeardsley. Hth ed . 256 p. 
e Prentice-Hall, Inc.: 2Jan75; A598612. 


Discovering your teachinq self: 
humanistic approaches to effective 
teachinq. By Richard I. Curwin S Barbara 

Schneider Fuhrmann. 229 p. 6 Prentice- 
Hall, Inc.; 2Jan75; A598613. 


The Sounds of controversy: crucial 
arguments in the American past. Vol, 1, 
By Bobert Lloyd Kelley. 278 p. NM : 
compilation, S Prentice- Hall , Inc.: 
2Jan75; A59e611t. 


The Sounds of controversy: crucial 
arguments in the American past. Vol.2, 
By Bobert Lloyd Kelley. 291 p, NH: 
compilation. © Prentice-Hall, Inc.; 
2Jar75: A59e615. 


Ten statement Fortran plus Fortran «; 
sensible, modular and structured 
programming with WATFOB and HATFIV. By 
Michael Kennedy £ Martin E. Solomon, 32nd 
ed. 579 p. e Prentice- Hall, Inc.; 
2Jan75: A598616. 


How professionals get more tax-free 
income under the new tax setup. 12 p. 
NM: revision, e Prentice-Hall, Inc.; 
2Jan75; A598617. 


Break out! songs and poems for people on 
the move. By Homer 6 Dorothy Hogan. 118 
p. NM: compilation, e Prentice-Hall, 
Inc, ; 2Jan75: A598618. 


Essentials of economics. By James F, 
Tucker. 368 p. e Prentice-Hall, Inc; 
2Jan75; 4598619. 


Learning about human behavior through 
active games. By Bryart J, Cratty, 216 
p. C Prentice-Hall, Ire: 2Jan75; 


Husic, study guide and workbook. By 
Daniel T, Politoske, 107 p, C Prentice- 
Ball, Inc: 2Jan75: A59e621, 


Concepts in business data processing; a 
student quide. By Elias H. Awad. UIO p. 
e Prentice-Hall, Inc.; 2Jan75; A598622, 


The Shaping of the American past, 
Vol.1. By Robert lloyd Kelley. 178 p. 
Appl, states all new except some 
republished matter. P Prentice-Hall, 
Inc.; 2Jan75; A598623, 


Business English in communications, 
third edition: activities book. By 
nilliam c. Himstreet, Leonard J. Porter 6 
Gerald K. Maxwell, 126 p, NB: revisions, 
S Prentice-Hall, Inc.; 2Jan75; 4598621. 


Improvisation through keyboard harmony. 
By_ Sol Berkowitz. 225 p. e prentice- 
Hall, Inc.; 2Jar.75; 4598625. 

4598626 . 

The Five-hundred-word theme, second 
edition, transparency masters. By Lee J. 
Martin, revised by Harry P. Kroiter. 
Sheets (235 p.) N« : revisions. 
e Prentice-Ball, Inc, ; 2Jan75; A598626. 


Trigonometry: a unitized approach. By 
Feuben w, Farley, David A. Schedler 6 
James 4. Hood, with tests by Fobert H, 
Johnston. 311 p. e Prentice-Hall, Inc.; 
2Jan75; 4598627. 


ake money in rural real estate: 

a ccirplete guide for the broker, salesmai 
and investor. By frank Hathaway. i v. 
e Executive Reports Corporation; 21Dec7u 
(in notice: 1975); 4596628. 


Attorney's master guide to expedi^ino 
top-dollar case Eettlements, By Charles 
E. Bobbins. 1 v. s Executive Reports 
Corporation: 21Bec7" (in '^ctlce: 19''5); 
45986 29. 


Hr5ting with style; corversations on i-he 
art of writing. By John R. Tr-'mble. 113 
p. e Prentice-Hali, Inc.; 2Jan75: 

45986 31. 

Boating without going broke. Ey flalte^ 
J, Sheldon, 211 p. 4ppl. states all new 
except for small portion of republished 
matter. © Baiter J. Sheldon; 2JaT'75; 


The Theory of the electTomagne*ic field. 
By David Marsden Cook. ;1P p, 
e Prentice-Hall, Inc.; 2Jan75; A59ff32, 

A59B6 33. 

The Conductor and his score. By 
Elizabeth A, H. Green e Nicolai Andreevlch 
Malko. 191 p. € Pren*ice-Hall, Inc; 
2Ja''75; A598633. 


Teaching mathematics: a sourcebook of 
aids, activities, and strateoies. By Max 
A. Sotel 6 Evan M, Haletsky. ' 210 p, ' 
e Prentice-Hall, Inc; 2Jar75: 4598631, 


Argumentation: inguiry and advocacy. Ev 
Georqe H. ziegelmueller E Charles A, 
Dause. 310 p. e prent-Sce-Hall, Inc; 
2Jan75; A598635. 


CoTTectional administration: th= 
management of probation, ins*i*-ut icns and 
parole. By Alan F, Coffey, 255 p, 
C Prentice-Hall, Inc.; 2Jan75; A598f3e. 


The Income tax and business decisions. 
Ey Hilliam L. Eaby, 3rd ed. 515 p, 
e Fre-tlce-Hall, Inc.: 2J?n75; A59E637, 


Environmental science ac*ivlties: 
handbook for teachers. Ey Pe*t9 j, Del 
Gicrnc E nillicent E. Tissa'r, 215 p, 
€ Parker Publishing Company, Inc.: 
2Jan75: 4596638. 


Contemporary Fnglish ^n the elementary 
school. By Iris M. S Sidney B. Tied*. 
2nd ed. 131 p, (B Prentice-Hall, Inc; 
2Jan75; A59P639, 


Supervision for better schools. By 
Kimball Hlles 6 John Thomas Lovell. 1th 
ed, 328 p. e Prentice-Hall, Inc: 
2Ja''75; A598610. 


Introduction to electronic technology, 
By Rj chard J. Romanek. 355 p, 
e Prentice-Hall, Tnc : 2Jan75: 4596611. 


Motivational leverage: a new approach ■'■': 
manacing people. By silliam Exton , Jr. 
225 p. e Parker Publishing Company, Inc.; 
2Jar75: A598612, 


A Primer of linear algebra. By Gerald 
1, Bradley. 382 p, e Prentice-Hall, 
Inc. ; 2Jan75: 4598613. 

These entries alone may not refiect the conipiete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 



Opderstasdirq public policy. By Ihouas 
B. Dve. 2iia ed. 351 p, C Prsntics-Hall, 
Inc.: 2JaD75: S59e6i4u, 


Clerical and secretarial systems for the 
office. By Richard J, Dallas £ Janes 
Michael ThcmpsoE. 501 p. C Prentice- 
Hall, Inc. : 2Jan75: A5986U5. 


The Cocpplete school band proqram. By 
William C. Pobinson 5 James A. Hiddleton, 
with special chapters by Richard A. 
Shanley, Gene c. Smith 6 Larry Vanlan- 
ainqhai. 238 p. { Parker Publishirq 
Company, Inc, ; 2Jan75; A5986U6. 


The Politics within: a primer in 
political attitudes and behavicr. Ey 
Jarol B. nanheim. 115 p. C Prentice- 
Hall, -Inc.; 2Jan75: A5986U7. 


Administrative theory and practice in 
physical education and athletics. Ttdited, 
with selected chapters ty Earle F. 
Zeiqler, editor 6 Marcia J. Spaeth, 
associate editor. (159 p. NM: compilatior 
6 editor's introd. 6 notes. © Prentice- 
Hall, lie: 2Jan75: S598608. 


Theories of learning. By Ernest 
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Stop droppinq bread crumbs on my yacht! 
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These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
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JBt, - JCNo 1075 

A598e90 (COTI.) 

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Measurement and evaluation in education 
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These esilries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office tor information about any additional records that may exist. 


ann, 1975 

A598735 (con.) 

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You ca 


2s and 3s. Ey flary A. 
e SP Publications, Ir 

17jun71; A598757. 


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A5987ei . 

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photccraphy E introd. e The Seaturv 
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Eeycnd pledging; an infcriral guide *c 
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Ey Charles R. Supin, introd. by Oscar C, 
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the Executive Council of the Fpisccpal 
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NB: translation E editcrial arrangement cf 
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(Concilium, religion in the seventies) 
NB: translation 6 editorial arrangement of 
original, € Herder and Herder, Inc. B 
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E Eoluticns. e Wadsworth Publishing 
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for statistics for management annd 
econcmics, second edition. NB: solutions 
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company. Inc.; 1Jan75; A59e773. 


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Iris F. Nordterg E program director; Henry 
A. Eaiman, 257 p. NB:, editorial 
revisions, C Cummings Publishing Company, 
Inc.; 1Jan75; 4598771, 


Bagnets and magnetism. Prepared wi*-h 
the ccoperation cf Science Service. 61 p, 
Appl, au: Nelson Doubleday, Inc., employer 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


J-AS. - JON. ^9-'? 

1598775 (ecu.) 

for hire. NH: additions s revisions. 

e Nelson Donbledav, Itic; 2eDec7ii; 



Gravity. Prepared with the cccpeiation 
cf Science Service, 6n p, Applo au: 
Nelson DoubledaVf Inc., employer for hire. 
NB: additions 6 revisions. 6 Nelsoa 
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service. 6 Educational Testing Service; 
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monetary mechanism. By David L. Schulze. 
153 p. e The Board of Beqents of the 
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national incomes, a study of Eurcpe, 192M 
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e The State of Florida Board of Trustees 
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A598781 . 

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Translation of the Pali canon. NM: 
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J, K. Lasser's Your income tax. 
Prepared by the J. K. Lasser Tax 
Institute, editor: Bernard Greisman, 
directors: Bernard Greisman, Lee Gray S T. 
K. Lasser. 1975 ed. 1 v. e J. K. 
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Investing for your future: hew to make 
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Knowledge, belief, and transcendence; 
philosophical problems in religion. By 

James Hall. 237 p. e Houghton Mifflin 
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Consonant capers. Book 1-6, By Jean 
M. Ribisl 6 Paul M. Pibisl. 6 v. in box. 
Appl. states all new except fcr 19 
melodies in booklet 1, C Houghton Mifflin 
company; 2Jan"'5; A598789. 


Vital issues of the Cons-titution ; 
instructor's guide. 6U p, NM: additional 
text, e Law ir American Society 
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Vital issues of the Constitution. 
General editor: Eobert H. Ratcliffe, n. 
Cherif Bassicuni, Shirley I. Baugher E 
others. 15U p. (Trailmarks cf liberty 
series, vol. 9) Appl. au: Law In American 
Society Foundation, Inc. NM: additional 
text. e law m American Society 
Fcundation, Inc.; 2Jan75; 1598791. 


Vital issues of the Constitution; 
decisions supplement. 26 p, (Trailmarks 
of liberty series) NM: additional tex*. 
e law In American Society Foundation, 
Inc. : 2Jan75; A598792. 


Laboratory supplement to accompany 
Modular activities program in science. By 
Jchr D. Cunningham, Robert Gardner 5 
Cornelius J, Troost. 121 p. Appl. au: 
Houghton Mifflin Company, employer for 
hire. NM: additional text. « Houghton 
Mifflin company; 2Jan75; A598793. 


Bontebello, CA , street address telephone 
directory, December 197ii. e The Pacific 
Telephone and Telegraph Company; 16Dec7U; 


Culver City, CA, street address 
telephone directory, December 197U. C The 
Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company; 
9Eec71|; A59e795. 


South Bay, CA, street address telephone 
directory, December 197U. e The Pacific 
Telephone and Telegraph Company; 12Dec7U; 


Zodiac fashions, spring 1975. Presented 
by the Education Division of Simplicity 
Pattern Company, Inc. Folder. Add. ti: 
Simplicity spring 1975 zodiac fashions. 
C simplicity Pattern Company, Inc.; 
20Dec7Ii (in notice: 1975); A59P797. 


Simplicity invites you to a horoscope 
happening. Folder. C simplicity Pattern 
Company, Inc.; 20Dec7ii; S598798. 


- Dear clothing teacher: Simplicity 
invites you to our spring '75 prevue 
fashion careers! Folder. © simplicity 
Pattern Company, Inc.; 20Dec7U "(in 
nctice: 1975) ; A 598799. 


"Zodiac fashions" national U-H dress 
revue, December 3, 197«. Folder. Add. 
ti: National it-H dress revue, "zodiac 
fashions." e simplicity Pattern Company, 
Inc.; 20Dec7il; A598B0n, 


Spring fashion prevue presented at 
simplicity's Horoscope happening, Sunday, 
December 1, 197a. 2 p. e simplicity 
Pattern Company, Inc.; 20Dec74 (in 
notice: 1975) ; A598801, 


Simplicity fashion and news report, 
spring 1?75. Folder, e simplicity 
Pattern Company, Inc.; 20Eec7ii (in 
notice: 1975); A5988C2. 


Pants: a guide to fashion and fit. 
Folder. Add. ti: Simplicitv pants, a 
guide to fashion and fit. e Simplicity 
pattern Company, Inc.; 2C>rec7U (in 
notice: 1975) ; 1598803. 


Fashion trends and techniques, spring 
1975. Presented by the Educational 
Division of simplicity Pattern Cotrpary, 
Inc. Folder. Add. ti: Simplicity spring 
1975 fashion trends and techniques. 
« Simplicity Pattern Company, Inc.: 
20Dec7U (in notice: 1575); 1598800. 


Fashion careers, spring 1975. Presented 
by the Educational Division rf Simplicity 
Pattern Company, Inc. 8 p. Add. ti: 
Simplicity spring 1°75 fashion careers, 
e Simplicity Pattern Company, Inc.; 
20Dec7U (in notice: 1575); 1S°88"5. 


Simplicity school catalog, sprina and 
Eummei 1975. 212 p. Add.'ti: Sprin- 
g/summer 1975 school catalog. e Sim- 
plicity Pattern Company, Inc.; 20rec7u 
(in nctice: 1975) ; 1598fOf. 


Out of the whale: growing up in the 
American left. Pn autcbiography by Jonah 
Faskin. 216 p. NM: desian, ccnpilation, 
text, except some photos and reprinted 
newspaper articles, e Jonah Faskin; 
19DecTl; A598807. 


Classics to moderns: themes a^-'d 
variations. Selected S edited by Denes 
Sgay. 183 p. (Music for millions, 
vol, 77) Appl. au: Consolidated Music 
publishers, division of Music Sales 
Corporation. NM: ccmpilaticn E editing, 
e Consolidated Music Publishers, division 
of Music Sales Corporation; 5Nov7ii; 


Eeethoven and his circle; an anthology 
of music by Eeethoven and Us contem- 
poraries. By Ernest Lubin. 160 p. Appl. 
au: Amsco Music Publishing Company. N(^: 
compilation, annotations, editing, 
foreword E- introd. e Imsco Music 
Publishing Company, division of Music 
Sales Corporation; 20Eec70; A598809. 


Peverend Gary Davis/Blues guitar. Ey 
Stefan Grossman, 128 p. Appl. au: Cak 
Publications. NB: compilation, editino, 
book design E text, excludinc musical 
compositions used by permission. ? Cak 
Publications, a division cf Embassy Music 
Corporation; 1UNov7ii; A59eC10. 


Victorian alphabets, monograms and names 
for needlewcrkers; from Godey's lady's 
took and Peterson's magazine. Edited by 
Eita Seiss. 119 p. Appl. au: Dover 
Publications, Inc., employer for hire. 
NH: editorial selection, introd, , new test 
6 illuE. with the exception rf prev. pub, 
illus. e Dover Publications, Ire; 
19NOV7U; A598811. 


Hcrsecars, cable cars and omnibuses: all 
107 photographs from ♦he John stephenscr 
Company album, 1688. Ey John H, Hhite, 
Jr. 107 p. Ippl. au: Dover Publ icat i ens. 
Inc. , employer fcr hire, NM: text. 


These esUries alone may not reflect the compiete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

ft598813 - S5988U9 BOOKS 5 PAMPHLHTS JAU. - jrm, 19T5 

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e Dover PublicaticEE, Inc.; lOCrtlU; i Intext, Ire; 2Jar.75; 1598623, A598e3''. 


AE9B82I1. A598e38. 

A598813o How to succeed in business, 6846. Ey Booms with no view: a wciran'e guide to 

Ea?T ways to enlarge Tour German Bollie E. Durkin, issued ty International the man's world of the uedia. Ccupilea ty 

vocabulary. By Karl A. Schiridt. 121 p. Ccrrespordeice Schools. 1 v. C Intext, the Pedia Somen's Association, edited ty 

e Karl A. Schmidt: 19Nov7U: SS98813. Ire; 2Jan75; 1598821. Ithel Beid strainchamp^^. 333 p. t F*Vel 

strainchamps; 2Cmoy7i ; »?96838. 

A598811. A598825. 

Knit your own Norwegian sweaters; General mathematics; study guide, fi598P39. 

complete instructicns for 50 authentic Hcdiile ''12. Issued by International Cannibalism; human aggressicr and 

sweaters, hats, mittens, gloves, caps, Correspo'-dence Schools. 39 p. Appl. au: cultural form. Ey Eli Sagan, foreword by 

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715. Issued by International Corres- by David 6 Eileen Spring. 15i p. NR: 

A598815. pondence Schools. 10 p. Appl. au: Karla compilation 6 additional text. C David S 

resigns and patterns for embroiderers Bieger, C Intext , Inc.; 27Dec7i; Eileen Sprina; ieDec70; A558810. 

and craftsmen. Edited by Marlon Nichols. 1598826. 

115 p. Appl. au: Dover Pub] icaticn s, A59eei1. 

Inc., employer for hire. NK: editorial A59882'. The Corporations and the s*ate: essays 

selections, introd., captions, index, all Advatced mechanical drawing, 5773E-3. in the theory of capitalism and impe- 

tex'i 6 illus. with the exception of prev. pt.2. By John 1. Klein, issued by rialism. Ey James O'Connor, 222 p, 

pub. illus. C Dover Publications, Inc.; International Correspondence Schools. Parts prev. pub, in In+ermountain ecoT^cm^c 

19NOV71: A598815. Ed.1. 30 p. e International Textbocli review 1, no.1, fall 197C s ethers. NM: 

Company now d,b,a. Intext, Inc. (ir compilation € additional text, C James 

A5S8816. notice: International Textbook company); O'Connor; 27ncv71; A598811. 

Victorian crochet. By Heldon and 31l1ay71; A598827. 

Company, with a new introd. by Florence A59SP12. 

Weinsteir, 1 v. Appl, au: Dover 1598828. Search and destroy: a report by the 

Publications, Inc., employer for hire. Golf, By Billye Inn cheatum, illus- Commission of Inguiry into the Flack 

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19NOV71; A598816, C «. E. Saunders Company; 2Jan75; Pamsey Clark. 281 p. Appl'. au: 

1598828. Betrcfolitan Ipplied Research Center, 1-c, 

1598817. 6 National Association for the Advancement 

Johannes Brahms complete symphonies in 1598829. of Colored People. e Metropolitan lppl;ed 

full orchestral score; the Vienna Interpersonal sexuality. By David F. Bessarch Center, Inc. ? National 

Gesellschaft der Busikfreunde edition, Shope. 311 p. w. B. Saunders Company; Association for the Advancement cf Colored 

Edited By Hans Gal. 311 p. Appl. au: 2Jan75; 1598829. People; 7Nov73; 1598812. 
Dover Publications, Inc., employer for 

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translation of editor's pref. e Dover Groves 6 David N. Camaione. 261 p. e w. 

Publicaticns, Inc.: 19Nov7i; 1598617, E, Saunders Company; 2Jan75; A598830, 

A598818. 1598831. 1598811. 

Bolfgana imadeus Mozart, Don Giovanni: Tennis. By Eobert E. Gensemer, Guidebook for Bcrds »c read, wri*e, and 

complete orchestral and vocal score New illustrated by Virginia Furbershaw. 2nd spell. By Mabel O'Ponnell 6 Billmlna 

translation of preliminary e editorJal ed. 108 p. e w, B, Saunders Company; Townes. 9 p, NB: revisions 6 additional 

matter bv Stanley Appelbaum, 169 p, 2Jat75; A59e831, text, 6 Harper and Pow, Publishers, Inc. : 

Appl. au: Dover Publications, Inc., 15Sep73; 1598811. 

employer for hire. NM : new English 1598832. 

translation of preliminary matter. Teaching-learning guide for odum's 15°8815, 

editorial remarks in the score E editor's Fundamentals of ecology. Ey Eoger 1. Instructor's manual, prepared by Harold 

commentary. 6 Dover Publications, Inc.; Kroodsma. 167 p. C B. B. Saunders E, Williams and Benry B. Houdenberg, to 

19NOV71: 1598818. Company; 2Jan75; 1598832. accompany The Eccncmics cf money and 

banking, sixth edition, ty Lester V. 

1598819. 1598833. Chandler, 131 p. Ippl. au: Harper and 

Training and communications, 6319E-1. Irithmetic. By Jack Barker, James Eow, publishers. Inc. NM: revisions r- 

By Pat Manley, issued by International Sogers 8 James Van Dyke. 357 p. e B. B. additional text. e Harper end Pew, 

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(Modern management, ot.S) 6 Intext, Inc.; 

2Jan75; A598819. 1598831. 1598816. 

Experiments and demonstrations in Laboratory instrumentation. Edited ty 

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Hew '•0 plan, organize and control, 162 p. e B. E. Saunders Company; 2Jan75; Ann S*einrauf, with special assistance of 

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Ed. 3. 1 V. (Modern management, pt,2) 1598835. 

e Intex' , Inc.; 2Jan75; A598820. Concepts, problems and solutions i" A598817. 

general physics; a study guide for Answer pamphlet for study guide for A 

A598821. students of engineering ard science. Complete course in freshman Fnglish, Ey 

How to motivate and coordinate, 6319C-1, Vcl.1. By Eaymond 1. Serway, 359 p. Macklin Thomas E Harry Shaw. 21 p. 

By Pat Maoiey, issued by International 6 B. E, Saunders Company; 2Jar75; C Macklin Thomas E Harry Shaw; 2Jan'5; 

Correspondence Schools. Ed. 3. 1 v. 1598835. 1598617. 
(Modern management, pt. 3) © Intext, Inc; 

2Jan75; A598821. A598836. 1598818. 

Beligion end political society. By Instructor's manual to accompany 

A598822. Juergen Moltmann, Herbert B, Eichardson, Discussion and group methods: theory and 

Employee relations, 6319D-1. Ey John T. Johann Baptist Metz, Bill! Oelmueller E B. practice, second edition. Ey Ernest 

Loftus, issued by International Cor- Darrol Bryant. 209 p. Portions Gordon Bormann. 17 p. nm; revisics B 

respondence Schools. Fd. 3. 1 v, (Modern translated from Kirche im Prozess der additional text. € Fmest G, Bormann; 

management, pt.1) e Intext, Inc.; lufklaerung. NM: English translation 6 2Jan75; 1598818. 

2Jan75; 1598822. additional text. 6 Harper and Eow, 

Publishers, Inc.; IIDecTI; A598836. A598819, 

1598823. Learning sex roles: Ime'-ican and 

How to central ccsts and simplify work, A598837, Scandinavian contrasts. By Joseph F. 

6319r-1. Ey John T. Loftus, issued by Man and his environment; policy and Eihal, 270 p, S Joseph f, Fibal; 

International Correspondence Schools. administration. By Lynton Keith Caldwell. 120ct73; A59S819, 











Bv Bos 

s Hui 

re Ha: 


292 p. 

: Boss 








These entries alone may not reflect the compJete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyriglil Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

A598850 - {598866 


JMi, - JON, igis 


Our physical environment: the physical 
sciences; quidehook. By John Gabriel 
Navarra 6 Jchn Idwara Garone. 32U p. 
Portions prev. pub. as Teacher's 
quidebcok, Enerqy and the atom: the 
physical sciences. NH: additional text 5 
revisions, € Harper and Row, Publishers, 
Inc.: 15Sep73: fi?96e5!;. 


life in the environment: the biolcqical 
sciences: quidebook. By John Gabriel 
Navarra, Joseph Zafforcji E John Edvard 
Garone, 32^1 p. Portions prev. pub. as 
Teacher's quidebook, life and the 
molecule: the bioloqical sciences. NB: 
additional text & revisions, € Harper and 
Row, Publishers, Inc.; 1Auq73 ; A558851. 


Eioloqy: an uncommon introduction. Ey 
Bobert McNally, 516 p, Sppl. au: 
Canfield press, e Canfield Press; 
21Mar7Il: B598852. 


Twentieth-century Italian poetry: a 
bilinqual antholoqy. Edited by Levi 
Bobert Lind, with an introd, Z bioq- 
raphical notes by Edward silliamson, 100 
P. NB: introd., bibliography, notes on 
authors, index of poets e translators, 
e L. B. lind; 26Sep7U: A598853, 


Teacher's quide and lesource manual for 
Independent study proqram--biolcqv. Ey 
Sister Patricia Grasso, C.S,J. U8 p, 
e Cambridqe Book Ccmpany, a division of 
the New York Times Media company, I'-c. ; 
1Jan7il: A59885*. 


Concepts in American history. By 
Lawrence J, Pauline, Jr,, David Gocdhart, 
Andrew Morzellc 6 Harold E. Hammond. 376 
p. NM: revisions s additions. 
S Cambridqe Bock company, a division of 
the New York Times Media Company, Ire. ; 
3Dec7U: A598855. 


Economics and social choice: micrce- 

conomics. By Jack W. Nickson, Jr. 3Ue p. 

e ncGraw-Hill, inc.; 7Jan75; A59ee56. 


Hark Twain. A collection of criticism 
edited by Dean Horqan Schmitter. 151 p. 
NB: compilation, front matter, intrcd, 6 
biblicqraphy. C HcGraw-Hill, Inc. ; 
31Dec71t: A598e57. 


Student study quide to accompany 
Business law, fifth edition. Ey John B. 
Hyatt 6 Cadie B. Byatt. 299 p. NM : 
revisions 6 additions, e McGraw-Hill, 
Inc.; 7Jan75: A598858. 


Tests for use with Health and safety for 
you, fourth edition. Ey Harold S, Ciehl , 
Anita D. Laton, Franklin c. Vaughn, John 
M, Lampe 6 Charles D. Oviatt. 32 p. NM: 
updatinq, revisions S additions, 
e McGraw-Hill, Inc.: 2Jan75; A598E59. 


Clark County School District mathematics 
test, level G, 10 p. C Clark County 
School District; 19Auq7ll: A59886C. 


Clark County School District mathematics 
test. Level B. 10 p. 6 Clark County 
School District: 19Auq7it: A5988ei. 


Clark County School District mathematics 
test. level D, 1 2 p, e Clark County 
School District; 19Auq7<t: A598862. 


Clark County School District mathema+ics 
test. Level E. 13 p. e Clark county 
School District; 19Auq71!; A598ee3. 


Clark County School District mathematics 
test; examiner's manual, level C. 1U p, 
e Clark county School District; 19Auo7il; 


Clark County School District mathematics 
test. Level c. 11 p. a Clark County 
School District; 19Aug7U: A598865. 

A59e86« . 

Clark County School District mathematics 
test; examiner's manual. Level E, 11 p. 
e Clark County School District; 19Nov7U; 


Clark County School District mathematics 
test, level E. iu p. e Clark ccupty 
School District; 19Aug7U; A598e67. 


Clark county School District mathematics 
test; examiner's manual. Levels D, E, F S 
G, 19 p, e Clark County School District; 
19Aug7«; A598868, 


Greqg typing, basic course progress 
fclder. Ey Bobert P. Poland E Alan C, 
lloyd, e McGraw-Hill, Inc.; 7Jan75; 


Career advancement guide, Ey Edward L, 
Adams, Jr. 263 p. © McGraw-Hill, Inc.; 
2JaE75; A598870. 

A598871 . 

Man's domain: a thematic atlas of the 
world. Editor: Norman Joseph Billiam 
Thrower. 3rd ed. 80 p. Appl. au: 
General Drafting Company, Inc. 9 General 
Drafting Company, Inc.; 7Jan75; A598871. 


Musical America 1975 international 
directory of the performing arts. 398 p. 
Appl. au: Editors of High fidelity/musical 
America. a ABC leisure Magazines, Inc.; 
1PDec7U; A598872. 


Enerqy: use, conservation and supply; a 
special Science ccmpendium. Edited by 
Philip H, Abelson, 15u p. Appl. au: 
American Association for the Advancement 
of Science. Material originally appeared 
in Science; many articles first pub. in a 
special issue dated Apr. 19, 1 97U 6 other 
articles pub. in issues from Mar. 1973 to 
July 19711. NM: foreword E index. 
€ American Association for the Advancement 
of Science; 17Dec71t; A598873. 


American Bar Association Special 
Committee on Legal Assistants: legal 
a-ssistant education. 66 p. Appl, au: 
American Ear Association. © American Ear 
Association; 27Dec7U; A59887U. 


Juriscan employer's questionnaire; 
computerized lob-search service. 
Envelope. © Law Student Division of the 
American Bar Association; 27Dec7i4; 


Optimum use of world petroleuir: papers 
sponsored by the p/pc division. Editor: 
George Herbert Cumminqs. 183 p, (AIChE 
symposium series, no. 1U2, vol. 70, 197i|) 
e American Institute of chemical 
Engineers; 310ct7«; A598876. 


Thermodynamics — data and correlaticns. 
Editors: David Zudkevitch E iTving 
Zaremter. 12° p. (AIChE Evmcosium 
serie = , no. HP, vol, 70, 19711) 
C American Institute cf Chem5cal 
Engineers; nccfO; {598877. 


A N'^w stabilized methcd fcr use i? 
IMFPES-type numerical reservoir simu- 
lators; paper number SPE5211''. Ey J. A. 
Meijerink, issued by Society cf Pe*icleum 
Engineers of AIME. Up. C America" 
Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and 
Petroleum Engineers, Inc.; 60ct7ii; 


The Determination of multiphase fres;uTs 
drops and flow capacities i" down-hcle 
safety valves (storm chokes) ; paps'- number 
SPE5iei. By E. E. Ashlord E Phillip F. 
Pierce, issued by Society nf Petroleum 
Engineers of Aini. 1 v. e American 
Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and 
Petroleum Engineers, I^^c. ; 60ct7U; 



New, low viscosity acid i" oil 
emulsions; paper number SPE5159. Ey C. H. 
Crowe S E. D. riller, issued by Society cf 
Petroleum Engineers of AIME. u p. 
C American Institute of Minirc, Metal- 
lurgical and Petroleum Engineers, Inc.; 
60ct7U; A598880, 


Guidelines regarding the use cf alcohols 
in acidic stimulation fluids; paper numter 
SPE5158. By Bill B. Keeney F Jack G. 
Fros*, issued by Society of Petroleum 
Engineers of AIME, 1 v. t American 
Institute of Mining, Metallu'-gical and 
Petroleum Engineers, Inc.; eoc*'7U; 


Thermodynamic and kinetic aspects cf 
argillaceous sandstone acidizing; paper 
number SPE5156. Ey J, c, labrid, issued 
ty Society of Petroleum Engineers of AIME. 
8 p. e American Institute of Mining, 
Metallurgical and Petrcleum Engineers, 
Inc. ; 6Cct70; A598882. 


A New method for predic»ing acid 
penetration distance; paper "umber 
EPE5155. Ey L. D. Boherts E J. A. Gui", 
issued by Society of Petrcleum Engineers 
cf AIME. 9 p. e American Institute cf 
Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum 
Engineers, Inc.; 60ct7i»; A5988P3, 


Factors causing emulsion upsets in 
surface facilities following acid 
stimulation; paper number SPE515U. Ev 
Claude P. Coppel, issued by Soc<ety of 
Petroleum Engineers cf AIME, 7 p. 
e American Institute of Mining, Metal- 
lurgical and Petroleum Engineers, Inc.; 
60ct7U; A59888U, 


Self-generating mud acid (EGMA*) ; paper 
number srE5153. By C. c. Terpleton, E. A. 
Bichardson, G. T. Karnes 5 J, H. LybaT-ger, 
issued by Society cf Petroleum Engineers 
of AISE. 7 p. e American Institute of 
Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum 
Enqireers, Inc.; 60ct7U; A5988P5. 


Surface flowline sand de*ection; paper 
number SPE5152. By 1. D. Mullins, B. E. 
Baldwin E P. M. Eetry, issued by Society 
of Petroleum Engineers cf AIME. 6 p. 
€ American Institute of Mining, Metal- 
lurgical and Petroleum Engineers, Inc.; 
60ct7Il; A59B886, 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

A598887 - A598925 



Simplified methcd for qas-lift Bell 
problem idectif ication and diaqncEis; 
paper namber SPE5151. Ey T. D. Mavhill, 
issued by Society of PetroleuBi Inaireers 
of AIBE. 5 p. e American Institute of 
Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum 
Engineers, Inc.: 60c':7U; 6598887. 


Cptimizino gas-lift systems; paper 
number SPE5150. Ey J. David Redder, T. A. 
Glen Sherman 8 Jack P. Elann, issued by 
Society of Petroleum Engineers of SIME, 8 
p. e American Institute of Mining, 
Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers, 
Inc.; e0ct7H; S598888. 


Computing gearbox torque and motor 
loading for ultra high slip prime movers; 
paper number SPE51U9. Ey S. G, Gitts, 
issued by Scciety of Petroleum Engi-eers 
of AIME. 8 p. e American Institute of 
Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum 
Engineers, Inc.: 60c*7U; A598889. 


South Texas Wilcox — a situation 
technology; paper number SPESI^e. Ey 
Eobert A. E, Hill S Thomas E. Garvin, 
issued by Society of Petroleum Engineers 
of AIME. 7 p. e American Institute of 
Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum 
Engineers, Inc.; 60ct7U; A598890. 


Potential distribution about a 
perforation; paper number SPE51«5. By D. 
w. Hilchie, E. Hoqan, c. Kohlhaas S D. 
Bass, issued by Society of Petroleum 
Engineers of AIME. 10 p. e American 
Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and 
Petroleum Engineers, Inc.; 60ct7U; 


Horkmen*s compensation law of the State 
of Wisconsin. With digest S supplementary 
lans, revised to July 197U. 57 p. 
€ American Insurance Association; 6Jan75 
(in notice: 197U) ; A598892. 


Workmen's compensation law of the State 
of Massachusetts. with digest 6 
supplementary laws, revised to July ^9^u. 
84 p. e American Insurance Association: 
ejan75 (in notice: 19714); A598893. 


Workmen's compensation law of the State 
of Kansas. with digest 6 supplementary 
laws, revisea to July 197U. 73 p. 
C American Insurance Associaticn; 10Jan75 
(in notice: 1974) ; A59889'(. 


Explosives — listing of approved 
permissible explosives and blasting 
devices. Prepared under the direction of 
the Special and chemical Hazards 
Committee. 9 p. (Special hazards 
bulletin, no. Z-11, Dec. 1974) Appl . au: 
American Insurance Association. NM: 
revisions 6 additional text. € American 
Insurance Associaticn; 6Jan75 <?n 
notice: 197U) ; A598895. 


Sources of industrial hygiene lite- 
rature. Pt.1; associations and gover- 
nment. Prepared under the direction of 
the Special and chemical Hazards 
Committee. 24 p. (Industrial hygiene 
bulletin, no.IH-1, Dec. 1974) Appl . au: 
American Insurance Association. 
C American Insurance Associaticn; €Jan75 
(in notice: 1974) ; A598896. 


Periodic survey of physicians. Issued 
by Center for Health Services Pesearch and 

Development, Americar. Medical Association. 
Folder. Appl. au: American Medical 
Association. « American Medical 
Association; 26Jug74: A598897. 


Register of group practice. Issued by 
Center for Health Services Pesearch and 
Development, American Medical Association. 
Eolder. Appl. au: American Medical 
Association. C American Medical 
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Additions and replacements for Medical 
atlas for attorneys, 1974. Vol. 4 - 6, 
medical review s basic medical coor- 
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Company E the Lawyers Co-operative 
Publishing company. sheets 6 folder. 
e Eencroft-Whitney company; 24Sep74; 


Barron's Handbook of junior and 
community college financial aid. By 
Nicholas c. Proia 6 Vincent M. Di Gaspari. 
393 p. NM: revision. 6 Barron's 
Educational Series, Inc.; 18i:ec74; 


Yale College: an in-depth study. 37 p. 
(Barron's Profiles of American colleges) 
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Exercises in helping skills: a training 
manual to accompany The skilled helper. 
Ey Gerard Egan. 108 p. C Wadsworth 
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Going sideways; hope, Icve, life versus 
suicide. By Duane Pederson s Helen w. 
Kooiman. 135 p. C Duane S. pederson 6 
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A5989 10. 

The Depression glass collector's price 
guide. By Marian Klamkin, photos, by 
Charles Klamkin. 102 p. C Marian 
Klamkin; 25Rov74; A598910. 

Dreikurs 6 Pearl Cassel, fea+uring the 
tisc?jline witho^a* tears workbook by David 
Kehoe. 2nd ed . 47 p. e Pearl G. Cassel, 
Sadie E. Dreikurs 6 David Kehce; 25Bov70; 


Krazy about ♦he Knicks. By Marv Alber*, 
with Jim Benagh, introd. by Elliott Gculd, 
244 p. DM: revisions E additions, e Barv 
Albert: 30Jul73; S598912. 


Human genetics, Py A. M. Winchester, 

2nd ed. 213 p. e Bell aid Howell 

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Jr., Gary L, Griepentroa, C. Brian Fcnsss 
£ James G. Williams. 1 v. e Eell and 
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Physical geology, second editicn; study 
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revisions S updates, ^ Bell and Howell 
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Student guide to Introductory circuit 
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e Bell and Howell Company; 2Jan75; 


Elementary functions; algebra and 
analytic geometry. By Gus Klentos E 
Joseph Newmyer, Jr. 439 p. e Eell and 
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Merlin's ring. By H, Warner Bonn, 
introd. by Lin Carter. 366 p. C on 
intrcd.; Lin Carter; 17jun74; 6598921. 


Mathematics one; student's answer key. 
46 p. e Random Bouse, Inc.; 156uq74; 


Mathematics two; student's answer key. 
46 p. e Random Bouse, Inc; 23Aug74; 


Clpssrpom management system check-cnt 
tests, answer keys. Issued ty Pandoir 
House, Inc., Educational Systems Dlvisim- 
155 p. (High intensity learning 
systems — reading) Appl. au; S, Alan Cchen 
SAnne Marie Mueser. V«: revisions. 
e Random House, Inc.; 3May74; 6598=24. 


Classroom management system check-in 
tests, answer keys. Issued ty Random 
House, Inc., Educational Systems Division. 
151 p. (High intensity learning 
systems — reading) Appl. au: S. Alan cohe" 
6 Anne Barie Mueser. HB: revisions, 
P Random House, Inc.; 3Bay74; 6598925. 


without tears. By Rudolf 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

A5Se926 - A598963 



Hiqh intensity learBinq systems — Hatha 
Issued by BandcB Hcuse, Inc., Eaucatiocal 
Systems EiyisicDo 2 wall charts. Appl. 
au: JeroiTP D. Kaplac 6 s, Alan Coher. 
e Eandom House, Inc.; 13Sep7i»; A59892e. 


Test for Splendid iourney. By Ira E. 
Aaron, Marion Monroe S Helen K. Botinscn, 
Kit. (The New open highways) Appl, an: 
Scott, Foresman and Company. NH: ISK new. 
C Scott, Foresman and Company; 17Dec7«; 


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Spanish. Appl. au: Armando Valdez. 
e southwest Network; 230ct7« (in notice: 
1975) : A59P928. 


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Freedman, Robert Pis?ni 5 Boqer Puryes. 
p. 97 - 132. NM: primarily additional text 
6 some editorial revisions. € D. 
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Statistics 2 notes. Pt. 1: Descriptive 
statistics 5 pt.2: Probability and the 
binomial distritutior. By Davjd A. 
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V. KM: primarily additional text S some 
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primarily additional text e some editorial 
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Ey David A. Freedman, Robert Pisani 6 
Boqer Purves, 95 p. NH: primarily 
additional text 5 some editorial 
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Your policy and procedure manual; 
planninq it, writinq it, usinq it. i^O p. 
NH: additional text. C Realtors National 
Marketinq Institute of the National 
association of Bealtors; 2Jan75 (in 
notice: 197U) ; A598933. 


Basic programming in real time. Ey Don 
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6Noy7i| (in notice: 1975) : A59B93U. 


Federal income tax. Ev William c. Green 
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C Beston Putlishinq Company, Inc. : 
18Dec7U (in notice: 1975); A59893E. 


Licensing and technical assistance 
abroad. By Hatthew J. Kust. 1 v. (Tax 
management portfolios, OttH-lth: foreign 
income) Appl, au: Tax Management, Inc. 
Appl. states copyright not claimed en 
materials from U.S. Govt, sources. NM: 
additions, revisions 5 updating, e Tax 
Management, Inc., a division of the Bureau 
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Small business stock. By Giraer 
McGuffie. 1 v. (Tax management 
portfolios, 098-2nd) Bevision of earlier 
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Appl. au: Tax Management, Inc. Appl. 
states copyriqht net claimed on materials 

from D.S. Govt, sources. NM; additions, 
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Transfers of franchises, trademarks, and 
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Schnur. 1 v. (Tax management portfolios, 
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Jere D, McGaffey. 1 v. (Tax management 
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cf National Affairs, Inc. ; 30Nov7U; 


Your Weight Watchers autumn recipes. 
Bulletin no. 83. By Felice LiEpert. 1 p. 
Add. ti: Your autumn recipes. Appl. au: 
Height Watchers Internatioral , Inc, 
€ Weight Watchers International, Inc.; 
2NCV70; A5989110. 


Your November recipes. Bulletin no. 55, 
By Felice Lippert, 1 p. Appl, au; Weight 
Watchers International, Inc. 6 Weight 
Hatchers International, Inc, (in notice: 
W. V. I., inc.); 7Hov69j A59e9"t1, 


Your December recipes. Bulletin no. 59. 
By Felice Lippert, 1 p. Aopl. au: Height 
Hatchers International, Inc. (W, w, I,, 
Inc.) e Weight Watchers International, 
Inc. (in notice: W. w. I., Inc.); 
17Dec69; A5989«2. 


Your January recipes. Bulletin no. 62. 
By Felice Lipoert, 1 p. Appl, au: Weight 
Hatchers International, Inc, (H. H, 1,, 
Inc.) C Weight Hatchers Ir ternatioral , 
Inc. (in notice: W, W. I., Inc.); 
31Dec69; A5989H3. 


Step-by-step furniture finishing. Ey 
Nancy Howell-Koehler. 80 p. Appl. au: 
Western Publishing Company, Inc. , employer 
for hire. ^ Western Publlshinq Company, 
Inc.; 2UDec7u (in notice: 1975): 


Hhitman color-number fun. Ages U - 10. 
Kit. P Western Publishing Company, Ire; 
31JU17K; A5989l;5. 


Concrete walkways projects. By John M. 
King, 96 p. e Howard H. Sams and 
Company, Inc.; 27Dec7U; A59e9il6, 


Bicycle maintenance and repair; 
frames/tires/wheels. Text by Richard E. 
Mahoney, introd. £ photography by Forest 
H. Belt. 96 p. e Howard H. Sams and 
company. Inc.; 27Dec7H; A5989U7. 


Forest H. Belt's Easi-guide tc mobile 
heme maintenance. Text e photography by 
Marti Mcpherson. 1 "»u p. C Howard H. Sams 
and Company, Inc.; 2Jan75; A5989iiB. 


Integrated circuit projects. Vol.3. By 
Forrest H. Mlms, 3rd. 96 p. e Radio 

Shack, a Tandy Corporation ccmpany; 
2Jan75; A598909. 


Light-team communica*icns, Ey Forrest 
M. Mims, 3ra. 160 p. e Howard H. Sams 
and Ccmpany, Inc.; 2Ja»'75; ft5989'=0. 


Transistor projects. Vol, 3. By Fcrre«=t 
M, Mils, 3rd, 96 p, e Radio Shack, a 
Tandy Corporation ccmpany; 2Jg»i75; 


Sams Photofact auto radio series. 
Vol.ieu, Jan. 1975. By the Howard w. sans 
engineering staff. 128 p. t Howard w, 
Sams and Company, Inc.; 2Jan75; A^gsg":?. 


Building a vacation home step-by-stec. 
Ey William F. Poltrop. 186 p. C Howard 
H. Sams and company. Inc.; 2Jar75; 


Sams Photofact tape recorder series. 
Vol.160, Jan. 1975. By the Howard H. Sams 
engineering staff. 128 p. t Howard w, 
Sams and Company, Inc.; 2JanT5; A'=98S'=ii. 


Sans Photofact auto radic series. 
Vol.185, Jan, 1975. By the Howard H, Sams 
engineering staff. 128 p. e Howard c. 
Sams and Company, Inc.; 2Jan7E; A598g55. 


Sams Pho*ofac» CP radio series. Vcl.61, 
Jar. 1975, Ey the Howard W, Sams 
engineering staff. 128 p. C Howard H. 
Sams and Company, Inc; 2Jan75; A598956, 


City managers. Folder, (SRA occu- 
pational brief, no. 096) NM: additional 
material 6 compilation, C Science 
Research Associates, Inc.; 2iisep7U; 



Tape librarians. Folder. (SRA 
occupational brief, no, 358) NM: 
additional material G compilation. 
e Science Eesearch Associates, Inc.; 
2llSep7U; S59S058, 


Systems analysts. Folder. (SRA 
occupational brief, no, 357) DM: 
additional material 6 ccmpilatior, 
e Science Research Asscciates, Inc.; 
2USep7l(; A598950, 


Air traffic controllers. Folder, (SPA 
occupational brief, no.3i!5) NM: 
additional material S compilation. 
e Science Research Asscciates, lie.; 
2USepTl; A598960. 


Power truck operators. Folder. (SBf 
occupational brief, no.SUU) NM: 
additional material f compilation. 
C Science Besearch Associates, Inc.; 
2USep-li; A598961. 


Patternmakers. Folder. (SBB occu- 
pational brief, no. 3U2) Nn: additional 
material 6 compilation, e Science 
Research Associates, Inc.: 2USep7a; 


lathers. Folder. (SRA occupational 
brief, no. 337) NM : additional material 6 
compilation. e Science Research 
Associates, Inc. ; 2ilSep7il: A598963. 

These esilries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 



Ir.stTvinieiit repairers. Folder. (SHS 
occupaticsal brief, no. 331) NM: 
aaai+ional material 6 ccmpilatioDo 
C Scierce Besearch Ssscciates, luc; 
2USep7t: A59896U. 


coi^s-truction machirerv operators. 
Folder. (SBA occupa-tioual brief, r.c. 285) 
NM; additional material S compilaticn. 
e Science Fesearch Associates, Inc. ; 
21Sep7H; AE9896?. 

A59896f . 

Industrial and labor relations woi)cers. 
Folder. (SFA occupational brief, nc.255) 
NH: additicral material 6 compilati en, 
€ Science PeEearc)^ Associates, Inc. ; 
2HSep7U; A598966. 


Farm equipment dealers. Folder. (SRA 
cccupational brief, no. 232) NK; 
additional material 6 ccmpilaticn. 
e Science Research Associates, Inc. ; 
21Sep7U: A598967, 

e Science 

OTkers. Folder, (SBA 
al brief, nc.219) NH: 

material E compilation. 
Research Associates, Inc. 


Fetroleum explcration and production 
worlcers. Folder. (SBA occupational 
brief, no, 195) NH: additional mateiial 6 
compilation. C Science Research 
Associates, Inc.; 2USeF7U; A5989f9. 


Medical illustrators. Folder. (SFA 
occupational brief, no. lUH) MB: 
additional material E compilation, 
C. Science Research Associates, Inc. ; 
21tSep7tt: A598970. 


Fashion designers. Folder. (SPA 
occupational brief, no. 112) DM: 
additional material 6 compilation. 
€ Science Research Associates, Inc. ; 
21Sep7«: A59e971. 


Personnel wor)ters. Folder. (SPA 
cccupaticral brief, no. 131) NM: 
additional material 6 compilation, 
€ Science Research Associates, Inc. ; 
21Sep71: A598972. 


Buildinq service vcrjters. Folder. (SPA 
occupational brief, nc.lCI) NM: 
additional material £ compilation, 
e Science Research Associates, Inc.; 
2USep71; A598973. 


Public relations worlters. Fclder, (SFA 
cccupational brief, no, 077) N« : 
additional material £ compilation, 
e Science Research Associates, Inc. ; 
21Sep71: A598971. 


Fire fiqhters. Folder, (SRA occu- 
pational brief, no. 052) NM: additional 
material 6 compilation, 6 Science 
Research Associates, Inc.; 21Sep7u ; 


Fur farmers, Fclder, (SPA occupational 
brief, no. 015) NM; additional material 6 
compilation, 6 Science Research 
Associates, Inc.; 21SeF71; A59897f.. 


Private switchboard operators, Fclder, 
(SFA cccupational brief, no. 356) NB: 

additional material E compilation, 
C Science Research Associates, Inc.; 
1lrec71; A598977. 


Fan)! »ori(erE. Folder, (SEA occu- 
pational brief, no. Oil) NM: additional 
material E compilation. 6 Science 
Research Associates, Inc.; 11Dec71; 


Bank officers. Folder, (SRA occu- 
pational brief, no. 016) NM: additional 
material 6 compilation. 6 Science 
Research Associates, Inc, ; 11Dec71; 


Automobile manufacturing uorkers. 
Folder, (SRA occupational brief, no. 082) 
NM; additional material S compilatior, 
s. Science Research Associates, Inc.; 
11Dec71; 6598980. 


Opticians, Folder, (SFA occupational 
brief, no. 086) NM; additional material 6 
compilation. © Science Research 
Associates, Inc; 11Dec71; A598981, 


Cooperative extension service workers. 
Fclder. (SRA occupational brief, no. 092) 
SB; additional material 8 compilation. 
^ Science Research Associates, Inc.; 
11Dec71; A598982. 

Cooks and chefs. Folder, (SBA 
occupational brief, no. 115) NH: 
additional material E compilation. 
€ Science Pesearch Associates, Inc.; 
11Dec71; A598983. 

A 5989 81,. 

Aluminum industry workers. Folder. 
(SRA occupational brief, no. 121) NM: 
additional material E compilation. 
€ Science Research Associates, Inc.; 
11Dec71; A598981. 


Funeral directors and embalmers. 
Folder. (SRA occupational brief, no, 132) 
NM: additional material e compilation, 
e Science Pesearch Associates, Inc; 
11Dec71; A59e9e5. 


Physical education teachers. Folder. 
(SRA cccupational brief, no. 135) NB: 
additional material E compilation, 
e Science Research Associates, Inc.; 
1lrec71; A59898e. 


Translators and interpreters. Folder. 
(SBA occupational brief, no. 113) NM: 
additional material E compilation. 
? Science Research Associates, Inc.; 
IIDecTI; 6598987. 


Ophthalmoloqists. Folder. (SRA 
occupational brief, no, 116) NM: 
additional material E compilation, 
e Science Research Associates, Inc.; 
11Dec71; A59898B, 


letter carriers. Folder. (SEA 
occupational brief, no. 263) NM: 
additional material E compilation. 
^ Science Research Associates, Inc.; 
11Dec71; 6598989. 


Engineerinq technicians. Folder. (SRA 
occupational brief, no. 282) NM : 
additional material E compilation. 
^ Science Research Associates, Inc.; 
11Dec71: A598990. 



Technical writers, Fclder, (SRA 
occupational brief, no. 266) NM: 
additional material E compilation, 
s Science Research Associates, Inc.; 
IIDecTI; A598991, 


Offset lithographers. Folder. (SRA 
occupaticnal brief, no. 287) NH: 
additional material 6 ccmpilaticn, 
e Science Research Associates, Inc.; 
11Dec71; 6598992, 


Parking attendants, Fclder, (SRA 
occupational brief, no. 311) NB: 
additional material 8 compilation, 
C Science Research Associates, Inc; 
IIDecll; A598993. 


Sales demons*rators. Folder. (SRA 
occupational brief, no, 313) NB: 
additional material E compilation, 
e Science Research Associates, Inc.; 
11Dec71; A598991. 


Restaurant managers, Fclder, (S1A 
cccupational brief, no. 350) NM : 
additional material 6 compilation. 
C Science Research Associates, Inc; 
1lrec71; 6598995. 

Sewing machine operators. Folder. (SRA 
occupational brief, no, 351) NM: 
additional material 8 compilation. 
€ Science Research Associates, Inc, ; 
11Dec71; A598996. 


Kathematics; catalog of objectives, fall 
1971. Prepared by Mucaticnal Assessment 
laboratory. Test and Guidance Division, 
Science Research Associates, Inc, under 
the direction of Namhury Raju E Pargaret 
Bill. 37 p, (Baste-ry: an evaluation 
tool) Appl, au: Science Research 
Associates, nc. e Science Research 
Associates, Inc, ; 17AEr71; A598997, 


Families around the world; teacher's 
guide. 17 p. (SPA/CBS news filmstrip 
series) 6 Science Pesearch Associates, 
Inc. ; 5Dec71; A598998. 


Dividend stock monitor, Eecember 9, 
1971, By Hilliam C'Cornor, Jr. 6 Sandra 
6, Ferrer. 10 p, Appl, au; The Fourteen 
Research corporaticn. e The Fourteen 
Research corporation; 9Dec7i; A598599. 


Plnkerton'E, Inc. (PINKB - OTC) progress 
report, number 2 (management ccntact) 
November 29, 1971, Ey John E, Simmons, 
Folder (1 p,) Appl, au: The Fourteen 
Rese?Tch Corporation, e The Fourteen 
Research Corporation; 2"=Ncv7i; A599000, 

A599CC1 . 

Mercantile Stores (135) managemen* 
contact, October 23, 1971. Ey Ira Hersch 
Folder (3 p.) Appl. au: The Fourteen 
Research Corporation. € The Fourteen 
research Corporation; 310ct71; A59S001. 


Changing company factors, data general; 
an unrecognised investment opportunity, 
Ey Joseph Payne. 18 p. Appl. au: The 
Fourteen Research Corporation, e The 
Fourteen Research Corporation; 21Cot71; 


Tektronix, December 1, 1971. pefort 
no. 12. Ey William P. O'Connor, Jr. 12 r. 
6ppl. au; The Fourteen Research Cor- 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Cffice record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

A59900U - J5990lm 


JBH. - JOI!. 191F 

A599003 (cor.) 

poration, C The Fcurteen Pesearch 

Ccrpcratlon: IDecTU; 6599003. 


Tek-trcnlx, November 12, 197a. By 
William P, O'Cornoi, Jr. 1 v. Appl. au: 
The FourteeE Research ccrpcratior. e The 
Fourteen Research Corporation; 12Kcv7U; 


tun and Eradstree* Companies. Prcqress 
report nc.11 (management contact) Kov. 8, 
1971. Bv John D. simmonEo 5 p. Sfpl. 
au: The Fourteen Research corporatlcn. 
e The Fourteen Research corporatior ; 
8N0V7U; fi599005. 


Davton Hudson Corporation (JS) analyst 
meetina, November 26, 19714. By Ira Fersch, 
5 p. Appl. au: The Fourteen Research 
Corporation. { The Fourteen Research 
corporation; 12Dec7ll; A599006. 


Dividend stock monitor, October 15, 
197II. By Billiam O'Comor, Jr. E Sandra 
A. Ferrer. 13 p. Appl, au: The Fourteen 
Research Corporation, e The Fourteen 
Research Ccrporation: 150ct7U; A5';5007. 


Growth stock monitor, October 16, 197«. 
By Billiam C'Ccnncr, Jr. £ Sandra Ferrer. 
19 p. Appl. au; The Fourteen Pesearch 
Ccrporation. C The Fourteen Pesearch 
Corporation; ieoct7q; A599008. 


Dividend stock mcnitcr. IP p. C The 
Fourteen Research Corporation; 11Ncv7it; 


Baker Industries, Inc. Progress report 
nc.« (manaqement contact) By John t. 
Simmons. 6 p. Appl. au: The Fourteen 
Research Corporation. 6 The Fourteen 
Research Ccrporation; 3Dec7iJ; A599010. 


Bradford Computer and Systems, Inc. (Jl 
- 5/8) December 5, 19711. By Robert K. 
O'Ccnncr. 7 p, Appl. au: The Fourteen 
Research Ccrporation. 5 The Fourteen 
Research Corporation; 15Dec7it; A5990 11. 


Growth stock monitor, December 9, 197it. 
By Billiam P. O'Ccnnoi, Jr. £ Sandra A. 
Ferrer. 20 p. Appl. au: The Fourteen 
Research Corporaticn, g The Fourteen 
Research Ccrporation: 9Dec7«: A599012. 


Earninqs estimates, 197(1, December 1, 
197U. 11 p. e The Fourteen Research 
Corporatior; IDecTU; A59S013. 


Monthly research notes, December 197ii. 
1)5 p. e The Fourteen Research Corpc- 
ration; 1Cec7it; A599011I. 


3 M Company. 19 p. S The Fourteen 
Research Corporation; 170ct7H; A5990 15. 


Growth stock monitor, November 11, 197U. 
By Billiam P. O'Connor, Jr. £ Sandra A. 
Ferrer. 22 p. Appl. au: The Fourteen 
Research Corporation. S The Fourteet 
Research Ccrporation; 11Nov7U; A599016. 


The Saint Paul Companies, Inc. 
(CTC— STPl) December 3, 197lt. By Huqh 
Ettinqer. 20 p. Appl. au; The Fourteen 
Research Corporaticn. 6 The Fourteen 
Research Ccrporation; 3Dec7i4 ; B59S017. 


nonthly research notes, November 197ii. 
23 p. © The Fourteen Research Corpo- 
ration; 1N0V7I1: A599018. 


Irdividualized mathematics system, 
activity sheets. Level 5. Kit. NH: new 
text matter. C Ginn and company (Xercx 
Corporation): 3Sep7H; A599019. 


Individualized mathematics system, 
activity sheets. Level 1. Kit. NN: new 
text matter. C Ginn and ccmpaTiy (Xerox 
corporation) ; 3Sep7ii; A599020. 


Three centuries of social mobility in 
America. Edited £ with an introd. ty 
Edward Pessen. 313 p. g D. c. Heath and 
company; 250ct71t; A59S021. 


Computational skills with applications. 
By Katherine Balker Bell 6 Beta G. 
Farrish. 175 p. e D. C. Heath and 
Company; KDec7it (in notice: 1975) ; 


Heath elementary mathematics; teacher's 
annotated edition, basic worksheets fcr 
use with level n . Ey Clyde A. Dilley, 
Baiter E. Eucker E Ann E. Jackson. 6ii p. 
NH: new text £ compilation of text £ 
illus. €3 D. C. Heath and Company, a 
division of Raytheon Company; 2Jar75; 


Heath elementary mathematics; basic 
worksheets, pupils edition. By Clyde A. 
ctlley. Baiter E, Kucker E Ann E. Jackson. 
61 p. NH; new text £ compilation of text 
6 illus. e D. C, Heath and Company, a 
division of Raytheon Company; 2Jan75: 


The Aluminum man. By G. C. Edmondson. 
172 p. e G. c. Edmondson; 26Dec7ii (in 
notice: 1975) ; A599025. 


Review of African granulites and related 
rocks. By Tom N. Clifford. ii9 p. 
(Special paper, no. 156) <? The Geological 
Society of America, Inc.; 9Dec7a; 


God in the straw. By Oswald Hoffmann, 
presented by The Lutheran Hour. Folder (8 
p.) C International Lutheran Layier's 
League; 15Dec7it; A599027. 


Christmas in Switzerland, By Oswald 
Hoffmann, in an interview with Swiss 
children E teenagers £ featuring an 
Interview with Paul Burkhard, well-known 
composer £ song writer, presented by The 
Lutheran Hour, Folder (8 p.) C In- 
ternational Lutheran Laymen's Lea.gue; 
■22Dec7lt; A599C28. 


A Pharmacist's guide to liability. By 
Robert F. steeves, illus. by Joseph Veno. 
55 p. Prev. pub. 1973 £ 197K in Drug 
topics magazine. NB: compilation. 
t Hedical Economics Company; 12Dec7ll; 


Personalizing science teaching. By 
Rodger B. Bybee. 3ii p. e National 
Science Teachers Associaticn; 27Dec7ii; 


My sister, my spous 

biography of Lo 

Andreas-Salome, By Heinz Frederfck 
Peters, with a pref. by Aiais Nin. 320 p, 
e on pref. ; ATiais Nin; 280ct7ii; 

A599C J2. 

Membership roster, 157u - 1975. 27U p, 
e International City Management Asso- 
ciaticn; 19JU171I; AE99P32. 


The Municipal assistants directory, 
197«. 27 p, e International city 
Manaoement Association; iesep7ii; 


The Camper's ccckbcok. By Ruth L, 
Schubert. 196 p. 6 Ruth L, Schube-t; 
2lmay"U; A599031l. 


Paris, TN, Biq Sandy, including Co<*aae 
Grove, and others, telephone directory, 
January 1975. t South Central Beli 
Telephone Company; 17rec70; A59°n35. 


Camden, TN, Big Sandy, telephone 
directory, January 1975. e Sou*h Central 
Bell Telephone Company; 17Dec7U; 


Speech Communication directory, 1973 - 
107U. Editor: Robert N, Hall, assistan* 
editors: Augustin Sldrete, T^ll:6 
DiGernaro, John Lannen E Rdele Pcderick, 
377 p. e The Speech Communication 
Association; 2Jul7ii (in notice: i°73): 


Connecticut reports; cases argued and 
determined in the Supreme Court of the 
State of Connecticut. Vcl.165, Et.2, Bj 
Donald H, Dowlinq £ Kathryn tiller. f,83 
- 172. NM: additional material E 
revisions. e Gloria Schaffel, secretary 
of *he State of Connecticut; 17Dec7U; 
A5990 3e. 


Henry Barnard: American educator. 
Edited, with an introd. E rotes by vincett 
P. Lannie, 158 p. (Classics in 
education, no. 50) e on intrcd.; Teachers 
Colleoe, Columbia Dniversity; 23Dec7ii: 


Chock wagon cookin'. Ey Stella Hughes, 
illustrated by the author. 170 p. 
e A'izona Board of Segen+s; 2UCct7l4; 


n^tan Indians of Arizona: Phoenix, 
Tucson, and flagstaff. By Jcyotpaul 
chaudhurl. 68 p. (The Institute of 
Government Research, Arizcra governmen* 
studies, no. 11) e The Arizona Beard of 
Regents; 15Nov7U; A599nii1. 


The Administration of the college 
library. By Guy Redvers Lyle. nth ed. 
320 p. Appl. au: Ruth Bent E Edward 
Clark, t The H. B. Bilscn company; 
26Dec7l|; A5990U2. 


New York, Issued by Aircraft Owners and 
Pilr*£ Associat'on Fligh* Department, 37 
p. NM: editorial revisions E updating, 
e Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association; 
19Dec74; A5990a3. 


The Theory of extremal problems for 
univalent functions of class s. By 
Konstantin Ivanovich Batenko. 327 p. 
(Proceedings of the steklcv I-stitote of 

223-503 O - 76 - 9 (Sec, 2) 

These esilries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

A5990H5 - A599C81 


A5990mi (ccr.) 

HathematicE, no, 101 (1972)) Appl. au: 
ftmerican HatheEatical Society. N«: 
translaticr. 6 American Mathematical 
Society; 8Jan75; A5990it«. 


Middle school in the nakinq: readitqs 
from Educational leadership. Edited hy 
Robert F, leeper, introd. by William n, 
Alexander. 129 p. MM: foreword, irtrod, 
6 some articles. € The Association for 
Sucervisicn and Curriculuiri Development; 
7Jar-75 (in notice: 197«) ; A599PU5, 


Moore's Federal practice, second 
editicn. Vol.7B: Judicial code. Eec, 
19711 revision, release no. 2eA. By James 
William Moore 6 Howard P. Fink. sheets, 
Appl. au: Matthew Bender and Company, 
Inc., employer for hire, e Matthew Bender 
and Company, Inc.: 22Dec7U; A5990U6. 


New York civil practice, FPTl-SCPA; desk 
editicn. By Patrick J. Eohan. 1 v. 
Sbridqed from New York civil practice, 
EPTI-SCPA, orainal volumes. Appl. au: 
Matthew Fender and Company, Inc., employer 
for hire. NM: abridgment, C Matthew 
Bender and Company, Inc.; 10Dec7«; 


Tax returr manual for 1975. Prepared ty 
the Bender's tax quide staff. 317 p. 
(Bender's tax quide) Appl. au: Matthew 
Bender and Company, Inc., employer for 
hire. € Matthew Bender and Company, Inc.; 
30Pec7(i (in notice: 1975); A5990ue. 


API specification for polyethylene lire 
pipe (PE) : tentative. API spec 51F, Jan. 
1975. Issued ty American Petroleum 
Institute, Division of Production. 13 p. 
Appl. au: American Petroleum Itstitute. 
e American Petroleum Institute; 17rec7u 
(in notice: 1975) ; A59S0lt9. 


API specification for reinforced 
thermosettinq resin casinq and tuHnq; 
tentative. API spec 5AF, Jan. 1975. 
Issued by American Petroleum Institute, 
Division of Production. 12 p. Appl. au: 
American Petroleum Institute. P American 
Petroleum Institute; 17Dec7U (in notice: 
1975) ; A599050. 


Dear Shhy, January 01 - 05, 1975. By 
Abiqail Van Euren, pseud. 1 p. Appl. au: 
chicaqo Tritune-New York News Syndicate, 
Inc. e chicaqo Tribune-New York News 
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Dear Abby, January 06 - 12, 1975. By 
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Chicaqo Tritune-New York News Syndicate, 
Inc. e chicaqo Tribune-New York News 
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19711) ; A599052. 


Dear Atby, January 20 - 26, 1975. By 
Abiqail Van Buren, pseud. 1 p. Appl, au: 
Chicaqo Trlhune-New York News Syndicate, 
Inc. C Chicaqo Tribune-New York News 
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Dear Abby, January 13 - 19, 1975. By 
Abiqail Van Buren, pseud. 1 p. Appl. au: 
Chicaqo Tribune-New York News Syndicate, 
Inc. e chicaqo Tribune-New York News 
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Martinsville, II, January 1975. 
e Illinois consolidated Telephone Company; 
13Bec7ll (in notice: 1975); A599055, 


Martinsville, II, classified telephone 
directory, January 1975. (With Mar- 
tinsville, IL, January 1975) t The Eeuben 
R. Donnelley Corporation; 13Dec7ii (In 
notice: 1975) ; A599056. 


Guidebook of Franklin Mint issues. By 
virqinia Culver 6 Chester L. Krause. 222 
p. e Krause Publications, Inc.; 17Dec7n; 
A 5990 57. 


For men only annual. No, 12, 197«. 
Editorial director: H. D. Pirns B other 
editors. 106 p. Appl. au: Magazine 
*lanaqement Company, Inc. C Hagazire 
Management Company, Inc.; 220ct7il; 


Steam generation. Prepared by Bill 
Vaughn G Management and Training systems 
for Industry, Inc. 1 v. (Eefcrmer unit, 
manual no. 7) Appl. au: Atlantic Pichfield 
company. East Chicago Refinery. 
i Management and Trainirg Systems for 
Industry, Inc.; 13Nov7a; AS99059. 


Metro's Spring fashion. 20 p. Add. ti: 
Spring fashion section, 1975, C Metre 
Associated Services, Inc.; 13Jan75; 

) p. Add. ti: Bride's 
; Metro Associated 
11Dec7ii (in notice: 

section, 1975. 
Services, Inc.; 
1975) ; A5990ei 


Membership directory, December 7ii. 1 v. 
Add. ti: NAKEIT membership directcry, 
December 7ii. Appl. au: G. N. Buffington. 
e National Association of Real Estate 
Investment Trusts, Inc.; 30Dec7it; 

A 5990 63. 

NAREIT annual report, 1973 - 7H. 18 p. 
Appl. au: G. N. Buffington. e National 
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A5990 6U. 

Westchester, Putnam, NY, telephone 
directory, 1975. e New York Telephone 
Company; eDec7U; A5990eii. 


Eaye McCall's Fashion column. Release 
no. 2115 - 2117, Jan. 13, 1975. 3 p. 
t Ralph Beineman, Inc. £ J. Faye Bccall; 
10Jan75; A599065. 


Portland, OR, suburban communities, 
1975. € Pacific Northwest Bell Telephone 
Company; 2Dec7il; A599066. 


Auto body repair; course content quide. 
Prepared by Bill Hildertrand, with the 
assistance of Paul Dionne, Virgil Hergert 
6 Barry Noonan, 42 p. Appl. au: Portland 
Community College, 6 Portland Community 
College; 6Nov7u (in notice: 1973) ; 


Plant propagation, la 8.108; course 
content guide. Developed ty Jerry Talent 
£ the Planning Department of Portland 
Ccmmunity College. 19 p. Add. ti: Plant 
propagation (la 8.108) landscape 
technology prooram course content guide. 


Appl. au: Portland Community College. 
e Portland Community cclleoe; ISJonu 
(in nctice: 1973); A5<=9oeE, 


Radiographic tcsi'-l c? no 5, XT 5,615; 
course ccnten* ouide. Prepared by Cheryl 
R, Haas, with the assistance of Earry 
Nccnan. 18 p. Appl. au: Portland 
Community Colleqe. e Portland Ccmmunity 
College; 22Nov7ll; A5S9069. 


Plant composition (la 8,112) course 
content guide. Prepared by Ed Maddox with 
the assistance of Barry Nccnan. iu p. 
Appl, au; Portland Community Colleqe. 
e Portland Community Cclleg?'; 23Dec7H 
(on copies: copyright 1973 Portland 
Community College, copyright 197U Portland 
Community College); A599670. 


Blue took supplement, December. 68 p, 
NM: compilation S addi+lons. e Produce 
Reporter Company; 3Ja'>75; A599071. 


Federal utility requl3*:on annotated 
(FORA) current service (FPC) Natural gas 
ac+--Federal power act. No. 631, Oct. 8, 
1974. Editor-in-chief: Francis X. Welch, 
p.ieCCI - 16020. e Public Dtilitles 
Reports, Inc.; f 0ct74 ; A59<:072. 


POP energy and environment emergency 
conTol service. Bulletin no. 26, Dec, IP, 
1974. Editor-in-chief: Francis X. Welch. 
8 p. e Putllc Dtillties Reports, Inc.; 
18Dec74; A599073, 


PDR energy and environment emergency 
control service. Bolle*ln nc.25, Dec. 4, 
1974. Editor-in-chief: Francis X. Welch. 
6 p. e Putlic utilities Reports, Inc.; 
4Bec74; A599074. 


Rand McNally green guide. 259 p. NM: 
revisions B updating, e Rand McNally and 
Company; 18Nov74; A559r75. 


APL/360 with statistical a pplicaticns. 
By Keith w, Smillie. 226 p. Add, ti: 
API/360 with statistical enamples. 
e Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc.; 
18Sep74; A599C76. 

, Trademarks, trade identity and unfair 
trade practices; cases and materials. By 
Beverly w. Pattishall 6 David Craig 
Billiard. 1 v. Appl. au: Matthew Bender 
and Company, Inc., employer for hire, 
e Matthew Bender and Company, Inc.; 
23Dec74; A599077, 


Hazardous products litigation, 1974 
suppl. By Edward M. Swar*2. 47 p. e The 
lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company; 
13Dec74; A599078. 


New York rent control. 1974 suppl, 
Prep&red by Joseph Rasch. 82 p, e The 
lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company; 
19Dec74; A599079. 


1975 supplement to New Yrrk zcnlnq law 
and practice. Vcl.1 - 2. By Robert H. 
Anderson, e The Lawyers co-operative 
Publishing Company; 8Jan75; A59?oeo. 


Cyclopedia of trial practice, second 
editicn, by Sydney C. Schwel+zer. 1974 
suppl., vol.1 - 5A B Prcof of traumatic 
injury, by Sydney C. Schweitzer 6 Joseph 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaim'ng to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

A599082 - J599123 


JDN, 1°7S 

A599081 <cor.) 

Basch. Multiple vclumeE. C The Lsvyers 

Co-operative Publishinq company; 3Jan75 ; 



sillistoE on sales, fourth editncr, 
1975 suppl., vol.1 - 3. By Alphonse M. 
Sauillante 6 John F, Fonseca. e The 
Lawyers Cooperative Publishinq Company; 
7Jan75; A599082. 


The Transfer cf stock, fifth eaition. 
1975 issue, vol, 1-2, By Frarcis T. 
Christy 6 Robert S. Appel, Sheets. © The 
Lawyers Cooperative Publishinq Company; 
10Jal>75: A5990e3. 


Hanual cf history takf.nq, physical 
examination and record keeping. By Elmer 
E. Baus 6 t:adonna n, Eaus, 588 p. e J. 
E. Lippincctt Company; 210ct7U; BE9908U. 


The Family in various cultures, Ey 
Stuart Alfred oueer P. Robert Hesley 
Hahenstein. Uth ed. 160 p. e J. E. 
Lippincott Company; 19Mar7u; A59SC85. 


Sex is never an emerqency: a candid 
quide for younq adults. By Elaine 
Catherine Fierson (Mrs. Luiqi Mastrcianni, 
Jr.) 3rd ed. 103 p. Prev, pub, ir 1970 
under the title A Guide for Univers'ty of 
Pennrsylvaria students, 1970 - 71. 
e Elaine c, pierscn; 30Cct73; S599086. 


witcracks: ickes and lests from Rirerican 
folklore. Collected by Alvin Schwartz, 
illustrated by Glen Founds. 128 p. NH: 
compilation £ revisicns, € Alvin 
Schwartz; 13Suq73; A599087. 


Witcracks: -jokes and -jests from Anerican 
folklcre. Collected by Alvin Schwa'-tz, 
illustrated by Glen Rounds. 128 p. C on 
illUE. ; Glen Founds; 13Aua73; A599088. 


Female and male; dimensions of hunan 
sexuality. By Elaine Catherine pierson 
(Mrs. Luiql nastrolannl, Jr.) £ William V. 
E'Antonio. 3«9 p. NPI : additional »ext. 
C Elaine C. Pierson 6 William V. 
D'Antonio: 8Feb7U: A599089. 


The Great psychclcqists. By Fobert I, 
Watson. 3rd ed, 627 p. e Robert I. 
Batson; 21Jun71; A599090. 


Quick reference to surqical emergencies. 
Edited by Gerald w. shaftan 6 Eerna id 
Gardner. 66" p. J J. E. Lippincott 
Company; 19Jul7i4; A599091. 


Nursinq of families in crisis. Edited 
by Joanne E. Hall £ Barbara R. Weaver. 
2611 p. NM: new writing £ editorial 
revision, f J. B. Lippincott Company; 
22Har71): A599092. 


Ferquscr'E Surgery of the ambula-^cry 
patient. By Lewis Kraeer Ferguson, edited 
by Hark w, Wolcott. 5th ed. 551 p. 6 J. 
B. lippincctt Company: 26Jun7ii; A599093. 


laboratory manual in physioloay ar'd 
anatomy with study quide questions and 
practical applications. By Ellen r. 
Chaffee. 3rd ed. rev. 236 p. Add. ti: 
Basic physiology and anatomy, laboratory 
manual € J. B. Lippincctt Company; 
9Aug7U; B59909U. 


The Stamp collector's guide and 
companion. 160 p. Add. ti: The Harris 
stamp collector's guide and companion. 
e H. E. Harris ar.d Company, Inc.; 
20Sep7ll: A59909S. 

A59909e . 

The Continental Congresses. sheets (8 
p.) Appl. au: John A. Lutz. t H. E. 
Harris and Company, Inc.; itcct7ii; 


World book: the world cf stamps club. 
Specially prepared for the World Book of 
Staips Club, 611 p. e B. E. Harris and 
Company, Inc.; 70ct7U; B599097. 


Traveler album: postage stamps of the 
world. Personally designed by H. E, 
Harris. 1 v. Add. ti: Traveler stamp 
album. Appl, au: H. E. Harris and 
Company, Inc, NH : editorial revision, 
e H. E. Harris and Company, Inc.; 1Nov7it; 


Statesman deluxe stamp album. 
Personally desigr_ed by H. E, Harris, 1 v. 
fdd. ti: Statesman deluxe album. Appl. 
au: H. E, Harris and Company, lac. NM: 
editorial revision, € H. E. Harris and 
Company, Inc.; 10ct7n; B599099. 


Franchi menu pricing guide. C Anthony 
J. Franchi; 10D6c7it; 6599100. 


Conserve while you consume. Folder. 
e star Promotions, Inc.; 17Aug73; 


Here are the answers to those male 
chauvinist putdowns. 1 v. Add. ti: Wait 
till I read this--then I'll know how to 
answer that, e Feminist Invention Group, 
Inc.; 1Hay73: B599102. 


So you want to date a feminist: a 

complete quide. 1 v. C Feminist 

Invention Group, Inc, ; 1Cct7i4; B599103. 


Beautify your figure. By Joe Bcnomc. 
65 p. NM: additions £ revisions. ^ Joe 
Bonomo; 25Nov7q; A59910U. 


Trading London commodity options. 20 p. 
e J. S. Lcve and Bssociates Options, Ltd. ; 
1llFeb7U; B599105. 


Treasures in Matthew, By Jack Alien 
Fobinson, 124 p. e World-Wide Missions; 
30Jur7U; 6599106. 


Communication for the transient patient. 
Folder. © National fissociaticn of 
Patients on Hemodialysis and Transp- 
lantation, Inc.; 10ct7a: A599107. 


Khepre, 1 p, Appl. au; Kenneth Gordon 
Baker, Jr. e Kenneth Gordon Baker, Jr. 
(in notice: Ken Baker); 290ct7it; 


lour investment organizer. Folder. 

e Alan Publishing Corpora'-ion (in notice: 

Alan Publishing) ; 150ct7U; A599109. 


Gleanings. Folder. Appl. au: Freddie 
Kimberlin. Portions prev. pub. 1968. N«: 

additions. 6 Freddie Kimberlin; 5J\;17U; 


The Framework cf your Wisconsin 
government. Prepared by the Wisconsin 
Taxpayers Alliance, 8th ed. 63 p. 
e Wisconsin Taxpayers Blliance; noct7U; 


Defenders "visu-leaf" pilgrimage beck cf 
the Poly Land. Written f- phrtoaraphed by 
Hart Brmstrong. 1 v, e Defenders, Inc, 
a.k,a. Defenders of *he Christian Faith, 
Inc. £ Defenders Seminary, a uhclly cwned 
subsidiary of refenders. Inc. (in nctice: 
Defenders Seminary); 15Cc*7U; A^ogilS. 


Pine tree poetry. By Patricia Doher^y 
HixT'ebusch, cover by Sue Olsc, sketches 
by Elliott Cox. 1 V. e Patricia Dohotty 
Binnelusch (in notice: PDH) ; 26Nov7U; 


Operation love: the s^crv cf a Korean 
mission of me'-cy. By Edward E. rartlreau. 
58 p. e. Edward F, Hartineau; 120ct70: 


B Ycung man of that time: pages frcm *he 
diaries of De Witt Clinton Salisbury, i°th 
century Wisconsin citizen, and civil war 
soldier. Selec*ions E comme-*s by Mildred 
Barsen Osgood. 120 p, t Mildred B, 
Csgocd; 15Dec7il; 6599115. 


Buraway youth. By William lee Krceze, 
31 p. e Kroeze Ercthets Evangelistic 
Association, Inc.; 25Bpr7U; A599116. 


Bird stories for children. By Alyse 
Murry Johnson. 2U p. ^ Alvse Hurry 
Johnscn; 20Uov7U; 6599117". 


Leyendas mexicanas: a collection cf 
Mexican legends. Ey Genevieve Barlow 6 
William N. Stivers, illus. by Phero 
Thomas. 119 p. HM: abridgmer*, 
adaptation 6 additions. P national 
T6x*bcok Company; 23Aug7i|; 6599118, 


Modern debate case techniques, Ey 
Donald B. Terry, editor, wi*h James' M. 
copel'nd, Philip Emmert, Clark D, Kimball, 
Allan J. Lichtman E taniel r. Eohrer, 1 '"7 
p, t National Textbook Company; 20Jun70; 


Baptism: "Pepent and be baptized, every 
one of you, in the name cf Jesus Christ!" 
Ey Heini Arnold, traTislatcrs: Society cf 
Brothers. 28 p. Meetings held ?* 
Woodcrest and New Meadcw Eur, Aug, 19711. 
6ppl. au: Hardy 6rnold £ Fberhard Brncld. 
€ Plcugh Publishinq House of the Wcodcres* 
Service CoBmit*ee, Inc.; 21Puo7U; 


Within rhyme and reason. Ey William 
Eaffa, 63 p. 6 William Baffa; 9Dec7U; 


S«-ock evaluatior data fcrms. Folder, 
Bppl. au: Errett C. Altritton, e Erret* 
C. Altritton; 15Nov7il; 6595122. 


leadership. By Theology 133 Class in 
Christian Leadership 6 Sister Alen>= lacl , 
S. s. K.D. 86 p. e Notre Dame College: 
230ct71i; fl599123. 

These eiUries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


JAt;, - jnHo 1075 


The Secret of scorinq in qolfo Bv 
Botert Georae Clarke. «5 p. e liotErt 
Georq? Clarke: 3Dec7U; f59912U. 


Confessicr-E of a tiqht-rope sleeper. By 
Mark Dt*ech. 1 v. e Mark uttech; 
2eDecTl: f599125. 


God first. By Eeia Hausch. 2" p. 
e Eeia HauEch: 13Nov7lt: A599126. 


Inflation, recession and you? By 
Richard Gerlach. th p. NH: adaitlcns 5 
atriaauert, 6 Bichara Gerlach: 22Jlov7U; 


Beaitaticrs of fv heart. Poems ty Buth 
Jensen Rapp, 1 v. € Euth Jensen Papp; 
15NOV7U: A599128. 


The House of uater: early poeirs. By Tom 
McKeown. 66 p. NH: compilation f- 
additiors. C Tom McKeown: 7Noy7q ; 


To defend uhat? Edited by Larry Ger.e 
Hufford, drawings by Francisco Aqulrre, 
sheets in folder. NM; compilation cf 
quotes E new illus. 6 Larry Hufford; 
7Cec7lt; A599130. 


The Pampered palate cccktook. Selected 
6 edited by Gloria Carroll, pseud, cf 
Gloria A, Cchn , with a foreword by Eonnie 
Strauss, illus. by Cim findersoro 113 Po 
^ Gloria A . Cohn , whose pseud, is: Gloria 
Carroll: 20Sep7ii: A599131. 


Directory of oil well supply compa